Chapter 4 On My Goddess

Chapter 4

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Saturday morning:

The sun cascaded through Bella’s room as she stretched about in bed. Bella tiredly sat up and pivoted her body around. She placed her feet down on the floor only to wiggle her toes about awkwardly. Bella looked to her feet and saw that they were in large litterbox.

“What the fuck?”

Bella shot up and reached over grabbing her robe. She swiftly tied it shut and rushed out of the room. Her mother and uncle were already at work. Bella banged loudly on Stiles door.

“Need something?”

She heard from behind. She snapped back.

“You’re such an ass!”

Stiles shrugged.
“I haven’t a clue what you’re referring to.” He looked to the time.

“Oh come on Stiles, a litter box really?!”

He chuckles and pops a chip into his mouth.

“You slept in. We have less than an hour to get to Scott’s house. I doubt you want to go in your pj’s.”

“I slept in?” She looks to the time and her jaw drops.

“Oh no…”

“Yeah apparently it’s a cat thing.”

“Shut it Stiles and don’t you ever pull that shit again.”
“I haven’t a clue what you’re referring to.”

“Whatever…” She utters taking off to shower and get ready.

“Took you long enough.” Stiles smarts off as she enters the living room.

She rolls her eyes and he grabs his keys.

“Ready now?”

“Sure am jerkoff.”

“Let’s go, butch.”

Once they get to Scott’s. Bella vaguely remembered coming here a few times when they were little. She smiled in recollection as Stiles pulled up and parked next to Scott’s bike. Stiles entered the house as if he owned the place and went straight for the fridge. Bella headed up the stairs towards Scott’s room to let him know they were there.

She knocked, but he had his headphones on so he couldn’t hear. Bella opened the door and stepped inside. She turned towards his closet and froze. Scott was doing one armed chin ups on a bar he had set up within the doorframe. He hadn’t a shirt on and was in a pair of black sweats.

“Damn…” Bella whispered to herself.

Scott however sensed something within the room and his eyes flew open. She swallowed back rather startled that he’d caught her gawking. That wasn’t all. She wasn’t aware that Scott could sense her arousal. At this he came dropped down and clumsily staggered about. Bella covered her mouth stifling a giggle.

“You ok there?”

He nodded but narrowed his eyes. He’d never felt that coming from her before. It totally knocked him for a loop.

“Um yeah.”

“That’s hardly fair Scott.”
“What is?”

“You’re not even breaking a sweat.”

She welcomes herself onto his bed and looks around.

“So what’s with the tattoo anyhow?” She inquired about the two lines around his bicep the top one was thicker than the other.

“With everything that was happening to me at the time I figured it was something I needed.”

Bella nods.

“Don’t you have a healing ability as well?”

He nods.

“It wasn’t easy… burned like hell… had to use a blowtorch.”

Her eyes widened.

“Shit Scott. You wanted it that bad?”

He shrugs with a hint of a chuckle. Bella looks towards his door.

“I have something to show you.” She whispered.

He pulls his door shut taking the hint. Bella turns with her back towards him and raises her shirt. He rears back.

“Now that’s new.”
“Um yeah…”

“When did you get this?”

He runs his fingers along the black ankh symbol. The sides of it had wings and in the middle was a set of emerald cat eyes.

“That’s just it Scott.” She lowers her shirt back down.

“I didn’t. I didn’t even realize it was there. I don’t even know when it appeared.” She said sounding rather freaked out.

“Guess my assumption was right.”

She looks to him oddly as he gets on his computer. He types in ankh and shows her it’s the Egyptian symbol.

“It means key of life, often worn by gods or goddesses.” He leans back in his chair in thought.

“Such as Bast, she was a goddess and I swear you look just like her.” He types this in as well. He brings up a picture of a gorgeous woman with long hair and the body of a woman yet catlike features.

“See…” He shows her the picture.

“I don’t look anything like that.” She declared thinking the goddess was too pretty for Scott to be comparing her to.

“Right, you’re way hotter.”

She blushes and Scott turns towards her with a grin. His door opens and Stiles enters the room. He had some of Scott’s left over pizza in his hand. He plops down on Scott’s bed and finishes his pizza.

Scott felt the urge to pull Bella into his lap. After sensing what he just had he wanted to flirt a bit. That made it rather hard with overbearing Stilinski in the room.

“Um here…” He rose up letting her have his chair.

“I’m gonna hit the shower real quick.”

And there it was again. He damn near moaned as he sensed her, his cock twitched within his pants. He looked towards her as he was exiting his room. She was biting her lip and spinning around in his chair. Scott practically sprinted out of there.

As soon as he entered the bathroom he didn’t even bother undressing. Scott stepped into the shower and put the water on ice cold. He stood under it and shut his eyes. It was either that or hit the release valve with his best friend and Bella in the house. As amped up as Bella had Scott, he feared he’d howl out once he got off. Bella was the star of his fantasies as of late. He was curious about sex in both her personas. But there was more to this and Scott was beginning to realize that. Out of respect for Stiles he was trying his hardest not to react to his feelings. He didn’t want to hurt their friendship by dating Bella. Scott felt confused on what to do and how to go about it. He figured the best way to go about it was to talk to Stiles. Let him know how he felt. However the alpha side of Scott had already made his decision. He wanted Bella Swan and in a bad way.

Once he was dressed and ready to go he stepped into the bedroom. Stiles was still kicked back on his bed. Bella was looking up the Egyptian stuff on his computer.

“Hope you didn’t mind. I was curious.”
“Nope not at all.”

“I didn’t go through your history or anything.” She taunted with a grin.

He laughed and grabbed his keys.

“Wouldn’t care if you had.”

“It can’t be any worse than Stiles history.”

Stiles shrugs.

“What is your deal with cartoon sex?”

“It’s called anime.”

“So cartoon porn?”

“Jesus Bells, it’s not porn its hentai!”

She and Scott laugh.

“Yes, cause that makes it better!” Bella fires back.

“The things you learn.” Scott replies and tosses a pillow at Stiles.

“That’s it, my room is off limits to you.”

Bella shrugs.

“It’s not my fault you’re a perv.”

“You two ready?”

Bella nods and hops up. Stiles makes his way off the bed and heads out first. Bella headed out behind Stiles. She felt Scott run a hand along the slope of her back as he pulled his door shut. Just that little touch sent a wave of heat throughout her entire body. She shut her eyes for a moment and continued to follow her cousin outside. They all climbed into Stiles’s jeep.

Bella sat in the middle.

“So where to first?”
“Hale’s then we’ll go from there.” Scott said looking to the time.

“Dr. Deaton isn’t in yet. So we’ll have to kill sometime first.”

“Hear that Bells he’s taking you to a doctor because you’re cracked.”

“Keep it up Stiles and your friend is soon to learn everything there is to learn about you.”

Scott raised his brows on this and turned to Stiles in wonder. Stiles was actually blushing.

“And here I thought we had no secrets.” Scott teased.

“Oh believe me Stiles most certainly has his.”



Bella smiles and turns on the radio. She leans into Stiles ear.

“Maybe next time you’ll think twice, before pulling another one of your pranks.”

Stiles grins and shakes his head.

“No, no you see what we have here is the start of a war.”

Her jaw drops.

“That’s right butch. Let’s just see who wins this one.”

“You’re so dead.”

“Challenge accepted.”


Scott looks upon the both of them curiously.

“Yeah cuz you’re on! Let’ just see who can endure the most!”

Stiles holds out his hand and spits on it. Bella wrinkles her nose.

“Come on now we gotta make it official.”

Bella sighs and spits in her hand as well. Scott’s lip curled in disgust as they shook on it afterword. Bella wiped her hand off on Stiles cheek afterword.

“Ah Bells!”

Bella took some hand sanitizer from her purse afterword.

“Hey that’s cheating you can’t wipe off the essence of a deal!”

“I’m not, just the germs of a pervy cousin. I haven’t a clue where that hand has been.”

“She has a very good point.” Scott states in agreement.

Stiles pulls up to Derek Hale’s studio apartment. Scott opens the door and helps Bella out of the jeep. Without thinking about it he still had her hand in his as they approached the door. Stiles cut him a look. Scott cleared his throat and dropped his hold. Stiles took Bella by the arm and pulled her back beside him. She cut him a hateful glare. She folded her arms about her chest as Stiles wrapped his arm around her shoulders.

“Jerk…” She hissed as Scott knocked on the door.

Bella froze once it opened. She and the man behind the door locked eyes automatically. He narrowed his eyes and tilted his head.

“Angela?” He said with a menacing voice.

“Um no it’s Bella, she’s my cousin.”

“Of course you’re related to him. Now it all makes sense.” He mouths off.

Bella shakes her head.

“The hell with this.” Bella steps out of her cousins hold and heads back towards the jeep.

The three guys look to one another confused.

Derek looks towards the jeep as she climbs back in.

“I take it you two have already met?” Scott questions curiously.

“Oh yeah, we’ve met.”

Derek however sniffs the air and his eyes flickered for a moment. He steps between the two of them and makes his way over to the jeep. Derek opens the door and peeks inside.

“So what brings you here and with those two?”

She rolls her eyes.

“Obviously a big mistake is what. Don’t worry, I’ll be on my way.”

Stiles and Scott looked to one another confused.

“How the hell does she know Derek?” Stiles whispered.

“That’s what I’d like to know.”

“Their first encounter must’ve not gone very well.”

Scott nods in thought but watches Derek’s every move. Derek offers his hand.

“Come now, I won’t bite. I’ll try not to anyhow.”

Scott snarled back a bit sensing Derek.

“What’s with you?” Stiles questioned hearing him.

Scott didn’t answer his eyes stayed glued to Derek.

“Could have fooled me.” Bella bitterly replied.

Derek motioned for her to take his hand again. Bella sighs and takes it. He helps her out of the jeep and shuts the door.

“Now was that so bad?”

“Oh I have a feeling this is far from over.”

Derek grins and leads her back to his apartment. Stiles and Scott follow behind. Derek sits Bella down on his couch.

“I thought you lived in that house.” Bella damn near snapped at Derek.
“Now, I never said I live there, but it is my house.”

“So all that hard time you gave me was over nothing?!”

Derek shrugs.

“So what brings you here?”

Bella looks toward Scott.

“You’d have to ask him. Believe me if I had known…”

“You’d have what Ms. Swan?”

Bella’s hands balled up into fists. Derek leans into her ear.

“Relax…” Derek takes a moment to really breathe her in.

His eyes flickered as he looked over to Scott. Bella had her hand clasped around Derek’s throat.

“Get your dick off my fucking pelvis.”

“DEREK!” Scott growled.

Derek swiftly ripped off her shades. She tried to shut her eyes in time, but he’d already seen it.

“I knew it.” He hissed into her ear.

“I knew I smelled pussy.”

Bella could no longer control it. Her body began to morph as she flew off the couch and pinned Derek up against the wall. He laughed and shook his head as he scanned her over.

“Fuck…” He raised his brows.

“I’m warning you Derek.” Scott shook all over as Derek’s senses were pissing him the fuck off. He too took interest in Bella and was extremely stimulated by her.

“I should have known.” She hissed as he too was now in his werewolf state.

Derek reversed the pin.

“GET OFF HER!” Both Stiles and Scott shouted.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” Scott shouted as Derek took off with Bella.

The front door was still open was how fast he split.

Scott bolted out the door already in transformation. Stiles hurriedly got to his jeep and sped off to towards the woods where he went.

“DAMMIT!” Stiles shouted and slammed his hands on the steering wheel.

“He just had to take her to fucking Derek Hale?!” He complained as shifted gears.

Bella gasped out and looked around realizing she and Derek were now in the woods alone. Derek paced the area around Bella. His eyes were blue instead of gold. Bella wondered why.
“What are you?” He barked.

“I don’t know that’s why he brought me to you. I highly doubt this is what he expected.”

Derek zips over and backs her up against a tree. He looks her over scanning her over from head to toe.

“It can’t be… If you’re what I think you are. You’re a Bastet. You don’t exist!”

“I’m right here, jackass.”

He smiles and continues to talk in that gruff like bass tone.

“Oh believe me, I fucking know.” He breathes her in again.
“You draw us in like fucking moths to a flame! Everything about you drives our kind insane. The way you look and fucking smell. You’re sex on legs! It’s very dangerous to keep the company of our kind.” Derek pressed himself against her in longing.

“So very dangerous.”

Derek suddenly gets tossed across the woods. Bella gasps out as Scott took off after Derek. Just as Derek came up and dusted himself off, Scott came at him like a bull. He drove him into a nearby tree and socked him in the gut.

Stiles had just pulled up in his jeep and rushed over to his cousin’s side. They watched as Scott and Derek beat the shit out of one another. Bella shrieked out as Derek took Scott and slammed him against his knee and heaved him across the woods. He leaped over him and straddled his chest as he punched Scott in the face.


Stiles put up an arm in attempt to block her.
“He’s got this Bells he’s alpha for a reason.”

Sure enough, Scott manages to roll out from under Derek. Scott ankle swiped Derek and swiftly brought his knee to Derek’s throat. He growls between his words. And interlocks his fingers within Derek’s hair as he pulls back forcing Derek to face him.
“You’re not to touch her. NOT EVER! I MEAN IT DEREK, HANDS OFF!”

Scott hops to his feet and forces Derek to his. Derek starts to sorely laugh.

“She’s yours… I get it.”

Bella overheard this and looked over puzzled.

“Wait… don’t tell me she doesn’t know yet.”

“Shut it Derek!”

“Know what Scott?” Stiles inquires overhearing this as well.

Derek has a good laugh at this and wipes the blood from his mouth.

“Scott McCall has claimed the young Bastet for himself.”

“He what?” Stiles and Bella chorus.

At this Scott socks Derek in the gut again.

“I said shut the fuck up.”

Derek growls out and shoves Scott back. He promptly takes off. The three of them look to one another as if lost on what to say or do next. Stiles shakes his head upon Scott.

“I should have known…”

“It wasn’t like that Stiles. You know it wasn’t!”

“Scott?” Bella calls out softly.

Stiles turns and finally takes notice of her full transition.

“Bells?” Stile’s whispered.

She nodded and looked to the ground.

“I’m sorry Stiles.”
At this she takes off and Stiles starts after her feeling like a jerk now. Because of the things he’d said she took shame in her transformation around him. Scott put a hand upon his shoulder.

“Give her time to cool off and then you can talk to her.”

Stiles sighs and nods. Scott sighs in return and switches back.

“About what Derek said.”

Stiles laughs and shakes his head. He pinches his eyes shut.

“If you’re to do this Scott… just take care of her is all I ask. I know I’m overbearing that’s because I’m just as protective about her as I am you. I get that you’re this big bad alpha, but Bell’s like my fucking sister. I swear to God if you hurt her! Alpha or not I’ll find a way to fuck you up!”

Scott shakes his head.

“I’d protect her with everything that I am Stiles. Just as I would protect you, anyone that ever seeks to harm either of you will have to come through me first.”

“Tell me the truth now… what is she to you Scott?”

“Whatever she’ll let me be.”

Stiles sighs.

“I suppose that’s acceptable.”

Scott looks around the area as if trying to spot her.

“Go on.”

He looks to Stiles confused.

“I know you’re looking for her. Just go. I’ll be right here.”

Scott narrows his eyes upon Stiles.

“Just go.”

He nods and takes off trailing her scent.

Scott follows the scent to one of the trees further out. He looks up and sees a familiar tail hanging from it. He bounds up the tree and lands in front of Bella. She lifts her eyes towards him. Her clothes were slightly torn from her transformation. Her tail had popped out of her jeans. It flickered about as she eyed him.

“Is it true?”

“Is what true?”

“What that Derek guy said.”

Scott sighs.

“I don’t quite understand it myself Bells. But I won’t lie… I do feel something for you. Whatever it is, it’s pretty strong. I’ve tried keeping it at bay for Stiles sake, but it’s not something I can keep doing. That’s why I had to talk to him first.”

She tilts her head slightly.

“He’s somewhat accepting of the idea, you know, of you and I.”

Scott helps her to her feet.

“I’m sorry about Derek. I hadn’t any idea he’d react to you that way or that you two had already met.”

Bella starts laughing, but that of misery once she remembered something else Derek had said.

“Derek said I should stay away from your kind. That I draw you in.”

Scott looks to her in question. She looked as though she wanted to cry.

She looked down and her tail dropped down as well.

“He said that because of what I am. My scent and things of that nature attract your kind. In fact he let me know it was dangerous to keep your company.”

Scott shook his head.

“That’s not true Bells. He might’ve lost control, but I haven’t. I’ve been around you more than Derek has as well.”

Her body begins to morph back and he hugs her.

“We still have one more person to talk to. Let’s go see what he says before we start making assumptions.”

“Is there anything I should be warned about beforehand?”

Scott sighs.

“Well that depends how do you feel about witch doctors?”

She looks to him confused. He slightly grins but clears his throat.
“I’m really sorry about Derek. I honestly didn’t expect that at all. I was caught completely off guard. I won’t let it happen again. I assure you Bella you have nothing to worry about with our next visit.”

Scott takes off his over shirt and ties it around her waist. He checks her over making certain there were no other major tears in her clothing. He wraps her arms around his neck.

“Hold on.” He whispered as he cradled her and leaped back down.



She buried her face into the crevice of his neck.

“Nevermind…” She said afraid to even ask.

She feared Scott’s feelings were merely because of what she was. She couldn’t bear it if that were the case.

“What’s wrong?”

“Let’s just go see this guy first then we’ll talk about us.”

Scott pressed his forehead against hers for a moment.


“Funny…” Bella utters as they pull up to a veterinarian office.

Stiles chuckles.

“Obviously, I need to see a vet right?” She cuts Scott an accusing look.

He laughs as well.

“I’d expect this shit from Stiles.”

“Just relax Bells.”

He takes her hand once they exit the jeep. He leads her inside the back door.

“Scott works here.” Stiles explains seeing the look on her face as Scott just walked right on in.


They follow him to one of the examination rooms. Without thinking about it Scott lifted her up on the metal table. Stiles died in laughter at the unamused look on his cousin’s face.

“Not getting any better if he comes out with a thermometer, I’m walking.”

Scott smiled at this, but headed out of the room. Stiles lifts his eyes towards her.

“You don’t have to hide from me you know. I’ve been through this very thing with Scott. I’ve seen all there is to see.”

“I just figured you were tired of being around that sort of thing. I mean the look on your face when we told you the truth.”

“I’m sorry Bells, I was just shocked that’s all. If anything, I just hate to see you having to go through this. I’ve seen it with my best friend and now you. I just know you’re in for one hell of a ride. This is far from over and frankly it never will be all the more reason to have Scott by your side.”

She looks to Stiles bewildered.

“Wait, I thought you said I was off limits to him, which was a very jackass thing to say by the way. I love you cuz, but you can be such a JERK!”

Stiles half laughs.

“I second that.” Scott agrees as he enters the door with Dr. Deaton.

Dr. Deaton smiles warmly as he enters the room. He was a tall African American with a very pleasant smile. He glanced upon Bella and offered a hand.

“Bella Swan?”

She nods.

“A pleasure to meet you, I’m Dr. Alan Deaton. Scott pushes the door shut and locks it.” He places down the blind on the window.

“Scott says you have something to show me?”

Bella looks to Scott apprehensively.
“It’s ok Bella, you can trust him.”

“I can’t do it at will, Scott.”

“Sure you can, just focus.”

Dr Deaton lowers his brows and takes a step back wondering what was about to take place.

“Just think of how mad Stiles makes you.” Scott taunts with a grin Stiles direction.

“Haha funny…”

She sighs with frustration. Scott makes his way over and looks into her eyes.

“You need to find your anchor. Something you can turn to in order to help you. Something to give you the drive and focus you need.” Scott said thinking of when his mother’s words when she’d helped him through this very thing.

Bella nodded. Scott just wasn’t aware that he was Bella’s anchor. Allison was once his until she ripped his heart out. Scott then faced the battle of becoming his own anchor. Bella shut her eyes and Dr. Deaton watched in sheer amazement as her transformation began to take its course. Scott smiled.

“There you go. Whatever you were thinking about, use it from now on.”

Bella blushed to herself, but didn’t comment. Dr. Deaton cautiously made his way over and Scott stepped aside.

“She won’t hurt you.” Scott assures.

Dr. Deaton nods.

“Well I’ll be. Do my eyes deceive me?”

He gazes upon her as if in a trance. Scott curiously watches his reaction.

“May I?”

She nods as he takes her hand. He smiles and shakes his head.

“You my dear shouldn’t even exist. There’s only one per generation. Each time one of you dies another is reborn in their place. I never dreamed I’d live to see the day where I’m face to face with a Bastet. A true honor I must say. You are so rare. So very, very rare. I’ve heard myths… or so I assumed they were. But here you are. You are no myth now are you?”

She shakes her head feeling rather nervous all a sudden.

“Relax…” Scott whispered picking up her heartbeat.

Dr. Deaton even takes it upon himself to look into her mouth. He laughs.

“Well I’ll be damned. And you are quite a beauty I must say.”

“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell her.”

“Well that’s certainly no lie. So the goddess of warfare, protection, joy, dance, music, love, sex, and of course cats. You are the reincarnation of Bast. A werecat or cat-goddess in your case.”

Scott grinned on this.
“A goddess… see just as I assumed!”

“You speculated this yourself?”

“She looks just like pictures I’ve seen before.”

Dr. Deaton nods.

“There are somethings you both should know however. You must take precaution Ms. Swan. If word were to get around you may very well find yourself in danger. As you can see Scott seems to have great control around you. That’s because of his alpha status, he’s not as affected by your charm. Other werewolves though may not have as much self-control. Not unless Scott stands his ground and orders it.”
“I think we’ve faced something like that already.” Scott admits.

Bella grimaced.

“Aiden and Derek seemed to have lost their cool. Mainly Derek…”

Dr Deaton sighs.

“I’m sorry to hear that. You must watch your back Ms. Swan. To a wolf you’re very sensuous not just by looks alone, but your scent. They can sense and smell the rarity that you are and do not know how to handle it, because you are so rare. There is only one every generation and some haven’t ever had the pleasure of meeting one such as yourself. So yes, it can be somewhat overwhelming at first. Something about you makes them think of mating.”

“Dude, Derek was trying to mate with her?!” Stiles says.


Scott would have laughed, but he was still pissed with Derek. He understood that it wasn’t his entire fault, but still even Aiden took the fucking hint at first. Derek wouldn’t even hear of it. He just fucking took off with her. He ground his teeth together in thought. Derek was going to fight this pack thing tooth and nail. He hated not being the alpha anymore, which was fine he was welcomed to feel whatever he wanted. When it came to Bella though, Derek would soon learn Scott wasn’t going to put up with his shit. No matter how close they’d become over the years. He wouldn’t allow him to hurt Bella or for him to force her into becoming his mate. Scott cut Stiles a look remembering what he’d said about Bella’s ex. How he’d referred to her as such. He remembered thinking how strange that was.

“You also need to beware of other were-creatures whereas werewolves will want to mate. Others, I fear might see you nothing more than prey some rare and delicious treat. Then there are hunters the ones that hunt for the mere thrill of it. They are your biggest threat. You are nothing more than the perfect trophy.

“Is there any good news to this?!” Bella says feeling ill now.

Dr. Deaton nods.

“Have you fully come into terms with all your abilities?”

She shrugs not honestly knowing if she had.

“I’ll take that as a no. I think it would be wise if Scott took you somewhere a bit more secluded one day. You need to get in touch with this side of you. Push yourself and find out what all you can do. If the legends are right, then you have much to work with. Like Scott you too have a healing factor. Whereas you are faster he is stronger. Werewolves tend to heal faster as well. Also your charm, if you learn how to use it to your advantage could help.

She looks to him rather shyly on this. Dr. Deaton smiled and chuckled a bit.

“Let’s just say if you’re in a jam you could use your aura for distraction. Leaving those that seek you harm in the state of nothing more than drooling, babbling idiots or if you must, to get the upper hand in a fight. I highly suggest you practice this “gift” so to speak with a lover if you have one.”

“I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“I volunteer.” They all look over to Scott.

“Well there you go.” Dr. Deaton says with a grin.

Stiles sighs.

“I guess it’s better you than Derek.”

“You could also learn how to lower your pheromones, when needed. This would help when you’re around Scott’s pack or other werewolves. It would make things easier on you both.”

“I can do that?”

“I don’t see why not. It’s all about you having control. Not the other way around.”

Scott gives her a wink as she looks directly upon him when Dr. Deaton says this.

“In the meantime, why don’t I see what else I can find out for you? I’ll pull up whatever information I can. I’ll have Scott deliver whatever I can find to you personally.”
“Thank you, sir. I really appreciate your help.”

“No thank you. This, I must say I was not expecting. Such an honor…”

“Thank you Alan.”

Scott shakes his hand and so does Stiles.

“You all stay out of trouble now. I better get back out there.”

They nod as he carefully exits the room. Scott locks the door back up once he’s gone. Bella takes in a breath and begins to focus on switching back.

“Awesome, you’re totally getting it.”

She smiled and hopped down from the table.

“So now what?” Stiles questioned once they were back in the jeep.

“Well I doubt Bella wants to go out to eat now.”

Stiles laughs and Bella elbows him.

“We could just go back to your place so she can change and I’ll order us something to eat.”

“Bells and I rented some movies we haven’t watched yet.”

“Well there we go.”

After they got home, Bella went and changed. Stiles headed to the bathroom and Scott ordered them some Chinese food. Bella stepped out in a pair of gray shorts and a black tank top. Scott’s eyes practically bulged.

“Fuck…” He whispered to himself once he was off the phone.

“I have heightened hearing too you know…”

He nervously laughs.

“That’s right you do.”

She cuts him a flirtatious smile. Scott makes his way over to Bella. He hurriedly takes her hand and leads her outside. Once he pulls the door to. Scott pins her against it and feverishly kissed her. Both their eyes flickered at the heat of the moment. He scooped her up and her legs wrapped around his waist. His tongue thoroughly explored hers. He hated to end it, but quickly placed her down hearing Stiles in the living room now. After they reentered the house, Stiles looked to them oddly.

“What were you two up to?”

“Discussing oral hygiene.” Bella utters offhandedly.

Scott’s eyes widened and Stiles looked to her oddly.


They all sat on the couch with Bella in the middle. Stiles popped in one of the horror movies they’d rented. Their food arrived before long and they all ate. Once they were done the lights were out. Bella and Scott took whatever opportunity they had to touch one another discreetly. Whether it was simply leaning against one another, grazing their fingers along each other, or occasionally Scott would steal a kiss when Stiles wasn’t looking. Towards the end of the movie Scott’s cellphone rang. He looked to it oddly seeing it was Allison. She hadn’t called him since they’d broken up.

“Hello?” He answered with a confused tone.

“Hey Scott.”

“Um hey…”

“So what are you up to tonight?”

“Just watching a few movies with Stiles and Bells, you?”

“Oh yeah I forget that she lives there.”


“I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out maybe tomorrow sometime. You know like old times.”

Scott rather reared back and looked to the phone as though it offended him somehow. He looks towards Stiles and then Bella.

“Can’t, I got a date.”

“A date?”

“Um yeah, I gotta go.”

Stiles looks to Scott oddly. Bella however blushed realizing he was referring to her.

“Date?” Stiles inquired.

Scott nodded and leaned back placing his arm around Bella.

“Oh man, don’t you two start that sucking face crap!”




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Welcome to my asylum! Where my favorite fandoms unite. There are cookies and milk somewhere...


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