Chapter 2 Welcome To My Hell

Chapter 2

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Bella paced around her room and gnawed on her bottom lip, to the point it was drawing blood. Jeremy had passed by her room and took notice of her pacing. He narrowed his eyes and knocked on her door.


She stopped and looked his way.

“You alright?”

She nodded and grabbed her backpack.
“Um, are you sure?”

She said nothing, but nodded once more.

“You two have a good day!” Jenna called out.

Bella however hadn’t even heard her. She was already heading out to the truck. Jenna and Jeremy exchanged looks and nodded towards one another. Bella started the truck as soon as Jeremy got in. She looked straight ahead, nowhere else. Still, she continued to bite upon her lower lip.

“What’s with you?” Jeremy asked as he opened the glove compartment and handed her a tissue.

“Lip is bleeding.”

Bella took the tissue and held it against her mouth.

“You only do that when you’re nervous. So what’s up?”


Jeremy sighs.

“You just twirled your ring around.”

She finally looked upon him, but oddly.

“What’s that have to do with anything?”

He shrugs.

“It’s just something I took notice of. When you lie you twirl that ring around. When you’re telling one hell of a “story” you play with it the entire time. ” Bella narrowed her eyes towards the ring in thought.
“I really do that?”

He nods. The ring was one her mother had given her for Christmas a couple years ago. It was a simple white gold band with a sapphire heart. Bella parked the truck and got out. Like usual they grab their bags and start towards the building. Only Bella freezes to the clearing of throat.

She slowly turned already knowing who it was. He nodded towards her.

“We need to talk.”

“I haven’t anything to say to you.”

He sighs.

“Look, just give me a chance to explain. I’m sorry. I was drunk and I really don’t remember what all happened.”

By this point, Rebekah had just pulled up in one of her ritzy sports cars.

“So what are you wanting exactly a recap?”

He rolls his eyes.

“Ok, well for starters you slept with someone else. You got caught. So I dumped you. You didn’t take that part very well. In fact you made a complete ass of yourself.” Bella ground her teeth together in thought. She bravely leaned in and whispered into Kol’s ear.

“By the way… I know…” She says in a rather dark like matter

She pulls back and locks eyes with Kol.

“And on that note… Kol Mikaelson, go fuck yourself!”

Some of the other students were laughing. Jeremy looked upon Bella in sheer disbelief. Kol gritted his teeth and shut his eyes trying to keep his anger at bay. Bekah died in laughter as she walked past having overheard this.”

“Well there you go brother. You heard her. Do go fuck yourself!”

Kol’s eyes shoot open and he cuts his sister a go to hell look. He reaches out to about to grab Bella Jeremy quickly shoves him back.

“Don’t do it man. Trust me… Just walk away…”

Bella stared Kol down as he bitterly gritted his teeth and headed inside. Someone else however had been watching from a distance as well. He simply smirked at this and nodded in full approval, before taking off.

Stefan and Caroline were no shows today. Then again, Stefan said they’d have to miss a few days. He had to work on getting Caroline’s thirst in order. He also had to compel Caroline’s mother during this time so not to raise any suspicions. For now, Stefan let it be known that Bella couldn’t even be around Caroline. She wondered how that whole ordeals going. And furthermore how would Caroline handle this? Bella couldn’t even imagine… Nor did she want to. Just to randomly wake up one day and learn that you died? That you now require daily dosages of blood. Bella groaned to herself in thought. She also wondered if Damon aka Demon was in town. She wrinkled her nose in thought.

The tardy bell rang and Bella was so deep into her thoughts it caused her to jump.

“At ease, love…”

She rolled her eyes on hearing Kol’s voice chiming behind her. Something she used to find highly erotic only now it disgusted her. She also felt like a complete fool. They had only been dating for maybe three weeks. Not only did she manage to lose her virginity to the bastard during this time, but she truly thought “HE” was the one. Kol had this way of fooling everyone with his charisma alone. He even had Bella fooled by this whole gentlemen like behavior. He went out his way to cater to her every need, no matter how much she objected, Kol would insist. They constantly did things together such as homework, and watch movies. He’d even take her to these ridiculously expensive restaurants. And the sex wasn’t bad either, though at times she sensed it was more about him than her. The way he went about it was more about self-pleasuring. He was quick to be done and when they were finished that was it. He’d roll over pull the sheets over them and be out. Or he’d wind up leaving directly after. She never commented on it simply because she hadn’t any other sources to go on. Kol was her first real experience when it came to anything sexual. That was also something else she noticed. The only times Kol seemed affectionate was in a public setting or during sex. Often enough it was her laying against his chest or cuddling up next to him. Kol would lay there like a brick. She wrinkled her nose in thought feeling dumber by the moment for not ever noticing these things beforehand. The only true issue that stuck out was how he discarded her friends. He had no patience for them whatsoever, especially Stefan. Often enough, Kol wanted her to himself. This was something she had stuck to her guns on. He’d go off and pout at times, but she merely shrugged it off. She sunk back in her chair and covered her face for a moment.

“Hey, are you ok?”

Bella nodded and took in a breath. Bonnie was looking upon her with concern.

“I’m fine…” Bella replied with a shrug.

Deep down she felt an anxiety attack coming on. She truly couldn’t believe everything she’d recently learned. Caroline never once left her mind. She felt like a terrible person and friend. Shouldn’t she be doing something? Shouldn’t she be there for her?”

“Have you heard from Caroline?” Bonnie questioned.

Her guilt trip only seemed to escalate. She turned towards Bonnie and forced a smile.

“Um yeah, she said something about having the flu and feeling really bad. She’ll be out for the rest of the week.”

“Aw, talk about rotten luck, tryouts for head cheerleader are today!” Something everyone knew Caroline made a big deal about.

Bella nodded at this. Her body felt odd and overheated all of a sudden. She blinked a few times and reached to her temples.

“I hope you’re not getting it.” She heard Bonnie say.

Bella shot up and grabbed her backpack. Jeremy reared back at this as Bella practically ran out of class. Kol lifted eyes towards Bella’s empty seat. And Bonnie shrugged wondering what was wrong. Mr. Saltzman had been writing something down on the board. He hadn’t even taken notice. Not until he turned around and realized he had an empty seat in class now. He looked upon his attendance record to realize it was Bella.

Bella darted right out the building and tossed her backpack into the back of the truck. She got into her truck and floored it all the way to the Salvatore house. Once she got there Bella relentlessly banged on the door. Her hand was still in it’s knocking pose as the door opened. He nodded towards her with that egotistical smirk.

“Missing me already?”

She rolled her eyes and welcomed herself inside.


Damon shrugs and pulls the door to.

“Wrong brother… try again.”

Bella grits her teeth and turns around with hatred in her eyes.

“I want to see Stefan and I want to see him NOW!”

He smiles.

“Well, why didn’t you just say so?”

He looks towards the stairs. Stefan was making his way down, whilst adjusting his sleeves.


She turns back around and nods towards Stefan.

“What are you doing here?”

“You honestly think I’m going to entrust Caroline’s life into the hands of you two? Um no. So where is she?”

“She’s safe Bella. I promise. You shouldn’t be here. You need to go back to school.”

“Not happening. Where is she?”

Stefan sighs.

“I already told you it wasn’t a good idea for you to be around.”
“I’ll take my chances.”

Damon wiggles his brows on this.

“Well by all means have a seat. Make yourself at home. Would you like a drink?” He motions towards the bar.

“It’s 8:30 in the morning!”

“Is it? I’m sure it’s happy hour somewhere!”

She rolls her eyes and turns her attention back to Stefan.

“I want to see her.”

Stefan shakes his head.


“Dammit, Stefan! She’s not going through this alone.”
“You’re right, she isn’t.” Stefan agrees.

“But you need to go. You haven’t any business…”

“Haven’t any business… doing what exactly Stefan?”
“You need to let me handle this. She’s already fed from a vein so she’s alright.”

She recoiled in thought. Stefan sighed taking notice.

“They were compelled…” Stefan hints.

Bella narrowed her eyes as she heard a sound coming from a certain area. She nodded and began to make her way that direction.
“Bella…” Stefan warns.

Meanwhile, Damon had this amused expression on his face. He said nothing just merely observed. Bella headed towards the basement door. Stefan appears in front of her.

“I can’t let you do that.”

Bella nodded but socked Stefan across the face. He shut his eyes for a moment and shook it off.

“Let me by Stefan!”

Damon chuckles.

“I’ll take her.”


“Relax, she’ll be fine! Won’t you kitten?”

“Kitten?” She repeats with distaste.

Damon shrugs.

“You got claws, but you’re just so cuddly!”

She cuts him a look of sheer hell.

“Was it something I said?”

Bella doesn’t humor him with an answer as he opens the door and motions for her to step on inside. Before Damon goes to follow, Stefan grabs him by the arm.

“Caroline could kill Bella…” He reminds.

Damon nods but shrugs out of his hold. He leans into Stefan’s ear.

“Now that I know who she is… You truly believe I’d allow that to happen?”

Stefan shook his head on this.

“You’re mistaken.”

“Oh I don’t believe so. And I’m willing to do whatever it takes to prove it. Just you wait Stefan, you’ll be eating those words, soon enough.”

Damon snaps his head Bella’s direction.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you…” Damon uttered as she had her hand on the handle, where they were keeping Caroline.

She ignores him and starts to open the door anyhow. Damon appears beside her and swiftly presses her up against the wall.

“Now didn’t I just tell you, not to do that?”

“Actually you said you wouldn’t do that if you were me, but you’re not me.”
He smirks.

“Clever… cute even… annoying, but clever nonetheless. I’d even go as far as to say that you remind me of someone.”

“Then I sure as hell feel sorry for her.”

She rolls her eyes and tries to squirm out of his hold.

“What’s the rush? I for one am rather enjoying this.”

“You would…”
“I’ve my reasons, trust me.”
“You mean besides, being a perv?” She utters feeling his excitement pressing up against her.

“And trust you? That’s a joke in itself!”

He wiggles his brows on this.

“Funny, you never seemed to mind before.”
She looks upon him peculiarly.

“Before? Maybe wishful thinking?”

“Oh no… Believe me…” He caresses her cheek. “When I say I know you… that’s exactly what I mean.” He goes to kiss her and she shoves him back.

“Ugh, Damon get off me!” He rolls his eyes and sighs with slight annoyance.

Bella checks on Caroline once again. She was pacing around the room. Caroline was pulling at her hair.

“Bella? Is that you?” Bella heard Caroline say.

Bella nodded. Caroline came up to the door and peeked through the glass.

“Let me out, please!”

Bella shut her eyes and took in a breath.

“I’m sorry… I can’t Caroline.”

Caroline shook her head in disbelief.

“Bella! You can’t be serious!”
“I wish I could…”


Bella winces on this.

“Caroline… I…”

“I thought you were my friend! What kind of friend does this?!” Caroline shouts.

Bella took notice of the way Caroline’s eyes darkened. And like that of Kol and Damon’s the black veins spread across her face.

“That’s enough. Bella, just open the door! Where’s Stefan?!” Caroline banged her fists on the door.

Stefan entered the room with a couple of blood bags.

“Oh look, it’s feeding time!” Damon says with raised brows.

Damon gently grabbed ahold of Bella. Stefan swiftly entered the room locking himself inside with Caroline. She watched as Caroline downed both blood bags. But even then she was still thirsty.

Stefan grabbed a hold of Caroline and was doing his best to console her. Bella winced however as Caroline slammed him back against the wall, demanding more blood.

Damon leaned into Bella’s ear.

“And to think… You were about to unleash that. She would have drained you to the very last drop.” He whispered, whilst running a hand along the slope of her back. He was taking the time to admire how perfectly molded her jeans were to her body.

Bella gritted her teeth and turned towards him.


He cocks a brow on this and raises his hands in the air. She shakes her head with irritation. She glances back to see Stefan hugging Caroline as she was having a complete meltdown.

“You did this. All of this is because of YOU!”
Damon presses his lips together.

“EEEEH, wrong, try again.”

“You killed her!”
“Well yes, but she’s back now, so it’s all good. She’ll just have a different diet in which to follow by now.”

“You wanted to kill her! You weren’t even aware she had your brother’s blood in her system.”
“That’s very true. However, it was nothing against you or even her personally. I was merely living up to my vows.”

“Vows? What the hell kind of vows are you living by? To walk amongst this earth as a god damn reaper or a blood thirsty MONSTER!”
“You would see it that way, wouldn’t you?”

He points towards Stefan.

“You think I’m the monster? You haven’t any idea.”
“Stefan doesn’t go around taking lives and feeding from people!”

Damon has a good laugh at this.

“He sure has you fooled. Sweet little Stefan Salvatore, please, I might gag.”
“I call it how I see it!”

“Then maybe you should open your eyes a little more!”
“Oh they’re open alright!”

“Then take a real good look and tell me WHO I am!”

She shakes her head.

“I see a selfish prick that’s set on ruining not only his brother’s life, but everyone around him! And I know for a FACT you’re the one behind all the random bodies! My father’s a cop you jackass! You take lives about as much as you change your fucking underwear!”

“Don’t be ridiculous sweetheart. I take way more lives than that!”


“Because ironically it makes me feel alive again!”

“That maybe, but at least I don’t try to hide who I am.”

“I hate you. I hate everything about you. I can’t even stand the sight of you!”

Damon staggers back with a wince. Tears streamed down her face.

“And if I ever have the opportunity, I’m going to send you straight to HELL myself!”

Bella storms out of the room and Damon leaned against the wall looking ill. The visions returned… There was fire. There was screaming. There was burning. And then there were ashes. Ashes, the only thing left of his wife and unborn child. Since he entered the gates of HELL and there was no turning back. “…Lizzy…” He whispered in paralyzing agony.

“So how was school today?” Charlie questions as they were at the table having dinner.

Jeremy resisted the urge to cut Bella that “certain” look. She didn’t answer but Jeremy did.

“It was ok.”

Charlie nodded.

“And what about you Bells?”

She shrugs and sips at her tea. Jenna looked to be studying Bella.
“Ok, how was work?” Bella replied.

“It might’ve been a lot better if the principal hadn’t called.”
Bella shut her eyes on this.

“Principal?” Jenna repeated in disbelief.

“Over Jeremy or Bella?”
“Get thanks, Jenn.” Jeremy scoffs.

Jenna shrugs and wipes her mouth with a napkin.

“I think we all know, you tend to get in way more trouble than Bella could ever possibly dream of.”
Bella damn near choked on this, but didn’t comment.

“So where were you today?”
“Dad… please just…”
“Just what? Ignore the fact that you left school early today? Or the fact that you didn’t answer your calls or texts?”

“I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.”
“Since when do you skip school Bella?!” Jenna asked in utter surprise.

“That’s just it, she doesn’t. So what the hell is going on? I know you weren’t home because I came home for lunch to check on you and you weren’t here. So I drove around town and nothing.”

“Like I said it won’t happen again.”
Bella rose from the table and grabbed her dishes, to take to the sink.
“Am I going to get a direct answer or not?!”

“I just had something I had to take care of.”
“During school hours?”
She nods and they all look upon her oddly as she heads on to her room.
“Well that’s different.” Jenna admits.

Charlie shakes his head.

“Let’s just hope it’s not one of those rebellious stages.”

Jenna has a good laugh at this.

“Bella? Hmmm something tells me, we don’t have to worry about that.”

Jenna looks upon Jeremy.

“What about you? You keeping on the straight and narrow?”

It wasn’t long after the accident Jeremy had picked up smoking and had been doing drugs off and on.

Charlie tapered his eyes in wonder. Jeremy shook his head and he too rose from the table. Once he’s out of the room Jenna turns to Charlie.
“Well I sure know how to clear a room.”
“I think we both managed that.”

“I don’t even know what I’m doing half the time.”
Charlie chuckles on this.

“Join the club.” He leans in and kisses her.

He sighs as his pager goes off. He look to the number and rises from the table.

“I’m being called out.”

Jenna frowns.

“I’ll make it up to you later.”

“Well let’s hope so officer!”

Charlie shakes his head on this but grinned as he grabbed his gun and badge and headed out the door.

Bella softly cooed and arched her back. She could feel him kissing along her thighs as his hands firmly gripped her ass. She bit upon her lower lip as she felt his tongue running up her thigh and towards her sex. Bella gasped out in surprise as he spread her legs and lapped along her pussy. She then grabbed her pillow and bit down on it, to keep from screaming out. Never had she felt anything so incredible. Her body squirmed about and he peeked out of the covers, with a certain beam about him. Bella smiled and ran her hands along his chest. He winked upon her and she ran her fingers through his sexy bed hair.

Damon…” He nodded and proceeded to crawl along her body, kissing along her tummy and breasts.

Please…” She pleaded whilst rubbing her thighs together.
He lifted his eyes towards her in a seductive matter. His lips grazed hers…

What is it you want Lizzy?” He whispered in such a way.

She looked upon him confused.

Lizzy?” She questioned.

Bella shot up and immediately gasped out. He covered her mouth, looking severely pissed.


Bella whimpered out as he grabbed her and leaped out of the window. Once they got to the woods he pinned her up against at tree.

“First of all…” Kol slaps her across the face.

Her jaw drops and she puts her hand upon her cheek. She then grits her teeth and goes to slap him back. Kol grabs her wrist stopping her and she comes down to her knees as he squeezes the hell out of it.


“A bloody Salvatore?! YOU DARE TO DREAM OF A SALVATORE!”

He forces her back up and presses his forehead against hers. He lowers the strap to her baby blue tank top and kisses along her shoulder.

“Need I remind you… just who it is you belong to?”

“I belong to no one!”

Kol sighs and rolls his eyes.

“You’re nothing more than a commoner! Know your place! You say you know about me… then don’t be a fool Isabel.” He shakes his head and caresses her cheek.
“Sweet, sweet Isabel. Such a pretty thing you are the perfect little package.” He sighs again.

“You used to be such a blast!”

Bella ground her teeth together as she tried to fight the tears. They were tears of anger and humiliation, knowing there was nothing she could do.

“Tell me darling… where did we go wrong?”

“We?” She scoffs furiously.

“You know what they say. It takes two to tango.”

“I’m pretty sure you fucked this up all on your own Kol. And for the record… size does matter…”

He slaps her again.

“Let me guess, that’s what she said?” She hints about the cheerleader he was caught fucking.

Her eyes widened as he wrapped his hand around her throat and lifted her off the ground.

“That mouth of yours… I must say darling, it’s going to be the death of you one day.”

He releases her and he taps his finger about his chin and paces around.

“By the way, now we’re even. So… do try to be a good girl from now on. Will you?”

Bella crawled amongst the ground.

“Here’s the deal…” He hunkers down, picking at a few blades of grass as he gazes upon her.

“You and I are still quite the fetching couple. In fact so much so, you’re going to grace me with your presence tomorrow with that lovely smile of yours. I will personally escort you to every class and when I go to kiss you. You will kiss me in return.”
“The hell with you.”

He smiles and looks towards the house.

“You invited me in.” He reminds.

“If you do not obey my wishes. I will see to it that you lose everyone you love. I’ll start with sweet little Jeremy Gilbert first. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t there a funeral for his stunning sister not too long ago? It’d be a shame to have to bring out that little black dress of yours all over again.”
Bella shakes her head as she comes to her feet.

“I’m going to kill you.”
He has a good laugh at this.
“And just how do you presume you’ll achieve this? Humor me, darling.”

“When you least expect it.”

He nods and rises. He makes his way over and moves her beautiful locks of hair away from her neck.

“You will also allow me to feed when needed.” At this, she takes back a breath as he begins to feed.

“Hmmm…” He continued, finding it hard to stop. But he forced himself to stop, knowing he’d kill her if he didn’t.

Then Klaus would kill him in return. He was taking a risk as it was. He didn’t want his brother to know he’d failed in keeping Bella happy. He was ordered to keep her happy at all cost. If word got back to Klaus, that Bella Swan had dumped Kol, he’d be up shit creek. So he’d become desperate. He figured this would at least get her attention and keep her by his side. Without raising any suspicions on Klaus’s behalf. Yes, Kol had asked Bella out. But that’s all it was, he wanted to stick around just long enough to a good lay in. She was simply mouthwatering and he couldn’t resist. Only he’d made the mistake of bringing her home once. Klaus walked in on them fucking on the couch. Klaus being well Klaus naturally picked up on something. Something Kol hadn’t any clue about and still found it rather baffling. Klaus was still doing his “homework” on the subject. During this time Kol had been given specific orders. If he failed Klaus let Kol know he’d have no issues taking one of their own out of existence. Kol vanished once he was done. He was horny as hell and knew he’d end up fucking her if he didn’t leave and it would be against her will. He wasn’t in the mood to hear any screaming at the moment. So he went and found the next best thing. Someone he knew he could compel and be done with directly after.

Bella staggered about in the dark and began to feel her way about. She hadn’t a clue where she was.


Bella turned towards the voice and half laughs. He narrowed his eyes upon her and gritted his teeth.

“Who did this?” He questioned softly, but with manic eyes.

“Why the fuck would you care? Let me guess, you came here to finish the job?”

She turns her back to him and starts walking again.

“Far from it…”

She nearly trips over a branch and Damon swiftly catches her.


He gets a better look seeing the marks along her face and neck. He lifts her hair and curls his lip with fury.

“Tell me so I can kill them!”

“Go to hell.”

He nods and holds her closer to his chest. Before long her eyes close.

“I went to hell the day I lost you, sweetheart.” And for once there wasn’t a touch of sarcasm behind that.

Damon took her to the house and laid her down on the couch. He ran his fingers along the marks on her body. He already had a pretty good indication of who had done this. The bastard hadn’t a clue, what he was in for. Original or not Damon would find a way to rip him apart. He’d do it limb from limb and he’d happily send him back to the Mikaelson family piece by piece, each body part having their very own box with beautiful gold plated wrapping paper, and red bows. After all they were all about keeping it classy, right?! He sneered in thought.

Bella yawns and stretches her arms about as the sun cascaded throughout the room. Her eyes darted about with confusion.

“What the…” She uttered and rose.

Her jaw dropped realizing not only was she not in her room, but she wasn’t even home!


And it only got worse. Her eye widened as she felt someone snuggled up against her. Damon’s arm was around her waist and his face buried into a pillow. He only had a pair of black jeans on.

“Oh hell no!”

She nearly fell out of bed, desperate to get away from him. He opened an eye her direction as she headed for the door.

“What no breakfast?” He questioned as he rolled over.

He too stretched about and rubbed his eyes. Bella looked towards the sunlight coming in through the window. It just dawned on her, for some odd reason. Why didn’t Kol, Stefan, and Damon turn to ashes in the sun. Wasn’t that like a big no, no for vampires?

“The sun…”

He raises his brows on this and looks towards the window.

“What about it?”

“Well shouldn’t you be…?”

He rises and runs his fingers through his hair. This only pissed her off. Damon Salvatore was pure evil incarnate. She was certain he’d give the devil a run for his money, if Damon wasn’t already him in disguise. Yet she was gawking at him like a buffoon. How the hell could she find something so erotic in someone so corrupt? It didn’t help that she was having XXX rated feature dreams, staring yours truly. They felt so real.

“Something wrong?” He inquires with that smirk of his.

“Ugh never mind… I doubt I even want to know. Just forget it!” She groans dolefully and opens the door at this.

Bella rushes down the stairs and Damon rolls his eyes.

“Hmmm…” He smells the area she had been laying and his eyes went black and his fangs made their appearance.

“…fuck…” He grumbled with arousal.

He damn near humped her side of the bed before he came to his feet. Damon reached over and grabbed his shirt off the wooden chair about the room. He rushed out as he placed his shirt on. Just as he assumed Bella was already at the door.

“Where you going?”


He has a good laugh at this.

“Well by all means. This I gotta see.”

She took in a breath, still feeling out of it. She looked down wide eyed to see she was still in her baby blue tank and shorts pajama set and of course she was barefoot, and no damn bra. Bella covered her breasts taking notice of Damon’s ogling. She looked to the time and saw it was 10 am.

“Oh no.” She groaned in misery.

“No, no, no. I’m FUCKED! Charlie’s going to KILL ME!”

Damon grinned on this as she opened the door.

“Would you like a ride? I know I would…” He hints with a smirk.

“NO! Just stay away from me!”

“No can do, beautiful. You might as well get used to it. You’re going to be seeing me around quite a bit!”

“UGH! Do you ever stop?!”

“Not until I have what I want.”

“And what would that be? A throne amongst all the souls you’ve tortured over the years?”

“Now that’s certainly some food for thought. But no…”
She sighs almost afraid to ask.

“Then what do you want?”
“I want my wife back.”
She looked upon him rather baffled. She hadn’t expected that at all.


He nods.

“You see Ms. Swan. I had this extraordinary breathtaking wife.”
“I find that hard to believe.”
He smiles, but with a hint of gloom behind it.

“Something we can both agree on. I’ve spent nearly a century looking for her. Only within the last couple of decades or so, I’d begun to lose hope.”
“Vampire I take it?”

He shakes his head.


“Then how…?”

“My wife died.”

She sighs.

“I’m sorry to hear that. However all this that you’re doing. There is no excuse for this. And whatever your reasons, everything you’re doing and this life you’ve chosen to create. That’s your own doing Damon. Nobody else’s. So no matter how much you blame Stefan or other’s around you. In the end it was your bed to make. Your deck of cards to deal. And everyone around you is suffering because of it.”

“If you only knew the truth…”

She closes her eyes for a moment and shakes her head.

“Why are you even telling me all this?”

“Why do you think I’m telling you all this?”

“Don’t do that!”
“Do what?” He inquires with a certain glare.

“Just forget it.” She reaches for the doorknob once more.

“Her name was Isabella Mia De Fleur. I called her Lizzy.”

Bella froze at this, remembering her dream. She swallows on this keeping her back towards him.

“Did you say Lizzy?”

He smirks on this.
“Yes, everyone else referred to her as Isabel.”

She narrowed her eyes in thought. That’s what Kol always referred to her as.

“She cursed by a certain group of witches and set in flames. It wasn’t until she was already burning that I learned we were with child. You know wanna know how I know that?”

She shut her eyes, but nodded.
“Because those were her last words. She begged for mercy, but not for herself. No, not Lizzy. She begged for mercy, only for the sake of the child within her womb. If she hadn’t been with child, she would have told all those witchy bitches off and with a god damn smile. Those would have been her last words. We’d spent three years trying to conceive. The both of us had come into terms that it just wasn’t going to happen, not for us. We’d grown envious of all our friends with children. Some were even rather questionable parents and Lizzy would get so mad. All we wanted was what everyone else had. We were simple people. All we wanted was a family of our own. We ended up with a dog and a childless marriage, but we were content and in love, despite whatever came our way. We somehow trudged on, because that’s just how we did things. That is until my brother got himself into some shit over some stupid whore and decided to get us involved. No matter how many times I told him, I wanted no part in it! The short version to all this? Let’s just say, I was forced to watch as they not only tortured and brutally murdered our dog. But I had to watch my wife and unborn child slowly burn to death. And I do mean slowly, it wasn’t like your typical fucking fire. It was long and agonizing! I watched my wife’s skin literally blister and began to melt, until she was nothing more than ashes. Meanwhile, my brother being his sick and deranged-self fucking LAUGHED! When I came to him on what had taken place, HE LAUGHED IN MY FUCKING FACE, LIKE IT WAS THE FUNNIEST THING HE’D EVER HEARD! HE WAS ON THIS FUCKING VAMPIRE HIGH AND ALL HE COULD THINK ABOUT WAS FEEDING, FUCKING, AND KILLING!

I wanted to end it all! To join my family, only to find I couldn’t! I woke in hopes of finding myself in heaven, only to find myself in HELL! I’ve been in hell ever since, sweetheart. So pardon me for not living up to your expectations of what you deem to be moral or immoral. The day my wife was ripped out of my arms, I stopped giving a flying FUCK about anyone else! I lost the one thing that meant the world to me! So fuck everyone else!”

Bella nodded at this as her throat knotted up. She opened the door and exited the house. She hadn’t even taken notice of the tears in Damon’s eyes.




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