Chapter 14 Bad Moon Rising

Chapter 14 – Blood Moon

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Bella and Scott glanced upon one another as they were forced into a room. A room filled with medical equipment and two crane chairs. A familiar hand wrapped around Bella’s arm as she was being led to one of the chairs.

“So you go from being an alpha to someone’s bitch?”

Jake growled at her words.

Don’t… You didn’t take my offer. So here we are.” He murmured as he shoved her into the chair and started strapping her wrists, ankles, and waist down.

When she looked towards Scott she saw Jackson and Erica strapping him in as well. An odd sound caught her attention as she cranked her head Jake’s direction. He had this look of absolute shock on his face. It wasn’t until she looked down she realized why. Peter’s hand was sticking out of Jake’s chest and he had his heart within his grasp. His lip curled as he jerked his arm back out from the cavity he’d created. Bella grimaced as Jake fell dead.

“Hmmm…” Peter hummed as he went and washed his hands at the sink.

Afterward he motioned towards the others.

“Clean this up…” he pointed to Jake’s body.

“Offer, huh?” Peter murmured as he made his way over.

“What is it about you? All of these twitchy cocks just ready to try and stake their claim? You’d think they’d learn by now…”

He gestured towards the men from earlier. The head devices were placed on Bella and Scott. And the men began setting up at the consoles within the room. They simultaneously cried out as these devices drove needles into their heads injecting them with something. Bella and Scott started to convulse and Peter looked to the men with slight annoyance and alarm.

“That’s perfectly normal…” one of the men said with a hint of nerves behind his words.

“It had better be…” Peter said behind a growl as he cupped Bella’s chin checking her over.
The man nodded as he was running some sort of brain scan on the both of them. He motioned towards the screen where the scan was being ran.

“See? Everything’s fine… “the man stated as Bella and Scott’s eyes came to close and their bodies grew still.

Derek paused in mid-stride and he staggered back a bit.

“What is it?” Boyd questioned with concern.

Jasper winced as he could sense it as well through Derek.

“It’s Bella…” the alpha murmured as if in agony.

A low growl escaped him as he indicated something else as well. It was to be expected. But this meant they were getting too close for Peter’s comfort.

“We’re surrounded…” he undertones and nodded toward the others.

Sure enough Jackson, Erica, Brady, Collin, Jared, Aiden and Ethan stepped out from the woods. Stiles reached over pulling Allison closer to him. Derek sneered upon Jackson and Erica.

“You do realize you won’t walk away this time?”

Boyd smiled on his alpha’s words and sent Erica a menacing smirk. Seth and Quil shifted and their attention was directed at the traders of their original pack. Jasper eyed the twins down already sensing there was something about them. Allison got one of her arrows ready and Stiles clung to her arm for dear life. She smiled on this. “Don’t worry, I’ll save you.”

Once he realized what he was doing he dropped his hold and cleared his throat.

“Save me?”

She nodded as one of the shifters came barreling right for him. She fired off an arrow and the battle began. He looked to Allison wide-eyed as the shifter landed at his feet. She cut him a wink.

“You can thank me later.”

She patted him on the shoulder as he mouthed the words ‘holy shit‘.

Bella’s mind:

Her eyes locked onto the mesmerizing deep blue ones before her.

“Are you alright?” The man asked as he helped Bella to her feet.

She nodded appearing rattled and lost. She gasped back as she took notice of the massive dent in the van. It was then she realized this man just saved her life. His hand ran along her cheek in a lover’s caress, but disappeared before the students made their way around to check on Bella.

Scott’s mind:

“Easy now… I got you…” Scott gasped out as he writhed in pain.

He turned to see what looked to be Derek Hale running away. He too locked eyes with the blue eyed man. The man scooped him up and took off…

And that’s how it began… Peter had these men erasing certain memories and replacing them with what he wanted instead. The goal? To gain Bella and Scott’s loyalty and make them realize who they belong to. Bella would forget Derek Hale ever existed and believe Peter to be her mate. Scott would believe Derek was the enemy and the one that bit him. Whereas Peter saved him and taught everything he needed to know. Peter would become like a brother to Scott. At least that was the plan…

Derek arched back avoiding Jackson’s swipes. He found it hard to focus at the moment as he could sense his mate’s distress but that wasn’t the only thing… Their bond was somehow fading. And he hadn’t a clue as to why. He struggled to stay in her head as he fought to stay alive during this horrendous battle.

Don’t you dare push me out! Remember me! Remember my face, my voice, but most of all remember US! Don’t let him do this Bella! FIGHT IT!

Derek grunted out as Jackson managed to get a couple good hits in. Panic was beginning to set in and Derek was having a hard time keeping his game. He could physically feel Bella pulling away from him and it hurt like hell. It literally felt as though he were having his soul ripped out from his very core. He gritted his teeth knowing he couldn’t give up. He couldn’t afford to lose! Derek had to get to his mate and NOW! He let out one hell of a battle cry. Everyone turned and shock swept over them as Derek now held Jackson’s heart. Erica shrieked out and came to her knees. Derek eyed her down with gritted teeth. “Leave no survivors any follower of Peter Hale deserves to DIE!” And at this Boyd merely nodded and took advantage of Erica’s cry by tearing her jugular out.

Jasper dusted himself off as the massive werewolf aka the twins had just hurled him across the woods. He chuckled and motioned for them to bring it. The werewolf uprooted a nearby tree and threw it at Jasper. He zipped out of the way just in time but appeared behind them. The vampire’s fist punctured right through their back. However they reached back and grabbed ahold of him. They picked him up as though he were merely a flea and eyed him down.

The werewolf wrapped their massive arms around Jasper and squeezed with all it had his skin began to crack. He punched at them with everything he had. But he was nothing more than a chinadoll within their grasp at the moment. He groaned out as the werewolf was suddenly slammed up against a nearby tree. He nodded upon Derek with utmost respect knowing the alpha just saved his ass. The two of them now teamed up against the werewolf.

Seth growled and violently shook the shifter known as Brady. “Traitor!” Jared thought as he was about to pounce on Seth. “He’s no traitor! YOU ARE!” Quil thought in return as he put a stop to the attack by pinning him down. “You both turned on your own kind! And for some pathetic BITCH!” At this Quil buried his teeth into Jared’s flesh. He let out a yelp and quickly reversed the pin. Quil gasped back as Jared took his claws and slashed his chest open.

NO!” Seth was doing his best to finish Brady off so he could go to Quil’s aid.

Jared whimpered out and rolled off Quil. Stiles nodded upon Quil as he retrieved the arrow he’d swiped from Allison. He helped Quil to his feet but was quick to look back and just before Jared could take his claws to Stile’s face, Seth knocked him down. His eyes widened as Quil leaped over him aiding Seth in taking Jared down once and for all. Stiles let out a nervous chuckle as Allison offered him a hand up.

Jasper and Derek nodded upon one another as they circled the werewolf. They concurrently charged right for it. Only to wind up in choke holds. Both grunted out and wrapped their hands around the werewolf’s wrists. They were lifted off the ground and shaken violently. Derek gritted his teeth as the werewolf’s claws were puncturing through his neck. Jasper and Derek snapped their heads upon a gun being fired. Derek found himself taken back as it was Bella’s father. And he wasn’t the only one. Scott’s mother was there as well and she too had a gun in hand. She too fired and the werewolf dropped their hold on Jasper and Derek.

GO! We got this. Just go find my daughter before that son of a bitch has his way with her!”

Derek narrowed his eyes on this.

“We want our family back…” Charlie pleaded and Derek nodded in return.

The alpha looked to Jasper with slight concern.

“We got this.” Jasper assured and Derek took off like a bat out of hell.

“Something’s wrong….”

Peter heard one of the men say and he snapped a look that direction.

“You had better tell me my ears deceive me.”

The man looked towards Bella with a panicked expression to him.

“This isn’t right…”

Peter kissed along her neck and shoulders. Bella shook her head and was looking around the area. The image of another man kept coming to mind. “REMEMBER MY FACE, MY VOICE, AND US! Don’t you give in! I’m on my way baby. You just hold on and keep fighting!”

She gasped out and shoved Peter back.

Peter snarled back as Bella’s eyes shot open.

YOU…” She growled and her body began to take its alteration.

“DO SOMETHING!” He shouted seeing as how she was about to break out of her straps.

The man nodded and entered some sort of code into the computer. Bella’s body reacted with a jolt back. Peter tilted his head as she suddenly froze in place. Her eyes were still open but she wasn’t blinking, moving, or… He reached over checking for a pulse. His lip curled in realization and he leaped over snatching the man out of his chair. “WHAT DID YOU DOOOOOOOOOOOOO?!” He roared into his face. “I gave you specific orders! ONE OF THOSE BEING NOT TO KILL HER.”

“There was nothing I could do. She was fighting against the implants! That shouldn’t be possible!”

The other man shot up in fear as he witnessed his partner being ripped into shreds.

Dr. Deaton hopped up and nearly tripped over a nearby stool as he made his way to Lydia. She let out this earth shattering cry. And that cry soon became unbearable as he covered his ears. The windows and all glass within the room began to shatter.

Scott’s eyes flew open and he blinked a few times gathering his surroundings. He turned towards Bella’s lifeless body. The door to the room they were in was busted down. The alpha rushed over and ripped the straps off his mate.

“No… no, no baby… You can’t do this! Come on! Wake up… Please Bella baby… You promised DAMMIT….”

With her cradled to his chest the alpha ran a hand along her face closing her eyes. He rocked her and let out a heart-wrenching howl.

Scott’s lip curled and his hands balled up into fist. He broke out of the straps and came to his feet. “YOU KILLED HER!” Scott shouted irately. Derek quickly laid Bella down. Within a beat Scott had his body planted over Derek’s. He sent him several jabs across his face. Derek wrapped himself around Scott and trolled over.

“I need you to snap out of it McCall! Whatever he planted in that head of yours it isn’t real! Peter killed her, NOT ME!”

Peter passed by with a chuckle. “I suppose all is fair in love in war after all. Neither of us gets the girl. But looks like I finally get my wish… Scott, find my nephew’s pathetic excuse of a pack and end them all. And I do mean everyone… start with that Argent bitch first.”
“NO SCOTT!” Derek called out but Scott was already long gone.

Peter died in laughter.

“Oh you should see the look on your face. What will you do now Derek? Once again you’re all alone. But isn’t that what you prefer? So in a way I’m doing you a favor. Let’s get this over with… If we hurry she might still be warm…” he sickeningly hinted whilst wiggling his brows.

Derek glanced back towards his lover and his eyes got that red and blue tint to them once again. Peter reared back taking notice.


This uncontrollable rage coursed throughout Derek’s veins. It was so strong Derek could feel the power flowing within him. His uncle had managed to take away the one person he loved most in this entire world. And without her… He no longer cared. He pivoted around and his uncle had that sassy grin – The one that always got under Derek’s skin. And that was all it took… “BURN IN FUCKING HELL!” He rumbled and with one swipe of Derek’s claws… His head rolled off his shoulders and toppled onto the ground with a thud. Derek ripped him apart – limb from limb nonstop until Peter Hale was no more…

Jasper held the werewolf off best he could as Melissa and Charlie fired several rounds. The vampire reached up once they had the massive beast weakened. He snapped his neck and it fell to the ground.

“SCOTT!” Melissa shouted as she heard Quil yelp out.

She turned to see her son had Allison by the throat. Quil was lying on the ground with a broken paw. Due to him being caught off-guard by Scott and trying to protect Allison.

“Scott…” Allison whimpered out.

He shook his head as if fighting something off. He blinked a few times and dropped his hold. Scott looked to his hands as it was all coming back to him. Allison reached to her throat as she was gasping for air.

Allison?” He called out confused.

“What was I doing?!” He uttered in a panic and reached to his head as it was pounding.

Derek turned back regarding his beloved mate once again and his heart sank to the pit of his stomach. The realization was truly setting in. This was the one nightmare he truly prayed he’d never have to face. He came to his knees before her once again. He pinched the bridge of his nose, losing all composure. The alpha grabbed ahold of his mate and hugged her close. He couldn’t protect her… He was a failure. Derek started this rocking motion as he held her. The heartbroken man felt a hand upon his shoulder. He turned to see Lydia. For some reason she had a smile planted on that face of hers. Derek suddenly arched back as this odd charge was sent through her hand into him. He gritted his teeth as it hit Bella as well. He hollered out in agony as Lydia shrieked out and everything made of glass within the room began to burst. Derek gritted his teeth as his ears began to bleed. A gasping sound was heard and Derek looked down in sheer astonishment.


He shut his eyes in reprieve and his hold became tighter.

Dr. Deaton and Derek nodded upon one another as they shoved the rest of Peter’s remains into the cremation oven. Dr. Deaton shut the door sealing it tight. Everyone listened to the sound of Peter burning as he became nothing more than ashes.

Afterward they each looked to one another. Dr. Deaton regarded Lydia with a nod. “Extraordinary…” he murmured with a smile. Everyone looked to him with curiosity. “I wasn’t aware a Banshee had such abilities. How does one place their own body into a defense mode such as you and one so powerful? Your body literally put itself into a coma.” His attention then went to Bella. “And you used what you had left in order to bring that one back. I’ve never seen such a thing.” Bella cut Lydia a look of utter surprise. “That was you?” She remembered being called to and this odd pull feeling.

Lydia nodded with a smile.

“I could sense it… when you died…” her smile faded on this.

“But that wasn’t the only thing…”

Lydia viewed Derek in a much different light now.

“Part you died as well… didn’t it?”

Derek wasn’t sure what to say so he gave a simple nod.

“It’s strong -The bond between you two. The moment Bella passed I sensed Derek…I needed a way to fake Peter out and wanted my own slice of revenge. What better way than to catch him when you’ve become out of sight and out of mind? He hadn’t a clue…”

Bella smiled.

“I think I love you.”

“Hey, lay off!” Stiles remarked and wrapped a possessive arm around Lydia.

The others laughed and Derek cocked a brow Bella’s way.

“Something I need to know about?” he taunted.

“Nope…” Bella declared but cut Lydia a playful wink.

“You can stop that now…” Allison whispered to Scott.

He shook his head on this.

“I could’ve killed you…”

“It wasn’t you…” she took his hand on this.

“I don’t know what I’d have done if…”

“Don’t…” Allison put a finger to his lips.

He nodded and wrapped his arms around her.

Derek caught wind of their conversation. This had him gazing upon his mate and swore the connection between them now was even deeper. On this note he walked over and took Bella by the hand. He led her out of the building. And the moment they were outside she hugged him close. He closed his eyes returning the hug.

“It’s over…” he assured.

She nodded against his chest “I love you…” The alpha breathed his mate in. This caused his eyes to flicker and his mouth to water. There was no controlling the way he felt at this very moment. Derek backed her into a nearby alley. He brought her up against a wall and planted his body against hers.

He caressed the apple of her cheek and with his eyes locked onto hers…”Bella…” he murmured as if in agony. His lips eagerly met hers. A soft moan escaped Bella as Derek hiked her leg up. His hand ran up her skirt and along the seam of her panties. With gritted teeth he tore right through them. She cut him a look of utter surprised as he was quick to free himself and started fucking her right there.

That summer…

“Weird…” Bella mumbled as she observed her father and Melissa having their first dance.

“I know, right?” Scott pined in as he made his way around with Allison.

“So where’s your worst half?” he teased.

“I don’t do weddings…” she mocked in her best impersonation of Derek.

Scott and Allison laughed.

“Sounds about legit… Still, that’s not right. You’re like the only one without a date.” He said motioning towards their friends on the dance floor.

She shrugged but giggled as she took notice of Stiles horrible dance moves.

“It’s not really my thing either to be honest.”

Allison’s eyes widened and Scott covered his mouth to keep from laughing.


She felt someone tapping her on the shoulder. The young woman turned and her jaw hit the ground.


He was in a tux and had a single red rose in hand. He had this rather uncomfortable look to him. The alpha cleared his throat and handed her the rose. Afterward he offered his arm in a gentleman like fashion.

“Derek…?” She questioned as if she were seeing things.

“Would you like to dance?”

“You…? You want to dance?” Bella questioned in disbelief.

He nodded and took her hand placing along his arm.

“Excuse us…” Derek said as he passed by Scott and Allison.

Bella peered back over her shoulder and Scott chuckled at the bewildered look on her face. Sparks by Coldplay started to play and Derek brought her against his chest as they danced.

“I thought you didn’t do weddings…” she murmured playfully.

He ran a hand along the slope of her back and smiled.

“Well I figure if I’m gonna take that plunge myself one day I might as well get used to the idea…”
“Oh? So… You’re getting married?!”

“I was going to tell you… I thought we could use the company.”

She punched him in the arm causing him to chuckle. He cleared his throat and kissed the top of her head.

“Bella, I can barely keep up with you… You think I want the misery of another woman?”

“You’re digging that grave a little deep, you know.”


Derek looked around the wedding party as he danced with his mate.

“So you got yourself a step mom and brother… How’s that going?”

“Not so bad actually… In fact Scott and I have made plans to surprise them with a nursery when they get back from their honeymoon.”

He nodded.

“I bet you never thought Scott would become family…” she taunted.

He rolled his eyes on this.

“We’re not married yet.”
“But we are mated so technically…”


She giggled on this.
“I love you too Derek.”





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    Awesome story, Kitten! Well done!! ❤

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