Chapter 14 Sins Of The Past

Chapter 14

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Bella drew back a breath as she came to. The room she was in was very bright. She rolled over, realizing she was on a bed with white silk bedsheets. There were a dozen roses in a clear vase on the nightstand beside her. She rose up in the bed and took a better look around. That’s when she grasped she was in hotel. A very expensive one at that, and she swore this looked as though a honeymoon suite. Bella swallowed back feeling somewhat parched. She climbed out of the bed and reared back with surprise. Her hands ran along the red gown she was wearing. It was very sensual and so long it dragged along the hotel floor.

“What the…” She whispered to herself and glanced into a nearby lengthwise mirror. The dress had a slit that went right up her thigh.

Her hand automatically ran along the bareness of her neck, realizing her necklace was gone.

“No…” Bella whispered and desperately began to search the room.

“You’re awake… ”
The overly accustomed voice chimed. Her head slowly cranked that direction. There he was sitting at a table one of his legs was kicked about the other. He smiled warmly and came to his feet.

“Ed…” She cleared her throat, feeling somewhat dizzy.


He nodded and gradually made his way over.

“You remember…” He said, whilst caressing her cheek, lovingly.
“Yes Edward… I remember…” She replied with a nod and gently lowered his hand.

“I can’t believe it’s you. When I saw you in Forks…” The vampire started to say.
Bella closed her eyes, recollection of the car wreck hit. Her eyes flew open and she clamped a hand over her mouth.

“My friend… Jeremy Gilbert… Have you seen him?”

She looked around once more.

“And how’d I get here?”

Bella began a thorough sweep of the hotel.

“Looking for something?”

“My necklace and clothes…” She snapped a look upon him.

“Did you…” She hints looking to her gown.

He nods.


“You’re my wife…” Edward replied with a shrug.

Her body tensed up at this.

“I was your wife… That was a different era.”

Edward softly laughs.

“Bella my love, you will always be my wife.”

“Edward…” She said his name with hesitance.
He appeared in front of her, holding the necklace. She hurriedly snatched it seeing how it was burning his hand.

“Thank you…”

Bella hadn’t a clue how to act around him now. She’d never felt so awkward.

“My clothes?”

“They’re still wet. I’ll bring them up once they’ve dried.”

She nodded.

“When you changed my clothes… you didn’t…”

Edward rather chuckled on this.

“I was a perfect gentleman I assure you.”

A breath of relief came over her.

“However… That’s not to say I didn’t take a gander or so.”

“Edward!” She reproached with a blush.

“You’re just as beautiful as you were back then. You cannot hold that against me. There is no crime in a man beholding such beauty, especially that of his own wife.”

“Please… Edward… You really need to stop saying that.” She thought about Damon’s wrath if he heard Edward refer to her as such. She found herself cringing on Edward’s behalf.

“I’m not your wife.”

The vampire cut her a somewhat hurtful glance. Bella however stumbled about as she lost her footing.

“You should be resting still. You lost a lot of blood.”

Edward scooped her up and laid her back down. “Now please, don’t be alarmed…” he warns before biting down on his wrist and offering it to her.

She narrowed her eyes.

“What are you doing?”

“I just need you to trust me. My blood it can heal you.”

“Oh hell…” She groaned and laughed with a hint of nerves behind it.

“That’s right, you are a vampire… Sounds like you owe me an explanation on that one. Were you always…?”

He gazed upon her with astonishment.

“And you knew this how?”

“Let’s just say I’m more at home with the supernatural than you’d think.”

Edward drew back a breath on this and answered her question “no, sweet Isabella… I was not. And you’re right… I owe you a lot more than that however. And not only do I plan to make up for everything. I will explain what happened… but at the moment you must rest.” She went to argue this but the room spun on her. Her eyes came to a close.

“Sleep well, my love” he softly said and fed her more of his blood.

Damon paced about the living room once Jeremy finished his story.

“So let me get this straight. You claim something or someone finished pushing the truck over the bridge? And you believe this same being is the one that ripped the door off the truck and took Lizzy?”

Jeremy nods.

Damon walked over to the bar and poured himself a drink.

“The real question being… why would someone try to kill you, then winds up saving my little love muffin, but left your ass to die.”
“Gee thanks.”

“Just calling it how I see it. Think about it. They could have saved you if they wanted. But they had no intentions in going back for you. And you said they were gone by the time you managed to escape.”

He drew back a breath on this.

“Let’s go, little Gilbert!”

“To the bridge… Time to do some investigating of my own. Hurry along or you won’t get your Scooby snack.”
“Dude, shut up!”

The blue eyed vampire came to a stop as they were at the door. He whipped around.

“Would you like to repeat that?”

The boy rolled his eyes.

“You think I’m scared of you?”

“You should be…”

“Well I’m not. You’re just another dick… She deserves better.”

The annoyed vampire nodded.

“I fed you my blood right?”

The teenage boy nodded in return.

Damon started to sock him across the face but restrained himself.

“OH… COME… ON!” He bitched.

He opened the door rather pissy like.

“Fucking Lizzy… and this stupid need to right by her.”

Jeremy smirked at this.

“Knock it off, and get in the damn car!”

The vampire narrowed his eyes as he ran his hand along the bridge. He saw where the truck had gone over. From the looks of things the Gilbert boy was dead on. This looked entirely too forced. He crouched down examined the cement blocks to the Wickery Bridge. If the truck had gone over at great speed the damage would’ve been much worse. But it was too clean cut for Damon’s liking. This read setup in BIG BOLD NEON LETTERS. He nodded to himself and rose to his feet. Who was so desperate to play hero to his Lizzy, they’d risk her life in order to do so? Damon’s lip curled in thought. From there, he examined the entire area thoroughly for any clues leading to where his girl was.

Bella woke to a tray of food at her bedside. It had strawberries, kiwi, grapes, cubed cheese, and ham slices. The girl rather reared back at this and gently pushed the tray away. She reached over and grabbed her necklace off the nightstand, placing it on. She grabbed the clothes that were folded and nicely stacked to the other side of the necklace. The somewhat disoriented girl dressed in the bathroom. Where Edward had a slew of women’s products on the counter. Her eyes nearly boggled at the sight. There were razors, shaving crème, a toothbrush and toothpaste, two different kinds of hairbrushes, shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, and tampons.

Her best friend entered her mind once she was fully dressed. She stepped back out determined to find out if he were alright. Bella picked up the hotel phone about to call home.

“Something you need?”

She turned around as she started to dial.

“I’m checking on my friend. That, and I’m going to have someone pick me up.”

Edward sighed and gently took the phone from her hold. He hung it up and took her by the hand. She looked to him oddly as he sat her down on one of the recliners of the hotel.

“Isabella…” He says looking heartbroken.

“I should have told you before but I wasn’t sure how.”

He kissed her hand and closed his eyes for a moment.

“About your friend… I tried to save him… but it was too late. I’m sorry.”

“Wait… what?”

She shot to her feet and jerked her hand out of his hold.

“No… you’re mistaken.”
“I’m afraid I’m not. I’m sorry for your loss. If there’s anything I can do…”
Bella’s ears started to ring. Suddenly, she felt as though she were walking in quicksand.

“No…” she spoke with tears in her eyes.

“NO you’re wrong! Jer… he’s a fighter…”

“I wish I was… He must’ve been a great guy if he meant that much to you. But I assure you there was nothing I could do.”

Her hand went over the area of her heart, her face full of despair. That bottom lip of hers trembled. She came to her knees and broke into sobs. Edward rushed over, dropped to his as well and held her. He ran a soothing hand along her back.

“I got you, sweetheart…”

Bella tensed up as he said that. She hurriedly wiped her eyes and came to a stand.
“I have to go.”
She shook her head and started towards the door.

“Please… don’t go…” He pleaded.

“I’ve spent years wondering what happened to you. Not a day went by where you didn’t enter my mind. I never stopped loving you.”

Her eyes shut for a moment. She truly felt bad for Edward. He was an upright man. Or at least when they were married. He was a good father too. And she had loved him… But things were different now. So she just lost her best friend… Now she was about to rip Edward Cullen’s heart out with what she had to say next. Her own heart had that sinking feeling as her hand wrapped around the handle of the hotel door.

“Thank you for saving my life. I’ll be forever grateful.” She drew back a breath.

“I loved you and our son. And part of me always will. But my heart, it belongs to someone else, just as it always has. I never wanted to hurt you Edward. I truly am sorry.”

She went to open the door and he appeared at her side and put his hand against it.

“Please don’t… You don’t mean that… Isabella… I just got you back! Tell me what I must do. I’ll do whatever it takes. No matter what you ask of me… It’s yours just tell me.”

“You don’t understand. There is nothing you can do.”

“No, don’t tell me that… ”
She swallows back as he had tears forming in his eyes. He pressed her up against the hotel door, with his forehead up against hers.

“Don’t do this to me… I need you.” He breathed her in and his eyes nearly rolled back.

“Isabella…” Black veins had spread along his face and his eyes went black, her scent was maddening. It caused him a thirst he’d never encountered.

“Edward, please…” She whimpered feeling lost on what else to say or do.

But she couldn’t help her feelings. She loved Damon, no other man or vampire could take his place.

“Please what? Just tell me. I just want you back. I’ll do anything!”

Bella sucked back a breath and shook her head solemnly.

“I’m sorry…”

“No… No.. I’m not letting you go that easy. Think about everything we had. What about our son?! We had a family. Just how cold can you be? Would you truly turn your back to me? After everything!”
“Cold?!” She says behind gritted teeth.
“This hasn’t anything to be with being cold! I just got my memories back not too long ago. The lifetime you and I shared together was only one amongst others!”
He narrowed his eyes on this.

“So this one who’s taken my place… Who is he?”

“Edward, don’t do this…”
“Don’t you think I deserve to know who he is?!”

“He’s my husband from my first lifetime.” She admitted feeling uncomfortable as the words left her mouth.

Edward nodded looking bleak. That, and he were fighting certain urges he hadn’t dealt with in many years. He didn’t understand why he felt the need to feed from her. He’d fed from animals for so long. But her blood… her scent… her body, called to him like no other. It took all will not to have his way with her.

“How long were you married?”

“I can’t do this… Not right now. I just lost my best friend! And I can’t even properly deal with that at the moment.”

Edward took a couple steps back and held his breath, doing his best to discipline himself. He’d never want to hurt her.

“You’re right. You need some time…”

He reached into his pocket and grabbed his keys.

“I’ll take you home.”

“Don’t… I’ll call for someone to come get me.”

Edward half laughs.

“They might not be too thrilled.”

She looked to him oddly.

“Why would you say that?”

He sighed.

“We’re not in West Virginia. We’re in New York.”

“WHAT?! HOW?!”

“Are you really going to ask me that?”

Bella paced about the hotel and threw her hands in the air.


She looked to him in disbelief.

“Ok fine. Take me home. But I need to borrow your phone.”

He nodded and handed his cellphone over.

On the way back, she simply stared at the phone. She hadn’t a clue who to call first. And she was so traumatized about Jeremy. She wasn’t clearly thinking. Bella simply called the first person that came to mind.

“Damon speaking…”

Edward cut her an odd look, but she didn’t even notice.

“Damon…” She said, relieved by the mere sound of his voice.

She gasped back and damn near shrieked out as Edward slammed on the brakes.

Damon?!” He hissed, eyeing her down.

Her heart raced and she swallowed back rather tensely. Those veins of his returned and his fangs made their appearance.

“Who the hell is Damon?!” The vampire’s eyes were cold and black and he shook all over.

Damon heard everything as well and he cocked his head about as he listened in.

“The one I was telling you about…”

“Wait…” Edward pinched the bridge of his nose.

“You cheated on me?!”

“You didn’t just ask me that!”


Damon gritted his teeth in realization. He knew who had his Lizzy now.

“I NEVER CHEATED ON YOU! Have you not listened to a word I said?”
“You named our son after your FIRST HUSBAND?!”
“I didn’t even realize I had! I had no recollection then! The name just came to me.”
“You expect me to believe that?! Jesus, Isabella. Just how long have I been second place in your book…?”

She grimaced and closed her eyes for an instant.

“Or was I even that close in the running? How many men were there?”
“Um hello…” Damon called out not liking where this was going.

“HOW MANY?!” He barked.
“Why does it manner Edward? Those were different times then. I was different and so were you.”

“At least I still see you as my WIFE! You won’t even acknowledge that I’m anything! I’m just some guy you up and had a kid with, right?! Our lifetime together MEANT NOTHING TO YOU! EVEN NOW! THEN TO HEAR YOU NAMED OUR SON AFTER HIM…”
“Lizzy… where are you, sweetheart…” Damon questioned with slight panic in his voice.

He knew that anger. Hell he lived it and Bella damn sure didn’t need to be alone with this vampire. Edward curled his lip and jerked the phone out from her hand.

“Damon I take it…” He identified with a hiss.

Damon rolled his eyes.

“Yep that’d be me! And I’m gonna just put this out there… If my girl doesn’t get home safe and sound, and in a timely fashion. I’m going to hunt you down, and believe me that’s not something you want. So do yourself a favor. Stay the fuck of my shit list and get her home pronto!”

“Your girl huh…” Edward said, eyeing Bella down.

“That’s right mine…”

Edward laughs but that of sheer misery. Bella kept quiet the last thing she needed was to fend off an angry undead ex. Or could she even refer to him as such. Their only reason for departure was his death… She’d never been more confused.

“We’ll just see about that. Not to worry, she’ll be home soon. She’s safe with me. Always will be.”
“Is that so…?” Damon jeers hearing the resentment in Edward’s voice.

Edward hung up the phone. He put the car back in drive and sped the entire way back. Neither spoke another word or so much as looked at one another. When they arrived at her house, hours later, Damon was already waiting. He was kicked back against his baby blue Camaro. He nodded towards Bella as she was stepping out of Edward’s shiny silver Volvo. Edward exited the car as well and hurriedly made his way around.

He leaned into her ear, gently moved her hair to the side as he whispered.

“I’m not giving up…”He slipped his phone number into her blue jean pocket. “I love you. And I’ll do whatever it takes to prove that. If you need time… I can give you that.”

Damon rolled his eyes picking up everything that was being said. Bella shook her head on this.

“Edward it’s not about time. You and I shared something and it was wonderful. But that was a diverse life.”
“Is that what you told him?”

Bella let out a nervous laugh.

“That’s about what I thought.”

“Edward there is no sense in waiting. Find love. Do whatever it takes to be happy.”

He gritted his teeth and pointed upon her.

“YOU ARE IT! CAN’T YOU COMPREHEND THAT?! ” He curled his lip “find love?” He scoffs.

“It’s not like that Edward! And you know it! I can’t control how I feel. I love Damon!”

“What did you think was going to happen? That we’d split up her time? Were you hoping for day or night visits?” Damon mocked and Edward scowled his direction.

“THEN YOU TELL ME WHAT THE FUCK IT IS! What makes him so much better than me?!”

She lowered her head and Edward made a big no, no. He grabbed her chin, forcing her to look at him.


Damon tapped Edward on the shoulder. When he turned around, Damon decked the shit out of him.
“DAMON!” Bella scolded.

“Touch her again and I’ll rip your fucking throat out!”

“NO EDWARD!” She shrieked out as he struck Damon in return.

A full out brawl between the two started.

“HEY!” Bella heard the familiar voice call out and turned that direction.

Her knees buckled and she suddenly felt faint. She quickly braced herself against the Volvo to keep from passing out.

She gazed Edward’s direction.

“You told me he was dead…”

Bella marched her way over. Damon had Edward’s body planted against a tree. She stepped between the two of them. She grabbed Edward by the collar and Damon cocked a brow at this.


Edward sighed and glanced towards the teenage boy.

“I honestly thought he had.”
“And why would you think that?”

Edward shook his head. Damon gently moved Bella aside. He had this smirk about him and he reached out and patted Edward on the shoulder.

“Because he left little Gilbert there to die… Didn’t you…?”

Bella tilted her head upon Edward.

“Jer?” She called out demanding the truth.

“Admit it… You saw the boy as a threat. So you did the ‘noble’ thing and left him to die.”

“He’s also responsible for the wreck in the first place.” Jeremy adds as he and Damon stared Edward down.

Edward laughs in a ridiculing matter.

“You’re obviously imagining things. I’m sorry. If I had known you were alive, I’d have pulled you out.”
“Oh no… no, no, NO! Let’s be honest now. You caused the wreck. When it didn’t quite go as planned you finished the job. Then you gallantly dived in after her. Such the white knight you are…” Damon said with wild eyes.

“You put my girl’s life at risk in order to make yourself look like something more than the piece of shit you are!”

“That’s not how it went. You know nothing!”

Damon wrapped his hand around Edward’s throat and lifted him off the ground.

“Give me one good reason. One… on why I shouldn’t end your very existence right here, right now!”

Edward’s eyes darted towards Bella.

“You’d stand there and let him take my life?! After everything we’ve been through together?! WE LOST OUR SON! I LOST MY MOTHER AND I DIED! I CAME BACK AS THIS? You think this is what I wanted?! I WANTED MY WIFE AND SON! I want our life back!”

“Let him go Damon…”

Damon snapped a look her direction.


She nodded with tears in her eyes. On one hand, part of her wanted to give Damon the go ahead. To have him rip her old husband’s fucking heart out. How dare he leave Jeremy to die! But on the other, her guilt consumed her. She thought back to Damon and how he almost killed her, because he hadn’t any idea. He’d snapped Caroline’s neck without so much as a blink of the eye. Yet, she understood why… And now she was doing her best to do the same for Edward. She could see how it wasn’t really fair. But she couldn’t control the way she felt. She didn’t love Edward. At least not in the sense he so desired.

“What happened to you Edward? You willingly left a friend of mine to die. That wasn’t the man I once knew, nor was it the man I married. You were much more honorable and by far less pathetic as a human. As a vampire…” She half laughed but that of misery and shook her head.

“You’re a mess…”

“He truly does suck… doesn’t he?” Damon adds with a wink and playfully slaps at Edward’s cheek.

“If I were you, I’d do as she suggested. Move on… Now, get the fuck out of my sight. Or I just might go against my girl’s wishes. I’m not a very patient vampire.”

Edward sneered at this but got into his Volvo and burned rubber.

Damon turned back to see Bella latching onto Jeremy and crying.

“I’m okay…” Jeremy assured, doing his best to calm her.

Her friend was having hell keeping his own emotions at bay. He too had feared the worst when it came to her. On this thought, Jeremy placed his hands along her shoulders and took a step back, looking her in the eyes.

“About being a dick and all as of late…”

“I haven’t noticed…” She taunted with a tearful laugh.

Jeremy smiled but shook his head.

“I’m sorry… You really didn’t deserve that. If anything you’re about the only true friend I really have. And I know that now and can see it for what it is… Bells… You’re all I got now. So just keep that in mind with all the crazy in your life. Something happens to you and…”
“What about Jen?”

He drew back a breath.

“I think you know what I mean…” He glanced back towards the house.

Bella smiled in understanding.


He half chuckles on this.

“Are you two hens done necking yet?”

They roll their eyes.

“I’m gonna turn in. You better be glad nothing wakes those two.” Jeremy hinted about Charlie and Jen being home but it was 4 am now and they were in bed, sound asleep.

“Do they know?” Bella hinted.
“No… I just got home myself…” He motioned towards Damon, letting her know he’d been with him the entire time.
“Oh… and how’d that go…?”

Jeremy halfheartedly laughed and headed on in with no comment.

“Should that concern me?” She inquires peering over Damon’s direction.

He simply shrugged and made his way over. He brushed back a strand of loose hair with his fingers.

“Are you alright?”

Bella nodded.

“Did he hurt you?”

“No, Damon.”

He narrowed his eyes and observed her more thoroughly. He shook his head in realization.

“But he gave you his blood.”

Bella chewed on her bottom lip a bit not wanting to answer that.

“Of course…” Damon said with a deep sigh of frustration.

He knew this meant Edward could enter her dreams, amongst other things he didn’t truly wish to think about. By no means was it her fault. But it pissed him off nevertheless. Damon wanted to ask her more about what all took place tonight. But she looked as though she’d pass out where she stood. He caressed her cheek and kissed her forehead.

“Get you some rest. I’ll pick you up for school.”

You’re going to pick me up for school?”

She questioned with doubt in her words. He smiled.

“Well I doubt your truck is going to be up and running by then… or ever again.”

She frowned on this.

“I loved that truck.”

Damon dies in laughter and wraps his arms around her.

“That shitty hunk of metal?”

“Don’t knock the truck!”

“I’m sure we can find you something much more suitable.”

She grinned and looked towards his Camaro.

“Um no… Never… You can forget that.”
“I thought you loved me.”

“I love you enough to get you another car sweetheart, but you can’t have mine. That car and I have history.”
“So do we…” She continued to tease.

He nodded and glanced back towards his car.

“The car treats me better than you do. It doesn’t go around telling me to shut up and hitting me.”

“But you keep going on about how I’m your wife. So technically, what’s yours is mine.”

Damon took in a deep breath on this.

“Okay, I’ll give you the car…” She raised her brows on this.

IF… you renew our vows… And it has to be like it was back then. So it’ll be the society event of the year. A full page spread in the paper. The town will hold a picnic in our honor. I’m sure you’ll want your father to give you away as well. Naturally, I’ll have to go there myself first and ask for your hand.”

Bella’s eyes were as big as saucers and Damon swore she looked a little green. She glimpsed back towards the car.

“I don’t want your stupid car. It probably has too many miles on it anyhow!”

Damon snickered and ran his hands along her ass.

“Hmmm, what am I going to do with you, Kitten?”

That morning…


“What happened to the truck?”

Bella and Jeremy glanced upon one another.

“Ummm… funny story dad…”

He lowered the newspaper he had been reading and peered over.

“Why do I not like the sound of that?”

She let out a nervous laugh.

“Um well… What if I were to say it’s at the bottom of the Wickery Bridge?!”

“Is that supposed to be funny?!” Jenna reprimands with incredulity in her eyes.

Bella swallowed back on this and placed her bottle of orange juice down.

“Come on, Jen… You know she didn’t mean it like that.” Jeremy defends.

“No… we had a little accident.”

Charlie shot out of his chair.

“You what?!”

“Don’t please. We’re fine. The truck not such much, but we’re ok.”

“What the hell, Bella?! You had a wreck and didn’t even bother to tell us? Even worse you involved Jeremy! That doesn’t even sound like something you’d pull. Since when are you the ignorant one?!”

Bella’s entire face flushed over.

“It wasn’t her fault.”

Bella cut Jer a certain look and shook her head. He took the hint and played along.
“There was something in the middle of the road. Bella swerved to keep from hitting it and we flew off the bridge.”

“You what? And you two haven’t a scratch about you? HOW?! How could did you survive that drop?”

“The important thing is we’re still here to tell about it, right?”

Bella said and grabbed her bag looking rather miffed.

“So that’s it? That’s all you have to say about what happened?”

Bella nodded towards Jenna.

“What would you like for me to say?”

Jenna looks to Charlie rather stunned.

“Everything alright?” Damon asked as she entered the car.

She pecked him on the cheek.

“About as good as it’s going to get.”

He looked towards the house in wonder.

“Let’s just go… Please…”

Damon started the car and quickly peeled out.

“Sure you don’t want to play some hooky and spend the day being my little love slave?”

She softly laughed as he kissed along her neck and ran his hands along her thighs. He had her in his lap and they were parked in the lot of the school.

“I wouldn’t fall for it darlin’. He’s sure to have you corrupted before the year’s even over. By this time next year you’ll be decked out in black leather and carrying a whip.”

Damon wiggled his brows on the Major’s comment.
“Sounds incredibly kinky, doesn’t it, Kitten?” Damon whispered in her ear.

Jasper chuckled overhearing this. He leaned against the car and reached over honking Damon’s horn, gathering the attention of the entire parking lot. Damon raised his brows Jasper’s direction.

“Proud of yourself?”

Jasper shrugged his shoulders and did it once more.

“Now I am!”

Damon rolled his eyes and Bella died in laughter. The bell rang and Damon sighed with true disappointment. Not caring about the audience he locked lips with hers and gave her a good pop on the rear.

“I’ll be here when you get out.”

She nodded and started towards the building. Damon lowered his shades and watched as she walked away.

“Hmmm.” He hummed in amusement with a smirk about him.

Jasper shook his head.

“How the hell did you score that one?” His friend curiously probed.

“Through my never ending charm and good looks, of course…”

The major laughed.
“I’m sure…”
“Then why question it?”

“So where’s Blondie?”

“She’s already inside, had cheerleader practice this morning.”
“Ah… and how’s that going…?”

“Surprisingly good… Just letting her call the shots on the pace, considering recent events.”

Damon nodded in understanding and ran his hands along the steering wheel.

“I suppose I better be a team player and get my ass in there.”
The old war buddy damn near snorted.

“I can’t believe you of all are fucking going to school.”

Jasper grinned and shrugged his shoulders.
“You have met Caroline, right?” Jasper hinted suggestively.
“Eh… she’s hot. For like a one night stand or something along those lines…”
“Shut the fuck up…”

“Am I touching on a nerve?”
“No you’re just being a dick, nothing new.”

The blue eyed vampire had a good laugh at this. The major was about to take off when Damon grabbed him by the wrist.

“We need to talk.”

“Wanna move your hand first?”

He dropped his hold and leaned back.

“You remember telling me about that coven from Washington?”

Jasper made a certain face on this, as if he already knew.

“Let me guess Edward..?”

Damon tells him everything… Once he’s done. Jasper nodded, looking to be in thought.

“If he’s around, good chance of the others are as well. Watch your back, both of you. They’re not at all what they seem. Don’t let the animal diet fool you. And I’m sure you already know. But this thing with Edward, it’s far from over… He’s persistent, when he really has his eye on something. He’s not one to simply walk away.”


Edward had entered her dreams last night. But she saw it for what it was, remembering what Damon was capable of. She somehow forced herself awake. Edward had planted a rather steamy sex scene between the two. She couldn’t bring herself to even attempt sleep after that. But through doing that he set something off within Bella. A hint of darkness from her past sparked back to life.

Bella began to push all things related to her past out of her mind, in exception of Damon. It wasn’t that she didn’t care about her children, Edward and other loved ones from her past. But that was just it… It was all ancient history. No longer would she allow herself to dwell in the past. And she’d grown tired of the guilt trips. So for once… The girl allowed herself more confidence, some serenity, and a little selfishness. Selfish in the sense of wanting her happily ever after. Something she was bound and determined to achieve no matter the depths she must go to. A certain smile came about her, during class. Jasper cocked a brow her way and couldn’t help but to smirk, as he sensed her.

“Well darlin’, it’s about time…” He muttered under his breath.

(Remember to leave your thoughts. I like to read them! Thanks for reading. And thank you to those who voted on the Non-Canon Awards! Also I’d like to make a personal dedication to Mommy4Thomas… This story I actually wrote for her. She’s a huge Damon fan and I wanted to give my go at this story, with her in mind. She’s been a great beta, soundboard, but most of all a great friend. Those are hard to come by. So thank you Pumpkin! And shout out to Bertie Bott for the freaking awesome manip. Thank you! Her manips kick ass. And she too one of those that’s hard to come by…  😉 ❤ )







13 thoughts on “Chapter 14 Sins Of The Past”

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    I love the fact Jeremy is starting to accept Damon and can see the possibility of a friendship budding there.

    I’ve been trying to think of a nice way to describe Edward, but douchebag, asshat, idiot and so forth come to mind. So I suppose there are NO nice words for him, lol. He’s an asshole, a delusional one at that!!
    Seriously hope someone hands him his ass at one point!

    Awesome, Awesome chapter and I just loved every word!! Already looking forward to the next chapter! And again- Thank you for the dedication! It warmed my heart and you mean the world to me! Congrats on your award, BTW! 🙂

  2. So freaking great! I would use awesome, but I think you may think I overuse it. But it’s the first would that comes to mind. Call me child of the 90’s.

    And Yep, didn’t surprise me that Edward used his blood to get into her dreams. He seems like he could be part of the Compton assholes are us line………….

  3. Oh my… I like your author’s note almost more than the chapter, sweets! Thank you so much for your kind words and I have to return the favor – you and sistah are one of a kind – or two of a kind, really, lol. I guess all together we’re three of a kind… you see where I’m going with this even though I’m clearly not playing with a full deck *giggles at all the puns*

    This chapter was awesome. Fucking Edward… I’m glad Bella is resolving to let the past be exactly that. Damon is different, he is obviously her soul mate. Edward was a love, but he is effectively killing all of the fond memories. Planting sex dreams of them in her head? That’s akin to rape to me and I hope he gets his and soon, the fucker.

    And can I say how much I love my Jer-Bear?!?! One day, you’ll have to write another story with him where he has a short girlfriend named Ashley and Damon calls her lil’ devil… What? That sounds totally legit! Don’t look at me like that!

    I can’t wait for more, sweets… love how you write ❤

  4. Awesome chapter and I can’t believe the jerkoff actually made her think Jer was dead! The fact that he pushed her car off the bridge I would have let Damon end him but what’s a good story if the jerk dies to soon right? I’m glad that Bella wants to bring selfish for once she deserves it and I can’t wait to see how the others react. I’m like Jasper on that one it’s about time!!! Can’t wait for the next update! 😉

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  6. good jollys. harley it’s like ur out doing ur previous chapters. how the fuck do u do it!!! love the work and the whole damon gonna hit jeremy but couldn’t lol/ and that whole car part where bella wanted his car. for one sec i could imagine it being a fight between deadpool and bella about the gun. it was funny. can’t wait for more. as usual ur stories just take my breath away. i am off to go re read one of ur stories now anyways. not sure which one but i know i’ll be reading it from start to finish again….o i know. i’ll read the iron man one. i’m feeling long on my iron intake anyways 😀 *Pun fully intended* 😛

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    I’ll give him credit that he fought his urges and didn’t drain her dry.
    Love jasper and Damon’s friendship. And I hope one will form between Damon & Jeremy.

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