Chapter 7 Dammit Damon

Chapter 7

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Bella rises after placing some flowers down on Elena’s grave. She then sat on the bench Charlie and Jenna had requested. This way whoever visited could be comfortable. Bella brought her head down and pinched her eyes shut.

“I wasn’t ready to let you have him just yet. Pretty selfish, right?”

Bella half laughs to herself.

“So he survived… and I just turned my back to him. But what was I supposed to do? Not just with Jer, any of this?! Heaven forbid I die again…” Bella however shot up in thought.

The thought just occurred to her and she took off a certain direction. And sure enough she was dead on with her assumptions.
“You’re kidding me.” She utters feeling ill to her stomach.

“So this is what it’s like.”

The tombstone read Beloved Wife Isabella Mia De Fleur 1822-1844. Bella hunkered down in thought. She ran her fingers along the engraving. This had Damon Salvatore written all over it. So her first time in existence she lived in Mystic Falls, that’s why the Salvatore house seemed so familiar. In fact a lot of things about this town had a hint of déjà vu about it.

“So how does it work?” She questioned herself out loud.

“If I’m right here, than how can I be in there?”
“Mind boggling, isn’t it?”

Bella gasps back and jumps.
“Damon…” She hissed in alarm.

He smirked.

“We could always dig you up and see for ourselves.”

Bella wrinkled her nose at this.

“I’m good…”

Damon shrugs.

“Can’t say I didn’t offer, I must admit though, I too am rather curious as to this theory of yours.” He says with the raising of brows.


“Well, think of how I feel. Here I am visiting your grave, with you right next to me. Talk about total creep factor…”

He grins and cocks a brow.

“Hm,” He grows serious for a moment

“The coffin itself is empty, Lizzy. There was nothing left to bury. But I wanted a way to visit you…” The way he said this sent her chills.

He folds his arms about his chest and takes a single white rose from his jacket out. He lays it down.

“Now that just topped off the creep factor.”
He shrugs on this and goes to hand it to her instead.

“Um, I’m good.”

“Can’t say I never offered.”

Bella takes in a breath and looks around the cemetery.

“And what about my past lives where was I buried? Was I buried? Where did I live?”

She shakes her head in thought.

“So I die, but my soul takes on another host and I’m reborn. Is that what this is?” Damon heard her utter in thought.

“It’s a never ending cycle.” She softly states as if in misery.

She lifted her eyes towards Damon.

“And what happens if I die again?!”

“All the more reason we keep my blood in your system.”

“So if I die, I wake as a vampire?”

He nods.
“But, what if…”

Damon puts a finger to her lips.

“Let’s not think of the “what if’s”. I don’t particularly care to. Besides, this time round is different, I’m here. And you haven’t any idea the lengths I will go to in order to keep you protected. And before you even have the chance to argue this, because I know you will. It is too my responsibility, always has been, always will be. I see it no other way. So don’t even try me on this. You won’t win, Lizzy.”

She looked upon Damon oddly as clouds began to roll in and fog spread amongst the cemetery.

“…Damon…?”She uttered feeling fatigued all a sudden.

Damon swiftly braced her against him and scooped her up.

If you’re looking for Stefan he’s not here. They went to the luncheon, that’s being held by the church outside of town.”

Isabel nodded and looked around. Damon hopped off his horse. He was covered in sweat like usual when he had been working on the ranch. She petted the snout of the russet colored horse. Damon pulled out a carrot from one of the pouches on the horse. He handed the carrot to Isabel. She giggled as the horse chomped it down. Damon smiled in return as the horse nudged her begging for more.

Damon sighed and patted it’s snout.

You’ve had enough.”

Damon took her hand and gestured for her to get on the horse. He helped to prop her up as she climbed on. He then took the reins and headed for the nearby lake. Once they got there he tied up the horse and motioned for her to jump back down. Isabel brought her other leg around and leaped off the horse. He laughed as he caught her.

Damon!” She scolded, behind a giggle as he twirled her about.

After he brought her down, he took off towards the lake. She gazed upon him as he stripped down to his underwear. He turned back to ask if she was joining him. Only she had this odd look to her face. One Damon didn’t particularly understand. She looked embarrassed. She’d seen him in his underwear many times before. So why was she acting so coy about it now?

What is with you?”

She shook her head wide eyed. She bit down on her lower lip and regarded the horse once more.

He shrugged and headed back towards the water.

Are you going to join me or not, Lizzy?”

Isabel nodded and unzipped her dress. She too got down to her undergarments and slipped out of her shoes. Damon narrowed his eyes finding himself gawking. She left her corset on over her undergarments (white looking gown back then). Gradually, she made her way into the water. When did Lizzy get breasts? Damon found himself thinking. Only things for Damon grew worse as she came closer. Her top portion was completely see-through since it was wet. He tried not to stare, but he couldn’t look away. Her erect pink nipples were right there. Lizzy had certainly blossomed. Thoughts he knew he shouldn’t have come to mind. He scolded himself, but couldn’t stop them, even if he wanted too. He found himself wanting to touch her in ways, he’d never thought about before. To see what it’d be like. He ached below to the point it was painful.

What?” She questioned innocently, having no clue of the effect she had on him.

He forced his eyes upon hers and cleared his throat.


She nodded and dunked under the water. She vanished and he smirked just waiting for it. This was something she was known for. Isabel would come up any minute and dunk him under. He looked around, trying to figure out where she’d be coming from. Before long, he heard the splash and knew it was too late. Isabel wrapped her arms and legs around him and took him beneath the surface. He shook his head upon her as she grinned under the water at him. He shook his finger in a scolding matter.

They were laughing as they came up for air. Isabel had her arms around his neck and his were around her waist. Damon caressed her cheek. Then he did something that took Isabel by complete surprise. He was kissing her. Not just any kiss. It was full of heat, passion, and once they started, neither could stop. Damon found himself kissing along her neck and lowering the sleeves to her shoulders as he kissed along them as well. Both were panting and in the heat of the moment. Isabel felt him lifting the bottom of her undergarments. Her legs wrapped around his waist. He groaned out in desire, feeling bare skin beneath his fingers. He’d never touched a woman that way before. Isabel felt an odd yet welcoming sensation as he thudded against her.

Lizzy…” He whimpered out in a husky voice.

We need to stop…” He said in utter suffering.

He wasn’t about to shame her like this. If anyone caught them… Lizzy would be the one disgraced the most. That’s just how society was back then. Women had a certain criteria to follow; one of them being, absolutely no fornication before marriage. He wouldn’t have her name ruined like that. The De Fleur’s had a hard enough time as it was. He winced seeing the insulted expression on her face. He swallowed back and pressed his forehead against hers.

We have to stop, because I do not have that much self-control.” He hinted.

At this he cut her a wink, one that had her blushing, head to toe.

And if we’re to do this, we do it right, gorgeous.” Making the first time he’d ever referred to her this way.

Damon lifted her chin. He knew his brother was going to be furious. But he’d already warned Stefan this might be coming. Only Damon hadn’t truly realized just how deep his feelings for Lizzy truly were, until now. It had been a week… Damon thought in his head. He’d given his brother a week, in which he was to ask Lizzy to court him. He never did! So it was his loss!


He was nervous and wasn’t even sure why. It’s just Lizzy after all right? No, there was so much more to this.

I was wondering… if you might accompany me to the annual spring picnic and dance?”

Accompany you?”
Damon sighs.

I mean…”

He drops his hand and shakes his head.

I wish to court you.”

She smiled rather shyly.


He nods.

But what about Alice?”

He wrinkles his nose.

What about her?”

Were you not supposed to take her to this event?”

Dad knows I never agreed to that! That was a decision made between him and Alice’s parents. A conversation and decision I wasn’t even a part of. Between you and I… I cannot stand Alice Brandon! Be my companion! Save me from this monstrosity!”

Isabel giggled.

Save you? You hardly seem like a man that needs saving.”
“So wrong you are, Lizzy. This man most certainly does.”

Damon falls back in the water and pretends to be drowning. Isabel dies in laughter.

Help me, Lizzy!” He fake coughs and dunks his head under, flaring his arms about.

She giggles as he reaches to her and continues on.

You are a mess indeed, Mr. Salvatore!”

She sighs as if annoyed and goes to “save” him; only to have him dunk her under along with him.

Bella woke with a smile and stretched about. Damon nodded towards her as she came to. He was kicked back in a chair and had his legs crossed about a table. Bella slanted her eyes, not recognizing where they were. Damon had a drink in hand and this certain look about him. His hair was unkempt and his shirt unbuttoned.
“Where are we?”

He pours himself another drink and downs it before answering.

“Hotel… Honeymoon suite, to be exact.”

Her eyes widen and jaw drops.


He smirks and comes to his feet. Bella looks around the room. It looked expensive, but it was absolutely stunning. It was done in red, black, and gold colors. There was a Jacuzzi to the corner of the room they were in.

Damon yanked the covers off her. He began kissing along one of her legs.

“But where are we…?”

He lifts his eyes towards her, but continues to kiss along her leg and up along her thigh. Thus, making it extremely hard, for Bella to concentrate on anything else. She gripped her pillow as he took his tongue along the rest of her thigh.

He ignored her and continued.

“I got school and my father….”

Still, he continued his way up. He pinned down her wrists as he kissed her. Her breathing became erratic as he rubbed himself against her. Sexy gruff moans left those venomous lips of his.
“I’ve got it everything taken care of.” He whispers in her ear.

“I just need you to shut that pretty mouth of yours, trust me, and enjoy.”

He shut his eyes with a smirk, sensing her arousal, in more ways than one.

“D…” He covered her mouth with one hand, unfastened his jeans with the other.

After feeding Bella that memory of them, he was horny as hell. He still remembered how badly he wanted her. It hadn’t truly dawned on Bella that Damon had stripped her down, while she slept, until now. She felt his cock slip on in. She chewed on her bottom lip driving him mad. He grunted out as he fully thrust his way in. Damon found himself giving into that memory. He sucked on her breasts as he continued to thrust. That’s what he’d wanted to do. He wanted to rip open that annoying gown of hers and latch onto those perfect tits of hers. That was the first night; he’d pleasured himself to the thoughts of Isabel Mia De Fleur. He remembered making quite a mess, with his little fantasy of fucking her in that lake. But it felt nothing like this.

“Fuck.” Damon called out.

Damon leaned into her ear, seductively whispering.

“Do you have any idea, how much I wanted you, Miss De Fleur?”

She gasped out and came instantly at his words.

“That’s right, Lizzy. I wanted to suck on those tits of yours and fuck that perfect little pussy.”

He gritted his teeth and began thrusting even harder.

“Fuck, I wanted you so bad.”

Bella’s entire body was at his mercy and she couldn’t even fathom a coherent thought.

“Just like this, Kitten.” He utters with a rumble.

That smirk returned as he had her coming endlessly.

“You like hearing how I wanted to fuck you… don’t you?”
“Damon…” She cried with a mixture of pleasure and over sensitivity.

He pulled out with juices dripping off the head of his cock. Damon flipped her over to all fours and positioned her. He shook his head upon her sexy little kitty shot and perfectly rounded ass. He smacked her ass, just before driving himself inside once again. Only this time he pounded her ceaselessly. Bella felt him reaching around groping her breasts as he fucked her. He kissed along her back as he rose again. He had her hips firmly in his grasp.

Damon observed as his cock slammed in and out of her tight mound.

“Damn…” He uttered in disbelief.

He truly couldn’t get over just how sexy she was, in both lifetimes. Everything about her, to Damon she was flawless and not just in looks. Damon was just as in love with her now as he was back then. If anything he felt twice as passionate about her. He gritted his teeth and shut his eyes as he came. Once he finished and pulled out he got this playful demeanor to his face. She was just about to roll over. Only he placed his hand on the slope of her back gently stopping her. His come was leaking out of her pussy. Damon placed a couple fingers inside and watched as he made her come two more times. A mixture of his come and hers got all over his fingers and the bed. His dick grew hard all over again at the mere sight. He laid her back down afterword.

That grin was still planted on his face. He crawled over her and eagerly kissed her once more. Afterword he rolled onto his back and crossed his arms behind his head.

“So you think you can handle me for a few more days?”

Her jaw dropped in bewilderment.

He nodded.

“Damon, you know I want to. But I can’t. I still have a life back in Mystic Falls.”

He shrugs and trolls onto his side facing her.

“And I told you, I have it handled.”

She narrowed her eyes upon him.

“You’re telling me you got school, Charlie, Jenn, Jer, and my friends handled?”

He nods assuredly.

“So just relax.”

Bella shoots up looking rather miffed.

“Did you compel them?”
He rolls his eyes.

“Oh… my… god..! You did. Didn’t you?!”

She hops out of the bed angrily.

“And what would be wrong with that? It’s not like I’m hurting them, Lizzy.”

She looks upon him in disbelief.

“You’re really going to ask me that?!”
“I do hope this is about to lead to more mind numbing sex, Kitten.”

“Now that’s not really fair! I have way better nicknames for you. Why do I get “Dammit Damon”?! It’s like Dammit Janet or something.”

She cuts him a puzzled look.

“You haven’t a clue what I’m referring to do you?”

She tries not to smile on the Rocky Horror Picture show reference, but fails epically. She tried to hurriedly turn away, before he caught a glimpse of this, it was too late. He raised his brows and heard her reply from the bathroom.

“You can’t just go around compelling whoever you want, in order to get your way!”

“Sure I can! I do it all the time!”

He says causing her to jump as he appeared directly behind her.




“You’re so cute and cuddly, when you’re angry.”
“And you’re an ASS!”

“And you love me, admit it!”

She bites her lower lip to keep from grinning and turns her back to him. Bella goes to start the shower only he wraps his arms around her waist and presses her up against the counter.

“Tell me you love me…” He taunts.

She shakes her head and struggles to break free of his hold. He raises his brows and lifts her chin with his fingers.

“Say… Oh Damon, you big sexy stud, I love you so much!”

She shakes her head once again. Damon tickles her waist.

“Stop it.” She demands behind laughter.

“I will when you say it.”

“Bite me!”

He smirks and his fangs make their appearance.

“I thought you’d never ask.”

She gasps back as he gently pierces his fangs into her neck. He moaned as he suckled. Bella became wet all over again. She felt his tongue lapping along her flesh as he fed. Before Bella could truly think, Damon had her propped up on the counter fucking her once again. Something about the way she tasted made him truly feel “alive”. So much in fact, it didn’t take long for him to spill his seed once again. To his amazement, Bella licked a couple drops of blood of his chin once he finished. He cocked a brow, finding himself rather taken back.

“Hmmm…” He hummed with amusement and slight arousal.

“I thought blood made you all queasy.” He uttered in retention as he kissed along her neck.

“It does…”

He rears back and shakes his head.

“You’ve been drinking from me just fine, it seems.”

She takes in a breath on this.

“It doesn’t really have that blood taste. Yours is more…”

He questions with interest, locking his baby blues onto her deep mochas.

“Like wine to be honest. With a touch of honey to it.”

“So I’m sweet?” He says almost egotistically.
“That’s debatable.” She fires back.

She became startled however as he smiled, but there was this incredible sadness behind it. He kissed her forehead. Helped her back down from the counter and walked away. Out of concern, Bella peeked back into the room, before heading into the shower. Damon was drinking again but was pinching his eyes shut as he was hunched over in the chair.


He cleared his throat and looked over.


“Is something wrong?”
He shakes his head.

“Everything’s fine, Kitten.”

She nodded, but wasn’t fully convinced. He looked so sad. She went ahead and showered. When she finished she stepped out in just a white towel. Damon pointed to a nicely folded stack of clothes. Hers… In fact… he’d packed her a suitcase full of her clothes and toiletries from the house. She narrowed her eyes in thought.

“Um Damon?” She inquired as she slipped into her red panties and blue jeans.


“Did Jenn invite you in?”

He shakes his head and watches as she puts her red bra and cobalt blouse on.

“Then how’d…”

“How’d I get in?”

Bella nods. He wiggles his finger about and pats his leg. She makes her way over and sits in his lap.

“Now don’t get all bent out of shape…”
“Ugh, Damon what did you do?”
He nods and pours her a shot.


She sighs and downs her shot.

“One more!”


He takes it upon himself to squeeze her cheeks and pours the contents into her mouth. She chokes back a bit and he softly hits her back, as she catches her breath.

“Easy there, gorgeous.”

She looks to him waiting for an answer.

“Technically, I own your family’s house!” He says full of beans, getting a better grip on her, knowing, he’d get hit.

She giggles as if he’s joking, only to see he wasn’t.

“Damon! I mean… how is that even possible?!”

“I might’ve compelled one of the women at the public records into putting the house in my name. So any vampires that wanna come a knocking, have to go through me now!” His chipper like tone returns.

“Damon Salvatore!”

“That’d be the name, you are correct!”

“I can’t believe you.”
“Relax, I’m not going to steal your family’s house. I will however steal the cop’s daughter. I hear she’s smoking hot!”

Bella grins, failing at another attempt not to.

“Oh is she now?”
He nods, downing another drink.

“Almost as hot as me!”


“What? You don’t agree, that I’m devilishly handsome?!”

“You got the devil part right, that’s for certain.”

“The house still belongs to Jenna Sommers. But I had to take matters into my own hands. And I can only rely on myself.”

Bella twirls around in his lap and wraps her arms around his neck and leans against his chest. Damon shut his eyes for a moment and placed his glass down. The one question though had been eating away at Bella. She feared the answer, but had to know.

“And Stefan…” She says in a hinting matter.

“Got what he deserved.”
She shot up and looked at him with alarm.


He rolls his eyes. He was curious as to how she’d react. So he decided to test this theory.

“What if I was to tell you I killed him?”

Bella hopped out of his lap and he gritted his teeth.
“Damon no…”

He takes his glass and tosses it across the room.


“Because why?!”


“Um no… Don’t. Don’t stand there and presume to know me now. I’m a different man. Hell, I’m not even human!”

“Yes you are!” She shouts back with tears in her eyes.

“Dammit Damon, you just sunk down to Stefan’s level. YOU’RE BETTER THAN THAT!”

He appears before her and backs her up against the wall.

“No… I’m …. NOT! I’ve killed people! I still kill people and I’m not about to stop!”

Bella slaps him and shoves him back. She grabs her things and starts to rush out of the room.

“And where do you think you’re going, sweetheart?”

“Well you got one hell of a journey ahead of you, if that’s the case!”

She looks to him oddly.

“Welcome to New York!”


“WHAT?!” He shouts back with a crazy look about him and that damn smirk.

“Don’t do that!”
He nods as if challenging her.

“Do what, Lizzy baby?”

She closes her eyes for a moment.

“How the fuck did we end up in New York? And further more WHY?!”

“You know that car I own?”

She nods.


“Grrrrr!” She reaches for the doorknob and opens the door.

Damon raises his brows on this. He merely folds his arms about his chest and watches as she struts on out. He smirks and waits for it. Sure enough she struts back in.


He chuckles as fog poured into the room.


He shrugs. Bella slams the door.

“You think I didn’t want to kill the son of a bitch myself!” She yells at him and throws her suitcase and purse down.

“I could have! It would have been so fucking easy! Dammit I wanted to drive that stake through his heart Damon! I HAD THE OPPORTUNITY MYSELF!”

She leans back against the door and sinks down against it. She bangs the back of her head on it in misery. Damon tapered his brows on this newfound information and tilted his head about.

“What do you mean you had the chance to kill him?”

“Where the fuck do you think that hole in the recliner came from?!”

He shrugs.

“ME! I’M FUCKING ISABEL MIA DE FLEUR! You beat your sweet ass I could have!”

Fuck… Damon found himself thinking in full on lust. He found himself breathing rather hard and trying to control himself. Bella was right. That right there was his wife! Sweet and innocent on the outside, a motherfucking nightmare on the inside, when pushed too far!


He grins ear to ear.

“Do tell me more.” He wiggles his brows on this.

She starts to curse him out in French and flips him off as she plops down on the bed.

“…fuck…” He uttered under his breath.

“What about Caroline?! What about his friends? What about…” (She continued to ramble on in French)

He shut his eyes for a moment as some of the past came to mind; fights such as these that they used to have. He listened to her rant on in silence. By the time she was done, he gathered that it had nothing to do with Stefan on a more personal level. No, she didn’t even seem bothered by the fact that he was dead. It was how his death would affect others around him. Those that were close to Stefan and cared about him such as their friends and Caroline. They were her main concern. Different flesh same mind and soul. Damon found himself thinking with amazement. She always put other’s needs before her own. He’d never admit it. Damon however loved that about her, he always had. However, as far as he was concerned, there was only ONE person he put first. That was her. It used to be his brother and wife. But now Bella was his only true concern. There was only one man in this entire world Damon trusted. But he hadn’t heard from him in many years. He truly thought of this vampire like a brother. More so than he ever thought of Stefan. The irony? He’d become engaged to the town snob Alice Brandon, not long after Damon lost his wife. He never understood what his friend saw in that infuriating woman.

Damon opened his eyes as he heard…

“Are you even listening to me?!”

He nodded and came to his feet. He lay beside her on the bed.

“So your only real concern is how others will be affected? Not so much about Stefan being no more.”
She looked to him oddly.

“Tell me Lizzy… Will you miss him?”

“I will always miss the boy, but not the man or should I say vampire. He’s not the same person I grew up with. He hasn’t been for quite sometime.”

“So there’s no tears to shed on your behalf, on his departure, knowing he will never return?”
“I quit crying over your brother years ago!”

“And when was that?”

“Merely curious…”

She took in a breath and shut her eyes.

“Must we do this?”

He shrugs.

“Damon you can’t just go around compelling and killing people!”

“Sure I can. I do it all the time.” He says with a shrug and kisses along her shoulder.

“You know what I mean. Come on Damon and what about you? You ask me about shedding any tears over Stefan. Have you, he was your brother, after all?”
He sighs and his fingers graze her arm.

“Lizzy… I lost everything, because of Stefan. Then he went behind my back and took it all away from me again, without my knowledge. Besides… he only wishes he was dead.” He says a certain way.

She rears back and he does that smirking thing again.


He quickly covers her mouth.

“Would you keep it down? Such temper.”
“Oh and you’re one to talk!”

He sighs and covers her mouth again.
“Are you done?”
She shakes her head. Something about that makes him break into laughter.

“You haven’t changed a bit my dear.”

She rolls her eyes.

“I’d even go as far as to say the more you remember, the more in tune you become with your old self. Now shut up and listen, Kitten.”
He moves his hand.

“I was just curious as to your reaction. I wasn’t trying to be a dick.”

“Fuck you.”
“Well by all means… You haven’t any idea the amount of stamina I have now. I could fuck you for days on end. You haven’t a clue just how tempting that is. How much I want to lock you away in here. Have you cuffed to this bed.”

She swallows back rather hard as he starts to kiss along her neck.

“I went years without your touch, Lizzy. All I can think about is how much I want you…” He expresses between kisses.

Bella panted as he pressed himself against her.

“All the more reason….” He pins her wrists down as he appears over her.

“I decided to kidnap you. You will return when I’m ready. Selfish? YES! I really don’t give a DAMN! You belonged to me first! So everyone else can wait their turn. So there is no use in fighting me on this. For every time you try some dramatic scene of leaving. That fog will only return. If I must, I’ll go beyond that even. You haven’t a clue, just what I’m truly capable of. But you will learn, all within time.

You’re not to leave until you have your memory back, 100 percent! So in the meantime, we get comfy. We do whatever it takes to trigger those memories. That and well it’s time we got to know one another all over again. And I already see those gears of yours going. So before you start rambling on about your precious life back in Mystic Falls, you need to keep in mind, I have it all under control. No one knows where we are nor will they be looking. As for school? That’s also been handled. There is no need to concern yourself about anything else at the moment.

Did you know that you have the third highest GPA of the school?”
Bella tries not to grin on this but fails.

“Hmmm… seems your old days of being a school teacher paid off!”

“I hardly remember that.”
“All the more reason, we’re to stay planted until otherwise.”

“So, let me get this straight.”

He rolls back over and stares upon the ceiling.

“You were fucking with me. So Stefan isn’t truly dead. I’m being held captive by my husband from another era. You’ve somehow managed to mind fuck an entire town. And now you’re telling me I can’t leave, until everything from our past comes to mind.”

He nods.

“See? That’s why you have one of the highest GPA’s out there!”

“Damon… always with the jokes?!”

“Yes! Always!”

She sighs and rises back up.

“You can’t just keep me here!”

“And what’s so bad about giving your husband a little one on one?!”
“That’s just it you’re not my hus…” Bella stopped herself and covered her mouth

Damon rises as well and nods. He looked beyond pissed.

“Damon… I…”
He shakes his head and pinches the bridge of his nose for a moment. She might as well have kicked him in the balls.

“You’re right. I’m not. I’m a vampire. I’m 181 years old, but I will always be 25! I will never be human again. I died! Only I DIDN’T! Try firing a gun to your motherfucking head, in hopes of being with your wife and child! Only you wake up, AS THIS! Because Stefan forced this way of life on me! He didn’t want to be alone during his pathetic vampire existence! So he denied me access in joining my WIFE! And before you start preaching about how suicide is a sin and I would have gone to HELL… I WAS ALREADY THERE! WHAT FUCKING DIFFERENCE WOULD IT HAVE MADE?! I WAS READY TO DIE! Every time I look at my brother, he’s nothing more than a constant reminder of how I failed you!”

Damon pinches his eyes shut and leans against the wall.

“Lizzy, I failed you. I didn’t listen. I made the terrible mistake of going behind your back in order to help my baby brother. Something I will forever pay the price for. I just felt this obligation. There was this need to keep him safe, no matter the wrong he did. I felt responsible for whatever fate he had coming. Constantly, I’d myself trying to reason with him. It just wasn’t happening. Just as always… I loved him no matter what.”

This lump formed within the back of her throat. Damon suddenly dropped to his knees before her. He was losing his shit big time. He wrapped his arms around her legs, burying his face into them. A few tears trickled down her cheeks as she ran her fingers through his midnight locks.

“Even after I had them move out of the house. I went behind your back. I helped them find a place to hide. I’d visit often and would bring them “food”.

She grimaced on the intended hint.

“I remember the guilt. Every time I’d return to you, it weighed me down. I expressed my fears to Stefan. I let him know I couldn’t bear for you to hate me or worse to lose you. He naturally assured me that nothing would happen. That you would be fine. So I continued to go against your wishes. Only one day I returned from helping Stefan and Katherine. Only, once I returned, they already had you. You were engrossed in flames. They shoved me into the circle. My given punishment was to watch as you died a slow agonizing death.”

Bella cried as some of the memories were making their way through.

“The curse they’d put on you? I wasn’t even aware of, until I’d awaken as a vampire. I couldn’t remember all the words. But what I did remember I jotted down. Later, I came across another witch and she told me what she could. She told me they’d done something to your essence. You’re cursed with a touch of immortality in a way. One that only is triggered every time you die. That’s what keeps bringing you back, but in another host. If I had known… I wouldn’t never pulled that trigger. I thought I’d never see you again.”

Damon looks up lifting his eyes towards her.

“Stefan and I are the only ones that know of this. All the more reason I wish to know what the Mikaelson’s interest in you is.”

Bella wiped his cheeks with her thumbs.

“I knew…” She whispers.

He narrows her eyes. Bella sighs.

“He was your little brother, Damon. Vampire or not. But I won’t lie part of me felt somewhat resentful. The other hated Stefan. And don’t even get me started on Katherine. She played with the lives of the two men, I cared about the most in this world! Not only had she turned my best friend, but she was now involving my husband. I just knew you’d return to me as a vampire as well. I wasn’t blind Damon. She never could let Stefan go. But she never truly wanted Stefan. She wanted MY HUSBAND!”

She reached to her temples.

“I was so livid! I wanted that bitch dead!”

Bella’s hands balled up into fists.

“When I walked in to see her kissing you… I wanted that bitch’s heart! She had you believing I was having an affair with your brother!”

Damon came to his feet.

“You told me you hated me! That you were in love with Katerina as you called her! You called me a harlot. When I ripped the bitch off your lap you slapped me! The little bitch laughed. You told me to get out and never return. I took whatever desperate measures I could think of. I hated myself for it, but I knew she had you compelled. I pretended to lose my footing as I headed for the bucket I kept by the broom in the kitchen. That bucket I used to clean the floor. I remembered the town counsel talking on how they’d slipped vervain into the very well I retrieved the water from. I doused the bitch’s face. She screamed out and covered her face. I knocked you out and hurriedly gathered Stefan. I had him fix everything. He fixed whatever lies she’d fed into you. She put on this innocent crying act with him and he believed her naturally.” Bella half laughed and shook her head on this recollection.

“You hadn’t a clue. Damon baby, you…”

More tears came down and she covered her face.

“You took it hard. When I told you what had taken place. You damn near drank yourself to death. You told me you felt like you had sinned against me. That wasn’t how I saw it. But I couldn’t convince you otherwise.”

Damon wrapped his arms around her.

“In my heart you will always be my wife. I love you, Lizzy. And you had just better suck it up and deal with it. I’m not going anywhere and neither are you, Kitten.”

“I love you too, Damon baby.”

“Whatever happened to Dammit Damon?! It was growing on me!”

Bella merely rolls her eyes, but wrapped herself around him even tighter.




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