Chapter 12 Dominate Love

Chapter 12

I do not own Teen Wolf or Twilight.

Bella pulled up a chair and took Lydia’s hand as she sat beside her.

“It’ll be over soon…” she whispered, whilst shutting her eyes.

The wolf swallowed back and drew back a quivery breath. Dr. Deaton had Lydia on a feeding tube, IV’s, and whatever else he could think of in order to keep her alive. A few tears trained down Bella’s cheeks as she brought Lydia’s hand to her forehead. “So here’s the deal. I’m going to bring you Peter Hale’s heart on a silver platter. Derek will provide the beer. Scott and Stiles will get that fucking grill going and you’re going to wake up, so we can have us a nice barbeque. Maybe have a good bonfire going provided by yours truly of course. Any preference? Extra crispy? Or…” she froze, feeling a hand along her shoulder.

“Hey…” she replied in return as he pulled up a seat beside her.

“So extra crispy huh?” He questioned with a smirk.

“That’s right.

Stiles nodded.

“Sounds good to me. Maybe throw a few of his minions in as well,” he murmured with a shrug.

Bella placed Lydia’s hand back down and fixed her sheets and checked over her monitors. Stiles took a set of clothes out from a bag he had with him. He also brought out several toiletries. Bella watched in utter marvel as Stiles began his usual routine of tending to Lydia’s needs. Ones such as sponging her down, he changed her clothes, he brushed her hair and teeth, etc… She staggered back as he even painted her nails afterword. The wolf walked over and kissed Stiles on the cheek. She pressed her forehead against his for a brief moment, before exiting the building.

The moment she entered her truck she lost all composure. She hit at her stirring wheel and gritted her teeth.

FUCK!” She cried out in misery.


The alpha nodded as the younger man entered his apartment. The man reared back upon the sight. His old alpha had made himself at home and was kicked back on his couch. “What are you doing here?” He questioned, as he pulled his door to. Derek cleared his throat and sat up, resting his elbows along his knees. “I need you to reconsider.”
“Reconsider?” The man repeated behind a chuckle.

He tossed his motorcycle helmet off to a corner of the apartment. Then he made his way over and sat in the recliner across from Derek.
“And how’d you get in here anyhow?”

Derek cocked a brow.
“You’re really going to ask me that?”

“Right… Same ole Derek.”

The alpha raised his brows on this and glanced around the apartment. It was a mess. There were empty fast food containers everywhere. There wasn’t much to the place either besides the couch and recliner there was a small TV with a game console. Both were currently set up on the floor. Laundry was spread about the house. And there was a stench that caused Derek’s nose to wrinkle with disgust.

“So what exactly needs reconsidering?”
“Joining me.”

The man has a good laugh.

“Join you… as in you being my alpha once again?”
Derek nodded.

“I’m good. I don’t need a pack.”

“Clearly…” the alpha stated thickly, with sarcasm.

“I prefer it on my own.”
Derek nodded once again.

“Boyd, if you knew my reasons you might feel differently.”

“That’s where you’re wrong. But I’m sure you’re going to bore me with the details anyhow.”
The alpha cleared his throat and without further ado, he let his old pack member in on everything that had taken place as late. When he finished, Boyd hopped up and started to pace the living room.

“So after everything we’ve been through Erica joined your uncle’s pack? And Jackson!?”
“From the looks of things, yes.”

“WHAT THE FUCK?! And I can’t believe Jackson’s one of us now! And since when does Erica stoop so low? That doesn’t even sound like her.”
Derek drew back the deepest of breaths.

“I believe it’s more of a personal fuck you… directed at me personally. I didn’t choose her as a mate. Therefore, she wishes to stick it to me by joining my uncle – the one man that wants to rip my mate right out from under me and take her as his own.”

Boyd got this look of disgust about him.

“Jesus… so Peter Hale toyed with this mate of yours in hopes of molding her into the perfect companion? I knew your uncle was one sick son of a bitch but this takes the cake. Damn… I can only imagine how pissed he is… considering how that backfired. I seriously doubt you ending up as her mate instead were in his plans.”


“Hell, Jerry Springer would eat this shit up.”

The alpha cocked a brow at this.

“Look, I need to know if you’re in or not. I don’t have much time.”

Boyd nodded, looking to be in thought. Before he could even comment, Derek cued that smirk of his already sensing Boyd’s acceptance. He nodded and came to his feet.

“Do you know of any others?” Derek hinted.

“Fraid not… As far as I know I’m the only one in this town.”
Derek sighed with frustration.

“Told you I’m a loner…”

“Then my only option is to find someone in back in Beacon Hills.”

“You mean as in turn someone else?”

Derek nodded looking downright ill in thought.

“And you remember how that went last time, right?”

“I’m well aware but haven’t much time to concern myself with the aftermath. Peter has an army. I don’t have near enough men. So I haven’t any other option.”

Boyd nodded in understanding.

“Pack your shit and let’s go.”

Bella and Scott sat before Charlie and Melissa. There were several minutes of uncomfortable silence, as their parents searched for the right words. Scott cranked his head Bella’s direction as she blew out an impatient breath.

“Let me guess, we’re having a baby brother or sister right?”

His eyes grew as big as saucers and he shook his head upon Bella in disbelief. She rolled her eyes. “What’s with you?” Scott whispered. “That’s what I’d like to know.” Her father added. “Nothing’s wrong. Congratulations! Can we go now?” Melissa reared back on the way Charlie’s daughter was acting. “Well… Sure, if that’s what you want!” Scott pinched his eyes shut for a moment. “Awesome thanks!” Bella replied and damn near bolted out of the house.

“Um okay…” Melissa murmured, looking to Charlie in wonder.

He sighed, looking just as lost at the moment.

“She’s not normally like this. In fact nowhere near…” Charlie said with concern.

“Well I should hope not! Our first meeting didn’t go so well as it was.”

Scott and Charlie winced on this. Scott cleared his throat.

“She’s been having a bit of a rough time. I wouldn’t take it personal mom.”

“You two seem to be hitting it off…” his mother said with a curious tenor about her.

He gave a dismissive shrug.

“So a baby, huh?” Scott said with a smile.

His mother smiled in return.


Bella rolled her eyes halfway through the woods.

“You can stop that now…”

She heard him chuckle and she whipped around bitterly. Isaac raised his hands in the air and inched his way over.

“Hey just following my alpha’s orders.”
“Well I’m fine. So get lost.”

He reared back with raised brows.

She curled her lip at this.

“Wow what?” Bella snapped.

Her jaw dropped once she realized she had him by the collar of his shirt. She swallowed back and once she dropped her hold she took off.

“Dammit…” Isaac groaned.

Bella did her best to run off whatever it was. She didn’t understand what was happening to her.

Her body was burning up. And she started to feel as though she were suffocating. This rage was building within her and no matter what she did, Bella couldn’t control it. Before long, she picked up a couple of heat signatures, ones that had her swallowing back in thirst. She slowed down and tilted her head about, picking up the trail. Bella followed the scent that caused her agonizing hunger. Once she found the source, Bella stopped in her tracks.

“…no…” she muffled under her breath.

She covered her mouth as her canines protruded. All she could think about was the insatiable hunger. Bella took a few steps back and hid behind a tree, looking to the hikers every once in awhile. All she could think about was ripping into those hikers and literally feeding off them. Bella forced herself away from the area and staggered about, reaching to her temples.

Troubles grew worse as she thought she’d go home and simply sleep it off. But she hadn’t even made it through the door when her father and Melissa’s scent carried over. She closed her eyes and breathed them in with a watery mouth.

“Stop it…” she whimpered and leaned against the wall of the house.
His influence was becoming more powerful as time progressed, even more so with Derek’s absence.

Her eyes flew open.

“Are you alright?”

She shook her head, with a look of fear.

“Scott…” She whispered, pleadingly.

“Man, she’s not an easy one to keep up with!” Isaac called out as he made his way over.

Her eyes rolled back and she curled her lip as she continued to fight it off.

“Get me out of here, NOW!”

The guys reared back in wonder. She grabbed Scott by the collar of his shirt.

“Take me to the Hale home. Chain me up in the basement and no matter what I say or do. DO NOT SET ME FREE!”

Derek and Boyd narrowed their eyes, glancing the same direction. The alpha pulled over about twenty minutes outside of town. He and the beta headed into the woods, following the howl that gathered their attention.

“Stop!” The older boy cried out, holding his hands out.

He stood before a massive wolf. What Derek recognized to be a shifter. And from what he was sensing the boy was one of them as well. But the other three before them, werewolves.

“He’s just a boy!”

“It doesn’t matter Quil. You denied the pack. And you both know the consequences.”
“We betrayed NO ONE! We never stood behind the cause to begin with!”

Boyd and Derek winced as one of the werewolves grabbed the older one and tossed him up against a tree. They then proceeded towards the younger shifter.


They ignored him and gained up on the already wounded shifter. The one they referred to as Quil shifted and charged right for them. Boyd nodded towards his alpha, “Do we get involved?”

Derek narrowed his eyes in observation for a moment. He watched as the older boy held his own pretty good, until the others gained up on him. The alpha drew back a breath.

“I got those two… You get the other.”

Boyd grinned ear to ear, as they both phased. Derek leaped out and swiftly knocked the two werewolves off the older boy. The beta slammed the other back against a tree and socked him in the gut. One of the werewolves cried out in agony as Derek forced his arm back and snapped it. The other drove his claws into Derek’s back. The alpha whipped around, slashing him across the face.

The shifter phased back while Derek and Boyd dealt with the werewolves. He rushed over to the other shifter’s side.

“Seth…” He called out, sounding as though he were about to have a meltdown.

He shook the young shifter with tears in his eyes.

“Come on buddy… Please, wake up.”

Derek dodged the attempted blows the two werewolves sent him. But this was his way of more or less testing the water and seeing what all they could do. They were no match for him however not even close. The alpha found himself caught off-guard as he’d began sensing something else. He reached to his heart as it dropped.

“WHOA!” Boyd hollered out as he snapped the neck of the one he had.

He rushed to his alpha’s side and hurriedly shoved the others back as they were taking turns punching Derek.
“What’s with you?!” Boyd asked as he had his alpha by the shirt shaking him.

His eyes widened though as Derek pushed him back and within seconds he’d ripped out the other two’s jugulars.

“Holy shit!”

Derek snarled back as he continued to sense his mate’s distress.

“Get them to the house!” He ordered motioning towards the shifters.

He handed Boyd the keys to his car. Boyd reared back, looking stunned as Derek took off on foot.

Scott and Isaac looked to one another lost on what to do next. Bella was in her full transformation now, growling as she fought against the chains. They had her wrists cuffed to a beam from above and her torso and ankles chained to another coming up from the basement floor. They grimaced however seeing as how the beam above was starting to give. She continued to jerk her body around, demanding to be released.

“No can do… sorry…”


Scott drew back and apprehensive breath, “It’s him isn’t it?” Bella rolled her eyes and gritted her teeth. “You need to fight it!”
“SHIT!” Isaac yelled as the beam from above came tumbling down.

She swiftly wrapped the chains to the cuffs around Scott’s neck and jerked him back, towards her.

“LET ME GO!” Bella shouted upon Isaac.

Scott choked back and his face started to turn blue.
The door to the basement flung open and a growl vibrated throughout the entire area. Bella came to her knees and Isaac hurriedly freed Scott.

“LEAVE US!” Derek barked with his eyes locked onto his mate’s.

Isaac nodded and hurriedly helped Scott out of the basement.

“Shut the door,” the alpha called out once they exited.

When the door was pulled to, Derek made his way over. He bent down and cupped her chin.

“Who is your alpha?”

“You already know!”



“And who is your mate?”

“Knock it off Derek!” She growled.

He shook his head.
“Answer the question…” He demanded through gritted teeth.

“You…” she muttered with a curled lip.

Derek shot up at this.



He snarled back at this.

“Tell me Bella… who do you want me? Or Peter?”


“There is only room for one! ONE ALPHA! ONE MATE! YOU NEED TO FUCKING CHOOSE!”



She gasped back as Derek uncoiled the chains that were wrapped around her. He threw them across the basement.


Bella narrowed her eyes in confusion.

“GO!” He shouted once again pointing towards the door.

“Go where?!”

“TO PETER HALE! If you want to give in to this monstrous side… Then you’re not only wasting my time but yours!””

She staggered back with a lump within the back of her throat.

“Derek…” She whimpered.

“NO! Don’t… You could have killed Scott! Then what? THIS ISN’T YOU! Are you really going to let my piece of shit uncle win?! He stalked you for years. He manipulated EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR LIFE BACK IN THAT TOWN! Yet, you’re going to coward down to him and let him take over?! Now, I’m going to ask you one more time! Who? Me? Or Peter? The choice is yours. I won’t even fight you. You walk out that door. Then that’s it I’ll break all bonds. I’ll release you as my beta and mate.”
Her lip trembled and she dropped to her hands and knees. Derek swallowed back hating every second of this. He knew those words were causing her not only emotional but physical pain. The only true way to break a mating bond was if one or the other died. But he had to find a way of getting to her. Derek however suffered right along with her. His mate’s pain was his and he could feel everything she felt. Fear, rage, agony, but amongst those were courage, determination, and love.

“I choose you. It’s always been you.”

“Then I’m going to need you to prove it baby. Push his ass out. You let him know there is only room for one of us. The bastard needs to know who you belong to and it sure as hell isn’t HIM!”

Derek gently grabbed her by the arm, helping Bella come to her feet. He backed her up against the post and caressed her cheek.

“You’re mine… Understood?”
She nodded.

“I’m not willing to share. So, next time he starts inching his way in…” he leaned into her ear.

“Remind him who you belong to and you tell Peter his nephew’s taken Death’s place and I’ll be delivering his ass straight to hell.”

His hand traveled up her skirt, with one swift movement he ripped her panties off and tossed them aside. She let out a gasp, as he picked her up off the ground and had her legs dangling off his shoulders. His tongue worked its magic along her pussy. She bit down on that lower lip of hers as he continued. His moans drove her crazy as they sent vibrations through his tongue as it lapped along her. Derek freed himself and was stroking his cock as he pleasured her.

“Hmmm more…” he murmured as she came and he eagerly licked her clean.

“Fuck me Derek!”

Without hesitation he lowered her back down and drove his full length in. Derek began to thrust as hard as he could. He couldn’t control that urge. The alpha had to mark what was his. And if his uncle tried taking his mate over once again. This was the exact image he wanted Peter to receive. To have him know his nephew took what he deemed his right out from under his nose and Derek had what Peter only dreamed about.

Derek’s name fled from her lips as she clung to him.

“I wanna feel you Bella. Cum for me!” He spoke in his alpha voice and within a matter of seconds she was flooding his cock.

“AGAIN!” He growled and looked down in observation.
“… fuck…” He grunted out as he witnessed her heavy orgasm.

“I’m going to mark sexy that pussy of yours…” he announced behind another growl, just before he came.

Once he finished, the alpha pulled out and lowered her back down. Derek brought his mate against his chest and merely held her for a few minutes.

Isaac and Scott looked to one another in wonder as Derek’s car pulled up to the house.

“Hey!” Boyd called out as he got out the car.
“Boyd?!” Scott called out in surprise.

He nodded upon Scott, with a look of astonishment about him as well.

“Think you two can give us a hand? We got a bit of a load here.”

“What the fuck?” Isaac muttered as Boyd opened the backdoor revealing the shifter.

“Trust me, my thoughts exacty,” Boyd admits.

“Just help me get him inside.”

They nodded and Quil got out as well and helped them get Seth inside.

“That’ definitely not one of our kind.” Scott states with a bewildered appearance as the three of them looked Seth over in utter bafflement.


The older boy’s attention snapped towards Bella as she entered the room.

She narrowed her eyes as if on guard.

“What are you doing here?”

Quil motioned towards Seth.
“It’s Seth… He’s pretty bad…”

Bella walked towards the cough and gasped back.

“… oh my God…” she muttered under her breath.

She rushed over and began examining him more thoroughly.

“What happened?!”

“Peter and members of his pack,” Quil replied through gritted teeth.


Quil nodded with a shameful look about him. “We wouldn’t fight in his cause or accept him as our alpha. Therefore, the punishment is death. If it hadn’t been for this one here and that one…” he motioned towards Boyd and then Derek as he entered the room.

“They’d have succeeded.”
“Wait Peter was there?!”

Bella said looking rather pale as she peered over looking to Derek.

“No once he had his fun he had a few of his men take us into the woods where we were meant to be finished off.”

She swallowed back on this.

“Just how far away is Peter and his pack?”

“About an hour or so, but Peter runs his pack like a bunch of nomads. He never stays in one place for too long.”

“How many pack members does he have?”

Bella inquired as she continued to look Seth over. She’d wince every once in a while at the abrasions he had going across his back, chest, and legs. Seth whimpered out and she gently petted the top of his head.

“Just hang in there Seth. You’re going to be alright.” She alleged softly.

Bella… He thought weakly.

He opened his eyes for a spilt second to see if it was really her.

“Yeah Seth, it’s me…” she said as if she’d read his mind.

He closed his eyes again and a tear fled from his left eye.

“You’re gonna be alright. Just hang in there.”

“Bella, I’m so sorry, I…” Quil started to say.

“Don’t… I’m just glad you two made it out alive.”

Scott handed Bella a first aid kit and she tended to Seth’s wounds, the best she could. She knew it was more about him going through the healing process, which would be no picnic. He whimpered and howled out off and on. She did her best to keep him calm.

“And what about the others?” She hinted lifting her eyes upon Quil.

He drew back a breath.

“You killed Paul… That’s all they can focus on at the moment. Even Jacob…”
She shook her head on this.

“The shifter had it coming. So does anyone that willingly choses to serve Peter.” Derek makes clear.

Quil nodded in understanding.

“As much as I hate it. I have to agree.”

“Good. Then you’ll understand when I say we have to take out the rest of the pack?”

Quil sighed on this but nodded once again.

“That includes Jacob and the others Quil. If they fight against us…” Bella adds, making certain Quil understood what Derek was trying to get across to him.

“Anyone that wishes Bella or her loved ones harm will die. There will be no survivors,” Derek tossed
in making sure they got his mate’s drift as well.

“We understand.”

“And what of you two?” Derek asked in wonder.

Quil looked to him confused as he helped Bella get Seth situated.

“We want no part in Peter’s sick plans. We’ve had enough torment over the years. Seth and I always thought a lot of Bella. And we never agreed with all this. Jake used to walk alongside of us on that one. But he truly thought once Peter and Edward were out of the picture. She’d become his mate. We’ve seen it time and again in his thoughts. This is more personal to Jacob than anything. He’s bitter and grown cold. This honestly hasn’t anything to do with Paul, on his behalf. He even feels that Paul got what he deserved as do we. But he forgets we can read his thoughts and we all know better. Jake has always assumed that if Peter were out of the picture. Bella would be his.”

Derek snarled back at this and Bella rolled her eyes.

“If the two of you do not stand behind Peter’s cause. Then would you stand behind mine?”

“That being what exactly?” Quil inquired looking skeptical.

“Taking Peter Hale down and any willingly followers of his. Keeping the Swans and everyone else involved safe. This isn’t just about the torment he’s caused my mate. But to anyone else who’s live he’s trampled on.”

Quil nodded and looked to be in thought. He glanced back towards Seth and then Bella.

“You got yourself two more pack members.”

Derek nodded.

“You two are welcome to stay here. Get your friend squared away. We all will meet here first thing in the morning and prepare for Peter’s arrival.”

After Bella finished up with Seth, she peered over Scott’s direction. She grimaced seeing the imprint she’d left from the chains around his neck.

“I’m sorry…”

Scott’s eyes darted upon her.

“I’m not sure what came over me… I…”
Scott drew back a breath and gestured for her to follow him outside.

“You don’t have to apologize.”

“Yes I do. Scott, I nearly killed you…”
“It wasn’t you… it was Peter. I could see it for what it was. Bella he wants you to think of yourself as he does himself. That’s what makes you such the perfect contender. You have plenty of reason to give into that darkness and hate the world around you. No one would even question as to why you let it consume you whole and he knows that. He wants you to see that as well and give into it. Bella, Peter Hale wants you to become like him. Why do you think he started with you at such a young age? And why do you think he willingly revealed all this information rather than hold it back. He needs you at that breaking point. The one where you no longer give a shit and accept him. He wants you to believe you deserve no better. This will allow him to turn you into his puppet and he’ll have you catering to his every need.”

“He’s right…”
They crank their heads Derek’s direction. Scott nodded upon him.

“That’s just how he works. We’ve seen it time and again. But this is by far the worst stunt he’s ever pulled. And it’s sickening the years he’s invested into this.”

He wrapped his arms around her waist and rested his head on Bella’s shoulder. Derek drew back a breath and locked eyes with Scott.

“The shifters say that Peter has fifteen pack members.”

Scott’s eyes widened at this. Bella grimaced in thought.

“And we have what… Seven? Eight if the other is healed in time.” Scott thought out loud.

Derek nodded.

“Make that nine…”

They turned towards the voice and Derek cocked a brow at this. Stiles was making his way over and nodded in greeting upon them.

“I might not be much on the battle field but I can help you when it comes to strategy. And whatever else comes to mind.”

“We could use whatever help we can get,” Derek genuinely admits.

“Well count me in.”

“And me…”
Scott reared back as Allison approached as well.

“What took you so long?” Stiles asked glancing back towards the woods.

“We had a tracker. I had to veer him another direction.”
“…oh…” He murmured with a shrug.

Allison had her bow and arrow in hand. She walked up to Scott and pecked him on the lips.

“See, that gives you ten!” Stiles threw out there.

“Jared, Brady, Embry, and Collin.”
“What about Sam and Leah?”

Quil grimaced and shook his head.

“Peter fought against Sam for alpha… you can imagine how that went, considering it’s a fight to the death. As for Leah…” he drew back a quivery breath and motioned towards Seth.

“She died defending this one. If she hadn’t she’d be amongst us right now. She too stood against Peter’s cause.”

Bella closed her eyes on this for a moment and staggered back.

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

“You know what I find ridiculous…?” Quil questioned.

“What’s that?”

“That you took Paul’s life in self-defense. Yet, Peter took Sam and Leah’s out of cold blood. Still, the rest of the pack holds more resentment towards you rather than Peter Hale. That’s even after the torment he put the entire town of Forks through. All they seem to fixate on, is how you were once a leech lover. They won’t even conceive the truth behind it all. The fact that Peter had led you astray and it was all part of his plan. That doesn’t seem to add up for some reason. So the blame and this need for revenge is all focused on you. I find the entire thing ridiculous, considering they want you dead. If they were smart they’d realize that Peter hasn’t any plans in offing you. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. They’re going about this blindly, as they aren’t seeing the whole picture. You should hear the shit he feeds them Bella.”

“Oh I can imagine…” she muttered with a scowl.

She and Quil gazed upon one another in alarm, as they were picking up a familiar scent.

“Cold one…” Quil mumbled.

“FUCK!” The vampire groaned out as Bella whipped around and thrust him up against the wall.

Bella growled into his face and had him by the collar of his shirt.

“What the hell are you doing here?!”

“Easy now, darlin’… It just so happens I’m here to help.”
She gritted her teeth and socked him in the gut, hard enough that his marble skin forked along his abdomen.

“The hell you are!”






(Will be late on next updates, due to my daughter and I being sick, ugh. We can’t seem to rid of it. But when I do update A Webcatcher’s Dream and Gamma Love will be next. Sorry, my daughter and I have come down with something and going to take a couple days to relax and focus on getting better.)

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  1. Very nice chapter, sweets. Love how Derek is growing into his own as alpha and I’m glad he stepped up to snap Bella back into herself. And yay some shifters and Jasper! Oh I can’t wait for Derek and Jasper to pick up their bromance… it was so awesome when they fought and then it turned into like a game, lol. Great job and can’t wait for more ❤

  2. Sweet jollys big sis. U brought in the major. U know i think he is sexy but after what he did to derek..bella no likey jasper. Cant wait to read what happens next. Darn next button wont gooo..cant wait for it to work
    P.s hope peter dies
    P.p.s rip peters dick off since he is a dick.

  3. I loved this chapter! It was intense and so good! I am glad Derek was able to pull Bella back and help give her more to keep fighting it.

  4. Awesome chapter! Don’t worry about updating family and health are more important so take your time. Trust me I know I just got out of the hospital myself from complications with my thyroid and was so happy to get home and see a new chapter to this story made my day. I loved how Derek let her know he wasn’t having it and he got Bella back on track. I’m happy he saved Quill and Seth and to know they are on team Bella. Oh man the Calvary has arrived major Whitlock is in and I can’t wait for the next update. I hope you and your daughter feel well soon! 😙

  5. Yaaay, Quil and Seth are on the right side! I’m kinda sad Embry’s not with them though.

    So Sam had to have died recently, right? Jake said Sam put his foot down and ordered Paul to stay away at one point… guess his explains why Paul showed up when he did. I’m kinda glad Sam fought to the death. It gives him a little more honor than before.

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