Chapter 2 Take It Down A Notch

Chapter 2

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“We discussed this. Why don’t you try using some of the techniques we went over?”

“It’s not that easy mom. I didn’t even mean to push him that hard. I just…”

They both freeze as Stiles entered the kitchen. Bella sighs with that look of guilt still about her face.

“Good morning Stiles.”

He smiled and pecked his aunt and Bella on the cheek.


“Ugh Stiles.” Bella wipes her cheek off.

Renee laughs and pats her daughter’s hand.
“We’ll discuss this later.”

“Can’t wait…” Bella says behind a groan.

“You two have a good day at school and Bella hun. Try to have a better day. Mingle… make friends.”

She heads on out and Stiles tosses Bella the keys.

“Thought I’d let you drive today.”


He nods and Bella smiles.


“Just don’t wreck it ok.”


They head on out and Bella climbs into the driver’s seat. He reminds her of which way to go in order to get to school. Just as they get to the stop sign before the parking lot, Scott had pulled up beside them on his dirt bike. He looked over and waved. They waved in return and Scott went on through.

“Well at least you didn’t kill my friend. That’s always a good start.”

Bella rolls her eyes and turns into the parking lot after Scott.

“I know how to drive.”

“I never said you didn’t. I just wasn’t sure how well.”

Scott takes off his helmet and greets them. Bella tosses Stiles his keys back.

“Dig the bike…” Bella utters as she walks past Scott.


Stiles smacks Scott in the back of the head.

“Quit that!”

Scott sighs and shakes his head.

“She’s my cousin. You can’t look at her like that!”

“Why not? She’s hot.”

“Huh? Butch?”

“There’s nothing butch about her. Look, I get that she’s your cousin, but even you gotta think she’s pretty.”

Stiles looks back toward his cousin as she enters the building.


“Hmmm…. Well face it your cousin’s hot and guys are going to look.”

“Not you…”


Stiles starts walking.

“You heard me. Just knock it off.”

Scott shakes his head and follows Stiles inside. Aiden was already at Bella’s locker.

“Oh come on, this is just her second day.”

Scott laughs.
“See I told you. Guys are going to flock to her.”

“Not him either!”

“I think you’d say that about anyone.”

Stiles snaps a look back at Scott.

“You know damn well why I say that about you and Aiden. I don’t want her around that.”

Scott rears back.

“Um ok…” He scoffs bitterly and heads to his locker.

Stiles heads over and taps Aiden on the shoulder.

“Hi and bye!”

Bella looks to Stiles oddly as he takes her by the arm and starts to escort her to class.

“What are you doing?” Bella hisses.

“Just walking you to class.”


“Just because.”

“You’re acting weird, even for you.”

Scott entered the classroom just as Stiles was sitting Bella down.

“Knock that off would you I’m not an infant!”

“Yo what’s your deal Stilinski?” Aiden questions as he enters the room.

“Don’t you have some chickens to murder?” Stiles fires back and takes his seat.

Aiden makes his way over and without warning takes off Bella’s shades. She quickly turned Scott’s direction. His eyes widen as he caught a glimpse before she shut her eyes and covered them. At this he took a whiff of the air around him.

“Give them back Cali.” Bella said holding out her hand.

“What’s the deal with you wearing these indoors?”

“I have sensitive eyes now just give them back.”

“I just wanted to see those pretty eyes of yours.”

Bella gritted her teeth.

“That’s enough Aiden give them back.” Scott ordered.

Aiden narrowed his eyes upon him. Scott nodded his eyes flickered as well for a split second as he gave his command. Aiden nodded and handed them back. Bella quickly placed them back on and rushed out of the room. Just as she passed by a scent hit Scott. One he didn’t recognize. He hadn’t been close enough to really focus on her scent before that and he was distracted by other things when she was around. Whatever it was he found it highly intoxicating. He shut his eyes for a moment trying to collect himself. He had to force the wolf at bay. He felt his canines beginning to spike and he was aroused. He firmly gripped the table.

“What’s with you?” He heard Stiles question.

Scott half laughed.

“I think you maybe right… Something about your cousin… There’s something there.”

Stiles and Aiden noticed that Scott’s claws had popped out.

Renee rushed out of the hospital and met her daughter outside.

“I can’t fight it. I can already feel it.” Bella says in a panic.

“Ok, just calm down. We’ll get you set up.”

Bella nodded as Renee hurriedly led her to the car. She sped over to the storage shed unit they had set up just for this. Renee quickly unlocked the door. Bella stepped inside and turned to her mother with tears in her eyes.

“I’m scared.”

“I know sweetheart, but everything’s going to be ok. You’re not going to hurt anyone.”

Bella nodded. Renee hugged her and hurriedly stepped out and pulled down the door locking her daughter away for the rest of the day and night. Renee leaned against the door and could hear Bella breaking down.

“I’m so sorry.” Renee whispered.

She walked to her car and once she got inside she too broke down. She cried all the way back to the hospital. After she got back inside Scott’s mother looked to her startled.

“Are you alright?”

Renee nodded.

“Yeah… just had to take care of an issue with Bella, she didn’t have such a great day at school.”

“Awe, I’m sorry to hear that and on her second day. What grade is she in?”


“Oh so she’s in the same class as Scott. I’ll have a talk with him maybe he can help her feel more welcomed.”

“Yeah my brother mentioned something about Scott being Stiles best friend.”

Melissa smiles.

“Oh yeah, those two are inseparable. Don’t worry well get her squared away in no time.”

Renee forced a smile. That wasn’t her biggest concern. Yet she couldn’t even talk about it, not with anyone, not ever.

Bella huddled into the corner of the storage shed. As she waited for her transformation to eventually take place. She brought her knees up to her chest and buried her face into her arms.

“Um ok…” Stiles says once he hangs up the phone with his aunt.

Scott looks to him oddly.

“She says Bella won’t be coming home tonight, but not to worry.”

“That’s kind of strange.”

“Yep…” Stiles sighs as he looks back to his jeep.

Stiles noticed the look on Scott’s face.

“You saw something didn’t you? In class today…?”

Scott swallows back.

“Um yeah, at first I thought it was imagination, but I don’t think it was now. I swore for a moment your cousin had eyes like a feline emerald green ones.”


“So you’ve noticed this too.”

“Yeah, but I thought I was just losing it or something.”

“Oh no they’re there alright. That and that scent…”
“What scent? Oh man please don’t tell me you were smelling my cousin?!”
“Ok I won’t.”

Stiles pinches his eyes shut for a moment.

“This is not happening.”

Bella paced around as night continued to fall. She could feel it coursing through her. Before long she dropped down to her knees.

“Supper was good Bella thank you.” She smiled and began picking up the dishes.

“Glad you liked it. Oh yeah mom said she had to pull an all-nighter. That she’s sorry and will make it up to you.”

“Hmmmm… she’s been doing that a lot lately.” He sipped from his tea as Bella did the dishes.

“Say you wanna toss the ball around for a bit when you’re done?”


He smiled and helped her dry off the dishes. Phil reached over and put up a plate. He was pressed up against her as he did this. Bella shook it off as an accident. She merely laughed it off.

Bella gritted her teeth as the agonizing transformation began.

“You know we ought to clock your ball one day.” She looked upon Phil confused.

You’re pretty fast I’m curious as to just how fast.”

He said with a warm smile. They were always tight Bella and Phil. She truly thought of him like a father. After losing Charlie it was the closet she had to one. Phil was always very attentive towards Bella and her needs.

“So just how many boyfriends you got now?”

She blushed at his question as she tossed the ball back.

That’d be a big fat zero.”

Now I know you’re lying.”

She softly laughed.


Hmmm… mosquitos are coming out we might want to call it a night.”

She nodded and took off her glove. Phil made his way over and took off her hat. He wrapped his arm around her and led her inside. He kissed the top of her head and pulled the door shut once they were inside.

Alright shower and off to bed for you.”

Goodnight Phil.”

Goodnight sweetheart.”

Bella was heading up the stairs.



He cleared his throat and looked towards the door.

My door’s always open you know…”
Bella looked upon him rather strangely. She wasn’t sure what he meant. At the time she took it as in if she needed someone to talk to.

Anytime you need…”

She smiled and headed on up.

Bella ripped at her clothing desperate for the pain to go away. She felt her back arching in an unfamiliar way. Her tailbone began to protrude and continued to grow. Fur of midnight began to spread across her entire body. She growled out as her nails became claws that dug into the cement beneath her.

Bella showered and went to bed. She remembered the creaking sound of her door.


She looked over to see Phil. Her head was snuggled into her pillow.

Is everything alright?”

Yeah, I just wanted to see you.”
She rose up in her bed as he pulled the door shut.

I think we need to talk Bella.”

Bella screamed out clawing at her own skin now. Her fangs popped out and her ears morphed to that of a feline’s.

But first…” He leaned over. Bella thought he was going to hug her or give her a peck on the forehead like usual. Only he didn’t. He kissed her and not any fatherly kiss. It didn’t stop from there. When Bella shoved him back, he began to rant. About how the two of them were meant to be. How they should run away and leave Renee. That she was the reason he even married her mother. He kept going on about how special she was and that she was one of a kind. He wanted her to give into her “gift”. He wanted to see it! He told Bella he could sense it and knew it was there. She was holding back on him! He didn’t like it! That was the night Phil Dwyer died. The very night he beat the shit out of her for denying him and not giving into her “gift”. The night he tried to force himself on her. The same night that Renee had walked in. Her mother stood at the doorway in shock not able to move. Her daughter reversed the pin Phil had on her overpowering him. She’d swore his eyes flickered to that of a reddish orange hue. His body was trying to morph as well. Only it never took she didn’t give it time to. That night she took a life. The night her transformation first took its course. Bella turned back with his blood on her hands, fear in her eyes.


Bella panted and lay on the floor, in her full transformation now. She was afraid to even move. She huddled into a fetal position. She covered her eyes with her long and shiny black tail and prayed that time would go by fast.

Unfortunately, she turned to hear the sound of some men breaking into nearby units and they were getting closer to hers. Bella shot up in a panic and backed into the corner of the room again. Her breathing became erratic as they got closer to her unit. Her entire body froze as sure enough they made their way to hers. The door lifted and she heard the voices. Three men stepped inside and stared right at her as they had their flashlight shined directly on her.

“What the fuck?”

She hissed out and got down to all fours in a warning matter. The idiots kept coming closer to her.

“Damn, I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be terrified, or turned the fuck on.”

Bella ground her teeth together and pounced on the man. She took her claws to his chest.

“SHIT!” The other two took out a couple of handguns.

Bella took off as fast as possible. She dodged bullets the entire way to the woods. Her heart raced as she kept running. She hadn’t a clue where to go or what to do. She felt so much anger. She looked to the moon in thought. Bella came to a stop hearing the highway not too far away. She was running out of places to run and hide. She paced around and let out an irritated growl. Her eyes lifted towards a nearby tree. She was about to leap into it, when she got slammed back. Someone had her restrained. Their eyes were red and they snarled back snapping at her. Their massive canines were bared to her in a threatening manner. The creature reminded her of a werewolf. She recoiled and quickly shoved them off her with her back feet. Both creatures paced around eyeing one another growling off and on. The wolf like being breathed in the air and tilted his head. He took another step towards her and she clawed his face and hissed out.

He went to say something only she had her tail wrapped around his throat. He shook his head and reached up trying to pry her off him. He bounded back at her and forced her down. His hand clasped around her neck in return. Only as he did this he bent down and breathed her in once more. He shut his eyes and swallowed back as his mouth suddenly watered. She grew frightened as he easily overpowered her. The werewolf before her began to morph. Her eyes widened and she immediately loosened her grip.
“That’s right… It’s me, Scott.”

She shook her head.

“I know it’s you Bells.”

Scott took a moment to fully take her in. Her eyes were definitely the same emerald green he’d witnessed at school today. Her body both feline and very feminine, it messed with his senses and judgment. He’d never been so turned on before in his entire life. He couldn’t even explain it. Her fur was short enough he could make out everything about her body.

“Scott?” She whispered as if in a state of shock.

He nodded locking eyes with hers. She covered her mouth glanced him over. His eyes widened as she suddenly locked her arms around him. He could feel her tears trickling down his chest. He took in a breath and held her.

“It’s ok…” He whispered.

“I thought I was alone.” She whispers in return.

He smiled to himself remembering that feeling.

“Far from it Bells.”

Once she finally let go he came to his feet and gave her a hand up. He reared back and curiously circled her.

“What are you?”

She shrugs.

“I was wondering the same about you.”

“Werewolf, only you’re clearly not.”

“Gee you think?”
He chuckles. Bella looks back towards the full moon.

“I can’t change back. Not right now.”

He nods in understanding and looks towards the moon as well.

“Follow me.”

He morphs before her. Bella slowly approaches him and runs he fingers along his face. She took in his werewolf chops, sharp canines, and pointed ears. As he talked his voice was deep and guttural. Bella’s was raspy and almost snake like. Scott slanted his eyes and he too curiously ran his fingers along her feline face. She even had whiskers. It tickeled as he grazed the tips of his fingers along them.

“Amazing.” Bella’s first to say.

“I was thinking the same thing about you. It’s hardly fair you know.”
“What is?”

“That in both your forms you’re incredibly sexy.”


“That both your forms are really….” He sucks back a breath realizing what he’d said.

“Sexy huh?”

“Well…” He rubs the back of his neck. Oh man, did I really say that outloud?! Well might as well work with it now.


“Not so bad yourself Scott McCall.”
He smiles and takes off. Bella followed as he led her to the school.

“You want us to go back to school? Like we’re not there enough.”
“Well, you aren’t apparently, you keep leaving before the day’s even over.”

She shakes her head as he manages to jam the locked doors open.

“I can’t believe we’re breaking into school. Who does that?”

“It’s a safe place and at night no one ever comes around here. “

He led her to the boy’s locker room. Once they were inside Scott began to try and make some sort of makeshift pallet. Bella giggled to herself as it was made out of pads from every sport offered at the school. He had transformed back and shrugged.
“Eh, I tried.”

“How do you do that?”


“Control it?”

He lowers his brows in wonder.

“Bells how long have you been dealing with this?”

“This is my second time of full transition. Other’s are just flare ups that I have to hurry and try to tame. It’s not always a success. I have my good days and bad. If I get provoked too much I’m fucked.”

He nods wholeheartedly understanding.

“Been there done that. You should have seen my first lacrosse game after I was first turned. I think I actually broke a guy’s shoulder. Not a big fan of the rage.”

Bella looked to him in disbelief.
He sits back and leans against the wall. He pats the area beside him. Scott knew he was going to have a long night ahead of him. She truly was naked as a jaybird. That and with certain positions he could see the pink of her sex and the curve of her ass. For some reason her long tail had him all astir as well. Her breasts stared him right in the face. He tried desperately to hide the rampant hard on he had. It wasn’t going away. For that he felt like a jerk, but he couldn’t control it.

Bella sat down.

“Oh shit…” He uttered as if in agony.
She looked to him in alarm. He hurriedly hopped up and grabbed one of his jerseys from his locker. It wasn’t her fault she hadn’t a clue. Bella literally had her sex spread and bared to him. Scott knew he would have no self-control if she sat that way for much longer. It was taking all will not to jump her. He tossed her the jersey and quickly turned away.
“Your eyes were red, but they were a golden color just now.”

He nods and kept his head turned. Bella placed his jersey on but finally saw what had Scott so tormented. She blushed and quickly adjusted herself more properly.

“I’m so sorry…. I … this is still new to me Scott. I didn’t realize.”

He let out a nervous laugh.

“Hey, you did nothing wrong. It’s cool.” He says and clears his throat.

Scott takes a moment to gather himself. He leans against the wall with one hand.

“I’m decent or about as decent as I’m going to get.” She confirmed sounding truly embarrassed.

“You know what you remind me of?”


“The Egyptian goddess you know the feline one Bast, right?”

She smiled.
“Wish that’s what I saw.”
“Well, what do you see?”

“Certainly not a goddess, a freak sure…” She says with a whisper and lowered her head sadly.

He shakes his head in full disagreement. He finally turns back around and sits beside her.

“Looks good on you.”

She looks down to his jersey.

“Number 11 huh?”

Scott nods.



“Does anyone else know about this?”

She takes in a breath without realizing it she had her tail flickering about. Scott didn’t comment on it, but thought it was cute.

“Just my mom and now you.”
“So Stiles and your uncle they don’t know?”

She shakes her head.

“Could you even imagine?”

He grins ear to ear.
“Oh believe me, I can.

She looks upon him peculiarly.

“Wait, are you telling me they know about you?”

He nods.

“My mom, Stiles, his father, and a few of my friends know.”

“And they didn’t freak?!”

“Now, I didn’t say that. But these sorts of things aren’t exactly new to Beacon Hills.”

“You mean there are others?”

“Yes Bells, there are. All the more reason you shouldn’t feel as though you have to do this all on your own. You need whatever support you can get. Only with those you can truly trust such as Stiles and your uncle. This would also help your mother in the long run. You both need others in which you can lean on.

My mother and I went through this very thing. For a while I did like you. I tried to hide it and handle everything on my own. Epic failure by the way… Everyone needs someone, Stiles was my go to. I really think you should tell him. He’d want to help. And when it comes to crazy you’d be surprised on how well he handles things. We’ve been through some pretty hellacious times.” Though Stiles had truly hurt his feelings, when he commented about how he didn’t want him with Bella. It shouldn’t have. But often enough he thought of Stiles like family, like the brother he never had. So it felt as though Stiles was telling Scott that he wasn’t good enough to be with his cousin. That wasn’t it though and he knew it. Stiles was just being protective and that he could understand.

He looks over to see Bella covering her face. Scott placed his arm around her. He had her leaning against him. Scott wanted to help in whatever way he could think of. So he began to tell his story. Of where it all began with one bite that forever changed his life. He didn’t go into detail about everything. He didn’t even tell her that the bite came from Peter Hale or that he was alpha. He just spilled enough in hopes to make her feel that she wasn’t alone.

“So you were bit?”

He nods. Bella looks to her hands as if in thought.

“What happens when it’s something you’re merely born with it? Only I never knew until recently.”

“I think I might know someone that can answer your questions or at least help. If you’re free this weekend maybe we can pay him a visit.”

“Look at me Scott. I think I’m pretty much free for the rest of my life.”

He cocked a curious brow.

“And what exactly do you mean by that?”

Bella felt herself blushing bit and she swallowed back.

“I think we both know. Every full moon I will have to hide out. I have to fight to keep my emotions in check or it creeps up on me. A social life? That’s a joke within itself.”

“And what if we found a way for you to control it? What if you could do like me and change at will?”

“I can’t I’ve tried.”

“I say we keep trying. I was in the same situation. I wasn’t always able to control it. I had to make myself. I had to rely on my instincts. I know yours is somewhat different, but who’s to say you’re at its mercy? It should be at yours. You should be the one running the show. Don’t let this overcome you Bells. In fact let me help with that. When it comes to the whole emotional roller coaster, I’m the perfect candidate! ”
Bella laughs.

“You wanna help me?”

“Of course I do. It’s about time too.”
She looked to him oddly.

“It’s always been about others keeping my secret and helping me. I’d like to be the one returning the favor for once. So yeah Bells, let me help in whatever way I can.”

She nodded against his chest.

“Why don’t you try and get some sleep? I’ll keep an eye out.”

“Don’t you need some sleep too?”
“I’ll be ok.”



She sighs and shuts her eyes. It didn’t take long at all her body was completely worn out. Scott froze at one point and grinned. She was purring and her tail was flouncing about. Scott swallowed back as he found himself petting her. He still couldn’t get over it. Her fur was like silk and stunning. That and he secretly got a kick out of seeing her in his jersey. Something about that was incredibly sexy. The deeper the slumber the more she cuddled up beside him. Eventually she ended up with her head in his lap. Scott kept stroking her fur. He couldn’t help himself. Yeah she was scared out of her mind and he felt horrible about that. Still, he just couldn’t help but to find her completely gorgeous.

“Scott?” She tiredly whimpered out.

He put his finger to his lips and winked. She looked around noticing they were in her room. He was in the process of putting her to bed. Bella noticed the window was open and the curtains were swaying about as the breeze from outside was coming through. The sun was now out and her body was back to normal. Scott went towards the window as he was about to crawl back out.

“Scott…” She whispered.

He looked over his shoulder towards her.

“Thank you.”

He smiled.

“No need. See you at school.”

She smiled in return and watched as he crawled back out and he slid the window back down. Without meaning to she’d fallen back asleep. Stiles knocked on her door, but she was so out of it she didn’t even hear it. He opened the door seeing that she was still asleep they had less than 15 minutes to get to school.

He walked over and shook her. She groaned out and snuggled up to her pillow even more.


She gasped out and shot up wide eyed. Stiles laughed only that laugh soon faded to that of a frown.

“What the fuck?”

She tiredly rubbed her face.


“Why the hell are you wearing Scott’s jersey?

She looked to him confused for a moment and she looked down.


Stiles quickly shut her door.
“Where were you last night?!”

“Knock it off Stiles.”

“No, I want to know why the hell you’re wearing his jersey! You know what, I’ll just call him and find out myself.”

“Don’t you dare!”

Stiles ignores her and takes his cell out of his pocket.

“STILES!” She snaps and reaches for the phone.

He dodges as Scott answers.

“Hey Stiles!”

“Don’t you hey Stiles me!”

“Um ok…”

“Where were you last night?”

“Is everything ok?”

“Just TELL ME!”

“Stiles! Stop it! You’re overreacting!” Scott heard Bella in the background.

“Overreacting? You’ve only been here a week and you’re wearing Scott McCall’s jersey?!”

Scott winced on the other end forgetting about that.

“Stiles just relax. It’s totally not what you’re thinking.”

“The hell it isn’t. I told you she was off limits! NOT HER SCOTT!”

Bella’s jaw drops.

“You did what?!”

They both turn back towards the window. Scott still had the phone in his hand and was raising the window back up. She looked to Scott apologetically.

“You need to chill. You’re reading entirely too much into this.” Scott says softly.

“Am I now?”

“YES!” Scott and Bella both chorus.

“And you’re not my father Stiles! I won’t have you telling me what I can and can’t do!”

“SOMEONE NEEDS TO! You don’t even last an entire day at school. Your mother lets you stay out at all hours of the night and you have a really bad attitude! What is wrong with you?!”

“Stiles…” Scott warns and shakes his head.

Bella reaches to her heart and quickly rolls off the bed and backs into a corner of the room. She pulls at her hair trying to fight it.

“Oh real mature, just go have yourself a little fit.”

“STILES!” Scott shouts and points upon him irately


Scott rushes over and hunkers down before her. Her eyes flickered and her tail and ears had begun to form.

“Scott…” She whines in alarm.

“Just breathe… Look me in the eyes Bells. Focus…”

Stiles glanced upon his cousin in shock.

“Bells… please tell me I’m seeing things.”
“Stiles she needs you right now. So now would be a great time to quit playing the part of the overbearing brother and fucking help!”

Her claws popped out and she quickly covered her mouth as her fangs were next.

“Take control Bella. Don’t let it control you. You do this you just need to focus.”

“What the hell is going on?!”

“Not now Stiles just sit down and shut up.”

“Gees ok say it don’t spray it.”

Scott rolls his eyes and takes Bella’s hands. Her body began to calm down. Her tail and ears shifted back along with the rest of her body. Bella quickly buried her face as she brought her knees up.

Scott ran a soothing hand along her back.

“It’s ok now. You did great. You took control.”

“Um hello?”

They both lift their eyes over towards Stiles.

“Can I talk now?”
“NO!” They both chorus.


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