Chapter 5 Like A Boss!

Chapter 5

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We still on for our date tonight?

Date? What date?

You know our date…

We have a date?

Well yeah I hope so

Huh, that’s funny. I wasn’t aware I was actually asked.

Oh um well… Wanna go on a date?

With who?

Scott McCall

Oh that guy?

Yeah that guy…

You mean the hot lacrosse guy?!

Yep. That’d be him.

He wants to take me on a date?! OMG!

Well he did… but he doesn’t like fan girls

Huh, well damn and I was considering putting out.

He reconsidering… Bearing in mind you’re his biggest fan and all. You just love to give me a hard time don’t you?

I haven’t the faintest idea what you’re referring to, but yeah tell Scott McCall we’re on.

I’ll let him know.


How’s everything else going so far?

You mean besides the fact that Stiles thought it’d be funny for me to wake up with a collar around my neck. A cat collar nevertheless with a bell and a heart tag that read Bells.

What color was it?

Pink and thanks…

You might look cute with a collar!

You might look cute with a leash

Depends on who’s the one leading it

Is that a challenge?

Could be…

Hmmmm… BTW do you mind if we get the whole telling my uncle about my secret out of the way before our date, if your mother is available. I’m wanting to go ahead and rip it off like that of a Band-Aid so to speak.

Today would be perfect she’s off work.

Cool so is my uncle and mother.

Sounds like a plan. Why don’t I come by at 6 instead?

Sounds good…

Ok, I’ll see you then. Remember to relax, don’t stress yourself out over this. We got your back and this is nothing new to your uncle.

Trying and thank you Scott.

No need to thank me Bells. Just glad to help in whatever way I can. I’ll see you tonight.

When it came closer to time Bella waited on the couch. Renee was working on some sort of scrap book. Stiles was watching TV with his dad. Bella fidgeted on the couch trying to focus on the book in her hand. She’d been on the same page for the past half hour. Bella shot up as there was a knock on the door. She answered it to see Scott and his mother. Scott wore a white dress shirt and denim jeans. Bella had to stop herself from gawking. He’d brought his bike and his mother had her car. Melissa smiled warmly upon Bella.

“You must be Bella. I’m Melissa, Scott’s mother.”

Bella nervously swallowed back and took her hand as she offered it.

“It’s very nice to finally meet you.” Bella said with full honesty.

“Please, come in.”

“Oh hi Melissa.” Renee called out over her scrapbooking.

“I imagine you’re enjoying having a day off.”



“You two have a seat.” Stiles father offered.

“What brings you by Melissa?” He questions curiously.

Bella takes in a breath.

“Actually, they’re here because of me.”

Stiles snapped a look her direction. She nodded towards him and he nodded in return and in understanding. Scott clears his throat Bella was so nervous it was damn near making him ill just in sensing her alone. Stiles hurriedly locks the door and makes certain all the windows were covered. His father looked to him oddly.

“Bella sweetheart, what’s going on? Are you alright?” Renee questioned.

“Um yeah mom.”

“You kids sure are acting strange today…” Sheriff Stilinski states.

Stiles shuts off the TV and takes the remote from his father’s hand.

“Sir Bells has something she wishes to share with you.”

“Well ok then shoot.”

Bella looks to Scott with fear in her eyes. He shakes his head and makes his way over.

“You can do this.”

Stiles turned to his father.

“Dad, you remember when you first found out about Scott?”

Sheriff Stilinski looks to the women in the room.

“Um sure…” He says trying to be vague. He wasn’t quite sure where his son was going with this.

“Well dad Bella needs us now as well.”

Renee’s eyes widen and she shot up from her chair.

“No Bella!”

Bella turned towards her mother.

“It’s ok mom. He’s the only one that doesn’t know now.”

Renee looks to the boys and staggers back.

“Bella, what have you done?!”

“Mom please…”

Melissa reaches over and takes Renee’s hand.

“This is what your daughter needs Renee. Let her do this.”

Bella shuts her eyes and focuses. The transformation was becoming easier and easier. It was still somewhat painful when it took place, but not near as much as it was the first couple times. Her uncle flew off the couch startled by his niece’s appearance. Bella didn’t move she was too afraid to. She eyed her uncle with her nerves getting the best of her. Sheriff Stilinski ran his fingers through his hair and shook his head.

“What the hell is going on here?”

Bella flinched at his words.

“So you’re like a catgirl?”

Stiles raises his brows on this and Renee looked as though she’d pass out. Bella smirks.
“Um yeah, something like that.”

He nods.
“Huh… well what do you know? Kids these days… Sure explains your mood swings, nothing moodier than a damn cat.”

“Um thanks…”

“So… huh…” He says and sits back down. He narrows his eyes upon her.

“Least you’re not as ugly as Scott when he does his thing.”

Scott’s jaw drops.

“I’m right here!”

Stiles father nods.

“Yep. You sure are.”

Bella looked back towards her mother who was crying. Melissa had her arm around her doing her best to console her. Bella lowers her head.

“I’m sorry mom. I…”
“You should have at least discussed this with me first!”


“Do you have any idea what you’ve just done?!”

Bella closes her eyes and looks to the floor.

“Renee…” Melissa whispers.

“You’ve exposed yourself! NOW WHAT?!”

“Renee!” Her brother scolds.

“Everyone in here now knows! How could you be so stupid? What all have you told them Bella?!”

Bella’s jaw drops she quickly takes off to her room and slams the door. Scott promptly follows.

“Jesus Renee…”

“She had no right to do that! We have enough to worry about! It’s just one thing after another! What the hell was she thinking? She knows better!”

Melissa shakes her head.

“Shhh… that’s not going to help your daughter at all. You need to consider her feelings and everything she’s going through. You need to support her and let her know you have her back.”

“I do! But not about exposing herself like this! Dammit! Everything we’ve worked so hard for this and she just pissed it all away. What else has she told you all?”
“I don’t know Renee is there something else you two are hiding?” Her brother fires back.

Bella takes her entire computer desk and tosses it across the room. Scott hurriedly grabs a hold of her. She hissed out and struggled in his hold. He found himself having to transform as well in order to hold her down.

“Stop…” He whips her around facing him.


Bella goes limp in his hold and she starts to drop down to her knees as she changes back. Scott swiftly scooped her up and laid her on the bed. She immediately hid her face, burying it into a pillow. Bella hugged it to her face and sobbed into it. Scott took back a breath. He never pictured her mother would freak like that. Especially, since she already knew. Scott ran his hand along Bella’s back.

“You need to go let that girl know that you still have her back. That you love her… I know you mean well Renee, but you just destroyed her! What the hell were you thinking?”

Renee winced at her brother’s words. Stiles was too pissed to even say a word. He too headed off to his cousin’s room. He opened the door to see Scott running his hand along her back as she continued to cry into her pillow. Stiles and Scott shook their heads upon one another.

“I’m sorry I didn’t realize it’d go this way.” Scott explains.
“I only wanted to help.”
“That’s just it Scott it shouldn’t have.” Stiles declares and he too sits upon the bed doing his best to console Bella.

They look up as Melissa enters Bella’s room as well.

“Why don’t you two give us a moment?”

Scott nods towards his mother and they both exit the room. Melissa sits on the edge of Bella’s bed.

“Oh sweetheart, I can’t even imagine what you must be going through.”

Bella slightly rolls over facing Melissa. Melissa moved a strand of hair from her eyes.

“You just let me worry about your mother. I’m going to take her out on a little girl’s night. You and Scott go out and have a great time. Don’t think on this any further. I got it from here.”

“But you hardly know me.”

“Oh I have a feeling that’s soon to change.” Melissa smiles.

“Your mother and I have become great friends. It seems you and Scott have become even more than that. All the more reason I wish to help in whatever way I can. Scott and I know exactly what you two are going through. So go out enjoy your night. Like I tell Scott constantly, don’t let this take away from you being a teenager. I know that won’t always be easy. You and Scott both will have to deal with more grown up situations because of your secrets alone. I can’t even begin to think about what it must be like for Scott. Not only does he go to school, do his homework, work, deal with his own secrets, but he’s alpha making him responsible for others and he has to continue to prove himself to others in his situation. His life is ten times more stressful than that of mine. There are many times I pull double shifts as a nurse, like your mother does. Often enough, that’s what gets me going through those long torturous nights, when I want nothing more than to go home and pass out or cry even, because I lost a patient or just from exhaustion alone. Scott’s what keeps me going and he’s what makes me realize that there isn’t anything I can’t face. If my son can deal with the shit he does then I most certainly deal with anything that may come my way.”
Bella had blushed realizing Scott’s mother said shit. Melissa hugged her and started towards the door.

“Ms. McCall?”


“Thank you.”

She nods.

“Please, it’s Melissa and it’s no problem at all. Scott and I want to help in whatever way we can.”

Bella nods and wipes her eyes.

“You two have fun tonight.”

Once she leaves Bella cleans up her mess and changes into the outfit she’d picked out for tonight. She begins to get ready trying her hardest to take Melissa McCall’s advice. Bella pinned back her hair and stepped into her smoky gray Converse. When she stepped out Scott was the only one even there. Stiles and his father had gone out to eat. Melissa had already taken Renee out as well. Bella looked upon him rather shyly as he was waiting for her on the couch.

Scott came to his feet. He’d never seen her in a skirt before. It was navy blue and stopped just above her knees. Her blouse was sleeveless, white, with blue and gray letters that read rock and roll junkie.

“Hi I’m Scott McCall.” He offers a hand.

Bella softly laughs.

“Bella Swan.”

“Well Ms. Swan shall we?” He offers a hand.

She flushed over a bit and took his hand. He led her out to his bike. He handed her his helmet. Scott kept in mind to get her one as well. Bella positioned herself so that her skirt wouldn’t flap up with the breeze. Scott shut his eyes for a moment as her arms wrapped around his waist. He gained some sort of composure and started the bike.

Bella’s eyes widened as he pulled up to a roller rink. She took off Scott’s helmet and handed it back.

“Something wrong?” He inquired seeing the look on her face.

She laughs and looked embarrassed.

“I’ve never roller skated before.”

He looked to her rather surprised.

“Really? Like ever?!”

She nodded.

“Huh… well guess that changes tonight.”


He chuckles and takes her hand as they head inside the building. Scott rents out their roller blades and finds them a place to sit. Bella looks to the roller rink rather hesitantly as she places her roller blades on. Once she gets them on she doesn’t move. Scott finishes with his and comes to his feet. He does a complete circle around their bench and holds out a hand.

“Let’s go.”
“I won’t let you fall. I promise.”

She takes back a nervous breath and takes his hand. He nods and starts towards the rink very slowly. Bella uses the rails around them as she clumsily makes her way to into the actual rink.

“Ok you can let go of the rail now.”

She shakes her head. Scott died in laughter.

“You gotta trust me Bells.”

He takes both her hands and starts rolling backwards. People zipped right on past them making her even more nervous.

“Don’t pay attention to them. It’s just us ok.”

She nods as he moves his feet about in a quicker place. Before long he let’s go just long enough to circle around her and place an arm around her waist.

“Just focus on the way it feels.” Bella noticed how her feet were moving about as she continued to balance.

She watched Scott’s as well as he lead her.

“I’m going to let go now.”


He softly laughed as he let go and skated beside her. She reached out feeling as though she might fall. Scott quickly grabbed her and got her straightened back out.

“It helps if you have some faith in yourself.” He utters once he gets her to a corner of the rink.


“Let’s try something else.”

Her face flushes over as he gets behind her and wraps his arms around her waist. Scott starts to skate again.

“Move your feet Bells.” He said in her ear.

Music began to play and Scott rested his head along her shoulder.

“There you go. Try going a little faster now.”

After a few more minutes he let’s go.

“Keep going.” He calls out.

Bella looks to him in alarm. He nods her way encouragingly. He continues to skate close enough to grab her if she starts to fall. She completes a solid lap around the rink before almost stumbling into a rail. Scott swiftly grabs her and gets her back to her feet.


An Aerosmith’s Crazy comes on and Scott spins her around. He suddenly pulls her right up against his chest. He leaned into her ear.

“Use those feline senses of yours. Cats always land on their feet right? They got great balance? Focus and use your instincts.”
“My balance would be better with my whiskers and tail.” She smarts in return.

“Hmmmm… Yeah I don’t think you can get away with that here. People might stare!”

She laughs in thought. Scott caresses her cheek and then let go. He nods towards her and watches as she starts to pick it up. She smiles as she does a lap and continues on. The second time around she goes a little faster. Scott catches up to her and takes her hand again.

“See you’re damn near a pro now!”

After another twenty minutes pass by she really had the hang of it. Scott in fact had taken off a couple times on his own and would watch her from a distance. She had a smile on her face. That and he found it incredibly sexy to see that skirt of hers flaring about as she whipped around the ring. By the time he was done teaching her. Scott had her skating backwards, doing circles, and speeding about the ring as if she’d been doing this all her life. He took her hand and they went back to their bench. They took their roller blades off and Scott grabbed them something to eat at the deli they had at the rink.

“Having fun?”


She grins as she bites into her burger. Scott pops a fry into his mouth and chews before swallowing.

“Guess I have to try harder.”

“Yeah, you really suck at this dating stuff.”

Scott sighs as if truly disappointed.

“Just have to keep doing it until I get it right.”

“If you can keep me interested that long.”

Scott laughs and sips at his soda.

“Oh I’m sure I can find a way to keep your interest.”

She fake gasps.

“Scott McCall are you making innuendos and on our first date?!”

“I’d never…”

Scott hears his cellphone go off showing a text. He looks to it and half laughs.

Have her home before midnight!

Scott laughs and flashes Bella the text message.

“Leave it to Stiles. Here let me see that.”

Scott shrugs and hands his phone over.

Ok, can do. Hey btw way which do you suggest glow in the dark or ribbed for her pleasure?

Bella hands his phone back over. Scott’s eyes widen and he chokes back on his burger. Bella laughs as he hits at his chest.

“Are you wanting Stiles to hunt me down?”


“See now he’s pissed.”

She nods and reaches for the phone again. Scott pulls back.

“I’m not so sure I should let you!”

She laughs.

“Just give me the phone.”

Scott sighs and hands it over.

Stiles, I’m gonna wear a condom!

Where the hell are you?!

Relax jerkoff we’re at the roller rink. Go back to your “hentai”.

Ohhhhh I should have known it was you butch!

Bella laughs and hands the phone back over. She winks at Scott.

“See, no sweat. You think I’d really leave you in the line of fire like that?”

Scott laughs in thought. After they ate they skated for another hour. When they were done they turned in their roller blades. She followed him to the bike. Scott froze in thought as he climbed on. He took in a breath and started up the bike. He drove them out to the woods. Scott parked his bike and climbed off. She looked to him with raised brows. He grinned and offered his hand.

“There are only two reasons a guy takes a girl out in the woods.”

“Guess you’re about to find out which one.” He states as she takes his hand.

Scott leads her deeper into the woods. Without warning he grabs her and they end up in a tree.

“Warn me would you!”
“What’s the fun in that?” He says in a seductive like tone.

His eyes flickered with that golden hue. He backed her up against the tree. Scott lifted her chin with his fingers. His eyes stayed gold as he began kissing her. He lifted up one of her legs with the other hand. Bella’s entire body flourished with desire. A growl escaped his mouth as he could not only sense her arousal, but he could smell it. Scott fought for friction as he lifted her leg even higher. His eyes rolled back she felt and smelled so good. He kissed along her neck. Bella could feel him pulsating against her. She ached for more.

Though neither were virgins. Jacob Black was Bella’s first and last sexual experience as Allison Argent was Scott’s. And both had been burned by their last relationships.

There was a time Bella thought she was in love with Jake, but as time progressed. She began to see the truth behind the mask he wore. The relationship was nothing more than a toxic mess. Even dumping him seemed like a living nightmare. He didn’t want to take no for an answer. She even caught him stalking her a few times when she was in town. She pushed those memories at bay that was all in the past. She no longer had to deal with the Blacks and their crazy tribe. It’s not that she had a problem with the Quileute’s but it was the teenage boys. They all had the same aggressive attitude Jacob had. That and they all had matching tattoos. They often reminded her of some sort of gang. In fact not long after she dumped Jake, Paul and Sam caught her coming out of the store once and demanded that she get back with Jake. Thankfully, her mother had just pulled up to tell Bella she’d have to work overtime. They jet not long after her mother arrived. Not long after that they moved to Beacon Hills. She’d dumped Jake last year as to why she told Phil she hadn’t a boyfriend. But that didn’t stop Jake and his buddies from harassing her off and on. Jake had once yelled at her about how something wasn’t taking affect. That she was being difficult. This was usually after they’d had sex. In fact nearly every time they had sex he seemed pissed off immediately afterword. She never understood why. It didn’t take long for Bella to start denying him. She hated how he’d roll over and act so cold towards her right after. Hitting her cousin later was the final straw for Bella. She was already on edge towards the end of the relationship.

As for Scott… he truly was in love with Allison. All the more reason it hurt like hell when she dumped him. That was the reason for his tattoo. It resembled the open wound she’d left him. He wasn’t sure how to explain that to Bella. That and he weren’t sure how she’d take it. After Allison, Scott never truly thought he could fall for anyone else. He also never dreamed it was possible to feel so strongly about someone in such little time. Yeah they sort of grew up together, but that was years ago. Bella had only been here a week and bam. It hit him just like that. If anyone had told him he’d be head over heels for that eight year old girl who gave him his first kiss. He’d have laughed in their face and told them they were full of shit. How was it possible that he couldn’t seem to stop kissing a girl that had once humiliated him? A girl who’s kiss he’d once been repulsed by?

Scott leaned his forehead against Bella’s. He focused on catching his breath and calming down. He gently grabbed hold of her and leaped back down. Scott then lay back against the tree and wiggled his finger upon Bella. He had her straddle his lap. His hands ran up her skirt. He kisses her neck once more and takes in a breath.

Bella looks to him concerned.

“Is something wrong?”

He laughs with a hint of nerves behind it.

“Bella… I’m afraid Derek is right.”
She looks to him apprehensively.


“Claiming you… I’m sorry. I honestly didn’t even realize I had.”

Bella nods and looks to be in thought.
“So I’m yours?”

His eyes widen as her arousal spiked through the roof. He gritted his teeth and gripped her hips firmly. Scott rocked her against him.

“Is that what you want?” He uttered almost demandingly.

Scott’s alpha side was kicking in and taking over. He brought an arm around her and lay her down on the ground. Scott hovered over her and looked her in the eyes.

“You want me to claim you?”

She swallowed back. Bella suddenly found it hard to think or even breathe.

“Tell me, what is it you want?”

She gasped out as he kissed along her neck and chest.

“You.” She whimpered out in longing.

“Then tell me I can claim you.”

He eagerly kissed her.

“Tell me I can have you!”

Her body arched off the ground at his touch as he ran his hand along her chest, tummy, and right down to her soaked panties.

“Scott…” She moaned breathlessly.

He leans into her ear and softly bites down on her earlobe.

“Give me permission to mark you as mine and I will.”

Bella moaned out at his words.

“Fuck…” Scott growled out sensing her was literally killing him.

He wanted to fuck her so bad it was unreal. But he wasn’t about to, not until he heard her say it.

“I’m yours Scott, please, take me.” She begged.

His canines protruded and he bit down along the nape of her neck. As he marked her the wolf within Scott appeared. His instincts took over as he continued his claim. Scott knew this wasn’t something to take lightly once he did this it was done. But he already knew she was it. There was no more holding back. With Bella he had to hurry and make his claim. If not every damn wolf within a mile radius would be sniffing around what he knew was his. Scott began to tear at her clothing. Her delicious tits and sexy little mound taunted him. There was no more self-control. The wolf had taken over and before him was Bella in her full alteration as well now. Bella clawed the shirt right off his back. Her hands run along his chest and abs. She licked down his chest and along his neck. Scott ripped his jeans open and without another thought he entered her slit. Scott’s claws dug into the earth beneath him as he buried his cock deep within her. She cried out in pleasure and he growled out as her claws dug into his back. Something he found a massive turn on. He didn’t have to hold back with her. At this knowledge Scott drove into her even harder.

As for Bella? She was gone she was no more than putty in his arms. He stretched her out with each pulsating stroke. She’d never experience multiple orgasms like this. It was so relentless she felt lightheaded. Still, she begged for more. She didn’t care if she passed out. She felt Scott swell up even more inside her. He became more heated. His movements became even more aggressive and she loved every moment of it. Not only that, but she could feel it now as well. She sensed what Scott was doing. Bella gasped out as he let out a howl in climax. A howl she knew could be heard from miles away.

Her tail waved about in satisfaction and Scott heard her break into a purr. He smiled and kissed her lips once more before pulling out. And that’s when it hit. He looked to her wide eyed and saw the remains of the condoms he’d brought but forgot about. They were on the ground next to his shredded jeans. Bella saw the panicked look on poor Scott’s face.

“I’m on the pill.”

He sighed in relief and rolled back on the ground. Bella softly giggled.

“Not ready for any pups yet McCall?”

He grinned and shook his head in thought.

“Not just yet.”

She laid her head on his chest.

“I can’t believe I forgot the condoms. What was I thinking?”
“That’s just it you weren’t.”

He chuckles.


He kisses the top of her head as they both slowly transformed back.

“Well at least one of us is responsible.”

“Don’t beat yourself up over it. We both got carried away.”

He smiles.

“I can’t believe we did this on our first date.”

“Yeah, so that makes you a hero, but I’m a slut.”

Her jaw drops and she hits him on the chest. He dies in laughter.

“Come on now Bells. You were kind of slutty.” He teased.

“Watch it McCall.”


He reaches over searching for his cell to see what time it was.

“I better get you back.” He says with disappointment to his voice.

“Last thing we want is Stiles putting together a search team.”

They both come to a stand and look to their clothes.

“Hmmm, that could be a problem.” He says picking up her skirt that was nothing more than rags now.

“It’s ok. I’ll just sneak in through the window.”

“I’ll have to do the same.”

Bella laughs.
“Something I never dreamed I’d be doing.
Scott laughs in thought.

Once they manage to sneak up to Bella’s window. Scott places his hand upon her cheek. He kisses her once more as he lifts the window open for her. He helps her inside. Once she’s in Scott peeked his head through.

“Call me crazy… but I don’t give a damn what others think or how quick it might seem. I love you Bells.”

She smiled and bent down and pecked him on the lips.

“I love you too McCall.”

He smiled and slid her window back down. At this he took off. He too snuck into his window. He got dressed and went to get something to drink from the kitchen. Only to find his mother sobbing at the dining room table.


She quickly grabbed a tissue and wiped her face.

“What is it?” He questioned with alarm and sat beside her.

His mother latched on to him and began to cry even harder. Scott hugged her not having a clue what was going on.

“Weren’t you out with Bella’s mother?”

She nodded.

“I just took her home not too long ago.”

She clears her throat and takes back a quivery breath.

“What happened?”

“I took her to eat and then we went out to have a few drinks. I thought it’d help if I could get her to open up some. You know let Renee release everything she’s kept pent up for so long. Well we had a really good time actually. We have a lot more in common than I ever realized. She’d do anything for Bella. She loves her so much. Her heart breaks for her. Her guilt was so heavy on how she’d treated her daughter towards the end of the night; Renee began to get into the heavier liquor. I was about to cut her off and suggest that we go on home.”

She looks her son in the eyes.

“Whatever I tell you now stays between us Scott. Renee won’t even have any recollection, she was too drunk. She’d been keeping all this in for so long that it finally just spilled out and it was horrific.”

Scott nods and takes his mother’s hand.

“Scott… the night Bella’s transformation first took place was the very night her stepfather attacked her and tried to rape her.”

Scott froze and his heart came to a complete halt.


His mother nods and grimaced.

“Renee had come home early. Her husband thought she was going to pull an all-nighter at the hospital. She was supposed to but one of the other women covered for her instead. Renee entered the door and thought she’d heard something coming from her daughter’s room. She just couldn’t tell what it was she was hearing. It wasn’t until she quietly made her way up the stairs that she realized her daughter was being attacked. Renee immediately opened the door expecting to find Bella’s ex-boyfriend. She knew the boy had been harassing her daughter and feared he was forcing himself on her. Only the shock hit when she found it to be her own husband. She witnessed her daughter fighting her stepfather off with everything she had. He was much bigger than her and was doing everything within his power to succeed in forcing himself on her. Renee went into shock. She knew she should have rushed in there and come to her daughter’s aid, but she couldn’t move. Her body wouldn’t allow it. That’s when her daughter somehow got the upper hand. She managed to pin the son of a bitch down and her transformation began to take over. In return she began to beat on her stepfather. She punched and clawed at him relentlessly. She kept doing this and kept doing it until she realized her body was covered in his blood. Renee said that when her daughter looked upon her. It was as though she were a little girl all over again. Her expression was so innocent. Fear was in her eyes and she looked to the blood on her hands then back down to her stepfather. Bella screamed and began to check for a pulse. That’s when Renee forced herself to snap out of it. She swiftly helped her daughter try to revive her husband, but nothing was working.

That’s when Renee took over from there. She immediately picked Bella up a though she were a child again. She placed her in the shower and began to help her daughter scrub down. She washed her hair and Bella had gone into shock. She just kept staring at her hands and rocking back and forth. Renee laid her daughter down on the couch afterword. Bella past out from exhaustion and Renee found a way to gather her husband’s body. She buried him in the middle of the Arizona desert far away from where they lived. After she returned she burned her daughter’s bed sheets and scrubbed up any remains of Phil Dwyer’s blood within her daughter’s room. Bella was out for three days straight. She feared she’d never wake. When Bella finally woke, she was practically suicidal. Not only did she fear her new transformation she’d taken a life. The life of a man she once thought of like a father. Renee said they were very close. In fact he was the one who taught her how to play baseball and encouraged her to open up more, to believe in herself. When the entire time, Phil had married Renee in hopes of getting to her daughter. Renee to this very day still blames herself. She truly thinks that this is all her fault. She married a man that sought out to hurt her own daughter. She had left this man alone with her day after day never having a clue the ill thoughts that resided in this man’s mind when it came to her daughter. He always took good care of her daughter. Went to every baseball game she played. He took her to the movies and would treat her like a son often enough. Renee always found them outside playing some sort of sport. Bella always had a smile on her face around this man. They were happy just the three of them. Renee never had a clue, neither did her daughter.”

Scott just sat there feeling sick to his stomach. He let go of his mother’s hand and pinched his eyes shut. Scott’s mother had divorced Scott’s father because he was an alcoholic. She’d witnessed him hitting Scott one day during one of his drunken states. That was it for her. Not that he was ever home much he worked for the FBI and still does. Neither have much to do with him. It’s not that Scott hates him or anything of the matter. It’s just looking upon his father at times felt as though he were looking upon a stranger. At times he wondered if it were the same for his father.

“We can’t ever say anything. That’s why they moved here. If Phil’s body was ever found and it got back to her daughter somehow. She’d be trialed as an adult. She would have called the police or even her own brother. But his body was covered in claw marks. She hadn’t a clue how they’d explain that. It was self-defense, but there was just no way Renee saw how they could get away with that. His body was severely beaten. She couldn’t risk anyone finding out the truth behind her daughter. So she began to cover it up and told one lie after another and packed up their things and moved as quickly as possible. She has everyone believing this man walked out on them. That he just up and left.”

“Jesus…” Scott uttered in disbelief. His stomach churned and a knot had formed in his throat.

“Renee now believes the man is haunting her.”

Scott lifts his eyes towards his mother. She nods looking pale herself.

“She says that she sees him at times. That he’ll just appear somewhere and merely stare at her. Within the blink of an eye he’s gone. That and other things have been happening. There were certain ways he liked his socks or underwear to be folded. At times she says she’ll open hers or Bella’s drawers and they will be folded the way he used to fold them. Other days she’ll see messages on the mirror when she steps out of the shower. Things like I’m watching you, she’s mine, one time it even read BOO.”

“Do you think he really is?”

“We both have learned that anything is possible.”

Scott leans back and shakes his head in thought.

“What can we do?”

“Just be there for them. That’s all we can do. Like I said she won’t even remember what all she said. She passed out once I got her into the house. This is something they’ve both been dealing with for a few months. That’s why there is so much stress between the two of them.”

Scott tiredly rubs his face, trying to take this all in. His mother sighs and blows her nose.

“So how did your date go?”

“Perfect…” He says but was staring off into space.

“That’s great. I’m happy for you both.”

He nods.
“Everything was perfect.” He whispered and shut his eyes.

Before long he rose and kissed the top of his mother’s head. Neither said another word as he headed back to his room and shut the door. Scott sat in his chair and didn’t move. He couldn’t…


Bella giggled to herself as she helped her mother fix breakfast. Stiles came running into the kitchen with his toothbrush in hand.

“You put shaving cream in my toothpaste?!”

She shrugged and popped a piece of bacon into her mouth.
“Isabella Swan!” Her mother scolded but was laughing as well.

“I can’t believe you butch!”

His father came up behind him and smacked him in the back of the head.

“How many times do I have to tell you to quit calling your cousin that son?”
Stiles narrowed his eyes at her.
“Ten more at least!”

“You had it coming Stiles.” Bella declares and places a plate of biscuits on the table.

He growls under his breath and heads back to the bathroom. Once they get breakfast on the table, Renee pulled Bella to the side. Stiles father cocked a brow their way but said nothing. Renee merely hugged her and kissed her forehead. Neither of them said a word they nodded upon one another as if in silent understanding. Renee’s brother shrugged to himself on this and straightened out the newspaper he was reading as he sipped at his coffee.

They sat at the table as if nothing had even taken place yesterday. Stiles cut Bella a hateful glare as he returned and took a seat.

Bella tossed a biscuit at Stiles.

“Quit being a baby. You can sure dish it out, but you can’t take it.”

“She has a point.” His father agrees.

Bella’s cell vibrates indicating a text message. She smiles seeing it was from Scott.

I had a great time last night… Been thinking about you.

So did I and ditto. Xox’s

“So how did your and Scott’s date go?” Her mother questioned.

“Awesome actually, we had a lot of fun.”

“I’m glad to hear that hun.”

“So are you two official now, or what?” Her uncle curiously asked.

Bella smiled cutting her cousin a playful smile.

“You could say that.”

Stiles sighed and shook his head.

“Well he’s a good kid. I don’t imagine you could do any better than Scott McCall. You always did have a crush on him.”

Bella’s jaw dropped at her uncle’s words. Stiles died in laughter.

“I so did not.”

Her uncle shakes his head.

“Could have fooled me kid.”

“He has a point.” Her mother adds.


“See, it was so obvious!” Stiles scoffs.

“Ugh… was I that bad?”

“Yes!” They all chorus.

Bella groaned out in misery.

“Great…” She grunts out as she finishes her breakfast.

“Wanna help me wash the jeep today?”

“Well I was going to share it with you but…”

Bella lifts her eyes towards Stiles.

“Wait…” He chuckles and rises to his feet once he’s done with breakfast.

He places his dishes in the sink and starts outside.

“Stiles!” She calls out following him out.

He waves her off and goes to gather what he needs from the shed. Bella grabs the hose and starts to rinse off the jeep.


She freezes to the familiar voice and slowly turns. Bella dropped the hose and stared upon him in the utmost disbelief. He smiled.

“I’ve been searching everywhere for you.”

Stiles had come out of the shed and was making his way over with the bucket, sponges, and soap. He immediately dropped his bucket and rushed over to his cousin’s side.

“You need to leave.” Stiles sternly stated.

He half laughs.

“Oh I’m not going anywhere. It took me forever to find you baby.”

“I’m not your baby, haven’t been for some time. And he’s right you need to leave.”

Bella slightly tilts her head sensing something from him.

“Let’s go for a walk…”

“She’s not going anywhere with you! LEAVE!”

He shoves Stiles back against the jeep.

He roughly grabs her by the hair and pulls her up against him. He rips her shirt revealing where Scott had marked her and breathes her in.


“GET YOUR FUCKING HANDS OFF HER ASSHOLE!” Stiles hops back over and socks Jake across the face.

Jake gritted his teeth and started to tremble all over. Bella gasped out in shock and quickly shoved her cousin out of the way, before them now stood a massive auburn wolf. Jake’s claws scrap right across her chest as she took the hit meant for Stiles. Bella grunted out in pain and her body began to alter. She then took off running anything to distract Jake from hurting Stiles. Jake chased after her. Stiles panic stricken ran inside and called Scott.





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