Chapter 8 Josey Wales

Chapter 8

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Damon woke with a smirk about his face. Bella had her leg draped over his waist, something she’d always used to do. Soft moans left those succulent lips of hers. Not only that, but his little Kitten was grounding herself against him. His fingers ran across her leg in a sensual manner. He let the moment linger on, taking immense pleasure in this. Only this wasn’t his doing. He hadn’t been feeding her any sort of dreams. This was all her. She had a genuine smile on her face as his name left her lips. He took in a breath and caressed her cheek. All of those feelings were coming back full-throttle.

He raised his brows as she ended up in his lap. He shrugged on this and quickly positioned himself. Just as he’d planned, she returned to her humping. Only he had her wake with a “big” surprise. Damon rocked her about him as her eyes shot open. Despite the look of astonishment on her face. He kept his hands firmly planted, on her hips. Bella picked up the stride as Damon’s hips bucked off the bed. Her tits were full of life as she rode his cock. He reached over running his hands along them. He tweaked at her erect nipples and continued to watch as she had free reign. Bella ran her hands along Damon’s body, as though she were worshipping him. He found himself kicking back and thoroughly enjoying the show. It was as if watching a goddess relishing his body. Something he’d missed greatly.

His cock twitched within her even more so, as she made her way back down. She was kissing and licking along his stomach, chest, and neck. When she got to his lips, Damon could no control himself. He attacked her mouth, with a much heated kiss. Moans vibrated against her tongue, ones which escaped his mouth. Thus, continued madly as they made love. Her orgasms became relentless. He’d already came twice himself. He was ready to prove just how much stamina he truly had now. Besides, she had him drive past the brink of lust. Damon was in overdrive as he watched the sweat running down her body. He flipped her over and pinned her wrists down, taking over.

Kisses showered her body as he thrust about. He brought one of her legs over his shoulder, driving himself in even deeper. Not only could he feel, but he could see her splashing against him. At this, Damon once again released. Once he pulled out, he wiggle his brows as his come was literally dripping out of her tight little slit. Something he found to be a massive turn on. She was filled to the brim with his mark. Neither of them even bothered to get out of bed. They winded up falling asleep in each other’s arms.


Bella woke to the smell of coffee. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes as she rose up in the bed. Damon stood before the bed in just a pair of black jeans. They were unzipped and Bella found herself wanting to lick the sexy trail he had going from his belly down. Fuck… She found herself thinking. Damon cocked a brow as she licked her lips in thought. It’s not even fair for someone to be that incredibly sexy. I’m in big trouble. She swallowed back in thought as he handed her a cup of coffee.

“Um thanks.”

He nodded and sat on the edge of the bed. He watched as she sipped at her coffee.

“Did I get it right?”

She nodded.

“Perfect actually.”

At this he rose and headed into the bathroom. Bella heard the shower start. She took in a breath and sat her coffee down on the nightstand. She crawled out of bed and decided to join Damon, which also led to her having another jaw dropping moment… He was scrubbing down and had his eyes closed as the water rinsed away the soap. Bella just stood there like a gargoyle, watching his every move. She couldn’t even blink. Her entire body blushed over as he opened his eyes. He smirked as if knowing just how fucking hot he truly was. That only pissed her off. She rolled her eyes and did her best to look away.

He nodded towards her.

“Something wrong?” He questioned finding himself amused.

She hadn’t a clue just how in tune he was, when it came to her emotions or body language. That didn’t just come from being a vampire. It came from being married to Isabel Mia De Fleur. Same person- different time and flesh… She shook her head doing her best to seem dismissive. Damon grabbed ahold of her and the water now ran down her body as well. Like her he found himself stunned. They also found themselves in another intense make out session. The mirror and sliding door to the shower began to fog over as they continued. It ended with Damon merely holding her. It was the way he held her, that had Bella feeling rather emotional. There was this hint of desperation about it.

Before long, Damon finished up leaving the water running for her. During this time, he hurriedly dressed. Bella stepped out and put on one of the skirts he’d packed her. It was white and had a matching blouse with pink lace that hung off the shoulders.

“Hmmm.” He hummed taking her all in.

He took her hand and twirled her around. His hand ran up her skirt and along the seam of her white laced panties.

“You do realize this just makes me want to fuck you all over again and again?” He uttered as he grabbed a handful of her ass and pressed her against him.

He leaned into her ear.

“I’m not much of a bunny eater, like my dear brother. However, I could just eat you up, Kitten.”

He sits her down at the table, within the hotel room.

“Now, I need you to be a good girl.” He slides over her journal, hintingly.

Damon slips his jacket on and grabs his keys and shades.

“Where you going?”

He widens his eyes in mockery.

“Questioning me already? You act as if we’re married!” He gasps back and covers his mouth.

He cuts her a wink and places his wallet in jacket.

“We both gotta eat…”
She makes a certain face and Damon takes notice.

“Let me guess… This is either a jealousy thing… I could always feed from you. Though personally, I would prefer for you to have plenty of energy.” He hints with the wiggling of his brows.

Bella rolls her eyes.

“That’s not it.”
“Then it’s a moral thing… Let me guess. You wish I’d act more “human”.” He says with a scowl.

“Damon… you know that’s not it. I don’t care that you’re a vampire. Of course you have to feed. That’s just a given.”

“Then what is it?”

“It’s more to do with… I mean… How do you go about it? Do you compel and feed. Or do you just feed and kill?”
He tilts his head in amusement.

“You’re curious as to whether I leave them for dead or not. And I do believe we’ve had this discussion somewhat before. But by all means allow me to make things a bit clearer.”

She takes in a breath and nods.

“It all depends on the victim.”
“You just have to use that word…?”

“Do you prefer the term prey?”
“Damon…” He appears behind her and chills run down her spine.

His fangs grazed along her neck. He gently wraps a hand around her throat, and then tilts her head back.

“You will always be my prey of choice, oh succulent one. But around me… everyone is game. And I’m the one that decides whether it continues, or comes to an end. I just need you to trust me.”

He kisses her neck, before releasing her. Damon puts his shades on and heads on out. Bella just sat there for a moment, trying to gather her wits.

She picks up the journal, only to hear something tapping on the window. Bella reaches over, pulling the curtain back. She shook her head and rolled her eyes at the crow pecking away.

“What do you want?”
It cawed out and flapped its wings about.

“Great, let me guess, you’re my sitter. Leave it to Damon. Just where does he think I’ll go?”

She closes the curtain and opens the journal…

Dear Isabel,

Today was most certainly interesting. I suppose I shall begin with my run in with Alice Brandon. I should have never gone with father into town today. If I had known I’d have stayed behind. Then again, I needed more material for the dress I was to wear to the picnic.

Let’s see… Ah yes…

Father had some stuff he needed to do in town. Something we often do. Go our own ways and then meet by the town bell.

Bella narrowed her eyes in thought. She remembered him always returning empty handed. He’d have the occasional bottle of liquor in his hand or some little surprise, he’d had gotten her along the way. The vision of a tall man came to mind. His hair was sandy brown and parted to the side. She pictured him as a blacksmith and rancher. He’d become somewhat distant since they’d lost her mother. She remembered taking care of him most of the time, as he’d drink himself silly. In a lot of ways, he reminded her of Mr. Salvatore. The only difference was her father wasn’t near as violent as the Salvatore brother’s. She swallowed back in recollection and began to read once again.

I’d decided to go to Mrs. Hopskins shop today. There was some beautiful fabric in one of the windows. I simply couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. It was the perfect color, for the dress I’d in mind for the dance. Only just as I grab the very last roll and had my dime in hand ready to pay. Alice Brandon took it right out of my hands! The vile woman had a smile of disdain about her face. It was there, I know it was! When I went to reach for it again, thinking maybe she was simply joshing me. She rushed over to the counter and handed Mrs. Hopkins her dime, for the fabric. Afterword she picks up this gaudy yellow fabric and tosses it my way.

She tells me… “This is more suitable for your kind and look, it’s on sale!” She even tosses me a nickel, in which to pay for it.

Naturally, I threw her nickel back and placed down the yellow fabric. I scurry back out of the shop. Just in time to see Alice place the fabric I was to buy, in a pile of horse manure! She then goes across the way and buys one of the posh already made dresses from Mrs. Garrett’s shop! I couldn’t believe the nerve! How dare she?! I marched right over forgetting about the rules. There are a few places my father and I aren’t allowed to enter in town. Mrs. Garrett’s shop ones one of them. They don’t take kindly to us being here. We are often enough frowned upon.

“Why would you do that?!” I asked her!

Alice simply laughed as she picked out the dress she wanted for picnic. It was gorgeous naturally. Everything Alice wore usually was. She ignored me and went and paid for her dress and ribbon she was to wear in her hair.

“Miss. De Fleur, you know you’re not allowed in here. Now go on! GET!” Mrs. Garrett says.

I made my way out and waited for Alice outside. Once she stepped out. I yanked that dress right out of her hands. I took off and she followed after me shouting on top of her lungs. I couldn’t suppress the smile on my face, if I wanted to.

“You give that back! RIGHT NOW, ISABEL!”

“You want the dress?”

She nodded looking upon me as if in panic.

“Then come on now. You have to earn it!”

I’m not quite sure what come over me. She chased after me as I hurriedly untied my father’s horse. I climbed on, with the dress in hand. I taunted her with the dress and took off towards one of the nearest farms. I should’ve thought about whose farm it was. But I did not. I was too focused on my anger. What she had done… The Nerve! How cruel can one be? Those were my thoughts as I got my revenge. She had one of the local boys take her on his horse. I couldn’t suppress my giggling fit as they chased me down. They could barely keep up. Surely I owe Mr. Damon Salvatore for that one. It’s because of him, that I learned how to outwit anyone on a horse. I stopped at one of the hog pens. It was there I held her dress over it. It had rained the day before. So the soil beneath the hogs was nice and saturated.

Bella hadn’t even realized she’d stopped reading the entry, as the memory came to play.

“It truly is quite lovely!” Isabel called out.


That smile returned. Oh Isabel couldn’t be happier. How she’d waited for the perfect moment, to get Alice back for making her life so wretched! They took one more step towards Isabel and she “accidently” slipped. She covered her mouth as if in shock, Alice’s new dress took it’s deathly plunge into the hog’s pen.

“Oops… My sincerest apologies!” Isabel called out menacingly.

“NOOOOOOO! You, why you…” Alice went to bitterly hop off the horse, only to wind up springing her ankle in the process.

It was wrong and Isabel knew it. But she couldn’t contain her laughter. She limped towards Isabel and pulled her off the horse. Isabel’s laughter only continued as she dragged her by the hair towards the boy on the horse.

“The sheriff will hear of this!” Alice scoffed.

“What are you doing on my property?!”

They all turned in alarm. It was then; Isabel realized just whose property they were on. Now she was having regrets. This man owned the local saloon. He also worked for the sheriff. He slanted his eyes in such a way… one that unnerved Isabel. He nodded towards her. Then made his way over and got the story from Alice and the boy. When he was done, she saw him digging into a pouch, he had on him. He handed Alice the money, in which to replace the dress. Alice put on this crying fit. She continued to gripe and cut Isabel distasteful looks.

Isabel rolled her eyes and went to get on her father’s horse. Hoping to get it back, before her father took notice of its absence.

“Now hold on…”
Isabel came to a halt and noticed he’d already sent Alice and the boy on their way.

“I believe you owe me.” The man had long greasy hair, beard, and mustache. He was rather fit for a man his age. Isabel figured he was around 50 or so.

“With all due respect, sir, it was your decision to pay for the dress, not mine. Therefore, I owe you nothing!”

“Ah, but you do. It’s not just the dress you owe me for, but you done messed up my hog’s breakfast.”

“I apologize, sir. If you wish, I can retrieve the dress myself.”

The man made his way over as he lit a cigar. He caressed her cheek.

“Pretty thing, aren’t you?”

He seemed to be looking Isabel over. For reasons she wasn’t sure, but didn’t feel comfortable.

“Why don’t you come with me? I can show you how you can repay me. And how to help your father bring in more money…”

“More money?”

The man nodded and helped her back onto the horse. He got on one of his and she followed him into town. He led her to the saloon. The man helped her off the horse.

“You’re Isabel De Fleur, right?”

Isabel nodded.

“I’m Duncan Wilson. Why don’t you follow me?”

Isabel looked upon the saloon in confusion. She’d never been inside before. Isabel knew her father had though and she knew the Salvatore’s came here off and on. It was frowned up for young women to enter establishments, such as these. But Mr. Wilson had her intrigued, on this idea of making money. Isabel’s father he worked so hard. All she could think about was how wonderful it would be, if she could help.

He sat her down at the bar and poured Isabel a drink.

“You ever drank before?”

“No sir.”

He smiled.

“Go on now, on the house.”

The man brought out something from under the register.

“While you drink we’ll discuss business!”

It was times like this, Isabel proved just how naïve, she truly could be. But it wasn’t even her fault. She still had that innocence about her, when it came to certain things. She hadn’t a clue what she was getting herself into. Isabel hadn’t taken notice of the other women around the saloon, or “him” for that matter. All she saw was the drink, the contract, and Mr. Duncan Wilson. She’d never felt so foolish in her life.

Bella remembered her humiliation. She blushed at the memory and a knot formed in her throat.

“Easy…” He said as Isabel choked back on the drink, he’d poured her.

“It’s always best if you down it.” He said with a wink.

Isabel nodded and did as the man suggested. Before long, she’d had three glasses of whatever contents, he’d given her. Whatever it was made Isabel giggly. She’d forgotten all about Alice Brandon’s little stunt. Mr. Wilson walked back out of the bar area. He sat beside Isabel and began to go over the contract. Only everything had become blurry and she was too busy giggling at everything. She couldn’t even make out what was being said. Which was exactly what he was hoping for, he sighed as if annoyed, but couldn’t be happier. He had her hook, line, sinker… He handed her the already inked quill. She had signed the contract.

Bella gasped back at the memory.

All of a sudden Mr. Wilson had disappeared from his chair. Isabel had turned around in surprise. Damon Salvatore’s deep blue eyes bared into her own. He cupped her chin and was checking her over. He’d never looked so livid.


She nodded but her eyes were batting something fierce, as she struggled to keep them open.

“Hold on, Lizzy. I’m taking you home.”

Isabel screamed out as a shot was fired. She and Damon turned to see Mr. Wilson, gun in hand. He wiped the blood that was gushing out from his nose, with the back of his hand. Damon instantly grabbed Isabel and placed her behind him protectively.

“She’s not that kind of woman and you know it. All the more reason, you took advantage of her!” Damon shouted irately.

“She belongs to me now, Mr. Salvatore. Judy.. Take Miss. De Fleur upstairs, show her how we do things around here.”

One of the older blonde saloon girls took Isabel by the arm and started to lead her up the stairs. Damon retrieved his gun as well.
“Not so fast…”

Both men had their guns aimed. Mr. Wilson’s at Damon’s and Damon’s at the whore.

“She’s no longer your concern. It just so happens Miss. De Fleur is working off a debt. Aren’t you darling? If you wish, Mr. Salvatore, you could be her first customer! After all, you haven’t seemed to show any interest, when it comes to the others.”

Damon snarled back at this. He reached over and yanked Isabel back towards him.

“Whatever the debt, I will gladly pay. She’s not working for you, Duncan! I don’t care about the circumstances. You can’t go around taking advantage of young ladies such as Miss. De Fleur. She isn’t even aware of what she’s getting herself into!”

“Isabel?” A familiar voice rang from upstairs.

Isabel looked that direction to see her father exiting one of the rooms. Damon had this look of disapproval about his face. Her father straightened his tie and made his way down.

“What is going on here? What are you doing here, Isabel?” He scolded and had Damon lower his gun.

“Come on now, Duncan. I’m a faithful customer.” Her father said, in attempts to get him to lower his gun.

“Why don’t you ask, Duncan? Why your daughter is here, Mr. De Fleur?” Damon said in a certain tone. He didn’t drop his protective hold on Isabel, as he eyed the saloon owner.

“Come now, Mr. Salvatore. Even you have to take into consideration… just how much business would bloom, with someone like her.”

“Surely you’re not insinuating that my daughter work for you!”

Mr. Wilson waves his gun towards the contract on the table.

“It’s a done deal.”


She looked upon Damon in alarm. She hadn’t a clue what was going on.

He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. Her father jerked her out of Damon’s hold.

“Why would you ever agree to such a thing?”
“I just wanted to help!”

“Do you have any idea what you’ve done?!”

She shook her head. Damon now aimed his gun at Duncan.

“Contact isn’t valid.”
“Like hell, it isn’t!”

Damon nodded and Isabel screamed out. Damon shot the gun out of the saloon owner’s hand. He then fired several rounds at the contract itself. Stefan had heard the gunfire, from outside the saloon. He’d just entered in time to kick the gun away from the saloon keeper.
“Take him to the sheriff. Let him know what sort of scum he has working for him.” Stefan nodded and roughly grabbed the man and led him out of the saloon. Damon made his way over and burned the contract.

Once he was done, he turned back to Isabel’s father.
“Would you like to explain to your daughter what it is you do, every time the two of you come into town? Or shall I?”

Her father sighed.

“Her lack of knowledge, lead her to this. I don’t know about you, sir. But I don’t wish to think about the horrible things that could have taken place. If you do not tell her what goes on around here! I WILL!”

Bella shut the journal and ran her fingers through her hair. That pecking sound returned. She sighed with slight annoyance only to realize it was coming from the patio now. Coming to her feet Bella, looked out the sliding patio door.

The crow flapped its wings about, cawing up a storm. She took in a breath seeing the four wolves that were pacing around the area. There was a fifth on the patio table. She jumped back as one leaped at the crow. The crow barely managed to dodge its deathly snap. It came swooping back down and pecked at its eyes. Bella continued to back up as one of the wolves drove through the glass.

The crow was doing its best to protect her, but it wasn’t a fair fight. That being considered, Bella felt the crow was doing one hell of a job holding his own. He continued to peck at them and dodge their snapping attempts. Bella felt her way along the wall she was against. She was doing her best to feel her way to the bathroom. The other wolves entered the room. Two in which had their eyes plucked out. Once she felt the knob to the bathroom door, she hurriedly made her way inside and slammed the door shut. She locked it and stepped away. She covered her mouth as they began banging their bodies against the door. They were doing their best to bust it down.

Bella climbed onto the countertop. Her eyes darted back towards the door, she heard the wolves whimpering. The door swung open and Damon nodded towards her as he stepped inside. He was covered in blood. Damon reached out to her and she jumped down from the counter. He caught her and carried her out of the room. Bella looked down to see the bodies of the wolves. Two of them had their jugulars ripped out. One had his neck snapped. The other two their bodies were hanging on hooks from the wall. The hooks were driven through the back of their heads and came out of their mouths.

Damon sat her down on the table.

“Guess I’m not getting my deposit back.”

“Come on now, Damon. We both know you didn’t pay for this room.”
He smirked at this and caressed her cheek.

“Hmmm… I do believe you’re catching on!”

She waited as Damon hurriedly rinsed off and changed clothes. He grabbed their things and they bolted out the door. Damon threw their things into the back of the car. They hopped in and Damon floored it out of there.

“So are you going to tell me what’s going on?”

He nodded as he shifted gears.

“It seems like your little ex of an original found us. Only he’s too much of a pussy to face me dead on. So he’s being a little bitch and literally sending out the wolves so to speak.” Damon glances towards her.

“What’d you see in that loser anyhow?”

She wrinkles her nose a bit.

“I don’t know… The accent maybe?”

Damon cocks a brow.

“That easy, huh?”

She rolls her eyes.

“Like you haven’t had any regretful ex’s?”

He presses his lips together and shrugs.

“Ex’s no… regrettable fucks? I’ve had my share.” He says with a distasteful look about him.

“There are some pretttty nasty women out there!”

“Ugh, Damon.”

She looks to him as if it just dawned on her.

“Are you telling me you haven’t been with anyone else?”

“Sure I have! I’ve been with lots of women.”
“Damon… I think we both know what I mean.”

He shrugs again.

“And what would be the point? They were only good for two things. Feeding and fucking, why drag it on any further.”


He rolls his eyes, looking crossed somewhere between annoyed and pissed.

“What? Would it make you feel better, if I did have some sort of dramatic relationship, besides you?”

She sighs, with that guilt feeling overcoming her again.

“Don’t do that… The circumstances were completely different. I for one, still had my memory. So there wasn’t any reason for me to go on this stupid quest for new love. I didn’t want anyone else. I simply gave into my needs at that very moment. You on the other hand hadn’t a clue. You were just living whatever life, you’d been thrown into.”
“You really went that long without a relationship?”

He half laughed.

“Eh… Now I didn’t exactly say that. Let’s just say any relationship I did have. They were disposable. Not a one of them were worth shedding any tears over. They just happened to be very good lays!”

Bella covered her ears.

“Ok… please… just… shut up!”

He grinned.

“Do I detect some jealousy?”

“Do you wish to hear of my sexual encounters?”

He let out a growl like sound at this.
“That’s what I thought. I don’t wish to hear of yours either.”
“Fair enough.”

Bella laid her head in his lap, facing him as he drove.

“So you’re saying that Kol sent those wolves after me?”

Damon nodded.

“And the bats?”

He nods again.

“Like I said Lizzy, he’s too chicken shit to face me. Kol always was the weaker link of the Mikaelson family, of what’s left anyhow.”

“What is an original? I mean what does that mean exactly?”

Damon groans as if bored.

“The Mikaelsons are considered “originals”, because they are the first of our kind and have been around the longest. They’ve been around since the tenth century.

They seem to have powers other vampires do not have. For one thing, their mother was a witch and that seems to somehow play a factor in their abilities. Let’s just put it this way, Sweetheart. They all have this superior complex. There’s not a one of them, that doesn’t believe they are better than everyone else. Yet ironically enough, they find themselves making the same mistakes, all over again. They never truly learn anything. Instead of getting smarter as the years progress, they tend to become more ignorant. I believe they let this “superiority” go to their heads. Often enough, that clouds their judgment. These original fuckers find themselves in a jam. Then they turn to ones such as me and my brother for a hand out. Only I was never one to play along, my brother on the other hand. He’s been brown nosing those fuckers for years. ”

Bella sighs.

“So I almost became a whore?”

Damon narrows his eyes on this.

“I take it you’ve been doing some reading.”

“I had no idea you were a gunslinger! You went all Josey Wales!”

“Josey Wales is a pussy in comparison to me, Kitten.”

“Well… sure he is…” She utters behind a soft giggle.






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  1. Josey Wales!!! And gun-slinging Damon – just as hot as I pictured it, lol!!! Awesome, awesome chapter… just from start to finish! I’d gush more, but look – there’s another chappie waiting for me!!!

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