Chapter 9 Little Piece of Heaven

Chapter 9
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“I so did not!”

Damon grins and shakes his head.

“You so did!”



She starts laughing at the tone in his voice.

“Besides you wrote it in your journal.” He says.

“Damon that doesn’t even sound like something I’d do.”
He glimpses towards the glove compartment, where the journal was.

“Turn to page 51 and you’ll see for yourself. It’s there. Little hussy.”

She looks upon him in disbelief. He shrugs taking notice.

“I told you, I know it word for word.”

She takes in a breath and takes the journal from the glove compartment. She turns to the page and her jaw drops.

Dear Isabel,

I’d say today was a wondrous day, but I’ve done something that would be considered rather sinful. But I dare say, I’d do it again, if given the chance. I simply can’t get him out of my mind.

Bella sighs and glances upon Damon. He chuckles and wiggles his brows. He reaches over and turns on the radio as she continues to read.

Today I was bringing the Salvatore’s a casserole, one of mother’s recipes and a personal favorite of Damon’s. Something I do often, when their father is out of town. Stefan invited me inside and I set everything up. Once I finished, I inquired about Damon’s whereabouts. I figured we might as well all eat together. Stefan let me know that his brother had gone for a swim. Stefan waited at the table as I went to gather Damon.

Only to my surprise, I spotted Mr. Damon Salvatore he hadn’t even made his way to the water yet. In fact, the man was still fully dressed. I was about to call out to him, when he began to disrobe. I suspected he would do as usual, and stop once he got to his underwear, and hop on in. That’s not what took place. I should have warned the man, that I was there. I didn’t. No. Instead, my curiosity got the best of me. I found myself inching towards another tree, in which to duck behind so I could get a closer look. I found myself blushing in memory of the last time Mr. Damon Salvatore and I swam in this very area. Just as that thought entered my mind, he took off his underwear! I’d never seen such a sight. I’d never seen a man naked before! I felt funny and still do. Those same urges returned. The ones from when we kissed. Thoughts I knew, I shouldn’t have, came to mind. And that’s when I heard him! Sheer fright washed over me! I’d feared he’d seem me. I swore I heard him call to me. But it was odd. He was touching himself and leaning against a tree. “Lizzy” he says behind a moan, but his eyes were closed.

Bella’s entire face was red. She timidly looked towards Damon. He had that smirk planted about his face as he drove.

“Ugh…” She groans to herself.

“You were pleasuring yourself to me?”

He wiggles his brows.

“Like you can talk… Besides you were the one invading my privacy that was my favorite spot to hit the release valve, for a good reason too.”

“Damon… I…”
“Just keep reading oh “innocent” one.”

Bella sighs and goes back to her reading.

Something came over me. Though I’d never witnessed such a thing, I realized what he was doing! Mr. Damon Salvatore was pleasuring himself, whilst thinking of me! My entire body became heated. I ducked back behind the tree and shut my eyes giving myself a moment to catch my breath and think! But the moaning became louder and he said my name once again. I turned back around and what I was witnessing had me doing something, I’d never done before. I began touching myself in ways I’d never had. The entire time I was in make believe, that it was him touching me. I lowered the sleeves to my dress exposing myself and lifted the skirt to my dress. I remembered that heated feeling below from when we kissed, how his body felt against mine. From there, I found myself watching him in mere astonishment, whilst doing things to my own body I’d never done before. Even though I knew it was wrong and sinful. I couldn’t bring myself to stop. In fact I’d gotten so into this, I hadn’t realized he’d already entered the water. I felt something incredible, that I’d never experience before. Without thinking, I called out his name as the feeling grew more intense.

Bella dropped the journal at this, as the memory came to play.


Isabel’s eyes shot open. Before her stood a soaking wet Damon… He tilted his head about and she swiftly removed her hands. The urge to cry was so powerful, she’d never felt so ashamed or embarrassed. Isabel quickly adjusted her dress and took off running as fast as she could.

Damon cleared his throat as if knowing what part of the memory she was at.

“It took some major convincing on my part, to make you realize I wasn’t mad and that there was no reason to feel ashamed.” He laughed in recollection.

“If anything, it took all will not to have my way with you the moment I caught you. Fuck Lizzy. Your tits were out and your fingers were going to town. And knowing it was me in that little fantasy of yours. You hadn’t a clue…”

“Was this before or after our first courting?!”

He smirks.

“After… why?”
“Did we?”

“Oh yeah… We sure did. Daddy wasn’t home when I went looking for you. We were already engaged by this point. It was just a couple more days until our wedding day. You wouldn’t answer the door. So I welcomed myself inside, but you were nowhere to be found and there was no answer, when I called to you. So I looked around, I eventually found you at the school house. I knew it was somewhere you hid out occasionally. Sure enough, you were at your desk crying your eyes out. You had your face buried into your hands.”


She remembered lifting her head up and he was already sitting on the edge of her desk. He reached out and lifted her chin with his fingers. Damon wiped the tears from her eyes.

“Now, why are you crying?”
“Damon…” She whimpered out and covered her face.

He came to his feet. Damon lifted her up and placed her on the desk. She gasped out in surprise as he unlaced the top of her dress. His warm and strong hands ran along her perky breasts.

“You’re so beautiful, Lizzy.”

“Damon…” She said with a blush and went to cover herself.

He shook his head and moved her hands out of the way. Isabel’s mouth flew open in disbelief as he ripped the rest of her dress open.

“I think we both know what we want.” He says through gritted teeth and with a certain tone.

Damon unhooked his gun holster and tossed it onto one of the other desk. He tore through her gown and gawked upon her.

“We are not wed.” She said with a whisper and blush.

“In my eyes, you’re already my wife. I don’t need some vows to tell me what it is I feel, Lizzy.”

He ran a single hand along her breasts, tummy, and sex.

“I love you. You haven’t any idea what you do to me. When I saw you…. And heard you calling out my name…” He shut his eyes for a moment.

“Lizzy… I need you.” He says behind true desperation.

“I’ve wanted this for so long and you cannot tell me any different. This is what you want. Isn’t it, Lizzy?! Tell me it isn’t and I’ll stop.”

She bit upon her lower lip and that smirk came about his face. He knew that look. He needed no more indication. Damon gave a simple nod and hurriedly freed himself. He carefully eased his way in. She covered her mouth and soft whimpers escaped her. Damon swallowed back. He’d never felt anything so warm and so incredible. He fought the urge to thrust with everything he had. He’d never want to hurt her. So he gritted his teeth and kept up a very gentle stride. She was already bleeding, signifying he’d taken her virginity. His hands continued to run along her body as he sustained. He looked down observing every part of her and the way she perfectly molded against him. This made a first for him as well. He took his hands and gently spread her about and continued to watch with interest. He couldn’t get over how intense this was. His Lizzy was so breathtaking and she felt so unbelievable.

Damon felt a wave of guilt, as he saw the painful expression on her face. Here he was in utter heaven and she was in agony. Now he found himself glad they didn’t wait until their wedding night. This way it would be more memorable. He’d give her his all, everything she deserved! His teeth gritted in thought. Damon pulled out and spilled his seed about her tummy. Afterword, he held her up against his chest and showered her in kisses.

Bella gasped back at the memory. She remembered the pleasure through the pain and how safe she felt. Damon always made her feel as though all was right in the world, when they were together, only that day solidified it even more.

A genuine beam came about her, one that had Damon taking her hand and kissing it. Bella snuggled up against him and wrapped her arm around his waist. Damon took in a breath and kissed the top of her head.


Bella blinked her eyes about as she came to. The sun made her eyes water. She brought her arm over her eyes, shielding them. She then rose from the front seat of Damon’s Camaro. Bella stretched her body about and made her way out of the car. Her eyes darted around, taking notice of the convenient store before her. At this, she turned back around and saw they were parked beside a gas pump. Two other guys were filling up as well. They were about Damon’s age (in appearance anyhow). One of them nodded her way. The other he was with nudged him and was chuckling. They waved and Bella sighed to herself and quickly turned back around.

“Ah, now don’t be like that, babe.”

She rolled her eyes and started towards the convenient store.

“Hey… I was talking to you.”

Bella kept walking. The guy rushed over and grabbed her by the arm.

“Someone’s being awfully rude. I know you heard me.”

She nodded and yanked out of his hold.

“Oh I heard you. I just had a rough time translating. You see, I don’t speak idiot.” She uttered between gritted teeth, sensing the other guy’s presence directly behind her.

“You’re right Richard. I don’t see a panty line.” The one behind her remarks.

The blonde douchebag before her smirks.

“I thought so…” He takes a step closer.

Bella backs up against the guy behind her, in attempts to get away from the other.

“Damn…” The other groaned and ran his hand along her waist.

Bella gritted her teeth and swung around, punching the guy in the face.


“Uh oh, I see we got us a little fire cracker. And a dirty mouth. Is that how you talk when getting a thorough fucking?”

Her jaw dropped as the guy grabbed her. She went to scream out and but he clamped his hand over her mouth. They hurriedly began, dragging her back to their car. Bella kicked her feet about and beat her fists against his arms. They

went to shove her into the back of their truck. Bella pried her hands against the frame of the truck blocking their attempt.

“DAMON!” She shouted on top of her lungs.


Damon had been filling up a red hand basket of things he figured Bella would like to eat and drink, when he heard her scream. He whipped around seeing what was taking place and dropped the basket.

“GET IN THE FUCKING TRUCK!” One of the guys yelled, and grabbed a handful of her hair, and jerked her back.


Bella felt the weight of the man suddenly lift off her. She turned back around and her jaw dropped, as she witnessed Damon snapping the man’s neck.

“HOLY SHIT!” The other guy hollered.

Damon snarled back and lifted his eyes upon him.

“RUN!” Damon growled.

The guy’s eyes widened and he took off running towards the driver’s side of the truck. Damon appeared before him.

“Too slow…” Damon uttered with derision.

He wrapped his hand around the guy’s throat and lifted him off the ground. His eyes gazed into his.

“What were you planning to do with my girl?”

“We were given orders to drive up to the station and gather the girl. The guy said we could do whatever we wanted with her, but we are supposed to meet him at Knox Bridge in one hour. ”

“And what were you going to do?”
“We didn’t realize she’d be fucking hot as hell. Since he said we could do whatever we wanted, we were going to fuck her, then hand her off.”

Damon’s entire body grew tense and became overheated. The veins spread even more across his face. His grip tightened.

“And what is this guy’s name?” He sputtered through gritted teeth.
“We don’t know. He never told us!”
“What does he look like?”

The guy starts describing him, and Damon ground his teeth together, already knowing who it was. Once he’s done, Damon plunges his fangs into the guy’s neck. Bella just stood there watching, with a wide eyed expression. Damon lifted his eyes towards her as he finished. She had her hand clamped over her mouth. Damon said nothing as he dropped the body. Damon took off and yanked the phone out from the cashier’s hand, as he was calling the cops.

“The man that did this had a red Mustang and he was blonde, 5′ 11″, and he headed south. And you’re also going to let me help myself to whatever I need.” Damon also took it upon himself to destroy whatever video footage there was and compelled the cashier to forget.

The man blinked and Damon grabs the basket he’d dropped from earlier. He hurriedly places the items that landed on the floor back in the basket. He grabs a few more things on the way. As soon as he’s outside, he tosses the basket filled with goodies into the car. He then scoops Bella up and places her inside as well. As if by magic he appears in the driver’s seat and peels out of there.

Bella hands Damon a tissue from the glove compartment. He nods and looks into the rearview mirror, as he cleans himself off. He tossed the tissue out of the car as they continued down the freeway.

Bella leaned back and narrowed her eyes in thought.

“What’s on that mind of yours, Lizzy?”

“That something’s wrong with me.”
He cocks a curious brow her way.

“And why would you assume such a thing?”

She sighs with a guilty mien about her face. Damon swallows back and pulls over. He puts the car in park and cups her chin, having her face him.

“What is it, sweetheart?”

She shakes her head and closes her eyes.

“I wanted them to die…”
He nods.

“Then you got your wish. I don’t see the problem.”

He goes to put the car back into drive.

“But it isn’t right…”

He rolls his eyes.

“I shouldn’t have thoughts like that Damon. That’s not normal. What girl wishes her boyfriend would end someone else’s life?! Shouldn’t you hate me for that?! What kind of girlfriend am I?!” She says as if going into hysterics.

“I mean really?!”

“You’re right. It’s not normal. Then again, how many girls your age have a vampire for a boyfriend? And with the plans they had for you. You had every fucking right to feel that way. So stop with the damn guilt trip. Anyone that wishes you harm will answer to me! ALWAYS! In fact, make me a fucking list of those you wish were dead or those you want tortured! I’ll do it, without question!”

“Damon…” She says looking ill.

“I mean it. You truly don’t get it do you?”
He reaches over and pulls her into his lap. His hands run along her thighs as he locks eyes with hers.

“You’re mine. You will always be mine. No one’s going to touch what is mine! I will NOT fail you this time, Lizzy. I mean it. I won’t lose you again. I can’t! I love you and you’re the only woman I’ve ever said that to. I’m a lot of things, but not an idiot. I know what we have is rare, always was. I’m not about to fucking give up. Face it Kitten, you’re stuck with me. Might as well get comfy and enjoy the ride!”

He closes his eyes and continues to run his hands along her.

“I love you too, Damon.”

Bella felt his hands along her ass. Kisses traveled along her shoulders and neck.

“Hmmm.” He hums against her lips as he kisses her.

“Fuck, I can smell that wet pussy of yours.” He groans in misery.

He licks his lips, dying for a taste. Her skirt is lifted as he raises it and takes a gander. She hadn’t any panties on, just as the guys had mentioned earlier. It was just as he planned he didn’t pack near enough bras and panties on purpose. He wanted the easy access. Damon’s hips damn near shot out of his seat. He could see her wetness leaving a trail along his pants.

“Dammit!” He lowered her skirt back down in suffering and looked to the time.

He knew he still had to deal with Kol. He had no doubt that’s who would be waiting at the bridge.

“I need a taste…” He muttered with impatience.

Bella gasped back as he suddenly lifted her up. The horn blared as he gave her pussy a good licking.

“Hmmm, so good, gorgeous.” He mumbled against her clit.

He shook his head seeing cars coming from a distance. With disappointment, he brought her back down. She could fell the massive bulge in his pants as he rocked her against him. He kept that pissed off look as he gently moved her back over to the passenger side. Damon “adjusted” himself and wiggled his brows on the evidence of her arousal on his pants. Her jaw dropped as she’d just realized. She went to hand him something to clean it up.
Damon shook his head in refusal.

“Oh no… I’d bathe in the smell of your sex if I could. This… stays, Kitten.”

Bella damn near came at his words. She nibbled on her lower lip in thought. A blush came about her cheeks. Damon was too busy focusing on finding a more secluded area. Before long, he felt her tugging at the button on his jeans and heard the sound of his zipper coming down.

“Fuck it.” Damon parked wherever he was and killed the engine. He’d pulled off at some dirt road in the middle of nowhere.

He threw his head back, and throbbed intensely, in that delightful mouth of hers.
“Hmmm… damn, Kitten.”

Damon opened his eyes and watched as she bobbed up and down his cock.

He petted her in praise as she continued. He found himself curious if she still swallowed. She certainly sucked cock the way she used to. He remembered how he used to crave her lips around his dick. He also remembered how often she’d take him by surprise. She’d just whip it out and go to town.

“Fuck yeah!” He groaned out as some of the memories hit; only adding to his sensitivity.

He began to swell up even more as he came closer to his climax. Bella quickened the pace. He gave a bit of a thrust and placed his hand on the back of her head. Something he remembered her taking a liking to, when she went down on him. Sure enough, he came and it was like the best thing she’d ever tasted. Her tongue rolled around as she lapped it all up and swallowed every drop.

He didn’t even bother to put himself away or zip up.

“Out.” He said in a rather demanding, but sexy tenor.

She looked to him oddly. He had this smirk about his face.

“Where’s that sense of adventure, I remember, Lizzy?”

She smiled and shook her head. She got out and Damon motioned her over to the back of his car. Before she could fully grasp what was about to take place. He whipped her around and bent her over. Damon had her skirt lifted and was fingering her. He didn’t stop until she was coming down all over his fingers and had it running down her legs. She always was a squirter. He thought with a smirk. He used her juices to stroke himself with. He spread her about as he pleasured himself and took time to enjoy the show he was getting.

Bella felt him teasing her with the tip of his dick as he rubbed it along her clit. Just as she was about to scold him, he had her by the hips and drove his entire length in. It didn’t take long for him to have her gushing all over again. She cried out his name, begging, and pleading, for him to fuck her even harder. He gave into her wishes, with that smirk fixed on his face the entire time. He’d have fucked her even longer, if it wasn’t for the fact that he knew Kol would be at that bridge soon. Damon made certain she got off once more, before he finished.

He chuckled as her knees trembled and she could barely walk. Damon watched her stumble about as he put himself away and fastened his pants.


She softly laughed and adjusted her clothes. Damon swiftly caught her as she lost her footing.


She quietly laughed and wrapped her arms around his neck. His hands ran down the slope of her back, as they kissed. He backed her up against the hood and continued to kiss her. He truly felt he couldn’t get enough of her. Damon sighed in thought and held her just a bit longer.

“We better get going.”
She nodded as he took her hand and walked her to the passenger side of the car. He then walked back to the trunk of the car and opened the hood. He took out a few items, he figured they’d need. Once he got into the car. He went over, whatever he could think of with Bella.

Night had fallen and it was the perfect setting for what Damon had planned. Sure enough, Kol was waiting for him at the bridge. All Kol could make out though was Damon’s headlights. Damon purposely kept them on bright. He got out of the car, with one of the item’s he’d grabbed from the trunk, hidden behind his back. Kol narrowed his eyes as the silhouette made his way towards him.
“Where’s the girl?” Kol calls out.

Damon continued towards him. Damon knew he had to think and move fast. Even if it was Kol, he was still an original and this could turn out a lot uglier if he wasn’t careful. Not a risk he was willing to take with Bella. Before Kol had a chance to make out who truly stood before him. Damon zipped over. He drove a machete into his chest. He jerked it back out and took one of his legs directly after. Kol screamed out in agony and terror. Damon grinned at this and hunkered down. He motioned for Bella to step out of the car now. Damon grabbed Kol by the collar of his shirt.

“Thought you could mess with my girl? Think again you original piece of shit. You’re nothing more than a joke. I imagine family reunions suck for you. Seeing as how you always were the weakest link.”

Bella makes her way over and Damon shoves Kol back to the ground. He comes to his feet and steps back. Bella uses the syringe, Damon had given her. It was filled with vervain. She plunged it right in the area of Kol’s heart. As she looked upon Kol with hatred. The memories hit her like flashes of light. Damon folded his arms about his chest and merely observed. He knew she must’ve been remembering something, which meant Kol was about to be even more fucked than he already was.

“Kol I appreciate you looking out for me. You always do. But you must be mistaken. Isaac… he’d never! He loves me and I love him.”

Kol sighs and shakes his head.

“Very well, darling…” He offers his hand.

Isabella Montgomery reluctantly took his hand, wondering where he was taking her.

“I’m so very sorry. You don’t deserve this darling.” He says as they continue throughout the wilderness.


She says as she steps on a thorn and it went right through her shoe. He stopped and quickly helped to remove the thorn. Afterword he took off her shoe.

“You’ll need that looked at right away. It is swelling up. In the meantime…”

He scooped her up.

“Hold on.”

She nodded as he continued on. The closer they came to the area, sounds were heard. Isabella looked to Kol with alarm. He sighed and placed her back down. He pointed to a specific area. Her jaw dropped and her heart sank to the pit of her stomach.

“Is that…” She says as if going into shock.

He nods, looking ill. She instantly covered her mouth and tears streamed down her face. Her fiancé Isaac Williams had some other woman up against a tree. The both of them were naked and he was having sex with her. She watched in horror. As her fiancé kissed this woman and thrust about her.

Her fiancé was an older man. He’d salt and pepper hair and he was at least a foot taller than Isabella.

Kol ran a soothing hand along her back.

“I didn’t wish for you to see this. But knew you wouldn’t believe me otherwise. He’s been doing this darling…”

She nodded and started towards her fiancé.

“Now, now, what are you doing?”

“Confronting the bastard!”

Kol shook his head.

“Are you certain that’s what you want?”

She nods and struts off. Isabella walked right up behind Isaac and tapped him on the shoulder. He had this wide eyed expression about his face as he hurriedly pulled out.

“Isabella?!” He said in alarm.

She socked him across the face.

“Please, let me explain! I…” Isaac reached out to her and Kol made his way over.

He shoved him back.

“Stay away from her.”

Isaac looked to Kol and then to Isabella, then back to the girl he was having sex with. He reached to his head in confusion.

“What is happening?” He truly looked as if lost.

“No… no what have I done.” He point to the woman he was having sex with.

“What’s come over me?! What is this?! I love my fiancé! NO!” He looks back to Kol.


Kol sighs as if bored.

“You truly believe you can blame me for your infidelities, Pastor?”

Kol wrapped his arm around Isabella soothingly as she continued to cry. He brought her up against his chest and consoled her.

“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!” Isaac shouted at Kol.

Isabella lifted her head off Kol’s shoulder.

“You dare to blame him?! He’s been nothing but a good friend to me. I thought you loved me!”

“I do! I’m telling you something isn’t right I can feel it!”

Kol narrowed his eyes.

Bella gritted her teeth as she looked back to Kol. Everything was coming to her and it was as if piecing a puzzle together. She grabbed Kol by the hair.

“You compelled him didn’t you?!” She shouted and Damon cocked a curious brow her way.

“You compelled Isaac Williams into having an affair. So you could take his place. Only you stood me up on our wedding day! Not only that, but compelling him wasn’t enough, was it? You were so threatened by a mere human, YOU FLAT OUT ENDED HIS LIFE! I always wondered how ironic it was that he ended up dead, just days later! You always find a way to LITERALLY FUCK ME OVER! DON’T YOU?!”
Damon reared back wondering what the fuck she was talking about. Who was Isaac and she was going to marry Kol? First Stefan? Now Kol? And apparently this Isaac guy. How many motherfucking men were there? He thought with a scowl.

“You took the life of an innocent man! A pastor for crying out loud! Just so you could have your way, then be done with me!” Her eyes darted back towards Damon. There was darkness in her eyes, one he’d only seen a handful of times. He swallowed back, waiting for it. Whilst he wondered, how his Lizzy could have ever been engaged to a damn pastor, of all things.

“I want him to suffer. I want him buried alive. I want him to spend eternity in a coffin, filled to the brim, with dirt, so he’s permanently choking. I want the bastard put where and no one will ever find him.”

Damon smirked with pride and did a slight bow.

“As you wish, Kitten. And I do believe I have just the place.” He was thinking of Isabella Mia De Fleur’s empty coffin back in Mystic Falls.

Meaning he would have to make a trip back. However he wasn’t anywhere near done with Bella Swan. He wasn’t ready for her to go back there. Not until he kept his word on her having all her memories back. So he was going to have to put her to sleep once they find a hotel. He’d then have to travel back to Mystic Falls, with Kol’s mutilated body. A lot of work, sure… But fuck, it was worth it in order to make his Lizzy happy. He’d do whatever it took.

For now, he tossed Kol’s body into the trunk. He stuffed rocks into his mouth. And for his piece of mind gave him an extra dosage of vervain.

“Goodnight, Sunshine!” He sputtered with a wink and slammed the trunk shut.





15 thoughts on “Chapter 9 Little Piece of Heaven”

  1. Oh wow! Another GREAT Chapter!! I love the flashback scenes!!! Damon and Bella are so good together in this story, The passionate love that they have between them just makes me smile!! It was so good to see Kol get his due and I just adore the way Damon’s mind works in regards to his plans for Kol! 😉 Perfect revenge! I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, I LOVE THIS STORY!! Good job Kitten, good job! ❤

  2. Well holy sh*t, lol! That got intense, yes? As much as I love Kol, he totes got what he deserved – though I imagine he’s not gonna be gone for good, eh? I love the way you’re doing the flashbacks… and Damon is so spot on and in character. I love the way you write him!

  3. Wow… Just wow. umm. Wow. ::opens mouth and closes it a couple of times, points to previous sex scenes, almost rape scene, and what Kol has done to her in the past silently:: Wow…..

  4. Putting Bella to sleep then taking Kol all the way to Mystic Falls seems like a bad idea to me. There will be plenty of time for a lot of stuff to go wrong. The only positive thing is if Damon is successful in getting Kol back to MF that most of the danger Bella is in will also be gone.

  5. Gotta say Kol gotta a little taste of Bella’s bad side, or will with Damon’s help. Not many can write Damon so well, great work.

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