Chapter 8 Swatting At Flies

Chapter 8

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“Scott?” Bella tiredly whimpers out.

“Shhh…” He whispers and puts a finger to his lips.

He looks towards her door and listens for a bit.

“I just got you and Stiles home.”

She looks to Scott confused.

“Does a drunken blunder ring a bell perhaps?”

Her eyes widen and he softly chuckles.

“Oh no…” She groans.

Scott looks to the time.

“And you got less than five hours before school. Honestly, you should be ashamed of yourself.” He teased.

“Ugh, I’m so sorry Scott. How’d you find us?”

“I didn’t actually. Surprisingly, Derek however did and brought you by the house.”

Bella covered her face in downright embarrassment. Scott shook his head and gently moved her hands away from her face.

“Hey, it’s cool. We all have our moments.”

“I never drank before.” She admits rather bashfully.
“I can tell.”

“Shut it McCall…” She uttered back behind laughter.

She wrapped her arms around his shoulders as he hovered over her.

“Thank you.”


“Getting us home safely and not getting us in trouble.”

He grinned and kissed her. Only once Scott started he found it hard to stop. Scott ground himself against her. He breathed her in as he did Scott looked towards the door in thought. His eyes rolled back as he felt her kissing along his neck.

“Bells… We could get in so much trouble.”

She smiled.

“I know.” She said in playful yet seductive matter.

“…fuck…” He whispered as his cock throbbed intensely.

“We’ll be quiet.”

“I hope so. Your uncle has guns you know.”

Scott reaches over and test the headboard making sure it wasn’t one of those squeaky ones. Bella softly giggled realizing what he was doing. From there Scott swiftly undressed her. Bella noticed his eyes were gold the entire time.

“Damn… you’re entirely too sexy.” He took a moment to worship her tits. He loved how erect her nipples grew against his tongue. Scott softly moaned against her breasts as he licked and sucked on them. Bella rubbed her thigh against his raging hard on. It pulsated against her and a wave of heat flowed from it. Scott moved his hand beneath her ass then pressed his engorged cock against her mound. She gasped back and clawed at his back.

He promptly undid his pants and took himself out. Bella covered her mouth to keep from moaning out loud. Scott wasted no more time. He buried his cock as deep as it would go. He bit into her pillow for a moment as he tried to collect himself. Both were having a very hard time keeping quiet. Yet they seemed to like the mere thrill of the possibility of getting “caught”. Bella grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and eagerly kissed him. Her legs wrapped around him and Scott became unglued. He gritted his teeth and a low growl escaped his lips.

Bella gasped out as he nipped along her neck with his teeth. For each one he’d lick the area directly after. Bella whimpered out his name as she flooded her bed sheets. Scott’s eyes widened as he felt this. He looked down to see evidence all over him and her bed. The scent hit and he thrust about her in a more animalistic frenzy.

To keep from howling out Scott jammed Bella’s pillow into his mouth as he got off. Only when he did this he ripped her pillow in half. He didn’t even take notice until afterword. Scott looked to her pillow in disbelief.

“Well that’s a first…” He whispered.

Bella laughed as he held up the other half of her pillow.

“I suppose I owe you a new one.”

Scott takes the time to listen for a moment. He then rolls over. He didn’t want to leave just yet. Bella lay against his chest. Scott kissed the top of her head and held her. Without meaning to he too had fallen asleep.

“What the hell?” Scott uttered as he felt ice cold water suddenly hit him in the face; before him stood Stiles with a gray bucket.

“Out!” Stiles demanded.

Scott narrowed his eyes and looked to the time. It was then it began to fully register. He looked down to Bella who was still passed out in his arms.

“Oh man is she…?” It was just dawning on Stiles that his cousin was naked.

Scott winced and nodded.

“You might want to turn your head.”

“Dammit, Scott.”

Stiles turns around as Scott moves out from underneath Bella.
“Scott?” Bella called out tiredly as she stretched her arms about. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped.
“STILES! What the hell are you doing in my room?!”

“Funny, I was about to ask Mr. Big Bad Alpha that very thing!”

“Are they here?” She hints.

“No and you’re lucky they both just barely left a few minutes ago for work.”

“Thank god.” Bella says in relief.

“Sorry Bells…” Scott says feeling horrible that he’d allowed himself to fall asleep.

“It’s ok…” She says with a smile.


Bella rolls her eyes and quickly gets dressed.

“Why are you in my room anyhow Stiles?! Don’t you ever knock?!”
“I did! But you never answer. I swear you go into a coma every time you sleep.”

“Ugh, Stiles.”

“Are you dressed yet?”

“Yes, you ass!”

Scott half chuckled and run his fingers through his hair. Bella took her cousin by the arm and forced him out of her room.

“Is this a typical?”


“This…” He points upon Scott.

Bella grins.

“Oh yeah… every night.”

Scott mutters under his breath, “god I wish….”

Bella giggles hearing Scott’s comment; she then shuts her door. She leaned against it and took in a breath. They both laughed as they looked upon one another.

“Well, we got lucky there.”
“Um yeah, we did.”

Scott looked upon Bella as she nibbled upon her lower lip.

“Yeah, I better go before you end up tempting me again.”

She smiled as he made his way over. Scott lifted her chin with single finger and kissed her.

“See you at school.”

She nodded as he promptly crawled out of her window and rushed off.

Bella headed onto the bathroom, where she got showered and ready for school. Stiles waited for her in the kitchen he was already dressed with his backpack strapped onto his back.

When Bella was done she entered the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of orange juice and granola bar.

“I’d no idea you were such slut, butch!”

Bella’s jaw dropped and she popped Stiles on the arm.

“You just wish you could be a slut.” She fires back as they get into the jeep.
Stiles sighs.

“That’s no lie.”

Bella laughs.

“I can’t believe you dunked a bucket of water on Scott. You’re such an asshole!”

Stiles shrugs and starts the jeep.

“It was either you or him or both. I figured I’d take out the horn dog.”

Scott was already out by his bike twirling his keys about. Stiles parked the jeep and Bella hopped out. Just as she did a little gray kitten had ran right up to her.

“Awww, and where’d you come from?” Bella questioned as she scooped it up.

The kitten automatically began to purr and rubbed its head all along Bella’s chest. Scott narrowed his eyes as he observed. A woman ran up to them. She looked frazzled and confused.

Scott and Stiles reared back noticing she was chasing a group of kittens that looked a lot like the one Bella had in her hand. Each kitten ran right up to Bella. Bella giggled and hunkered down petting each of them as they meowed and purred begging for her affection.

“I’m so sorry. It’s the craziest thing. I was dropping my son off and we had these in a box to take to one of the pet shops. They literally took off the moment he opened the door. I’d never seen such a thing, like they were on a mission.”

Bella nods and starts to hand the kittens back to the woman. The woman placed them into the box; only to have them hop right back out and go to Bella. Scott chuckled.

“They seem smitten with you.” He uttered.

Scott went to pick one up and it hissed and snapped at him. Scott sighed.

“He’s right they love you.” The woman said.

“Um, why don’t I help you get them back into the car?”

“Do you mind?”

“Not at all.”

Bella took the box and began to place the six kittens back inside. They tried crawling back out to her.

“Behave now, you gotta go back.” Bella whispered.

Stiles and Scott exchanged odd glances as the kittens grew still. They each looked upon her and sat up straight looking directly upon her. Bella smiled and began to follow the woman back to her car.

“What the hell was that?” Stiles whispered to Scott.

“I think they were obeying her… Weird huh?” Scott says as if in thought.

They watched as Bella helped the woman get the kittens back in order. Bella shut the door once she got them back into the car.

“Thank you.”
“No problem.”

Bella waved the woman off and she made her way back to the boys.

“So Bastet huh?” Scott whispered with a smirk.

Bella shrugged.

“That felt weird to be honest.”

“Oh, I can imagine so.” He alleged taking her hand as they headed onto their lockers.

“Great, so you attract pussy as well?” Stiles smarts.

“Shut it, jerkoff.”

After they headed to class and the bell rang, they noticed Allison was a no show. Bella felt relieved. She wasn’t sure how much more of Allison’s shit she could take before ripping out her jugular. Scott discreetly began to take care of some other business on his phone as he hid behind a book. Halfway through class he asked if he could go to the bathroom. He returned about ten minutes later.

When class was over Scott headed on to his locker and peeked towards Bella’s locker.

“I know that look. What are you up to?” Stiles questioned.

Scott shrugged but continued to observe as Bella opened her locker. Bella froze upon the dozen red and white swirled roses. They were in a beautiful clear vase with a red ribbon around it. Propped up against it was a square box wrapped in silver wrapping paper it too had a red bow. Bella reached inside and with a quivery hand grabbed the card. She remembered the bloody baseball and at first was fearful this was another one of her illusions. Scott sensed her fear and was confused.

“That’s strange.”
“What is?”

Stiles looked to see the roses inside the locker. He sighed.

“How’d you do that I just told you last night! How’d you even have time?!”

Scott smiles.

“I’ve my ways.”

He waits until she reads the card. He took in a breath of relief once her fear subsided. A smile formed on her face and she turned his direction.

Better late than never, I wish I had known. Happy Birthday Bells! Love always, Scott.

“Great, now I look like a putz.” Stiles complains.

“You are a putz.” Scott declared as he strutted off.

Stiles rolled his eyes.

“How’d you…?” Bella started to ask.

Scott however interrupted her train of thought by kissing her. He then reached into her locker and grabbed the present he’d gotten her. He handed it to her.


“Just open it Bells.”

She swallowed back and carefully untied the ribbon and opened the present.

“Scott… it’s…” Bella lifted the charm bracelet up to see three charms an ankh , Scott’s alpha symbol (the open wound, two circles), and a roller blade in memory of their first date and the night she became his. It was white gold with sapphire beads.

“It’s beautiful Scott. I love it.” She said feeling rather emotional now.

Scott smiled as she put the bracelet on.

“Thank you, but you really shouldn’t have.”

“You deserve it Bells. Only wish I could do more.”

Bella wraps her arms around him giving him a thank you kiss.

“I only wish I could do more.” Stiles mocks as he passes by.

Scott snickered.

“He only knows because I told him!”

Bella nods.

“I figured that. And didn’t I tell you NOT to tell him.”

Stiles puckers his lips out.

“It’s all a blur.”

“I’m sure it is.”

“Why wouldn’t you want me to know about your birthday?”

Bella sighs.

“It wasn’t that Scott I just…”
Stiles rolls his eyes.
“That’s just Bells. She doesn’t want things made out to be a big deal; as to why she won’t even mention it to her own mother.”

“Come on now. You know it’s true.”

“Just let it go Stiles. It really isn’t that big of a deal.”
“Can I take you out for dinner tonight?”

“Scott you’ve done enough really.”

“So you don’t want to go out with me tonight?” He said looking as though he were pouting. He even had his bottom lip puckered.

Bella giggled and shut her locker.

“You know that’s not it.”
“Cool, then I’ll pick you up at 7!” Scott says with a grin and takes off before she has a chance to argue.

Bella looked to Stiles.

“What just happened?”

“That was Scott getting his way. You might as well get used to it.” Stiles says as he takes something out of his backpack wrapped with the funnies of the newspaper section.

She looked to him oddly as he handed it to her.

“What’s this?”

“I actually bought your gift a couple weeks ago. I just forgot it on the actual day.”

“Um ok…” She opens the gift and starts to laugh.

“Sixteen Candles on Blu Ray?”

He nods with a genuine beam.

“Can we define ironic?” He says and puts his arm around her as they head on to class.

“Nope not even a little, you know I don’t have a Blu Ray player right?”


Bella says as she and Stiles entered the door after school. She was sitting at the table with Bella’s uncle. They both had guilty expressions on their faces. Her uncle reached over and began to light some candles on a cake that was on the table.

“I am so sorry sweetheart. I can’t believe I forgot your birthday and 18th at that!”

“Mom, it’s ok really.”

Renee shook her head and began to cry. Her brother sighed and began to console Renee.

“I’m the worst mother ever!” Renee said behind a sob.

“MOM! Don’t say that!” Bella scolded and threw down her bag.

Bella quickly blew out the candles afraid they’d start a fire if she hadn’t.

Bella hugged her mother as Renee totally broke down in tears. Stiles and his father glanced upon one another as if lost on what to say or do.

“I’m so, so, sorry. I don’t even know where to begin to make it up to you.”
“Mom seriously, it’s not that big of a deal. I’m perfectly fine.”

“How can you say that? Why aren’t you yelling at me! I deserve it.”

“Mom… I think we both know why. Considering everything… It’s just not worth getting upset over. I know you got a lot on your mind. We both do. Let’s just let it go. Please. And you’re not a bad mother, not even close.”

“I looked at the calendar at work when it hit me. I felt like I’d hurl! I’ve never ever forgotten your birthday before.”

“I’m sorry too kid.” Her uncle adds.

“You’re all making this into a way bigger deal than it really is. I’m really ok.”

“I guess that means she doesn’t want her present.” Her uncle says with a sigh.
“You really didn’t have to get me anything.”

“I guess you’re right she doesn’t want her present.” Renee says as if disappointed.

Bella narrows her eyes.

“I don’t need anything.”

Her uncle slides over a small green gift bag.

“You might change your mind.” He says with a shrug.

Bella shrugs and picks up the bag. They both wait for Bella’s reaction. She takes out a set of keys.

“Um keys?” She says as if confused.

Stiles grins and covers his mouth in laughter.

“Keys? To what?”

Her uncle nods toward the garage. Bella looks to him bewildered. Stiles had already gotten the hint and took her by the hand. He led her straight to the garage. He flipped on the lights once they were inside. Bella’s jaw dropped in utter surprise. A black 1970 Chevy Nova with white stripes going down the center was parked in the garage.

“No way…” Bella uttered as in if in a state of shock.

Stiles grinned and leaned back watching her reaction.


Renee and her brother entered the garage with huge grins on their faces.

Bella lifted her eyes towards her mother.

“It’s all yours babygirl.”

Bella shook her head.

“But Mom we can’t afford this. It’s…”

“Isabella Marie Swan, you knock that off right now. Get in that damn car and take it for a spin! I won’t hear another word on this!”

Stiles died in laugher as Bella’s jaw dropped.

“Go on now and take him with you. He’s getting on my nerves.” Her uncle adds.

Stiles and Bella watch as they headed back inside. Bella looked to Stiles with a grin.

“Well whattaya say cuz you want to go for a ride?”


They get in and Bella gawked at the shiny black leather.

“This is so fucking cool.” She nearly squealed as she took it all in.

She started it up and the garage door opened as her uncle hit the switch inside the house.

“We should go shove it in Scott’s face.” Stiles suggest.

“That’s so wrong.”

“Like you don’t want to!”

She shrugs and turns at the stop light and starts heading that way.
“Haha! I knew it.”

Bella laughed as Stiles began to test out the radio. Once they arrived at Scott’s, Stiles took it upon himself to hop out and knock on the door. Scott came to the door and looked to him oddly. Bella waved as she was still in the car. Scott chuckled.

“Huh… So she got her a Nova! A nice one too, damn.”

“It’s more like a sorry we totally fucked up gift from my aunt and dad.”

“Hey, whatever works.” Scott says and makes his way over to check it out.

Scott peered inside and nodded in full approval.

“Nice… I gotta admit I’m rather jealous Bells.”

“How about I pick you up tonight?”

He raises his brows on this and shrugs.

“Ok, I’m game.”

Bella leans over and pecks him on the lips.

“Don’t be late!” He calls out as he starts back towards the house.

Scott came out of the house as Bella was parked outside. He laughs once he gets inside.

“Well this is different.” He comments and kisses her before buckling his seatbelt.

“Don’t tell me your one of those.”

She says as she backs out of the driveway.

“One of those?”

“You know, one of those men that will feel all emasculated if anyone catches a woman driving him around.”

Scott laughs.

“Good. So where to Wolfman?”
He raises his brows on this.

“Wolfman huh?”

She nods with a grin.
“Wouldn’t that make you Catwoman?”

“I do believe both are copyright infringements.”

“Guess that means we’ll have to come up with something else. Who’d have ever thought that the Wolfman would end up with Catwoman. Talk about awkward…”

They both laugh.

“Someone’s looking hot by the way.” Scott commented giving her the once over.

Bella glanced him over. He was wearing a gray V-neck shirt that did wonders for his already defined muscles and black jeans.

“You always talk that way about yourself?”

He smiles whilst shaking his head.

“I just can’t help myself sometimes.”

Scott ran his hand along her exposed thigh. She was wearing a white skirt with black lace over it and a white off the shoulder blouse. Her hair was wild and free. Scott couldn’t stop staring.

“Something wrong?”

“Far from it…”

He forced himself to move his hand away. If he hadn’t he’d have continued to move further south.

“Turn left up here.”

He continued to give her directions until they ended up at one of the more popular restaurants. Once Bella parked the car Scott took a moment to really look it over.

“I’m not kidding. I truly am jealous. This car is pretty kick ass, Bells.”

“Yeah it is. I think I’m still in shock to be honest.”

She leaned back as if in thought.

“I’m surprised my mom remembered. I’d pointed this car out in a magazine once and made some offhanded remark about how I’d love to have that car. I didn’t think she was really listening.”

“Funny isn’t it? The things we think they don’t notice and the things they actually do.”

Bella nods in agreement. Scott opened the door and rushed over to hers. He opened it before she had the chance.

“You might be driving but this is still me treating you remember?”

“Treating me? How?”

Scott leans into her ear.

“Like the goddess that you are.” He whispers and kisses along her neck.

“Good one, McCall.”

He smirks at this and takes her hand leading her inside.

“He didn’t…”

Scott laughs and sips at his milkshake.

“I’m not kidding. The woman had man hands! Stiles never even noticed. He was too busy trying to get his flirt on. He was focused on her breasts the entire time. I kept nudging him trying to point out the man hands. It wasn’t until Stiles asked for her number that he himself noticed. You want to talk about some hairy knuckles.”

“That’s so gross! What did he do when he realized he totally asked out a man in drag?”

“That’s what made the whole ordeal funnier. I think he was in a state of shock or something. We took our sandwiches and sat down to eat. Stiles took a couple of bites then promptly took off running to the bathroom. We could hear him tossing his cookies from the table.”

Bella covers her mouth in laughter.

“He came back to the table trying to play it off like nothing happened. Only it got even funnier when we went to leave and the she-man blew him a kiss and asked him to call her. I’d never seen Stiles run so fast.”

“Oh how I wish I could have been there.”

Scott laughed.

“It was great!”

“I can only imagine.”

Scott cleared his throat and wrapped his arm around her as they were sitting at a booth.

“You know you really hurt my feelings over a decade or so ago.”

Scott winces knowing damn well what she was referring to.
“I was hoping you wouldn’t remember that.”

“You were the first boy I ever kissed. Of course I remember.”

“Damn…” He says with a sigh.

“You were my first kiss too. I was just an idiot Bells. What can I say?”
Bella blushes in recollection.

“I think I had a crush on you.”

Scott’s eyes widen.

“You did?!”

She nods.

“Holy shit!”

Bella laughs at his reaction.

“I just thought you were trying to give me a hard time and embarrass the hell out of me. You were always making fun of me.”

“Hey, you picked on me just as much McCall!”
He chuckles thinking back.

“Yeah I know I was bad.”

“I still remember your face after I kissed you. You looked as though you’d kissed a rat.”

Scott pinches his eyes shut for a moment.

“Ironic isn’t it?”
“What is?”

“Now I can’t seem to stop kissing you.”

Bella blushed.

“I thought you were a brat. You wouldn’t stop follow Stiles and I around. Everywhere we went you just had to tag along. I remember asking Stiles if there was a place we could hide from you.”

“What a little jerk!”

“Yeah I was.” He admits and kisses along her shoulder.

“Now I can’t stand to be away from you.” Scott pulls her into his lap.

His fingers interlocked with her hair as he kissed her. The waitress cleared her throat once she came by the table.

“Room for dessert?”

Scott locks eyes with Bella.

“I believe I’ll take my dessert with me.”

Bella looked to Scott in surprise and the waitress blushed. She nodded and walked away. Scott laughed and kissed her again.
Afterword they headed back to the car. Bella drove them to a secluded area off by the cliffs. Scott grinned.
“You just pulled a classic guy move.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. It just so happens this is the best area for star gazing.”

Scott dies in laughter.


She nods confidently and steps out of the car. Scott steps out as well. They both lean against the hood of the car looking out to the stars. Did you bring a telescope?”



Bella inched her way over closer. Scott tried not to laugh. Bella yawned and stretched out her arms; putting one around his waist. Scott lost it and bowled over in laughter.

“You’re terrible at this.”

Her jaw drops and he swiftly grabs her.

“You have to be more discreet about it.”

“I’m plenty discreet.”

He shakes his head in disagreement.

“Not even close.”

“Oh really?”

He nods.

“Is that why I’ve already managed to unbutton your jeans and bring down the zipper?”

He narrows his eyes and looks down. His eyes widen.
“Shit Bells!”

She laughs and reaches into his pants.

“How’d…” He goes to say but ends up moaning out instead.

Before Scott could even think she bent down and was going down on him. Something he’d never ever had done before. He was always curious about it but Allison was completely against it. The mere idea disgusted her. Yet here was Bella taking every inch of him into her mouth. He’d never say it out of respect but he’d gone down on Allison too. Bella by far was more arousing and tasted better. She was sweeter somehow. Not that Allison was nasty but the two girls were completely different they even shaved differently. The irony? Same thing with Bella she’d gone down on Jake before but he wouldn’t return the favor. Only neither, Scott or Bella would ever mention that to the other. What mattered now was their sexuality everything else was history.

Scott swelled up in her mouth. He had to stop himself from literally fucking her mouth it felt so unbelievable. Her mouth felt like warm velvet overly welcoming and it became a home his cock never wanted to leave. Her tongue lapped along the tip of his dick and Scott could no longer sustain it.
“I’m coming Bells.” He did his best to warn as it was already shooting out.

“FUCK!” He growled out as she continued until he was completely drained.

She licked him clean before coming up.

“…damn…” Scott uttered as if out of breath.

“Now that was hot.”

Bella smiled and went to zip his pants back up. He stopped her.
“Oh no, we’re not done. You think I’d leave you hanging after that?!”

Scott picked her up and placed her on the hood of the car. He slid her panties off and tucked them into his pocket. Just the sight of her sex had him stiff again and rearing to go. Next thing Bella knew Scott was fucking her right there. He didn’t stop until he counted her third orgasm and he too came again.

He placed her panties back on and helped bring her back down while she pulled them up the rest of the way. Bella adjusted her skirt while he fixed his pants. From there they held one another in silence. Since it was a school night they knew they had to hurry and head on home. Bella dropped Scott off and even walked him to the door. He laughed.

“OK this… I’ll admit feels weird.”

She smiled.

“Goodnight, McCall.
“Happy Birthday, Bells.”

Scott waved her off as she got back in her car and started to head back home. He hadn’t even made it in the door yet as he sniffed the air. Scott narrowed his eyes and looked around but saw nothing. He opened the door and flipped on the light. Scott froze as he saw a man sitting in their recliner. He had his hand resting upon his fisted hand. Scott noticed he had the same tattoo that Jacob had. Scott sighed and threw down his keys.

“Who are you and why the fuck are you in my house?”

The man comes to a stand. He was taller than Scott only Scott was slightly broader than he.

“My name is Sam Uley and I’m here to fight you for alpha rank.”

Scott starts to laugh.

“Oh really?”

The man nods and tilts his head. He breathes in the air and snarls back.

“You’ve been with HER!”

Scott raises his brows.

“Get the hell out of my house and NOW!”

Sam starts to tremble all over.

“OUT!” Scott demanded as he grabbed him roughly by the arm and started to force Sam outside.

It wasn’t until Scott shoved him out of the house that he saw the other pack members. There were five standing before him including Jacob Black.

Bella was halfway home when she began to sense Scott. She’d never felt it so heavy before. She gasped out and put her hand to her heart.

“Scott…” She whimpered and swiftly made a U-turn back to his house.

“You wanna do this let’s go! You want the humiliation of your pack witnessing me kicking your ass! That’s fine with me!”

Sam nods and circles him.

“Not right here. Out there!” Scott points to the woods.

He didn’t want the slight chance of his mother coming home to this. Scott takes off and they follow him into the woods.

Bella had the pedal to the metal the entire way back to Scott’s. Her heart raced knowing he was in trouble. Only once she got to Scott’s he was nowhere to be found. She even noticed that he’d left the door unlocked and his keys were still on the counter. She shut her eyes and breathed in the air. She tried her hardest to focus. Once she got Scott’s scent down, she stepped back outside and began to follow the trail. It leads her straight to the woods.

The pack formed a circle around Sam and Scott. Scott turns towards Jake.

“I thought you were alpha.”

“He obviously wasn’t up to par.” Sam says with a snarl Jake’s direction.

Jake rolls his eyes.

“So I took back the status.”

“Huh amusing…”

Scott’s claws pop out and his transformation began to take place. Sam nodded as he became a massive solid black wolf. Scott half laughed.

“So you’re all a bunch of mutts. Cute!”

Sam takes off after Scott. Scott leaps into the air dodging Sam’s attempt to knock him down. Scott comes back down in a crouching stance.

“You’re going to have to move a lot faster than that!”

Sam growls out and rushes back over Scott steps aside and yet again Sam misses.

“My turn!” Scott declares and barrels right for Sam.

He slams him into the earth and takes his claws across Sam’s face. Sam reverses the pin Scott had on him and snaps at Scott’s jugular. Scott rolls his eyes and forces Sam’s snout back.

“They’re called breath mints.” Scott says choking back.
“You should try half a dozen at least.” He says with a wrinkled nose.

Sam takes his claws and pierces them through Scott’s abdomen. Scott growled and flung Sam off him. He then rammed Sam right into a tree. Scott began to punch Sam ruthlessly. Sam whimpered out as he took hits to the shoulder, ribs, and face. Sam used his entire weight to push Scott back. Scott lost his footing and stumbled back. As he came down Sam bit down on his shoulder.

“Shit…” Scott grunted as he used his hands to try and pry Sam’s teeth off him.

He gritted his teeth using all he had. A snapping sound echoed about the area. Sam’s whimper could be heard throughout the woods. Scott had broken his jaw. The other members began to shift as well. They all growled out and dug their paws into the earth in a threatening matter. Scott ignored this and he hopped back up and came back down taking his elbow to Sam’s ribcage and across his stomach. The wind was knocked out of Sam. Scott then wrapped his arm around his neck.


Sam half growled and tried to come back to his feet. Bella had just caught the aftermath as she arrived. It was clear Scott had beaten the shit out of one of the wolves. She just couldn’t tell who it was. However Scott didn’t see what Bella was seeing. The others were about to gain up on Scott and come to Sam’s aid.

“SCOTT!” Bella shrieked out.

He looked up just in time to see what she was seeing. Each wolf lunged right for Scott.

“NOOOOOOOOOOO!” Bella rushed over.

“NO Bella!” Scott shouted as he was taken to the ground.


She ignored his request and went for the first wolf nearest to her. The others piled on top of Scott. Scott desperately howled out to his pack as he tried his best to defend himself. His main concern however was Bella. What Bella hadn’t realized is she was taking on the second strongest in the pack, Paul. He was a cocky son of a bitch and he was enjoying every moment of this. Bella had him pinned down with her hands wrapped around his throat. Scott was doing his best to shove them off him but they just kept coming right back.
“Don’t you even fucking thinking about it!” He barked at Jake seeing him inching his way towards Bella.

Scott sailed right for Jacob and sent him through a tree.


Scott suddenly had the wind knocked out of him as one of the wolves took his claws across Scott’s back and deeply. He came down to all fours.

“NOOOO!” Bella cried out as each two of the wolves bit down on Scott’s legs and began to play a game of tug-of-war with his body.


He groaned out as he had one snapping at his face and the other two yanking at his legs. Jake darted over and swiped Bella directly off Paul. His teeth were pierce deep within her shoulder blade as he dragged her deeper into the woods.

“Bells…” Scott whimpered and reached out trying to get the upper hand so he could get to her. He saw her get dragged off.

Bella struggled to break free of Jake’s hold on her. The pain was horrific as she could feel his teeth hitting bone.

“Jake, stop it!”

Jake bit down even harder forcing her to all fours. He growled as she fought to break free. The realization of what he was trying to attempt hit her. Bella gritted her teeth her entire body ignited with fury. Bella arched back slamming her head against his. This knocked him for a loop and his hold on her was finally broken. Bella pounced onto his chest and drove her claws deep into his gut. He whined and grunted out.

Aiden and Ethan helped Scott to his feet as they’d just tossed the others off him.

“One of them took off with Bells. I gotta find her.” They nodded in understanding.

“We got it from here.”

Scott nodded as the twins began to join. Sam’s pack looked on in shock as the twins conjoined becoming one massive werewolf. Derek appeared as well. He and Scott nodded towards one another in silent understanding. Scott feebly took off praying to God he got to Bella in time.

Jake took both his paws and boxed Bella in the head. She gasped out as a ringing sensation hit, the area around her spun. Jake snapped her hand back. Bella let out a feline like cry as he broke her wrist. He forced her back into position. Only this time he buried his nose within her sex. He snarled back smelling Scott. His hard on died completely and was replaced by rage. Bella decked him across the face and scooted out from under him. She punched and kicked at him trying to fight him off. Jake nonetheless, stepped on her already broken wrist. He took his back paw to her thigh as he tried to force leg back down. He used the other front paw to begin choking her.

“Don’t do this Jake…” She pleaded knowing he was going for the kill now.

She desperately struggled beneath him trying to break free. Her eyes watered. Bella wrapped her good hand around his throat as well. She dug her claws in and brought up her knees. Bella wasn’t even sure how she mustered the strength but she managed to fling him off her. Scott had seen this from a distance as he tried his hardest to get there as fast as he could his body just wasn’t healing as fast as he’d hoped. The pack did a real number on him, it hurt just to move.

Bella rolled over in attempt to get back on her feet. Scott growled out already seeing what was about to take place. He ignored the pain and took off at an even faster rate. Jake was coming right for Bella with his claws out. Scott jumped up just in time. He and Jake tumbled about the ground. Bella came to her feet and turned just in time to witness Scott plunging his fist into Jake’s chest and ripping out his heart. Her jaw dropped and she staggered back. Bella clamped her hand over her mouth to keep from screaming.

Scott lifted his eyes towards her as he held Jake’s heart in his hand.


He quickly dropped Jake’s heart and took a step towards Bella.

“Bells…” He felt panicked realizing what he’d done and what she witnessed.

Last thing he’d ever want is for her to become frightened of him.

Bella started towards him only her body became ignited with an intense burning sensation throughout her shoulder and thigh. She dropped to her knees. The pain became worse as her body was attempting to heal. Scott sensed this and hurriedly picked her up and took off towards the lake. As soon as they got to the water Scott entered and dunked her in.

“No dammit!” Scott roared as Sam managed to find them.

He dived right after them. Bella hopped on Sam’s back as Sam held Scott under the water. She took her claws and jammed them into Sam’s kidneys over and over.


Sam elbowed her off him. Scott jolted out of the water and sprang after him. Scott and Bella forced Sam under the water. They took turns punching him. Scott forced Sam back up by the roots of his hair. He dragged him back out of the water. Scott grinned though as his pack howled out letting him know they’d defeated the other pack members. He could hear the shifters howling out in defeat as they were leaving town.

“Looks like you’re f.u.c.k.e.d!” Scott whispered harshly.

“But by all means if you still wish to finish this out…”

Sam rolled his eyes and shifted back. He stood there butt naked before them.

“You can keep your status.”

“Oh can I?” Scott retorted back sarcastically.

Sam sneers upon him.

“If any of you come back you will meet the same fate as your friend! In fact take him back with you! HEART AND ALL! SHOW YOUR FRIENDS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU CROSS MY TERRITORY! I WARNED HIM AND HE DIDN’T LISTEN SO I KEPT MY PROMISE! NOW LEAVE AND DON’T ANY OF YOU EVER RETURN!”
Sam nods and hurriedly takes off. Scott turns his attention back towards Bella. She was crawling out of the water. Bella rolled onto her back and shut her eyes. Derek and the twins observed as they saw Sam carrying Jake’s body throughout the woods. They were passing by as they were on their way to check on Bella and Scott. Derek raised his brows.

“Huh…” Derek pats Sam on the back.
“You must’ve really pissed him off.” He uttered with a smirk.

Aiden chuckled as Sam rolled his eyes and took off.

Scott took his shirt off and ringed it out thoroughly. He then helped Bella get it on to help somewhat cover her up. He held her for a few moments relieved that she was ok.

“Everyone alright?” Scott questioned as he looked to the others.

They each nodded. At this knowledge Scott lay beside Bella. Both Scott and Bella concentrated on healing.

“They won’t be returning.” Derek says in thought.

“They finally got the message.”

“Let’s hope so.” Scott adds.

“Now, what did I miss?”

They all look towards the familiar voice. The man stepped out of the shadows letting himself be known. Scott instantly crawled over Bella protectively. Derek sighed and tilted his head as if merely annoyed.










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