Chapter 17 Last Thread

Chapter 17

I do not own Vampire Diaries or Twilight. (I feel I must warn some very dark times. Read with caution.)

“And what do you think Ms. Swan?”

The rest of the class looked back and broke into giggle fits as she was sound asleep. Mr. Saltzman sighed as the bell rang and she finally came to.
“Alright, I expect your assignments to be finished first thing come Monday morning.”

Bella cleared her throat and grabbed her backpack. She went to follow the others out when Mr. Saltzman pulled the door too.

“Have a seat Ms. Swan.”

She pinched the bridge of her nose.

“I did it again. Didn’t I?”

He nodded.

“That makes three times this week. Perhaps an earlier bedtime?”

She resisted the urge to roll her eyes as she sat down. Mr. Saltzman leaned against his desk and folded his arms about his chest.

“What’s going on? You were doing so good. Now we’re right back to where we began. You seem distracted, you can’t stay awake, and I haven’t the faintest what you were thinking on our last quiz.”

He reached back and grabbed his briefcase. The teacher took her latest quiz out and handed it over. She reared back with narrowed eyes.

“I wasn’t aware you knew Ancient Latin.”

“Neither was I…” she admitted looking stunned and almost alarmed.

“So you haven’t a clue what you wrote?”

She shook her head undoubtedly.

“With all due respect how is that even possible Ms. Swan?”

“Are you sure I wrote that?”

He nodded.

“Has your name on it. And I saw you writing it myself when I passed by your desk. You looked like you were in a trance or something.”

“That wouldn’t surprise me…” she murmured without truly thinking.

Once she took notice of the odd look he was giving her she snorted as if it were in joking.

“Look, can’t I just retake the quiz and maybe stay after class if needed?”

He drew back a breath on this.

“You’re not failing but if this keeps up you could very well be. That would be a shame, considering you’re one of my top students. And it won’t look so good when applying for college next year.”

She pulled a certain face and he placed the quiz back into his briefcase.

“You are planning on college, right?”

She shrugged.

“Someone of your stature should be considering it. In fact I strongly advice you start looking into a few of them now. Where do you see yourself say five years from now?”

Such the typical teacher response – she found herself thinking.

“Five years? I graduate in one.”
He nodded on this.

“But it’s that one year that’ll make all the difference and lead up to that five years.”

“And what if I’m not the college type?”
“Then I’d have to strongly disagree. It would be a sheer waste…”

“My cousin already has a job set up for me where she works.”
“Oh… And where might that be?” He asked genuinely curious.


His eyes widened on this and she smiled and patted him on the shoulder.

“I guess I’ll be seeing you around!”

The moment she walked out of the room Mr. Saltzman shook his head looking awfully pale. He should’ve seen that coming. Considering Jeremy had spotted him the other day. Desiree’s was a gentleman’s club outside of Mystic Falls. Ironically… the only reason he was there was to meet up with someone that knew Ancient Latin so he could decode Bella’s quiz. Jeremy had a fake ID on him and was having himself a good ole time until Mr. Saltzman put an end to it and personally drove him home. Meaning he missed his meeting with this decoder. He knew that was pretty much Gilbert’s way of sticking it to him so to speak. Now Bella thought her teacher was a perv. At least he hoped she was just giving him a hard time rather than truly meaning she was going to work at some upscale stripper club. Judging by her odd taste in men however he wasn’t so sure. He couldn’t believe Mr. Swan would allow his daughter to date a man that was clearly too old for her – much less screamed trouble. That wasn’t the only thing that bothered him when it came to Bella’s boyfriend. There was something else… He just couldn’t quite pinpoint it. But he only hoped the young woman would wise up and realize she can do much better. In fact he found himself foolishly wishing he were about ten years younger and not her teacher.

Bella sipped at her soda as Caroline and Jasper were sucking face at the table. Not anything new for them. Then again she couldn’t talk. She and Damon were just as bad. At times she envied Caroline in the sense of having Jasper attend school with her. But Damon looked too old to be in high school. And there wasn’t a chance in hell he’d ever attend school – even if he had been younger in appearance. It just wasn’t his thing.

To her surprise Lexi was gradually getting Bonnie to come out of that shell of hers. It certainly came as a shocker to the other students. What surprised Bella even more was Gram’s reaction. Bonnie had called her and admitted she’d finally come out to her Gram. She told Bonnie part of her always knew. And though she didn’t wholeheartedly agree with the Bonnie’s lifestyle. She supported her decision anyhow. Only Bella found herself wondering if her grandmother knew what Lexi truly was. It was a well-known fact that witches and vampires didn’t exactly see eye to eye. In fact outside of Bonnie… Bella wouldn’t trust a witch for anything. They were often very conniving and malicious. Then again, so were most vampires.

Throughout the day, she thought back to the quiz. She had no recollection of writing that nor did she understand what it meant. Part of her wanted was tempted to gather that quiz and look into the matter herself. But where would she even begin? She didn’t know anyone that knew Ancient Latin. She seriously doubted Damon did.

“Hey…” she lifted her eyes as Matt’s voice knocked her out of her train of thoughts.

“You guys haven’t seen Vicki about, have you?”

They all shook their heads no.

“Um okay… thanks…”

Bella drew back a breath as that guilt was making it’s way through her. Jeremy cut her a rather odd glance. She cleared her throat and decided to text Damon.

Do you know Ancient Latin?

Nope why – new fetish?

Fraid not… think we can find someone that does?

Maybe… Are you into any new fetishes though…?


Yes, my little love muffin?

Is everything about sex with you?

Is there anything else?!

In the middle of texting Damon however she looked up seeing as how Bonnie was arguing with someone on the phone. Her eyes met Bella’s as if in a state of panic.

“You did what?!” Bonnie damn near hissed into the phone.

“Why would you do that Lex?!”

Bonnie immediately shot up from the table and darted out of the cafeteria. Bella came to her feet as well and followed out of concern – only to find Bonnie getting into her car and hauling ass.

“What was that about?” Bella murmured under her breath.

Bella jumped at the sound of the school intercom going off.

All students are to report to the gym immediately.”

She turned to see students already heading that way. When she made her way into the gym as well she noticed that her father and Caroline’s mother were there also. Her father nodded upon her but look flustered. They handed Sheriff Forbes a mic and she made her way to the center of the gym. Once the students arrived, she made the announcement that everyone was to go straight home immediately and for the first time ever there was a curfew set for Mystic Falls. Anyone out past 10 pm would be ticketed and or possibly arrested. Bella caught Jasper’s gaze from across the way. They nodded upon one another in wonder. When the sheriff was done they had police officers personally escorting the students to their cars or waiting with them until their parents arrived.

“What’s going on?” Caroline questioned Bella as she made her way through the crowd.

“I haven’t the faintest…”

“You two need to go home and now…” Caroline’s mother said as she rushed on over.


“Just go. I’ll explain later.”
“Do as she says Bells.”

“But Dad…”

Charlie took Bella by the arm and was walking her on out of the gym. He walked her to the car.

“Straight home…I mean it. Don’t be going off to see that boyfriend of yours. And lock up when you get there. Don’t answer the door for anyone.”

“Dad what’s going on?!”

He drew back a breath and looked around before answering.

“Bodies… lots of them. Stay out of the woods.”

He nodded and opened the door for her.

“Go on now…”

Bella’s heart was racing ninety to nothing.

“You’re going back out there?”
“Don’t have a choice…”
“Dad…” she said looking ill.
“I’ll be fine Bells. Just do as you’re told.”

She got in and followed Jeremy out of the school parking lot.

“What was that all about?” Jeremy asked once they arrived at the house.

“Dad mentioned something about bodies. He made it clear to stay out of the woods.”

Jeremy rolled his eyes.

“Well we already have the answer to that.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“You’re really gonna ask me that?”
“You just can’t help yourself can you?”

He lowered his head a bit and sighed. Bella shook hers and stormed on in.

“Dammit…”Jeremy muttered under his breath.

“Hey, where you at?”

“Good, stay put.”

“But Da…”

She sighed as he’d already hung up. Bella went to make certain the patio door was locked. She froze though as it looked as though some people were sitting at the table outside.

“Jer?” she called out wondering if he knew who they were.

The young woman drew back a breath and stepped on out. Her hand flew over her mouth and she staggered back. There was a man, woman, and child. All remarkably like the family she and Edward once had.

“What the…” Jer murmured taken back by the scene he’d just walked out on as well.

Bella just stood there.

“GET HER INSIDE!” Damon shouted pulling her towards Jeremy.

Jeremy nodded and rushed her on in. Damon’s lip curled as he took in the sight before him. Each of them was drained dry. Just as the bodies that were being discovered around town. This had dipshit ripper of a brother written all over it… or so he thought. Until he started piecing it all together… Why would Stefan set this up? It would have no meaning to him… And on that note he knew… He gritted his teeth and picked up the child. He thickly swallowed as he brushed the boy’s hair back getting a better look at his face. The blue eyed vampire brought the child to his chest and called Jasper.


“I could use your help.”

“Already at the door just need an invite.”

“No need. Meet me out back.”

Damon turned as Jasper leaped on over the fence line. He tilted his head about.

“What in the hell?”

“That’s what I would like to know.”

Jasper made his way over and paced about in disbelief. But he froze once he took notice of the child in Damon’s arms. His eyes went back and those black veins of his made their appearance.
Edward…” he hissed.

“Who are you trying to call?” Jeremy asked as Bella frantically paced the living room.

She’d been trying to get ahold of someone for the past half hour. Damon and Jasper were currently ridding of the bodies.

“Hey…” Jeremy called out as he grabbed her by the shoulders.

“Are you going to talk to me or not?”

She shrugged out of his hold and went back to pacing.

“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!” Jeremy shouted.


She threw the phone across the room. Bella rushed into her room and lifted her mattress grabbing a stake she’d hidden.

“Now slow your roll Buffy…”

She spun around seeing Damon leaning against the wall. He nodded upon her.

“We had an agreement, remember?”

“That we did. So let’s kill the bastard!”

Damon nodded once again and made his way over as she was getting her hoodie out from the closet. He pried the stake out of her hand and sat her down.

“You’re sitting this one out.”
“The hell I am! Dammit Damon, he’s doing all this just to get back at me. He’s killing innocent people and he took the life of a child!”

“I’m well aware sweetheart…”

She was shaking all over and Damon stood before her and caressed her cheek. He kissed her forehead and her eyes grew heavy.

“I’m going with you…” Bella murmured tiredly.

He nodded and laid her down. Once she was out he took her hand and kissed it.

“You’re sure to make my life hell after this.” He murmured as he took her shoes off and tucked her in. Once he pulled her door to and stepped out he nodded upon Jeremy.

“Keep an eye on her. And whatever you do. Don’t let her leave this house. If she even attempts it – call me.”

Hours later…

Bella rolled over, looking to the time. The odd scratching sound that had awakened her continued. She climbed out of bed and looked about the room doing her best to decipher where it was coming from. Her head tilted towards window and she swore she heard someone crying. Bella pulled back the curtain and jumped seeing a little boy standing there. And not just any boy… The boy Edward killed or so they thought. The little boy – no older than five tapped on the window again.

“I’m hungry.” Her skin crawled on his words and she nodded.

“I’ll be right there hun…”

She forced a smile and the boy nodded but looked beyond frightened. He was covered in soot. A clear indication that he’d dug out of the ground. But once she shut that curtain she gasped back and closed her eyes for a moment. It was the perfect revenge… Edward was playing one hell of a game. Bella eyed the stake upon her nightstand and felt as though she’d upchuck. She quietly stepped out -seeing as how Jeremy was asleep on the couch. She headed out the front door. And made her way over. She kept up the warm front and smiled. Bella offered her hand and the boy took it.

“Let’s go find you something to eat.”

A knot formed within the back of her throat. His voice – so tiny and innocent. And her hatred… it only grew.

“Where are we going?” The boy asked.

Bella said nothing. She led him further out before coming to a stop. She got down to his level and cupped his chin. His eyes became black as he picked up the trail of veins along her neck. But he wasn’t quite a vampire yet… He was in the transition and needed to feed from a vein. She pulled her hair back and nodded upon him.

“It’s okay. What you’re feeling… It’s only natural. You can feed from me.”

She let out a yelp as his hunger was great and he dived right for her. She hugged him close as he fed. Tears streamed down her face.

“It’s gonna be okay hun…” she said softly as she drove the stake into his back and it went through his heart.

As the boy went limp she let out an earth shattering cry. She looked to the sky and rocked the boy.

Bella felt the warmth of someone’s hand along her shoulder as it gave her a slight squeeze…”Not to worry… The Cullen boy will pay for this. On that, you have my word, love.”

“You did what…” Damon growled as he grabbed ahold of Lexi.

He had her by the throat and lifted her up off the ground. He’d just learned during their search for Edward, that it was because of Lexi – Stefan was on the loose. She had one of her little witch friends search the boarding house. When the witch found Stefan; Lexi had her friend set him free. So he had no issue finding her hotel room with plans of his own.

NO DAMON!” Bonnie, Caroline and Jasper chorused in a panic.
Damon went to rip her heart out only to have Bonnie bring him to his knees. Jasper acted fast and grabbed Lexi and shoved her towards Caroline.

“Knock… it… off… Sabrina, you teenage BITCH!”

Bonnie raised a brow at this and his pain only intensified.

“You’re too busy worrying about carpet munching to even consider what danger this puts Lizzy in! You should be killing the little cunt yourself!”

His nose started to bleed and he was brought down to all fours.

“Bonnie…” Jasper warned looking into Damon’s eyes.

They were cold, dark, and full of vengeance.

“NO!” Jasper shouted as Damon shot up and pivoted around.

He shot out a hand and Bonnie went flying back. She looked upon him in downright shock as he somehow managed to hold her up in thin air. Jasper cringed already knowing. He was the only that knew what his friend was truly capable of. It was the one secret Damon had kept at bay for many years.

“That’s right, witchy! You wanna keep playing games?! You’re fucking with the wrong vampire… I can make all you little witches my bitches!”

“Damon, don’t do it… Remember what we talked about. What it will do to you… This power… It comes at a price…”

Damon’s lip curled and he snapped his head that direction.

“You truly think I care?!”

Jasper held his hands up and inched his way over.

“I don’t think… I know. Think about Bella… Is she even aware? Have you even told her?”

Damon rolled his eyes and continued the hold.

“You didn’t come all this way to fuck it all up. Now did you my friend? As for Lexi she hadn’t a clue. She didn’t know about Stefan until now.

“What the fuck? What’s with all this morals business? Have you been hanging around Lizzy?”

Jasper sort of smiled and gave a bit of a shrug. Bonnie gasped out as she was brought back down and landed on the floor. Lexi rushed to Bonnie’s side checking her over.

“If I had known…” she started to say with a guilty mien about her.

“You better PRAY I found Stefan and soon or nothing will save you. Not your precious friends… NOTHING!” He threatened as he pointed upon Lexi.

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26 thoughts on “Chapter 17 Last Thread”

  1. Great chapter. Douchward and Stefan must die.The dipshit would know what that would do to Bella and obviously doesn’t care and just wants her to be in pain. Get him Bella and may he burn in hell.

  2. Edward Cullen needs to die a slow, torturing death. He is sick and twisted. Killing a child!! I know it had to break Bella’s heart to transition the child, then stake him but – she did the right thing and deep down, she knows that.

    It was an interesting twist to see that Damon had powers and I am curious to see what else he can do. It was good to see Bon-Bon be put into her place when he lifted her in the air.

    I am anxiously awaiting the next chapter. I hope they can find the Rippah and give Eddi-boi his due!

    I just love all the twists and turns you weave into the story. It keeps it so interesting!

    I loved this chapter! Even though I don’t know whether to hug you for updating, or to smack ya on the butt for leaving it where you did!! Effing Awesome chapter, Kitten!!

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    Bella really must stop being nice and let Damon loose a little more. Edward should be dead. She should have convinced Damon to kill Stefan or done it herself. All this trouble because these crazy vamps are allowed to live longer than they should.

  6. And Klaus finally makes his appearance! When are we finally going to find out his interest in Bella? Does she have another life we are unaware of?

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