Chapter 6 One Thing After Another

Chapter 6

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Derek rolls his eyes as he’s able to sneak up on Bella yet again. He grabs her and pins her back against the tree.

“You’ve died a total of three times today.”

“Funny, I feel just fine.”

“This isn’t something to be taken lightly. You should be able to sense me! You’re not focusing.”

“And I’m supposed to stay in this focused state, what 24/7?”

“Don’t what?”

“You know damn well what.”

“Well someone’s freaking chipper today.”

He snarls back.

“So cute, when you’re angry.”

He sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose.
“Bella, I’m trying to get you fit for survival. This is crucial. I feel like…”

“Like you’re not even trying.”

“I am ok. I’m sorry, I’m not picking it up as fast as you would like. There’s a lot going on. My fucking senses are going ape shit and it’s really hard to focus!”

“Try harder!”

He takes off at this and Bella frowns.

“I don’t want to. This is annoying…” She complains.

She kicks at a branch and looks around the forest.

“Try harder…” She mocks in his gruff voice and climbs up a tree.

She stuffs her hands into her hoodie and breathes in the air around her. Once she picks up Derek’s scent she takes off. She sighs as she loses his scent off and on.

“Dammit…” She groans to herself as she sniffs a nearby tree.

Bella however tilted her head about as this strong overwhelming sense of fear came over her. She growled under her breath and took a few steps back as she looked around.

“Derek?” She called out as she continued to cautiously back up.

She swallowed back as she heard something rustling around in some nearby bushes. The feeling was so incredible Bella slipped into her transformation. The fur on her back crawled and she whimpered out. This need to run hit her and without fully understanding why. Bella took off desperate to find Derek and make certain he was alright. The fear though continued to grow. She found herself running even faster. So much so she knew she was about to run out of forest to run onto the highway and risk exposing herself. That and she still hadn’t found Derek.

Bella froze and turned deciding to face whatever it was. She growled out hearing it growing closer. Bravely, she stepped towards the area it was coming from. She cocked her head about in detection. Bella quickly whipped around, restraining whoever it was. He smirked and raised his hands in the air. She growled furiously in his face and dug her claws into his chest. He raised his brows on this and reversed the pin.
“Switch back.” Derek ordered and she growled out, snapping at him.

Derek sighed with slight annoyance as she squirmed out of his hold and bitterly took off. He hopped up and chased after her. After too long of the game, he grew impatient and called to her in his alpha voice. Bella gritted her teeth as her body was reacting to his command. She unwillingly came to a stop and turned back around. She grew angrier with each step back towards him. He cocked a brow as he was leaning against a tree.

“Switch back.” He demanded only more forcefully this time.

Bella snarled back as her body began to switch back. He wiggled his finger upon her and Bella shook her head. He narrowed his eyes and wiggled it about again.

“Screw you, Derek.”

“What was that? I mean how’d you do that?!”

“What’s that exactly?”

He questioned as she was covering herself.

“I think we both know what I’m talking about.”

“You mean what you were feeling?”

She swallowed back as he continued to motion her over. She shook her head upon him determined to stay put.

“There’s more to it than just picking up one’s scent, Bella. You can also pick up certain emotions whether it is what the person is feeling at that very moment. Or what they felt last time they wore a certain article of clothing or something they come into contact with. It details of so much more than you’re giving credit to. That’s why you must stay focused. You need to clear your head.”

“What are you saying? That you were frightened?”

“Not exactly… but I was thinking about things that can cause fear. If you were focusing, you would have detected it was me from the beginning however you only targeted the feeling of fear and didn’t bother to dig deeper. That fear became you’re only motivation. You let it overcome you. You still have so much to learn.”

“I thought you were going to teach me how to fight.”

“And what exactly do you think this is Bella? You need to learn everything there is to know about your strengths and weaknesses. Otherwise, you have no business even considering fighting. By far are you ready for any sort of combat. Needless to say, you’d get your ass handed to you pretty damn quick.”

She rolls her eyes and goes to search for her clothes.

“Looking for something?”

She turns back around seeing that he had her clothes. He wiggles his finger yet again. Bella gritted her teeth and strut right up to him. She went to jerk her clothes out of his hold, only to have him raise them higher into the air. It didn’t help that in comparison Derek was a lot taller than she was.

“Derek…” She was damn near climbing him in order to reach for her clothes.

Bella shut her eyes though as she not only felt, but sensed Derek. He had his other hand along her bare ass. He kissed along her neck and shoulder. Before Bella could truly think, he’d lifted her up off the ground and was taking her to the Hale house. Her jaw nearly dropped as they entered. Derek had done a lot of work to the house, since she’d last been here. Bella looked upon him oddly. He didn’t comment as he laid her down on the couch. Derek tossed her clothes over to a corner of the room, along with his shirt as he took it off.

Her hands ran along his chest. Bella often enough found herself in marvel when it came to the wonders of Derek Hale’s body. It was as if he were solid muscle and nothing else. Derek heatedly kissed her as he readily unfastened his jeans. A soft growl like moan escaped his lips as Bella reached down and began stroking him. He was warm to the touch and pulsating in her hand. Still she couldn’t believe “that” fit in her. Even with her body changing the way it had, her frame was much smaller in comparison to Derek. He was big in every way a man could be. She curiously observed as percum began to leak out. She was basically learning everything through Derek.

He swallowed back in realization. It was too easy for him to get swept away and just go for it. Derek let her explore his body to her heart’s content as he continued to kiss along hers. He loved that innocence. Something about it was a massive turn on. Just knowing he was damn near her first experience in anything sexual, that’s how he preferred it. And if he had any choice in it, that’s how it’d stay. She was his now after all. No other man should even be touching her. He couldn’t help but to feel possessive when it came to her. It was in his blood. There was no stopping it.

He momentarily shut his eyes as he felt her kissing along his chest and biceps. Derek positioned himself and effortlessly slid into her perfectly pink, fitted, and very wet mound. He reached down and spread her lips apart, wanting to see his cock buried within her. His eyes lifted towards hers as he hinted for her to look as well. She gasped back in a moan as he began to thrust. Derek had himself positioned just right so they could both observe his cock pounding away. When they first had sex Bella had a small sexy trail of hair, only now even that was gone. He couldn’t decide which was sexier with or without.

He sucked on her mouthwatering breasts and teasing ran his teeth along her erect nipples. Something he soon learned was a bit of a turn on for her. He could feel her flooding his cock she was coming so hard. Her arms wrapped around his neck as he kissed her.

“Harder Derek…” She pleaded in this seductive tone that drove him mad.

He gave into her wishes and drove himself even harder within her.

“…fuck…” He groaned feeling her release yet again.

His eyes flickered to that alpha red hue. Derek growled out as his claws popped out and dug into the arm rest of the couch as he continued. She kissed along his neck and ran her fingers through his hair.

His eyes widened and his dick swelled up even more, than it was already. Not only was she nipping and licking along the crevice of his neck in a very animalistic way, but her nails were clawing at his back. He surprised her by growling out her name behind gritted teeth.

“Come for me one more time, Bella…” He uttered in a sternly matter directly after.

Like clockwork her body caved into Derek’s demands. At this he too released. He stroked himself within her until she drained him to the very last drop. He didn’t pull out just yet. Instead his lips found hers again. He took his time worshipping her body. She felt entirely too good, he wasn’t ready to pull away just yet. Bella softly laughed as he rolled them over on the couch. He nursed on her breasts some more and buried his face between them. Derek couldn’t believe how much her body had developed. It wasn’t that she wasn’t just as stimulating before, but she hadn’t anywhere near the curves she had now. It helped him feel somewhat better about their age difference. When it came to her body, she most certainly didn’t look like a junior in high school. Her face was still youthful, but her body had a completely different story going. If he’d never met her and just ran into her now. He’d honestly think she was in college, or most certainly out of high school.

He really did hate that part. He didn’t like the fact that she still had another year after this and that she lived with her father. It felt weird to him. It made him fell like he was back in high school as well. Especially, since they had to sneak around. To keep her father from finding out, that is. Otherwise, he could give a rat’s ass who knew they were together. Bella was perfectly legal so they could all suck it up. This was something he knew they couldn’t keep doing, nor did he want to. Whether she liked it or not Bella was going to have to come clean to her father about him. Derek Hale wasn’t just some high school crush or boyfriend even. He was the real deal and wasn’t going away. He would be in Bella’s future. Something he knew for a fact her father would disapprove of. Then again, there wasn’t much anyone could do now. They were mated and when a werewolf truly mated it was for life.

Once he forced himself to stop, he drew her up against his chest. He could have easily continued that throughout the day however. It wasn’t just how it felt; they had a certain taste that was highly erotic. He felt Bella snuggling up against him even more so. He narrowed his eyes in thought and soothingly ran his hands along her back. He could feel the scars as he did this. He wondered why the scars didn’t go away once she was turned and why they remained even in transformation. Not that they bothered him any. He just hated that she had to go through something like that. It was a wonder she lived through it. Derek still couldn’t fathom half the shit his uncle had done to Bella. It made him sick just thinking about it. And now this whole ordeal with him supposedly haunting Lydia Martin, in order to get his point across to Bella.

She laughed again and squirm a little as he got to her waistline. He grinned realizing she was ticklish.



“Stop that.”

“Stop what?” He taunted as he continued.

Derek laughed as she nearly fell off the couch trying to get away from him. He pulled her back over and got a better hold on her. He kissed her but began to tickle her again.


Derek froze however and lifted his head. He was picking up something and could’ve sworn he heard the front door open.

“What?” Bella whispered.

He rolled his eyes as he picked up her scent first then she entered the room as if she owned the damn place. She raised a brow towards Bella and folded her arms about her chest.

“I knew it…”
Erica bitterly shakes her head.

“First off, you need to knock next time. Secondly, this is none of your business.” Derek firmly states.

He was extremely pissed off to have his time with Bella interrupted. It was hard enough sneaking around to begin with. The only reason they were even able to do this was because her father was at work and she was still suspended from school.

Erica shrugs.

“Has he told you about us? Or anything about me?”

Derek shoots off the couch and points upon her irately.


She smiles damn near menacingly.

“Fine, I’ll be waiting for you outside.”

“That won’t be necessary.”
“So you don’t wish to know what’s going on with the other packs?”

Derek cut Erica a certain glare. Bella sighed and came to her feet. She grabbed her clothes and started to get dressed. Erica merely watched with a smirk about her face.
“She’s kind of cute. But then again, she’s just a kid, Derek.”

“And you weren’t?” He reminds, realizing he put his own foot in his mouth.

“That’s right… I was about her age wasn’t I? Actually, I’m pretty sure I am your age, maybe a year older. You go to school with Stiles right?”

Bella nods, whilst buttoning her shirt. Erica makes her way over and starts to button Bella’s shirt for her. Derek shook his head as Bella swiftly pinned Erica back against the wall.

“Don’t touch me. And don’t start playing games…” Bella threatens.

“You know Derek never actually called off what we had… funny isn’t it?”

“Well then I imagine it’s because whatever you two had; wasn’t really what you assumed it was.”

“That maybe, that or it’s has more to do with Derek having a thing for damsels in distress. Let me guess you too were weak, pathetic. Couldn’t get any man to look your direction? However you move to Beacon Hills and this knight in shining armor shows up and swears he’s going to make everything better.”
Bella looked to Derek confused. Erica smiles.

“So I was right! She doesn’t know about us.”

“Erica…” He cautions.

“Did he seduce you too? Did he promise to make it all better with just one little…”

Derek swoops over and slams Erica back with one arm.


Bella holds up a hand. She knew Derek was desperate to keep whatever this was from her. That only pissed Bella off. Here she was mated to him and he didn’t want Bella knowing about whatever this was.

“I want to know.”

Derek snarls back towards Bella.

“No you don’t! That’s all history! There’s no need to trudge this up!”

He then turns back to Erica.

“You knew damn well what we had, wasn’t meant to be taken seriously! In fact so much so, that you WAIT until I’m mated to even bring this shit up.”

Erica’s smile fades.


Derek pinches the bridge of his nose.

“I thought you already knew.” He utters forgetting that she couldn’t sense him as well now since she no longer followed him.

Erica clears her throat. That playful demeanor left and she looked as though she were about to cry. Derek sighed and zipped up his pants and buttoned them.

“Don’t…” He said damn near imploringly as Bella was heading for the door.

“You said I was too young… you… but she…” Erica says as if in a state of shock.

Bella narrowed her eyes on this.

“How old are you?”

“17.” Bella answers behind a sigh.

Erica nods.

“18. He turned me when I was your age.”

Bella’s heart sank to the pit of her stomach. So much so Derek sensed it and staggered back somewhat.

“He turned you?”

Erica nods


“Why don’t you tell her yourself Derek? Tell her how you were going to save me. Tell your precious mate how you were going to make everything better. When the truth was you wanted someone that would do your dirty work!”

He shut his eyes for a moment looking ill. There were things he never wanted Bella to know about and this was one of them. He was a different person then. Not that Bella would believe that now.

“You’re not going to tell me anything, are you Derek?”

He opens his eyes again. Bella rolled hers and opened the door. He slammed his fist into the wall as she exited the house.

“What the hell was THAT?!” Derek snaps at Erica once Bella’s gone.

Erica’s smile returns.

“Oh please, she was too easy. Besides, it’s not like I’m actually lying. Everything I said, was pretty dead on.” She says and adjust her breasts before applying some more of her red lipstick on.

“After today, you’re not to come here again. Do we have an understanding?”

“But how else are you going to learn what the others are up to?”
“I’ll find a way!”

Erica makes her way over and runs a hand along his chest. She breathes him in.

“Hmmm… I remember that scent. Too bad it’s somewhat tainted now.”
“Not happening.” He makes clear as he lowers her hand back down.

“Oh please, like you don’t think of me from time to time when you’re with her.”

Great, I created a monster… talk about karma… Derek finds himself thinking.

“I don’t. She’s my mate now, Erica. That’s not something I’m willing to take for granted.” Especially , considering how hard she was to convince to begin with! He thinks again.

“Oh don’t even pretend you have some sort of heart now Derek.”

“I think it’s time you left.”
“But don’t you want to hear…”

“NO! Just go!”

Erica half laughs.

“So this was your idea of “saving me” of “making it all, go away”. A year later and you’re shoving me out the damn door, telling me to never return.”


This time she wasn’t faking. She truly had her feelings hurt. Derek swallowed back feeling like a complete asshole. But he knew this wasn’t something that could continue.

“If I could take it back…”

“So what was so different about her?”
He sighs uncomfortably.

“You know we don’t always choose our mates, Erica.”

“So this isn’t even something you want?”
“Now, I didn’t say that.”

“Do you love her?”

“That’s really none of your business as well.”

“It’s a simple question, Derek. Do you love her or not?”
He grabs one of his shirts and places it on.

“You need to go. I’m sorry, Erica. But I can’t have you ruining this for me.”

She flinches.

“Wow… I believe I have my answer. I suppose I should have known. You never laughed like that with me.

Hell, you couldn’t wait to hop out of the bed once we were done fucking!”

“It wasn’t always like that and you know it!”

“You’re right; sometimes you’d stretch your arms about, yawn, and then get out of bed.”

He shakes his head.

“But you were nowhere near as affectionate. You actually looked to be enjoying yourself Derek Hale! Since WHEN?! I wasn’t even aware you could fucking smile! I can count on ONE hand how many times I’ve genuinely seen you smile.”

“You became something else. You…” He sighs. “Erica, you and I could have never been. You let it all go to your head. Even now, the way you carry yourself, the way you dress, and act. It’s like you forgot who you are and where you came from. Do you not remember?”

“Oh you mean the pathetic girl that would piss herself after having a seizure? The one everyone laughed at? That girl?”

Derek took in a miserable breath.

“She’s dead, Derek. She died that day in the hospital!”
“That’s a shame.”
“Oh please. You couldn’t stand her! You never even gave her a second glance. THIS IS WHAT YOU WANTED!”

He shakes his head.

“No, Erica. That’s what you wanted. I saw someone that had the potential to become much more. Someone humble yet reasonably understood what they were capable of.”

“You wanted a strong, sexy, sex craving, KILLER!”

“You couldn’t be more wrong. I chose you for a damn reason Erica! THIS? NOT IT! LOOK AT YOURSELF! You want to blame me, FINE! Blame me all you want. I know what I’ve done and once again I’m sorry. There were selfish intentions when I turned you! However, you still have some self-control! It was your decision on where to take this. I might’ve given you the power, but it was yours to do whatever you wanted. You chose to take lives! I know I’m partially to blame for that. But I tried to steer you another direction, once I saw just how out of hand you were getting! You chose to let it go straight to your head and you hurt others in the process. I will NOT take the blame for that. I will when it comes to everything else. The path was set out for you! I made certain it was towards the end! I wanted better for you in the long run! I trained you Erica! But I never ONCE trained you to become THIS! THAT WAS YOUR DOING! Now, I know what you’re thinking and you’re wrong. It wasn’t me that turned Bella! So get that out of your head, right now. I didn’t go out my way to try and replace you! That’s not even close to what this is. I didn’t plan this! And don’t you even think for a second, that Bella’s having an easier time with this. You haven’t any idea what she’s had to overcome. I felt for you, truly I did, part of me still does. You had it pretty damn rough, but believe me when I say Bella’s transition was by far more traumatic! And yet she still manages to wake up EVERY DAMN DAY and somehow pulls through. I don’t see her letting it go to her head, the way you have. She has some control because she chooses to. I don’t have to enforce that, that’s all her doing. You honestly believe I’d choose to mate with someone that takes lives the way you do? That pretty much comes on to damn near anyone with a pulse. I get that you can’t help how you attract others. That’s not your fault, it just comes with it. But Bella faces the same ordeal, each and every day. I don’t see her throwing herself at every damn man that shows her the smallest amount of attention. There are something’s even I’m NOT willing to deal with. I paid more attention than you ever knew Erica. The more I learned; the more I realized you and I were never going to happen.”
“So you’re comparing us?!”

“I don’t mean to, but you’re putting me on the spot. And you just did one hell of a job in front of her. Now I have to go and fix this. So yeah, at the moment I’m not very happy. You just swept in here like you owned the damn place and now once again, I have to go clean up another mess of yours! It seems like every damn time you enter my life again, I’m cleaning up after you! So please, just go! This is goodbye don’t come back. Just…”

She nodded and shut her eyes. Derek took in a breath seeing the tears forming in her eyes. He truly felt as though a monster. It wasn’t that he didn’t care. He did. But he had to make one hell of a decision here and he was putting his mate first. Once she exited the house. Derek punched at the wall repeatedly peeling the flesh back on his knuckles. He hated what he’d just done, but he knew the longer Erica stuck around the more he’d fuck up what he and Bella had going, if he hadn’t already. She was bound to find out the truth… Derek Hale had more skeletons in his closet than he knew what to do with. He didn’t even deserve someone like Bella. But he didn’t want to continue down the usual path and end up with someone like Erica. For once he wanted something different in his life, something to truly look forward to. Bella brought that out in him. He’d never voice it. But seeing Bella was the highlight of his day and when he didn’t get to see her he found himself to be in a funk all over again.

“Dammit!” He growled.

He pinched his eyes shut, trying to think of what the hell he was going to say to Bella.

“…what have I done…?” He whispered knowing he deserved whatever he had coming to him.

“You wouldn’t be Bella if you didn’t go prowling throughout the woods, alone, for that matter.”

Bella froze in utter disbelief upon the familiar voice.


She whispered before she even turned around. He had a genuine beam to his face.

“Hey loco.”

She looked around rather apprehensively.
“Relax, it’s just me.”

She swallowed back and nodded. Jake narrowed his eyes and tilts his head about.

“You seem… well… different. Hotter even somehow.”

Bella blushed a bit but kept her distance. She hadn’t a clue on who to trust anymore. She thought about what Peter had said and took a few steps back from Jake.

“Seriously… like what happened to you?”

Jake makes his way over and circles her.

“Jake…” She whispered with slight alarm in her voice.

She knew if Derek caught wind of this…

“You smell different too. What is that…?”
She shrugs as if indifferent.

“Are you afraid of me?”

Bella shook her head but continued to keep her distance.

“Come on Bella, it’s just me.”

“Were you apart of it too?”

He cuts her a puzzled glance.

“Part of what?”

“You know… the game… whipping me into shape and all that.”

Jake grimaces giving her all the answer she needed. Her heart sank and she felt as though she’d vomit.

“Oh… my… God… You… You were in on it too.”
“It wasn’t like that, Bella. We had no choice! But he’s obviously gone now, so…”

“So…? So what, Jake? So you can quit FUCKING ME OVER, IS THAT WHAT? Is there a single person besides my father that wasn’t out to sabotage me?! That wasn’t FAKE! How can ONE MAN! ONE! Terrorize an entire TOWN!”
“There was a lot more than one. We need to talk.”
“More than one? What the hell are you talking about?”
“If you’d shut up and give me a chance to explain!”

Bella gritted her teeth trying to fight it. She didn’t want to transform in front of Jake. That’d give the others all the more reason to come after her.

“But first of all you need to know why I came here in the first place. I couldn’t get ahold of you and this is important Bella. I’m afraid your once beloved Cullen’s are now your enemies.”

“And what would you know about that?”
He sighs.
“I saw what your friend did to Edward. It’s not pretty. He’s in a damn wheelchair. I never dreamed of the day I’d witness a vampire becoming permanently handicapped.”
“He had it coming.”
“I know he did. They all do. Like I’ve tried to tell you before.”
“But so do you.”

He rears back at her words.



“Children of the moon?” Bella inquires with confusion.

“Yeah Bella, that’s what this Peter guy was. Only he was alpha and by far more monstrous than anything we’d ever seen! Don’t even get me started on the twins he had with him!”

Bella swallowed back realizing what she and Derek were now as well. She knew they were werewolves and she’d heard of the children of the moon. She just never dreamed…

“How many were there?”

“Bella, this guy had at least twenty three pack members. Shifters and children of the moon are completely different beings. Children of the moon are nothing more than savages.”

“Is that so?”

He nods with full assurance.

“They’re blood thirsty and need to be wiped off the face of the earth! They’re actually worse than the leeches you were hanging around.”


“So, they’re all this way?”
“Yes Bella, every single one of them!”

“But that’s not what I’m here about. Obviously, this Peter is no longer an issue. You have a bigger issue to worry about at the moment. Like I was saying, the Cullen’s are pissed. They will be seeking revenge on Edward’s behalf. Not even their precious doc of a father could fix him. And they say you allowed this to happen?”
Bella shrugs and Jake smiles.

“I never thought I’d see the day. Bella Swan, has finally had enough of the leeches! About fucking time!”

“More like, I’ve had enough of EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING!”

Jake rolls his eyes.
“We can move past all that now. Like I said we no longer have to worry about this Peter guy. Which is good news for us, Edward’s no longer in the way and…”

“You must have the most horrible senses ever known to a wolf!” She scoffs.

Jake narrows her eyes wondering what the hell that meant.

“Can you truly not detect it? Haven’t you the faintest clue? Or are you just an idiot or glutton for punishment?!”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“It means, I’d watch whatever you say next and don’t make any sudden movements.”

She warns already sensing that Derek was close and in a very rotten mood. Jake narrowed his eyes and breathed in the air around them. Jake immediately grabbed Bella and yanked her up against his chest. Bella sighed. You idiot… She thought and sure enough Derek leaped down making himself known. He swiftly reached over and swiped Bella right out from Jake’s hold.

Bella’s eyes widen in surprise as Derek had his nose buried into the crevice of her neck. He was breathing her in, but kept his eyes locked onto Jake’s . A low growl escaped his mouth and his lip curled.

Bella gasped out as Derek leaped over and pushed Jake up against a tree. He wrapped his hand around his throat and lifted him off the ground.

“No one touches her! EVER!”

“Shit!” Bella shouted as both men began to transform.

Jake was first to send Derek flying back throughout the woods.


He growls at her as he sprints past, charging right for Derek.
“He’ll kill you. You idiot! Jesus, Jacob!” She ran her fingers through her hair.

She turned just in time to see Jake soaring throughout the woods this time. He whimpered out as he went through a tree. Her eyes widened as Derek seemed to come from nowhere. He suddenly had Jake pinned to the ground and was punching the living shit out of his snout.

“That’s enough, Derek!”

Derek growled at her comment and decked Jake twice as hard.

“DEREK!” She rebuked.

Jake inverted the hold Derek had on him. He snapped at him continuously, but Derek dodged each attempt as he struggled to get Jake off him. Derek pierced his claws through Jake’s neck and shoulder as they scuffled about. Jake whimpered out as Derek drove his hand right through his chest.

“My uncle’s got nothing on me MUTT!” Derek warns.
Jake’s eyes widened and he whimpered out in fear, he could feel Derek’s hand around his heart.

Derek however came to immediate attention. Bella was nowhere to be found and he could sense she was in distress. He removed his hand and shoved Jake to the ground leaving him to heal from one hell of a wound. Derek took off picking up not only Bella’s scent but another damn shifter.

“Fucking leech lover! You deserve to DIE! All our problems would be solved if you no longer existed! I knew he wouldn’t be able to help himself! I knew if I was careful and stayed out of sight and literally out of mind, he’d lead me right to you. Peter’s gone. He’s waiting for you IN HELL! WHERE I’LL BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO SEND YOU!”

Bella screamed out just before Paul shoved her head under the water. He continued to hold her down as she squirmed about trying to transform. Paul ripped the back of her shirt open and grinned.

“I should have ended it that day. I shouldn’t have listened to the son of a bitch.”

He forces Bella back up and she starts choking.

“All of this could have been prevented if we just got you out of your pathetic misery. Think about it! I’m doing the world a favor! A WORLD WITHOUT BELLA SWAN! YOU’D HAVE BEEN BETTER OFF, IF YOU DIED IN YOUR MOTHER’S WOMB! OR BETTER YET IF SHE ABORTED YOUR ASS!”

His eyes widened as Bella’s transformation finally took place.

“SHIT!” He yelled caught completely off-guard.

Bella sank her teeth into his throat and began to shake. Paul shifted but still Bella didn’t budge. If anything she bit down even harder and shook even more violently. She growled as his claws dug into her. Bella began to drag the massive shifter into the water, where he’d tried to drown her. Once they were in the water. She transformed back. Blood covered her mouth and neck. Her eyes though never wavered they were still gold. Bella forced him under the water. He weakly struggled but had lost too much blood and was too injured to put up much of a fight. Bella wiped the blood from her face with the back of her hand. The wolf’s body became motionless. That’s when it hit as to what she’d really done. Bella’s eyes widened and she looked upon her hands in disbelief. She shook her head and backed away from the body.

“No…” She whispered as her heart was racing.



She closed her eyes at the sound of his voice. She became nauseas. Derek entered the water taking in the scene before him.


She looked to Paul’s body then back to Derek. Derek took it upon himself to send Paul’s body floating another direction and set it up as an unfortunate animal attack.

Derek held up a hand as he slowly approached her.

“It’s ok…”
She shook her head.

“No… no it’s not.”

Once he was within reach, Derek grabbed ahold of her. Bella broke into hysterical sobs. Derek hurriedly scooped her up. He rushed her back to the house. And there was the difference… This was exactly what Derek was referring to when it came to Erica. When Erica took a life she hardly even seemed fazed. Bella just took a life and was having a panic attack. Bella was by no means a killer. It wasn’t in her. Nevertheless, she just proved that when needed, she could get down to business. That’s what Derek wanted not only in a mate, but a pack member.

Derek sat her on the couch and continued to hold her as she cried it out. He knew the bastard had it coming. But that wasn’t what she needed to hear at the moment. Right now, he just needed to let her vent.

His cell rang and he cleared his throat before answering.

“What is it, Stiles?”
“Does Bella happen to be around?”
“Now’s not a good time.”
“And why’s that? Are you two… you know…”

Derek rolls his eyes.

“You can talk to her later. Not right now…”

He goes to hang up.
“WAIT!” Stiles sighs on the other end.

“It’s about Lydia… it’s getting worse…”

Derek pinches the bridge of his nose.

“Of course it is.”

“Look, I’ll send you the pics myself.”
“She’s there?”

“Actually, I’m at her house. Lydia was trying to get ahold of Bella but there was no answer. So she called me wondering if I knew where she was. Hell, Derek, I don’t even know what to do. Lydia’s mother is out of town and…”
“Tell him we’re on our way.”

Derek shuts his eyes and shakes his head.

“Um no, we’re not.”

Bella rises up and dries her eyes.

“I made Lydia a promise, Derek. I don’t ever break my promises.”

“Bella…” Derek damn near pleaded.

“You’re not in the right frame of mind. We’ll handle this tomorrow. She can wait.”

“Something tells me I’m never going to be in the right frame of mind. And no Derek, she can’t. I’m ok. Let’s just go.”
“On our way.” Derek growls into the phone.

Derek has her wait while he searches for her clothes out in the woods. After he returns, she gets dressed and Derek offers her one of his shirts. Then they brave taking his car. Bella kept her head down as they headed to Lydia’s. Stiles’s was already outside and lead them straight to her room once they arrived. Bella grimaced as she saw Lydia. She froze at the doorway. She had marks along her body again only this time they were more and depth and cut into her flesh.

“Lydia…” Bella whispered.

Lydia lifted her eyes towards her. She too had been crying.

“I’m sorry…” Lydia said.

Bella shook her head.

“No Lydia, I’m sorry… This is because of me, all of this.” Bella was beginning to see that Paul was right. Everyone around her was somehow affected by her.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Derek snapped overhearing this.

Bella doesn’t answer and makes her way over. She takes in a breath and hunkers down before Lydia.

“Another message?”

Derek looked upon them oddly. Lydia nodded and Bella nodded in return. Bella took in a breath.

“OK then. You ready?”

Lydia looked to her confused.

“Give me your hands. Remember to brace yourself.”

Stiles and Derek looked on curiously. Both girls gasped back as they came into contact with one another.

REMEMBER ME! He shouted and Bella jumped as he came into view.


Bella and Lydia look upon one another.

Where are we?” Lydia asked.

Bella reached out to the never ending darkness. She and Lydia were in white gowns and barefoot.

I don’t know, but whatever you do, don’t let go.”

Lydia nods as Bella got a better hold of Lydia’s hand. The area around them began to change and they both shield their eyes as the brightness made their eyes sensitive. They looked around and Bella took in a breath recognizing where they were all too well. They were back in Forks. In fact this was where Edward had confessed the truth behind everything and professed his undying love for Bella. Her eyes darted towards a certain direction. She heard what sounded to be laughter. She put a finger to her lips and nodded towards Lydia as they began to follow the sound. As soon as they found the source, Bella came to a stop. She saw the back of very familiar looking man he was wearing a black jacket. He spoke very softly but continued to laugh off and on. Bella bravely took a few more steps towards him. Lydia clung on for dear life and fear pulsating through her veins.

You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for you Bella… Now tell her this… And the lion fell in love with the lamb. Wait for her response…”

Bella felt ill as she continued to listen in. He laughs again.

Too easy… Hmm try this… a very sick masochistic lamb!”

Bella’s skin crawled as he continued to feed Edward the lines.

Bella?” Lydia questioned with concern.

He slowly turned with that demonic smile of his. He nodded and waved upon Bella. Both girls screamed out as they were sent flying back. They reached out for one another as they were pried apart.

NO LYDIA!” Bella shrieked out as they were soaring back at opposite directions.


Bella’s eyes suddenly felt heavy as they came to a close.

Bella shot up and looked around to see she was in her old room now. She saw what looked to be a shadow in the corner of the room.
“Edward?” She whispered as she pulled the covers up protectively along her body.

The person slowly turned around. She scooted back in her bed as all she could make out was a shadow coming her way.

Who are you?!”

Bella crawled out of the bed as the shadow approached. She backed up feeling her way around the room as the only light was coming from the full moon outside. She reached back and opened her door. Bella rushed down the stairs and headed for her father’s gun case. She heard whoever it was making their way down the stairs. Bella hurriedly punched through it. She grabbed one of her father’s rifles and fired the moment the shadow appeared before her.


Her jaw dropped as he reached over and cut on the living room lamp.
“DAD!” She screamed out and dropped the gun. He looked to her in shock and had his hand along his gut where she shot him. He staggered back in disbelief.

Why…?” He asked as he fell back against the wall.

NO!” Bella reached out for him only to be sent sailing back once more.

Bella now appeared in a clearing. She narrowed her eyes upon something off to the distance. She hesitatingly headed that direction. The closer she came to the area the more apprehensive she grew.

Bella froze once she was able to make out who it was.

Laurent?” She called out in skepticism.

He smiled upon her. Bella nodded and took a few steps back. She continued to back away from him as he slowly loomed towards her. Bella fell back as she lost her footing. She only looked away for a second, but once she looked back up she shrieked out in terror. Bella reached out to her.

NO!” Laurent snapped Lydia’s neck and began to feed from her.

Only when he looked up again, it wasn’t Laurent it was Peter. Peter nodded towards Bella and took on his original monstrous alpha form. His hand punctured through Lydia’s back and came out of her chest. He dropped something onto the clearing… her heart.

“SHIT!” Stiles and Derek rushed over as Bella was on her knees before Lydia screaming.

Both guys pried the girls apart. Lydia had started to convulse. Stiles tried shaking Lydia awake. When that didn’t work he picked her up and darted to the bathroom; where he placed Lydia into the tub and began to hose her down with the cold water.

Derek laid Bella down flat on the floor and hovered over her. Her eyes were still closed as she continued to scream.

“Wake up, Bella!” He commanded in his alpha voice.

Her eyes shot open and she grabbed Derek by the collar of his shirt.


“She’s ok…” Stiles softly said. They turn to see him carrying Lydia back into the room.

She was shivering and soaking wet still. Stiles laid her down on the bed and began to dry her off the best he could. Bella covered her face for a moment. Derek helped Bella to her feet. Lydia and Bella nodded upon one another as if in silent understanding. Bella leaned against Derek. Her entire body suddenly felt rundown.

“Hey…” Derek called out and gently shook her.

“She’s out…” Stiles remarked, taking notice.

She wasn’t the only one. Lydia was as well.

Meanwhile, Derek that certain death glare about him; the one that no one ever wants to see on Derek Hale. A look that indicated death was near and that no one had better cross him. Stiles nodded to himself as he too read this.

“I’ll watch after Lydia. You two go on. I’ll call you if something else occurs.”






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