Chapter 3 All Is Not Fair

Chapter 3

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“Your father will be here shortly.” Mr. Saltzman announces as Bella entered the classroom.

She shook her head on this and took a seat. It wasn’t long after Charlie entered the room, still in uniform and just as she suspected. He was pissed. Charlie nodded towards Bella’s teacher then he took a seat.

“I apologize for having to interrupt you at work Mr. Swan.”

“Oh I believe that’s my daughter’s job, when it comes to making apologies as of late.”

Bella grimaced and sunk into her chair. It didn’t help that she found Mr. Saltzman rather attractive. He just had that certain appeal to him. But then again a lot of the girls in school, found him attractive. Of course “he” came to mind and she groaned to herself in misery. Fucking Damon Salvatore she thought over and over.

“I just felt the need to bring it to your attention that your daughter didn’t make it to school, until nearly lunchtime. So she missed not only my class, but two other classes as well. As you already know she left around 8:05 yesterday and never returned. That and well her grades seem to be slipping. I looked up her records to see that she was a straight A student back in Forks.”

Charlie nodded. Mr. Saltzman cleared his throat and looked upon Bella.

“Is there something you wish to share with us? Or perhaps your father at least?”

She shakes her head.


She sighs.

“It just happened. I didn’t mean for it to. Honest…”

“So where were you?”


“No… I’m your father. I have every right to know where it is you’re going.”

“Nowhere!” She snaps and covers her mouth immediately after.

Thus only caused both men to raise their brows. Charlie shook his head with irritation as he saw his daughter twirling that damn ring about. It wasn’t like Bella to really lie. It was rare. All the more reason when she did lie, it was easily detectable. Bella was a terrible liar. She had the worse poker face there ever was.

“You’re lying. Now knock it off and tell me where the hell you’re going and what’s going on!”

“Nothing is going on and it was an accident. I meant to be here honest! I just… I fell asleep and…”

“Fell asleep? Fell asleep where?!”

She groaned to herself in misery.
“Dad please…” She damn near whined.

Mr. Saltzman cleared his throat.

“How are you, Bella?”
She lifts her eyes towards Mr. Saltzman oddly. He rises from his desk and walks around then leans against it and folds his arms about his chest.

“What I mean is… I hear that your family was close to the Gilberts.”

Charlie takes in a breath and looks over towards his daughter.

“Is that what this is about?”
She shuts her eyes for a moment and shakes her head no. But both men weren’t buying it.

“Might I advise that your daughter sets up some time to visit with the counselor? It could prove to be somewhat beneficial.”

“I don’t need to see a counselor.” She says through gritted teeth.
“Bella… You watch your tone.”
She leans back and shakes her head again.

“I said I’m fine. I just…”
“Just what?”

“I just want to be left alone. Is that too much to ask?” She winced the moment the words left her mouth.

Charlie rolled his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Your father and I only wish to help. This meeting was merely out of concern, not to punish you in anyway. But as you know this isn’t something we can simply ignore Bella.”
“Well your concern is noted, but not needed. I won’t be going to a counselor. I have nothing to talk about. I just want to go home and start on my homework now. That and I have a lot of makeup work to do.”
“And whose fault is that?” Charlie adds.

Bella nods but doesn’t comment.

“Look, I’ll be here on time from now on and I won’t miss anymore days. Now may I please be dismissed?”

“What has come over you?”

“I’m just tired, dad.”

He narrows his eyes on this.

“Are you on something?” He hints.

Bella’s jaw dropped in total disbelief that he’d even think such a thing.


“I just want to know what’s going on!”
“Why won’t you believe me?”

“I’m a father and a cop. You can’t just give me “nothing” as an answer for everything. Matter of fact is, you’re up to something or you wouldn’t feel the need to hide it, much less lie about it. That answer is what most of my suspects give me!”
“Great, so I’m a suspect now?”


“I’m not on drugs. I’m willing to take a drug test if would make you feel better. Other than that I don’t know what to tell you.”
“The truth for starters.”

Ok so I’ve been helping to hide one of my best friend’s secrets. She’s a vampire dad and so is her boyfriend and his brother. Oh and by the way my ex that you happened to get along with perfectly and thought the world of he too is a vampire. She wrinkled her nose in thought and covered her face for a moment and broke into soft laughter.

“What about that Kol kid? How’s that panning out? You two are doing ok right?”

And there it was. She should have known right?

“Dad, please I really don’t want to talk about it. I’m fine. Please, both of you, I get that you’re concerned and you’re just doing your jobs as my teacher and my father. But really I’m ok and I promise. This is just something I gotta get through and do on my own.”

They both nod at this.
“Fair enough…” Mr. Saltzman agrees.

“Everyone has their ups and downs. It seems you’ve never really caused any trouble. So I don’t see why we can’t let this slide for once and push past it. However that does mean I want you on time to my class from now on and I’d like to see your grades start to improve. Think we can manage that?”

Bella nods.

“Good deal. She really is one of my best students otherwise, Mr. Swan. Please don’t think I meant otherwise. I was merely concerned as to if there were any issues at home regarding this matter. But it seems the three of us have somewhat of an understanding now. Bella truly is a remarkable student, that just needs to get something’s sorted out.”

“That’s certainly good to know.”

Mr. Saltzman cuts Bella a wink once her father wasn’t looking. She nodded back in appreciation as if they were having some sort of silent understanding. They shake Mr. Saltzman’s hand before heading out. Once Charlie and Bella were in the parking lot, he walked Bella to her truck.

“Straight home, I mean it, kid.”

Bella nods.

“Jenn and I both have to work tonight. Just make sure Jeremy doesn’t mess up the house.”

Bella half laughs. Jeremy was bad about leaving a mess everywhere he went. His room was a nightmare, that no one ever dared to enter.

“Will do.”

“And for what it’s worth, I’m sorry. I know you better than that. I know you’re not on drugs or anything of the sort. I just worry about you sometimes, that’s all. I get that you’re going to change, considering you’re damn near an adult now. Just do your old man a favor and don’t change too drastically. I suppose what I mean is none of that emo like crap that Jeremy pulls.”

Bella laughed.

“He’s not really emo, dad.”
“Well whatever it is.” He says with a wrinkled nose.

“Cut the guy some slack dad. He just lost his entire family.”

Charlie nods.

“I know kid, I know… I don’t say it near enough. But I am proud of you and I love you. All the more reason I expect more out of you. So let’s just put this past us and do better from here on.”

She nods in agreement. He sighs as his pager goes off.

“It’s urgent, I better get. I’ll see you later.”

“Ok and I love you too.”

She watches as Charlie gets into his squad car and takes off.

“So are you going?”

Bella looked up from doing her homework.

“To a party?”
“Well yeah.”
“You have met my father right?”

Jeremy laughs.

“It’s just a party, Bells.”


“It’d be fun. I know Bonnie, Matt, Tyler and Vicky are going.”

Bella sighs in thought.
“I don’t know Jer. I’m already in enough trouble as it is. Charlie actually asked if I was doing drugs!”

“You’re kidding me.”

“Nope not even a little.”

Jeremy has a good laugh at this.

“You? On drugs? Miss high and mighty and goodie tissues.”

Bella rears back.

“Is that really what you think of me?”

He shrugs looking guilty.

“Jesus, Jer.”

“I’m just saying it wouldn’t hurt for you to actually go out and have some fun every once in awhile.”

“I am not high and mighty or goodie tissues! I’ve done plenty of stuff.”
“Name one?”

“I slept with Kol!”

“EWWW!” Jeremy covers his ears and looks upon her with disgust.

“I can’t believe you lost your V-card to a Mikaelson!”

“It’s not something I’m particularly proud of. But I’m not a prude either.”

“Then prove it, come to the party.”


“Please? I promise, it’ll be fun!”

“And if my father finds out?”
“Then I’ll take the blame.”

“You’re so full of shit Jer!”

He smiles and grabs one of her pencils and tosses about in the air catching it and throwing it once more.

“You’re right. I’d totally leave you hanging.”
“That sounds more like the Jer I know.”

“I’m not that bad.”

“Oh really?”

He laughs.

“So you’ll come.”
She takes in a breath.

“Ok fine, I’ll make an appearance or something.”


“So when does sinful gathering take place?”

Jeremy grins on this.

“Tomorrow night.”

She groans.
“Hey, no backing out now you already said you’d come.”


Jeremy plops down on her bed, whilst she finished up her homework.

“Hey Bells?”


“Are you and Kol really back together?”

She stops what she’s doing and turns to face him.
“Why do you ask?”
“He was telling everyone at school that you were dating again.”

“Are you?”

She leaned back in thought.

“No…” She answers with unease.

Jeremy nods.

“Good, I can’t stand that guy. He’s so fucking fake. That whole family is, just something about them. I never understood what you saw in him. What is it? The accent?”

She didn’t answer. Her mind was elsewhere as she stared off into space.


Bella rises and grabs her keys.

“Where are you going?”

“There’s something I’ve gotta take care of.”

“Weren’t you told to stay home?”
Bella looks to the time.

“I’ll be back before they’re home.”
Jeremy shakes his head.

“Where are you going lately?”

She takes in a breath.

“I just need you to trust me Jer.”

Bella grabs her jacket and rushes out of the room.

Stefan opens the door and nods whilst stepping aside allowing her in. Bella froze however seeing how Caroline was sitting on the couch talking to Damon about something. Damon closed his eyes before he even looked upon her. He breathed in the air and a genuine beam came over him.

“Hmmm, I was just about to ask Stefan what we were having for dinner.” Bella rolled her eyes.

Caroline hopped up but backed away. Stefan raised a hand and nodded towards Caroline. Bella swallowed back as they locked eyes. Caroline covered her mouth and continued to back into a corner.

“It’s ok. You got this under control remember?” Stefan softly states, but had a protective hold on Bella.

“Caroline…” Bella emits.

Caroline shook her head.

“You smell… like amazing.”

Bella’s eyes widened on this and Damon died in laughter.

“Doesn’t she?!

Bella cautiously made her way over. Caroline continued to keep her distance and kept a hand clamped over her mouth. Stefan tossed her a blood bag. Damon patted the empty seat beside him.

“Come hither! And to tell me what brings you here today?”

She apprehensively makes her way over and sits. She couldn’t believe she was about to do this. But there was just no way she wanted to continue playing the part of Kol’s little puppet.

“There are something’s I’d like to know.”
“And those something’s would be?” Damon inquired and didn’t even bother to hide the fact that he was giving her the once over.

“First off, I need to know how to revoke a vampire’s invitation.”

Damon eyes darted towards hers and he tilted his head about.

“Revoke?” Stefan questions handing Caroline another blood bag over.

“Please, just tell me so I can fix this.”

“Fix what exactly?”
“Must we do this?”

Stefan sighs.

“You can’t. You’d have to change the deed to the house.”

Bella closed her eyes for a moment.

“Great…” She whispers.

She and Jenn had invited Kol in. She thought back to that day and thought about how odd it was. He just stood there at the door. He didn’t come inside until Jenn herself walked by and told him to come inside. Then again Stefan did the same thing when he first visited Bella.

“Second question…”

Both Salvatore’s looked upon her. Bella however was looking to the floor.

“How do I kill a vampire?”
Damon cocked a brow at this.

“I mean permanently…”

Damon’s eyes darted towards Stefan.

“Let me guess, you’re referring to a certain “original”?”

She nods. Stefan grimaces and shakes his head.

You can’t.” Stefan answers without looking her in the eyes.

“So you’re telling me that all the rules don’t exist? No stakes through the heart, holy water, and apparently the sun is a fucking joke as well.”

Damon smirks at this and twirls his ring about.

“We’ve our little secrets.” He takes his ring off and hands it to her.
She runs her finger along the bluish stone and crest with Damon’s initial in the middle.

“Lapis lazuli is the name of the stone. Just think of it as our own little daywalker amulet if you will. The stone itself is enchanted by a witch. You need one of these if you’re going to endure the heat so to speak. Speaking of which…” He looked over curiously.

He’d taken notice that Caroline was wearing Stefan’s. He raises his brows towards Stefan.

“Hmmm amusing…” Damon turns back to Bella.

“A stake through the heart would certainly do it. But not in Kol’s sake, but it would buy you some time. I would advise that you start keeping some vervain on hand. Slip it into your family’s food or drinks. You can wear it or ingest it. If you want to keep us from feeding on you then I would strongly advise you ingest it. At least every three days or so…”

Bella’s cellphone goes off and she rises to her feet and answers.

“Ah, hello darling!”

Bella takes in a breath.
“Hello yourself.” She says with a hint of disdain to her voice.
“Where are you?”

She heads off to another area of the house.

“Home…” She lies.

“Is that so?”

“Yes. I had a lot of homework.”

“Funny, because I’m in your room right now love and you’re nowhere to be found. Your homework is still on your desk.”

“You’re what?”

“Now I’ve never stuttered a day in my life. Nor do I wish to repeat myself. On another note did I NOT tell you, that you were to greet me with your wonderful presence this morning?”
“I was sick.”

“Liar, liar… try again…”

“What is this? I mean what exactly is it that you want from me?”

“Hmmm… why don’t you come home? I shall like to show you.”

“Sorry, it seems I’ve got other arrangements.”

“Very well, perhaps I shall see what good ole Jer is up to?”

“Don’t … just…” Bella leaned against the wall, feeling ill.

“I’m on my way. Just stay put.”
“Can’t wait, darling.”

Bella hung up and headed back into the room. She just wasn’t aware that the brothers could pick up both ends of the conversation.

“Something’s come up…”

Bella glances upon Caroline once more.

“I’d hug you but…”
Caroline forces a smile.

“You don’t to become my dinner?”

Bella smiles in return.

“I love you, but not that much.”

Damon closed his eyes on this… Another thing “Lizzy” used to say, when she was being playful.

Once he heard the front door open and shut, he opened his eyes.

“I take it you heard all that as well?”

Stefan nodded.

“So tell me brother. Who’s side are you on?”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Oh, I believe we both know.”

Damon appears before Stefan and slams him back. Caroline shrieks out as Damon had his hand punctured through Stefan’s chest. Stefan grunted out and looked down in shock. Damon curled his lip about and squeezed his heart.

“You might be my little brother. But believe me… If I find out you’re fucking my Lizzy over. I’ll stuff you full of vervain, drive a stake up your ass, and lock you away in a coffin somewhere for eternity.” He smiles and kisses his brother’s forehead. He then slaps him on the cheek. Damon removes his hand and uses the shirt Stefan is wearing to wipe the blood off his hand.

“Shall we? Oh do be a dear Barbie and give my brother his ring back. He’s no good to me dead. You can have it back once we’re done. In the meantime you could practice your homemaker skills and polish the brass knobs.” Damon calls out as he takes off.

Bella quietly entered the house and set her keys down on the table. Her heart raced as she hurried to the kitchen. She headed right for the knives and grabbed the biggest one they owned. She hears someone sigh and they were standing directly behind her. He reaches over and yanks the knife out of her hold and roughly twirls her about. Bella recoiled as he ran the steel cold blade along her cheek, neck, and chest.

“Were you planning on using this for something?” He taunts.

Kol smiles and tosses the blade into the sink.

“I always did fancy your integrity. It’s rare you know? For one to possess such strength, beauty, and brains. Only as of lately I’ve been questioning those so called wits of yours.”

He promptly places her on the counter and paces the area before her.

“I’ve been doing some thinking. You see I’ve grown a bit tired of your little games. I’ve also grown rather bored of you. Don’t get me wrong, you’re simply stunning. In fact, I wouldn’t mind one more roll in the sack and a good feeding before I take matters into my own hands and end this little debacle once and for all. “

Bella swallowed back nervously. Kol stopped pacing and he turned to her with a smirk about his face.

“Do I frighten you, darling? Is that your heartbeat I hear? Thumping away with tremendous fear?”

He cups her chin and looks her in the eyes.

“Now if you could be compelled, things would have ended a lot better for you. I always knew there was something about you. You see Isabel darling, we’ve met before. I must say you never disappoint.”

He licked his lips in thought and his fangs protruded. He leaned into the crevice of her neck and scrapped his teeth along her flesh. He began to talk again, but she could feel his lips against her neck as he spoke.

“I believe it’s time I took matters into my own hands. You see, my brother seems to see some sort of significance in you. Other than the annoyance of not being able to compel you, I simply do not share this theory. Therefore, you no longer hold my interest. I wish to leave this dreadful town at once; it has no pull for me whatsoever. But in order to do that, I must sever all ties and clean up whatever messes there are. Starting with you, darling. Please do not take it personal, but you leave me no choice. You’ve become quite a naughty girl, Isabel. Then again, you always were. I do believe we’ll meet again.” He says with a smile.

She gasps out as he began to feed. He got a firm hold on her as she squirmed about.

“What the fuck? GET OFF HER ASSHOLE!”

“NO JER!” Bella shouted as Jeremy rushed over.

Kol rolled his eyes and reached back and shoved Jeremy through the dining room table.

“Please tell me you’ve been invited in.” Damon states as they were at the front door and heard the commotion.

Stefan nods and busts the door down. Damon bitterly waits outside.

“No! KOL!” She hopped back down as he was heading right for Jeremy

Bella hurriedly grabbed the knife from the sink and stabbed Kol in the back. He sneered upon this. He reached back and yanked the knife back out.

“Now darling, that’s low, even for you.”

She swallows back as he starts towards her instead. Just as he sent the knife sailing right for her Stefan appeared before her and took the hit. He groaned out and staggered back a bit. Normally, she’d have flipped out with concern for Stefan. But at the moment she felt conflicted, when it came to the Salvatore brothers. She wasn’t sure whose side she was on or if she were even truly on a side. Part of her now hated Stefan more than Damon. She truly felt he deserved whatever he had coming. That karma was a bitch. That only made her question her own logic and morals however. Was she that fucked up? But at the moment her only focus was keeping Jeremy alive. So she rushed over and helped Jeremy to his feet. Jeremy sorely grunted out as she wrapped his arm around his shoulders.

“Hold on, I got you.” She whispered and started to head out of the house.

She took notice of Damon standing outside the house, looking as though an animal that had been let out of it’s cage. Damon stopped pacing however and locked eyes with her. Before she could even blink Kol grabbed her and took off. Stefan had entered the room with one of the legs to the dining room chairs in his sternum. He painfully pulled it out and helped Jeremy to his feet.

“WHERE IS SHE?!” Damon demanded as he pointed upon his brother.

“They went out the back.”

Damon’s eyes went wild with fury.

“It’s what Bella would want.”

“YOU FUCKING IDIOT!” Damon yells heatedly.


Bella kicked her feet about and struggled to try and break free of Kol’s hold. He dragged her throughout the cemetery. The flesh off her back was being peeled back as he continued to drag her by the hair.

“I know just the place for you. No one will ever find you. And I can get some much needed revenge in the process. I can only imagine the look on my brother’s face when he finds out that Stefan Salvatore killed you once again!”

She looks upon him oddly as he shoves her back against Elena Gilbert’s tombstone. He’d already dug up her coffin and it was open.

“You two were close, were you not?” He questions with a devilish smile.

“Allow me to reunite you with your friend. You can thank me later… I do hope you’re not claustrophobic or afraid of the dark. I’d hoped to properly send you off, but you know how things go. So one last kiss?”

She spits in his face as he forces her up eye level. He nods and pushes her into the coffin. Her eyes widen as he smiles and slams the coffin shut. Bella was now in the coffin with Elena’s decomposing body. Panic stricken tears began to form as she tried desperately to open the coffin and get out. The smell alone was causing her to gag and she was suffocating.

Kol was just about to push the coffin back into the grave, when he felt someone else’s presence. He turned around and nodded towards her.

“Well hello, Bonnie. I suppose you wish to join your friend as well? For old time sake?”

Bella overheard this and began to freak out even more.

“NO BONNIE RUN!” She screamed as loud as she possibly could.

Bonnie’s jaw dropped as she glanced upon the coffin Bella was in. She finally grasped everything that was taking place. Kol smiled.

“What can I say? She really missed the lovely Gilbert.”

Bonnie’s body began to heat up and she felt this anomalous sensation. This anger coursed through her, one she’d never felt before. She gritted her teeth and her hands became fists. She’d been experiencing something’s lately about herself that she didn’t understand. But Kol had just ignited something within Bonnie, there was no more control. Kol dropped down to his knees and reached to his temples. A ring of fire appeared around them.

“What the bloody hell you stupid bitch!”

Bonnie ignored him and rushed over to the coffin. She opened it up and recoiled. Bella immediately reached to her damn near childlike with tears streaming down her face. Bonnie hurriedly helped her out of the coffin. But the moment they came into skin to skin contact Bella cried out in agony.


Damon had heard her cries from the woods where he was currently looking. She was the only person in this entire world, who’s screaming was like nails on a chalkboard to him. Normally he loved it, hearing his prey scream all the more reason; he didn’t always compel his victims. But hearing Bella scream had a complete opposite effect on him. Damon took off as quickly as possible.

“Bella!” Bonnie cupped her cheeks and was looking upon her.

Bella was eyeing the fire, in sheer terror.

“Bella, look at me…”

Bella began to pull at her hair.

“MAKE IT STOP!” She shrieked out.

Her skin began to feel as though it’d been set aflame. She saw others standing around the ring of fire. They were smiling and chanting. She narrowed her eyes though as the circle broke for a split second as someone else was shoved inside.

Damon?” He fell to his knees and was reaching out to her. He was shouting something but she couldn’t hear him all she could hear was the constant chanting.

To the side of her she saw the body of a black Labrador Retriever. The fire began to spread. Damon came to his feet and was desperately trying to get to her. One of the women that were doing the chanting forced him back down her nails punctured through his shoulder.

Bonnie also wondered what was happening. She too was seeing what Bella was seeing, but she knew it wasn’t real. It was some sort of memory.

“Who are all these people?!” Bella whimpered.

Bonnie hadn’t a clue, all she knew is that they too were witches. She could no longer keep her hold on Kol however. Kol came to his feet. He started towards them and Bonnie hopped to her feet and protectively placed Bella behind her.

“Stay back!” Bonnie shouted and Kol began to laugh.

Kol knew Bonnie was inexperienced and growing weaker by the moment. He wiped the blood from his nose with the back of his hand and shook his head.

“I see we have a juvenile witch on our hands.”

Bonnie nodded and suddenly the ring of fire charged right for Kol. This look of sheer incredulity spread across his face. Bonnie smiled as his body was set ablaze. Kol took off running. Damon had just arrived and witnessed Kol running with his entire body set aflame.

“Bonnie!” Stefan shouted from across the way.

Stefan hurriedly caught Bonnie just before she passed out.

Bella was in a fetal position on the ground. The visions continued to haunt her. Her eyes were tightly shut and she had her ears covered. Damon dashed over and scooped her up. He wrinkled his nose as she smelt of sulfur and death. She also was running one hell of a fever.

Damon placed her in the icy cold tub and she shot up and gasped back.

“Easy…” He said soothingly and cupped a handful of water and was placing it on her forehead.


He nodded but continued to wet down every inch of her body. She closed her eyes looking ill.

“I saw it…”

He froze for a moment. Tears formed in her eyes as she sucked back quivery breath.

“I saw and felt everything she did.”

He sighed realizing Bella still didn’t get it.

“There was chanting and fire… and I saw you.”

He clears his throat and starts to soap her down, trying to get the smell of demise off her.

“I’m sorry, Damon.”

Damon ground his teeth together.

“What the fuck do you have to be sorry about?!”

She sighs.

“Judging you, before I knew anything about you, not that I truly approve of you taking lives everywhere you go. But I can understand all the same.”

He cocks a brow at this.

“If there’s one person in this world that has any right to voice what she thinks of me, that’d be you.”

She looks upon him with muddled feelings. He puts down the washcloth he was using and caresses her cheek.

“Why me?” He bites down on his wrist knowing his blood had probably already left her system.

Belle recoils.
“You need to heal. It won’t turn you unless you were to die.”

She sighs with a wrinkled nose, but accepts.

“Back to your question… Because your opinion is the only one that matters… But even at that… There’s no changing who I am now.” He says as he gives her some of his blood.
“That doesn’t make any sense. You don’t even know me.”
“Still claiming that are we, sweetheart?” Damon let out a moan as he had her finish.
“Stop calling me that.” He sighs and fixes the sleeve to his shirt.

“Because, I’m not your wife.”
He rolls his eyes. Bella’s jaw drops with utter surprise as he gets in the tub, fully clothed. He hovers over her and lifts her chin with his fingers.

“What exactly took place when these visions hit?”

“I’m not quite sure. Kol placed me in a coffin… one that contained a friend of mine.” Chills ran down her spine on this and a wave of nausea hit her.

“Next thing I know, I can barely breathe and I could smell my friend’s rotting corpse.”

Damon nodded, knowing now where the smell was coming from.

“My friend Bonnie got me out. From there, I’m not really sure what happened. The visions were too strong for me to make out anything else happening around us. It was like I was in another time and place. The moment Bonnie got me out of the coffin. The visions became nonstop. I was seeing everything from your wife’s perspective.”

He closes his eyes with a painful expression about his face. He presses his forehead against hers.

“That’s because you were her.”

She backs away from in him in the tub.
“Why would you say that?”

He lifts his eyes towards her but doesn’t budge.

“Because, it’s true.”

“That’s not even practicable!”

“Dammit, Lizzy, what does it take?!”


“THE HELL YOU AREN’T! You might look slightly different, but you still have the same eyes, hair, and smile. Everything about you is a striking likeness to HER! The way you talk, laugh, and how you carry yourself. You think I wouldn’t know my own fucking wife?!”

“You’re insane!”

He jumps back furiously and takes the hamper and tosses it across the room. It hits the mirror and it shatters everywhere. Damon pulls at his hair and then punches at the wall.
“You gotta love the irony. I spent years in search for you. Trying to keep up this fucking “moral” attitude JUST FOR YOU! Because I knew you’d see me as nothing more than a monster! You’d want nothing to do with me. I compelled every damn woman left and right before I fed, questioning them thoroughly about who they were. I wanted to know damn near everything about them in hopes of discovering that perhaps one of my potential preys was you! Every time I realized they weren’t I’d feed and compel them to forget and send them on their way. I did this for nearly over a century or longer, that is until a couple decades ago. I turned it off! I had to… In fact, when I first came to Mystic Falls, I still had myself turned off. As to why I nearly ripped out your throat and left you for dead. It was your blood that knocked me right out of it. Something I hadn’t known to be possible. And to think I nearly took the life of the one person I’d sworn to love and protect for eternity. Now that sweetheart is some fucking irony and talk about karma.” Bella’s heart fluttered about confusion swept over her.

She hadn’t a clue what to feel about all this or what to think.

“What do you mean by ‘turned off’ ?”

“I turned off my humanity. I didn’t want to feel anything, not anymore! I thought there wasn’t a chance in HELL I’d ever find you! So why the fuck should I care right!” Damon pinches the bridge of his nose.

“So by the time you were reborn, I had already turned off my humanity and was on a killing spree. It felt so fucking good, not caring anymore. I loved it. I felt free. The way their blood pumped with terror, the more fear they felt the better! The way they would scream and beg for mercy. I craved it! The louder the better.”

“WHY ARE YOU EVEN TELLING ME THIS?! You honestly think I want to hear about all the lives you’ve taken?! I’m still in high school. It’s not even feasible for me to be your wife!”

“Well you’re not my wife at the moment, no. But you were and one day you will be once again.”

She looks upon Damon as if he’s literally lost it.

“Tell me Lizzy, do you still bite on your lower lip when nervous or aroused? Do you still twirl that ring about your finger when you’re filling others full of shit? Do you still keep a journal or diary and write in it as least 3 or 4 times a week? Do you still hate being called Isabella? Do you still get in a bad mood when it’s raining or too cold? Do you still read those ridiculous romance novels? Do you still sleep on your tummy with one leg hiked up because it’s comforting to you? Do you still put everybody else first before your own needs? And do you still believe that all is fair in love and war?”

“I’ve never believed in that!” She snaps at the last part and rises. But everything else was uncanny and it was freaking Bella out.

She grabs the towel that was hanging on the shower rod and begins to dry off.

“What’s fair about either of those and often enough war can be caused by love or visa versa. People die in war! People get hurt in love. They are both irrational, yet needed. There’s nothing fair either one! THEY BOTH SUCK! So no, I would never say anything like that.”

That familiar smirk crossed his face and his body went into overdrive. That was a test. And he just had all the confirmation needed. When they first met, they had a debate on this very topic. He thought all was fair in love and war and ‘his Lizzy’ had more than a mouthful to say in return. In fact, he and Lizzy had many debates throughout the years, often enough they led to toe curling sex. All the more reason often enough he’d purposely pick a fight with her, even when he agreed with her.

“So you see, you’re quite mistaken!”

She gasped out in surprise as Damon grabbed her and backed her up against the wall. Without warning he eagerly locked lips with hers. He hiked up her leg as he moaned into her mouth. A low growl left his lips as she slapped the shit out of him. Bella shoved Damon away from her and took off running. Damon rubbed his cheek with a massive grin, she had kissed him in return.




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