Chapter 13 Brotherly Love

Chapter 13

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“So how’s it going?” Bella hints, as she and Jer were watching TV.

He shrugs.

“How’s what going?”

“You know…”

His arms were folded about his chest as he gazed her direction.

He shrugs once again.
“It’s going…”

“Does it seem to be helping?”

Jeremy sighs.
“You really want to discuss this?”

“Well yeah… sure…”

“Well I don’t… So there.”

Bella rolls her eyes and hits him with one of the sofa pillows.

“Don’t be a jerk!”
“Then don’t force me to talk about things, you know I don’t wanna talk about.”
“It was a simple question.”

“Man, you’re annoying.”
“At least I don’t smell like Aqua Velva and taco meat.”
“I don’t use Aqua Velva!”

“Could have fooled me… Whatever it is, it smells just as cheap!” She says with a smirk.

Jeremy shakes his head but had a slight grin about him.

“WHAT?!” He questions with alarm.


Jeremy raised his brows and covered his mouth stifling a laugh. Bella froze and closed her eyes for a moment. She didn’t even bother turning around, she already knew.

“Um, hi… dad!”

She hears Charlie sigh.

“That’s some colorful mouth kid…”

She winced and Jeremy died in laughter.

“Shut up…” She whispered with a blush.

Charlie sits in the recliner closest to her. He grabs one of Jenna’s Better Homes and Gardening magazines. He rolls it up and reaches over and pops Bella on the head.

“Don’t do that.”

“Do what?” She questions innocently.

Charlie shakes his head and pops her once again.

Jenna enters the door with bags full of groceries. Charlie immediately hopped up and went to help.

“You two, off your ass…” Charlie utters.

Bella and Jeremy exchanged a glance. Bella nudged him.

“Well go on…”
“He said both of us!”

Bella nods and jerks the remote out of Jeremy’s hand. She turns off the TV. Pockets the remote and takes off.

“Dammit, Bells!” He shouts.

Jenna and Charlie cut him a look.

“I mean darn…”

“That’s about what I thought.” Jenna says and motions towards the car full of groceries outside.

He exits the house to see Bella already making her way back with a few bags. He scowls upon her.

“If I miss my show…”
“You’ll what? Cry?”

He groans to himself and grabs a few bags as well. They bring them into the kitchen and Jenna starts to put everything away. Bella and Jeremy head back out to grab more bags.

“Hey…” Jeremy calls out as Bella was reaching for a bag.

He swiftly reached around in attempts to snag the remote. She giggles and quickly takes off with it.

“DAMMIT!” He hollers, chasing after her.

Jeremy chases her into the backyard. Once he has her backed into a corner, he holds out his hand.

“Give it.”

She shakes her head.
“Too much TV is bad for you. You should get out more.”

He rolls his eyes.

“Just hand it over!”

She gets this mischievous look about her.

“Don’t you even!” Jeremy calls out as she held the remote over the fence.

“Oh, well ok…” She says and sends it flying.


It lands on the roof and Bella smiles.

“Awesome! Now we can go out!”

“What the fuck?!”

She shrugs.

“So what would you like to do today?”

“You mean other than holding a pillow over your face, after you fall asleep?”

She nods and gathers the rest of the groceries.
“Jer and I are going out!”

Charlie cocks a brow as he put a bag of chips in the pantry.

“Won’t that be a bit awkward?” Her father smarts.

She snaps him a look after placing a case of cokes in the fridge.

“Funny dad…”

He chuckles, but didn’t catch the odd glances Bella and Jer cut one another. Neither Charlie nor Jenna, knew about their little trial kiss. Jeremy shook his head and quickly left the room, to keep letting out a nervous laugh.

“So which one?” Bella asked as they looked to the movies.

Jeremy shrugged.

“I don’t care.”

“OK fine…” She struts on towards the ticket booth.

“Two for Midnight In Paris!”

“OH, COME ON!” Jeremy bitches.

Bella smiles.

“Oh was there something else you’d like to see?”

The woman working the booth started laughing. Jeremy sighs. He points to a particular poster.

“Ok fine, two for the slasher fest!”

“He’s cute…” The woman says as Bella pays for the tickets.

“He’s single!” Bella hints.

“Is he now?”

Bella nods.

“Hey Jer…”

Bella turns back, to see he was already heading inside. She sighs and quickly takes off after him.

“Don’t you want snacks?!” She called out as he was already getting in line.

“You know what I like.” He hollers out.

“Right… A knuckle sandwich.” She utters, as he was already handing in his ticket and leaving her to get the snacks.

Bella turned once she got the popcorn and drinks. Rebekah Mikaelson stood directly behind her with a beam about her.

“I do believe it’s time for a little chat, love.”

Bella gets a disgruntled look about her.

“Um, can it wait?”

“Oh, I don’t believe so.”

Bekah tossed the popcorn and drinks into the trash. She took Bella by the hand and dragged her out of the theater. Bella sighs with full on annoyance.

“Thanks! You just threw about fifteen dollars in the trash!”

“I believe that’s the least of your problems.”

Bella swallows back.

“Come on, Bek… “Bella looks around the area.

“Let’s not do this.”

Rebekah smiles.

“Whatever do you mean?”

“I think we both know.”

“Right… My brother, “missing” and all. Believe what you want. But that’s not why I’m here. I could care less where the little fuckwit is. I’m merely here to warn you. The others are beginning to wonder. They won’t stay detached for much longer. In fact, if I’m to be honest, I’ve been sent here to spy on you. But as you can see, I’ve better things to do. That and well you and I…”

Bella closes her eyes for a moment, as a glimpse of Rebekah from the past hit.

“Have history…” Bella uttered.

The image of Bekah in a nursing uniform hit Bella. Her gorgeous blond hair was pulled back. Bella swallowed back.

“We worked together… and were friends.”

Bekah nods.

“I see you finally have your memory back.”

“For the most part…”

Bekah reaches out, placing a stray hair behind her ear.

“I once said that I’d always have your back, as you always had mine. That still stands. However, in the same respect. I’m to obey my brother’s wishes, making this a bit difficult. Klaus would have a runaway if wind of this conversation got back to him. ”

Bella nods.
“And what significance am I to your family, Bek?”

“Honestly… I haven’t a clue. They keep me just as much in the dark about things. As to why this will be the last time you see me. I’ve grown weary of the games.”

Bella rears back in wonder.

“And where will you go?”

“Back home…”

“Home? As in N…”
Bekah quickly covers her mouth. She gives a mere wink.

“By the way, if you shall die again. Please, take care not to fall for my brother’s mischievous ways again. Honestly, when will you ever learn?!” At this she vanishes.

Bella just stood there, rather stunned. She had so many questions. But knew there wouldn’t be answers now, at least not from Rebekah Mikaelson. Bella took in a breath and turned back towards the theater. She half laughs, whilst shaking her head.

“This is so eerie…” She whispers, but froze.

Yet again, that feeling returned. She whipped around and scanned the area. Still, she saw no one.

Bella and Jer step out of the theater laughing.

“I mean honestly was it a slasher or porno?”

“Hell, I’m not sure!”

“There were so many boobs…” Bella says with a wrinkled nose.

“Yeah there were!” She elbows him, whilst rolling her eyes.

Bella bites into a Twizzler as they step outside.


They turn to the voice, that belonging to none other than Vicky herself. Matt just happened to be there as well. Matt nodded Bella’s way. She nodded in return. Part of her wondered if he too was trying to get Vicky’s mind off doping up.

“Um hey, Vick…”
She smiled and made her way over, pecking Jeremy on the cheek. Bella resisted the urge to take Jeremy by the hand and drag him away as though he were a child. She nearly giggled in thought. She focused on a nearby movie poster, instead.

“What movie did you see?”

Bella respectfully gave Vicky and Jeremy their privacy. Even though part of her wanted to stick around and eavesdrop. She only hoped Jeremy had wised up enough to realize that relationship was beyond toxic. To her surprise, Matt and Vicky headed on in. Jeremy joined her in looking at the other posters.


“That depends…”
“Am I paying?”

“You’re the one that wanted to go out. And my wallet’s at home… so…”


Jeremy chuckles.

“I’m in the mood for steak and potatoes.”

“How about a burger, at the grill?”

“Now who’s being cheap?”

“Ok fine. I’ll get me a burger. You can watch me eat it!”

When they get to the grill and order their food. Bella looks to Jeremy rather apprehensively.

He nods towards her as he stuffs a fry in his mouth.

“Something on your mind?”

“Nothing…” She utters with a sigh and sips at her soda.

“Nah… I know that look. That’s not “Nothing”.”

“Are you taking her back?”

Jeremy stops chewing for a brief moment.

“You mean Vicky?”

She nods.

He shrugs.

“We never really broke up…”
Bella pinches the bridge of her nose.

He rolls his eyes.
“What about you and that dipshit vampire?”

“Don’t call him that.”

“Hey, I call it like I see it. Looks like a duck, squawks like a…”

Bella gritted her teeth.

“You know nothing about him!”

He shrugs.

“Fair enough… But do you even? I mean really?”

“You think I don’t see past this? You’re avoiding the subject and twisting everything around! You once said you could tell me anything!”

He nods and throws a fry down.
“Used to!”

She winces at this.

“Face it… Things change! We’ve changed!”

Her heart sank at this a bit.


He comes to his feet and grabs his jacket.

“I’m not giving up on her!”

She felt a wave of nausea hit.

“Dammit, Jer.”

“Don’t even get me started. You’re such a fucking hypocrite! You sit there and judge mine and Vicky’s relationship? Hell Bella, why don’t you worry about your own relationships! Keep your nose out of mine.”

At the moment, he was undergoing “Outpatient Rehabilitation”. The counselors warned them of this exact thing. The withdrawals alone would cause him not only physical but emotional pain. He’d start to feel as though everyone was against him as well. For now, he was going to meetings. But Charlie let it known that if he stepped out of line, just a hair. He’d throw his ass in a Rehabilitation hospital and wouldn’t sign him out until he earned his certificate in completion.

Bella sucked back a breath.
“I’m here, when you’re ready…” She calls out and he pauses at first.

He placed his head against the door for a brief moment. He said nothing as he exited, shortly after. Bella leaned back in her seat and stared at Jeremy’s half eaten plate of food.

“Well, shit…” She mutters bitterly.

She throws a twenty and a five down for a tip. Bella darts out the door, seeing Jeremy hitching a ride with one of his other friends from school. She shakes her head on this and gets in the truck. Bella just sat there for a moment, staring into space.

Once she snapped out of it, she peeled out, turning on the radio Afire Love by Ed Sheeran was playing. She wasn’t ready to go home, so she found a more secluded area, one where she could think. She parked the truck and stepped out. Bella hopped up on the hood of her truck and kicked back. Her fingers absentmindedly ran along her necklace. A million things ran through her mind, as she took off her necklace, and looked to the ring. The ring spun around as she held it up. The sun was glistening against it. A smile formed along her face, as she thought about Damon. For every painful memory, there were triple the amount of uplifting ones. She thought back to when she was a child, when her crush first began. How his baby blues were the first thing she truly noticed about him. The other was his smile. Even now, they had a power over her.

Bella closed her eyes on this, holding the necklace over her heart. Out of all the men in her “lifetimes” Damon Salvatore stood out the most. Though she had loved others, her love for him was by far more potent. The only one that could even come close was Edward Cullen. But their marriage greatly lacked the amount of fire she and Damon shared.

With Edward… She felt “safe” but no in the sense of feeling safe with Damon. Safe with Damon was entirely different. Safe as in knowing Damon would always look after her. No one would dare cross him. Everyone knew how much he loved his Lizzy. But with Edward…? Safe as in comfortable. He was sweet and romantic off and on. But hadn’t near the amount of passion Damon had when it came to her. Bella narrowed her eyes on another fact that came to mind. Different bodies… Different last names but her first name always remained about the same. She wondered how that was even feasible with different parents. Then again, how was it possible to die then be reborn over and over? She sighed in thought.

So she’d two husbands Edward and Damon. Five fiancées Damon, Isaac, Kol, Stefan, and Edward and she’d lost two children. And three sets of parents… She shook her head in thought. She wasn’t even sure how she was going to keep up with it all. The memories seemed to hit randomly. Like with Rebekah earlier. She needed a trigger it seemed in most cases.

And naturally, she began to feel selfish. Here she was thinking about herself, while Jeremy Gilbert was going through hell. He’d just lost everyone, not long ago. Hence the reason he started doing drugs to begin with. He’d never even experimented with them beforehand. Bella hopped off her truck in thought. She climbed back in and decided to hit the cemetery. Something she’d do often when turning to Elena for advice. As if she was going to reply back. At times she felt silly, others it seemed to calm her nerves somewhat. She wasn’t even sure why. Perhaps it was knowing Elena was just as protective of Jeremy as Bella was.

What she didn’t expect was to see that Jeremy had beat her there. She had parked a ways down and walked towards the Gilbert’s gravesites. Bella ducked behind a tree, once she took notice of him. He was sitting down some flowers. She swallowed back and shut her eyes. Bella leaned against the tree, giving Jeremy his space. Meanwhile, her heart was breaking for him.

Her eyes however flew open, as she heard a familiar caw. A crow was springing about on a nearby tombstone. She put a finger to her lips as if to shush it. The crow flapped its wings acting offended. She thought that was rather odd behavior for a bird, even if she had a pretty good feeling who it belonged to. She shook her head in thought with a slight grin.

She heard Jeremy sigh.

“I know you’re there.”

She flinched and slowly turned peeking over. Jeremy was facing her direction. He regarded her with a look of accusation. Bella stepped out with a guilty countenance about her.

“Man, you just never let up do you?”

She sighs.

“In all fairness, I didn’t realize you’d be here. It’s not how it looks.”

“Sure it isn’t!”

“No. I’m serious Jeremy! You know I’m not one to hover like that!”

He stuffs his hands into the pockets of his black hoodie.

“They’re beautiful…” She says making her way over.

Jeremy rolls his eyes.

“I didn’t ask.”

She nods and hunkers down anyhow. She ran a single finger along the pink rose he’d put down for Elena.

“She’d like that.”

“Once again, I didn’t ask your opinion.”

The crow had made its way over and was on Elena’s tombstone now. It cocked its head about. Bella locked eyes with the bird.

“What’s he the nightwatch?” He smarted as the sun was about to set.

Bella found herself smiling. For some reason Jeremy saying that reminded her of a movie she’d watched a few months ago. Irony have it… That movie was titled The Crow.

“You could say that.”

She cut the crow a wink.

“It’s creepy.”
“It’s just a crow, Jer.”

He shrugs.

“And you can stop that now.”


“With that b.s tough guy act. I see right past it. I know you Jeremy. This asshole persona, it’s just not you. Never has been. You want to push everyone away, out of fear of getting hurt again. You’re afraid of getting to close and having everything ripped away from you all over again.”
“What would you know?”

She nods and looks to the ground for a moment.

“More than you could possibly imagine, I assure you.”
“I highly doubt that. You still have your parents!”

Bella looks to the ring her mother had given her.

“That’s very true. But the only thing I have of my mother, is this ring she gave me a couple Christmas’s ago. I haven’t seen her since.”

“At least you know she’s alive.”

Bella nods in full agreement.

“That’s also very true.”

She clears her throat. She wasn’t about to dump her issues on Jeremy like that. He had enough going on.

“I know it’s not the same, but you have me… You’ll always have me. I’m not going anywhere.”


She cuts him an odd glance.

“Stop what?”

“Acting like that! I don’t need your fucking pity!”

“Pity? That’s what you think this is, Jer?”

She rises and turns to him irately.

“I don’t pity you Jer. No. I pretty much think you’re an idiot and being entirely selfish.”
“Me, selfish?”

She nods.

“You got people that care about you, right here. You’re not alone. Yet, you want to go on acting as if you are. Dammit, Jer you nearly died. We almost lost you. You’re so closed off to everything, you’re not even seeing the bigger picture and what losing you would do to everyone else. I sympathize with you, sure… But no… I don’t pity you. You’re the one that’s choosing this lifestyle. No one else. You’re the one that chose to start doing drugs. Something you know Elena and your parents would disapprove of. I can only imagine how they would feel about this. How disappointed they would be. I could see the pain in their eyes. You’re the one that insist on staying in a questionable relationship, because let’s face it. You think you don’t deserve any better!”

“Once again, how would you know?!”

Bella half laughs.

“Because… I’ve been there.” She sighs, thinking back to her past relationships.

“I too stuck around, trying to make things work, because I thought that was it for me.” She thought about her lifetime with Isaac and Kol.

After losing Isaac, she thought Kol was her only option. Time were different then. When it came to Kol, there was no real connection, other than sex. She couldn’t even remember spending quality time with Kol. Not like she had when she was with Damon. With every other man in her life, she felt this massive hole within her chest. Something always seemed as though it were missing. She never understood until now.

“You think you know Vicky, but you don’t. There is more to her.”
Bella nods.

“You’re right… I don’t. And I’m sure there is more to her. I’m being selfish. All I see is the destruction she causes when she’s around you. So to everything else, I’m blind. She maybe a wonderful person. I will say this much… She was right, about one thing…”
He looks to her curiously.

“About feeling threatened. Only she had it in the wrong context. We both know we’ll never be anything more than good friends. We’ve been down that road.” She softly laughs in memory.

“Honestly Jer, you’re like the brother I never had. So yes, I feel threatened but in the sense of losing you. Not to her. But to the drugs, in which she constantly supplies you. Let me offer some advice. You can take it or leave it. Follow your heart and give her another chance. Do your best to make it work, if that’s your wish. In return, I feel you should test the waters, so to speak. Don’t get in too deep. You nearly died Jer and from an OD nevertheless. She claims to be on the straight and narrow. So see if she truly is. If Vicky truly loves you, the way she claims. She won’t pressure you into using again. In fact if you even suggest it, she should become irate. She nearly lost you as well. She’d be afraid of losing you just as much as anyone else is. Even if she is still using, she won’t risk your life, along with hers. She will make it her personal mission to keep you away from them. Nevertheless, if she goes out her way to persuade you otherwise… There’s your answer. The truth may hurt or set you free. But it’s all I got to offer. Like I said, it’s up to you on whether to take that route or not. All I ask, is stick around, will you? Don’t you go and die on me.” She takes in a breath.

“I’ll leave you be now…”

She starts to walk away.

“She never truly got me, you know.”

She pauses with her back to him.


“Elena…” He admits.

“In fact… I think you’re the only one that truly has.”

Bella smiles amongst herself and gives a simple nod.

“Later, Jer.”

He nods in return.


Bella entered her room and jumped. He cocked a brow as he was kicked back on her bed. His arms were folded about his chest. Bella quickly shuts her door, locking it.

“You wouldn’t happen to be spying on me now, would you?”

He shrugs and pats the area beside him.

“You do realize eavesdropping is wrong?”

He presses his lips together and cuts her a rather amused look.

“You seem to be mistaking me for someone that cares.”
“Damon…” She hisses.

He smirks and pats the bed, once again. She grins and makes her way over. Damon pulls her into his lap.

“Hmmm…” He wiggles his brows, whilst grinding her against him.

The bed makes a squeaking sound. And she looks towards her door with unease.

“Charlie and Jen are home you know…”

He swiftly rips her shirt open.


His fingers run along the navy blue straps of her bra. A painful expression crosses his face however, reminding Bella of the locket around her neck. She quickly takes it off and places it on her nightstand.


He doesn’t answer. He merely rolls over, pinning her to the bed. His fingers interlocked with hers, as he kissed along her neck. Bella let out a gasping moan as he licked the crevice of her neck. She quickly covered her mouth, glancing towards the door once again.

“I have to admit. I figured your room would be filled with stuffed animals or unicorns.”

Her jaw drops looking offended. Damon chuckles and goes back to his trail of kisses.

“I’m 17 not 12.”
He lifts his eyes towards her, with a look of disgust. This causes her to laugh.

“Hmmm 17… young and perky, just as I remember…” He taunts and licks along her bra.

“And what if you found me and I was in my 50s or 60s?”

He shrugs.

“Ironically, I’d still be robbing the cradle so to speak.”
“Oh please, like you’d want me all old and stuff.”
He cuts her a certain look.

“Don’t be an idiot.”

“I’m being serious.”
He covers her mouth.

“The only thing I wanna hear from that mouth of yours is purring, Kitten.”

She looks to him rather muddled. Her purring began as he ran a hand up her skirt. Damon tilted his head and turned towards the window however.


He put a finger to his lips and rolled on off the bed. He headed right for the window and pulled the curtains back. Damon raised the window and breathed in the air within the vicinity. He snapped back her direction. His baby blues were now shadowed with darkness.

“Stay put, Lizzy. I mean it… Don’t even think about leaving this house.”

At this he leaps out the window and disappears.

“Um… ok…” Bella says with a sigh.

Damon sneered to himself as searched about the woods.

“Watch yourself…” He warns as he circles the area.

He scanned the area around him. Whoever it was, they were fast. The trail was quick to turn cold. His hands balled up into fist as he glanced back towards the area of the house.

“Dammit…” He muttered under his breath, as he headed back.

“What was it?” She inquired once he returned.

Damon shrugs.

“Not so much an it, but a who. And I don’t mean in the terms of Dr. Seuss.”

“So I was right…”
He cocks a brow at this.
“Right…? Do elaborate!”
She sighs.

“Just had that feeling…”
“Feeling…?” He probes as he leans against the wall.

“Like I’m being watched off and on.”

“Huh… Well guess what, gorgeous?!” He peeks back out the window.

“You are.”

“Well that sounds awesome.”

“I thought so too. Makes you feel all warm and tingly inside, doesn’t it, Kitten?”

Damon looks towards her bed.

“So strip down and spread those sexy legs. I’ll be nesting here tonight.”

She looks to the door once more.

“I promise to be quiet. You on the other hand…” He utters with that egotistical smirk of his.

She gasps out as he presses her up against the wall. Damon runs a hand along her waist and it travels back towards her ass. Once he gets a handful of her cheek he squeezes and nips at her neck. She lets out a whimper. He softly chuckles.

“Can you?”

Before she can blink, Damon has her on the bed. Without any real effort, he slips her panties off. Damon lifts her skirt and runs his fingers along her pink slit. Her hands quickly clamped over her mouth as he dived on in. Her back was arching off the bed. And she was squirming about something fierce. Damon got a gentle yet firm hold on her legs. His lapping session became more thorough. At one point, he looked up to see Bella biting down on her pillow. He was raging hard as he observed. But eager to play. This had become a game to Damon. Could he make her temporarily forget where she was? Just long enough to let a moan slip out of those sexy lips of hers? He couldn’t explain it, not even to himself. But he found the mere idea somewhat erotic.

Sure enough, the more into it he got. The more she struggled to keep quiet. He was literally fucking her with his tongue when she finally broke. She cried out and they both stopped, gazing towards the door. Within a few seconds, there was a knock. She looked to Damon panic stricken. He simply grinned and wiggled his brows. She mouthed the words “I’m going to kill you.”


She cleared her throat.

“Um yeah, dad?”

“Are you alright in there?”

“Oh, she’s perfectly fine, “daddy”.” He whispered tauntingly.
“Um yeah, just upset stomach that’s all.” She replies doing her best to keep her voice steady.
“Oh… Well do you need anything?”

“I got it covered…” Damon whispers once again with a wink.

Damon was having a field day with this. He licked her once more and she looked to him wide eyed.

“Um, no dad.” She called back, finding it hard to concentrate.

“Are you sure? I can run to the store and get you some medicine.”

Damon snickered to himself, he was eating this up, and in every which way. She cut him a rueful glare.

“I’m going to bed actually. But thanks anyh…” She swallowed back as Damon was licking her clit once again.

“Well if you change your mind let me know. Goodnight, kiddo.”
“Night dad.” She called out.

They waited until he left.

“You’re such a dick.” She hisses.

He shakes his head and whips his out.

“Nope but this sure is.”

His cock bobbed about as he positioned himself just right, on the bed. He eyed her hintingly. She grinned and cruelly gave him one little lick. He shakes his head. She bit her lower lip.

“Come now. Or I’ll have daddy beating down the door.”
“Are you threatening me?”

They both had grins planted about their faces.

“You bet your sweet ass I am. Now be a good kitty and suck it, kitten.”

Damon nearly lost his composure as well. She started off with a few teasing licks.

“Lizzy…” He scolds and she giggled against the head of his dick.

He gave an insinuating buck of the hips. This seemed to spur her on and she gave into his wishes.

“Good girl…” He hummed and combed her hair back with his fingers, so he could watch.

“Faster, Lizzy…” He whispered eagerly.

She picked up the pace. Bella felt him growing even more anxious below. He pulsated against her tongue and she knew he was about to blow his load. That had her even more egged on. Damon threw his head back as he came in her mouth. She swallowed every drop, licking him clean. Afterword, he lays her down and rests his head on his palm of his hand. He ran a soothing hand along her breasts and tummy.

“Now that was what we call improvising. No need to shake headboards that don’t need shaking. However, this does mean that you’re getting a thorough fucking later.”

“Later dad.” Bella waved him off as he got into his squad car.

Jenna was already out for the day as well. Bella reentered the house and sucked back a breath. Damon was in the kitchen, naked as a jay bird. Her eyes widened and jaw dropped as Jeremy entered the kitchen as well. Damon waved upon Jeremy, with no shame whatsoever.


Bella grimaced on this and a nervous giggle escaped her mouth. Jeremy wrinkled his nose and exited the kitchen. Damon shrugs as he was making Bella breakfast.

“I suppose he’s not hungry.”
“Damon… Really?” She utters in disbelief, shaking her head in disapproval.

She flinches hearing Jeremy’s door slam shut.

She groans and starts towards the stairs.

Bella knocks on Jeremy’s door.


She opens his door and sees him on the bed, with his arms folded about his chest. He was staring at the ceiling.

“I’m sorry.”

Bella narrowed her eyes upon something else in the room. She walks over and picks up the bag of pills. He immediately shot up with an oh shit look about him.


She reached to her heart, with a true look of disappointment to her face.

“I suppose this isn’t Tylenol.”

“Bells…” He said in a pleading voice.

She looks to the bag.

“What would happen if I took all these?”

He reared back wondering why she’d say something like that.


She opened the bag and breathed them in. He rushes over and jerks them out of her hand.

“It’s not what you’re thinking!”

“Oh, really?”

He nods.

“Then what are those?”

He sighs, looking crushed. Jeremy cleared his throat.

“You were right.”

“Jer?” She questions with concern.

“Those aren’t mine. They’re Vicky’s.”

Bella could see it all over his face. He wasn’t lying. Not this time…

“I didn’t take any. I didn’t want to.”

Bella staggered back on his behalf. Her hand went over her mouth. He nods and quickly wipes his eyes. She couldn’t help herself. Bella walked over and grabbed ahold of him. Jeremy lost his cool and caved in.

“That’s all she ever wants to do now. Every time we’re together… I tried to get her to watch a movie. I offered to take her out. Dammit, all she wants to do is get high and fuck!”

Bella hadn’t any words at the moment. Her heart shattered, along with Jeremy’s. He didn’t deserve this! Damon peeked into the bedroom, fully dressed now. He motioned for Bella to call him, once she had a chance. She nodded in response. Damon discreetly leaned over, kissing her on the forehead. He then went about his way.

She gave Jeremy the one thing he needed most. An outlet… She didn’t offer any advice this time. She simply listened to everything he had to say. About Elena, his parents, and Vicky, this making a first since she’d moved to Mystic Falls. Something that was long sense overdo. She didn’t want Damon to leave, but understood what he was doing. That only made her love him more.

“So where are we going?”

Bella smiled.

“Thought we could get out of Mystic Falls for a bit…”

Jeremy didn’t argue for once. In fact, part of him looked relieved. She smiled as Jeremy turned on the radio. He jumped however as Bella shrieked out. He felt the truck jerking about as she swerved to miss something on the bridge.

Bella flung her hand back, bracing Jeremy against the seat. The truck struck the bridge and Bella’s head slammed against the stirring wheel. Being an older model truck, there were no airbags.

“BELLS!” Jeremy shouted.

He narrowed his eyes seeing a blurry figure through the rearview mirror. At this, he felt the truck moving.

“SHIT!” He called out and hurriedly went to undo his belt, trying his hardest to get to Bella.

But there wasn’t enough time. The truck hit the water his body jarred back at the impact.

“NO!” He yelled as Bella was out cold.


Flashes of his parents and Elena hit. He thought about how they died. How it was on this very bridge. What were the fucking odds?! NOT HER TOO! He thought feeling as though he were already dying.

“NO DAMMIT!” He cried with desperation.

He got his seatbelt undone. But water was pouring in at great speed. The water ran past their necks now.

“Hold on, Bella!”

He undid her seatbelt and grabbed ahold of her. He went to open his door and noticed the dashboard. It had his leg crushed between the car seat and it. A good chunk of it had broken off into his kneecap. He groaned out as he tried to move it. But it wouldn’t budge and the more he attempted this, the more he bled out. The water now over his head. He held Bella up as high as he could so she wouldn’t drown. But the water was coming in too fast. He shook his head as they were now immersed.

He held his breath as long as he could. But shook his head seeing the bubbles forming from Bella’s nostrils. Meaning she was officially drowning. He banged on the window with desperation. The door on his side suddenly disappeared. Bella was snatched right out from his hold. Jeremy locked eyes with the individual who grabbed a hold of her. Within seconds, he was gone.

Jeremy continued to struggle. But was thankful someone managed to pull Bella out. He ground his teeth together, knowing he hadn’t much time and had to come to desperate measures. He jerked his leg about in a twisting motion. The pain was excruciating. He fought to keep from drowning as he freed his leg. Jeremy swam to the surface and crawled out of the water. He rolled onto his back doing his best to catch his breath. As soon as he coughed the water out from his lungs, he trolled onto his side and began looking around for Bella.

“Be..” He started to call out but began to choke on more water that had traveled to his throat.

He cleared his throat afterword and tried again.

He used a nearby tree to brace himself as he rose from the ground. He hopped around on one leg. And continued to call out to her and search throughout the area. There was no sign of her or the individual that saved her. Not a single person or vehicle was in sight.

Damon paced around as he tried calling Bella, yet again. Something had him on high alert, he just wasn’t sure what.

“Dammit Lizzy, answer the fucking phone!” He growled and dialed once again.

He grabbed his leather jacket and started out the door. Only to see Jeremy Gilbert, he was crawling along the asphalt, towards the boarding house. Damon zipped over and hurriedly helped him up off the ground.

“Where is she?!”

Jeremy was shivering violently from the cold and couldn’t catch his breath. Damon’s lip curled as he rushed him into the house. He hurriedly bit down on his wrist and gave Jeremy his blood.

“That makes twice now…” Damon hinted on saving his life.

Jeremy rolled his eyes, but ignored Damon’s comment.

“Now, care to explain?”





16 thoughts on “Chapter 13 Brotherly Love”

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  2. Why do I get the feeling that Edward was behind this? Now I have to wait to find out who it is. You’re killing me it’s getting way to good. Awesome update by the way and I want Damon butt naked cooking me breakfast in my kitchen. Sounds yummy and I was laughing so hard it woke my husband up. Let’s just say he wasn’t as amused as I was. Lol. Can’t wait for the next update!!

  3. You’re the devil. It was Eddie, wasn’t it? I bet it was that fucker. I loved this chapter even with the evil cliffie. I love Jer so hard, so many feels for him and all that he’s gone through. Damon is a saucy bastard, as usual, and that ending!!!! I hate you – not really – but yes. UPDATE!!!

  4. So glad Jeremy finally opened up to Bella. He need to see how toxic Vicky was but it does break my heart how much he hurts.
    Oh my bet is on either Eddieboy or Malice that took B.

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