Chapter 9 Say What?

Chapter 9

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Peter slants his head to the side his eyes fixating on Bella.

“And what do we have here?” He shuts his eyes and breathes in the air around them.

The others quickly pin him back. Scott hurriedly gets Bella to her feet and stands before her. Peter breaks into a smile. His attention however went back to Derek.
“Since when do you follow a boy?!” Peter has a good laugh at this.

“Shut it, Peter.” Derek uttered with a snarl.

“Hmmm…” He switches back over to Bella.

“Don’t be shy… I’ll try not to bite.”

Scott lets out a growl. Peter rolls his eyes unamused.

“Why is everyone so protective of you? Seriously, what are you?”

He laughs in realization. He breaks out of the other’s hold.

“Knock it off.” He barks and makes his way over to Scott and Bella.

“No one’s told you about me have they?”

“I just want to see…” He declares looking at her tail as it shifts about nervously.

“That’s close enough.” Scott warns.

Aiden and Ethan let out low growls as well and flank on each side of Peter.

“Oh do stop that! It’s fucking annoying. I’m not going to hurt the pretty little thing. I just want a closer look.”

“This is Peter Hale, Derek’s uncle. He tried to kill us all once before. In return we killed him only he decided to come back. That is after we set him on fire and Derek slashed his throat.”

Peter genuinely smiles.

“What can I say? I’m a fighter. I see you left out the part where I was alpha.”

“Was…” Scott reminds keeping his eyes locked onto him.

Peter points upon Bella.

“I’m not the bad guy.”

“Another favorite line of his.” Scott replies with full on annoyance.

“I’m not…” He states with full confidence.

He reaches out for Bella’s hand. Bella doesn’t accept it but steps out.

“Bells…” Scott softly says reaching out to her.

“He’s not going to hurt me there’s one of him and five of us.”

Peter grins.
“And she’s good at math! Tell me Scott whatever happened to that Allison? I remember you being annoyingly obsessed with her.”

He reaches out and gently yanks Bella over to him. Scott and the other wolves growl in warning. He locks eyes with Scott and whispers in Bella’s ear.

“Did you know his password and username for his laptop was Allison?”
“Shut up, Peter!” Scott snaps.

“What is it now? Do tell me kitten what’s your name?”

He twirls her about as though she were a ballerina. Peter takes her all in. He lowered his brows in confusion. Peter locked eyes with Bella. Bella grabs at her wrist as it was still in attempt to heal.

“Can we continue this back at the house? She needs some time…” Scott stated sensing her pain.

Peter shrugs and looks over to Derek. Derek said nothing just started that direction. Scott wraps his arm around her as they head to the old Hale house. Once they get there, Scott has her lay on the couch. He takes her hand.

Peter continued to gaze upon her in disbelief. What he didn’t understand was the familiar scent coming off her.

“What’s with you?” Derek uttered in a whisper.

Peter doesn’t answer.

“Close your eyes and relax.” Scott voiced softly.

Bella nodded and closed her eyes. Once she did Scott’s other hand became a fist and he shook his head. All he kept seeing was Jacob Black. The son of a bitch was dead, still that didn’t keep Scott’s anger at bay. He’d half the mind to hunt the rest of the pack down and finish the fucking job. He looked upon Bella realizing she’d passed out. He gently put her hand down and let her sleep. After he rose back up he paced the area.

“If any of them return, I want them DEAD! I don’t care about the circumstances. None of them are to come near her again!”

The others raised their brows in disbelief. This wasn’t a side of Scott they were used to seeing. Peter however froze once Bella fully healed and her body morphed back. He winced and staggered back a bit.

“Peter?” Derek whispered in wonder.

“Who attacked her?” Peter questioned Derek directly.

“Some sort of shifters.” He replies with a shrug.

Peter looked to be in thought. He grew serious and very quiet all a sudden. After a few more moments Scott heard him ask where these shifters came from.

“I’m not really in the mood to chat with you at the moment.” Scott picked Bella back up. “I’m taking her home.”

They watched as Scott walked on out without another word to any of them.

Aiden and Ethan took off after too much longer. Derek looked back to Peter.

“So what was that all about?”

Peter pinches his eyes shut for a moment.

“How long has she been here?”

“About a month or so I think. It really is too bad he marked her. I could have.”

Peter grits his teeth and pops the shit out of Derek.

“What the fuck?!” Derek growls and shoves his uncle back.

“That’s your fucking cousin!”

Derek rears back.

“No she’s not! I’d know!”

Peter grabs Derek by the collar and gets right in his face.


“Bullshit, no woman that hot came from you!”

“I don’t understand. How the hell did she take on the form of a Bastet?”

“So you know about them too?”

“It’s supposed to be a myth.” He gruffly states.

“This isn’t possible! The last time I saw her she was normal! This wasn’t supposed to happen, dammit!”

Peter punches at the wall. Parts of it flake everywhere as there was a nice hole in place of his fist once he removed it.

“I left her knowing she was ok! What the fuck is going on?!”

Derek shrugs.

“So she really is your daughter?”

“Yes you idiot. And you better not utter a single word… THIS STAYS BETWEEN US!” Peter freezes.

“Wait, did you say that Scott McCall marked my fucking daughter! SCOTT’S HER MATE?!”

Peter shook all over with anger.

“What right does he have to claim my daughter?!”

Derek rolls his eyes.

“In the same respect, what say have you? You just admitted you left her. She looked upon you as though a stranger! What the hell is that about? How long have you known you had a daughter?!”

“I’ve known…”

Derek pinches the bridge of his nose in realization.

“I’m fucking related to Stiles Stilinski?! You’ve got to be kidding me! And I tried to mark my own cousin? This just gets better and better!”

Peter wrinkles his nose on that last part.

“I’d watch what you say next nephew.”

“Oh you think I’m proud of that fact?! Talk about awkward! What if you had returned and we were mated!”

Peter felt nauseas in thought. He reaches to his temples.
“I’m going to go drink until I quit hearing banjos.”

“We can’t get drunk!” Derek calls out as he’s exiting the house.

Peter throws his hands in the air and storms off anyway.

When Scott entered Bella’s room he saw Renee asleep on Bella’s bed. He swallowed back and carefully made his way over. He laid Bella next to her mother. He froze as he felt a hand on his.

“Something happened didn’t it?”

Scott clears his throat a bit.

“Yes mam.”

“But you kept her safe?”

He nodded.

“Thank you.”

Scott merely nodded not sure what to say or do. Renee looked as though she’d been crying. She reminded him of his mother. He squeezed her hand gently in return. He then headed towards the window.

“Can I see it?”

He slowly turned and looked upon Renee with a confused expression.

Renee took in a breath.

“Your mother told me…” She hints.

Scott nods and closes his eyes temporarily and shows her his transformation. Renee nods as she gazes upon his crimson red eyes.

“It’s good to know she’s not alone in this.”

“She never will be.” Scott says and crawls back out of the window.

Renee nodded to herself and wrapped her arm around Bella.

Scott waits by his bike as Bella and Stiles pull into the parking lot. Bella parked beside Scott and Stiles beside her. Bella got out of the car and made her way over to Scott. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him. Stiles tapped his foot about as it broke into a make out session.

“Really?! I’m right here!”

They both ignore him and continue.
“Hey Stiles.” Stiles eyes widen and he turned as Lydia walked past.

She had a flirtatious smile about her and was waving as she walked past. He rubbed the back of his neck and took off after her. Scott and Bella laughed taking notice.

“He’s got it bad.” Bella says.
“Yeah he does. Always has when it comes to Lydia Martin.”

“How are you though?” He hints in recollection of last night.
“I’m ok. You?”


Scott takes in a breath.

“So the me killing your ex thing…” He hints in a hushed tone.

“Um yeah about that…”

Scott grimaces.

“I think we need to talk.”

“Please don’t say that.”

She looks to him rather lost.


“That usually means doom for the relationship Bells.”

Bella softly laughs but looked as though something else was on her mind.

“I thought we were mated for life Scott.”

He nods.

“We are.”
“Then what are you fretting about?”

“Right…” He says with a breath of relief.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this. But I’m actually totally ok with him being dead. Now what’s that say about me? I’m not so sure. If anything I’m only mad that it wasn’t me that put an end to it.”

The bell rang and they quickly headed to their lockers and straight to class. Yet again Allison was a no show. Bella didn’t comment but wondered what the hell was going on. Was she seriously pouting or was she really sick?

Halfway through class Scott reached over and shook Bella awake. She’d fallen asleep during their assignment. Bella tiredly rubbed her face. Slight embarrassment washed over once she realized what she’d done. She turned back towards Scott. He gave her a simple wink.

She fought to stay awake throughout the rest of her classes. Last night and other events played over and over in her mind. That and she knew she needed to come clean to Scott. She too had taken a life. Though he too had it coming, it was still something that haunted her to this very day and literally speaking.

In fact it was happening so much more as of late that when she saw Phil standing across from her in the cafeteria she merely waved. Scott and the others looked to her oddly as they too looked, but saw no one. He was just standing there against the wall with a smile, watching her every move. Promptly after she grabbed her tray and left the cafeteria. Stiles and Scott looked upon one another wondering what was going on.

After school Bella rushed home and did her homework. She then had to hurry and get ready for her first baseball game of the year. She got on her uniform and rushed out to her car. As she was driving to the school, she looked over and started to laugh. Bella simply pulled over and leaned back as she killed the engine.

“What do you want Phil?”

He leaned into her ear.

“Come find me and I’ll show you. After I take care of your mother that is.”

Bella shut her eyes and swallowed back. When she opened them again he was gone. She nodded at this and started the car back up. Bella headed onto the field as if nothing had even happened. She was beginning to accept the fact that Phil haunted her throughout even in her dreams.

Bella and Lydia teamed up and got a little bit of practice in before the game.

“Thanks Melissa, I owe you one big time.”

Melissa smiled.

“Oh please, go and have a good time. Let Bella know I’m up here rooting for her as well. I think Scott mentioned he was going to the game also.”

Renee smiled.

“That’s wonderful I’m really glad the two of them hit it off.”

“Oh, me too. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen Scott this happy. He was so down in the dumps.”

“Funny, I was noticing the same thing about Bella.”

Renee waves Melissa off and heads out the door. She gets into her car and she too heads to the game knowing she was running a bit late. She figured it was better late than never.

Renee reached over to cut on the radio on her way to the school. Only when she looked up she screamed out and slammed on the breaks. She spun the wheel in order to miss him. The car rolled over and Renee throw out her hands trying to brace herself as the car continued to roll.

On the third roll the car finally came to a stop. Renee blinked a few times trying to gain composure.


Renee screams out

“STOP IT! JUST STOP! LEAVE HER ALONE! LEAVE US ALONE” She gasps back behind tears.

“Please just go away… Why won’t you leave us be!” She pleaded.

She hit her hands on the stirring wheel. Renee sniffed the air realizing she smelled gas.

“No!” She quickly reached over and undid her seatbelt.

She went to open the door only it was jammed.

“Dammit!” She screams out.


She jumped as the door was suddenly ripped off the car. Her jaw dropped as he reached inside and picked her up. Within seconds the car exploded and he shielded her from the blast. They locked eyes as the car went up in flames.


He nodded.

“He wants to kill me! He’s going to take her from me!”

“Who baby?” Her eyes rolled back and she passed out.

“Renee! Dammit, don’t you do this!” He lay her down and began CPR.

“Renee, don’t you fucking die! She needs you!”

He continued until he finally heard a heartbeat and she took back a breath. Peter shut his eyes and brought her up against his chest.

“Peter is it really you?”

“Yeah it’s me Renee. I got you, just hang on.”

“Whooo!” Scott and Stiles call out as Bella hit a homerun.

“Damn, she’s like really good.” Scott comments.

“I told you. She’s easily the best on the team.”
“I’ve never seen a girl pitch that fast either. She’s got one hell of an arm!”

“Just don’t let her hear you say that.”
Scott sips at his soda and looks to Stiles confused.

“You know the whole “girl” thing. She hates that.”
Scott laughs.

“Noted, I sure don’t want to get hit. Not with an arm like that.”

Scott clears his throat in thought.

“Didn’t you say her stepfather taught her how to play?”

Stiles nods.

“Yep, he used to play ball with us all the time. He was in the midst of becoming a pro player himself. He taught her everything she knows.”

Scott takes in a breath. How does she do it? There’s no way she doesn’t think about that son of a bitch every time she plays!

“Hey what’s with you?”

Stiles nudges him seeing the look on Scott’s face.

“Just been a long day that’s all.”

“Yeah speaking of long days… Just how late did you and Bells get in last night?”

Scott looked back out to the field seeing that they were switching now.

“Not sure. We had a bit of an issue.”

“Oh an issue huh?”
Scott nodded and tossed his drink into a nearby garbage bin.

“Let’s just say Jake returned and this time he brought a few of his friends.”

“You’re kidding!”

“Nope not even a little.”
“And how’d that go.”

Scott hops down from the bleachers and he has Stiles follow him to a more private area. One where they can still watch Bella play. Scott stuffed his hands into his hoodie and told Stiles about what all took place last night.

“Holy shit! You killed her ex?!”

“Shh keep it down will you! And I hadn’t much choice. He would’ve only ended up raping or killing her, maybe both. He wasn’t going to stop Stiles. We both know that. It was him or Bella. So yeah, I took the piece of shit out of existence and I’m not losing any sleep over it. She’s safe now and that’s all that matters.”

Stiles raises his brows on this.


“Becoming this “true” alpha has made you rather dark.”

Scott rolls his eyes.

“Which would you have preferred? You want her to end up dead?!”

“Um no and that’s not what I meant. I just remember how squeamish you used to be about these sorts of things. Now you don’t even so much bat an eye. You’re not even shaking like you used to when it came to things like death. In fact it’s damn near unnerving just how calm you are.”

Scott shrugs. They both wince as Bella slid to home base in order to get someone out.

“Damn…” Scott uttered realizing she just got the out they needed in order to win.

Stiles and Scott turned back to see, Stiles father exiting his cruiser. He made his way over looking ill.

“Something wrong?”

Sheriff Stilinski sighed.

“Stiles why don’t you go get Bella. Let her know there’s been an emergency and she needs to come with us.”


“Hurry it up son.”

Stiles shrugs and takes off. Scott looked to the sheriff.

“What kind of emergency are we talking?”

The sheriff shuts his eyes momentarily.

“It’s her mother. She was in a pretty bad car accident trying to get over here.”

Scott stumbled back a bit.

“Nooo…” Can’t she catch a fucking BREAK! SHIT!

Stiles returned with Bella. Bella looked to the three of them confused.

“Let’s go.” The sheriff uttered and began to walk towards his cruiser.

“Um anyone mind telling me what the hell is going on?”

No one uttered a word as they piled into the car. The sheriff hit his lights and rushed to the hospital.

“What’s going on?” Bella asked looking into the rearview mirror at her uncle. His eyes bared into her own as well in the reflection. Bella took off her hat.

“Are you going to talk to me or not?!”

He sighs and before long pulls into the emergency parking lot of the hospital.


“It’s your mother Bella.”

“Now, just hear me out before we go in there.”

Bella felt dizzy, overheated, and suffocated all of a sudden.

“Your mother had an accident. She’s in surgery as we speak.”


“Yeah Bella, she was in a car wreck in attempt to get to your game.”

Bella’s heart came to a stop and she turned ghostly white.

“It’s just a waiting game. They think she’ll pull through though.” The sheriff said and opened his door.

Stiles and Scott escorted Bella into the waiting room. The both of them afraid she’d pass out if they didn’t. She was so out of it she didn’t even notice Peter in the corner of the waiting room. All three guys however did. Each of them cut him a… what the hell are you doing here? expression, Scott more so than the other two. Peter rolled his eyes and leaned back with that unamused expression. Stiles and Scott each took one of Bella’s hands as they waited. Hours however had gone by they still hadn’t heard a word. Bella grew anxious and hopped out of her seat. She began to pace the waiting room with impatience. Peter raised his brows towards her and merely watched with curiosity.

Bella turned towards her uncle.

“How much longer?”

He sighed.

“Just sit back down and try to relax. These things can take a while sometimes.”

“Sit down? Relax?! I’ve been sitting down! Relax?! That’s a god damn joke!”

“Watch your mouth kid!”

Bella grits her teeth.

“Bells…” Scott says softly as her eyes had flickered.

“Not here…” He reminds keeping his tone gentle but stern.

Bella laughed but that of misery. She ripped her baseball jersey off and threw it across the waiting room. That’s when she finally took notice of Peter Hale. She froze and looked upon him oddly. She pointed upon him.

“What are you doing here?”

Peter shrugged and the others turned back as well.

“Just awaiting news on a woman that was in a car accident.”


“Because I’m the one that found her.”

“My mom… you’re the one that found her?”

“It’s possible it’s the same woman.” He uttered rather nonchalantly.

“What was her name?”

“You know I’m not sure!”

“What did she look like or the car?”

“She looked a lot like you when I think about it. Only she had blue eyes. The car was a black SUV I believe.”

Bella closed her eyes and nodded.

“How bad was she?”

Before he could even answer, the surgeon entered the waiting room.

“Sheriff Stilinski?”

The sheriff hopped up and made his way over.

“The surgery went well and she’s stable. She had some internal bleeding and a pinched lung caused by the impact of the wreckage. In fact you can visit her if you so wish. I’d keep it down to two visitors at a time at the moment.”

Bella sunk back into a chair and covered her face. Scott rushed over and held her as she broke down.

“Thank you, sir.” Sheriff Stilinski said and shook his hand.

“No problem, she’s a very lucky woman.” The doctor looks over to Peter.

“It’s a good thing you got to her when you did.”

Peter looked over to Bella.
“Well there you go. I’ll be on my way now.”

They each looked to him oddly as he came to his feet.

“Thank you.”

Peter stopped in his tracks and looked over his shoulder towards Bella. He said nothing but nodded and rushed off.

Once Peter was out of viewpoint he took off quickly as possible in search of Renee’s room. After he found it he hurriedly stepped inside. He swallowed back looking to all the monitors.


She opened her eyes. He took her hand.

“I can’t stay Bella’s on her way here.”

Renee nodded with tears in her eyes. Peter kissed the top of her head.
“I’ll be in town for a little while. I’ll find you. Now’s just not a good time.”

He goes to exit quickly.


He stopped with his hand on the door latch.

“I still hate you.”

Peter smiled amongst himself, but said nothing as he rushed out of the room.

Not a minute later Bella entered the room with Scott.

“Mom?” Bella called out softly.

Renee smiled and reached out for her. Bella took off with a sprint her direction.

“Shh…” Renee whispered and kissed Bella’s cheek.

“I’m alright sweetheart.”

Scott swallowed back as Bella’s emotions were literally knocking him for a loop. He leaned against the wall collecting himself best as he could for Bella’s sake.

“What happened mom?”

“It was just one of those things Bella.”

Bella lifts up and shakes her head.

“Mom they say you were the only car involved. That it looked as though you swerved in order to keep from hitting something. What was it?”

“I’m don’t really remember, it happened so fast.”

Bella thought back to when she saw Phil in the car and what he’d said.

Bella shakes her head.

“Nah… I’m not buying it. What did you see mom?”

Bella nodded as she backed up a little.

“You’re seeing him too aren’t you?”

Scott narrowed his eyes at this and gazed their direction. Renee scooted back in her bed.

“Seeing who hun?”

“Come on mom. HE DID THIS!”

Renee couldn’t fight the grimace that formed along her face.

“I KNEW IT! He told me he was going to do this! He’s not dead mom! He’s NOT!”
Renee closed her eyes.

“You’re seeing him too?” Renee whispered.

“Amongst other things… What did he say to you mom?”


“Mom please, just tell me what did HE say?!”

Tears streamed down Renee’s face and her hands shook. Bella took her mother’s hand and sat at the edge of the bed.

“I’m sorry…” Bella whispered and looked to the floor.

“He’s not taking you from me. I won’t allow it.”

“It’s not me he wants.”

Bella looked to her mother’s heart monitors. She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand.

“We’ll talk about this later. Just focus on getting better mom. Please… I need you. I love you.”

“I love you too babygirl. I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t… just…” Bella took in a breath as her mother’s eyes began to bat.

Bella moved strands of hair away from her mother’s face. She then kissed her hand. Scott quietly made his way behind Bella and put a hand upon her shoulder.

“She’s going to be ok.”

Bella nodded, but the guilt coming off her was overwhelming. She was blaming herself for everything. Bella and Scott sent Stiles and his father in next.

“I won’t leave her.”

Scott nodded in full understanding. Melissa peeked inside the waiting room.

“Mom.” Scott said taking notice.

“I just heard. I’m so sorry.” Melissa said as she entered the room.

She instantly wrapped her arms around Bella.

“I’m working the ER floor tonight. I just want you to know I will personally be looking after your mother until she’s better. It took some string pulling, but I got my way.”

“Thank you.” Bella said and hugged Scott’s mother even tighter.

“Aw, your mother’s a very good friend of mine and one of our top nurses. It’s the least I could do. She’s going to pull through this just fine. You’ll see. She’s a very strong woman. You both are.” Melissa winked upon her son as he mouthed the words thank you to his mother.

“Why don’t you go home and get some rest?”

“I won’t leave her.”

“Ok then I’ll gather a pillow and some blankets for you. I’ll let the doctor know you’re staying the night. “

Bella nods and Melissa heads out of the waiting room to the nurses’ station. Scott hugged her and let her cry it out for as long as she needed.

“Do you need anything? I can go get whatever you need.”

Bella shook her head.

“Stiles can get my clothes and things of that nature. You should go home and get some sleep Scott.”

He sighs.

“We still need to talk, but tonight’s not such a good night after all.”


They turn as Stiles and her uncle entered the waiting room.

“Melissa gave her something for the pain. She’ll be out the rest of the night.”

Bella nodded at this.

“I’m staying here. If one of you wouldn’t mind I could use some clothes and bathroom stuff.”

“We can do that. Scott you ridding back with us?”

“Yes sir.”

Bella walked with them back to the cruiser. Scott hugged her once more before entering the car.

“I love you.”
“I love you too.”

“Try to get some sleep.” He said and put his forehead to hers.

Stiles and her uncle hugged her as well before they left. Bella headed back inside and back to her mother’s room. While her mother slept. Bella grabbed the pillow and blanket that was already in the room waiting for her. She huddled into a corner of the hospital sofa with the pillow and blanket. She had her arms wrapped around her legs as they were brought up to her chest. She watched her mother as she slept.

Later that night Peter snuck back into the room. He checked on Renee’s status. He lifted his eyes however towards Bella as she was asleep on the couch. He very quietly made his way over and covered her up as the blanket had fallen on the floor. He glanced upon the both of them once more before he left the room.

Renee woke to Bella brushing her hair. Renee could pick up the faint smell of her favorite rose scented lotion, realizing Bella had lathered her down. She tasted vanilla on her lips knowing it was her chap stick.

“Bella hun, shouldn’t you be at school?”

“I’m not leaving, so don’t even try it.”

Renee reached up and took her daughter’s hand.

“Bella, I’ll be fine. Go to school. Have fun with your friends. I won’t have you waiting on me hand and foot.”

“I mean it Bella go.”

“No. If it were me; you wouldn’t leave.”

“That’s different.”
“How? Let me take care of you.” Bella said with a quivery lip.


“I did this. You’re in here because of me! I killed Phil mom, not you!”

There was a knock on the door and both women looked upon one another wide eyed. With a quivery voice Bella called out.

“Who is it?”

Scott entered the room and Bella closed her eyes for a moment.

“I just came by to see if either of you needed anything.”

He sat some white roses down for Bella’s mother.

“How are you feeling?” Scott asked Renee.

She forced a smile.

“I’m doing much better. Thank you and thank you for the lovely roses.”

“You’re welcome and that’s great.”

Scott looked over to Bella. She looked as though she’d have a complete meltdown at any given moment. In fact Bella darted off to the bathroom. Not long after Scott could hear her throwing up.

“Get her out of here please. Take her to school. Help her get her mind off this somehow.” Renee pleaded.

Scott nodded, but wasn’t sure how to even go about it. Melissa entered the room with some meds for Renee. She smiled upon her son and Renee. She checked Renee’s vitals first, than gave her the meds.

“Are you taking Bella to school?” His mother questioned.

“That’s the plan.” Scott said looking back towards the bathroom.

Bella flushed the commode and began to brush her teeth. She stepped back out and each of them looked to her concerned.

“I want you to go on to school with Scott.”


“Just go. I’ll be fine. You can come see me after school.”

Bella shakes her head and sits back down on the couch.

“She’s in good hands and her vitals are great! The med’s I gave her will make her drowsy so she’ll sleep throughout most of the day. I’m about to go home it’s the end of my shift, but I’ll be back tonight.”

Scott took Bella by the hand and led her to a corner of the room. Scott looked her in the eyes and caressed her cheek.

“I’ll bring you back right after school.”

Bella nodded in defeat knowing she was out voted on this. She approached the bed and hugged her mother.

“I love you.”
“I love you too babygirl. I’ll see you after school.” Renee gave Bella’s hand a gentle squeeze before she and Scott left the room.


He nodded and took her hand. Peter brought it to his lips and kissed it.

“I don’t understand.” She pulled her hand out from his.

“Why are you here?”

“It wasn’t planned Renee. You know that. I’ve done good to keep out of yours and Bella’s lives for this long. I wasn’t about to leave you to die.”

“You think this is what I wanted?” She whispers in return.

Peter sighs and shakes his head.

“I did what was best for everyone.”

“You haven’t any idea what we’ve been through. You took the easy way out. You had your best friend take over your job.”

“You know damn well why I couldn’t stay. Why I couldn’t be a father to that girl. And don’t you think even for a moment I don’t feel the guilt on what happened to Charlie Swan.”

“Bullshit. You didn’t even come to his fucking funeral! You could have been a father! A damn good one if you had just tried.”

“You think I didn’t want to be there! You think I liked the idea of some other man and my best friend nonetheless playing house with my family?! And I did so go to his funeral I just didn’t make myself known!”

“And look at where that got us! LOOK AT US PETER!”

He swallowed back and pinched his eyes shut.

“Neither of you were safe if I stuck around. I was a god damn monster and I had and still have all sorts of enemies lurking about! What kind of life would that have been for you and that little girl?!”

“I wanted you dammit! Bella needed her real father not some fucking imitation. We raised that girl on a lie. No I take that back. I raised that girl on a lie! She truly thought Charlie Swan to be her father. Hell Peter, she even carries his name!”

Peter flinched at this and leaned against the wall.

“You didn’t seem to have much trouble moving on after all that. I heard you got remarried. To some freaking baseball player too.”

Peter narrowed his eyes observing her body language.

“So what happened with that? Huh where is the little prick that was fucking my wife and raising my little girl! You might not have fucked Charlie. But you were fucking him weren’t you!”

“It doesn’t matter now.”

“Well are we still married or not?”

“Why the fuck does it matter to you Peter? It was just so easy for you. Walking out on us the way you did. I had to live this fake life with that man. It felt so cold so outlandish. The moment Bella went to bed Charlie and I slept on separate beds. He slept in the guest room. We had it all set up just the way you wanted it! All those years of my life were nothing more than fake! The only real thing I had in my life was that little girl! The very one you turned your back to.”

“Dammit Renee, I had no choice!”

“You’re my fucking husband! You’re Bella’s father! Mine and Phil’s marriage wasn’t even legal or real for that matter, neither was Charlie’s. My entire life has been nothing more than one big lie since you entered my life.”
“I’m not doing this with you Renee.”

“Then go. That’s what you’re best at. Turning your back to those that need you the most! Face it Peter, she’s a Hale whether you like it or not! We both are! We are your family! Bella, she needs you! Dammit Peter, she needs you more than ever before. I tried to find you. I really needed you.” She covers her face and starts to break down.

“You made certain I couldn’t track you down, you bastard. I hate you so fucking much! I fucking HATE YOU!”

Peter rushed over and put a finger to her lips.

“Shhh… I’m sorry. I’m so fucking sorry Renee baby.” He grabs hold of her and gently rocks her in his hold.

She weakly beat against his chest and back. Peter begins to feverishly kiss her. Renee continues to hit him and even tries to shove him off her. He carefully pinned her wrist down and continued to kiss her. His eyes flickered as he came to life. Renee gave in and found herself kissing him in return. Peter made himself stop knowing he wanted to take things much further. He pressed his forehead against hers.

“When do we tell her?”
Peter raised up.

“You’re kidding me right?” He questioned behind a chuckle.
“This hardly any laughing matter!”

“You’re right. It isn’t. She’s what18 now? She’s an adult Renee. She’s managed to make it this far without me. She’ll be fine.”

Renee hauls off and slaps the shit out of him. He grits his teeth and shuts his eyes for a moment.

“Don’t you think that would only add more problems for her Renee?” He utters through gritted teeth.

“Think about it after Charlie and whatever happened with this Phil guy… The last thing she needs is some other asshole entering her life! She’s better off without me always has been and as much as it kills me to say it. So are you!”
“You’re right, the hell with you. Go fuck yourself and get the HELL out of my face!”


“Out! I’ve done this on my own for years. You’re right, we don’t need you!”

Derek opened the door and popped his head in.

“Nurse is coming.” He warns.

Peter sighs and glances upon Renee once more.

“Let’s go…” Derek harshly whispers.

Peter shakes his head and hurriedly exits the room.







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