Chapter 3 Denial

Chapter 3

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Bella gasps out as she was pressed up against the lockers. He growled out and lifted her leg up as he heatedly kissed her. His hands ran up her skirt and along her panties. She could feel his fingers running along her slit.


Bella shot up and looked to see where her own hand was. She quickly moved it and blushed upon herself in thought. Bella looked around the room and took in a breath. She then pulled her pillow over her face and groaned out.


Her pillow flew across the room as she tossed it about. Bella quickly rushed off to the bathroom and washed her face down with cold water. She then looked into the mirror.

“Yes it’s perfectly normal to have sex dreams about the nephew of a deranged man aka werewolf; one that would have turned you into his mate and minion if he had the chance. A nephew in which killed his uncle and gained his alpha status, a guy that apparently is your alpha now. What is wrong with me?! Why aren’t I more freaked out about all this?! THIS ISN’T FUCKING NORMAL?!”

Bella and Charlie were currently on no speaking terms. He didn’t even question her anymore about what really took place. In fact he ignored her. He went right on to bed once he got home. Which rather hurt, but Bella wasn’t going out her way to tell him the truth either. She’d stayed in her room all day. Even after everything they faced, she feared his reaction. Especially, since her father once said uttered something about how there was no place in this world for vampires or shifters. She could only imagine what he’d think about his daughter being a damn werewolf.

Bella decided to try and calm her nerves by taking a shower. That’s when she truly took notice of how her body had changed as well. Her breasts were fuller and she was curvier.

“What the…” She squeezed her breast together and her jaw dropped in sheer amazement.

After her shower she rushed back to her room and held up one of her bras. She curiously place it on and it was entirely too tight and her breast were popping out of it.

“Shit! What am I going to wear?!” She dug through her drawers as if magically hoping that a bigger bra would appear.

Bella put Derek’s shirt back on and one of her heavier jackets. She zipped it up trying to hide the fact she wasn’t wearing a bra. Bella grabbed her purse and keys then snuck out of the window. She had to hit one of the 24 hour stores to get her at least a few clothes that would fit her. Bella pushed her truck out towards the highway so Charlie wouldn’t hear it starting. Once she got it there she climbed in and started the truck.

On her way out of the store she froze seeing Derek leaning against her truck with his arms folded about his chest. She took back a breath and started towards the truck again.

“I take it you figured out the growth spurt part on your own?”

Bella’s eyes widen and Derek grinned.

“That’s personal, don’t you think!?”
He shrugs and peeks into her bags.

“Stop that!”

She jerks her shopping bags back and places them behind her back.

“So … why are you here?”
“I could sense you. That only made me realize something.”
“What’s that?”
“Well two thing’s actually.”

Bella gazes upon him curiously.

“One is that you accepted me as your alpha.”

He nods.
“Weren’t you already? I thought we didn’t have a choice.”

“I have to be accepting of you first. Then you accept me in return.”

“So was there some sort of test or something?”

He shrugs.
“In a way.”

“And Jackson?”
“He’s not accepted me as his alpha, which could prove to be a problem on his behalf if he happens to get out of hand.”

“Ok so you’re my alpha on mutual grounds.”

Derek nods looking to be in thought.

“And what was the second thing?”
“You tell me.”

She looks to him oddly.
“I’m afraid you’ve lost me. You’re the one that said you had two things to tell me.”
“I never stated was going to mention what they both were. I merely mentioned that I’d come into realization about something.”

“Well obviously I’m not all that smart. So you’re going to have to spell it out for me in simple terms. Make sure to speak slow and loud so I can understand.”

He lifts his brows on this.


Bella’s jaw drops and she quickly covers his mouth.

“What the fuck, Derek?!”

He wiggled his brows as she had him pinned against her truck.

“How’d you… why…” She growls out and looks around.
“You’re not denying it?”

“Dammit Derek, are you going to know everything about me now?!”
“Pretty much.”
Her face blushed over and became heated.

“I can’t believe this. How would you know I was having sex dreams about you?” She whispers looking embarrassed as she covered her face.
Derek’s eyes widen in complete astonishment and he swallowed back.

“You’re dreaming about me?” He asked as if in a state of shock.
Bella quickly moved her hands. She gasped out realizing he hadn’t a clue they were about him until now. Derek was struck stupid and Bella quickly got into her truck and peeled out of the parking lot. Tears of complete humiliation streamed down her face. Bella was so upset with herself she had to pull over before making it home all the way. She wiped her eyes and hit at her steering wheel.

Derek was still stuck in the parking lot in a trance. He wasn’t expecting that at all. In fact he was slightly jealous and wondered who it was she was dreaming about. Bella was too young he told himself. Yeah 17 was the legal age, but she still had a year and half of school left. Her father was a damn cop that already tried to have him arrested, even had a damn gun pointed at him. Being her alpha only seemed to add to the conflict of interest. Derek pinched his eyes shut; knowing there was nothing he could do to stop this. He was already sensed it and knew what the pull he was feeling. No matter how much he tried to deny it. He knew he was fucked!

Bella got up for school that Monday morning. Charlie was already at the station. Bella grabbed her backpack and headed out the door skipping breakfast. It wasn’t until Bella got to her locker after she arrived at school that she saw the cellphone in her backpack. There was a sticky note on it.

Don’t question it. Just answer when I call or text so I know you’re alive kid. –Dad. That was another thing they had argued about in his office. How she wasn’t answering his calls or text. She had to explain her reason for that as well. Once he realized why he didn’t question it. He let it go.

“Sup!” Bella turned to Stiles and shrugged.

“That seems like a loaded question at the moment.”

She nods and shuts her locker. They head onto class. Like Derek warned everything was loud and annoying at first. Her head was pounding as she could make out voices in the hallway and in the surrounding classes. She could even hear Allison and Lydia whispering to one another. Bella however was handling it a lot better that Jackson. Bella looked over and his eyes were bloodshot and he looked as though he was about to lose his shit. She wondered if she was somehow calmer because of Derek. She blushed in thought and prayed she didn’t see him anytime soon. She still couldn’t believe what a fool she’d made out of herself. Such the typical high school thing to do as well, Bella could only imagine just how immature Derek thought she was now.

Jackson was gripping his desk and Bella noticed his claws were out.

“Jackson…” She whispered in warning.

He sneered upon her.

“Um ok…”

“How are you doing it?” He growled under his breath.

“It’s not easy that’s for damn sure.” She whispers in return.

“It might help if you accept Derek.” She hints.

“I follow no one.”

“Funny, you were all up in arms about following Peter.”

“You know why…”
“Yeah about that… just how stupid can you be? You were no better than he was.”

Jackson’s nails dug into the table. Bella feared he’d reveal himself. In return she could very well get herself into trouble if it arose. She looked around with concern. Jackson ended up leaving just as the bell rang. Bella sighed as she herself was struggling to keep her emotions in check. After surviving her first class Bella went to her locker as usual. Only she had to go to the bathroom before her next class. Bella was heading that direction as she got yanked into the men’s bathroom. The door was locked. Jackson had both hands against the door.

“Show me how!”

“How what?!”
“You know what!” He barks.

His eyes flickered and his canines grew as his body began to morph.

“Calm down.”

“I CAN’T!”

He breathes her in and his eyes roll back.

“Don’t even think about it. Do you not remember nearly losing your balls the first time?”

He slams his hand against the door. Bella’s breathing becomes heavy as he continues to test her patience.

“Back up.” She warns through gritted teeth.

“You want me to help. Then back the fuck up.”

He nods and heads over to the sinks. Bella wrinkled her nose at the over potent smell of urine and urinal cakes. She turned around however and Jackson had taken off his shirt.

“You’re kidding me right?”

“It would calm me down! Dammit you’re part of the problem!”
“Totally NOT what I was referring to and too damn bad suck it up. You and I? Never going to happen.”

Bella sighs as the tardy bell for their next class rings.

“Look, we could just be there for each other…” He hints and starts to undo his pants.

He smirks.

“If you see what I’m packing; I’m sure you’ll change your mind.”

“And I heard that steroids reduce your size.” She smarts in return.

He looks towards the door and nods towards her.

“Come on just real quick.”

She rolls her eyes.

“Ok fine.”

He raises his brows on this. Bella sits down her backpack and books. Jackson eagerly strips down. She nods as if in approval.

“You’re right… Not bad Jackson!”

He grins egotistically.

“Close your eyes.”

“What? That’s not fair! I should get to see you too!”

“And you will… Jackson, I’ve never done this before.” She says pulling her best innocent expression.

“You really are a virgin?”

“Well yeah… So do you mind closing your eyes just long enough for me to get ready? Please tell me you have condoms.”

Jackson reaches over and digs into his pants. She smiles as he hands her a condom.

“Cool, now shut your eyes. I’ll help you get this on once I’m done.”

He sighs and shuts his eyes.

“No opening them until I say. You can look when I’m done.”

Bella hurriedly begins to stuff all his clothes into her backpack. She couldn’t believe she was doing this. But the bastard had it coming!

“No peeking. I’m almost done.”

Bella quietly unlocks the door and promptly makes her escape.


Bella fought throughout the day to keep herself in check. Her anger though kept peeking every now and then. She kept her head down. She also did her best to keep to herself for the most part. Even during lunch she just sat there afraid to even move or talk. Her senses were off the charts the cafeteria food made her nauseas. Everyone was talking and it only added to her stress level it was echo sounding and loud. She couldn’t even endure the entire 30 minute lunch period. Bella headed outside and made her way to the lacrosse field to get some fresh air.

Stiles decidedly followed her out but discreetly and kept his distance. He lifted his eyes however towards the field as he saw Jackson grab Bella and pull her into the locker room. He took off running. He entered the locker room just in time to see Jackson push Bella against the lockers and they all began to fall back with a domino effect. Stiles jaw dropped as Bella quickly hopped back up her eyes glowed like that of Scott McCall’s.

“HOLY FUCKING SHIT!” Stiles shouted as Bella grabbed Jackson by the throat and drove him into one of the sinks.

Water began to shoot all over the place. Both were taking transformation and Stiles backed up in utter shock. Jackson and Bella became soaked as they rolled about the locker room floor beating the shit out of one another. The realization hit Stiles like a fist to the face.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” He uttered knowing damn well why Derek was depending on him to help Bella through this.
“Again? REALLY?! COULDN’T YOU JUST BE NORMAL?!” Stiles scolded and pointed a finger upon Bella.

She cut him a puzzled look but kept up the fight.

The door flew open and a growl filled the entire locker room.

“Yep, that’s about what I thought. Perfect. Just wonderful! You just had to go and turn her?!”

Derek ignores Stiles and yanks Bella off Jackson. He gently sits her down on one of the benches. However he picks Jackson up and slams him up against the wall. The tile cracked on the impact.

“Did I not warn you?”

“She had it coming! She’s a fucking TEASE!”

Bella made this wolfly snickering sound. Stiles cocked a brow at this.
“Whoa, did you just laugh?”

Derek looked her way now as well. Jackson shoved Derek back against another set of lockers. Bella quickly leaped onto Stiles knocking him out of harm’s way.

“Um… Thanks?” She nodded and he awkwardly reached out and petted her head.

“You’re kind of cute… for a dog.” Bella growled under her breath.

“What? What’d I say?”

Jackson rushed out the back door.

“Aren’t you going after him?”
“Not much I can do on school grounds. I need to catch him elsewhere and on my own terms.”
Derek approached Bella and hunkered down.

“You can switch back now.”

She shook her head and growled. Derek sighed with frustration.
“Now Bella!”

Bella furiously knocked Derek back and barked in his face. Derek barked more ferociously in return.

She whimpered out and Stiles’s jaw dropped as she began to morph back. Bella was hovered over Derek now in the buff. Stiles quickly averted his eyes, but not before stealing one more glance.

Derek caught this and sneered upon him cutting Stiles a look of warning. Derek’s hands were on her ass and her breasts her right in his face. Derek quickly rolled her over with a raging hard on pressed against her. Stiles felt around for whatever clothes he could find and reached back handing them over.

“Leave us.” Derek demanded.

Stiles sighed.

“You do realize I’m not a werewolf. Like I get that you’re alpha and all but.”

“Hey you’re the one that told me to watch after her.”


Stiles rushed out the door.

“You don’t have to talk that way to him you know. And I don’t need looking after either!”

Derek’s eyes were still red even though he’d transformed back. He eyed her as she scrambled about getting dressed.

“Do you insist on staring?”

“Maybe, I like the view.” He says with a shrug.

Bella shakes her head in disbelief as she zips her pants up.

“So it seems you have explaining to do.”

“It’s Jackson, what else is there to say?”
“What’s this he says about being a tease?”

Bella tried not to smile but couldn’t help herself.
“So he got a taste of his own medicine? He’s an asshole and deserves whatever he has coming to him!”

“You don’t need to be adding to the situation! Next time you let me handle it!” Derek says pointing directly upon her.

“Well gee dad I’m sorry. I’ll do better next time!”

Derek shakes his head.

“Don’t patronize me.”

“Then don’t set yourself up!”

“Are you always this…”
“This…?” She questions with an innocent tone.

He narrows his eyes looking to be in thought.

“Tell me Bella, are you still having dreams?”
Bella looked upon him with shock and embarrassment. Derek backs her up against one of the shower walls. Derek’s lips grazed against hers.

“Back to class.” He ordered in a whisper.

At this Derek walked away. Bella just stood there wondering if that just really happened or if she was dreaming again.

At the end of the day Stiles pulled Bella to the side.

“I think we need to get together this weekend. There are some things you need to know.”

“Um ok.”

“And apparently some I need to know.”

She looked to the ground in shame.

“I’m sorry Stiles… ” She looks around apprehensively.

“You’re not going to tell anyone are you?”

He sort of laughs.
“Believe it or not, this isn’t my first rodeo.”

She looks to him completely puzzled.

“I think it’s time you learned about Scott McCall. It might help you.”

Stiles grins.

“Like I said. This weekend I’ll swing by and pick you up around noon sometime.”

“Shouldn’t you be totally freaked and running for the hills.”
“Who says I’m not. And I’m already in the hills, Beacon Hills that is.”
Stiles waves her off as he gets into his jeep. She wasn’t sure how to feel about that or any of this. To her surprise Charlie was home when she got there. They nodded towards one another which was something for them lately anyhow. Bella cleared her throat as she set her backpack down at the dining room table.


Charlie looked over from the couch.

“The phone.

“You needed a phone and I don’t want you dipping into your savings.”

Bella nodded.

“So how’s school going?”

“It’s going.”

Bella started her homework at the table. Something she doesn’t normally do. She usually goes to her room.


“About the same.”

“Do you work tonight?”

“Graveyard shift.”

“You want some supper before you go?”

“Do you mind?”

“Nope.” Bella imagined he was dying for a home cook meal considering he had been working a lot of night shifts. He’d grown spoiled to her meals back in Forks.

Bella and Charlie finally broke through that awkward faze. Something that was rare. They hardly ever fought or got mad at one another. However ever since what took place in Forks, there was tension between the two. Both shared the same issue… They wanted to keep the other protected at all cost. It was this night too that things finally began to hit. She’d been on such a high about her new transformation, Peter, Jackson, and Derek even. She hadn’t time to come down off it. Bella tried distracting herself by watching a movie, listening to music, even tried reading a book.

The book ended up across the room with her mirror shattering.

She thought about what Peter said about her entire life in Forks being one big lie and game he’d set up. Then her fears set in about what this all truly meant. What was in the future for a werewolf? Why did she look so different from that of Peter, Derek, and Jackson? She cringed when she thought about Peter’s monstrous form. It was so different from that of Derek and Jackson. Bella gritted her teeth and pulled at her hair as it all came crashing down.


Bella froze for a moment and wiped her eyes.


“Derek?” She questioned in wonder.

It felt weird she was hearing it in her head. Like he was calling to her. Bella grabbed her jacket and headed outside. There was a chill in the air and the leaves around her picked up as a breeze pass by. Bella stopped wondering which direction to go.

Her eyes flickered and she caught a whiff of his scent through the breeze. That felt weird to her. It smelled like the shirt he’d given her. Only there was some sort of odd feeling behind it, she couldn’t quite detect what it was.

Bella walked through the woods following Derek’s scent. It wasn’t easy she kept losing concentration and she’d have to pick up on his scent all over again. Once it got heavier she picked up the pace. Derek leaped down from a tree as she circled a particular area.

“Not bad, but you could have managed to be a lot faster. What if I really needed you?”
“Something tells me you can handle yourself just fine.”

He shrugs.

“So how many are there?”
“How many what?”

“Pack members.”

He nods at this.

“Well for now it’s just you.”

She looks to him oddly.

“That’s not really a pack.”

“Are you questioning my alpha techniques?”

She shrugs in return.

“Maybe, I wasn’t aware I was following a lone wolf. Then again I wasn’t even aware you were a damn werewolf! So…”

“I had two other members’ but shit rather hit the fan and they wanted out. Long story… So yeah it’s just the two of us. Jackson won’t be joining us after all, even if he decides he wants in.”

“This is so weird.”

“You’ll get used to it. It grows on you and soon enough you forget you were ever human.”

“I’m not so sure that’s a good thing.”
“It depends on what your life was like before and after.”

“So… Peter…”

Derek takes in a breath.

“Peter Hale was my uncle and the only thing we truly share is a last name. Don’t even think for a second I’m anything like him. I’ve sensed it within you. Especially when you saw that I’d taken the alpha status. That’s why you ran isn’t it? You feared I’d become something like him?”

Bella lowered her head a bit. Derek lifted her chin.
“I might be a monster in some ways. I’m not going to stand here and feed you full of shit. I’m no fucking Scott McCall and I tend to do things the way I see fit. I don’t let anyone else tell me otherwise as to why I choose to lead rather than follow.”
“What if I got all into this woman’s power business and wanted out to create my own pack?”
Derek broke into a smile.
“You have to become an alpha first. But it’s not exactly unheard of for a woman to lead a pack. It’s rare, but not unheard of. But that’s where we would have a problem.”
“And why’s that?”
“Like I said I don’t follow anyone.”
“So what’s that have to do with me leading my own pack?”

“You’ll see soon enough.”

“See what?”

Bella traces back to what Derek had said. That name again.

“Who’s is Scott McCall?”
Derek’s eyes became red and he inhaled the air. Bella gasped back as he grabbed hold of her and looked around the forest. Derek bounded into a tree and covered her mouth as he looked below. Bella saw a group of people walk past. They each carried a rifle of some kind. Once they moved out of the area, Derek dropped his hand.

“Who were they?”


“Why would we be scared of hunters and why are they hunting at night?”

“Those aren’t your typical Bambi hunters Bella. Those guys mean business. They’re after us.”

“Well that sounds fun.” Bella sarcastically comments.

“They must be passing through. I didn’t recognize any of them.”

Bella half laughs and leans against the tree. Derek looked to see she had her eyes closed.

“I think I better get home now.”

“I’ll walk with you.”
“You don’t have to do that.”
He doesn’t comment and leaps down, motioning for her to drop down.

“I can’t jump that far.”

“Yes you can. It’s time you learn just what all you’re capable of.”
Bella nervously looks down.

“And if I break my legs?”
“Then that’s twice the luck!”

“You have a really dark sense of humor you know that?!”

Derek shrugs and Bella closes her eyes as if coming off a high dive for the first time. They fly open as she landed. She looked back to the tree and back to Derek.
“Ok that was actually pretty cool.”

Derek stops just before the get to the house.

“He’s at work.” She hints.

He looks over towards the police station. At this he continues to follow Bella to the house. Bella unlocks the door and Derek takes it upon himself to follow her inside.

“That brave huh?”

“More like curious.”

He looks around.

“So where do you hide out?”

Bella points towards the stairs and to the room to the right.

“Derek!” He takes off that direction.

Bella chases after him. She hears him chuckling.

“What’s your deal with purple?”

She sighs.

“It’s not me. It’s my dad actually. He insists purple is my favorite color.”

“It isn’t?”
Bella shrugs.

“I just haven’t had the heart to tell him. Everything he ever gets me is purple.”
Derek looks around.

“Definitely your room.” He says taking in the scent and finding himself aroused.

Bella blushes as he looks towards the bed.

“So what is your favorite color?”

“Don’t really have one.”

He nods and plops down on her bed. He crosses his legs and places his hands behind his neck.

“So about these dreams.”
“OH my god! I knew it!”

Derek looks to the ceiling.

“Don’t you think I have the right to know what’s going on, if I’m in them? I mean, how do I know what you mean exactly; when you say you’re having sex dreams about me?”

“Maybe I’m having dreams where you’re off to a corner jerking off. Or perhaps you and Stiles are going at it…”

Derek rolls over and shakes his head.

“Now I see why you and Stiles get along so well.”
“Why has Stiles also admitted to having sex dreams about you?”

“Did I ever mention how funny you are?”

“Clearly for a very good reason.”

“Wow was that like a joke?”
“No. It was a fact.”

“You just love to give me a hard time don’t you?!”

“I just want to know what I’m doing in these dreams.”

Derek however shot up sensing her. Her face was flushed over and she turned away from him.


“I think you should go. It’s late and I have school tomorrow.”
Derek came to his feet and put a hand along her shoulder.

“What is it?”

Bella turns around and shoves him back.

“Just go.”

“I knew it! You are sensing it!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

“Sure you don’t! Why else are we BOTH having these dreams! Why would I keep feeling this annoying pull towards you?! NO MATTER HOW FUCKING MUCH I TRY TO TURN MY BACK TO YOU, I CAN’T! I CAN’T STAND IT! IT’S IRRITATING AS HELL!”

He shouts as he backs her up against the wall.

“I want you to go.” She pleaded, but he could sense her and knew it was a damn lie.

“Do you really?”

Derek presses himself against her and eagerly kisses her. He grabbed a lock of her hair as he continued and pulled at. Bella moaned out and her eyes widened. Derek gazed upon her and Bella slapped him. He let out a soft growl and shook it off.

She pushed him off her.

“Just how long do you think you go?! It’s in our nature! There’s nothing either of us can do about it! It’s going to happen, one way or another!”
“No it’s not! You’re my alpha nothing more!”

Derek nods.

“Ok then.”

Derek walks over to her window and raises it.

“I wonder just how long you can hold off. By the way you’re in heat! That’s only going to add to your desires. Good luck with that.”

He crawls out of her window and Bella rushes over slamming it shut and locks it.

“In heat…? I’m not in heat!” She groans.

But reaches to her stomach already feeling it, Bella takes off to the bathroom.






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