Chapter 5 The Return Of Isabel Mia De Fleur

Chapter 5

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Bella gasped out in her sleep as she felt one of her dreams coming to life. Her eyes flew open as the sensation continued. She saw the covers moving about and could feel Damon spreading her about, as he took his tongue to her sex. His moans vibrated against her. He acted as if her pussy where the best thing he’d ever tasted. He had a good grip on her as he continued to dive in. She reached beneath the sheets and ran her fingers through his midnight locks. That only seemed to further entice him. He began to switch between his fingers and tongue every time he got her off with one, he’d switch to the other. He readily licked up her juices each time. Damon found himself so aroused by what he was doing he couldn’t help but to stroke his cock, with his free hand. She smelled and tasted so saccharine. He could go for hours. At the moment though, he was in much need for relief himself.

He crawled out from the covers with that sexy bed hair of his. Bella saw his cock in hand as he was still stroking it. She thought she’d orgasm from sight alone. It was one of the hottest things she’d ever witnessed. Damon even had this bucking motion going as he went at it. His cock expanded even more in his hold as she bit that bottom lip of hers. He shook his head in disbelief. She was just as alluring now as she was back then. He teased her for a moment by rubbing the tip of his dick along her slit.

“Damon…” She said in a disciplinary manner that had him smirking.

Without warning he drove his entire length in.

“…fuck…” She gasped out and bit into a pillow.

He shook his head on this and yanked the pillow away. If she wanted something to bite… his cock pulsated at the mere idea. He placed her head along the crevice of his neck in a hinting manner. Once she bit down he let out this gruff like moan and started fucking her. Damon encouraged her as he continued. After all, he wanted to keep his blood in her system. There wasn’t a chance in hell he’d risk losing her again. She might as well get use to the fact that they would be sharing blood constantly. As to why he put the vervain in her necklace, instead of her consuming it. He wanted her whether she were human or vampire. It didn’t matter to him. In his eyes she was his. No one was taking her away from him now. He’d do whatever it took to keep his Lizzy by his side. 150 something years without the love of your life? Knowing she’s out there somewhere… That’s enough to drive any man insane. Many women had tried, but they could never take her place.

These sexy grunts flowed out of his lips as she drank from him.

“A little more, gorgeous…” He huskily pleaded as he felt her pulling back.

It felt to damn good. That and he wanted to make sure she got a decent amount. Damon however gritted his teeth as he came.

“Hmmm…” He hummed as he kissed her.

Before he rolled over he merely hovered over her for a moment. He had his forehead against hers. Damon cleared his throat.

“Does this mean you remember? Or are you merely using me? Personally, I hope it’s the first one, but I don’t mind being used all the same.”

Bella softly laughed, but had that hint of sadness.

“It seems to come to me in patches here and there, like my memories are skipping around.”

“But you do remember?”

“That I was Isabella Mia Salvatore?”

He nods and locks eyes with hers.


Damon shut his eyes for a moment in reprieve and kissed her forehead.

“Just give me sometime though Damon. My memories… they’re there just very confusing and…”

She gently pushes against his chest and rises.

“Damon…” She laments with slight frustration.

“I truly believe I’m envisioning more than just the one lifetime I had with you. I’d swear up and down that I had at least two other’s. It’s crazy, I feel so lost as to what’s what.”

This was exactly what Damon had feared. With the amount of time he spent in search of her. It wouldn’t surprise him if she lived two or three lifetimes, at least. They had a good 156 years between them. There was no telling what came of those lifetimes. Was she married? Did she have children? The mere idea was enough to drive him to brink of insanity. The idea of her marrying someone else and having their children?! When she was HIS first! He gritted his teeth in thought. He’d kill them if they weren’t dead already, no matter the circumstances. It was completely irrational and he knew it. That didn’t stop his murderous thoughts.

“I take it one of these visions came to mind last night?”

She nodded but wouldn’t look him in the eyes now. He narrowed his eyes on this.

“What did you see?”

She swallowed back knowing he’d fucking KILL Stefan. In fact, she wanted to kill Stefan herself! There was so much confusion to all this. Bella reached to her temples.

“Enough to make me realize the truth…” Only there was more to it.

The way she felt during that vision. It was so powerful. All she could think about was how much she loved Damon and how badly she wanted to see him. Damon reached over and brought her into his arms. He hadn’t truly realized just how much it would affect him. He was kissing whatever part of her he could reach. He laid her down and kissed all up and down her body. Bella softly giggled as he kissed along her tummy.

He smirked but continued. He made his way back to her lips. They were heavily making out as there was a knock at the door. Damon rolled his eyes and licked her neck, before calling out.


The door opened and in walked Stefan. He nodded towards them with this look of disapproval. He folded his arms about his chest. Damon ignored his presence and continued to love on Bella. Bella blushed trying to make Damon stop.

They aren’t going to like this Damon.”

Damon sighs with irritation and stops. He lifts his eyes towards his brother.

“You seem to be mistaken me, for someone that gives a flying fuck.”

Damon rolled over at this and Stefan quickly looked away as Damon and Bella were still in the buff. Damon swiftly covered Bella up.

“And just how do you suppose you’re going to go up against the Mikaelson’s?! This will not end well!”

Bella jumps as Damon soars off the bed and charges right for his brother. He pins him back with his hand clamped around his throat.

“Anyone that wishes to try and take what is mine will face the consequences. Do not test me brother! You should know better by now! If they want her, they will have to come through me FIRST.”

Bella looked to both vampires confused.

“It’s just, Kol…” She mutters puzzled by all this.

Stefan sighs and shakes his head. Damon drops his hold with a snarl. Stefan started towards Bella and she damn near fell off the bed, in attempts to back away. Damon took notice of this behavior and tilted his head a bit. Her heart was racing and there was fear in her eyes. At this, Damon opens the door and shoves his brother back out of the room, then slams the door shut. He rushes over and places his hands upon her cheeks, looking her in the eyes.

“What is it?”

She closed her eyes for a moment.

“Nothing… it’s just a lot to take in, that’s all.”

Damon wasn’t buying it. He knew her better than anyone. Granted she was Lizzy’s reincarnation. He didn’t feel any different about it. All the more reason, he wasn’t about to hold back.

“Just talk to me… What’s going on in that head of yours?”

“Damon please, just give me a chance to adjust to all this.”

He nods, but knew she was keeping something from him. Damon drops his hands. Bella grabs her clothes and rushes off to the bathroom. He sighs once she’s out of the room. Damon got dressed and headed down stairs. He rolled his eyes upon Caroline and Stefan sucking face.

“Makes you vurp a little, doesn’t it?” Damon comments.

Jeremy nods with a disgusted look on his face.

“Does Lizzy still like pancakes, bacon, and orange juice for breakfast?” Damon questions Jeremy.

Jeremy looked upon him peculiarly.


Damon shrugs and grabs his keys.

“Let’s go.”

Jeremy cut him another odd glance.
“You want breakfast or not?”

“I’m good.”

Damon shakes his head on this. He makes his way over and grabs Jeremy by the collar of his shirt, then drags him towards the door.

“Ok! Damn!” Jeremy bitches, once they’re outside.

Damon doesn’t comment as they head to the Camaro. Before grabbing something for Bella and Jeremy to eat he stopped by the department of public records. Jeremy had a bewildered look on his face as Damon parked the car.

“What are we doing here?”

“Changing the deed to your house.”
Damon keeps walking and twirls his keys about.

“You can’t do that… It’s not even legal!”

He turns with a smirk.

“You know, I never was one that played by the rules. Just tag along and keep your mouth shut. Got it?”

Damon opens the door and motions for Jeremy to step in first. He sits Jeremy down as though he were merely a toddler.

“Stay put and I’ll get you a sucker.”

“Funny… dick…”

Damon pats him on the shoulder and heads over to the receptionist desk.

“May I help you?”

“Yes, I need the records to …”

He turns back towards Jeremy, with annoyance realizing he never got a name. Jeremy rolls his eyes.

“The name…” Damon demands.

The women in the office look to Damon with slight alarm. He turns back around giving them his best smile. He nods and grabs Jeremy once again. He drags him back outside and presses him up against the wall.

“Who owns the house you and Lizzy are living in?!”

“My aunt, you ass.”

Damon sighs with frustration.

“Her name…?”



“Why the fuck should I tell you?”

“You want that vampire back in your house, so he can finish the job?!”

“OK then… The name.”

Jeremy sighs.

“Jenna Sommers.” Damon playfully slaps his cheek.

“There you go… now I don’t have to kill you. See, we’re going to get along just fine!”

Jeremy rolls his eyes again.

“I’m sure Bella would love to hear you say that.”

“Good thing she’s not here then. Isn’t it?”

He forces Jeremy back inside and sits him down once again. Damon smiles and nods towards the receptionist. Jeremy curiously watches as Damon begins to compel her into finding the records and changing the deed into his name instead. Meaning any vampire that wants to enter Jenna’s house now has to be invited in by Damon Salvatore himself.

After Damon’s done he manhandles Jeremy again and drags him towards the Camaro.
“Would you stop that?!”

“And ruin the wonderful time we’re having?”

“Quit whining and get in the car.”

“What the hell does she see in you?”

Damon shrugs.

“Maybe it’s the jacket? Or the car? Fangs?” Damon pops them out towards the end.

“Ugh… she could do so much better.”

“What? Like you, perhaps?”

Jeremy sighs as Damon starts the car.

“Wait…” Damon utters seeing the look on Jeremy’s face.

“Did you two…?”


“Good cause then I really would have to kill you and talk about awkward.”

Damon raises his brows on this.
“Really? Didn’t that die like in the 1990s?”

“You would know.”

“Precisely, so quit using it, you sound like an idiot.”

“Man, what is your problem?!”

“That’s really not any better… and my problem? At the moment I don’t really have one but I’m sure I’ll come up with something.”

“Where is she?” Damon questions after looking around the house.

Caroline and Stefan both point towards the patio. Damon sits her food down and steps out joining her. She was kicked back reading her book. She was wearing a pair of black skinny jeans, black laced boots, and a wine colored cashmere sweater, with a hood attached. The hood was over her head.

“You lost my place by the way.”

He cocks a brow at this.

“And it was soaked in bourbon… so you owe me a new book.”

He smirks at this.

“I’ve the feeling I owe you a lot of things.” He emits as he sits beside her.

There was a slight chill in the air and the wind was picking up. It blew her scent directly upon him. Damon closed his eyes, momentarily taking bliss in this. He kicked his feet about the table. He reached over and rubbed a scuff off his boot.

“I never figured you for a Nicholas Sparks’s fan.”
“The guy that wrote the book…”

He shrugs.

“That’s gotta be one of the stupidest books I’ve ever read.”

Bella lifts her eyes towards him and licks her index finger, turning a page.

“Well you read half the book; so obviously you didn’t think it was too terrible.”
“I was waiting for him to scissor kick her in the face.”

“Really, Damon?”

“Yes, really!”

She rolls her eyes and goes back to reading.

“You know for a guy serving in the military, he sure was pussy whipped.”

“Shut up…”

“Just calling it like I see it.”

“Were you pussy whipped?” She questioned with a grin, hinting about their marriage.

“No, but I sure ate a lot of it.”

Bella blushes on this and Damon wiggles his brows.

“I got you some breakfast. So up you go.” He utters as he comes to his feet and takes her hand, raising her up off the chair. Damon twirled her about as he did this.

Bella froze and looked upon him with bewilderment.

Stefan now stood before her in a tux that looked to be from the 1800s. She looked around to see they were surrounded by people. They were dancing and so were they.

You look ravishing as always, Ms. De Fleur.”

Why thank you, Mr. Salvatore.”

He nodded and kissed her hand.

Might I cut in?”

They both turn to see Damon. He had his eyes locked onto Isabel’s and had a positive beam about him. Before Stefan even had a chance to answer that. Damon had taken her hand. Isabel giggled as Damon twirled her about then bowed before her as a new dance began.

You know, I’ve been doing some thinking, Lizzy.”

Maybe it’s time we all ran for the hills at this newfound information.” She teased as they continued to dance.

Daman grinned.

“And what have you been pondering?”

They switch partners for a moment and once he makes his way back to Isabel. He stops.

I was thinking… if it were alright with you… That I may ask your father for your hand in marriage.”

She brought her hand upon her mouth in surprise.

You… you wish to marry me?”
“If you will have me… Yes, it would make me the happiest man that’s ever existed.”

But your father… Damon, you know he won’t hear of such a thing. We come from two different worlds and…”

Unlike the Salvatore’s, Isabel didn’t come from money. Mr. De Fleur (Lizzy’s father a French man) didn’t get along with Mr. Salvatore (Damon and Stefan’s father). It was a known fact he thought the De Fleur’s needed to go back from where they came from. They didn’t belong here and they were nothing more than commoners and utter trash.

I do not care what he thinks. Lizzy, this is our life. We only live it once and this is what I want. You are what I want. I love you. You just let me worry about our fathers. In fact let me do all the worrying for the both of us. You’re always worrying about everyone else. You stayed by your mother’s bedside the entire time she was ill.”

Isabel’s heart sank on the memory of her mother and how they’d recently lost her. Her mother was English and had met Lizzy’s father during the wars amongst the colonies.

And the way you care for your students…” He gazed upon her with admiration.

My father is blind if he cannot see just how truly remarkable you are. Lizzy, I’ve never met anyone like you. You’re extraordinary. I couldn’t think of a better honor than you being my wife.”

“Come on, Lizzy… Snap out of it!”

Bella blinked a few times as she came to. Damon had her against the house and his fingers were lifting her chin up.

“You alright there?”
“So your father hated me…” She utters.

He grimaced.

“Eh…” He says with a shrug.

“Fuck the bastard. He’s long since dead anyhow. Another memory I take it?”

She nods.

“You were asking my permission to talk to my father, for my hand in marriage… But I knew your father would disapprove. We were at some sort of event or ball even. There was dancing and…”
“Easy… Just breathe…” She closes her eyes and does her best to catch her breath.

“Does this mean my memories are coming back now?” She meant without the help of Bonnie.

“Let’s hope so. Just not too crazy about the whole eyes rolling into the back of your head and going damn near comatose on me.”

She reaches to her temples as her head was pounding.
“It’s the strangest feeling; like I’m right there living it at that very moment.”

“Hmmm…. Breakfast first and then memory lane. I thought we could go through the box today.”

She nods and he leads her back into the house.

Damon brought out the box as Bella was kicked back on the bed. He sat beside her and began digging through it. Inside was some old jewelry of hers, which he’d given her during their marriage. There was an old perfume bottle, a few pictures, one of her old French plates with swans on it ironically enough, and a shaving kit.

Damon had discreetly placed her journal to the side. He’d figured it’d be best to save that for last. Bella reached over and ran her fingers over Damon’s straight blade. She picked it up and smiled. He swallowed back on this.

“I used this didn’t I?”

Damon nodded.

“I remember this.” She shoots off the bed and paces around with the blade in her hand.

“I used to shave your face and cut your hair!”

He smiles.
“You’d be correct.”

She wrinkled her nose remembering how she’d do the same for Stefan. Damon took notice of that displeased look.

“Something wrong?”

She clears her throat.


Bella opened the blade. She could remember the smell of the shaving lotion Damon used. The way he’d laugh, when she used the brush to spread it along his neck and face. It always tickled him. Bella smiled at the memory. Every time she was done she’d wipe him clean and peck him on the lips.

“Show me something else…” She said with a hint of eagerness.

He nodded and handed over a silver feather hair pin with pearls down the middle. He watched her reaction with full interest.

“You gave this to me on my 15th birthday.”

Her jaw dropped in revelation.

“Just how long did we know each other for?!”

“We grew up together, the three of us Lizzy. However you were closer to Stefan’s age. That’s how we first met. You and Stefan were like BFF’s or something cheesy like that.”
“We were?”

Damon nods.

“That is until little Ms. Innocent De Fleur started batting her eyes at his older much better looking brother.”

He smirks.

“Oh believe me, I found it rather…”
“Rather what?” She nearly hisses.

“Adorable. My brother on the other hand, can’t say he felt the same.”

Bella tilted her head about.

“So he was jealous?”

“Stefan had no one to blame, but himself. Let’s just put it like this, Lizzy. I gave my brother one week to make a move. I told him if he wanted to court you, then he had better hurry up and make his claim. He never did. I warned him if he didn’t, that I would step in and take matters into my own hands. Apparently, he thought I was full of shit. He never had the balls to tell you how he felt. So I took matters into my own hands. You deserved a man not a boy, one that didn’t hold back on his feelings when it came to you. You might’ve been closer to Stefan’s age, but he was still very much a boy and you were already a damn woman. You were far more advanced and there was just no way in hell, my little brother was going to be able to keep up with you. You were a very curious and often enough a bit of a trouble maker. I was always covering your ass about something. But damn I loved every minute of it. I just kept waiting to see what you had up those sleeves of yours next. No one ever expected it. You only looked innocent with those big brown eyes and pretty little dresses of yours.

You were a damn tomboy from hell and no one was standing in your way. You were different from the other girls. You didn’t sit there and primp all damn day. No. You liked to get your hands dirty. You wanted to be out with the boys. You weren’t the sewing circle kind of girl. You’d much rather carry a damn rifle and do some target practice. You were so damn sexy. I wasn’t the only one to notice and at times it’d pissed me off. Seeing how the other boys would gawk at you. You once came to me in tears because of how mean the other girls were being to you. They would talk about you or treat you like shit. You’d never believe me when I said it was because they were jealous. What you saw were pretty girls with clean fingernails and perfect hair. You didn’t understand why you didn’t fit into their “popular” world. The only reason they didn’t want you around was because you were a threat. Around town you were no secret. Men… they talked. I wasn’t the only one to notice, how you could keep up with us men and how much you’d blossomed over the years. You did so easily and with no complaints… something that is very rare, I assure you. You were drop dead gorgeous, but with an attitude that had tomboy written all over it. There was no way my brother could have ever kept up with you. So fuck me sideways sweetheart, because I was the only man that ever could. And I know for a fact, I still am!”
“Oh really?” She taunts.

He raises his brows on this and appears before her. He gently backs her up against the wall.

“You bet your sweet ass I am. Just like how I know you’re still that same woman.”

Damon kisses her only to find he can’t stop. The kiss became more heated and he hiked up her leg. He let out a moan as he ground himself against her. Over a fucking century… he thought to himself. He went without her touch for entirely too long and he wondered how he survived. He growled at the knock at the door.

“If that’s Stefan, I’m going to ring his fucking neck.” He hissed.

“Who is it and what the fuck do you want?”
“Damon…” She says in disbelief.

He gives Bella a wink and kisses her once again.

“It’s me… Jeremy.”

Damon rolls his eyes.

“Cock blocker…” He mutters under his breath.

“Be nice.”

“I don’t do nice, sweetheart.”

“Come on in.” Bella announces. Damon snarls back at this and lowers her leg back down.
“Easy, or I’ll have to get the hose.”

He sighs and plops down on the bed. He starts to put away some of the things that were in the box, everything but the pictures. The door opens and Jeremy peeks inside.

“I’m going to Vicky’s.”

“Really? You think now’s a good time for that?”‘

Jeremy shrugs.

“You fucking the vampire yet?”

Bella sighs and rolls her eyes.

“I KNEW IT! What are you some sort of vampire groupie?”

“What the fuck is your problem, Jer?”

Bella raises her brows on this.

“You obviously haven’t learned anything!”

“You haven’t any idea what you’re talking about so I’d watch whatever I say next.”

Damon looked bored as he continued to mess with the items in the box.

“Was it not just the other day you were talking shit about Vicky? About how she obviously gets around?”

“Jer…” Bella warns through gritted teeth.

“One week you’re fucking Kol, the next you’re fucking this jackass?”

“A wake or a funeral?”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“It means the Jer I know would never talk to me like that. So I just want to know what to tell Jenn. You know, after I discover your cold dead body from an OD. Do you want your death celebrated or mourned?”

Damon smirked at this.

“Whatever.” Jeremy bitterly scoffs and starts to walk away.

“You’re being an idiot.”
“I suppose that makes two of us!” He fires back and heads downstairs and out the door.

“…dammit…” She muttered under her breath.

Damon came out of the room with her old journal. He handed it over and kissed her.

“I got some business to take care of.”

By business, he meant he needed to feed. Only he didn’t go about it like his brother. He didn’t feed from any damn animals and he wasn’t very fond of the whole blood bag thing. He just wasn’t sure how Bella would take it, if she knew he were about to go on a feeding spree throughout Mystic Falls. For her sake he wouldn’t kill anyone… well unless they warranted it or pissed him off. What difference would one or two bodies make? He thought with a smirk.

“What’s that look for?” She inquired taking notice.

He shrugs and cuts her a wink as he grabs his leather jacket. She opens the brown leather journal, but was ogling Damon as he got ready to go. Caroline had already gone home and was trying to adjust to her life as a teenage vampire. Bonnie had finally managed to find the daywalker spell and had brought the ring by earlier. Jeremy was at Vicky’s getting high on God knows what. Bella suddenly realized she was all alone with Stefan. He too was reading something and they lifted their eyes towards one another. Bella tried to focus on reading the journal, whilst Stefan went back to his book. Bella reached into her jacket that was hanging on the recliner she was sitting in. She grabbed her locket with the vervain and put it on. She wasn’t about to take any chances.

She sighed as if bored. Stefan looked up from his book.

“Drink?” She offered before even truly glancing at the journal itself, she closed it back up and sat it down.

“No thanks.”

Bella shrugged and made her way to the bar she poured him one anyhow. Only she added a certain something into the mix. A bottle in which Damon gave her for emergency purposes, since she hadn’t any vervain in her system. He was adamant about exchanging blood. She poured just enough in not to raise any suspicions (meaning he couldn’t smell it through the hard liquor). Bella made her way back over with both glasses of bourbon.

“You wouldn’t make a girl drink alone now would you? I just need something to take the edge off.”

He narrowed his eyes on this and placed his book down.

“There was a time I could drink you under the table… Think I still can?” She challenges with a smile.

Stefan half laughed and took the glass. She clanks her glass against his and downed the substance. Stefan did the same only he immediately dropped the glass and choked back, reaching to his throat. His eyes watered and his mouth began to blister and boil up. Bella nodded and grabbed the stake she’d seen hidden in the fireplace amongst a stack of wood. Before Stefan could even truly think about what was to come. He got a rude awakening from an old friend. He gasped out as Bella staked him to the recliner directly below the sternum.

“As you can see… I’m back… I might not have all my memories, yet. I do however remember the day you murdered me!”
She slaps his hand away as he tries to rip the stake back out.

“You always were one to underestimate me. You honestly should know better.”


“That’s right…”

He looks towards the door as if for help.

“It’s just you and me Stefan. No one is coming to your aid! And I’m not going to kill you. No matter how justified my actions would be!”

Bella pinched the bridge of her nose as the memory danced around in her head.

“I can’t believe you would kill me, just to keep me away from Damon. So what was it Stefan, one of those if I can’t have you no one can situations? And Damon tells me you and I was the best of friends at one point.”

He shakes his head.

“I’m sorry, Isabel. Believe me, there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about what I’ve done. You haven’t any idea how much I wish I could go back in time and make up for everything!”

“And how would you do that exactly? Kill you brother instead? Both of us perhaps?”

“I never wanted to hurt you.”
“But you did and all because you couldn’t stand the fact that I was engaged to you! Yet your brother’s memory remained. You shouldn’t have left his pictures lying around. Despite the curse, I was able to push past it and remember! Therefore, you took my life in return.”

Bella staggered back as another recollection hit her dead on. Her heart sank to the pit of her stomach. Visions of them having sex hit. She gritted her teeth.

“WHAT DID YOU DO STEFAN?! We slept together?”

“We were engaged for over a year, so yes… but it was a different time. At that point, you didn’t even know Damon existed!”

“BUT YOU DID! OH… MY…GOD… Stefan what have you done?!”

“He’d kill both of us.”

“He’d kill me! You didn’t do anything wrong, we both know that. I’m so sorry, Isabel… I…”
“Quit calling me that!” She shouts and pulls at her hair.

“How could you do this to me?! I loved him! You took advantage of me! You fucking bought me, like I was mere property!”
Stefan grimaced as her jaw dropped indicating more memories were coming to play. Bella turned pale and covered her mouth.

“I was sold off! My father…” Bella felt nausea hit.

“You offered him a price he couldn’t refuse! And forced me into becoming your fiancé! Only we never made it to the actual wedding date, because I found your brother’s picture! It triggered my memory and you FUCKING LOST IT AND KILLED ME IN COLD BLOOD!”

“There was nothing cold blooded about it! Dammit! Isabel, I loved you! You broke my damn heart and before I even realized what I had done I was holding your lifeless body. IT KILLED ME!”

“NO, NO IT DIDN’T! YOU’RE STILL HERE! YOU’RE JUST FINE, YOU FUCKING BASTARD! Did you ever think to realize that I never ONCE said I love you? NOT ONCE! Two damn life times! TWO DAMMIT, you robbed me of them both! The moment you found me and knew who I was, you should have gone searching for Damon THEN!”

Stefan closed his eyes.

“You lived three… that I’m aware of. And you’re right, I should have. I wasn’t thinking clearly and wanted a chance.”
She froze at his words.

“You were engaged to my brother the first time. Then to me… Then you almost married a man named Isaac in the later 1900s only Kol Mikaelson killed him, because he wanted you to himself.”

Bella sat at the edge of the coffee table looking ill.

“You became engaged to Kol. Only he ended up leaving you, the very day of the wedding. Once I got word of this, I went in search of my brother. I never found him and soon returned to find out that you had died during the war. You had gone into nursing and were serving at one of the hospital camps. One that was brutally attacked they left no one alive.

“So I was dumb enough to fall for Kol, TWICE?! I was engaged to my husband’s brother and I’ve died a total of three times that we know of?”
Stefan nods again.

“It’s part of the curse the witches put on you. Every time you die, Bella, you will be reincarnated, only with no memory.

“I can’t believe I slept with you!”

He lowers his head in shame.

“You were drunk… it was just the one time.”
“But you said we were engaged for over a year!”

He half laughs.

“We were, but you kept denying me. It took me getting you drunk for you to even…”

Bella grimaced and he nodded.

“So you took advantage of me…”

“I will never be able to make up for the things I’ve done.”

“What would your brother say if he knew we not only slept together, but were engaged and that our relationship ended with you killing me off!”

Stefan sighs.

“Why didn’t you go find him? Why did you lie to me and promise that you would? I mean you just waltzed right into my life and tried to take over your brother’s place. Who does that? What did you think would become of all this?!”

“All I knew was that I loved you and I wanted you. I wasn’t thinking about anything else. I missed my chance the first time around. I wasn’t about to miss it again! So yeah, I took matters into my own hands just as my brother had back in 1837!”
“And what would’ve happened if Damon found you and saw that you had become engaged to his reincarnated wife?!”

“I wouldn’t have told him!”


She gasps back as Stefan zipped over.

“I might’ve loved Katherine and I love Caroline! But I never loved anyone the way I loved you! You were meant to marry ME and have MY children! I took bliss in the fact that my brother couldn’t get you pregnant! All it did was prove he couldn’t do the job right. That he was never meant to be in MY PLACE! YOU WERE MINE AND THAT’S ALL I COULD EVER THINK ABOUT!”

Bella jaw drops in utter surprise and she slaps him.

“That’s right, I forget you always saw right past me!”

“Damon told me what really happened!”

“Oh did he now?”

“YES! He told me he gave you the chance to make a move. But you never did!”

“I DID TOO! You were too busy gawking at him to even hear me! I asked you to the town picnic and dance! You just flat out dismissed me! You didn’t even look at me. You were too busy watching my brother as he worked the ranch! Hell, you were always staring at him, like some sort of love sick pup!”
“What are you talking about?! You never once asked me to that picnic, Damon did!”
“That doesn’t even sound like something I would do! I’d remember if you asked me out!”

Stefan punches the wall directly behind her. Bella flinched and she stared him down as tears streamed down her face.

“And you wonder why I never saw anything in you.”

Stefan staggered back and shook his head. Bella grabbed her jacket and started for the door.

“It’s not safe.” He reminds.

“Tell me Stefan and I want the truth.” She points upon him irately.

“You admitted to being baffled that I would fall for Kol, once again.”

He shrugs.

“Did you, or did you not know who I was when you first came to Mystic Falls?”

He sighs and looks to the ground. He places his hands on his hips.

“I only made it sound as if I was here for Caroline. Truth of the matter is… I was sent back to Mystic Falls in order to keep an eye on you. Caroline being here? Well that was just a bonus for me. I truly hadn’t expected it to turn out that way.”

“So you’ve been pretending this entire time?

“I’d know you from anywhere.”

“And who sent you?”



“Klaus, but in all fairness! I hadn’t a clue who he was sending me to watch after. He only gave me the name Isabella Marie Swan. That’s all I knew!”

“Klaus? That makes no sense… why would Klaus…”

“You ending up with Kol, wasn’t exactly planned. But once Klaus found out he just went with it.”

“And why would Klaus want to keep an eye on me?”

Stefan sighs again.

“For some reason, he wishes to keep you protected at all cost. Your life to him is of great value.”

“Why?! Why would he care about protecting me?! He hardly knows me!” She wrinkled her nose at the recollection of him walking in on her and Kol. The man merely stared and acted is if it was the norm to have a casual conversation with his younger brother during sex. He insisted that they continue as he grabbed a book and sat in a recliner across from them. Something that instantly killed Bella’s sex drive. Kol could have kept going, but she insisted otherwise.

“I’ve yet to figure that part out. But you should know Klaus… He’s never up to any good. So whatever his interest in you is… I’d take precaution.”

She nods and starts out the door.


She clamps her hand around the handle.

“How do I even look upon him now Stefan? I feel as though I betrayed him!”

“YOU DIDN’T! YOU NEVER DID! We both know, you’re one of the most faithful and honorable women out there, always have been.”

“It doesn’t feel that way. I feel cheap. I mean seriously. Who goes around screwing one brother then turns right around and screws the other!”

“It was never like that! You can’t do that to yourself!”

“And what do you think Damon would do if he ever found out about us?!”

“He doesn’t have to know. Why even bring it up?!”

“And you honestly think I can live with myself?! This isn’t something we can just pretend never existed!”
“It would kill him!”

“And you didn’t stop to think about that beforehand? You only have yourself to blame! All of this, because you felt sorry for yourself?! You became this whiny, sad man slash vampire. He was right… You and I… it could have never been. You had no problem ending my life. Yet you couldn’t even face me when it came to admitting how you felt about me! How do you expect me to take that?! And were you even planning on searching for Damon this time round?”

“No! Bella, I knew you were better off without us! The least I could do was let you live a normal life without us brothers alongside of you!”


“Bella, please! Kol is still out there!”

“As of now, I don’t give a FUCK! Thanks to you. I probably just lost Damon all over again! I don’t even know how to face him! As if things weren’t hard enough to deal with!”

Bella storms out of the house and Stefan throws his hands in the air in defeat.

Damon growls under his breath once he finally found his damn Camaro. It was gone when he stepped out and sure enough his assumptions dead on. That little shit Jeremy Gilbert took off with it.

Damon figured he wanted to show it off to his worthless druggy of a girlfriend. But no, things only got worse as he’d questioned a few people along the way. He found out Jeremy had sold his car in order to score some dope. Damon was severely PISSED THE FUCK OFF! The only reason he didn’t even bother to tell Bella was because she had enough on her plate. He certainly didn’t appreciate Jeremy adding to it. Granted he was just a boy. Still he was Bella’s age and smart enough to know better. That and who the FUCK steals from Damon Salvatore?! A VAMPIRE NEVERTHELESS! He grew more irate as he trudged on.

He made his way to the house, seeing the car parked out front.

Damon scanned it over thoroughly making certain nothing was dented or scratched. He snarled back and ripped off a set of purple dice from his rearview mirror. He threw it on the ground and headed into the house. A house filled with partying teenagers. Once he stepped inside he grabbed the nearest person and compelled them into telling him where Jeremy Gilbert was. They pointed towards the stairs and Damon shoved people down left and right as he made his way through the crowd. He stole a few drinks along the way. As he downed the contents he’d throw down the empty container. Damon didn’t even bother to knock he just started going through doors. He finally found one in which he recognized the shoes on the boy’s feet. What looked to be sex at first, was far from it. Jeremy’s drug addicted girlfriend was hovering over him in hysterics preforming CPR. Jeremy’s eyes were rolled back and he was foaming at the mouth.

Damon gritted his teeth. He ought to let the boy die! After all he did steal his fucking car and sold it to get the drugs that caused all this mess in the first place!

“Dammit” Damon bitched under his breath and he shoved the girl off Jeremy.

He roughly cupped Jeremy’s chin checking him over.

“Let me guess, you think you got this and are too stupid to realize if you don’t call 911, HE WILL DIE!”

She looked to him wide eyed.


Vicky nodded and hurriedly grabbed her phone.

“Come on!” Damon shouted at Jeremy.

Damon crammed his fingers down Jeremy’s throat until he gagged. He then rolled him over as he began to vomit and convulse. Damon wrinkled his nose as he got it all over his good clothes.

“You and I have a long discussion ahead of us. If you survive this. And you had better hope you do. If not, you will never be at peace! I will come visit your ass every fucking day just to raise some HELL!”




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