Chapter 8 An Old Friend

Chapter 8

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Derek swallowed back and came to his feet as Stiles and Bella stepped out of Lydia’s room. He shook his head with his hands about his waist, seeing the look on their faces. Bella latched onto Derek and broke into sobs. Stiles sat down on one of the waiting room chairs and pinched his eyes shut. Lydia had fallen into a coma. The doctor hadn’t any idea if she’d wake or not. Derek merely held her, wishing he knew what to say or do. He knew there were no real words of comfort for something like this. Stiles wiped his eyes with the back of his hand.

Her mother had been notified and was on her way to the hospital. Stiles cleared his throat.

“Why don’t you two go on? I’ll wait for Ms. Martin.” Stiles offers softly.


He shakes his head upon Bella.

“Your dad’s going to be pissed as it is. Just go on. Have Derek take you home. Until we figure out what the hell is going on. I wouldn’t chance being alone. I think it’d be wise to have someone with you. Especially, when you’re sleeping.”

Derek nods in agreement.

“Sleep? Um no… I think I’m about ready to buy up every damn caffeine pill or energy drink there is in Beacon Hills!”

Stiles nods on this.

“I don’t blame you there. Just be careful. Don’t end up in here as well.”

Bella makes her way over and hugs Stiles.

“Let me know if anything changes. I don’t care what time it is.”

“I will.”
Derek nods towards Stiles as if in silent conversation as he leads Bella out of the waiting room.

“How’d you get here?” Derek asks curiously.

“I hitched a ride with a burly biker.”

He cocks a brow at this.

“You think I’m joking don’t you?”

He shrugs on this and starts towards his Camaro. Derek opens the door for her, once she’s inside. He shuts the door. He then starts to walk around to get into the driver’s side, only he freezes cautiously. Derek narrowed his eyes and looked around the area. His senses were going through the roof. He had the feeling they were being watched. He tilted his head about and took in a good whiff of the air. Derek shook his head as all he could really pick up was the scent of rain as a storm was blowing in. He rushed into the car as it began to rain. Bella jumped a bit as lightning strike something nearby and made a loud boom sounded and the entire area around them shook. It was enough to set off a few car alarms. Neither even bothered to comment on it. Bella’s cell went off and Derek handed it over. He almost forgot he had it. Bella groaned to herself as she saw it was her father. She cleared her throat before she answered.

“Dad…” She answered rather timidly.

She hears her father sigh on the other end.

“Bells, I swear to GOD!”

She shut her eyes for a moment.

“Let me guess, you went to see your friend?”
“How is she?”
“Not good dad.” She replied with a rather quivery voice.

“I’m sorry to hear that kid, but you and I got a long conversation ahead of us.”
“That we do.” She agrees.

“For starters, how in the living hell did you manage to escape the god damn cruiser?!”

“Long story…”

“Always seems to be when it comes to you. There’s no way in hell, you should have been able to pull that off. You broke the handle to my back door!”


Charlie sighs again.

“Look, I’m going to be late getting home. You’ll probably be in bed by the time I get there. Just please promise me, you’ll go straight home after you’re done visiting your friend.”

“I’m heading there right now.”

“Might I ask how?”

Bella glances over upon Derek.

“Yeah, but you’re not going to like the answer.”
“Stiles fake cousin I take it?”

“Yeah huh…”

Derek smirks at this.

“Like I said we’ll talk about this later.”

“Can’t wait.”

At this Charlie hangs up and gets back to work. Bella puts the phone in her pocket as Derek pulls up to the house. They sat in silence for a moment. Lightning continued to cascade throughout the sky. It began to downpour and Bella wrinkled her nose with disgust.

“Look. I’m going to take the car back to the house, so not to raise any suspicions. I’ll be right back. Stiles is right, you don’t need to be left alone. I want you to lock up the house and keep your senses sharp. I shouldn’t be long.”

She nodded and reached for the handle.


She turns towards him. And Derek leans in, pecking her on the lips. He caresses her cheek afterword. Once she steps out he watches to make certain she gets in the door safely. Derek speeds back to the Hale house since it was closer to Bella’s house.

Bella tosses her keys down once she gets inside. She locks up and takes in a breath as she looks around the house. She started towards her room, only to have the storm knock out the power to the house. She rolls her eyes as she was now surrounded by darkness. Derek had been working with her on using her night vision. But she was still having a bit of trouble with it. It seemed to come and go. It was hard to stay focused. He told her before long, she’d naturally turn it on. She wondered when the hell that would be, for now she stumbled about in the dark. She knew Derek would be giving her hell about now, if he saw her feeling around like this. Focus! Try harder! What the hell are you doing, Bella? She half laughed even through her pessimism. Lydia burned through her mind over and over. The way she looked in that hospital room. All the tubes and monitors they had going, the bruises and cuts along her body. Bella’s skin crawled and her heart dropped. She leaned back against a wall as she was feeling her way to the basement. She remembered her cellphone was in her back pocket and she began to use it as a way to see around the house. Only it wasn’t bringing forth a lot of light. That wasn’t the only issue she hadn’t a clue where the breaker was. She wasn’t sure if it was outside or in the basement.

She decided to check the basement first. Bella opened the door and started down the staircase, only to have her phone die halfway down.

“OH COME THE FUCK ON!” She snaps.

She tries to get her phone to cut back on but no such luck. She sighs and puts her phone up in defeat. Bella carefully makes her way down using the rails. Afterword the door slams shut behind her as a gust of wind passed through the house due to the storm outside.

“Now would be a great time for your night vision to kick in.” She mutters under her breath.

Bella goes back to feeling her way around. Her hands scale along the walls.

“Come on…” She groans under her breath.

Bella froze however as she felt fur along her hands. She swallowed back and continued to feel whatever it was. Her heart was racing and thunder loudly boomed shaking the entire house. Bella gasped out and lost her footing as whatever it was grabbed her, or so it felt. Bella fell back and shrieked out.

Derek had just finished changing into some dry clothes, whilst he was waiting for her in her room. He’d snuck in through the window. He hadn’t even been there for maybe a minute or two. He took off running towards the basement and kicked down the door. He ran down the staircase only to have one of the wooden steps give in on him. Derek lost his footing and Bella screamed out again wondering what else had just entered the basement. Derek however could see her perfectly through his night vision and rolled his eyes. She was beating on a grizzly bear that was nothing more than taxidermy.

He hopped up and rushed over anyhow. He grabbed the bear and threw it off her. Derek then hovered over her. He half growled as she was beating on his chest. He covered her mouth.
“Shh… it’s just me.”

“But there was something in here, it attacked me it…”
He sighs with slight frustration.

“If you’d only use your damn senses!” He snaps, knowing she’d be fucking dead about now, if it had been a real enemy.

Derek comes back up and finds the breaker. After he hits the lights, Bella winces as she takes notice of her “supposed attacker”.

“You just died again! Dammit! What does it take, Bella?!”

She grits her teeth and comes to her feet.

“Now is not the time for one of your “pep” talks!”

“The hell it isn’t! You got enemies out there! We both do! Do you want to end up like your friend from school?”

She cringes and shakes her head.

“Screw you, Derek.” She utters painfully and heads back up the stairs.

She groans seeing how he’d busted down the door. Now that was something else, she’d have to explain to her father. He snarls back and gently grabs her. Derek pins her against the wall of the staircase.

“I’m only trying to make you BETTER! You folded to a god damn stuffed bear! You weren’t even trying.”

She shoves him back.

“Just go!”

“The hell I am! You honestly think I’m leaving you alone?! You’re my fucking mate! All the more reason you need to start acting like it!”
“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?!’
“You killed that damn shifter on your own, did you not?! Yet now, you can’t even face a damn stuffed bear without getting your ass handed to you?! I’ve trained you better than that!”
“I was wondering when asshole Derek was returning. Can’t say I missed him, not even a little!”

He grits his teeth.

“I’m not trying to be! But you got shifters, vampires, and now whatever else this is, and they are all out for YOUR BLOOD BELLA! If for whatever reason something happens to me, I need to know you can hold your own!”

She recoils from him.

“What do you mean if something happens to you?”

“Things happen, you never know. You have these abilities for a reason! USE THEM!”

“It’d help if you’d QUIT RAISING YOUR VOICE TO ME!”

Derek breaks into a smirk.


“Hmmm….” He nuzzles against her neck and starts kissing along it.

“Are you bipolar or something?!” She hisses bitterly.

He ignores her and carries on. Bella shoves him back and darts off to her room. Derek sighs and follows. She steps out of her shoes and starts taking off her clothes. He raises his brows on this.

“Not happening.” She mutters sensing him.

He shrugs. Bella digs through her drawers and grabs one of her light pink tank tops and matching shorts. Derek tilted his head a bit as she put them on.

“…fuck…” He uttered to himself as she plopped down on her bed.

“I said it’s not happening. Lydia’s in a fucking coma. I’m on everyone’s hit list. And I hate my mate!”

“I hate him too…” Derek groaned in despair.

Bella tried not to smile on this, but failed. She hurriedly buried her face into the pillow. That guilt however hit and overwhelmingly. She hadn’t any right to even smile, considering Lydia’s situation. She thought about the look on poor Stiles’s face as she came up for a breath. Derek was already sitting at the edge of the bed. He reached out and ran his hand along her back.

“What if she never wakes?”

Derek scooted over closer to her. He wrapped his arm around her.

“All of this is because of me.”
Derek shakes his head.

“No Bella, this is all because of my uncle, even in death, he doesn’t know how to let go.”

“So what does that mean exactly? Does he want me to join him? Or is he just planning on haunting me for eternity?”

Derek doesn’t answer, because he wasn’t sure how. Instead he reached over and pulled the covers over her. He felt like a dick. Here she was going through all this literal hell and all he could think about was sex. He wanted to eat her out and fuck the living hell out of her. Yet here she was in damn near hysterics over everything that had taken place. She was blaming herself for what happened to Lydia. He didn’t dare lean in too close or hip to hip. There was no hiding it. It couldn’t be helped though.

It was just something about her. It was bad enough he knew she could sense him.

Bella rolls over facing him. He shut his eyes for a moment as her cleavage was right there.

“Don’t let me fall asleep.”

“But you can’t go without sleep.”

“Derek! I’m serious! I’m begging you. Keep me awake!”

He raises his brows on this.

“By whatever means necessary?”

She nods.

“Are you certain?”

She nods again. Derek nods in return and hides underneath the covers.

“What are you…” She gasps back as she felt him pulling her pink pajama shorts to the side.

“D… holy shit.” She gasped back in complete surprise as she suddenly felt his tongue lapping along her pussy.

He growled against her and spread her legs more apart so he could fully taste her.

“Derek, this is wrong… we…”

There wasn’t a chance in hell he was stopping now, she tasted too damn good and he was too far gone. He buried his tongue deep as it would go. Bella bit down upon her lower lip. She wanted to argue this, but couldn’t. Her body gave in and literally melted. Derek was by no means stingy about it. He took his time lapping and fucking her with his tongue. His dick swelled up as she came right in his mouth. He eagerly licked it up. As he came up for a breath, he lifted his eyes towards her.

Bella was playing with her breasts and arching her back in a sensual matter.

“Damn…” He whispered and shook his head in disbelief.

He placed a couple of fingers into her nice wet slit. He began to vigorously finger her.

“Let me see you come…” He damn near begged.

She soaked his fingers and her eyes widened as he began to lick them one by one. He then licked her pussy clean. Derek however wanted Bella to taste herself on him. Something about it made him nearly jizz his pants. He crept over her and feverishly began kissing her. His tongue rolled along hers. A grunting moan vibrated along her tongue as his cock entered her. His kiss became more heated and he didn’t hold back on the thrusting. She cried out his name in ecstasy and clawed at his back. They heard a car door outside of the house. Instead of stopping Derek hurriedly picked up the stride, so he could finish.

“…fuck you feel too good…” He whispered in her ear. He didn’t want to stop, but knew it was probably her father.

Bella cooed out in pleasure as he gripped her headboard and gave one last deep thrust. He quietly groaned out as he came. They froze hearing the front door open and shut. Derek sighed and hurriedly climbed off her and gathered his things and once again he bitterly hid in her closet. He rolled his eyes, but with a slight grin as he heard Bella giggling.

Bella hurriedly straightened out her covers and sprayed some cinnamon apple air freshener in the room. Derek wrinkled his nose in the closet, the room now smelled like cinnamon apple and sex. He shook his head on this as he heard her father knock on the door.

“You asleep, Bells?”

“Um no, come on in.”

Derek began to dig through her closet out of curiosity and boredom, while he listened to the two of them talking.

“Any news on your friend?” Charlie inquires as he steps inside.

“No, not yet.”

Charlie nods. He sighs and pull Bella’s computer chair out from her desk and sits down.

“I know it’s late, but we really need to hash something’s out.”
Bella nods in agreement.

“Now let me get one thing straight. I really am sorry about what happened to your friend. I shouldn’t have snapped at you like that, it’s just…” Charlie leans back and shakes his head.

“Dammit kid, I really worry about you sometimes. After everything you told me about, that was taking place in Forks. Now come to find out there’s something going on obviously around here as well. They say that your friend was brutally attacked. But that they weren’t able to see who it was. When we questioned some of the students they say Lydia Martin looked as though she were being attacked by a ghost or something and she slept through the entire ordeal.”

Bella grimaced. Derek lifted his eyes towards the door as he could hear everything being said.

Charlie sighs and looked damn near ill.

“About this Derek guy.”

“Dad…” Bella groaned and had to refrain from looking towards the closet.

Not now, please. She thought knowing Derek could hear everything that was being said.

“Bells, this is something I can’t ignore or just let go of. You need to know I did a background check and…”

Derek shook his head and leaned back in misery as he was flipping through one of Bella’s photo albums. He took it upon himself to snag one of Bella so he had something to keep in his wallet.

“Well for one thing he’s too old for you! You’re just a junior and he’s about to be 23 years old! He also has a criminal record! This guy has been arrested on numerous accounts!”

Bella sighs, but it was no real surprise to her.

“Breaking and entering, criminal mischief in general, and loitering. He’s always in the wrong place at the wrong time. It seems like every time there’s a murder or some sort of episode here in Beacon Hills this Derek Hale guy is somehow involved he’s always around!”
“What are you trying to imply dad?”
“That he’s no good for you. Come on Bella, the guy even let me know that you were the ONLY good thing in his life!”

Bella’s jaw dropped a bit.

“He said that?” She questioned with damn near stars in her eyes.
Charlie rolled his eyes.

“Don’t even, Bella. I know guys like Derek. They’re always up to no good! And by him telling me that, all it did was confirm that I’m right. He tells me you’re the only good thing in his life. That doesn’t help persuade me into giving this relationship my blessing. All it does is prove to me that I was right, he’s nothing but trouble and I mean it. Stay away from him. You’re not going to get sucked up into all this b.s again. If you want a boyfriend why don’t you try dating that Stilinski kid? Now he seems like a standup guy, in fact so is his father.”
“Dad, he’s my best friend…”
“See! There you go. At least he’s more your age and he doesn’t seem to have his head up his ass. He also doesn’t have a record!”

“I don’t want to date Stiles and it just so happens that he likes Lydia Martin. You know the girl that’s in the coma! And I’m done with the whole dating scene.”

“You’re 17 Bells. You’re far from done with that.”

Derek smirked a bit, whilst cocking an egotistical brow.

“You don’t understand, dad.”
“I understand enough to know that, Derek Hale is NOTHING, but bad news. I mean it Bells. I know I usually stay out of your business. I’ve always believed you need to live your own life and make your own mistakes. However when it comes to something like this, I’m putting my foot down. Whatever you two have, is now over. I’m sorry, Bells. But he’s just no good for you. You deserve better. He’s not it. I don’t have to look up his record to know he’s bad news. The guy even looks the part.”
“Wow, way to be judgmental, dad.”

“Come on, Bells. The kid drives a damn sports car, he’s always dressed in black leather or something, and he doesn’t even have a job! I mean, how does he make a living?”
“Porn star maybe?” Her eyes widen and she quickly covers her mouth.

That was Derek’s emotions coming through and it was feeding into her own. She was entering that sarcastic frame of mind again, the one that would get her into BIG TROUBLE. But she also knew this meant that Derek was pissed! Charlie reared back in utter disbelief.

“What the hell, kid?!”

She winces.

“Sorry, it just spilled out.”

“Seems to be a thing with you lately, let me guess this newfound attitude of yours, also has to do with this Derek guy?”

“Dad, please. You really haven’t any idea what’s going on.”
“You’re right, I don’t. But that right there… you never used to talk to me with such disrespect. That only further proves my point!”

“Dad…” She sighs and pinches the bridge of her nose.

“I’m sorry. I don’t mean it. It’s just… ugh. I…” She groans in misery.

“Look, I got some things to tell you. Think you can just sit there and listen?”

Charlie shrugs and takes off his badge. He places it on her desk and takes his gun out from the holster and also places it on her desk. Bella grimaced at the gun. The thought of Derek hiding out in her closet, wasn’t helping matters. Bella took in the deepest of breaths. Derek could hear her heart pounding away and sensed her. He feared she’d go into a panic attack.

Bella began her story. She told him the truth behind Peter Hale, Derek Hale, Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, and herself. To her great surprise, Charlie never once interrupted. Now he did look as if he’d have a damn stroke, but he kept quiet and listened to everything she had to say. She even let Charlie know what she meant by never dating again. Derek Hale was her mate, so that part of her life really was over. That was the part she saved for the very end of her story.

Charlie clears his throat and looked as if he’d go into shock. In fact, Bella was concerned that he might’ve.

“Dad? Please talk to me.”

He nodded and pinched his eyes shut for a moment.

“So… you’re a child of the moon aka werewolf. You’re now on the hit list of your old vampire and shifters buddies from back home. Now you’re telling me that the uncle of your MATE was behind all of this all along? And that even though your MATE killed him, he’s somehow haunting you and this other young lady from school.”
Bella nods.

“So that night I came by the Hale house, was the night all this craziness took place?”

She nods again.

“Couldn’t you just be normal kid?!” She remembered Stiles had said something along the lines of that as well.

“Gee thanks, dad!”

He groans back with a sigh.
“You think I had a choice in all this?! That I wanted to be forced into this life?!”

Derek winced at this.

“Jesus kid… I didn’t mean it like that. I just… I mean since when did our lives become so crazy?! We left Forks to get away from all this. And it seems no matter where we go, it follows you around. How am I supposed to take it when my daughter tells me she’s a werewolf and that she’s mated to an alpha and age the age of 17?! You’re just a kid yourself! Yet already you’ve chosen to spend the rest of your life with this guy?! I mean come on Bells. You’re basically married?! AREN’T YOU!?”
“Gee dad, which part are you more upset about? The fact that your daughter turns into a deadly beast when pushed too far, or the part where I’ve already met the one I’m destined to be with?!”

“I don’t care that you turn into a werewolf. You’re still my daughter. But who says you’re destined to be with this guy, him or you Bells?”

“It’s in our nature. It’s just something you know. Believe me… I fought it tooth and nail. It wasn’t something I wanted at first. I was freaked out to be honest. I know what you’re thinking and that’s not how it went. Derek is nothing like his uncle. He never forced anything on me. All he did was explain to me the pull we were feeling and why it was there. It’s the strangest feeling. No matter how much I fought against it. It was there and he too fought it at first. It wasn’t something either of us was looking for or wanted. But it’s in our blood, our nature, and there was nothing we could do about it. It wasn’t going away in fact the longer we both tried to deny it and push those thoughts and feelings away. The worse it got. He didn’t want this anymore than I did. But being the alpha he knew more about. So he eventually caved in and gradually got me to understand, that there truly wasn’t anything we could do. It’s this odd feeling. Like this need to keep this other person protected at all cost.” She begins to describe the feelings of the pull towards a potential mate and a mate in general (only leaving out the sexual parts). You know that no matter what you’d willingly die for them. You already feel for that person and strongly, but aren’t sure why. Everything about them drives you insane and you can’t think much about anything else. No matter what you do you’re always thinking about them. It’s like meeting a stranger for the first time ever, but you already know that they are somehow going to play a key part in your future and that you already love them.”

Derek swallowed back on this. Bella also took this moment to explain why she slipped up at times with her sarcasm. About how it had to do with her sensing Derek, that at times it’s like carrying the weight of two people in your head.

“So you’re telling me that you knew you loved this guy before you even mated? With just one glance?” More like a love hate type of thing… She thinks to herself.

“Something like that, yes. Only I fought it to the hilt. I wanted to ignore everything I was feeling. I hadn’t a clue what it was. After Edward, I wasn’t sure what to trust anymore, not even myself.”

“How is that even feasible? It makes no damn sense!’

“I’m just as in the dark about all this as you are dad. But I do love him and he loves me. And he’s not near as bad as you assume he is.”
“So I’m just supposed to trust this guy?”

“No dad, that’s not what I’m saying. I just want you to trust me.”
“And how do I do that when you insist on keeping things from me?”

“I was wrong and I know I was. It won’t happen again.”
“That’s what you said when we first left Forks.”

“I know… I just got scared. I nearly lost you. I can’t ever go through that again. If I lost you dad…”

Charlie sucks back a breath, feeling rather emotional himself.

“I nearly lost you too Bells. And push the fact that your old man is working for the law aside. That little shifter bastard had it coming! It’s not something I’d normally agree with or ever say, but his death was justified. It’s because of him, I almost lost you back in Forks, amongst a long list of other individuals. But to wake up from a coma knowing you almost died. Is nowhere near as bad, as learning that you almost lost your daughter during that time!”
Charlie grimaced remembering the scars along her back. Every time she wore a tank top or bathing suit the reminder was there. .
“You know, I almost killed the little bastard!”

She narrows her eyes towards her father, even Derek perked up on this, with interest.

“If it hadn’t been for the Blacks, Paul would’ve met a bullet to the head. After I saw what he did to you, I was at La Push the next day. Now I wish I’d have finished the job. I should have!”

“Dad…” She uttered feeling ill in thought of what Paul could have done to him in return.

“Next time, I won’t hesitate, no matter the person standing at the end of my barrel.”

Charlie rises at this.

“Hell, how do I even leave you alone now, knowing you got some sort of supernatural being out there that seeks you harm, all over again. How do I even go to work or sleep at night knowing that any moment my daughter could be facing danger or worse?!”

Bella half smiles.

“Look at everything we’ve faced. I’m still here aren’t I? Only now, I’m not as fragile. And Derek… well let’s just say you’ve yet to see what he’s capable of. He’s one hell of a powerhouse. I’m going to be fine dad.”

“Jesus Bells…”

“Dad… really… I’m going to be just fine. I need you to believe that.”

Charlie makes his way over and hugs her goodnight. Once he’s gone, Bella hops out of the bed and opens the closet door. Her jaw dropped as Derek was reading her journal.

“Derek Hale…” She hissed harshly and hurriedly ripped it out of his hand.

He had this huge grin to his face.

“I particularly liked the entry on page 133.” He says and wiggles his brows.

She rears back and flips to that page. Her jaw dropped.

“I’d like to see that sometime.”


He quickly covers her mouth.

“Keep it down will you?” He whispers.

That entry was a VERY PRIVATE ENTRY where she had pleasured herself to the thoughts of Derek Hale.

“You’re such a jerk. These are my private thoughts!”

“You’re my mate…” He says as if that explains everything. He then shrugs and plops down on her bed.

He crosses his legs and folds his arms behind his head.

“Not for long…” She hisses.

“Oh really?”

She nods.
“And just how do you think you’re going to end this? It’s not like you can just up and divorce me.”

“My father’s got plenty of guns.”

“So you admit it, you can’t take me out by yourself?”

She flips him off.

“For whatever it’s worth. I had thoughts of you similar to this…” He hints softly, whilst pointing to her journal.

She turns towards him as she made her way back to the bed.

“Only it wasn’t filled with such fluffy nonsense.” He taunts, but the truth of the matter? It really wasn’t. He was aroused as hell reading what he had. Derek hadn’t any idea just how kinky Bella’s thoughts could get. This was also all the proof he needed. Bella truly loved being submissive. He couldn’t help himself he had to give her a hard time.

Her jaw drops and he quickly blocks her attempt to hit him.

“Will you ever learn?”

She grits her teeth and bitterly rolls over facing away from him.

“Would you like to hear what one of my entries would have been?”

“No.” She lies with a hiss.

“Oh… well… ok…”

She groans in misery and rolls back over facing him. He picks her journal back up from her nightstand and opens it back up.

“Derek please… That’s not meant to be random reading material, dammit.”

“Relax… I’m just making my own entry that’s all.”
“You’re what?”

“Shhh….” He whispers with a wink and starts writing something down on a blank page of her journal.
As he writes, he speaks softly.

“So… your dad knows the truth now.”

She nods.

“Just don’t expect your father to ever truly approve of me. Something tells me, he never will. I can’t say I blame him either.”

“Derek, I…”
“Don’t… I made my bed so to speak. That just comes with it. I’m only sorry you’re paying for my mistakes as well.”

He hands her journal back and she looks to the entry he wrote. She had expected something downright perverted. Only it was the furthest thing from that. He had dated it and wrote…


I’m honored to be the star of your fantasies and although I don’t deserve it, the owner of your heart as well. If ever in doubt, turn to page 156 and remember you’re mine as well and I love you, even if I don’t “voice” it near enough.

Yours truly,


Bella shut her journal with a fluttery heart and that girlie giddy feeling spreading throughout her body.

“You should get some sleep.”

“I’m here for a reason. I’m not going anywhere.”
“Derek, you have a life outside of me.”
“Bella, you are my life. Now get some sleep. You can’t function without it. You need your energy.”

“But what if Peter…”

“You just let me worry about that.”

Derek pulls her up against his chest and pulls the covers up over her. She tried to fight it, but just as Derek had in the woods that day he thought about fear. He now thought about being weary and lethargic. It didn’t take long for Bella to shut her eyes. He kissed the top of her head and spent the rest of the night watching after her.

Derek pecked her on the lips and handed Bella her backpack.

“Have fun.” He whispers before he goes to crawl out of the window.

She half laughs.


He cuts her a wink and rushes out the window.

Bella headed to the kitchen to see her father already sitting at the table. He was sipping at a cup of coffee and reading the paper. He kept cutting her odd glances off and on.

“What?” She finally spilled out as it was creeping her out.

“I was just curious.”

“Well when you say werewolf… I mean… What do you look like when you turn?”
“Dad…” She groans looking embarrassed.

Charlie sighs.

“Maybe I don’t want to know.”

She smirks a bit and puts on her shades.

“I love you too, dad.”

He chuckles a bit and shakes his head as she exited the house. Still, Charlie wanted nothing more than to take this supposed “mate” of hers out of the picture. He’d never hurt his daughter like that. Though the idea sounded more and more appealing the more he thought on it. He didn’t like the idea of anyone claiming HIS daughter, no matter the situation. Then on the other hand he knew his daughter’s life hung in the balance, whether he wanted to admit it or not. She needed someone like Derek Hale, in order to double her chances of survival. Here he was a cop. Nevertheless, he couldn’t keep his daughter protected, not in the sense she truly needed. There was only so much he could do.

He sighed in thought and finished downing his coffee.

Bella parked beside Stiles jeep. He nodded towards her and greeted Bella at her door.

“Any news?” She hints about Lydia.
“Nothing’s changed.”

Bella nods with disappointment.

“Her mother is with her though.”

“I’m sorry, Stiles.”

“Was that an… I’m sorry about your friend and probable future wife being in the hospital, or I’m sorry because I’m blaming myself for everything that’s taking place. I really hope it’s the first one.”

Bella cuts him that guilty expression.

“We both know the truth behind all this.”
“And you have control over everything around you right? RIGHT?!”

She flinches and turns away from him. Stiles nods.

“You and Scott… I swear… he was just like you when it came to things like this. Everything was always HIS fault. No matter what was taking place. He’d somehow twist everything around and make it all his fault. When it never was! Let me guess, you too are ready to throw in the towel like he did?”
“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

“It means… am I about to lose another friend, because she thinks the world would be better off without her?!”

“I thought you said Scott moved!”
“He did!”

“Then why are you talking like he committed suicide?!’










Bella pushes him back and Stiles winces, realizing what he’d just done.

“Bella… I…”
“The hell with you, Stiles!” She calls out and heads into the building.

“God damn it!” Stiles snaps and kicks his jeep.

“Bella…” Stiles says as he reaches over and knocks on her desk.

She rolls her eyes and takes off her shades, ignoring him. He knocks on her desk again.


She looks straight ahead.

“Bella…” He says and knocks again.

“Knock it off and shut it!” She snaps with frustration and shoves his hand away.

Stiles sighs and raises his hand. Mr. Harrison sighs with full on irritation.

“What is it Stilinski? Suffering from a weak bladder again?”

“Can you tell Bella? I said I’m sorry?”

Mr. Harrison rolls his eyes.

“Does this look like second grade to you?”
“Do you really want me to answer that?” Stiles smarts.

Mr. Harrison shakes his head. Stiles raises his hand again.

“What is it NOW?!” He snaps.
“Can I go to the bathroom?”
Mr. Harrison waves him off. He starts class once Stiles exits the room. The class had just started their assignments, when they heard the clearing of a throat over the intercom. The I’m Sorry song is playing in the background.

“I really am sorry, you know. In fact, how about I take you out tonight? You know pizza? Maybe a movie? Skies the limit Bella!” He pats his pockets down and clears his throat again.

“Um…” He lets out a nervous laugh and stops the music. He sighs and restarts it.

“I’m sorry, I just lied to you. I forgot that I bought that X-Files series collection last night. So I got like ten bucks to my name. So… I might need to borrow a couple of bucks, if we do go out tonight. Yeah, I’m sorry about that too. Oh yeah… I told Mr. Harrison I was going to the bathroom, so…”

Bella groans to her herself and covers her face as Stiles made a sound like he was peeing. The entire class laughed and Bella hit her head on the desk miserably. Meanwhile, Derek had also heard the entire thing. He was within the building so he could keep an eye on things. He shook his head on this.

“Idiot…” Derek scoffed with annoyance.

“But we could watch the X-Files series together, Bella. Only I wouldn’t tell your boyfriend because…” Derek growled at this and lifted his eyes towards the intercom in the hallway.

Stiles freezes as the principal walks in.

“Um so… spaghetti, garlic rolls, salad, and snickerdoodle cookie is what’s on the menu for lunch today. Everyone please rise for the pledge! I pledge allegiance to the flag…”

The intercom goes off for a second.
“I’m sorry, I…”

It goes back off and then clicks back on.



“Hey, give that back.”

Bella covers her mouth in laughter. Derek sighed as he was off to a corner of the building. Coach Finstock also over heard this.

“I thought the kid had some balls. But he just lost them, the moron.”

Stiles’s last transmission.


“You should totally go out with him. He’s cute!” One of the girls says.

Bella’s eyes widen.

“Um no, we’re not…”
“Yeah, that was too sweet! He’s really trying.”

Bella sighs and leans back in her chair.

“…great…” She whimpers realizing now the entire school thought she and Stiles had something going on.

Derek grabs Stiles once he’s heading back to class.

“Don’t tell me because…?” He demands wanting to know.

Stiles lets out a nervous laugh and pats Derek on the shoulder.

“Because… I didn’t want you to feel like you had to measure up!” He dusts Derek’s shoulder off afterword.

Derek snarls back.

“Get to class, before I rip your throat out, with my teeth! And don’t you dare let Bella know I’m here.” Derek orders as he drops his hold on Stiles.

“What are you doing here anyhow?”

“Just keeping an eye on things.” Derek remarks, after what happened to Lydia and everything else Derek had witnessed, he wasn’t taking any chances. No matter how rundown he felt at the moment.

“Huh… You know you kind of look like a creeper or a drug dealer!”

Derek lets out this barking like sound and Stiles raises his brows.

“Ok.. ok gees!” He takes off and Derek sighs and goes back to his lookout post.

Once lunchtime came about, things grew even more awkward. Not only was everyone talking about Lydia Martin and what had taken place, but Bella could still see some of the damage done to the cafeteria from whatever had taken place. When no one was paying attention she hunkered down and ran her fingers along what looked to be claw marks within the cafeteria tile. Stiles nodded towards her and kept her covered as she continued to do her own little investigation. She even snapped some pictures with her cell phone.

Once Stiles and Bella took their seats, others began to question if they were dating now. Stiles being well Stiles didn’t get why anyone would think that. They spent the entire lunch period explaining that they were NOT dating.

Bella also listened in with interest as Allison and Stiles were talking about Scott. Apparently, Scott had called Allison last night and was checking in. Bella felt bad as Allison wiped a few tears away whilst speaking of him. She could only imagine the hardship they must be going through. Bella wondered just how far away Scott had moved. She also wondered if she’d ever meet the guy. Stiles took Allison’s hand at one point and was doing his best to console her. Everyone at the table was on edge, because of what had taken place to begin with.

Before lunch was fully over, Bella excused herself from the table. She suddenly felt suffocated and found it hard to breath. Stiles looked upon her with concern as she exited the cafeteria.

“Is she alright?” Allison questioned.

He shakes his head not sure how to answer that.

As soon as Bella got outside she leaned against the wall of the cafeteria and closed her eyes. Everything as of late seemed to hit her all at once. The only good thing was for the first time in what seemed like forever, she hadn’t any dreams about Peter.

Bella’s felt her cellphone vibrate and she answered.

“Hey kid…”


She lifted her head off the wall, hearing the tone in his voice. He sighed.

“What is it?”

“I’m not sure how to put this, Bells… But I came up here to send some flowers to your friend and…”

Bella felt her knees lock up and her heart began to race.

“No…” She uttered in disbelief.

“I’m sorry so sorry, Bells…. I…”

The area around Bella spun.

“Dad…”She whimpered.

Charlie sighed.

“She just faded out… her heart rate kept dropping and before long she flat lined.”

Bella crushed the phone within her grasp. Like a living nightmare, she entered the cafeteria just as the bell rang for their next class. One look said it all… Stiles shot to his feet, reading her. She nodded towards him with a broken heart and Stiles staggered back in absolute shock.

“I figured you’d all like a chance to say goodbye.” Ms. Martin says peeking out of the room.

Bella lifts her eyes towards Lydia’s mother. Her eyes were bloodshot and she was wiping her nose with a tissue. Bella nodded toward Stiles and Allison.

“You two go on.” Bella whispers.

They nod towards her and Stiles leads Allison into the room. Once the door was pulled to, Derek wrapped his arms around Bella. He was doing whatever he could think of to help. Still Bella continued to blame herself. She broke her promise to Lydia and was taking it hard. No matter what anyone, even Derek or Charlie said. She continued to blame herself for Lydia’s passing. She failed to protect her as promised. Within a few more moments the door opened. Stiles and Allison wiped their eyes and nodded towards Bella. Ms. Martin rushed out of the room in tears. Derek took Bella’s hand as they entered the room next. He pulled the door to and Bella merely froze as she glanced upon Lydia.

She timidly made her way over. Bella moved strands of hair from Lydia’s face. She saw where they’d unplugged all the machines. Lydia was ghostly white and so frail looking. Bella swallowed back and took Lydia’s hand. Derek winced as Bella broke down apologizing over and over. He hated that she was doing this to herself. But it didn’t matter what anyone said. She simply saw it no other way. Peter Hale’s only reason for attacking Lydia Martin was to get a message across to Bella. Therefore this became personal. Bella went to squeeze her hand a little tighter as she was about to say goodbye. Only once she did Derek’s eyes darted towards her as she came to her knees.

Bella began to pick up the faintest of sounds. Thump….. thump….. thump….. They were very spaced out. Her eyes shot open and she snapped a look upon Derek.

“She’s still got a heartbeat!”

Derek narrowed his eyes and made his way over. He didn’t hear a damn thing though. He shook his head.

“Bella… There’s nothing there.”

“Derek, I’m serious!”

He sighs and closes his eyes focusing harder. There was a knock at the door during this. Bella looked towards the guy rather oddly. He nodded towards her as he entered the room. He had a more youthful appearance than that of Derek. What she’d refer to as “baby faced”. He had dark brown eyes and an athletic build to him. He was kind of cute, but in comparison to Derek. Derek knocked him out of the loop by far in hotness or so Bella thought. Then again Derek wasn’t “cute”. He had this sexy rather dangerous like appearance.

“I hope I’m not interrupting.” He said softly.

Bella shook her head. Derek nodded towards him and he nodded in return.

“Scott…” Derek uttered as if slightly relieved by his presence.

Bella went to say something on this but gritted her teeth as painful visions began to hit.

“Whoa…” Scott said in alarm as Bella’s eyes rolled back and her nose began to bleed.


Derek leaped over the bed and pried her hand away from Lydia’s.

“She’s not dead! Derek, she’s still in there!” Bella shouts.

Derek grits his teeth and covers her mouth. Last thing they needed was Lydia’s mother overhearing this and Bella getting her all upset.

“There’s nothing there.” He gently whispers, trying to get his point across. He figured it was merely Bella’s wishful thinking.

“Derek… I swear to you. I heard something! She still has a heartbeat. It’s faint, but I’m telling you I heard it.”

Scott narrowed his eyes on this and he too began to listen. He placed his head upon Lydia’s chest. Just as he was about to agree with Derek on the matter, he froze and gazed upon Bella.

“She’s right… there’s something there, something completely inaudible to the human ear.” He whispers looking back towards the door.

Derek releases his hold on Bella and tries again to hear whatever Scott and Bella were referring to. It took him awhile as well, but eventually, he too picked it up. He looked upon Bella apologetically. But her mind was elsewhere. These visions continued to play out through her mind. She wasn’t sure what they were.

“Is she alright?”

Derek shook his head wondering the same thing. Once the visions were done playing out she turned towards Derek and Scott.

“He’s back…”

“Who?” Scott inquired.


She locks eyes with Derek.

“That’s not the worst part.”

They both look to her rather apprehensively.

“He’s the alpha of a new pack. He’s building an army. Derek…” She looked as though she were going to be sick.

“He knows… about us. He’s come back with a vengeance and his main priority as of now, is taking you out of existence.”

Bella closed her eyes for a moment as something else came to view.

“Erica…” She hissed seeing her betrayal and both Scott and Derek reared back on this.

“Over my dead body, the little bitch!” Bella hissed as her transformation fought to take its course.

“Not here!” Derek ordered.

Bella gritted her teeth and paced the room as she was fighting it.

“Now is not the time.” Derek sterns once more.

“He’s right. You need to calm down.” Scott insists.

Bella was trying with everything she had, but her canines were beginning to protrude. Her eyes began to glow.

“Shit…” Scott whispered.

Derek grabbed ahold of her. Scott raised his brows in full surprise. Derek was caressing her cheek and had his body pressed up right against hers.

“Just breathe and focus…” He whispered.

Stiles entered the room at this point and Scott looked upon him completely baffled.

“Um yeah, that sort of happened as well.”

“Yep… weird huh?”
“Um yeah, it is…” Scott agrees.






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