Chapter 6 The Wrath Of Damon Salvatore

Chapter 6

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Bella sauntered about the woods aimlessly. All she knew was she couldn’t stand to be in that house, not with Stefan. She knew she couldn’t go home either. Everything seemed to be hitting her at once. Her body felt heated and she was completely livid. And when Bella was this angry, she cried. That only pissed her off more. The sound of leaves shuffling about spread across the area as the wind picked up. Her memories were taunting her, as well as Stefan, Damon, Caroline, Bonnie, and Jeremy and everything involving them. Belle felt as though she were about to go insane. Stefan reentered her thoughts and Bella gritted her teeth.

“FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKKKK!” She shouted as she punched at a nearby tree.

The blow she gave peeled the flesh off her knuckles. She groaned in misery and painfully brought her hand about her chest as it now throbbed in pain. The cool air only added to her agony as it bit at her opened wound. Bella leaned against the tree and shut her eyes for a moment. She just knew Damon was going to HATE her. How could he even begin to look upon her the same way again? Deep down, she knew it wasn’t even her fault. Still, that didn’t keep the guilt at bay.

She came to a sitting position against the tree. Bella’s eyes remained closed as she thought about her past, continuing to reminisce.

Damon entered the house, to see Stefan pacing the living room. He was drunk off his ass and the living room was a disaster. Damon folded his arms about his chest taking it all in.

“Having yourself a tantrum, lil bro?”

Stefan’s eyes darted his way. They were wild and his hair was a mess. Stefan wiped his eyes with the back of his hand and cleared his throat. Damon rolled his eyes as he looked around the house.

“You had better tell me that Lizzy is here, somewhere, or so help me…”
Stefan half laughs.

“Let me guess. You’ll kill Caroline or someone else that’s close to me? Keep in mind that my friends are Isabel’s friends as well. Or you could do us both a favor and finally end it once and for all.”

“Always so dramatic… Such a terrific little pity party you have going. However, I renounce your invitation. So where is she?”

Stefan shrugs.

“She left.”

Damon grits his teeth on this information.


Damon crossly took off, in search of Bella.

Bella eyes shot open. She hadn’t realized she’d fallen asleep. The temp was dropping as the sun was about to set. She rubbed her eyes wondering how it was she managed to sleep for that long. Somehow time got away from her. She froze with the feeling that she was being watched. This odd sound was heard from a distance. Her jaw dropped in disbelief as she finally had a visual. A slew of bats were heading right for her. Belle took off running back to the Salvatore house. What had Bella confused, it wasn’t even dark yet. So what were bats doing out, furthermore, sailing right for her? She turned back to see they were just inches away from her

“Shit!” Bella took off running back towards the Salvatore house.

Halfway there, she lost her footing and came tumbling down. Bella hurriedly brought her hood up as she crawled amongst the ground. She scurried about the ground, doing her best to protect herself.

The bats let out this odd high pitched cry. Bella lifted her head just enough to see what was taking place. A flock of crows were confronting the bats. She uncovered her face and her jaw dropped in sheer amazement. The crows were plucking out the bats’ eyes and taking them down one by one. Bodies of the bats were landing right before her. She braced herself as another bat was heading straight for her. A crow swooped in and snatched it as though it were nothing more than a flea. Bella felt a hand upon her shoulder and jumped in alarm.


She turned, seeing it was Damon. He nodded towards her and helped her to her feet. Damon looked around wondering where the son of a bitch was. This had original written all over it.

“What the hell was that? I mean… are they yours?” She questioned in perplexity, pointing towards the crows.

Damon nodded towards the crows once they finished the job. They took off in flight cawing away in celebration of their victory. He smirked at this and scooped her up.

“Let’s get you inside…”

Bella gasped out as Damon took off at vampiric speed. As soon as he had her inside he checked her over.

“Damon, how were you doing that?”

He shrugs.

“That’s not an answer!”

“Vampire, sweetheart.”
“So all vampires can control birds is that what you’re saying?”

He decides to change the subject, knowing that the answer to that was entirely too long winded.

“Why were you out wandering in the woods anyhow?” He asked with a hint of disapproval to his voice.

“Just needed some fresh air.”

He takes in a breath of slight annoyance.

“We need to talk.”

He took her hand and sat her down on his recliner. Damon hunkered down eye level with her.

“I need you to grab something to read and come with me. Looks like it’s going to be a long night, sweetheart.”
She looked upon him confused.

“Jeremy’s in the ER… He OD’d, Lizzy.”

Her heart felt as though it’d pump right out of her chest. The area around her spun and her ears felt as though they were burning.

“What do you mean he OD’d?” She said trying to keep from going into hysterics.

Damon shut his eyes for a moment.

“I think we both know. Let’s just go and see how this plays out.”

“Plays out?” She repeats as if going into shock and puts a hand to her heart.

Stefan overheard this and peeked over with a grimace. Damon sighed and grabbed her things, before they headed out.

Damon sped on through a red light as they headed to the hospital. Bella just sat there. She didn’t talk or even blink, the entire way to the ER. Damon parked the car and hopped out. He rushed over, opening the door for her. Bella just sat there, staring off into space.

“Up you go…” Damon spoke and took her hand.

When they entered the waiting room, Damon sat her down. Bella remained quiet and motionless. A couple hours went by without word on Jeremy’s status. Vicky however entered the waiting room with Matt and Tyler. Bella shot up and Damon raised a brow.

“After this, you stay the fuck away from, Jer! I MEAN IT!”

“Bella!” Matt called out in disbelief.

Vicky half laughs. Her eyes were still blood shot and she was still high on whatever she and Jeremy had been taking. Bella gritted her teeth.

“You think this is something to laugh about? YOU STUPID BITCH!”

“Stop it, Bella!” Matt shouted as Bella shoved Vicky up against the wall.

Vicky hauled off and slapped Bella.

“WHAT THE HELL, VICK?!” Her brother scolded.

Damon merely cocked a brow their way. He smirked seeing Bella’s hand was already folded into a fist.

“You think you can take me on? Bring it!”

Vicky shoved her back and Bella socked her one. Not just once, but twice, before Tyler grabbed ahold of her. Matt got ahold of his sister and both men struggled to keep the women from ripping into one another. Damon chuckled to himself not just in amusement, but with pride.

“You’re going to blame me for this?”
“You’re the reason he started doing drugs in the first place!”

“You always were jealous of me.”

Bella breaks into laughter.

“Oh, that’s a good one. That’s right, you got me. I wish I was just like you track marks, blood shot eyes, bitchy attitude, and the town pass around. What I wouldn’t give to be a walking, talking, human toilet. You’re so lucky!”

“You wanted Jeremy for yourself!”

“Oh hun… you’re so delusional. You honestly believe that you and I are in some sort of competition? That’s a joke within itself! It should be you in there! NOT JER!”

One of the nurses enters the waiting room. She looks directly upon Bella.

“Mam, if you can’t keep it down. I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”

“Oh I’m not going anywhere. But you… are… Out of my face!” Bella says pointing upon Vicky.

“Bella, she has every right to be here.” Matt defends.

“If she doesn’t leave she’s going to need a room herself!”

Damon sighs and comes to his feet. He makes his way over and looks Vicky dead in the eyes.

“Go home, sleep it off.” He says as he compels Vicky.

Matt watched with puzzlement to his face as Vicky didn’t even argue this. She merely exited the waiting room and was heading home.

“Vick!” Matt called out as he followed after her.

Bonnie entered the room with Caroline. Caroline instantly grabbed ahold of Bella, hugging her.

Bonnie hugged her afterword and they each took a seat in the waiting room. After about another half hour the doctor finally entered the waiting room.

“Gilbert?” He inquired and Bella shot up from her seat.

The doctor cleared his throat.

“We managed to get him stable… however he seems to have slipped into a coma.”

The doctor nodded.

“My apologies, we are doing everything we can. You’re welcome to visit. I’d suggest only a couple of visitors at a time though. He’s in room 123.”

At this the doctor leaves the waiting room. And Bella just stood there.

“Bella?” Caroline called out with concern.

Matt was making his way back into the room. He eyed Bella.

“Vick didn’t deserve that…”

Bella said nothing. She merely left the room. Damon shook his head and followed her out.

“What?” Matt inquired seeing the look the others were giving him.

“Jer’s in a coma. So just lay off will ya!” Tyler remarked.

Matt sunk into a chair.

“You’re kidding.”

“Nope and I happen to agree with Bella here. Your sister is the one that introduced him to this shit, in the first place!”

“You can’t do that! You can’t put all the blame on her!”

“Just shut up! Both of you.” Caroline says.

Bonnie takes in a breath.

“This isn’t helping anyone, turning against one another. Bella and Jeremy they need us.”

“Bella hasn’t any right to put this all on Vick though. Jer is just as much to blame in all this. Last time I checked he too had a mind of his own.” Matt defends.

Damon followed Bella into the room. She grimaced seeing all the tubes that were connected to his body. He looked frail and pale. Bella put her hand over her mouth and took a few more steps towards Jeremy. Damon narrowed his eyes as she took Jeremy’s hand. She broke into sobs and put his hand upon her cheek.

“You can’t do this to me, Jer.” Bella whispered in agony.

“I mean it, dammit.”

She placed his hand back alongside of him. She then parted his hair away from his eyes. Bella kissed his forehead, but couldn’t stand to be in there a second longer. Damon cocked a brow as she damn near ran out of the room. When he stepped out she was leaning against the hallway wall, with her eyes closed. Damon made his way over and lifted her chin with his fingers.


She recoiled and shook her head.


Damon reared back as she wouldn’t even look at him.

“I’m sorry… I…”
“Sorry? For what?” He questioned with a snarl.
She shut her eyes even tighter as she spoke.

“I’ve done something terrible. Something… you may never forgive. Damon… you need to know that I never once loved him. I loved you and…”

“I’m not so sure I like where this is going. Who the fuck are you talking about?”

She opened her eyes looking into his baby blues. That only added to the guilt.

“It’s about Stefan.”

“What about him?” He questioned through gritted teeth.

Bella took in a breath and motioned for Damon to follow her. She led him to the alleyway of the hospital.

“As you’re aware my memories are coming back and not just the one lifetime I had with you.”

“What’s that have to do with my brother, Lizzy?”

She flinched at the tone in Damon’s voice.

“Damon…” She said, feeling as though she’d pass out.

“There was a time I was engaged to your brother. I…”

Damon starts to laugh rather madly. She swallowed back full of nerves.

“Joke right?”
She takes back a miserable breath.

“I wish…”


He backs her up against the wall. Her breathing became erratic as those black veins of his spread about and his eyes were cold and dark.

“NO! I want to know what the fuck you’re talking about! When the hell were you EVER engaged to Stefan and why?!”

“It was my second rebirth or however you want to put it. I hadn’t any memory of my past life. Hell, Damon each time I’m reborn, I have a different set of parents and family. It’s one hell of a MIND FUCK. Apparently, my second father was a real dick and a half and sold me off to your brother. My family owned land that was at risk of being sold off, by force. The railroad industry had come into town. They offered my father a pretty shitty price. One that wasn’t even near what the land, house, and stock was worth. Not even HALF. Well my father decided to take matters into his own hands, in order to save our land. I was his best bet. Stefan Salvatore at the time was one of the richest most well-known bachelors, in town at the time. He’d obviously showed interest in me. He offered my father a price, he just could refuse. Next thing I know my bags are packed and I’m being shipped off like one of the heifers. I wind up living with this strange man, before I’m even married. Mr. Stefan Salvatore had this manor filled with luxurious things. He threw expensive perfume, jewelry, dresses, food, and whatever else he could think of my way. He spoiled me every chance he got… That is until few days before the wedding, I came across a picture he’d out on the mantle of the fireplace. It was of him and another man. A man I found strangely familiar. To his sheer stupidity, when asked about this picture. He admitted that the other man was you. Like a bolt of lightning the name Damon Salvatore course through me.

These images came to mind. Images of you and this feeling washed over me, it was so heavy like nothing I’d ever felt. Next thing I knew, Stefan was hovering over me. He was calling to me repeatedly. I must’ve passed out. Still, your memory lingered. And I remember demanding that he find you. His silence had me concerned. He said nothing on the matter. He just cut me this look, one I couldn’t quite detect. I stopped him as he headed for the door. I made him promise that he wouldn’t return without you. Stefan vowed this to me before he walked out that door. Only when he returned, he returned empty handed. When I confronted him on the issue…”

Damon tilted his head about, looking full of wrath. Bella shook her head.

“He what, Lizzy?” He said trying to stay calm and collected as possible.

“Damon…” She said in a pleading matter.


“You’re going to kill him.”
“Oh, you’re god damn right I am, after I fuck up whatever world he has around him!”
“He knew damn well what he was doing! He isn’t the one that had his memory wiped clean. YOU WERE! NONE OF THIS WAS YOUR FAULT AND YOU’RE NOT EVEN ABOUT TO MAKE ME BELIEVE OTHERWISE!


She grimaced and chills ran up her spine at the recollection. She took back a quivery breath before she answered.

“He killed me, Damon. His hands were wrapped around my throat and that was it. I died at the age of 16 and at the hands of Stefan Salvatore!”

Damon nodded, about to take off.


He froze as she hurriedly rushed over. It was the way she screamed his name. It never failed, it always brought back that horrible day, he watched her die.

“Please, you can’t kill him or my friends!”

“I’m not going to touch your precious friends, Lizzy! My brother on the other hand! HE CHOSE TO DIE THAT DAY!”

“Damon, trust me, I get it! It’s no more than he deserves! But…”

She winced.

She wouldn’t answer looking completely ill. Damon took something out from his jacket. It was her journal. He handed it to her.

“I want you back in that waiting room. I want you to read this. Something I could quote word for word. Remember what we had.”

She continues to cut him that full of guilt expression.

“You said you had no recall that I ever existed. Is that true or not?”
“Yes, of course!
“THEN HOW THE HELL IS THIS ANY OF YOUR FAULT?! How can you stand there and feel any ounce of guilt?! YOU DIDN’T DO ANYTHING WRONG! FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!” Damon throws his hands in the air and reaches to his gut as though someone socked him one.

“One more time, did you and Stefan have sex?!”

She nodded with tears forming in her eyes. His upper lip curled.

“Damon, I’m sorry!”


Damon gently cupped her chin.

“I want you to go back inside. You worry about Jeremy, be with your friends. I’ll take care of everything else.”

Before she could argue on this any further, he was gone.

Stefan shot up from his recliner as fog began to fill the entire house. He shook his head and sighed already knowing. He nodded to himself as a crow flew through the window. It looked upon him and cawed out. Stefan took in a breath as he looked around. His skin crawled as he merely waited for it.

“So where are you hiding, Damon?”

Stefan gasped out as he was shoved across the room. Every time Stefan came back to his feet, he was thrust back once again.

“I take it, she told you.” Stefan calls out, dusting the remains of the dining room table off him.

He caught a glimpse of Damon’s reflection and zipped over. Stefan hurled him up against the fireplace and bounded over taking his knee to Damon’s sternum. Damon quickly reversed the pin. Stefan brought forth his knees and propelled Damon off him.

“Are you going to hear me out on this or not?!” Stefan shouted.

“I’m done hearing you out, brother.”

“I never meant to hurt her!”

“Save the spiel, Stefan. We’re done…”

“You know what… fine. Do your worst!”

Damon genuinely smiles.

“Oh believe me, I plan to.”
He swiftly snapped Stefan’s neck. Damon hopped back up. He grabbed a lock of his brother’s hair and dragged his body into a chair. He wrapped links of chains around his brother’s torso, ankles, and wrists. Damon placed silver serving bowls at the ends of the arm rests. He then gave Stefan a heavy dose of vervain through a syringe. He slit Stefan’s wrists with a letter opener. Damon pulled up a chair across from his brother and waited as he bled out, into the bowls.

After another hour or so Stefan weakly came to, but could barely keep his eyes open. The rest of him was completely paralyzed.

“Well hello, brother!”

Damon leaned over.

“You comfy? I truly hope so.”

Stefan couldn’t even talk. He just sat there in pure agony. His eyes watered the pain was so great.

“So… it seems you and I have a lot of catching up to do.” Damon makings a tsking sound with his tongue.

“Let’s see… you found Lizzy-check. You failed to find me and let me know-check. You forced her into becoming your fiancé-check. You fucked my Lizzy-check. And then you KILLED HER-CHECK!” Damon reached over and squeezed his wrists, so he’d bleed out even more.

“She’s died twice, because of you! You haven’t any idea just how badly I want to rip your fucking heart out, chopped it up, and make you eat it piece by piece! I want to ram a stake through your heart over and over and over! But no, that would be too easy! I want you to feel Lizzy’s pain! Therefore, killing you is just not an option. No, you deserve something a bit more gruesome!” Damon says with the raising of his brows and a grin about his face.

“You see, it was in my mind to do so on the way over here. Just end it once and for all. Go against my lovely Lizzy’s wishes. But the more I had time to think. The more I realized. What better punishment is there than to spend eternity in absolute darkness, suffering, starvation, and isolation?! Oh brother, you will suffer! You haven’t a clue just what it is I got planned for you! I mean, I’m all giddy just thinking about it! You Stefan, will never know the taste of blood, the touch of a woman, the joy of getting shitfaced, or any of the wonders that life has to offer ever again.

And to think, I one loved you. I did everything within my power to keep you protected. I always had your back. I’d have fucking died for you, you worthless piece of shit! But this is how you repay me? You backstabbing little bitch! You swore an oath to me that if you ever found her again, you’d do everything within your ability, to reunite us! I trusted that. You made it seem as though, you were so full of guilt. That you were willing to do whatever it took, to make it up to me! Hell, you even put on this believable bawling and squalling act! You’re no brother to me Stefan. No, you’re the enemy. You’re the one person that entered my life and ripped it apart from the inside out! You destroyed the one person I cared about the most. EVERYONE ELSE CAN ROTT IN HELL, INCLUDING YOU! This is goodbye. My face will be the last thing you ever see. Welcome to my Hell brother. Do enjoy your stay!”

He picks Stefan up and throws him into the cellar of the Salvatore home. It too, laced with vervain. Like promised, there was nothing but darkness. Damon slid over the stealthy door that looked as though nothing more than part of the cellar. He sealed his brother shut and didn’t turn back.

“We’ll be there as soon as we can, Bells.” Her father said on the other line.

Bella winced hearing Jenna breaking down on the other end.

“Our flight got postponed, due to bad weather. We will not arrive until morning…” He explains.

“Ok dad. I’ll be right here.”
“Alright kiddo… just hang tight until we get there.” Even the sound of her father’s voice was quivery.

The other’s had already left, considering they all had school tomorrow. Bella however didn’t budge. She sipped at the coffee; Bonnie had brought her, before they left. Bella wiped a few stray tears away as she opened her journal.

She looked over seeing it was Jeremy’s doctor.
“I don’t see any issue if you wish to join your friend. It’d stay between us, of course.”
Bella wasn’t even sure she could go in there. Then again, the thought of Jeremy being alone… That bothered her even more so.

“Thank you, sir.”

He smiled and personally escorted her to Jeremy’s room. He grabbed a blanket and pillow on the way. The doctor had overheard her conversation with her father and knew at the time being, Bella was all alone. The doctor sat the pillow and blanket down on a nearby counter.

“If you need anything just let us know.”
“Thank you.”

He smiled warmly and exited the room.

“Bella looked to the pillow and blanket and sighed.”

She then gazed upon Jeremy. She grew irate with herself as she began to cry yet again.

“…dammit…” She muttered under her breath.

Bella walked over to the sink and splashed some cold water on her face. Once she dried her face off and forced herself to calm down. She pulled up a chair beside Jeremy’s bed.

“They say that coma patients can still hear what’s going on at times around them. In that case, why don’t I read some downright embarrassing journal entries from when I was Isabel Mia De Fleur? Sound good? Yeah, I thought so too. Think of this as leverage for later.”
She sighed and kicked back. Once again, she opened the journal. She raised her brows realizing the entire thing was written in French.

“And just how the hell does Damon expect me to…”

Bella narrowed her eyes though as she skimmed it over. Her jaw dropped as she was able to read it fluently.

“What the fuck?!” She reared back and quickly shut the journal.

She sat it far away from her as though the thing were cursed.

“I don’t know French! Do I?!”

She looked over to Jeremy as if expecting him to answer. Bella came back to her feet and paced the room, with a racing heart. Before she truly thought about it; she was muttering under her breath in French. She covered her mouth.


Bella hurriedly reached for the journal once more and began to read it.

I’m not even sure how to begin this. Dear diary sounds rather cliché. Is it too self-absorbed to address yourself instead? I mean, they are your thoughts after all and it is the book of your life. Well here it is…

Dear Isabel,

Today is the day you met “him”. And by him I do mean, Damon Salvatore. The very reason you decided to keep a log of your rather dull life to begin with.

Bella blushed in thought as she read this out loud.

“Well, there you go, Jer. You know what makes this worse?” She frowned in thought.
“Knowing that Damon has read this as well, ugh.”

She sits back down and crosses her legs.

In all honesty, it is not the first time. Nevertheless, It is the first time you ever really took notice of him. He is the older brother of your best friend Stefan Salvatore. The reason you come up with more excuses to visit the Salvatore house. Would it be improper to merely spend the entire day staring at this beautiful man? Even now I’m blushing to myself in thought. Since when do you have such thoughts? What’s come over you? Besides this man’s brilliant mind, flawless physique, alluring deep blue eyes, and the way his voice sends you thoughts that’s undeniably improper for a lady to be having.

A lady… that’s all I ever hear. Isabel, you’re a lady act as though one! Isabel, can’t you act like the other young ladies your age?! Why must their world consist of what fabric is to be used this month? What is the proper way of curling ones hair? And how to keep from fainting in order to make your breasts seem bigger, your waist line smaller, through those dreadful corsets. Mother has scolded me numerous times, on how I insist on leaving the house without one. You’d think I’d gone streaking! Honestly! I do not see the need to be so uncomfortable in order to fake out society. Thus, has me someone confused. We as “ladies” are to act proper. We’re not to send men such gestures. That is how we are taught or at least how I was. Yet these corsets are still insisted upon. If I had my way, I’d burn every corset I owned.

Oh dear, I do believe I’ve gotten off subject. Yes indeed, back to Mr. Damon Salvatore. Is it feasible that this man might be sharing “feelings” as well? We seemed to have shared a moment… perhaps I am reading too much in this. He helped me upon one of the stallions at the ranch today. This is something he normally does. Today however just seemed different, than all the others. He had his hands about my waist as he lifted me up. Only this time it seemed his hold rather lingered. Did I imagine him purposely brushing himself against me as he did this? Oh how foolish can I be?! Even as I write this my face blossoms with sheer embarrassment… My breath was taken back as Mr. Damon Salvatore’s eyes locked with my own.

I dare say it is the first of any affectionate thoughts pertaining to a man.

Bella wrinkled her nose.

“What was wrong with me? I dare say… who talks like that?!”

She sighs and continued to read on for another hour or so. It went on and on about her feelings for Damon, her friendship with Stefan, her parents, and their friends. It was more than obvious she thought the world of the Salvatore brothers. In Isabel’s eyes neither could do no wrong. But it had been made more than clear, that whereas she was madly in love with Damon. She thought of Stefan as though the brother she never had. She was an only child in this lifetime as well. For some reason it wasn’t stated, but Bella vaguely had the memory of a little baby brother. He died from scarlet fever, when she was young. A lump formed in her throat as she was able to picture her mother rocking the infant. They kept him in a basinet by their bed. They lived in a very small house and they all shared a room. She remembered being sent away during this time. When she returned her infant brother had passed away.

Her mother didn’t speak for weeks on end. Isabel remembered spending more of her time with Stefan, when she did return. They usually were on some sort of adventure outside. She could remember how they’d go swimming, hiking, or would be on some sort of wildlife expedition. To her surprise a smile formed along her lips. Yet there was a hint of sadness behind it. How could he betray her like that? After everything they’d been through and the times they shared. Both had faced death together. Both had been there for one another, on numerous accounts. But because she did not share the same feelings Stefan had. He sought out to make certain she paid! Or so that’s how it felt to Bella.

Bella could see Damon perfectly. His white shirt how it’d become slightly unbuttoned and grimy after a hard day’s worth of work. He’d be covered in sweat. Something she always found incredibly sexy. She half laughed to herself as those feelings came rushing back. That giddy like feeling. It had her weak at the knees. She remembered how she would blush, when Damon looked her way. At times it was as if he knew, how she felt about him. He’d cut her a wink or nod. Bella always found reasons to bring him something to drink or a kerchief in which to wipe the sweat from his brow. She took in a breath and sat her journal back down.

She came to her feet and leaned against the counter. Another memory however hit and it seemed to come from nowhere. Bella flinched and reached to her back as she came to her knees.

Thwack, thwack, thwack… she could still hear the sound of Mr. Salvatore’s belt beating against her back.

I’ll teach you to steal from me you little..”

DAD!” Damon came running into the house and yanked the belt out of his father’s hand.

I don’t want her over here, ever again! I caught the little thief red handed!”

Thief?” Damon inquired as he helped Isabel to her feet.

That’s right, she was digging through your mother’s old jewelry box!”

Stefan entered the room as well, taking in the scene. Damon brought Isabel against his chest, consoling her. His father wrinkled his nose.

Boy, you get your hands off that filthy whore!”

Lizzy’s no such thing! And I most certainly will not! Now put that away you’re scaring her!”

Stefan sighed.

It’s my fault. I sent her in here to get the money from mother’s jewelry box. I was about to head to the store, but realized I forgot.”

See… there you go! Lizzy would never steal from us!” Damon assures.
Their father pointed upon Stefan. He was drunk, like usual. Mr. Salvatore wasn’t a very pleasant drunk. He had no filter and was known to be violent.
“You’re not to be seen with her again. NEITHER OF YOU!” He stares upon Isabel.

GO HOME! NOW! GO ON NOW, GET!” He reached over jerking the belt out of Damon’s clutch.
Damon gritted his teeth and took the hits intended for Isabel. She screamed out as the hits became relentless. He continued to beat Damon wherever he could reach, in order to try and get to her. Damon wrapped his entire body around Isabel. Stefan rushed over and stood before Damon and Isabel. He took a hit across the face. That’s when it stopped. Stefan… he was the favorite. Damon was nothing more than a disappointment. He could never do anything right. He wasn’t fast enough with the chores, he wasn’t smart enough, he didn’t kiss his father’s ass the way Stefan did! Damon had no problem taking a beating from his father. He wasn’t about to cave, when it came to what he believed in. That was one of the reasons Isabel fall for Damon, to begin with.

Belle reached to her temples. The vision of finding Damon beat to a bloody pulp came to mind now. The very day Damon had proposed to her. She saw it clear as day now. She came up on him by the lake. His left eye was swollen and purple, his lip was busted and nose was broken. He had belt marks all along his body. Her heart sank at the memory. Once his father got the word of his son proposing to an émigré! He lost it! He demanded that his son renounce his proposal! In fact, his father had plans for Damon to marry Alice Brandon! Someone that was of the Salvatore class, also one of the girls that loved to give Isabel nothing, but hell. Alice always envied Damon’s affections towards Belle. Alice’s viewpoints regarding Isabel, was in unison with the Salvatore’s father. Bella staggered back at the memory. She had taken care of Damon and his wounds that night. She helped him to soak in the lake. She remembered how cold the water was but she endured it for his sake. He insisted that she go home. That she’d catch a cold or worse that his father would take it out upon her or her family. But she stayed by his side. She brought him food, water, and blankets.

Bella blinked a few times and used the wall to come back to her feet. She felt worn out suddenly and her eyes grew heavy. So much so, she didn’t even bother with the blanket or pillow. Bella lay on the small sofa within the room. The second she shut her eyes, Bella was out.

She slept so soundly. Bella never even knew that Damon had come to check on things. He placed the pillow under her head and wrapped the blanket around her. He kissed her lips. Before he left, he bit down on his wrist. Damon gazed upon Bella once more as he fed Jeremy some of his blood.

“Bells?” Jeremy called out seeing that she was sleeping on the couch.

Bella drowsily opened an eye his direction. It didn’t dawn at first. So she shut her eyes again. Jeremy smiled as her eyes flew open, in realization.


He nodded and rose up a little. Bella jumped off the couch and ran up to him. She hugged the hell out of him.

She loosened her grip, but wouldn’t let go. He hugged her in return.

“Don’t you ever and I mean ever do that to me again, Jer!” She uttered behind sobs.

He sighed his memory was vague, but he knew damn well what he’d done. He felt like a dick and a half now. Jeremy felt her tears landing on his hospital gown.

“You could have died, dammit!”

“Bells…” He whispered not sure what to say.

They both turned as the door opened. Jenna and Charlie entered the room. Jenna looked completely broken. She too rushed over and hugged him. She rose up though and hit him on the arm.

“You little… How could you do this to me?! TO US?!”

Charlie sighed and patted her on the back.

“Easy, Jenn.”

Jenna shook her head and cried into Charlie’s chest. Charlie took in a breath.

“You sure caused a lot of trouble, son. Like it or not, once you’re out of here you’re going into rehab!”

“Oh, come on!”

Charlie shook his head and pointed upon Jeremy.

“I get it son. I’m not your father. But I care about you just the same. I don’t appreciate you putting your aunt or my daughter through this either. So yes… you will be going to rehab. I will check you in and drive you there myself!”

“JENN! Tell him I don’t need fucking rehab.”

“You watch your mouth, Jer!” Jenna scolds.

“Don’t you ever disrespect him in such a manner again!”

Jeremy looked back over to Bella. She was cutting him this look of thorough disbelief and hatred. He sighed and pinched his eyes shut.

“I don’t need rehab. I almost died. Trust me, lesson learned.”

Bella nodded at this and grabbed her jacket and journal. She started towards the door and her father stopped her.

“Where you off to?”

“You can both stand here and watch him self-destruct and eventually die. I won’t. He hasn’t even told you about the time I drove him to rehab.”

Charlie and Jenn reared back at this newfound information.

“Bella…”Jer voiced in misery.

“That’s right. I almost had you in the door. You were going to make this big change. Only you ended up running off with Vicky, because she had followed us up there and stopped you. She gave you this very well thought out theater performance, on how much she would miss you if you went into treatment. I wanted to gag. Vicky claimed that you could do this together. Overcome your substance abuse and all that jazz! How she’d do whatever it took. You believed her, like always. Now here we are. So I’m done. You want to continue down this path? Then you no longer have my support! I’ve damn near broke my back in order to help you! I’ve talked with you, Jer, until you’re blue in the face. So if you’re not going to even try… Why the hell should I? Later, Gilbert!”

Bella turned her back to him and walked out the door. But even as she did, each step she took felt as though her heart were shattering. Pieces of it were falling amongst the ground and she crushed them beneath her feet, with each step she took, along the way.




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