Chapter 9 Whitlock v.s Hale

Chapter 9

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Scott cocked a brow with is arms folded about his chest.

“Don’t stare, he doesn’t like that.”

“It’s hard not to…”

They sigh simultaneously as Derek kissed Bella.

“Hm.” Stiles and Scott chorused.

Derek had her leg hiked up and pressed her up against the car.
“Huh.” Scott uttered in disbelief as it turned into this heated make out session.

“She’s hot.”

“Don’t say that!”
“Say what?”
“You know… that… He’s like all possessive. No joke. In fact, don’t even look at her!” Stiles warned and Scott chuckled.

“All I said is that she’s hot.”

They jumped however as Derek banged on the window. His lip was curled and he eyed Scott.

“Eyes to yourself, got it?” He growled as Bella got into the passenger side.

Scott raised his brows, trying to keep from laughing at the situation.

“Um sure, whatever you say!”

Derek nodded and put his shades on as he got into the car. Yet again, Scott found himself in a state of shock. Once they hit the highway, Bella leaned against Derek’s shoulder. He kissed the top of her head as he shifted gears.

“That’s so weird.” Scott whispered to Stiles.

“I know… right?” Stiles whispered in return.

Derek’s eyes darted towards the rearview mirror. Scott half laughed at the look of sheer hell, Derek was cutting him.

“So anything else dramatically change, since I left?”

Stiles shrugged.

“Besides Derek becoming pussy whipped?”

Derek looks back over his shoulder.

“You wanna get whipped next?” He threatens in a low growl

Stiles let’s out this nervous laugh and pats him on the shoulder.

“Just playing bro… you know…”

“I’m not your bro.”

“Can’t you two try to play nice?”

Scott chuckles at Bella’s comment.

“Why would they start now?”

Bella turns around facing Scott.

“So they’ve always been like this?”

Scott nods. She turns back around and looks upon Derek.


Scott leans over and whispers in Bella’s ear.

“Sexual tension.” Bella giggles at his comment.

Derek rolls his eyes and shifts gears again.

“So, why are you so mean to him?!”

Derek shrugs.

“Yeah, why are you so mean to me?!”

Derek ignores them as he pulls up to the Hale house.

Once they’re all inside they look upon one another.

“So…” Stiles begins after an entire minute of uncomfortable silence.

“Scott. Bella. Bella, Scott! The male and female versions of yourselves.”

Bella and Scott look to Stiles oddly.

“Dude, I’m not kidding.” He points upon Bella.

“You as a chick! Not bad huh? You even got a nice set of…” Stiles catches himself, before he finishes that statement.

He does that uneasy laughing thing again, as Derek slants his eyes upon him.

“So I’ve been replaced?” Scott retorts in a teasing matter.

“And talk about awkward! Derek Hale digs female you! How about that?!”

Scott nods towards Bella.

“I’ve heard a lot about you actually. Seems we do have something’s in common, besides the obvious.”

“Ditto, Stiles talks about you all the time.” Bella replies.

“Seems we have some catching up to do.”

Bella smiles.

“It would seem so.”
“Then I say we get started.”

Bella takes in a breath.

“Ok then.”

They each take a seat. Bella sat on the couch with Derek. Stiles took the recliner, Derek normally sat in. Scott pulled up a wooden chair. He motions for her to begin. Bella tells not only her story. But she also goes into detail about everything else that has taken place, since she moved to Beacon Hills. He was beginning to see that Stiles was in fact dead on. They were a lot alike not just in personality, but the events in their lives were pretty dead on. She too put her family and friends first. They were both turned by Peter Hale. However Scott grew ill, as he learned about everything Peter had done. He thought Peter gave him hell, it was nothing in comparison to the torment he’s caused Bella.

Scott didn’t dare comment, but had to keep from staring in disbelief. He just wasn’t used to seeing this side of Derek. When she’d get to something that emotionally drained her and looked as though she’d lose her shit, Derek would have his arms around her. He’d be kissing along her shoulder or nuzzling the crevice of her neck. He’d seen Derek around women before, such as Erica. But never ever did he act like this. When Bella got to the part about Lydia, she had to stop. That overwhelming guilt hit her all over again.

“Excuse me…”

They nodded as she headed outside. Derek sighed and leaned over. His elbows rested against his knees as he ran his fingers through his hair. Scott clears his throat, in thought.

“So Peter’s building an army?”

Derek nods.

“I suppose I had better get in touch with another friend of mine. Looks like we’re going to need whatever help we can get.”

Scott took out his phone and dialed. He came to his feet heading to another room of the house.

“Hey Isaac…”

Bella sat on the patio in thought. Her past was coming back to bite her and all at once it seemed. The Cullens, The shifters, and Peter Hale and whatever so called “army” he’s built. Her heart sank in thought. He’s first priority was to kill his nephew. She could sense his anger through Lydia. Derek had betrayed him. Derek had taken what was his and marked it. Bella cringed as she could sense Peter. In his mind Bella was his. Nothing was stopping that. By killing off Derek, she would no longer belong to him. Peter could take over from there. That was the plan. Kill whoever got in his way. Take her far away, have his way with her, and be done with it. Whatever it took to make Bella his once again. He’d put too many years into this, to simply give up. No, this was a battle he planned on winning. The mere idea of him taking Derek out of existence had her in panic mode. There was this connection between them now. It was more powerful that anything she’d ever felt before. She felt as though she’d die along with Derek, if Peter ever succeeded.

Bella shut her eyes for a moment. She was doing her best to calm down. She felt an anxiety attack coming on. Deep breaths she told herself as she focused. A hint of nausea washed over her, so she lay back and continued to breathe.

Help me…

Bella’s eyes shot open.

Someone anyone please. Help…

Bella rose to the soft whimper. She looked around, wondering where it was coming from.

Where am I? What’s going on?

Bella hopped to her feet as this startled feeling came over her.

No, no, no, no. Please! I’m not dead! I’m here! I’m in here still! STOP!

At this, Bella transformed and took off.

Derek narrowed his eyes towards the front door. He tilted his head ever so slightly and he too shot up and took off. Stiles reared back in wonder and looked to Scott as he reentered the room. What was that about?

“Haven’t a clue, guess we better find out.”

Stiles sighs.

“Welcome home.” He says sarcastically.

Scotts half laughs.

“I was just thinking that!”

They nod and head on out.


Bella stayed within the shadows and waited until one of the nurses exited the hospital. She hurriedly darted through the door. Discreetly, she began her way down the hall. She did her best to keep her senses sharp.


Bella’s skin crawled and she picked up the pace. Once she picked up her scent she took off as fast as she could. Only to end up finding herself at the door of the morgue. Bella whimpered out as her cries became more desperate. She could not only hear but sense Lydia Martin’s fear. She pawed at the door trying to get it open.

“What the…” The man working in the morgue looked back towards the door, hearing the scratching sound.

He sighed and put down the scalpel. He walked over and opened the door. Bella immediately leaped on top of him and growled.

“HOLY FUCK HOW’D YOU GET IN HERE!” The man shouted and covered his face protectively.

Bella continued to growl. The man rolled out from under her and took off running. She transformed back and rushed over to the table. She grimaced seeing it was Lydia, she too, in the buff, with a tag on her big toe. The man working the morgue was sitting her up for an autopsy.

“Jesus…” Bella groaned in despair.

He even had Lydia marked where he planned on doing the cutting. In fact, there was a small incision started in her abdomen already. Bella hurriedly grabbed a white cloth and held it onto the cloth. Lydia certainly looked dead, but Bella knew she wasn’t. She could still sense her. Her heart rate was very faint and slow, but there, all the same.

“I got you hun. Just hold on.”

Lydia was crying… only she wasn’t. Not physically anyhow.

“I’m so sorry.” Bella said in a broken voice as she swiftly grabbed a lab coat and ID card.

She pinned her hair back. Then she picked Lydia up and placed her on one of the hospital beds, where she placed a hospital gown on her.

“I’m getting you out of here.”

Bella rushed out of the morgue as alarms were going off and the lights were flashing. She kept her head down and rolled Lydia into the nearest elevator. Just as she got on the elevator, she saw the man that was working the morgue pass by, with two security guards and a doctor. Thankfully, they hadn’t even taken notice of her. They were in too big of a hurry. She took in a breath of relief. But do to her being in such a hurry, she didn’t even take notice of the two men in the elevator with her. She thought it was only her and Lydia.

“Almost there…” Bella whispered and patted Lydia on the shoulder.

Bella felt a hand on each shoulder. Another one of those things, Derek would rip into her about. She was so focused on Lydia and getting her out. Bella hadn’t even sensed the two men. Only now… her senses were telling her these weren’t men. She shook her head with irritation. Her teeth gritted as their claws dug into her shoulders.

“I’m afraid we can’t let you do that.” One of them menacingly said and his claws dug into her even deeper.

“Is that so?” Her eyes flickered as she said this.

“We’ve been given specific orders. We should be thanking you.”
“Yes we should!”

“You’ve already done half the job for us. The body comes with us.”

Bella’s lip curled at this.

“Over my dead body.”

Once the elevator door opens, Bella pushes the hospital bed out into the hallway. She quickly hits the button to the elevator and the doors shut. She turns just in time to see the two werewolves joining. By joining…? Becoming one massive werewolf.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” She utters as the werewolf continued to grow. She began hitting all the buttons behind her and backing up against the wall. Just as the elevator reached another floor, their transformation was done. They wrapped their hand around her throat and tossed her out of the elevator. Her body slammed into a wall. The werewolf waved as it stayed in the elevator. The door shut once again and Bella gasped back with alarm. She crawled back to her feet and darted off towards the stairs. Along the way she hit every fire alarm there was. Bella knew she needed to grab the attention of the faculty so they could protect themselves and the patients. Whilst keeping her own secret at bay.

She made her way to the staircase and climbed the stairs. Once she got to the area, she had Lydia. Bella flung the door open. Before her stood the huge werewolf, with Lydia over its shoulder.


Bella barked and it froze and turned towards her staring her down.

“You’re not taking her!”

The lights in the hallway flickered and they could hear nurses and doctors rushing to their patients. Bella’s body began its transformation. The giant werewolf tilted its head and curiously watched. Bella bounded over, knocking the werewolf off its feet. Protectively, she took stance over Lydia’s body. Her fur stood on end and her teeth were bared as she growled. The werewolf came back to its feet. It popped its neck with its hands and charged right for her. Bella stood her ground and braced herself. As it came for her she automatically leaped up and bit down on its arm. She violently shook with everything she had. The werewolf flung its arm back and knocked her up against the wall, repeatedly. She whimpered out in pain, but bit down even harder and shook even more pugnaciously.

Derek finally picked up his mate’s whereabouts. He entered the hallway, taking in the scene before him. The massive werewolf had Bella in its grasp and was about to take its knee to her back. Like a bat out of hell, Derek sailed right for it. The werewolf was sent crashing through another wall leading into another wing of the hospital. Bella came to all fours and saw Derek hovering over the beast. She looked over to Lydia who was now on the cold tile of the hospital. She transformed back and scooped her up. Just as she did Scott entered the area.

“Derek could use your help.”

Scott nods as she points to the area Derek and the werewolf were in. Bella took off with Lydia. Stiles was in the car as he saw Bella coming out of the hospital. Stiles quickly hopped out of the car and ran up to her. He flinched once he realized who she had. Bella handed Lydia over to him.

“Get her as far away from here as possible.”


He nods apprehensively and takes off. Bella turns back towards the hospital. She alters back in midstride on the back. Bella’s darting up the stairs in wolf form, as a couple of security guards were making their way down. They already had their guns aimed at her. She backed up with a growl. They began shooting at her. She dodged but that didn’t stop one from piercing through her shoulder.

She let out this heart wrenching cry. Derek froze as he and Scott had the werewolf pinned down. His head darted the direction, in which he heard her whimper out.

“Go on! I got this!” Scott hollered.

Derek nodded and went to find Bella.

By the time he found her, Bella had managed to knock out the guards. But she was back in her human persona. She was leaned back against the wall digging the bullet out from her shoulder. Derek made his way down and hunched over. He moved her hand out of the way and took it upon himself to retrieve the bullet.

“FUCK!” She shouted as he managed to pluck it out.

“I’m ok.” She uttered shooting back to her feet.

Derek nodded, but didn’t feel convinced. He could sense her pain and knew she wasn’t focused enough to heal herself. But Derek also knew Scott couldn’t deal with that thing, all on his own. Bella followed Derek back towards the area. They entered the room just in time for Derek to break Scott’s fall, as he was thrown back.

The three of them took a stance, before the werewolf, preparing for one hell of a fight. Only to their surprise, the werewolf stopped and tilted its head. It turned back around and took off running. Derek narrowed his eyes in thought. Bella staggered back a bit as her body was attempting to heal.

“You alright?” Scott called out taking notice.

She nodded. Derek however let out a growl of warning, seeing as how Scott was giving her the once over. His eyes widened a bit once he realized he got caught. Bella did her best to cover herself. Derek took off his jacket and draped it over her, zipping it up.

“So what the hell was that and where did it go?” Scott inquired.

“I haven’t a clue.”

Bella sighed and explained how it was two different werewolves fused into one enormous werewolf and how they wanted Lydia. Derek nodded and looked around hearing footsteps coming their way.

“We better get…” Scott and Bella nodded and followed Derek out.

“He took her to Dr. Deaton” Scott said as he hung up the phone.

Derek nodded and made a U-turn heading that way.


Scott turned back her direction. Only to find himself quickly turning back around, She was slipping some blue jeans on in the backseat. Derek peered through the rearview mirror as Bella slipped a shirt over her head. She winced as she did this. Her body was still healing from the bullet wound and it hurt like a bitch.

“You need to focus more.” Derek sternly put sensing her.

“I’m plenty focused.”

“Not near enough, or you’d nearly healed already.”

Bella rolls her eyes.

“Don’t start that.”
“Then try harder!”

“Don’t even start with me.”

Scott raises his brows as the two continue to bicker. They even sound like a married couple, he found himself thinking. Scott cleared his throat.

“Dr. Deaton is a friend of mine. He’s a veterinarian.”

Bella snarled back.

“Stiles took Lydia to a fucking vet?! You’re kidding me right?!”

Derek smirked at this. He pulled up to the veterinarian office. Bella hopped out the moment he parked. She looked to the place with disgust. She was about to head on in and Scott gently took her by the arm stopping her.

“We go through the back.”

She looked to him confused. He looked around and headed towards they alleyway. Derek stopped her before they followed.

“Stop and focus.”

“I don’t have time to stop and focus! She needs me!”

Scott overheard this and came to a halt. He turned back towards them. Derek’s eyes were locked onto hers.

“And what good are you to anyone, if you’re practically bleeding to death?”

She grits her teeth and lowers her head. Derek lifted her chin with his fingers. Scott watched with curiosity.

“In any given situation, when you’re hurt, you focus on healing first and foremost. You’re no good to anyone otherwise. I need you on top of your game. I need you at your best. This right here is not it. So get there!”

Bella goes to step out of his hold and Derek pins her back against the wall of the alleyway.

“We’re not going anywhere until you’re fully healed. So concentrate!”

Déjà vu hit Scott as he observed.

“I CAN’T!”

“YES YOU CAN! You’re too busy blaming yourself! None of this is your fault and doing! How many times must I repeat myself?! Healing is one of the most important things you need to learn. If you don’t, you could end up dying!”

She closed her eyes and hot tears made their way down. Derek swallowed back and placed his forehead against hers.

“You can’t keep doing this to yourself. So please… stop. Stop torturing yourself.”

Scott found himself taken back completely. Derek held Bella against his chest, letting her cry it out. He worked on getting her calmed down enough to heal. He turned towards Scott.

“Go on, we’ll be right there.”

Scott nodded and headed on inside.

Derek wiped the tears of her cheeks. He checked on her wound and nodded in approval. From there he took her hand and led her inside.

Dr. Deaton already had Lydia set up. Stiles had a chair pulled up and was holding Lydia’s hand. Derek dropped his hold on Bella’s. She rushed to Lydia’s side, glancing her over. Dr. Deaton had an IV and EKG going. Lydia was now bundled up in a couple of blankets. Bella placed her hand on Lydia’s forehead.

“All video footage has been destroyed. Word is Lydia Martin’s body as come up missing. The guy in charge of the morgue swears a red wolf attacked him.” Stiles comments.

Each of them looked to Bella. She rolled her eyes and shrugged.

“What was I supposed to do? And besides, I didn’t attack him, just scared him a little that’s all.”

Bella looked upon Dr. Deaton, in thought.

“There was a cut…”
He nods.

“Already taken care of…”

“Thank you.”
Scott properly introduces Bella to Dr. Deaton and visa versa. He also explains more about his history with Dr. Deaton. Wanting her to know she could trust him. They all continued to talk about the situation with Lydia and Peter. Dr. Deaton offered to keep her hidden and to care for her. Bella sighed knowing they hadn’t a choice. Just as Scott was about to voice it himself, Bella had beat him to the punch.

“Meaning we have no choice, but to play along. We want to keep her safe from Peter Hale. Then it’s time we had a funeral for Lydia Martin. I’m talking the whole nine yards. Make it believable. Give him no reason whatsoever to come looking for her.”

Scott nodded in full agreement.

“In the meantime, we do whatever we can to keep her safe and alive.”

Bella noticed the look on Stiles’s face.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what else to do. Unless, Derek or Scott can come up with a better plan?”

Derek and Scott shook their heads in agreement.

“You actually stated what I was going to. There is no other way around this. You’re right. It would be best if we went about this as if Lydia Martin has truly died. She’s already been pronounced dead as it is.”

Bella grimaced as she thought about what she witnessed in the morgue.

“I could hear her…” Bella said as she gazed upon Lydia.

Bella took her other hand and gently squeezed it.

“It’s almost like she’s still aware of those around her and what’s taking place. She was calling for help… They were about to perform an autopsy.”

Each of them grimaced on this, even Dr. Deaton. They turned to hear a knock at the back door. Scott swiftly made his way over. Once he opened the door, he pulled Allison Argent inside. He immediately latched onto her and kissed her. Bella turned her head giving them their privacy. Bella lifted her eyes towards Stiles.

“She’s going to pull through. Lydia’s still in there.” She assured.

Stiles nodded, but the expression on his face. It was enough to make Bella want to cry all over again. Stiles kissed Lydia’s forehead.

“She’s in good hands guys. I promise.” Dr. Deaton assured.

Allison broke into sobs, once she finally took notice of Lydia. They all said their goodbyes in their own way knowing, they now had to stay away from Lydia Martin. Bella especially or Peter would find out where she was. There wasn’t a doubt in Bella’s mind that Peter had someone following her, or Derek even. The five of them stepped out of the vet’s office. They were about to head to the cars when Scott and Bella caught a glimpse of something across the way.

“What the hell?” They chorused.

Only they hadn’t noticed the other, when they announced this. Derek, Stiles, and Allison had. Both started the same direction. Bella and Scott looked to one another oddly as they crossed the street. Scott’s lip curled and he rushed over. He tapped the man on the shoulder. Once the man turned around he, socked him across the face.

“What the fuck?!” Bella shoved Scott back.

“That’s my dad, you dick!”

Scott looked to her in disbelief

“Why the hell is your dad dry humping my mother?!”

“SCOTT MCCALL!” His mother scolded.

“Dad?!” Bella said in disbelief.

Stiles and Derek looked to one another in shock, yet for once shared a smirk. Charlie bitterly wipes the blood from his busted lip.

“You got one hell of an arm kid. But if I were you, I wouldn’t do that again.”

Scott snarls back and starts towards Charlie again. Bella pins Scott back.

“Scott would you just calm down!” His mother called out, looking embarrassed as she handed Charlie a tissue.

“I’m so sorry. I don’t know what’s come over him.”
“You’re drunk he’s clearly taking advantage, mom!”

Bella’s jaw dropped.
“My dad would never do such a thing! Maybe your mom is loosey goosey!”

“ISABELLA SWAN!” Charlie scolded.

“What she looks like a damn hooker!”

“Your dad’s the one with the 70s pornstache! My mother looks nothing like a hooker!”

“Then maybe she should rethink that dress!”
“OH this is too good for words.” Stiles utters and Derek actually nods in agreement.

“Ten bucks on Bella.” Derek muttered in amusement.
“Hm, you’re on…” Derek and Stiles shake hands.

Allison rolls her eyes and makes her way over, to help with the awkward situation. Melissa sighs.

“It just so happens that Charlie and I have been seeing each other for a while.”

“What?” Scott and Bella chorus again.

Charlie nods.
“Guess it’s out in the open now.” Charlie says.


“I was gonna tell ya kid. I just…”
“And you get on to me about keeping secrets?! That and you gave me hell over Derek! How long have you two been seeing each other?”
“About a year or so now…”


“Mom!” They chorused in disbelief again.

“How is that even possible?! I mean, how do you know Scott’s mother?”
“Funny, I was about to ask you the same thing about Scott.” Charlie replies.

“I’m serious, dad!”
“So am I.”

“Why would you two keep this from us?” Scott questioned.

Melissa and Charlie glanced upon one another and shrugged.

“We had planned to and soon. We just wanted to make certain of a few things first, before involving the two of you.”

“Such as?”

“I think that’s between me and Charlie.”

Charlie sighs.

“Look, I’ll meet you at the hotel.”

“HOTEL?!” Bella and Scott once again chime.

“Bella, I love you, but I’m a grown ass man. ”

She lowers her head and pinches the bridge of her nose.

“The only reason Melissa and I kept this from the two of you; was to keep from hurting either of you if this didn’t work out for some reason. We weren’t trying to hurt either of you or go behind your backs on anything! But we’re adults and we have the right to make that decision!”

“Dad… I..”

Charlie points upon his daughter and shakes his head.

“I don’t you ever bad mouth Melissa like that again! I mean it, Bells!”

“Same goes for you as well, Scott.” Melissa says.

“Mom… I…”

Bella and Scott stand there with their jaws dropped. A cab arrived. Bella and Scott watched in sheer stupor as Charlie and Melissa got into the cab and left. They staggered back in disbelief.

“Son of a bitch!” They declared once again, at the same time.

“Are they… you know…” Bella hints.

Scott made a disgusted face.
“I think so.”

Derek and Stiles died in laughter.

“It’s not funny!” Scott and Bella chorused.

“Ok, you two have got to quit doing that. It’s creepy.” Stiles calls out.

Derek nodded in agreement.

“I can’t believe your dad is boning his mom!” Stiles said as they made their way over.

Scott dead armed him.

“Now I know why my mother insisted on tagging along.” Scott muttered under his breath.

“I thought it was strange, considering I told her I’d be staying with Stiles. She said she’d be getting a hotel and would stay out of our hair.”

He looked to Bella in thought.

“What are the odds?” He scoffed.

“How do you think they met?” Bella asked with that bewildered expression, still about her face.

“I haven’t a clue!”


“I got you some clothes.” Derek called out as he entered the bathroom.

Steam from the shower filled the room. He could make out her silhouette through the curtain.

“Thanks. Just put them on the counter.”

He nodded but made his way over. Derek pulled back the curtain and peeked inside. He lifted his brows as he took her in. Her eyes were closed as she was rinsing her hair out. Derek swallowed back and momentarily shut his eyes with sensitivity. Bella gasped back. She suddenly found herself pressed up against the corner of the shower wall. Her eyes shot open as Derek was still fully clothed, but he had his dick out. He lifted her up and drove his raging hard cock within her. His teeth were gritted as he hiked one of her legs up even higher.

“FUCK!” He shouted in a growling manner.

From there he robustly moved her about him. His fingers interlocked with her hair and he pulled at it in full on passion. His lips feverishly found hers. He groaned and grunted out. Bella felt him swelling and throbbing intensely. Derek’s clothes were becoming soaked. He had on a white shirt V-neck shirt that was now soaked. Every bit of muscle he had was clearly visible. Bella stared upon him as though he were a god. He certainly looked as though one. She took in a breath and leaned against the wall. He left wet kisses along her neck and shoulders. From there he sucked on her breasts, his tongue teasing her erect nipples. He let out a decent moan again and his cock made this thumping like feeling inside her slit.

His name escaped her lips. Derek’s eyes flickered at this, to that of his alpha status. He couldn’t get enough of her crying out his name.

He growled out again as he felt her warmth around his cock. It flooded him and his eyes nearly rolled back as he breathed it in.

“Come for me again, Bella.”

She obeyed his wishes. Derek gritted his teeth once again. He moved her about him more desperately now.

“Don’t fucking stop. I want you drenching me!”

He kisses her once again as he continues to feel her let loose.

“Hmmm…” Bella’s entire body went into an ecstasy sanctuary as his lips found her breasts, once again.

Bella taunted him with little nibs and licks along the crevice of his neck. That growl of frenzy returned. And she found him encouraging her to fully bite down. Derek had a fistful of her hair and her head pressed up against his neck. Bella gave into his desire. They broke into literal wolf sex now. Holy shit! Bella thought as she bit down even harder. Derek let out this dominating howl like growl sound and released. Once he pulled out he brought her down. He had her lick him clean as he watched. Derek merely leaned back and took pleasure in the bath she was giving his cock.

“So your dad and Scott’s mom…” Derek taunts as Bella lay against his chest.

“Don’t even…” She groaned.

Derek chuckled.

“It’s not funny.”

“Hmmm.” He kissed the top of her head.

He ran his hands along her back and the curve of her ass.

“That’s just so weird.” She utters against his chest.

He shrugs.

“He’s still a man.”

“Still… it’s just the strangest feeling, knowing my father’s at a hotel getting “lucky”.”

Derek smirks at this.

“Maybe he’ll be in a better mood now!”


He wraps his arms around her as she attempts to roll off him.

“Go to sleep.” He demands, but with a chuckle.

“You go to sleep.” She mocks in a childlike matter.


Derek’s eyes shot open. He’d awakened to his body being tossed clear across the woods.

“What the fuck?!” He groaned as he hit a tree dead on.

He choked back and came to his feet dusting himself off. Before him stood the four vampire siblings of the one he’d permanently crippled. His first thought concern was Bella. He looked around making certain they hadn’t grabbed her as well.

“Seems we have some unfinished business.” The one with the southern drawl said, stepping forward.

Derek rolled his eyes, but slight relief came over him. He knew Bella was safe, he could sense it. That’s all that mattered.

“Do we now?”

The tall one nodded. He had this painful expression about his face as he spoke however.

“We wouldn’t hurt her. You on the other hand, are in need of a lesson. One you won’t forget.” Jasper says sensing the werewolf’s concern for his mate.

Something he rather respected. Still all the same, the wolf had to pay for what he’d done to his brother. Jasper had made it clear to his other siblings that this was to be a fair fight. This was between Derek and Jasper. They were to stay out of it.

“Then by all means, whenever you’re ready.”

Derek announces. He rolled his neck around popping it, as his alteration took place. Jasper couldn’t contain the smirk on his face. Jasper leaped over sending out the first jab. Derek swiftly dodged his attempted blow.

“Cute…” Derek uttered.

“Hmmm.” Jasper hummed with amusement.

“You’re fast… I’ll give you that much. But how fast?” Jasper challenges.

Derek jumps up grabbing a nearby branch. He swings out his legs and sends Jasper flying back.

Jasper’s feet dig into the earth as he plants himself firmly to keep from losing his balance. Derek growled out as Jasper appeared before him. Jasper managed to get in a few hits this time. Derek staggered back catching his breath as he took a good blow to the gut. Jasper came at him again and Derek swiftly brought out his hand blocking the attempt. He twisted Jasper around getting his hand into a snapping position. Jasper hurriedly twirled around using a tree to reverse the move. Derek yanked out of Jasper’s hold and clamped his hand around his throat. He lifted Jasper off the ground and squeezed with a curled lip. Jasper brought his knees up to his chest and flung his feet out. Derek went sailing back uprooting three trees as he did. Before he could come to his feet, Jasper already had him pinned down. He socked Derek in the face, managing to get two good hits in. Before Derek reversed the pin and returned the hits as well, only he give Jasper one to grow on. Jasper groaned out miserably as Derek kneed him in the sternum. His siblings winced as the crackling of his skin was heard throughout the woods. To their surprise Jasper was actually laughing.

“Hmmm.” He hummed with that amused look on his face again.

Both men hopped to their feet. Fists were flying; bodies were being tossed throughout the woods. The fight seemed relentless and neither was truly getting the upper hand. Emmett narrowed his eyes and nudged Rosalie.

“Is it just me or are they enjoying this?”

“Oh no… I see it too.”

Alice hissed out, taking notice as well.

“This is how you fight in our brother’s honor?!” She scolds Jasper.

He ignores her as Derek and Jasper continued their scrimmage. Only it had become more of a game than actual fight. He was starting to like this werewolf somewhat. He certainly earned Jasper’s respect. There weren’t many that could handle the wrath of Jasper Whitlock. But this one seemed to be able to keep up with him just fine. Jasper grunted out as Derek slammed both his fists into Jaspers back. He then sent him skyrocketing with one hell of an uppercut. Jasper came spiraling back down. His elbow came down between Derek’s shoulder blades.

“FUCK!” Derek groaned and rolled over.

Jasper grabbed ahold of his shoulders and slammed Derek into the earth repeatedly. Derek’s eyes came to a close and Jasper made the mistake of turning his back to him. Not something the major ever does. But his senses told him Derek was OUT COLD. He soon learned just how wrong he was. Alice screamed out as Derek barreled over like a bullet firing out of a gun.

He punched Jasper in the throat, at the same moment as he was hit in the temple. Both fell to the ground clutching where they were hurt. “You suck!” they chorused.

“Alright if you won’t take this seriously! I WILL!” Rosalie shouted irately.

“…no…” Jasper groaned as he was still attempting to heal from Derek’s massive blow.

Derek himself could barely move. Before Jasper could even blink Alice, Emmett, and Rosalie were beating the shit out of Derek.

“… knock it off…” Jasper uttered as he literally crawled towards them.

Derek was doing his best to hold his own. But due to the hit Jasper had given him. His vision was blurry and his head was pounding. It only got worse as he ripped Rosalie’s hair out right from her scalp. Something Derek knew wouldn’t grow back. That only pissed Emmett off. Emmett grabbed Derek in defense of Rosalie and took his back across his knee. Derek choked back and his eyes watered. Immense pain coursed thoroughly his body. Alice and Rosalie took their turns as he was down.

“Stop!” Jasper hollered out as he came to his feet.

Emmett grabbed Derek by the hair and was about to snap his neck. Jasper charged after him and shoved Emmett back.

“Did I not make myself clear?! He’s Bella Swan’s MATE! We’re not doing this! We’re leaving, NOW!”





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10 thoughts on “Chapter 9 Whitlock v.s Hale”

  1. Oh poor Lydia. Hope she can come back. Scott’s mom and Charlie together is just too funny. Jasper and Derrick’s dance was interesting but I’m not happy with Malice, Rose & Em.

  2. *shivers*

    Being trapped in your body while someone cuts into you? Seriously one of my worst fears. Had it happen during procedure once. I honestly can’t think of something scarier.

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