Chapter 4 A Walking Contradiction

Chapter 4

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Bella shoots up covered in sweat. Her heart was racing and her body was in overdrive.

“Fucking Derek!” She growls and looks to the time.

The sex dreams were getting far more intense. Bella screams into her pillow with frustration.

She then rips the cord to the alarm out of the wall; only to rip out the entire wall socket.


That was another thing Bella was noticing. Her being in heat not only made her feel somewhat friskier. She was even angrier than usual. She had no fucking patience. She cursed under her breath the entire time and made her way to the shower knowing there was no possible way she could sleep now. Bella got dressed once she was done. She put on a pair of black jeans, red Converse, a gray tank with a white over shirt. Bella put her hair in a ponytail and rushed downstairs. Something in her wanted to leave before she ran into her father. She just didn’t want to deal with anyone.

Stiles had just parked as Bella parked beside him. She got out and slammed the door. He sighs remembering Scott’s mood swings all too well.

“Top of the morning to ya!”

“Not now Stiles.” She groans.
“What’s not now?”

“I said…” She grabs him by the collar of his shirt.

“Not now!”

Stiles eyes widen. She looks to her hands and back to Stiles. Bella sighs.

“I’m sorry Stiles. I…” She sighs and straightens his shirt out.

“What’s wrong with me?” She utters to herself.
“Well you’re part bitch for starters…” Stiles remarks.

She snaps him a look. He lets out a nervous laugh.

“Not that I was calling YOU a bitch…”


“No for real I just meant in the…”

“Relax Stiles, I’m not going to eat you.” She taunts darkly.

“Well that’s some good news.”

She smirks and takes off her shades once they’re inside.

“Isn’t it?”

“So we still on for Saturday?”
She gasps back in a mocking matter.

“You mean like a date?”

Stiles looks upon her wide eyed.

“Do you want Derek to kill me?”

She rolls her eyes.
“What would that have to do with Derek?”

“Well aren’t you two… you know.”

“Um well ok.”

“And he’s fucking fooling himself if he thinks otherwise.” She hisses.

Stiles eyes widen as she was bending to the door to her locker. He gently nudges her and nods towards the damage. Her jaw drops and she looks around as she discreetly bends it back.
“So… huh….”
She nods with a look of shock still about her face.


Bella puts her forehead against her locker once she shuts it.


Today seemed to be a day or discoveries for Bella. Not only was Jackson thankfully a no show. She was no longer the klutz she once was. Staying on her own two feet was no longer a challenge. Things such as sports, running, lifting also came by rather naturally now. She went from one of the slowest runners to the top of their class. Bella went from junior varsity volleyball to varsity. All of this felt so strange to her. It just came so naturally now she didn’t even think about it. Everything about her mind and body itself seemed more alert. She wasn’t the only one however to take notice. Allison and Lydia had also, but neither said a word just looked upon one another as if in silent conversation.

Bella made her way to the bleachers as she still had some time to kill before her next class. She decided to get a head start on her homework. She lifted her eyes however towards a ruckus off to the corner of the gym. Three senior boys were picking on a freshman. He was simply trying to get to his next class but they wouldn’t let him pass. They kept shoving him back and laughing. Bella narrowed her eyes that direction. The boy kept asking nicely to let him pass that he was going to be late. They wouldn’t listen. One of the guys decked him across the face and shoved him up against the wall. A soft growl escaped Bella’s mouth and she came to her feet. She made her way off the bleachers. She walked over to the boys. Bella looked upon the freshman.

“You wouldn’t happen to know where room 109 is, do you?” She asked the freshman.

He looked upon her with confusion. The boy even turned around seeing if there was anyone else around she could be talking to. Bella wasn’t sure what came over her, but it came naturally. She smiled upon the boy. His eyes widened and he swallowed back. He nodded.

“Think you could show me?”
“I can take you there!” One of the seniors called out.

She ignored him and kept her eyes locked onto the younger boy.

“I’m taking her!” The boy snapped in return.

Bella smiled.


The boy nodded and Bella began to follow him out.

“Hey you little shit. We’re not done talking.”

Bella and the boy ignored him.

“HEY! I said I could take you there!”

Once Bella and the boy stepped out Bella stopped him.
“Oh shoot! I forgot something. I’ll be right back. I’m so sorry!”

He smiled.

“I can wait.”

Bella headed back in only she quickly shut off all the lights.

“What the…?”

Before any of them knew what had hit them; each boy had been tossed about the gym. Not enough to really hurt them. Just enough to have each of them shitting their pants. Bella quickly turned the lights back on and rushed out of there before they could see who it was.

Afterword the freshman walked her on to class. Stiles caught this and looked to her oddly. Once they took their seats, Stiles leaned over.

“New boyfriend?”

She simply shrugged.

“I wasn’t aware you were into jailbait.”

“Really Stiles?”

“Yes, I really wasn’t.”

Something about that made Bella laugh.

Bella found herself surviving another day. She even managed to endure the horrific smell of the cafeteria food. After school she did her homework and made Charlie some dinner before he left for work. She did the dishes and laundry. Still Bella couldn’t seem to settle down. Bella decided to go for a walk before bed hoping that would calm her down some. She felt anxious and couldn’t get her body to relax.

“Bella…” She froze and snarled back.

Bella slowly turned around.

“Thank God, you’re alright.”

She shoots out a hand as he takes a step towards her.

“Not so fast. You just stay right there.”

He looks upon her oddly and takes in a whiff of the air around them. She laughs as a few of the other Cullen’s hop down from surrounding trees.

“Well this ought to be interesting.” She utters.

She now found herself surrounded by Alice, Jasper, Edward, Emmett, and Rosalie.

“Relax Bella, we’re here to help.”

“Are you now?”

“Bella, we thought you died!” Alice says with a quivery voice.

“I couldn’t see you.”
“So you’ve been checking up on me?”

“Bella please, just let us explain.”
“Explain what? How you became Peter Hale’s bitch.”

They each look upon her in utter surprise.
“That’s right… I know.”

Edward sighs.

“I’m sorry Bella. I…”
“Oh you’re sorry?” Bella half laughs.

“Sorry?! Sorry doesn’t quite cut it for me! And just how the fuck do you think you’re going to help me?!”
She grits her teeth and points upon him.

“I don’t want your help! I DON’T WANT YOU HERE! ANY OF YOU!”

Her entire body now trembled. Her eyes flickered and Edward took notice and narrowed his eyes upon her.

“What happened to you Bella?”

“If you don’t leave you might just find out! I can’t hold it back much longer.”
Bella gasps out as Edward suddenly had her in his hold.


“I’m sorry Bella. I can’t do that. It’s the only way I can keep you protected.”

The other Cullen’s jump back in surprise as Bella managed to break free. She shoved him back and he actually staggered at the impact.

“Bella?” He questioned with confusion.

She continues to shove him about furiously.

“That’s right Edward. I’m not the same girl you once knew. I’m not fucking defenseless. So you want to try me?! LET’S ROLL!”

She quickly transforms and the other Cullen’s step back in utter shock. She slams Edward down and growls in his face.

“Bella!” Alice shouts.

“Ok that’s enough of this shit.”
“ROSE!” Emmett shouts as she takes off.

Bella whimpers out as Rosalie had her by the nape of her neck now. She held her up and foolishly smiled upon Bella truly believing she had the upper hand. Bella swiftly jarred her body about breaking out of Rosalie’s hold. Within seconds she had Rose pinned down. Bella snapped at Rose’s face as Rosalie blocked her attempts.

Bella was picked up and tossed into a tree.

“I’m sorry. But I can’t have you hurting my wife.”

Emmett declares as he stands before Rosalie protectively. Bella scrambled back to all fours. She then shook her head upon Emmett and growled. Jasper sighs.

“Let’s leave her be. That’s what she wants. There’s no need for all this.”

Edward sighs.

“We have no choice… We’re too late.”
“You can’t be serious!” Alice hissed already seeing Edward’s horrific plans for Bella.

Alice clung onto Jasper’s arm.

“DON’T LET HIM DO THIS, PLEASE JASPER!” Alice shrieks out in a pleading matter.

“She’d be better off. I’m only sorry it got this far. This was never supposed to happen.”

Edward looks back to Bella.

“I’m so sorry. But believe me when I say I’m doing you a favor. This is no way for you to live. I don’t want this for you.”

Bella tilted her head about as he stared her down.

“I love you Bella and I always will.” She snarls back standing her ground.

Alice shrieks out as someone leaps down from one of the trees. They grab Edward and bring his body across their knee at great force.

“Heads or tails?” Derek inquires as he now held Edward by the roots of his hair with one hand and one of his legs with the other.

The Cullen’s hiss out. Derek merely shrugs he drops Edward’s bottom half. He then takes a zippo out from his pocket.

“Very well, I’ll decide.”

He tosses over the upper portion of Edward’s body. He then burns the other part. They look upon Derek in absolute shock. Derek nods their way.
“I’d leave.”

They continue to stand there just staring at him.

“I see. You guys need some added encouragement.”

He reaches over about to grab Alice. Jasper sneers upon him and yanks her back.

“You’ve made your point.” Jasper says noticing Bella was standing beside Derek.

He could sense their bond and knew she sided with the werewolf. Jasper sighs at this but nods upon her respectfully.

“Let’s go.”

“NOW ROSE!” Emmett snaps as he roughly grabs her by the arm.

Once they’re gone, Derek turns back towards Bella. She’d transformed back and was curled up trying to hide her nudity. Something that truly wouldn’t matter soon. No matter how much she tried to push him away. It was there… All that was needed was confirming it. Derek needed to mark her as his. He breathed in her scent. She was still in heat and it was maddening. He bitterly grabbed her clothes and tossed them back. He wondered though how she did that without any trouble. He figured he’d have to talk her down again.

“I’d hurry…” He warns.

She rolls her eyes.

“Why? Are you going to act like all the others?”
He turns back and faces her.

“I’ve had many opportunities already. I think we both know the answer to that. But I won’t lie. The longer you deny me the harder it becomes to be the good guy. You’re naked, in heat, and I already know you belong to me. You haven’t any idea how dangerous that combination is. So if I were you I’d fucking get dressed before I decide to take matters into my own hands. I can only be patient for so long. Especially, when I see someone else attempting to take what belongs to me!”

“I don’t belong to you or anyone else!”

Derek grits his teeth. He backs her up against a tree as she attempted to button her blouse. Derek takes it upon himself to button her up.

“No bra today?” He says taking notice.

“Not when I’m about to go to bed.”
He smirks at this and leans into her ear.

“I can sense you… Lie to yourself all you want. But I know the truth.”

“You know nothing.”
“How about a little test?”


He nods and closes his eyes.

“You’re mine Bella Swan…” He huskily declares in her ear.

“There’s nothing you can do about it.”

She gasps out as she felt him breathing her in.

“Hmmmmm…” He groaned already sensing it. Derek could smell her arousal. In fact every time he mentioned anything about her belonging to him this happened. Bella was in complete denial.

“Kiss goodnight then?”

Bella reversed the pin he had on her. She had one hand up against his chest. She leans in as if she were about to cave in. Derek thought his dick would rip out of his pants he was so fucking hard. But just as he had back in the locker room; Bella merely grazed his lips with her own.

“Go … fuck… yourself… Goodnight Derek Hale!”

She flips him off as she heads back home. Derek swallowed back in suffering. That only made his desires for Bella Swan ten times worse. All he could think about was making her his.

Bella hugged her father on the way out.

“Where you off to?”
“Oh really?” Charlie said with rather alarming perked interest.

Bella narrowed her eyes on this.

“Um well yeah.”

“That’s cool. Great family there, the Stilkinskis. You two have fun!”

“Um sure dad. I’ll see you later.”

He nods. Bella exist the house as Stiles was twirling his keys about and leaning against his jeep.

Stiles opens the door for her and she climbs in.

“You hungry?”

“Sure, I could eat.


Stiles takes her to one of the local grills where he and his friends usually hang out. Once they get their drinks and burgers. Stiles clears his throat.

“So…” He looks around making sure they were safe from other wandering eyes and ears.

All the more reason he chose a corner booth.

He leans over the able a bit.

“How did you… you know… become…?”
Bella sips at her drink before answering.

“Does the name Peter Hale ring a bell?”
Stiles eyes widen.

“You’re kidding…”


“I saw that Derek’s eyes were… you know… so I thought he bit you.”
“No but he sure as hell acts like it often enough.”

“Oh really?”

She nods with irritation.

“How so?”

“Well for starters he swears up and down we’re like fated or something.”

She nods.
“Derek Hale?” He questions again in surprise.

“You actually mean the big bad wolf thinks he found his mate?”

She raises her brows on this as Stiles looked to be completely baffled by this news.

“Wow! I would have never thought.. He’s always got this lone wolf attitude. That’s crazy! I mean wow!”

“Yeah you already said that.”

“I know it’s just well. Wow…”

“Right… Sorry!”

Bella chews on a fry bitterly.

“So are you?”
“Am I what?”
“His mate?!”


“Oh ok good.”
Stiles leans back and nods towards the door.

“I imagine that could be very awkward if the circumstances were different, but seeing as how they aren’t then…”

Bella turns back to see Derek entering the grill with another woman. She was tall, had long curly blond hair, and dressed to kill. She was Bella’s exact opposite. This girl practically had a neon light attached to her ass that read SEX. She even wore red high heels.

“She’s kind of hot.” Stiles remarks.

Bella felt her entire face flushing over. She quickly turned back around.

“If you’re into that sort of thing.”

“Think Derek is?”

“I don’t give a shit what he’s into.”

Stiles folds his arms about his chest studying Bella’s body language. He grins.

“Oh I think you do.”
Bella rolls her eyes.

“You got it bad for Derek Hale.”

Bella hurriedly reaches over the table and covers his mouth.

“Shut the hell up Stilinski.”
Once she releases her hold. He sighs.

“Well you certainly have his attitude.”

Bella wasn’t aware that Derek could pick up everything they were saying and could see her from where he was. Bella’s hadn’t learned to use her senses to their fullest ability; she wasn’t aware just how much Derek could pick up. He hadn’t expected her to be here. But he could smell her the moment that door opened. He could have gone elsewhere, but he found himself curious as to Bella’s reaction. He could already sense her jealousy and confusion. The girl he was with was Erica Reyes; one of his old pack members. They had a bit of a fling back in the day but nothing really ever came of it. Derek often enough was merely using Erica. Erica had it bad for Derek and he used that to his advantage. Yeah there was some guilt about it now when he looks back on it. But what’s done was done. His turn offs when it came to Erica were her needs to be the constant center of attention, she was a drama queen, and a little too obsessed with him at times. He thought of the irony however wishing Bella was infatuated with him. What he wouldn’t give to have Bella throwing herself at him the way Erica does.

Even now Erica was twirling his hair with her fingers. It was annoying the living hell out of him. The only reason for this little gathering was so he could find out what some of the other packs were up to. Apparently she and Boyd (the other old pack member of Derek’s) had joined a new pack. Erica was merely passing through. He knew however she was going to want a proper send off before she left. Something they normally did. Only this time he wasn’t feeling it. That and he didn’t want the risk of Bella finding out and him fucking up whatever chances he had with her. Even if she hadn’t accepted him yet, Derek couldn’t simply turn his back to what he knew was already there. It would feel as though he already cheated her. All the more reason he HATED this and found it to be a great nuisance. This need to do right by her! He sneered in thought and rolled his eyes.

“What’s with you?” Erica asks.

She noticed how he kept directing his attention towards Stiles and the brunette he was sitting with him.

“Did Stiles get himself a new girl?”
Derek found himself growling at this. The mere idea of Bella with anyone else had him riled up.

Erica looks to him oddly. She breathes in the air around them. Erica’s eyes flickered in realization.

“Well I’ll be damn… “

Derek’s eyes dart towards Erica.

“She’s one of us…” She whispers.

“Attitude is hardly the word for it. He’s well he’s…” Bella says with a wrinkled nose.

“Yeah he’s… Derek.”

Stiles laughs.

“He can be so…”


Bella raises her brows on this.

“Not quite the word I’m looking for.”

“Dark, stiff, morbid?”

Bella breaks into laughter.

“Are you really that intimidated by him?”

Stiles shrugs and cuts Derek a look.

“How are you not?”

Bella sighs.

“Ok, I admit, he has his moments. But he’s not all that bad. He can be so fucking arrogant and his humor I mean, can I even consider that humor? You never know when he’s making a joke or plotting someone’s demise. I mean he hardly even smiles.”

“I’m going to go with the whole demise thing.”

Bella thinks back to last night.

“I wouldn’t put it past him.”

She sips at her drink again.

“You know he can be sweet when he wants to be. I mean he did fix my truck after all and he didn’t even know me then. Not to mention I’d be dead if it weren’t for Derek. Then again it was his uncle after all that tried to turn me into his minion and mate.”

Stiles eyes widened.

“Whoa really?”
Bella nods and begins to tell him some of the story.

Bella sighs but breaks into soft laughter.

“Seems to be a thing…. All the more reason at times I wish I could make myself dig women instead.”

“Hell, I wish you could too!”

She looks to Stiles oddly.

“What? That be hot! There’s hardly any hot lesbian chicks anymore.”
“And you would know this how? By your embarrassing porn collection back home?”
“Why would I be embarrassed by that?”
“You’re right… letting the world know you still play five knuckle shuffle is by far less humiliating. What was I thinking?”
Derek meanwhile covered his face with a menu. It kept all will not to die in laughter at some of the things he was overhearing.

“Ok fine. I’m guessing instead of porn; you have a life size cut out of Derek. Only he’s got his shirt off and he’s smiling.”
“Derek doesn’t smile. If he does he’s up to no good.”
Derek cocked a brow at this.

“But you’re not denying that you have this.”

“Don’t need one.”

Derek snaps a look her direction. Stiles notices the mischievous grin on her face.

“My dreams are real enough.” She says in a playful seductive tone.

Stiles chokes back on his burger and hits at his chest.

“Oh Stiles, you’re too easy.”

Bella bites into her burger once she chews and swallows. She sips at her drink again.


“Scott McMcall….” She reminds.

Stiles nods.

“Well are you prepared for some irony?”

She cuts him a puzzled look. Stiles wipes his face with a napkin and clears his throat. Bella listens with full on interest as Stiles tells the story of Scott McCall. A boy that was bitten by an alpha named Peter Hale. Once Stiles finishes his story, Bella merely nods.

“And you’re telling me this guy ended up leaving town because of all this mess. That they targeted his mother as well.”

He nods.

“Great…” She half laughs at the irony.

“Stiles, I’m here because of that very reason. My father…” She pinches her eyes shut for a moment.

Derek detected the overwhelming guilt and sadness that washed over her.

“Only I wasn’t aware it was all a set up until I moved to Beacon Hills.”
Her hands ball up.

“Everything was one big set up. Every bit of my life back there was nothing more than one big lie. Stiles, I watched Derek rip my ex in half, literally, last night and I…” She swallows back.

“I got some sort of sick pleasure from it. I felt relieved… Happy even. Now what’s that say about me?”

“That depends what was your ex like? Hell, what was your life like back in Forks?”

Bella begins her story now and Derek finds himself shutting Erica up just so he can hear for himself. Erica rolled her eyes bitterly and finished her food. After she’s done she lifts her eyes toward Stiles.

“Only I move to Beacon Hills and find out everything was one big lie and set up by Peter Hale. He was building me up to become this perfect mate.”


“Stiles he almost killed my father. Charlie was in a coma for damn near three weeks! I couldn’t even be there for him because I… I got attacked. Also Peter Hale’s doing. So you see… No matter what my feelings are for Derek….”

Stiles raises his brows on this.


She quickly wipes her eyes.

“He’s just not what I need right now. I don’t need any distractions. My main priority is keeping Charlie safe at all cost. If I hadn’t had fallen for Edward… for everything Peter had set up…”

Stiles flinches realizing what she’s saying.

“So you’re killing whatever chances you could have for love, is that it?”
“You’re assuming Derek is capable of such feelings!” She damn near snaps.

“Trust me, he isn’t! Even if he was, what’s not to say that this is just another long haul of jokes at my expense? Just so a few years down the line; I have another man pointing the finger upon me and laughing about how easy that was. How much of a fool I am!”

She slams her hand on the table.

“So yeah Stiles… I’m done.”
“You can’t do that to yourself.”

She nods and scoots out of the booth.

“It’s no more than I deserve. I won’t be that girl again. I won’t allow the ones I care about to be hurt because of my actions again. Peter was right about one thing. I was weak and pathetic. Well never again…”

Bella throws down a twenty.


Stiles leans back and watches as she heads out the door. Stiles noticed the look Derek was cutting him. He sighed.

“I take it you heard all that?”

Derek shrugs.

“So, do something about it.”
“And what would you suggest?”

Stiles rolls his eyes and comes to his feet.

“Try to be less… well… you know how people will say just be yourself?”

Derek nods.

“Yeah that rule doesn’t so much apply to you. You need to be more…”
“More what?” Derek says through gritted teeth.

Stiles lets out a nervous laugh.

“More… human…”
“Human?” Derek utters with a look if distaste.

Erica sighs as if bored. She runs her hand along Derek’s chest and starts kissing along his neck.

“And that’s not going to help you by no means.” He points to Erica.

Derek looks back toward Erica.

“We’re done here.”

She softly laughs as if he’s joking. Derek places her hands into her lap.

“Go on now.”
“But I thought we were going back to your place?”

“So unfair…” Stiles gripes remembering how Erica had a crush on him at first; until the whole changing ordeal took place.

He only pretended not to know Erica out of curiosity on Bella’s reaction to her. No Erica didn’t even so much as look his way.

“Well you thought wrong.”

Her jaw drops.

“You’re turning me down?”
Derek shrugs.

“It’s the new girl isn’t it?!”

Derek let’s out a distinct alpha like sound that only she could detect. She nods gathering the warning she grabs her purse and rushes out of there.

“Sit.” Derek demands looking towards Stiles.

“Um ok…”
He sits and Derek sighs with great annoyance.

“Help me.”

“You want me to help you?”

Derek curls his upper lip.

“Yes.” He damn near growls.


“Bella Swan.”

“You do realize I’m still a virgin right?”

“Are you going to help me or not?! TELL ME HOW TO HELP HER!”

“Well for starters, have you ever once tried to comfort her during times of need or are you just going straight for the kill so to speak?”

“Yeah, you know like actually being there. Just… you know… be there.”
“HOW?!” He says with impatience.
Stiles pinches his eyes shut.

“This could be a long night.”
Derek punches at the table.



Bella placed her book down as she heard someone tapping at her window. She made her way over and raised the window.

He nodded.

Bella sighed.

“What do you want?”

“Can I come in?”

“I don’t know Derek. I…”

He leaps inside after all.

“Why even bother asking?”
“I was trying to be polite.”

He looks around as Bella closes the window back up.

“Well by all means I wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself.”

Derek takes off his jacket and places it on her chair.

“Make yourself at home.”

He nods and plops down on her bed. Bella pinches the bridge of her nose.
“Really Derek?” She hisses.

“Shouldn’t you be scoring with some blonde about now?”

He smirks at this.

“I could have…” He admits with a shrug.

“But wasn’t in the mood.
“You? You weren’t in the mood? Since when? I thought your libido was 24/7?”

“It depends..”


“The company.”

He pats the area beside him and rolls over.

“Let me guess another one of your seduction techniques. What have you up your sleeve this time?”

He shows her that his sleeves are empty and shrugs. He pats the area yet again. Bella sighs and hesitantly makes her way over. They both eye one another as they were facing each other.

“I’m going to try something. Now can you just keep quiet? And no hitting!”

She goes to say something and he puts a single finger upon her lips.

“Shhhh…. Just shhh…”

Derek cupped her cheek and kissed her. He then brought her against his chest and simply held her. Bella went to try and talk again. He covered her mouth and held her tighter. Derek woke first realizing they’d fallen asleep. Bella was still across his chest. He gently rolled her over. She quietly moaned out as he did. He ran his fingers along the sexy strip of tummy she had exposed. He lifted his eyes towards Bella in surprise as he felt her fingers running through his hair.
“Derek?” She whispered as if surprised he was still here.
He nodded as she looked to the time.

“My dad will be home around 8.”

It was currently 5 am. He doesn’t comment. Instead he kisses her tummy and continues to kiss up along her chest, neck, and lips. Derek stopped to see she was crying. Guilt…Massive guilt. She truly felt she was wrong in having any sort of feelings or desires for Derek. Her emotions hit him powerfully. Bella covered her entire face. Bella didn’t want to be doped all over again. She didn’t want the risk of Charlie getting hurt or herself for that matter. She also loathed the fact that she was crying in front of fucking Derek Hale aka her damn alpha.

He uncovers her face and wipes her tears with his thumbs.
“Come with me. I need to show you something.”

He takes her hand and leads her to the Hale house. He takes her down to the basement.

“Just wait right there.”

She nods but looks upon him peculiarly. Derek opens some sort of secret area. He shines a flashlight on the display before him. Bella’s hand instantly clamped over her mouth and she staggered back.

“Friends of yours?
Before her was the heads of Laurent and Victoria.

He nods.

“This one was snooping around when you first came to Beacon Hills.” He points to Laurent.

“And this one was stalking you and your father when you two were walking about the woods the other day.”

She grimaced.

“I can’t make you any promises about how no one will ever hurt you or your father Bella. But it’s in my nature to protect you both. I will do whatever I can to honor that.” He looks back towards the heads.

“So who are they?”

“Laurent and Victoria.” She whispers.

He nods.

She looks towards him.

“Teach me.”

He raises his brows on this.

“You’re my alpha right?”

He nods with narrowed eyes.

“Then I want you to teach me how to kill these motherfuckers!”

He smirks.

“I’m sure I can manage that.”

“I want to be able to protect my family and friends. I want to learn how to fight Derek! I’m so fucking tired of having my ass handed to me! I want to be the one they FEAR!”

Derek shut his eyes for a moment. He wasn’t sure why that was exciting him, but it did. She meant every word she just said. He could feel it.

“Jackson’s still out there somewhere. I haven’t any idea if the Cullen’s are now my friends or enemies. I have a shifter out there that would absolutely love to watch me die. Amongst God knows what! I want to be prepared for whatever comes my way.”

Derek makes his way over.

“And what about me?”
She looks to him in wonder.

“Are you prepared for me?’

He backs her up against one of the posts of the basement.

“You say you want me to train you?”

She nods and her breathing picks up.

“You’re tired of people not being straight with you right? You want the truth right up front?”

Bella nods again.


Bella grabs him by the collar of his shirt and kisses him. Derek growled into her mouth as he lifted her off the ground. He continued to kiss her as he carried her out of the basement. He pressed her up against one of the walls in the living room. Derek bucked his hips about as he kissed along her neck and nipped along it. Bella felt him throbbing even through his jeans.

“I’m not holding back. You’re fucking mine!” He growls and his eyes glowed to that of alpha red. Derek placed her on the couch.

Derek literally shreds off her clothes. He attacks her breasts with his tongue and sucks on them as he undoes his jeans. A growl like moans vibrates against her nipples. Derek tore through his shirt. Bella ran her hands along his chest and biceps. He steps out of his shoes and jeans. As Derek crawls over her his eyes lock with hers.

“It’s going to hurt like hell at first. If you feel the need to bite or claw then go for it. Whatever helps… This is your one fucking chance to back out… Once I start you won’t be able to stop me. I’ll be too far gone!” She closes her eyes for a moment preparing herself.

“I want to be yours Derek.”

At this he growls as his dick got the message right away. She whimpered out as he drove his cock in as deep as he could go. Derek had a different approach then most men would with a virgin. He didn’t stop. Once he felt her hymen bust he picked up the pace. He figured the best way to go about it for both their sakes was just to hurry. She was going to be in pain no matter what why prolong it? If he kept going he’d get closer to his climax a lot sooner. That wasn’t the only issue with this. He was about to mark her that’s what Derek truly meant by no stopping him. Once he began the ritual he’d be lost in the transition and he wouldn’t be able to focus on anything else. His canines protruded and Bella cried out as his cock enlarged even more inside her; something that just naturally took place during his transformation.

He pulled at her hair as he bit down between her neck and shoulder. He quickly covered her mouth as she screamed out. Derek went even faster and harder. She literally milked his cock with each stroke he gave. Derek let out a howl as he came to a finish. As soon as he came off his sexual high. He eagerly kissed her. She clung onto him for dear life as pain still coursed below. She continued to whimper off and on. Derek came to his feet and scooped her up. She buried her face into his chest as he carried her to the lake. He stepped right in and lowered her down once he got within waist level. The cold water began to numb the pain as it hit. He swallowed back and gently took his hand along her sex. He didn’t place any fingers inside or anything. He merely massaged it hoping to ease whatever he could. She took back a quivery breath and her body began to calm down. The pain was subsiding. Still, he continued to kiss along her neck and shoulders. The moon was reflecting in the lake and the stars were out. Derek wrapped his arms around her waist and held her.





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