Chapter 15 The Swan Takes A Bow

Chapter 15

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“Jasper…” Bella snorted as she placed her drink down.

“Did you seriously just refer to Matt as a happy meal?” She whispered and Caroline giggled.

“The lady’s hungry…” he replied with a shrug.

“Such the romantic,” Bella taunted s Jasper kissed along Caroline’s arm, lovingly.

Caroline raised her brows Bella’s way looking all a fluster.

“I do try…” he uttered with a wink.

“Ugh… I see why you two are like bff’s,” she hinted about Damon.

Bonnie placed her tray down and sat beside Bella.

“So what’d I miss?”

“You mean besides the sickening display of impractical fondness between two mosquitoes?”

The witch raised her brows on this.

“Mosquitoes?” Jasper repeated behind a curled lip.

Bella nodded as she munched on a fry.

“Pesky things…”
“And you’re dating one.” Caroline reminds.

“Precisely… So I know exactly what I’m talking about!”

Bonnie laughed and Caroline tossed a carrot at Bella. However Bonnie, Jeremy, and Caroline all glanced upon one another as if in silent conversation. This was the Bella Caroline had referred to. And the Lizzy Damon knew and married. The one you want to be around, but wouldn’t want to get on her bad side.

When Bella exited the school, Damon was already propped against the Camaro, with his arm folded about his chest. He nodded upon her. Bella smiled and made her way over. His arms instantly wrapped around her. He softly moaned against her lips as she kissed him.

“Hmmm… and how was your day?”
“It was a day…” she replied with a shrug.


“Eh, rather dull actually.”

“Meaning you didn’t kill anyone during those eight torturous hours.”

The vampire smirked at this. “You know me so well” he murmured and cupped her chin, kissing her.

“So does the little Swan need to run back to her nest or can she venture out and play?”
Damon nodded as he nuzzled against the crevice of her neck, breathing her in.

“Yep I got you something.”

“Why does that scare me?”

“Oh ye of little faith.”

“Can you honestly blame me? For all I know it might be some guy’s head on a pike.”

“I thought about it but couldn’t find the one I was looking for.”

“Ugh Damon.”
“And once again you’re getting me confused with someone else. The heads on pikes… That’s so old school and well frankly quite tiring. My way is much more convenient. And I still manage to get my message across.”

He takes her hand, opening the passenger side door for her.
“Tell dad and Jenn I’ll be home soon,” she called out as Jeremy passed by.

“Um ok…”

Damon shut her door and strutted on over to the driver’s side. As he hopped in, Damon narrowed his eyes Bella’s direction. She was looking the phone her father had replaced for her and had this disturbing appearance about her. “Everything alright?” She nodded and quickly exited whatever it was and pocketed the phone. Damon drew back a breath, knowing she wasn’t telling him something. He started the car rather frustrated. Once they hit the road and were nearly outside Mystic Falls city limits, she turned to him.

“Where are we going?”

He gave a simple shrug.

“You’ll see!”

“You’re not kidnapping me again, are you?!”

He chuckled and reached over turning the radio on. Then he put his arm around her.

“Sorry to disappoint gorgeous, but no, not this time. Maybe the next!”

She cut him an odd look as he turned down a farm road.

“Not making me feel any better….” she witted.

He didn’t comment just kept driving. Eventually, he turned onto a dirt road that led to a ranch. A man was already waiting outside, with what looked to be his teenage son. Damon parked the car just a couple feet away from a 1966 white Shelby Mustang with blue racing stripes going across it. Once he stepped out he motioned for Bella to follow. She drew back a breath and opened her door. The moment she stepped out the teenage boy was scoping her out. The dad smacked him in the back of the head.

“Watch yourself son.”

The father nodded upon Bella and took a set of keys out from his pocket. “These must be yours.” She looks to the man confused. “Pardon?” The man handed her the keys. “Mr. Salvatore already got the title taken care of. So it’s ready to go.” He said as if that explained everything. Bella peered over Damon’s direction as he was running his fingers along the Mustang.

“Well, what are you waiting for Kitten?”
“I don’t understand.”

“What’s to understand? You needed a car. I got you a car.”
“Damon!” She scolded.

He sighed with slight annoyance and rolled his eyes.

“Don’t start that. Just say thank you Damon, you big stud muffin. I love you!”
The man and his son start laughing. Bella shook her head.

“But Damon how will I even begin to explain this to my father and Jenn?!”

“Lizzy sweetheart just get in the car,” he ordered softly with a smile.

“I can’t believe you bought me a car! What were you thinking? I…”

“Jesus lady… Just get in the damn car and thank the guy!”

Damon smirked at the man’s words. Her jaw dropped and she snapped her head his direction. The son had his mouth covered in laughter.

“Thank you!” Damon called out with exasperation.

The guy nodded and pointed at the car as if dealing with another unruly child of his. Bella shook her head in bewilderment and made her way over. Damon nodded upon her and stepped aside motioning towards the door. She unlocked the door, with hesitance. Bella reared back rather stunned, after catching a glimpse of the inside. The dumbfounded girl glanced back Damon’s direction. Her boyfriend gestured towards the car encouragingly. Bella climbed on inside and found herself rather giddy. The vampire grinned, taking notice, but didn’t comment. She adjusted the mirrors and thoroughly looked around.

“Ok… this is actually pretty cool. But I can’t keep this, seriously.”
“Sure you can and you will.” Damon stated confidently, before shutting the door and cutting her a wink.

He waved the father and son off.
“Nice doing business with ya!”

“Sure thing,” the vampire called out in reply and hopped into his Camaro.

“I can’t believe this.” Bella uttered feeling somewhat guilty.

She never truly meant for her vampire boyfriend to buy her a damn car. And this was a nice one too. She started it up and it had the purr of a kitten. Which she found ironic, considering Damon’s nickname for her. Bella followed Damon out and back into town. She hadn’t a clue on how she’d explain this to Charlie and Jenna. When she pulled up to the curb of the house, Damon sprang out of the Camaro, twirling his keys about as he made his way over.

“You like?”

“Well yes but…”

He put a finger to her lips.

“Just enjoy it… Please. Think of it as a belated birthday gift. The title is in the glove compartment, under your name. And you’re on my insurance now so that’s also covered. Whenever you need money for gas, or anything of that nature, such as the car going kaput on you, let me know.”
“Jesus Damon, I….”

He shook his head and drew back a breath on this.

“Lizzy… Just let me do this. Okay?” He damn near pleaded as he pressed her up against the Mustang.

Damon caressed her cheek and kissed her on the forehead. They cranked their heads towards Charlie’s police cruiser he pulled up to the house. This odd look was already planted about that face of his. Once he parked he stepped out , walking on over. He nodded upon Damon and respectfully offered a hand. Bella’s jaw nearly dropped though.

“Damon, right?”

“Yes, sir, ” Charlie nodded upon the vampire boyfriend and to Bella’s amazement patted him on theback.

“So what’s with the Shelby, Bells?”

“Nice, isn’t it?” Damon threw out there, gathering Charlie’s attention.

Her father nodded in agreement as his eyes met Damon’s.

“Oh you love the car! I can tell!” Damon announced with a certain smirk, but his eyes never left the chief’s.

“I do! Is it yours?”

“Actually no, it isn’t. It’s yourdaughter’s. Remember… She needed a car. So we got her one! Pretty cool, huh?”
“Oh yeah.” Charlie agreed.

Damon gave a simple nod and Charlie blinked a couple times, turning back towards the car. He peeked inside, admiring it. Bella gazed upon her father in disbelief.

“Um, so you’re ok with this?”
Her father nodded.
“I’m a little jealous if I’m to be honest.”

Damon pecked Bella on the cheek.

“I’ll see you tomorrow sweetheart!”

The chief’s daughter just stood there for a moment, completely baffled. There were no words.

Damon waved her off and headed on home. And before long she found herself knocked for another loop.

“So … how’s that going?” Charlie questioned in a hinting matter.


“You and Damon?”


“Well you two seem to be getting pretty serious. At least from the way he made it sound. You got the guy smitten. Still, I think he’s a little old for you….”
“Dad…” she groaned.

Charlie sighed.

“If I didn’t trust you Bells, we’d be having an entire different conversation.

On this note he leaned against the car, looking to be in thought.

“Speaking of trust… My men and I got your car out of the river. Would you care to explain how one of the doors was ripped right off the hinge?”

“It was…?” Bella questioned, putting on her best front.

Later on…

When it finally hit her, Bella shot up in the bed that night.

“Dammit Damon you ASSHAT!”

“Oh look at you Lizzy, thinking of my fine ass before bed!” She heard him call out as he was at the window.

The vampire welcomed himself inside.

“I said you were an ass!”

“I can’t believe you compelled my father… again!”
“And which time would that be?” He wise-cracked.

“I’m serious Damon.”

He nodded and plopped down in the bed beside her.

“Now there’s no need to thank me. So you can stop that.”

A giggle escaped her but she rolled her eyes simultaneously.

Thank you Damon, you big stud muffin. I love you.” She scoffed with a grin.

He sighed, putting on a front of his own.

“I knew you couldn’t resist.”

He arched his brows as she overlapped him , laying against his chest. Damon grazed his hands along her back and kissed the top of her head. He grimaced amongst himself however and removed the vervain filled necklace. The vampire laid it down on her nightstand. It was then he realized she was already out, something that wasn’t his doing this time. That only told him she hadn’t been getting enough sleep as of late. So he simply held her throughout the night.

Damon tilted his head after a few hours had passed. While she was sleeping, he was sensing something. Like that of another presence. Sure enough Bella let out a moan and Damon gritted his teeth knowing damn well what was taking place.

“Fight him off Lizzy…” He whispered in her ear, as he gently rolled her over.

“I’ll block him…” the irritated vampire murmured.

Bella’s back suddenly arched off the bed and she gasped out as if in pain. His eyes narrowed, with concern as she flung her head back like she’d been slapped.

“…fuck…” Damon muttered under his breath, as her nose started to bleed.

With his body planted over hers, the vampire began to focus. His girl gasped out once again and her eyes flew open. “Damon?” He nodded, just as he had her cell made a buzzing sound. Damon reached over and grabbed it but froze as he looked to the screen. Once he slide his thumb over, unlocking the phone, he reared back at what he saw. It was a picture text from yours truly. In fact Damon counted at least five pictures. He scrolled through each of them black and white, from a different era. Four of them were of an infant boy and the very last one was of Edward and Isabel Cullen.

“When did this start?”

Bella grimaced as he flashed the picture of her and Edward.

“Earlier today…”
“Why didn’t you tell me?” He asked as he reached over and grabbed a tissue, handing it over.

“Nothing worth telling… He’ll get the point, eventually.”
“Something tells me otherwise.”
“Damon please. I’m just trying to move past this. The best way to do that is to ignore him. If I give in and reply it’ll only make matters worse.”

“And what happens when he doesn’t take no for an answer?”

“He won’t have a choice.”
“Lizzy… I don’t think you truly get where I’m going with this.”
She wiped her nose and looked to the blood on the tissue.

“What the…?”
“As I was saying…”
Bella shook her head.

“This is Edward we’re talking about. Trust me. He wouldn’t hurt me. He’s merely going about this out of desperation now.”

“Oh really?”

The blue eyed vampire stated bitterly. He hopped off the bed and paced the bedroom.

“Tell me sweetheart… What were you dreaming about?”

Her face flushed over and she lowered her head.

“That’s about what I thought. And how did that dream end?”

She drew back a breath. Damon made his way over and gently cupped her chin.

“How did it end Lizzy?”

“I remember hearing your voice and I was trying to come to.”
“What did he do?”

“Slapped me.”

He nodded.

“And now your nose is bleeding. But he’d never hurt you.”
“It was just a dream. Dreams can’t harm you Damon.”

“He’s a fucking vampire Lizzy. It goes a bit deeper than that and he has more control than you think. Granted he’s not near as strong as I am. And he’s not that old. But everything that happens in those dreams IS HIS BIDDING! It’s no different from when I entered your dreams at first. Now that you’ve had a taste of his blood. He’ll keep this up until it runs out of your system. He’s gonna do whatever he can think of to try and persuade you to his side of things. When he can’t….” Damon gently tapped her nose.

“Well there you go. I believe it’s safe to say husband numbero dous has some anger issues. Ones you need to be leery of.”

“That doesn’t make sense though. Edward, he never laid a hand on me when…”

“He was human right? Sweetheart, you really need to wake up now. He’s not that man anymore. We’re vampires and the more the years progress we lose more and more of our humanity. You saw it yourself. I almost ended your life.”

“So what keeps you from ending me now? What’s to say you won’t eventually snap?”
Damon reared back, with raised brows.

“You said so yourself. You lose more and more of your humanity as the years progress.”

He nodded upon her challenging words.

“Okay, let’s say the tables are turned for a moment. You’ve chosen Edward instead of me. Highly unlikely, but we’ll just go with it. Now I’m on the other side of things. And I’d be doing just as he. No sense in lying about it. I’d do whatever it fucking took to get you back. I rather pity the idiot, if I’m to be honest, because let’s face it. It could have been me on the other side of the fence.”
“But you said…” he put a single finger upon her lips.

“Let me finish…”

She drew back a breath of impatience.

“The difference being… is this… He gesture towards her bloody nose. If I had known it was you Lizzy. What happened that day would’ve never taken place. I could never hurt you. Dream or not. No matter how desperate I became. I’d rather burn time and time again than to lay a harmful hand upon you. That’s not to say I wouldn’t hurt others in order to try and get what I wanted in the end. But hurting you is a different story entirely. I know without a shadow of a doubt. I’d die before I willingly hurt you. Sappy enough for you, Kitten?”

“Then you’re wrong.”
“How so…?”

“Your humanity… it’s still intact if anything more so now than ever before.”

The vampire narrowed his brows not sure what to say to that. And wasn’t quite sure he agreed with that assessment. “Does it ever end?” He tilted his head in wonder. She half laughed in misery.

“I mean do I have to become fucking Buffy now or what?”

“Now there’s an idea. Could be hot…”

“Damon…” she murmured, behind a giggle.

“Guess that makes you Spike then, “Bella taunted, with a playful mien.

Damon cocked a brow as he leaned back against the wall, his arms folded about his chest.

“Do I look like I need a trench coat and a pack of smokes? I’m better looking, have a way hotter girl and my car is a lot cooler… That blond pussy wouldn’t stand a chance. And you’re way more bad ass than Buffy. I’d make you a Sarah Conner and you can terminate that ginger haired fucker. Something tells me you’re need more than a stake and some backflips to get rid of him. And when the fuck did you get a thing for blonds?!”

“Since when do you get all green-eyed over a fictional character?”

“Who says Spike is fictional sweetheart? Where do you think Joss got all his ideas from, hmm?”

“So what are you trying to tell me that you’re Spike and Stefan is Angel?”

“Angel is a pussy. Stefan is a vagina.”

She died in laughter. Damon shook his head with a grin. Lizzy came to her feet and made her way over. As if automatic, the vampire’s arms wrapped around her. Bella leaned her body against his. His hands ran along the slope of her back as they kissed. She drew back a breath of surprise as he scooped her up and leaped out the window. Within the blink of an eye they were in the woods. Damon had her on the ground, where he ripped her tank top open. Her back arched off the ground as he licked her breasts, whilst flicking his tongue along her nubs.

“Damon…” she cried out as he grinded himself against her, eagerly.

Bella found herself aching for him as he pulsated against her. With gritted teeth, he reached down and tore through her shorts and panties. He closed his eyes, taking a moment to enjoy her scent. It had the vampire swallowing back in thirst. With swiftness, he unfastened his pants. Damon cocked a brow, but wore a smirk about him as his Lizzy ripped his buttoned shirt open. Her hands hungrily ran along his chest.

Without further ado the vampire plunged himself within her.

“…fuck Lizzy…” he murmured with a sexy tenor, driving Bella past the brink of lust.

Her nails clawed away at his back as her juices ran down her legs and flooded his cock.

“Hmmm… keep cumming Kitten. Don’t fucking stop…” he demanded with a growl against her neck, before biting down.

His thrusting became even more rigorous, as she cooed out and in such a way, one that had his eyes rolling back. Damon never could get over the way she’d deluge his cock. He couldn’t get enough of it. His tongue lapped along the crevice of her neck as he licked her clean afterword. Bella heatedly kissed him directly after, catching Damon by surprise. His Lizzy used to be squeamish around blood. But at the moment, she didn’t even seem effected. That kiss alone had him aching for release. A low growl left his lips as he spilled his seed. He gave a few more deep strokes, before pulling out. Once he finished he rolled over with Bella in his hold. He locked lips with hers yet again, finding it hard to stop.

Bella rolled down the windows and turned up the radio, as Jeremy continued to complain on how it wasn’t fair she got a 1966 Shelby Mustang. “Jer…” she called out during his little rant. “What?” He practically snapped as he continued to gawk upon the car, with utter jealousy.

“Would you like a ride?”

The teenage boy rolled his eyes but looked to be in thought.

“Get in the car and quit your bitching. You sound pathetic.”

She broke into a giggle fit as he acted bitter but got in the car anyhow. Jeremy threw his backpack in the back, as she started pulled out of the drive. Jer reached over in attempts to change the station. This had her slapping at his hand.

“My car and I’m driving. Music stays as is.”

“Oh come on! What is this shit?”

She sighed and shifted gears. He reached over once again and she slapped his hand even harder.

“Knock it off or you can walk.”

Jeremy childishly folded his arms about his chest.

“Where is he?”
“I’m afraid you’re going to have to be more specific. ”

Damon replied as he leaned against the door. The girl went to invite herself in only to realize she couldn’t. She reared back finding herself truly puzzled.

“How are you doing that?”

“And what would that be?”
“Damon I don’t have time for your games.”
“Funny, I was just about to say that!”

He went to slam the door in her face.

“I’m not leaving until I know where Stefan is. Every year we celebrate his birthday together. This was the only time he was a no show.”
“Huh… Maybe he outgrew you! It’s about time I’d say. Tell me Lexi, are you still stuck in the 80s?”
The blonde rolled her eyes as he eyed her questionable clothing.

“Are you still whining over that dead wife of yours?”
The vampire made a tsking sound and shook his head.

“To think, I was just about to invite you in.”
She narrowed her eyes on this, seeing through his lie.
“No you weren’t.”
“You’re right. I wasn’t…”
“But how… I mean… why can’t I cross the threshold? This is the doing of a witch, isn’t it?”

“And your time is up. Do have a pleasant day!”

Lexi sighed with annoyance as he slammed the door in her face.

“Look what I got…” Bonnie called out as they were at their lockers.

Bella and Caroline’s cranked their heads her direction and their jaws literally dropped.

“No fucking way.” Bella uttered with a grin.
“For reals?” Caroline added.

Bonnie smiled on their reactions.

“I won four tickets. But I’m not sure who to take,” she taunted her friends, as she held the Maroon Five tickets.

“You bitch, you’re so taking me.” Bella harshly whispered.

This had the witch dying in laughter.

“What she said.” Caroline agreed as Bella reached over, snagging a couple tickets.

“Thanks!” She called out as she handed Caroline the other ticket.

“I kind of love you right now.” Bella playfully popped Bonnie on the rear and pecked her on the cheek.

“Should I be jealous?”

They all turned towards the direction in which the voice carried from.

“Lexi?!” Bonnie and Caroline chorused.

The pretty blonde smiled, with a nod. Bonnie and Caroline hugged her and started asking her questions as to what brought her here etc… Lexi’s attention however was currently on Bella.

“And you are?”

“You must be new here.”
“You could say that.”

The girl looked around as if waiting for someone else to appear.

“So where’s Stefan?”

Bonnie and Caroline frowned and got uneasy guises about them.

“Ummm okay…” Lexi said taking notice.

“He moved.” Bella threw out there so Bonnie and Caroline wouldn’t have to be the ones lying.

“Did he now?”
Bella nodded with a bit of a shrug.

“Yep about a month or so ago.”
“And where to?”
“Not sure. It was rather sudden. Kind of blew each of us out of the water.”

Bonnie swallowed back on this, not sure what to say.

“Huh… Doesn’t quite sound like Stefan.”
“I know… right? Well it was nice meeting you Lexi.”

Lexi turned and watched as Bella exited the building.

“The new girl’s kind of cute.” She stated with a shrug.

Caroline cut Bonnie a rather odd look, as she actually seemed jealous by Lexi’s comment.

“So you must be taking this pretty hard then…” Lexi said as she turned to face Caroline.

She was quick to rear back however, as Jasper made his way around the corner. His arms wrapped around Caroline’s waist and he kissed along her neck. “Or maybe not so much… Man… What the hell is going on? Stefan emailed me just a couple months ago about how he’d settled back in Mystic Falls and he was all gaga about you!” She pointed to Caroline. The major slanted his eyes upon Lexi.

“Yeah I know awkward. Sorry buddy but I’m rather lost at the moment.”

Bonnie forced a smile Jasper’s direction and quickly took Lexi by the arm.

“Excuse us.”

He nodded as she practically dragged her out of the building.

“So forceful… I like.”

Bonnie blushed, whilst shaking her head.

“So you and the new girl, huh? I thought you weren’t batting for the other team. I mean I get it she’s hot but still… Ouch you know.”

“What?” Bonnie questioned confused as ever.

“Oh come on she was like all over you.”

The witch lost all composure and reached to her stomach in laughter.

“Bella’s dating Damon Salvatore. Believe me, she’s nowhere near the gaydar.”
“Gaydar, huh?” Lexi repeated with a frown and a look of disappointment.

Bonnie sighed.

“You know what I mean Lexi.”
“Yeah I get it. Same ole Bon… So when are you going to finally come into terms with the truth?”

This had her looking around with a rosy face. “I’m not gay,” Bonnie declared with a whisper.

“Sure you aren’t. As to why you enjoyed that kiss just as much as I did last summer. Right?”
“Would you keep it down?” The witch hissed.

Lexi rolled her eyes.

“Whatever… Look, I came here for Stefan but in the meantime…”

The forth ticket was yanked out from her pocket. Bonnie’s jaw dropped at this.

“I say I get to know your new friend…”

“I already told you she’s…”
“Yeah. Yeah… Dating Damon Salvatore…” Lexi called out as she walked away, ticket in hand.

She parked the Mustang in the drive of the boarding hose. Once Bella stepped out the car, she tilted her head upon the scene before her. Caroline had Jasper up against the front door and they were heavily making out.

“You two done?”

Jasper cocked a brow at this and Bella smiled, nodding his direction. He held up a single finger.

“Give us like five more minutes darlin’.”

A breath of impatience escaped her as Jasper firmly planted his hands along Caroline’s ass.
“I’m not that patient, not today…” Bella made clear, as she walked over, taking Caroline by the hand.

“I’ll remember that.” Jasper called out with a smirk.

“I’m sure you will!”

“So Jasper’s really living with Damon now?” Bella spilled out in disbelief, the moment she and Caroline were in the car.

Caroline nodded.

“As far as I know, Damon offered him a room,” she replied with a shrug.

“Well wonders never seize, “the baffled girl murmured as she went to put the car in drive.

“JESUS DAMON!” Bella hollered out.

He cued that smirk of his, as he was standing right in front of the car.

“So you come by the house and don’t even bother to say hello? Is that how this goes?”

“Yep,” his Lizzy fired back with a grin and Caroline giggled.

“Hmmm” the vampire made his way around and peeked into the window.

“So what’s the rush kitten?”

“Well, he’s about 6 ft tall, has dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and a voice that makes women’s panties drop on command.”

He cocked a brow at this.

“I make women’s panties drop sweetheart.”

“But can you sing?”

“I can make you sing… Hell I can make you purr.”

Bella bit her lower lip in thought.

“Would you like a demonstration?”

“Sorry got other plans.”

“You know if I take his balls, he’s going to wind up a tenor right?” Jasper threw out there as he made his way over.

“Oh, so you admit to wanting to touch men’s balls.” Caroline quipped.

“Watch yourself darlin’.”
“But I’d rather watch Adam Levine,” the blonde friend countered.

“That’s the guy?” Damon scoffed bitterly.

“The guy looks like he has to beg for sex.”

“Oh believe me, he doesn’t.” Bella taunted in return.

Both men frown at this, causing the girls to laugh.

“You two are so cute when you’re all green with envy.” Bella continued to tease and turned on the radio.

New Love by Maroon Five was playing and Caroline burst into laughter. The girls high fived one another and Bella put the car in drive.

“Love you!” She called out with a wave, as they pulled on out of the driveway.

“Lexi… What are you doing?!” Bonnie hissed as she looked around uncomfortably.

She’d pulled a bottle of Jack out from her jacket. Even Caroline and Bella looked on rather wide-eyed.

“You do realize that my father and Caroline’s mother are police officers?”

“Huh, you don’t say…”
Bella nodded as she peered over the crowd, making certain they hadn’t any eyes on them.

“Well if anything that only means the two of you could use this more than us.”

Bonnie sighed with disapproval as Bella shrugged “you have a point” and took a good plunge. She choked back at first and Lexi patted her on the back. “Easy…”Bella held up her thumb as she caught her breath. “Shouldn’t you be a pro at this by now?” Caroline muttered taking the bottle out from Bella’s hand. “The way you were knocking back Damon’s bourbon…” she hinted and Bella grimaced at the memory of that day. Caroline handed the bottle over to Bonnie. She drew back a breath as she hesitantly took it. Just as she took a swig the band got on stage. Lexi cut Bella a flirtatious wink, knowing Bonnie would catch it. In fact she spent most of the night flirting with Bella in hopes of getting under Bonnie’s skin. She stuffed the bottle back into her jacket, halfway through the concert. They were good and plastered and singing along to every song.

The four of them were in a giggle fit, as they made their way back their cars.

“Ugh…” Bella groaned and shook her head, as she stumbled about in a drunken fashion.

“Perhaps a cab would be the better way of going about this.”

She stated, knowing they were too drunk to drive. But the look of absolute shock on Caroline’s face, caught her attention. Bella turned to see what her friend’s was focused on. A hand clamped covered her mouth in shock, as Bonnie and Lexi were kissing. Bonnie caught the two of them gawking and within a beat she pried away from Lexi. Bonnie covered her face and took off running. Lexi truly looked not only disappointed but hurt by Bonnie’s reaction.

“Why don’t you show Lexi the car?” Bella hinted, handing Caroline her keys.

Caroline nodded but looked just as mystified as Bella was. Bella followed Bonnie back towards the area of the concert. She swallowed back the instant she heard Bonnie crying.


Bonnie hurriedly wiped her eyes with the back of her hand, and then cleared her throat.

“I’m sorry about that. Must’ve been the whisky talking.”

Bella shook her head on this, knowing damn well it wasn’t.

“Something tells me otherwise.”

“Well you’re wrong.”

A smile formed along her face as she glanced back towards the stage.

“Oh come on Bonnie… You almost had me wishing I was Lexi.”

Bonnie snorted behind her tears.

“Shut up.”
“I’m serious… You almost made Damon look bad in comparison. And that’s not something I thought I’d ever say.”

Bonnie cut her a bewildered look.

“I couldn’t tell if you two were playing tonsil hockey or if you were looking for a flag.”


Bella nodded with a hint of a blush herself.

“You were the one with your hands firmly fixed on Lexi’s ass. Not the other way around.”

She grimaced as Bonnie covered her face and broke into sobs once again. Bella put her arm around her.

“I’m just going to put this out there. And I truly hope you hear me on this. Love is love… You can’t control it. And you can’t simply make it go away. And you shouldn’t feel any shame in that. If you have feelings for Lexi. Then why hold back? And why care about what other’s think. Bonnie you were fine until you realized me and Caroline were watching. Then you lost your shit. Do you truly think either of us would judge you?”

“You should have seen your faces.”

Bella nodded.

“Well yeah… I’m sure! But it’s not what you’re thinking. You just caught us off-guard. We hadn’t a clue… you and Lexi. But we’re your friends. I’m not about to judge you. Hell Bonnie I’m fucking a dead guy technically. And apparently this isn’t my first time. So I suppose in a way I truly do have a thing for necrophilia.”

Bonnie died in laughter and Bella hugged her even tighter.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned… Is if you find the one person you’re meant to be with, then you should never have to apologize for it. Real love is just that: Love…with no fear or excuses.”

Suddenly there was a round of applause all around them. Looking up, they see that everyone else that was heading to their cars had stopped and listened, and apparently liked what they heard. They hadn’t even made it far from the stage and Bella saw something that caught her by surprise. Adam Levine was just outside the curtain! She couldn’t help but blush when he raised his beer in her direction and gave a simple nod.

“Oh man Damon’s going to kill me…”

(Be a sport and leave your review/comment! Thank you! Thank you Mommy4Thomas and hubby for helping me with the playful banters on and other fun puns! You rock my world, truly! Gamma Love and Passing of the Torch coming up next!)





11 thoughts on “Chapter 15 The Swan Takes A Bow”

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    “Angel is a pussy. Stefan is a vagina.”


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