Chapter 7 Sweet and Sour

Chapter 7

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Derek opened the door and nodded towards her. He then stepped aside, so she could enter. He locked up after word. He couldn’t help but to notice that she looked as though she hadn’t slept. Her eyes were bloodshot and sunken in. She seemed on edge as well. She leaned against the railing of the staircase. Her heart was at a faster pace than usual. Bella went to run her fingers through her hair and he saw how they were unsteady.

“Are you alright?”

She shook her head. Bella took in a breath.

“He’s found a way into my dreams as well.”

Derek narrowed his eyes on this.

“Every time I tried to sleep, he was right there. And I swear to God at times it felt a though he were in the room or in the fucking bed with me!”

She leaned over looking ill.

“It’s the things he says and does. He keeps showing me the truth behind everything, mocking me. Having some sort of sick laugh at my expense. I got up at 3 am and have been up since. I must’ve gone through an entire pitcher of coffee. My dad thinks I’m losing it. Maybe I am… I mean I don’t even know what’s real anymore. Then all I can think about is Lydia and what she must be going through. It seems whatever he does to me, Lydia has it ten times worse!”

Derek swallowed back and took in a breath. He started to approach her. But she held up a hand.

“There’s more behind this. This isn’t just about your uncle, Derek.” She looks towards the door.

“How do I know your old fuck buddy won’t be popping in at any given moment?”

Derek shut his eyes for a moment and sighed.

“Do you have any idea, just how confusing all this is to me?!”

“No, you need to hear me out. It’s bad enough I can’t get a read on you half the time! Yeah, I can sense you from time to time, but even then it’s difficult. It’s like you’re still trying to hide from me. You say this isn’t the same as what Jackson or Peter felt. THEN WHAT IS IT?! Cause so far, all we seem to do is fight and fuck! How do you expect me to feel about this Erica person and whatever else you’re hiding from me? Sometimes you make me feel like such a fool. You were the one that pursued me. Yet I’m the once chasing you! I’m the one trying to figure out just who you really are. Why the hell did you even want me as mate?! You obviously don’t trust me! You don’t see me the way I see you! I felt like a complete idiot in comparison to her! Then I learn you not only turned her but you two had some sort of affair going? Yet you even mentioned once before you thought I was too young. Yet she mentions the same thing came from your lips about her?! What is this Derek? Is this just something you do with women or should I say teenage girls? If so then why did you even bother mating with me? It’s clear you can damn near seduce whoever you want? So why didn’t you just seduce your way into stealing my virginity and doing away with me once you were done, just as you had ERICA! Why even keep me around?!”

Derek flinched as if he got socked in the gut.

“I feel so incredibly stupid! Which is what she set out to do, I’m sure. All my insecurities were brought out and I don’t just mean about myself. No Derek, about US! I mean what are we exactly? And I’m not talking about this whole mating bullshit! So what is all this exactly? Why did you choose me and why not Erica? She’s clearly more in your league!”

He wrinkles his nose offended.

“Really? That’s the kind of woman you see me with?” He says with a curled lip.

“Did you or did you not FUCK her Derek?”

He rolls his eyes.

“YES I DID! Is that what you want to hear?”

She grimaces.

“But that’s all it was! SEX! Just meaningless sex , between two people.”
“That’s not what it seemed like to her!”

“Well that’s just too damn bad, because that’s all there ever was between us. I don’t love her Bella! I might have cared for her and still do. But I never was in love with Erica! I used her ok! I’m not proud of it! I was a different person then and I had my own agendas. It’s like I told you before. I do things differently, the way I see fit for the moment. Ways that others don’t see fit. If I could take it back Bella, believe me, I would. If I knew someone like you was going to enter my life. I’d have rethought a lot of things. Nothing good ever crosses my path. Or so that’s how I used to feel. That is until you came to town.”

She lifts her eyes toward him in surprise.

“You ask me why you and not Erica. Well there’s your answer. I don’t love Erica. You want to know why I haven’t said it?!”

She shrugs, but her heart was damn near beating out of her chest.

“Because those three words often enough are nothing more than a curse. You haven’t any idea what I feel for you!”

“And why do you think that is?!” She fires back.

Derek laughs in misery and shakes his head.

“Dammit! You can sense me I know you can!”
“Yes I can! But even through that, it’s like a scrambled channel other times I FEEL NOTHING! It’s like you have this brick wall put up. And even at that Derek, sometimes people just like to hear it! What is so fucking hard about that?!”

“I already told you!”

She nods and presses her lips together.

“Just forget it. I don’t even know why I bothered to come here and try to have an adult conversation with you.”

She starts towards the door and he takes her by the arm.

“Don’t make me say it… Please… you know… that should be all that matters.”

She nods and yanks out of his hold.

“I’m not making you do a damn thing. Besides you’re the alpha remember? I’m just… Hell, I don’t even know what I am anymore.”

She opens the door about to head out.

“You’re right… Erica is a bombshell. Hell, anyone can see that.”

She rolls her eyes with gritted teeth.

“She dresses to kill. She’s got never ending legs to go with those sexy skirts of hers.”

Bella’s heart damn near sunk to the pit of her stomach torturously.

“But she wasn’t always like that. That’s not what I saw in Erica when I first met her.”

He makes his way over and pulls the door shut. He takes her hand and leads her to the couch where he sits her down.

“Erica was epileptic. She had horrible skin conditions such as acne and because of her seizure medication she was gaining weight. She couldn’t handle anything athletic without making a fool of herself. She was picked on and bullied constantly. I saw something in her… or so I thought. She was tired of being this weaker side of herself. By no means was she ugly. She just didn’t believe in herself enough to even try. She let these seizures and everything else control every aspect of her life. And we both know how cruel people your age can be.” He sighs.

“At the time, I needed her and she needed me. Yes, I had my own agendas, but so did she, Bella. Don’t let her fool you. She didn’t go into this near as blind and innocent as she wishes you to assume. I didn’t hold back on her. I told her what was to become of her. I told her what I expected and needed out of her.”

Derek goes more in depth into Erica’s story, even about their awkward relationship. He doesn’t sugar coat anything. He puts it all out there, knowing she’ll probably hate him. But he knew Bella was right. She deserved to know the man she was mated to. It wasn’t fair of him to keep holding back on her. It was better it came from him rather than someone else. A lesson he didn’t want to repeat. After he’s done, he waits for her reaction.

She merely nodded and sat in silence for a few moments. He pinches his eye shut and paces the room a bit.

“She became something else, Bella. Someone I could never be with. She used me just as much as I used her. I’m only sorry she winded up getting hurt in the end. But what I’m sorrier about is you getting caught up in all this. I never told you out of my own shame. I’m not so blind myself. I know you’re by far better than I will ever be! Here you are going through all this hell and still you continue to put other’s first. That’s not who I am. I don’t fucking deserve you! I never will. But even through that knowledge… I still want you. I want something I can finally look forward to and that’s what you are to me. Through everything you don’t let it all overcome you. You continue to fight and you don’t let it eat you alive. You can’t even grasp how much I admire that about you. Girls like Erica are a dime a dozen. It’s ones like you that are rare. That right there is why I wanted you. Despite the pull I felt towards you, I knew there was so much more behind it. I found myself wanting to be around you. Trying to find some sort of excuse just to see you even if it were just for a few minutes. Even if it was just to get on your damn nerves. Hell Bella, I wanted to pick a fight with you just you’d stick around bit longer! I didn’t want to fix your truck. I did it to have an excuse to see you again. You want to know the difference between you and Erica?”

She takes in a breath.

“With Erica… all I thought about was sex. With you? My sex drive is even more through the roof. But there was one major detail I noticed, that I never felt with her. Often enough, she got on my nerves and I couldn’t wait to get away from her. As much as I cared about her. She just had this way of really getting under my skin. In fact some of the women in my past had that way about them. It’s like once I was done I just… well I was done, that was it. There was nothing else I wanted from them. I know that makes me a complete asshole.”

“Um yeah, it does!” She agrees.

He smirks somewhat and shakes his head.

“But you come along and it isn’t just about sex, not anymore. Every time you have to walk out that door and head back home, I hate it. That’s just not me. I prefer to be alone. I prefer not to have to worry about anyone else. At times, it’s not even that, I just don’t want to be around anyone. They get on my fucking nerves. Especially Stiles!”

“He’s my best friend.”
“I KNOW! But he can be so.. so…”
“Funny? Sweet? Honorable even?”
Derek rolls his eyes on this.

“Oh come on, Derek. He’s not that bad and you know it!”

He sighs in defeat knowing she was right. He knew Stiles had some balls when needed. He’d proved that time and time again.

“Yeah well… does he always have to be around?”

Bella looked upon him oddly and that’s when she sensed it and she nearly died in laughter.

“Are you… jealous?”

He looked upon her as if she’d lost her ever loving mind.

“Don’t be absurd!”
“Holy shit, you’re like totally jealous of Stiles Stilinski? Do you know how crazy…”
Derek lets out this soft growl.

“OK fine… but in my defense. You don’t have to hide your relationship with him. He gets to be around you a lot more than I ever do. And even after school hours it seems he’s hanging all over you.”
“It’s not even like that Derek and you know that.”
“You’re right. I do know that. I just…”

Bella tried to contain the massive grin on her face, but couldn’t. She never dreamed Derek Hale would be jealous of Stiles Stilinski. She wasn’t even aware he got jealous. He never showed it. Stiles would be over the moon with this information. He’d love nothing more than to shove this newfound information in Derek’s face.

“You just…”
He sighs.

“Nevermind… Just forget it.”

She softly laughs.

“You just don’t get it do you?!” He snaps.

She raises her brows on this.

“You don’t even realize how drop dead sexy you are! Every damn man that catches wind of you WANTS YOU! What’s so different about Stiles? How do I know he’s not practically humping you when I’m not around! Think about it, you have a fucking list and I doubt it’s going to stop there. Let’s see my uncle, Jackson, Edward, and now this fucking wannabe wolf piece of shit? And what is the history there? How come you never told me about this Jake kid? And why is he telling MY MATE that he’s in love with her?! Do you not get it? You were right, I should have told you about Erica and about a lot of other things. But you too have been holding back somewhat and you know it.”
“You know Derek Hale, I hadn’t any idea you could be so… well… whiny.” She teases.

He cocks a brow at this.
“That’s what you took from everything I just told you?”

She presses her lips together to keep from laughing and nods. He cuts her a glare and shakes his head.

“You’re something else you know that…” He says with a scowl.

She makes her way over and hugs him. He looks down with confusion.

“Just fucking hug me, Derek.”

He sighs and wraps his arms around her.

“See? Is this so bad?”
“Terrible actually.”

She goes to hit him and he tightens his hold on her. A smirk forms along his face as she struggles to break free.

“Something wrong?” He whispers.


“My phone.” She hints.

He releases her and Bella takes her cell out from her pocket. She sighs seeing a text from Jake.

Watch your back… seems you got more than just the Cullen’s to worry about.

She grits her teeth and calls him in return.


“Really? You’re threatening me?!”

Derek sneers at this.

“You really think I would threaten you?”

“What the hell was I supposed to take from that Jake?!”

“That’s not how I meant it and you know it!”

“Then humor me Jake! Tell me what it means.”
“It means thanks to your supposed MATE you’re FUCKED! The entire pack is ready to go on a witch hunt because of him taking Paul Lahote’s life!”


“You what?!”

“That’s right! And I’d do it all over again if given the chance! So you tell your little pack that they know where to find me if they got a fucking issue. HE HAD IT COMING!”

“How’d… Bella what the hell are you talking about?!”

“You do the math Jake. What exactly do you think I’m trying to tell you?!”

“There’s not a chance in hell you’re going to convince me that YOU took Paul’s life!”

Bella half laughs.

“Then by all means. Do come by for another visit and I’ll gladly prove you wrong.”

“What the hell has come over you?!”

“You’re really going to ask me that?!”

“Whatever… I can’t believe you’re taking the blame for this guy much less defending his actions. There was no reason for Paul to die. NO ONE HAD TO DIE!”

“You lead him right to me!”
“I didn’t even know he was following me!”

“Just like you weren’t aware that he was here TO KILL ME?!”

“He what?”

“How stupid can you be?! So yeah he’s dead. And I’m the one that did it. So tell everyone else to suck it up, Black.”

Bella hangs up and turns back towards Derek. He looked severely pissed.

“Guess I’ll be needing a bigger pack…”

“And just how are you going to go about that?”

He gets this mischievous look to his face.

“We could punch out a couple of kids.”

She looked upon him wide eyed and he started laughing, but cleared his throat.

“I’ve my ways…”

“I warned you, I tend to do things my way.”

“And isn’t that what got you into trouble before?”

He shrugs.

“Derek… just let me…”
“Don’t even say it. Bella even you know there’s no way we can face all of this on our own. Therefore we take whatever measures necessary.”

“Derek please don’t…” He puts a single finger upon her lips.

“I just need you to trust me. You won’t always like me or the choices I make as I’ve warned before.”

“You got that right.” She mutters under her breath.

“Just don’t go on a killing spree or something.”

He cocks a brow at this.

“You seem to be confusing me with my uncle again.”

She takes in a breath.

She leaned against the wall in thought.

“Paul had it coming, just like you said. You did what you had to do in order to survive. So let go of the guilt.”

She lifts her eyes towards him.

“Part of you feels justified, yet a larger part feels guilt. If you hadn’t taken his life, he’d have taken yours. We both know that. Your so called “friend” needs to be the one watching his back.”

Derek upstairs for a moment. He makes his way back down with his black leather jacket. He put on his shades and placed his keys in his pocket.

“Come on.”

“Where are we going?”
“My apartment.”
She looks to him rather surprised.
“What time does your father get off work?”

“Around 7 or so.”

He nods and flips her over his shoulder.


He chuckles to himself and heads on out. He places her into the Camaro and hits the road. Derek raised his brows as Bella laid her head in his lap, once they got into town.

“While you’re down there…” He perversely hints.

She blushed.

“Really, Derek?” She scoffs as if offended. But was grinning…

“Sure, go for it.”

She sighs as if annoyed. His eyes widen however as he felt her unzipping his pants. He cleared his throat as he glanced down. Bella was taking his cock out of his black briefs.

He gripped the steering wheel firmly as he suddenly felt the warmth of her mouth around it.

“…fuck!…” He grunted out taken back.

Bella felt a little nervous considering she’d never done this before. She took him even deeper into her mouth. She rubbed her thighs together not realizing how much of a turn on this would be. The way he throbbed in her mouth and moaned had her wet as hell. She went about it even more eagerly now. Derek wanted desperately to watch, but had to focus on the road. He stopped at a red light and took off his shades, stealing a glance.

“Oh fuck yeah…” He moaned and leaned back in his seat.

He pulled her hair back and thought he’d lose his mind seeing his cock in her mouth. The guy behind him honked and Derek flipped him off. He drove through the light, whilst encouragingly moving her head along. In a way he was showing her how to go about it exactly.
“Hmmm, just like that.” He uttered throwing his head back against the seat.

He growled out once she fully got it down.

“Keep going…” He slightly lifted up as she was driving him crazy.

This might’ve been her first time giving oral. But she was doing one hell of a fucking job. He found himself thinking. Derek knew there wasn’t a chance in hell he could last any longer. He’d already pulled into a more secluded area, by his apartment. Derek was finally able to watch as she was going down on him. Bella knew he was watching now so she stopped momentarily. Only to have him watch as she took her tongue along the shaft of his cock. She torturously licked along his entire length even the tip.

She placed him back into her mouth, but eased her way down. Bella never realized just how good he would taste or feel. Derek looked over to see Bella was touching herself, during this. FUCK he thought over and over in his head.

“You’re about to feel me coming in your mouth. I want you to swallow it.” He gruffly demanded in this highly seductive growl.

“Faster! I’m almost there.”

Bella moaned out at this and Derek fired off into her mouth. She couldn’t believe how warm it was. Just as he wished, she drank it up to the very last drop.

“Hmmm.” He softly moaned once again as he had his eyes shut.

Bella smiled at his reaction and wiped her mouth clean.

“So…? Was that what you had in mind or…?”

He opens an eye and glances over.

“Wanna go for the hat trick?”

She looks upon him oddly.

“Hat trick?”

He smirks at this and takes his shirt off.

“Lose the pants…”
Bella looks around with a blush.

“Pants off…” He reinstates.

She grins and shakes her head as she unfastens her jeans.

“Red today?”

She nodded as he run a finger along her lacy red panties.

“Those need to come off too.”

Bella slips them off. Derek shifts his chair back to make more room and pulls her into his lap. He takes off her jacket, shirt and matching red bra. He runs his hands along her in marvel. His eyes lock with hers and he caressed her cheek.

“You are beautiful. Never forget that.”

She looks down as if not really believing him. To Bella, Derek was a sexy god. He really could have whatever woman he wanted. As to why at times this seemed unreal. He lifts her chin with his fingers. Derek presses his forehead against hers and takes back the deepest of breaths.

“I love you.”

Bella looked upon him in shock.

“Now just because I said that doesn’t give you the right to go and die on me or disappear, understood?”

She nods.

“Wait, are you just saying that because you’re hoping to get more oral?”


“That’s about what I thought.” She sighs as if truly insulted.

Derek kisses her then caresses her cheek.

“I don’t just go around telling women I love them. No matter how skilled of a mouth they have.”

Bella softly laughs.

“I love you too.”

“Are you sure?”

She smiles, but bites her lower lip driving Derek mad with lust all over again.

“Hmmm… I thought you hated me.”

“Oh, I still do. I’m capable of multitasking.”

He nods.

“So which is more powerful? The love or hate?”

“They’re about even.”

He nods again and kisses her. He pulls back though and looks upon her once again.

“So do you really hate me?”


“Shut up…”

He grins and kisses her again. From there they take their time making love despite the public setting and risk of getting caught. Neither really cared at the moment.

Derek tossed his keys on the counter as they entered the apartment. Bella looked around in surprise. The walls were a smoky gray color with white bordering. The place was surprisingly immaculate. There was grayish blue carpet laid about the entire apartment except for the small kitchen. It had white tile. Derek took her jacket off and hung it up with his.

“Not bad…”

He shrugs.



He enters the kitchen and starts to dig through his fridge. Derek brings out a carton of eggs, cheese, bacon, tomatoes, green peppers, mushrooms and some salsa.

“You cook?”

“Nope, but you’re going to.” He taunts as he gets out a couple of pans.

“What you can cook right?”
“I cook.”
“Then there you go! Everything’s set out. I’m going to hit the shower.”

He smacks her on the butt as he starts to exit the kitchen. She shakes her head upon him as he headed out of the room.

“It’ll still be here when you get out!” She calls out and props herself up on the counter.

Derek’s place was a simple studio apartment. It had one bedroom with a closet and fully equipped bathroom attached to the room. Everything else was connected and compact. Still it was a nice place.

“I don’t hear any bacon sizzling.” He calls out as he changes his shirt.

“Yep! You sure don’t!” She replies.

He peeks back through the doorway from his room as he straightens his shirt out. He grinned and made his way back to the kitchen. Bella was swinging her feet about and skimming through her phone. Derek took her phone away and sat it down on the counter.

“Get started.”
“Um no…”

He nods and brings her down of the counter. He hands her the block of cheese and a knife.

“You really want this knife plunged into your body somewhere?”

He chuckles and gets out a cutting board and a bowl from one of the counters.

“Cubes…” He utters.

She nods and places the cheese on the cutting board. She then takes the knife he’d given her and drives it into the block of cheese. She then picks up the block of cheese with the knife and hands it to Derek. He twirls her back around and sits the cheese back on the board. He takes her hand and wraps it around the knife.

“Derek…” She warns.

He starts using her hand to cut the cheese into cubes. After he’s done he cracks the eggs and places the yolk into the silver stirring bowl. He hands Bella a whisk and starts the bacon.

“What do I do?!” She mocks.

He shrugs.

“Must I teach you everything?” He says in a ridiculing matter.

She glared upon him with distaste.
“Just stare at it I suppose.”


She starts to whisk the eggs as Derek fries the bacon.

“I take it you cook for your father?”

“Yep. Well, I used to anyhow. Since we moved here he’s hardly home. He winds up eating leftovers mostly, if I cook at all. Feels too weird, cooking for yourself.”

He nods in full understanding. He places a cube of cheese in her mouth and pecks her on the lips. He leans against the counter as the bacon finishes cooking. He folded his arms about his chest as Bella chopped up the tomatoes and peppers then pushed them off to the side of the cutting board.

“So, when are you going to tell him about us?”

She turns back to him rather wide eyed. He tilts his head a bit.

“He’s going to find out eventually. We both know this isn’t something that’s going away. He needs to know.”

“Do you not remember my father aiming his gun at you, handcuffing you, and almost taking you into custody?”

He nods.

“Kind of hard to forget.”

“And just how do you think he’s going to react when I tell him, I’m dating that guy now.”
“Dating? That’s not exactly what I’d call this. It’s a bit more permanent than that.”


He sighs with slight frustration.

“Bella, I can understand why at the moment. I’m just not very fond of this sneaking around shit.”

She pinches the bridge of her nose.

“Look, I’ll tell him. Just give me a chance to think of how to go about it.”
“What is it?” He asks seeing the look on her face.
She half laughs.

“He told me I had to stay away from you. Derek, I’m not even supposed to be associating with you.”

“Well I believe it’s safe to say you epically failed at that one. That’s also going to make this whole “mate” situation a bit more difficult. As if it’s not already.”

“You think?” She utters as he takes the bacon out of the pan and places it on a plate.

“He doesn’t even know about you does he?”

“And he’s not going to know, like ever…”

“Did you even try to explain the truth behind that night?!”

“Yes… but he wouldn’t even listen to me. He just went on this rant and blew whatever I had to say right out of the water.”

“So he really believes I stole your virtue, so to speak, that night?”

She sighs.

“Honestly, I don’t know what he believes.”

“Didn’t you tell me that your dad knew the truth behind the vampires and shifters back home?”

She nods.

“Then why not come clean about what you are and the truth about us? And about that night?”
“And just how do you think he will take it when I tell him I’m mated to the nephew of a man that almost turned me into his mate slash minion.”
“Easy, you tell him it backfired and I won instead!” He fires back with a smirk and chomps down on a piece of cheese.

“Oh, I’m sure he’ll love that!”
“See? Now we’re getting somewhere!”

“You’re a freaking genius!”

“Thank you.”

They both laugh but look upon one another apprehensively. Both were concerned as to how Charlie Swan would react to this. But Derek was right and even Bella knew that. They couldn’t keep hiding this. That and she were breaking her promise to Charlie as it was. They’d both made a deal to be completely honest with one another when they moved to Beacon Hills. However she was finding herself right back where she was, when it came to her father. This need to protect him at all cost was eating her alive with lies, secrets, and covering up. Things she swore even to herself she’d never do again.

“And I prefer to not be introduced as Miguel, Stiles’s cousin.”

She laughs.

“But you look like a Miguel. You just need an accent. Maybe you could shave everything, but the mustache area and grow it out!”

He raises a brow on this and nods. He starts speaking fluent Spanish. She could only make out bits and pieces of it. He crushes the bacon as he continues to speak and it turns into cursing in Spanish. Bella giggles to herself as he moodily pours the eggs into a pan. He then places the crushed bacon, cubed cheese, sliced tomatoes, mushrooms, and peppers into the eggs. She covers her mouth in laughter as he continues to curse and stabs the knife right through the cutting board. He then turns around and whispers into her ear.

No soy Miguel. Soy Derek. El Alfa. Su alfa. Su compañero, amante, y lamáquina del sexo. ¿Entiende, mi bella Isabella”

(I’m not, Miguel. I’m Derek. The alpha. Your alpha. Your mate, lover, and sex machine. Understand, my beautiful Isabella?)

She sucked back a breath picking up most of what he’d said, wishing now she’d taken Spanish in school. Either way, she found herself immensely turned on. Derek smirked sensing this and nodded to himself as he finished fixing their omelets.

He placed them on some black ceramic plates, then the coffee table in the living area.

“Coffee, milk or orange juice?”

He calls out as he peeked into the fridge.

“Orange juice is fine.”

He grabs the orange juice and pours them both a glass.

“So?” He inquires halfway through their brunch, considering it was almost 11 am now.

“It’s really good.”

He nods, but looked to be in thought. Once they finish eating, he takes the plates to the sink. He then rinses them off and places them into the dishwasher. He gazes upon her from the kitchen.

“Who is this Jake kid anyhow? In fact tell me more about your life before Beacon Hills.”

“That’s just it Derek. Most of it was nothing more than lies. It was like some sort of play your uncle set up. Everything I ever thought was real wasn’t. It’s like he owned that town or at least every supernatural being that existed in Forks.” She sort of laughs and shakes her head.

“He really played me for a fool. I fell into every trap he ever set out for me. Edward was the biggest one. Jake tells me you put him in a wheelchair, that even his doc of a father couldn’t figure out how to put him together.”

Derek shrugs.

“I wanted to laugh.” Bella admits darkly and leans back against the couch.

“Maybe I’m wrong to feel so betrayed and so angry. I mean after all, Peter did blackmail each of them. Seems to be a thing with Peter. He loves to stir up trouble. To cause havoc and fear amongst those he’s around. He managed to do one hell of a job in Forks. Damn near everyone I ever knew, was somehow a part of his sick plans for me. They knew, yet they still went along with it out of fear. All I keep thinking is…” She sighs again.

“How I could never do that to someone. No matter how great my fear was, I’d rather die than to betray a loved one. But I suppose even that was a lie. That whole “love” thing. Both Jacob and Edward claimed to love me. Peter told me that Edward was just one of his little pawns he’d set up. That he fell for me while taking orders from Peter. Yet, Peter was feeding him all the lines.” She cringes in thought.

“He knew just what to say…” She continues on and dove even more into her history with both the Quileute’s and the Cullen’s and Forks in general.

Meanwhile, Derek found himself wanting to kill his uncle all over again, the more he learned. He truly couldn’t get over how sick and twisted Peter Hale was. He went through all this trouble just to create the “perfect” mate. Only to have it all boomerang. He was dead now and his nephew ended up with the girl instead. Then again, Derek was certain his uncle never once saw him coming. They had a way of surprising one another constantly. He too dove more into his history with Peter and his family in general. They soon learned more about one another then they could ever imagine. Derek hated some of the things he told her, especially about himself. There were just something’s he never wanted her to know, but didn’t want to keep anything from her. She deserved to know the bad along with the good when it came to Derek Hale. He was nowhere near as immoral as his uncle, but there were times he came pretty close. To his surprise she didn’t become all judgmental about it. He expected to be given the shame speech or for her to ask to be taken home with some of the things he had to tell her. He even admitted to some of the things he’d done to Scott McCall, Allison, Derek, and Stiles. If anything Bella admired him for being forthcoming and not holding back. Something she found to be a nice change of pace considering her history with damn near everyone else in her life. Derek had no issue taking a life, if need be. But when it came to Peter, he took lives just to take them. In fact he got some sort of sick thrill from it.

Before long they were both laying on the couch facing one another as they continued to talk. Derek found himself opening up about a lot of things he honestly never thought he’d talk about. Things he’d kept to himself for years. Things he’d never tell another living soul. Bella now knew that Derek was born a werewolf not bitten. That his mother Talia was Peter’s older sister and that’s where the bloodline came from. The entire Hale family was werewolves. Only they were all dead now as far as he knew. They died in the fire at the Hale house caused by an arsonist about 7 to 8 years ago now.

“So back to school tomorrow?” He says with a hint of disappointment to his voice.

“I could always drop out.”

He has a good laugh at this.

“That’ll win your father over for certain.”
“You think?”

She laughs in thought as well.
“Hey dad you remember that guy you said NEVER to see again? Funny story, I got bit by his uncle. So now I’m a werewolf. And well guess what!”

Derek shakes his head with a grin. Bella curled up against him. Derek ran a hand along her waist and ass. Her lack of sleep caught up to her. Derek looked down to see she’d fallen asleep against his chest. He kissed the top of her head. He then reached over and grabbed his cell phone. He set the alarm not wanting to risk getting her into trouble if they were late. Truth of the matter was, he hadn’t been sleeping well either. He knew they could both use the rest.

Lydia?” Bella called out seeing her from a distance.

Lydia slowly turned to face her. She was in one of her usual skirts and blouses. Her hair was pulled back. Bella looked around to see they were in math class.

Oh no…” Lydia says looking as though she were about to panic.

Bella, what are you doing here?”

I haven’t any idea…”
“You can’t be here! GO!” Lydia demands in damn near hysterics.

What is it, Lydia?”

Lydia shakes her head and takes a few steps back.

You’re asleep aren’t you?!” Lydia inquires.

Am I?” Bella says and reaches to her temples feeling lost and confused.

WAKE UP!” Lydia shrieks out as the desk and chairs about the room began to scatter and fly back against the wall.

What’s going on?”
“He’s found a way! You need to leave before he finds you here?!”

You’re not making any sense.”

He’s found a link between us…”
“Link ? What link?” Bella calls out as she feels her body began to drift back.

When we’re sleeping!”

The lights about the room flickered and papers began to fly about the room as a breeze traveled throughout the area.
“NO!” Lydia cried out and reached for Bella.

Bella narrowed her eyes and guardedly turned around. She gasped out as HE was right there. He smiled and she took a few steps back.

What do you want from me?!”


Her eyes widened as she lifts off the ground. Her body unwillingly floats towards him. Tears stream down her face as he roughly kisses her.

Hmmm… and now comes the FEAR!” He roars the last part and Bella sucks back a breath and looks down to see his hand was through her chest.

BELLA!” Lydia screamed.

Bella’s head swayed about. Peter died in laughter as she fell to her knees. He squeezed her heart.

This belongs to me. In fact every inch of you belongs to me. It won’t be long now. Soon you will see. There is no denying me!”
Bella’s hands wrapped around his wrist as he lifted her off the ground into the air with his hand still wrapped around her heart.

Please…” She pleaded.

He smiled.

That’s all I wanted to hear… You’re right to fear me. They all are. Now who am I?”
She closes her eyes on this.


She groans out as he squeezes even tighter and holds her up even higher off the ground.



Hmmm, fuck I can feel it already.” He closes his eyes and growls.

He opens them only to die in laughter once more.


Derek panics as her eyes were rolled back. She wasn’t breathing and her hand was over her heart.

“WAKE UP!” He tried shaking her.

“Dammit! COME ON!”

He hopped off the couch and picked her up. He was about to head to the bathroom when she finally reached to her throat and sucked back a breath.

“SHIT!” He shouted as her mouth opened an icy cold fog escaped from it.

Derek stared upon it in shock as he swore it took on the form of a human. Derek quickly laid her down on the carpet and rolled her over as she continued choking. He lifted his eyes towards the substance that had escaped Bella. The window to his apartment shattered as the substance shot right through it. Bella’s eyes shot open and she screamed out in terror. She ripped her shirt open and Derek winced. The initials P.H had been clawed into her chest and torso.

“YOU Motherfucker!” Derek growled.

“It burns!”

Derek picked her up once again and rushed off to the shower. He laid her down in the tub. He grabbed the shower hose; literal smoke rose into the air as the water hit her chest. Bella cried out in agony and her back arched. Derek’s heart sank to the pit of his stomach as he not only sensed her horrific pain but had to watch her go through it as well. A breath of relief washed over him as the letters began to disappear and her body began to heal. Bella looked upon in him downright fear and panic.


Derek hadn’t a clue how to even answer that. But he had a very bad feeling a shit storm was in the midst of brewing. Sure enough, he heard her cell phone going off. It was still in the kitchen.

“Just stay put.”

She nods as he hands her a towel. Derek knew it had to of been Stiles.

“Let me guess, Lydia?”

Derek swallowed back as he actually heard the kid crying into the receiver.

“Hey…” Derek voiced in a softer tone.
“Derek, she won’t wake up, Lydia… she…”

Derek grits his teeth. You’ve got to be kidding me!

“Where are you?”

“We’re at school… an ambulance is on it’s way.”

Derek rolled his eyes hearing it in the background.

“Why won’t she wake up?!” Stiles cried in damn near hysterics.

He headed back to the bathroom to check on Bella.

“Easy…” He uttered as Bella was coming to her feet and wrapping the towel around her. Her entire body was shaking.

Derek could hear Stiles arguing in the background with the paramedics. He was demanding he ride with Lydia. From the sounds of it, they weren’t allowing it.

“Just hold tight, Stiles. We’ll be right there.”

Derek hung up the phone and helped Bella out of the tub.

“It’s Lydia, isn’t it?”

He nods and leads her to his room, where he grabs her one of his black shirts. They rushed to the car. Bella didn’t even bother hiding anymore. She wasn’t even in the right frame of mind, to even care about getting caught. Once they arrived, police, firemen, and the ambulance was on the scene. Students were outside looking on as the ambulance took off with Lydia.

“Hold on!” Derek called out but Bella was already out the door and running up to Stiles.

Stiles latched onto her and was literally bawling. Enough to even make Derek cringe on what must’ve taken place.

“It’s bad. You should have seen her. What he did to her!”

Bella held Stiles even tighter as he was crying into her shoulder.

“What the hell are you doing here kid?!”

Bella turned to see her father and Stiles’s as well heading their way.

“Dad please, now’s not the time.”

Charlie sighed seeing the broken expression on Stiles’s face.

“What happened, son?”

“Something or someone attacked Lydia Martin…”

Sheriff Stilinski looked around and nodded. Bella noticed how the sheriff took Stiles to a more secluded area to talk.

“You shouldn’t be here!” Charlie points upon Bella.

“Dad… those are my friends. That girl they just took, is my friend! What was I supposed to do?! It’s bad enough that this is all because of me!”

Derek shook his head on this as he overheard her. Charlie grabs her by the arm and leads her to another area.

“Why hell would you say something like that? You weren’t even here! In fact you’re supposed to be AT HOME!”

Charlie narrowed his eyes upon Derek seeing him off to the distance.

“What’s he doing here?”

Bella looks back towards Derek. He nodded their way.

“He gave me a ride here.”

“He gave you a ride?”

“And let me guess that’s his shirt you’re wearing?”
“Dad, I can explain everything and I will, I promise. But right now, I’m going with Stiles and Derek to see Lydia.”

Charlie sighs putting together all the pieces as he sees the black Camaro.

“Let me guess that’s Miguel, Stiles’s cousin?!”

Bella flinches.

“That’s about what I thought. Jesus Bells. I thought we had an understanding! So you’ve been lying to me, this entire time?”

“No! I tried to tell you but…”

Charlie grabs her by the arm once again and drags her to his squad car. He forces her inside. Derek’s lip curled at this. Charlie slammed the door.

“…dammit…” Derek growled under his breath.

Charlie strutted right up to Derek. Derek took in a breath and took his shades off.

“Let me guess, Miguel?” Charlie scoffed bitterly.

“Actually, it’s Derek, sir.”

Charlie nods.

“Well, whatever your name is. Stay away from my daughter!”
“With all due respect, Mr. Swan, I can’t do that.”

Charlie grits his teeth.

“Excuse me?”
Derek sighs and glances back over to Bella, who was trying to get out of the squad car, but her father had her locked in.

“You and your daughter really need to talk.”
“You’re going to stand there and tell me what I need to do with MY DAUGHTER?!”

“Sir… all I’m saying, is give her a chance to explain everything before you jump the gun.”

“How old are you?!

“I’m 22, sir.”

“Too old! So move on and find someone your own age!”

“Think you can give me a ride?” Stiles called out as he made his way over.

“My dad’s still got a lot to do here.” Stiles explains wanting to hurry up and get to the hospital.

Derek nods but he and Charlie were eyeing one another intensely.

“You know this guy, son?”

Stiles nods.

“Um, yeah…”

“Friend of yours?”

Stiles cleared his throat.

“Oh yeah, we’re like best buds!” He lies through his teeth.

“Is that so?”

“Yep!” Stiles pats Derek on the back.

“So let’s go, bestie.”

Derek nods once more as Stiles gets into the car. Charlie rolls his eyes and starts towards the squad car.

“I know you’re going to judge me however you see fit, which is fine, sir. It’s nothing new to me. But telling me to stay away from your daughter? I can’t do that. I don’t mean any disrespect. But not a lot of good things enter my life. Now that something finally has. I’m not willing to let it go. So I apologize ahead of time.”

Charlie turns back to see Derek already getting into the car. He shakes his head as he watches them drive away. When he looks back towards the squad car that’s when he sees the back door open and his daughter? Nowhere to be found…


“So you like owe me BIG time…” Stiles remarks.

Derek sighs.

“Don’t…” He sternly warns.

Stiles looks out the window trying his best to keep it together.

“I take it Bella suffered as well?

Derek looked to him in question.

“Lydia kept shouting her name over and over. She was reaching out as if trying to get Bella to come to her. It was the craziest thing. He had the entire gym freaked out.”

Derek shifted gears in thought.

“You still keep in contact with Scott?”

Stiles nodded but looked upon Derek puzzled.

Derek doesn’t answer.








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