Chapter 2 Already?

Chapter 2

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“You’re aware your truck isn’t in the driveway?”

Bella turns towards her father as she was grabbing some orange juice from the fridge.

“Um yeah…”

Charlie cuts her an odd glance.

“So where is it?”

“I broke down on the way home. This guy offered to fix it for me. So it’s at his house.” Bella winced already knowing how that sounded. Sadly, it was just as she said.

Charlie clears his throat and shuffles the paper he was reading about in his hands. He gives her that cop slash father look of disapproval. The how stupid can you be and why didn’t you call me? Type of look.

“So let me get this straight. We’ve lived here a total of two full days. We haven’t even finished unpacking yet. But you trusted a strange man to not only take your car to his residence, but to become mechanic to it as well?”

Bella nods.

“Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.”

Charlie sighs.

“Why’d you do that Bella?”
“He said he had candy!”

Charlie rolls his eyes.

“What’s this guy’s name?”
“Derek what?”
“Derek…” oh shit…


“Derek… Derek!”

“Derek Derek?”
“Yeah huh and he said if I got a ride in his van I could pet one of his puppies.”

“What?!” She says innocently.
“Just hurry up and get to school!”

“But I don’t have a ride!”
“Dammit Bella.”

Charlie pinches the bridge of his nose.

“Get in the squad car. If I’m taking you, then you’re ridding suspect style!”

“Awesome, can we turn on the lights?”

“I can’t believe you handcuffed me!”

Charlie chuckles and steps out of the squad car. Bella’s entire face flushes over as Charlie escorts her to the front of the door. The entire school’s eyes were on her.

“This ought to make you think twice, before making another foolish decision. Such as letting strangers take your truck home.”
“Dad…” Bella uttered in misery.

Stiles eyes widened as he caught this from his jeep.

“Damn… gotta love having a cop for a father.” He mutters and rushes over to Bella as Charlie undoes her cuffs.

“So what’d she do?”

“Forget that you’re not supposed to talk to strangers. She not only forgets this golden rule, but entrust one to care for her truck.” Charlie points directly upon Bella.

“Really dad, I’m 17 not 8?!” She hisses in embarrassment.

“Um, I can give her a ride home,” Stiles offers seeing the desperate look on Bella’s face.

Bella looked upon Stiles as though he literally saved her life! Charlie shrugged on this and twirled his cuffs about as he headed back to his cruiser. Bella sighs once her father leaves.

“I can’t believe he did that.” She whispered.

“My dad did something similar to that once.”

“Yep, only it was at the mall. I wasn’t home when I said I would be. He pulled this nice little arrest stunt in front of everyone.”


“Yep, fun times! In the life of being raised by a cop.”

Jackson continued to stare at Bella off and on the next couple of days. He didn’t even try to hide it either. It creeped Bella out, but she did her best to ignore it. Bella also kept in mind to get her a new phone. She knew Charlie wouldn’t be too happy about that either. She knew as long as she carried that number Edward would continue to call. Stiles was a godsend and took her to and from school each day. She still sucked at volleyball. Often enough she’d purposely miss the ball to avoid injury to herself and or others. As Emmett once put it she could barely walk and chew gum. Yeah it was him just messing around with her still it was pretty dead on. The next two days nevertheless truly seemed to drag on. She did however meet another friend of Stiles. His name was Danny. He seemed really sweet and she thought it was rather odd as well that he was also friends with Jackson. Yet Jackson and Stiles couldn’t stand one another.

Bella stepped out of the building Stiles had lacrosse practice. So she decided just to walk on home. Only Jackson decided to pull over in his ultra-expensive red sports car.

“We need to talk.”

“I’m pretty sure we don’t.”

He nods and puts the car into park and hops out of it. He rushes over and stands directly in front of her.

“What do you think you’re doing Jackson?”

“I just want to talk.” He raises his hands into the air.

“I have nothing to say to you. Go home Jackson.”
“Let me give you a ride home at least.”
“I prefer to walk, but thank you.”

He places his hands on her shoulders.

“Just stop. Give me five minutes at least. It’s important.”

Bella rolls her eyes and goes to jerk out of his hold.

“Come on now, I’ll take you home.” He motions towards his car.

His hold on her got rougher the more she tried to squirm away from him. Bella gritted her teeth and dropped her backpack and books.


“What could you possibly have to say to me?!”

“I don’t understand it should be working! HE PROMISED!” His grip got even tighter on her.

He shook her.


He grabbed her wrist and looked to the bite.

“That should have healed over by now. What the fuck is going on?!”

“You got five seconds to move your fucking hand. Leave me alone Jackson.”

He sighs and drops his hand. He starts to head back to his car. Bella went to bend down and pick her things back up. Only to have Jackson swipe a kiss. He smirked and started to his car once again. Bella’s face flushed over with anger. She hopped onto his back before he could even get into his car. She grabbed a lock of his hair and pulled at it with everything she had.

Derek was passing by heading to her house to let her know her truck was ready. He narrowed his eyes upon the scene before him. He let out a growl though as he saw Jackson literally reach back and grab her. He flung her into the back of his car.

Derek promptly got out of the car and slammed Jackson against the hood of Jackson’s car. Bella rolled over as the pain from the impact shot through her back. She witnessed Derek and Jackson beating the shit out of one another. Derek had the upper hand and dragged Jackson back to his car. He forced him inside and slammed the door. He then kicked the shit out of his car door. Derek reached out for Bella as she leaped out of the back. Derek caught her just as Jackson burned rubber.

“Are you alright?”

Bella nodded and Derek checked for any possible wounds.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah… I’m fine.”

“I was on my way to pick you up. Your truck is ready.”

“Um thanks… and I don’t mean just the truck.”

Bella blushed seeing where Derek’s hands were. Derek dropped his hands from her waistline.

“So what was that about?”


“Look I appreciate everything, but I just want to get home now.”

“I’ll take you to your truck then.”
Bella followed him to his car. He opened the door for her then shut it once she was inside. Bella kept quiet and looked out the window on the way. Her hands were balled up into fists the entire way. After they got to the house Bella opened the door and nearly ran to her truck. Derek grabbed her books and backpack. He placed them in the back of her truck. Bella started it and turned to Derek.

“It’s never that quiet.”
He shrugs.

“Well it is now. You should be all set up.”

“I thought you were fixing the radiator.”
“I did. I’ll see you around maybe.”

He calls out and heads into the house. Bella sat in her truck for a moment. She took in a breath and went on home.

Couple days later…

Derek rubs his eyes and looks to the time. The banging on the door became more annoying He rolled his eyes knowing that knock all too well. He answered the door with sheer annoyance.

“What do you want?”
Stiles welcomes himself inside and looks around.

“So, you could be in big trouble.”
“And why’s that?”
“Well as far as I know there is only four Derek’s in town. One is only toddler, the other is only 15, the other is 43, and then there’s you, the big bad wolf.”
“What’s this about?”

“A girl is missing and the last person to have seen her apparently was some guy named Derek. She told her father he was working on her truck. That he’d have it ready in two days. So speculations are being made.”

Derek lowered his brows.

“She’s missing?!”

Stiles nods studying the look on Derek’s face. He snarled back.
“Whoa, now I didn’t actually point the finger no one even knows I’m here. I also didn’t mention you. But please tell me you didn’t eat my new friend. I actually enjoyed her company!”
“I didn’t touch her!” Derek growls and his eyes flicker.

Derek pinches his eyes shut for a moment.

“What’s that little shit’s name that’s on your lacrosse team?”

Stiles reared back in thought.

“I’m guessing you mean Jackson.”
“Yeah that’s the one. Where the hell is he? Has he been at school?”

“No actually.”
Derek nods.

“Then we had better find him. I guarantee wherever he is. She’s with him.”
“Really?” Stiles says with a wrinkled nose.

“Why? She seemed like she couldn’t stand the guy!”

Derek rolled his eyes as he began to get dressed. Stiles covered his eyes and turned around as Derek took off his shirt.

“The last time I saw her Jackson was stirring up some sort of trouble. I caught the tail end. She wouldn’t tell me what it was though.”
Stiles groans out.
“Oh no…”

“This idiot asked her out the first day of school. He didn’t take her rejection very well. He’s been harassing her off and on since.”

“You say she’s been missing for two days?”
Stiles nods.

Derek shut his eyes and his entire body trembled.

“A lot can happen in two days.” He says with a growl.

“Do you really think he would?!” Stiles asks looking ill in thought.

“For his sake he had better not! Where’s her truck?”
“Back at the house, but she never made it inside. Her things were still in the truck.”

“Then we search there first.”

“Um you’re one tiny detail.”
“What?!” Derek barks.

“Her father… you know the cop? The one that’s already looking around for any Derek that exist in Beacon Hills.”

Derek shrugs.

“Then you distract him and I’ll do the rest.”

“How do you even know what to look for?!”

Derek gives Stiles a look.

“Right… I’ll just keep my mouth shut.”
“That’s the smartest thing I’ve ever heard you say.”

“It wasn’t meant to be.”

Once they get there Derek waits from a safe distance. After Stiles is inside the house. Stiles was doing his best to convince Charlie that the guy might’ve lied about his name. He was trying to course things Jackson’s direction instead. Derek quickly makes his way to Bella’s truck and begins sniffing it out. Derek froze picking up Jackson’s scent. He looked down to see where she’d been dragged off. His eyes darted towards the woods. He’d also seen the footprints, but he figured one set belonged to Bella’s father. Considering he was a cop this is also one of the first things he’d take notice off. The only difference was Derek could continue to follow the trail once it was gone by scent alone. At this he took off and transformed once he entered the woods.

Bella gasped out as her eyes flew open. Her heart raced as she saw that she was chained up in what looked to be some sort of basement. Her neck wrists and ankles had metal cuffs wrapped around them with chains connected to a cement wall.

“What the fuck?”

She looked to see Jackson to the other side of her. He too was chained up exactly the same way. All Bella could remember was stepping out of her truck and something stung her in the head. Then she blacked out.

“Oh thank god you finally woke. I was getting concerned! You’ve been out for nearly 48 hours! Look it’s going to be ok Bella. I promise. This was what I was trying to explain…” Jackson declares.

Bella half laughed and shut her eyes.

“… you can wake up now…” Bella whispered to herself.

Bella winced though as she felt a burning like sensation only it wasn’t coming from the scars on her back. Bella screamed out as she looked down and saw her that her shirt had been ripped open and she had a massive bite on her waistline.

“WHAT THE HELL?!” Bella jars her entire body around in a panic and tries desperately to break loose.

“What’s going on Jackson?! Why the fuck are we chained up?!”

“For our own good, it’s ok it won’t be much longer.”

“This is not happening. How the hell do I always get caught up in this crazy ass SHIT?!”
“Oh, do stop your whining.”

They both lifted their heads to the deep bass like voice.

“It’s all part of the plan, you’re going to be fine. I’m going to take care of you.” Jackson tells her.

The man ignores Jackson and makes his way over. His eyes flickered to that of a ruby red. She recoiled as he cupped her chin. He was an older man, bulkier than that of Jackson and slightly taller. The man closed his eyes and breathed her in.

“He’s a foolish boy. If he only knew I’m keeping you for myself.” He whispered into her ear.

“The names Peter by the way, I will be your alpha and mate.”

Jackson overheard this and jostled around.

“NO! That wasn’t the deal! Dammit Peter, you said if I brought her to you that I could have her!”

Peter tilted his head a bit continuing to ignore Jackson.

“That’s the reason I let you turn me! She was the prize!”

Peter eyes dart along Bella’s entire body. Bella squirmed around as he ran his hands along her black bra and panties.

“Hmmm so young… So much ire… You’re going to fit in nicely.”

“SHE’S MINE!” Jackson yells.


Peter chuckles.

“Are you now? You like to eat a little pussy from time to time?” Peter gives her a wink.

“So do I. See we already have so much in common. You’re pissed. I’m pissed. I love women and so do you. This couldn’t be more perfect!”

Bella spits in his face. Peter nods and backhands her. He then takes a kerchief out from his jacket and wipes the spit off his face. He forces her mouth open afterword and stuffs the red kerchief into her mouth. He slaps her on the cheek playfully.

“We’ll have to work on those manners of yours.”

Peter looks to the time.

“Just a few more hours, sweetheart.”

Jackson tries desperately to break out. Bella’s body began to sweat profusely. Her vision became blurred. This wave of heat began to travel through her veins. The bite on her torso and the scars on her back painfully shot sporadic painful stings throughout. Bella closed her eyes the sweat made them burn and water. Her vision became worse as time progressed.

“I’m sorry… I didn’t know.”

She wearily turns towards Jackson.

“If I had, I would have never dragged you into this.”

She flipped him off.

“Why wouldn’t you just say yes? Dammit ?! We wouldn’t be in this situation!”

She rolled her eyes. A few more hours passed by. Her hands and feet had become numb. Her neck and back felt as though it were breaking. A puddle of sweat formed beneath her. Her chin was lifted and the kerchief was taken out of her mouth.

“And now it begins…” Peter said with a genuine beam about him.

He finishes ripping her clothes off.

“You won’t need those once the transformation takes place.”

He wiggles his brows about. Jackson looked over as well and gawked. Peter violently kisses her and presses himself against her, only to end up growling out in pain. Bella had his tongue and was biting down on it. He jerked back on her hair even more. Bella released and screamed out in agony. Peter sneered upon her as he was in his alpha transformation now. His claws were jabbed into her waist where he’d bit her. Her bones began to feel as though they were breaking. Jackson hollered out along with her.

Derek froze in the middle of the woods as he could hear their cries from a distance. He turned that direction and took off as fast as possible.

“You already feel it don’t you?! That power! It’s behind the pain! FEEL IT!”

He cups her chin his claws digging into her as he does.

“I’ve been watching you for quite sometime. Such a sad case really. You started out so weak, so pathetic, so love crazed. Now you’re just PISSED! I LOVE IT! USE IT! FEEL IT! FEED IT! GIVE IN TO THAT ANGER IT WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE! As for the whole virginity thing, I’ll be taking care of that soon enough. Edward… He truly was a douche. So he failed to protect daddy huh? He wasn’t man enough to get the job done! Or should I say vampire enough. They truly are the worst kind of vampires that ever existed. So ridiculous. Edward didn’t even have the backbone to keep you grounded! You need someone that can! Someone like me! You will learn to love ME!”

“I don’t think there’s a woman alive that could ever love you!”

Peter turns with amusement.

“Derek? Interesting… now fuck off. I’m busy. I don’t have time for any family reunions.”

Derek nods towards Bella and slowly approaches.

“Let her go, Peter.”

Peter presses his lips together and makes a tsking sound.

“Um no. You can have that one though.” He points to Jackson.

“I find him rather annoying, but this one’s mine. So get your own.”

Derek hadn’t expected this at all. He was doing his best to peace it all together. He was trying to come up with some sort of plan. Derek had thought he picked up Peter’s scent once he grew closer, but had truly hoped it was his imagination. He hadn’t a clue he was back in town. He also wondered what the hell is uncle wanted with a 17 year old girl! Derek took notice of the bite marks on Bella’s torso. He tried not to react, but couldn’t help but to wince.

“Peter, what have you done?”
“Isn’t she gorgeous?! I wonder what she’s going to look like in her new transformation!”

Derek growls under his breath as Peter forces her back up.

“You should have seen her Derek! She started off so innocent, so sweet, naïve, in love. I wanted to eat her up!”

Peter breathes her in.

“I’ve had my eye on you for quite sometime. I was merely waiting for the right moment. I need a fighter! Someone worthy enough of being my mate. Someone pure…” He runs his hand along her crotch hintingly.
“PETER!” Derek furiously snapped.

“And by the way you’re soon to find out anyhow. I might as well come clean. So listen up sweetheart and realize that everything I did was for you. You wanted to be stronger. You wanted not to care so much about others. You wanted to be numb… I listened. I did what I did in order to give you everything you ever wanted. You needed the pain to become better! It was me that took care of daddy. It was the only way to get you where I needed! Where we BOTH wanted! That little shit vampire was a mere joke. He never was meant to be taken seriously. Yet you were foolish enough to fall madly in love with him. So naïve my Bella. Edward merely played the game I wanted him to play. He shaped and molded you into the perfect mate FOR ME! The reason he never fucked you is because I wouldn’t allow it! Everything back in Forks was a test! The little idiot however managed to fall for you as well! HE HADN’T A CHANCE! I RAN THE SHOW! Even this…”
Bella gasped out as he ran his fingers along the scars on her back.

“Paul was never was going to kill you. I wouldn’t allow it! But I needed to make you think as though he would. Every one of them was merely pawns in my little game. You were the bait that fell for it all over and over again. All this pathetic boys throwing themselves at you! YOU NEEDED A MAN! AN ALPHA! SOMEONE THAT’S NOT AFRAID TO GET HIS HANDS DIRTY!”

Bella shrieks out again as the pain was becoming too much to bare.


“What the hell Peter?! Have you lost your fucking mind? YOU’RE SICK!” Derek snarls back pointing upon his uncle.

Peter nods.

“Eh, a little bit. What brings you here anyhow?”

Derek eyes Bella. Peter tilts his head ever so slightly and starts laughing.

“You’re kidding me.”

“She’s not your mate Peter! And you know that. As to why you felt the need to spend so much time shaping her up in order to become what YOU WANT!”

Both Hales shift their attention back towards Bella and Jackson.


“Then we’re going to have a big problem.”

A low growl escapes Bella’s mouth as her canines began to painfully grow. Her hands wrapped around the chains as she yanked on them trying to break away from the cement wall. Peter smiled.

“How exciting…”

Jackson’s transformation was already taking place as well. He too fought to get free. The cement around his chains was starting to crackle the more he fought.

“And if that doesn’t hold them?!”

Derek snapped.

“It will…” Peter says with a shrug.

Derek continued cautiously towards Bella. He knew his uncle all too well. He’d have no issue killing his own nephew. Peter was alpha and ranked over Derek. He also knew once the full moon set. Bella and Jackson would become sired to Peter and would have no choice, but to do as he ordered.

“Derek… is that really you?” Bella uttered in agony.

He took in a breath and found himself rushing to her side, no longer carrying about the situation. He wasn’t even sure what to say. He cupped her cheek.

“I can’t see…”

He narrowed his eyes at this and lifted her chin. Her eyes were dilated and gold.

“It’ll pass.” He assured.

She growled out again as her body continued its transformation. The bones in her body felt as though they were breaking.

“Quit coddling her she needs to learn!”

“SHUT UP!” Derek shouts back.

Derek grits his teeth and reaches out to the chains. He starts jerking on them as well.
“What are you doing?!”

“That would be a very big mistake.”
“I don’t really fucking care! You had no RIGHT PETER! NONE WHATSOEVER! YOU CAN’T JUST CLAIM PEOPLE!”

Peter transforms again and barrels over towards them. He grabs Derek and tosses him across the basement. Derek hops back up and rolls his head about his shoulders. His sapphire eyes bared into Peter’s ruby reds. Derek roars and sails right for Peter.

“You truly think you can take me on?! I’M THE FUCKING ALPHA!”

Derek sends him through one of the walls of the basement. Peter shoves him back and Derek’s body dives through a wooden table. Peter promptly makes his way over before Derek has a chance to even get up. He wraps his monstrous hand around Derek’s throat and squeezes as he lifts him off the ground. Derek plunged his fist right into Peter’s chest. Peter laughs.
“And just who do you think will walk away from this one?”

Peter grunted out as Derek squeezed his heart. Derek choked back as Peter’s claws punctured through his jugular. They both turn with a growl to see Jackson had broken out of his hold. The chains were still connected to him as he was in his new transformation. But the cement wall was no more. His eyes were gold and his form was a lot like Scott McCall’s. Bella too was in her transformation as well but choked back as her neck was still cuffed. Her legs and arms were free. She was a gorgeous red wolf with cream colored fur around her eyes and a teardrop of cream on her snout. Along her back were four black claw marks covered in black fur from where Paul had attacked. Derek found himself in awe. He’d never seen anything like it. She whimpered out as she tried to squeeze her head through the cuff around her neck. Her paws dug into the ground as she continued to pry her way free.

“Now would you look at that? I knew you’d be one of a kind!”

Peter dropped his hold on Derek and shoved him back. He groaned out as his heart almost went with Derek’s hand. He reached to his chest and stumbled over towards Bella. Bella had her sight back and she quickly reared back into a corner as he came towards her. Still she tried to break free. Jackson was long gone. He’d taken off first chance he got. Peter hunkered down and reached out to her.
“It’s alright. Come…”

She shook her head and snapped at him. Derek looked over trying to find something anything. He discreetly hid a screwdriver into the sleeve of his leather jacket. He very quietly inched his way over again.

“Come, let me have a look you.”

Bella growled out baring her teeth upon him. Peter let out this bark of command and Bella whimpered out again and recoiled back into the corner. Peter had a good laugh at this. He winks upon her.

“Alpha…” He reminds.

Derek’s eyes stayed locked onto Bella’s as he continued his way over.

“Knock that off Derek. Just stay put.”

“You’re not my alpha.” Derek says with a dark tone.


Peter sensing Derek twirled around in preparation. Only Derek was nowhere to be found. Bella however had never taken his eyes off him and saw him clinging onto the corner of the ceiling. Before Peter had time to realize what was truly taking place. Derek came plummeting down with the screwdriver. Peter’s eyes widened as Derek plunged it right into his throat. So deeply it came out the other side. Derek wasted no more time. He grabbed Peter by his hair and dragged him outside of the basement out of the house. He continued to drag him right into the shed that wasn’t far from the house. Derek grimaced seeing the bodies of the family he killed in order to take over their house.

Derek growled under his breath as he drove Peter’s body through a pitchfork. He poured gasoline all over him and the family his uncle had killed. He gave the family a nod as if in some sort of respect. Derek looked around for something to ignite the place with. He took notice of the pack of cigarettes sticking out of the father’s shirt. Derek dug through the man’s pockets and found a zippo. He stepped over to a safer distance. Derek lit the zippo.

“You wouldn’t…” His uncle somehow forced out of his mouth as he gaged on blood.

Derek shrugged and threw the zippo down in the gasoline. Derek turned his back to the shed and made his way back to the house. Only once he got back to the basement, Bella was gone. He narrowed his eyes upon the cuff that was around her neck. He picked it up seeing a trace of blood around it where she forced herself free. He shook his head on this and took off.

Bella whimpered out as she ran throughout the woods. She hadn’t a clue what was happening to her or where to go. Bella’s fur crawled and she backed up as Jackson landed before her. He growled as he approached her. He still had the cuffs and remains of the chains connected to him. Bella continued to back up as he stepped towards her. Something was coming over her though. She looked upon Jackson in recollection. She snarled back and growled. Jackson went flying back as Bella leap on him and pinned him down. She snapped at his face and Jackson forced her snout back with his hand. Jackson reversed the pin and had her by the scruff of her neck. He hopped up and held her up in the air.


He gasps back as Bella squirmed free and had her teeth buried into his shoulder. Bella jerked violently and dug her claws into Jackson’s chest. Jackson flung out his arms and legs and Bella flew back against a tree. She shot back up and charged after him again. He dodged and Jackson made the mistake of laughing as she missed. Bella leaped back over and bit down on his crotch.

“FUCK!” He came to his knees.

Derek tilted his head upon the scene before him. He was half tempted to let her finish the job. The asshole had it coming. Bella shook her head and pulled back. Derek grimaced as Jackson cried out.

“That’s enough.”

Bella lifted her eyes towards Derek. He nodded towards her.
“You can release him now.” She growled at Derek and bit down even harder.


Derek resisted the urge to laugh. That quickly changed once Jackson broke free. He picked Bella up and threw her across the woods. Derek immediately took Jackson down pinning him to the ground.
“GET THE FUCK OFF ME!” Jackson growled and went to try and throw Derek off him. He couldn’t get Derek to budge.

“I am the alpha now!” He declared as his eyes flicker a deep crimson red.

Bella limped towards them. Derek now stood over Jackson. He turned towards Bella. Bella shut her eyes and lowered her head. Derek slanted his and curiously looked upon her. He sighed as she turned around and took off running.

“You hurt anyone or take a single life I will hunt you down!”

Jackson rolled his eyes, but nodded in understanding. Derek’s lip curled as Jackson took off.

Derek turned back the direction that Bella went. He was about to call it a night and head on home. “Fuck.” He growls out and takes off after her yet again. It didn’t take very long as Derek heard her yelp out. He followed the sound and Derek flinched as she frantically was fighting to break free from a wolf trap.
“Stop!” She growled at him and snapped at his hand as he reached for the trap.

“That’s enough!”

She shut her eyes again and softly whimpered. Derek pried her paw free from the trap.

“Shit…” He uttered seeing it broke her paw.

Bella backed away as he went to scoop her up.

“You want my help or not?!”

Derek picked her up and carried her to the Hale house.

Once they got there he lay her down.

“It’ll heal just give it time.”

Derek swallowed back as tears formed in her eyes. He snapped her paw back so it’d heal faster. She whined softly and backed up against the wall. She curled up into a ball and panted. Bella had never been as scared as she was now and she’d literally faced death. Derek sits down against one of the wooden pillars of the house. Keeping his distance so she doesn’t feel threatened. He transforms back, but keeps his eyes on her. The house was still in the process of being remodeled so there was wooden chips and dirt everywhere. He knew it was a good place to hide her until morning. He was still trying to grasp all this himself. It didn’t help this ridiculous pull he had towards her. He hated it! She was becoming nothing more than a pain in the ass. Then again it wasn’t even her fault and he knew that. He shook his head thinking back to everything Peter had said. Everything he’d done to this girl. He truly was a monster and every which way. Peter Hale was sick! But dead! Derek thought about Scott McCall and how relieved he’d probably be to hear the news himself. They should have taken him out of existence awhile back. If they had… Derek kept his eyes glued onto Bella. He thought of the irony. She literally was shoved right into the life that Scott McCall had tried desperately to get away from.

Then the one person he didn’t want to enter his mind did. He growled under his breath. Paige… He remembered all too well how that turned out. All the more reason he felt the need to keep Bella protected. The females could be somewhat more aggressive, but they were also quicker to bite the fucking dust. He cleared his throat.

“I suppose you want to know what’s happening to you?”

She blinked a couple times.

Derek begins to tell her whatever he can think of. How she will change every full moon. That she won’t be able to control her transformations at first until she learns how to control her emotions. He even goes into her abilities and how she must be careful around others. Even when she’s not in her transformation she’s a threat to others as she will be stronger, faster, and more agile than most humans. He goes into her senses and how to use them. Eventually Bella falls asleep. Derek calls Stiles and paces the living room looking back to Bella every now and then.

“I found her.”
“Please tell me she’s alive.” Stiles says with slight panic to his voice.

Derek sighs with agitation.
“Oh she’s alive alright.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means you’ll find out soon enough. Just keep the cop distracted. She can’t come out until sun up.”

“Wait…” Derek hangs up before Stiles can finish his thought.

Derek crouched over Bella and tossed his phone over on a table. He curiously ran his fingers along the black fur resembling the claw marks. He didn’t understand why those were there. It wasn’t until sunrise, when he had his answer. Derek shields his eyes from the sun as it cascaded throughout the house. Before him was Bella and she was stark naked. Derek crawled towards her seeing the scars along her back. His fingers ran along the scars. Bella tiredly rolled over. Her breasts and sex were now exposed. Bella blinked a few times looking confused. She reached to her forehead as her head pounded.


He nodded and grabbed her one of his shirts. Bella’s eyes widen as she looked down to see she was naked. Nevertheless, Derek didn’t even bother to turn his head.

“Do you mind?!”

He simply shrugged his shoulders.

“Not at all.”

Her jaw dropped and she quickly put his shirt on. Bella came to her feet and looked around.

“Where are we?”
“My house.”

“You live here?”

“No. It’s in the process of being remodeled. I have an apartment back in town.”

Bella pinched the bridge of her nose as last night flashed throughout her mind. Derek stepped towards her. He place his hands on her shoulders and was about to say something. The door however was busted down.


Derek rolled his eyes and half laughed with agitation. Cops had the place surrounded.

“Get your god damn hands off my daughter!”

Charlie reached out for Bella. Bella gave Derek an apologetic glance. Charlie promptly made his way over with a gun aimed right for Derek.
“Dad, it’s not what you think. Lower the gun!”


Derek already knew what he was thinking. From the looks of things Derek just deflowered the cop’s precious angel. Charlie shoved Bella towards Stiles uncle and fellow officers outside.

“He didn’t do anything wrong!”

Charlie ignores her and walks right up to Derek.

“I’m reading you your rights and will be pressing charges.” Bella gasps out as Charlie slams Derek against the wall and begins to read him his rights and handcuffs him.
“You’re 16 Bella! You have no business being with this man!”

“17 dad and you’re so wrong!”

“No your 16!”
“Dad, I’m 17 dammit! Perfectly legal age! I just had a birthday remember? And Jesus we didn’t sleep together! I’M STILL A VIRGIN!” Her entire face lights up and she quickly covers her mouth as the entire police force was looking upon her. Derek cocked a brow at this as well.

Stiles father winced not just for her but Charlie’s sake.

“Leave him alone! Just take off the cuffs! He didn’t do anything!”

“Then where the hell have you been the last two days?! Why are you only wearing a god damn shirt?!”

“Just call them off. Let’s go home and I’ll explain. But leave him out of this!”

Charlie curses under his breath and releases Derek.

“I’m sorry!” Bella calls out as she’s being dragged away.

Derek didn’t even react. Once they were out of the house he slammed the door shut. He took a table and threw it across the room.


The other officers including Sheriff Stilinski glanced towards Charlie’s office every once in a while as the two continued to fight.


“WE’RE NOT DATING! AND IT’S SO NOT LIKE THAT! He was helping me! If it wasn’t for him God knows what would have happened to me!”

Charlie slams his fist on the table.

“Let me guess this is Forks all over again and you’re going to start lying again. LOOK WHERE THAT GOT US!”

“I haven’t lied to you!” Tears streamed down her face.

“And I wouldn’t worry about Derek. After the stunt you just pulled, he’ll never want anything to do with me.”
“He’s not that much older than me! And don’t I get to be the one that decides who I associate with and not.”
“As long as you’re under my roof? NO!”

Bella body began to feel funny. She reached to her gut and panic set in. Bella hurriedly rushed out of her father’s office. She headed straight home and locked herself in the bathroom. Bella looked in the mirror doing her best to fight it.

“Um…” Stiles looks behind Derek as if expecting someone else.

Derek rolled his eyes and welcomed himself inside.

“Do come in!”

Once Stiles pulls the door shut, Derek grabs ahold of him and lifts him off the ground.

“You were supposed to get him off my trail!”

Stiles eyes widen in surprise.

“Um… oops.”
“OOPS?!” Derek barks.

“That’s a pretty BIG OOPS STILINSKI!”

“I thought I had him off your trail.”
“Well you failed! EPICALLY, I might add!”

Derek drops him where he stands and Stiles staggers back.

“I need you to look after her!”

“Say what now?”

“She’s going to need all the help she can get and thanks to you! Her father’s not going to let me anywhere near her!”

“UM I’m afraid I don’t understand.”

“He thinks…” Derek makes odd face and runs his fingers through his midnight locks.

“He thinks we’re sleeping together.”

Stiles breaks into laughter.

“Oh shit.”

Stiles looks to Derek curiously.

“Are you?”

Derek cuts him a go to hell glance.

Stiles raises his hands in defense.

“So I take that as a no. Besides she’s way out of your league.”

Derek raises a brow on this.

“Excuse me?”

“Oh yeah she’s like way hot! Even I’m not stupid enough to try it. That and I don’t want the awkwardness of being the third wheel, if you two were. But clearly, you’re not so… we’re good.”

“And what if I was to date her?” He questions with scorn in his voice.
“Guess it doesn’t matter you don’t see anything in her so.”

“I never said that!’ Derek says with a extremely defensive tone.

Stiles rears back and looks to Derek.
“Holy shit! You like… you like her don’t you?!”

“Shut it!”

Stiles laughs.

“You like the new girl!”


“Actually, you said shut up, you never said the actual words…”

Derek grabs him again and slams him back with one arm.

“Wait, does this mean you want me?!”

Derek growls out and his eyes flicker.

“Point taken… shutting it.” Stiles says and pats Derek on the arm.

“Good choice.”

Derek nods and releases him.

“Like I said! She’s your responsibility now! Don’t let me down. You wouldn’t want to do that.”

“Are you going to explain any of this to me?”

Derek smirks with his back turned to Stiles.

“You’ll find out soon enough.”

At this Derek leaves and Stiles is left stunned wondering what’s going on.







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3 thoughts on “Chapter 2 Already?”

  1. So I’m looking into random Twilight crossovers now… I ran out of Twilight/Marvel or SOA crossovers and I’m checking out other fandoms- just wandered into wolf territory and started reading this one. I’m definitely loving Smartass Bella! Especially when Charlie asked her why she trusted her truck to a stranger and she said he offered her candy. *wipes away tears of laughter*

    I also loved how Charlie cuffed her. I started a Jas/Bella story a while back with the same idea (only Bella actually talks her dad into it when he picks her up in Port Angeles- she’s a bit of a prankster in that one). I thought I’d give you a heads up on that for whenever I actually start posting it (which probably won’t be for a while). Not really the same thing, except for Bella being handcuffed in the back of his cruiser, but I thought I should warn you anyway. Better safe than sorry.

    That said, loving this one so far and can’t wait to see what else is in store for Bella. *rubs hands excitedly*

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