Chapter 11 Je t’ aime, Damon.

Chapter 11

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Just a friendly reminder that Damon is much more gifted and powerful than what he appears on the show..  And I’m taking a different spin on things! This is AU, folks. (Thank you for being awesome and all your help, Mommy4Thomas)

Jasper takes in a breath, looking to be in thought. He observed, as the little blonde dish frantically paced the area. His eyes narrowed, as he knelt down Jasper gazed upon the bodies in wonder.

“Now the only question I truly have. Is why wouldn’t you simply compel and feed?”
She lifts her eyes towards him and stops pacing for a moment.

“That’s just it. I started out with the compulsion. Only I couldn’t stop. I was so hungry. I didn’t mean for this to happen, honest! I tried to stop, but couldn’t make myself. And as you can see, each attempt after that.. Only got worse. ”

He rose back up, with a look of confusion about him.

“With all due respect Miss, hasn’t your maker taught you to use your senses? You know… paying attention to all the signs?”

She looks upon him, lost completely.

“Signs such as body language, temperature, blood flow, heart rate, etc… And first and foremost… You should never allow yourself to get this hungry. That itself is a very dangerous combination.”

Caroline leaned back against one of the walls of the Lockwood tomb.

“I was never truly taught.”

Jasper looks upon her in sheer disbelief.

“What do you mean by that exactly? It is your maker’s responsibility to teach you such things!”

“Stefan never saw the point. We feed strictly from animals.”

Jasper cocks a brow at this. He would’ve broken into laughter, if it weren’t for the serious situation. She wasn’t bullshitting. This little lady was dead serious. Since when did Stefan Salvatore feed from animals? This had to be a joke. This whole stupid ordeal reminded him of that coven, he’d met back in Washington. A coven of vampires that fed solely from animals. He too thought it a joke, until he’d gone “hunting” with them once. He simply could not believe it. As to why he didn’t stay for very long. He couldn’t sustain himself to their so called diet. There was just no way. As to why often enough, this coven referred to him as the feral one. Feral, because he chose to compel and from humans. Like a real damn vampire. He’d only the taste of animal blood a few times, during his stay with the coven. He told himself never again. It wasn’t just about the taste. No. He couldn’t stand that feeling… the feeling of becoming susceptible. He noticed a major difference in the way he felt, in comparison to the two diets.

Jasper never felt so confused. Why would Stefan take this route? Not that it mattered. Stefan hadn’t much longer to live. He hated to do that to the little gal. She was distraught as it was. But Stefan had it coming. He knew Jasper Whit lock would hunt him down as promised. And that’s just what he did.

“You mean to tell me. That he never once showed you how to feed from a human?”

“There was just the one time, when I first fed from a vein.”

Caroline broke into sobs, once again as she took another gander at the bodies.

“I don’t know what to do. I can’t believe this.”

He counted five bodies. Each of them drained to the very last drop.

“Were you seen?”


He nods.

“Where did this take place?”
She lowers her head in shame.

“Off one of the trails, by the nature center. They were in a group.”

Jasper grimaced once again. So she took them out one by one. No wonder… it all made perfect sense. This gal was starving, Thanks to her boyfriend. So much so, the first time she took matters into her own hands. It’s when she runs into a group of people. From there she does her best to try and control the situation. She compels goes to feed. A few of them might’ve screamed out and spooked her. This caused the situation to get even more out of hand. The screaming added to her blood lust and fury. Before she knew it, she’d had a slew of dead bodies on her hands. He could see it all now, as if it were playing out before him. Stefan Salvatore was a fucking idiot. He hadn’t a clue when it came to a newborn! Hell, he hadn’t a clue when it came to women period! Stefan damn sure didn’t start out on animal blood. Why should he expect anyone else to?!

“Alright darlin’, we’ll get this sorted out.” He says as the gears started to turn.

“And how?” She whimpered and wiped her eyes with the back of her hand.

“You just let me worry about the bodies. It’ll be as if it never happened. You stay put. Once I’m done we’ll go from there.”

Jasper raised his brows her way. The girl wasn’t aware of his ability.

“No one will ever know of this, Caroline.” He said doing his best to influence her.

He wanted her to feel as though she could trust him. Her guilt and fear was overwhelming enough as it was. If anything, this only gave him more of a reason to hate loath Stefan. Jasper scoops up a couple of the bodies. He nods towards Caroline. Before she can even blink he was gone. He continued to zip in and out ridding of the bodies.

The young woman sighs as she drops her keys. Just as she goes to bend down and pick them up. Someone wraps their hand around her mouth. They take off at abnormal speed. She struggles to break free, but there’s no budging. She can’t even scream their hold, it was so strong.

They appear in the boarding house and she quickly whips around. He cues that all too familiar smirk. Then forces her into a recliner.

“Welcome to me casa!”

“What do you want?!” She hisses.

Damon goes to answer only to end up gritting his teeth. He falls to his knees, in agony.

“Is this witch foreplay?”

Bonnie rolls her eyes and comes back to her feet. Damon winces through the pain as it travels though out his body. His ears were ringing, and he felt as though he were burning from the inside out.

“No need to be such a bitch! Knock it off!” He says through gritted teeth.

“Tell me what you want!” She demands again.

“Bella needs your help.”

“So you kidnap me? Instead of asking? You are aware that Bella is my friend right?”

“Yes. But I always seem to feel better about myself when “I” make it happen. Now shut up and feed my ego!”

Bonnie shakes her head with annoyance. Damon rises to his feet once more. He straightens out the collar to his shirt. He shrugs off whatever it was, she was doing to him. Bonnie sighs and looks around the house.

“Where is she?”

He glances towards the stairs. Bonnie nods, looking to be in thought.

“Get to witchin’!” He says motioning his hands about in a pushy matter.

Bonnie ignores him and starts on up the stairs. Damon follows her. Once they make their way up he points towards his room. Bonnie nods and heads that direction. She opens the door and looks around to see Bella was in bed, still unconscious.

“No matter what I do, she won’t wake up.”

She looks back towards Damon. He has this look of utter annoyance and frustration about him. From there, he begins to explain what all took place in the parking lot. Bonnie nods and turns her attention back over to Bella. Damon curiously watches as Bonnie approaches the bed. She cautiously takes Bella’s hand. Damon narrowed his eyes, as Bonnie shut hers. He folded his arms about his chest and continued to observe. Bonnie opens her eyes again, with a look of alarm about her.

She swallows back and leans over, moving strands of hair from Bella’s face. She then places her hand on Bella’s forehead. Panic washed over Bonnie and she shot up. Damon picked up on Bonnie’s odd behavior and quickened heartbeat.


Bonnie shakes her head and once again takes Bella’s hand. She shuts her eyes doing her best to focus.

“Nothing…” Damon hears her say.

He lifts up off the wall he was leaning against.

“What do you mean by “nothing”?”
“I can’t get a read on her. There’s literally nothing there!”
“And what does that mean exactly?” He inquires with impatience.

Bonnie sighs.

“Normally, I can see things.”

“What kinds of “things”?”

“When I come into contact with Bella. I can normally pick up some sort of visions. Only this time, it’s as if she’s not even there.”

“The hell she isn’t! She’s breathing and I can hear her heart beating just fine. TRY AGAIN!”
Bonnie shakes her head. Damon zips over and roughly grabs Bonnie. He looks her in the eyes.



Damon’s upper lip curls and he lets out a slight growl.

It didn’t take Jasper too long to rid of the bodies. He merely took them to a secluded area and burned them. Once he was done, he rid of any evidence. When he returned Caroline was leaning against the wall. Still crying her little heart out. Jasper quietly made his way over.

“It’s all over now…” He softly states.

She shakes her head and continued to hide her pretty face.

“No. No, it’s not! I killed those people. I… That’s not who I am! I DON’T KILL PEOPLE!”

Jasper grabbed a hold of her and simply held her as she cried.

“It’s not your fault, lil darlin’. Trust me. These things… they just happen. All part of the experience.”

“But he promised he’d never let me hurt anyone! He promised if I was to become a vampire. I would never take a single life! That’s the only reason I agreed!”

Jasper rolled his eyes but not at her, at Stefan’s stupid promise. What gave him the right to make such promises? They were all lies. Even Stefan had to of known this! She’s a vampire for crying out loud, of course there are risks! Stefan had no right telling Caroline such things! It was as if all he cared about was making sure Caroline stayed by his side. So he told whatever lies he must, in order to do so. Now here she was distraught and hating herself. Blaming herself for everything! Jasper ground his teeth together in thought. His hands however ran along her back soothingly. He did his best to calm her.

Meanwhile, Caroline found herself muddled. Why was it that every time this vampire was around she felt more at peace? She didn’t understand it. She should be freaking out! But no, in fact she was easing into his arms even more so, enjoying the way it felt. Stefan never held her like this. It felt different. Safer even… But she didn’t know this vampire. None of this made a lick of sense. She cleared her throat and forced herself out of Jasper’s arms. She was with Stefan! How much of a bitch could she be? Granted yes she was PISSED at Stefan. At the moment, part of her even hated him for putting her in this mess. But it wasn’t his entire fault and she knew that. She knew the risks. She just never wanted to admit it, even to herself. All she knew was that she couldn’t bear the thought of being away from Stefan. Even if that meant spending eternity as vampire, alongside of him. Only now, she felt as though she were having second thoughts, making her feel even more foolish. Like Bella was right all along. She groaned to herself. Jasper felt the guilt and misperception cascading over her.

“I think it’s safe to say that this animal diet, isn’t for you.”

She lifts her eyes towards him. A nervous giggle escaped her lips. She quickly covered her mouth. How dare she laugh at a time like this?! She scolded herself in thought. People are dead because of me! Jasper took in a breath on this.

“You can stop that now.” He says rather demanding like.

She lowers her brows in such a way, eyeing him in wonder.

“That guilt crap… If there’s anyone to be pinning the blame on, it’d be your lousy excuse for a boyfriend.”

Caroline’s jaw dropped.

“You watch what you say about him!” She snaps.

Jasper chuckles.

“Nah, I’ll damn well say what I please, mam. And I’m telling you right now. That you need someone that can teach you properly! He’s not only putting others at risk, but you as well. He should want you at your strongest! He should be teaching you everything there is to know about compelling, feeding, and everything else there is to your newfound abilities. Such as how to fight and defend yourself!”

“And he will.”
“If he was going to he would have already! You have no business being out here on your own! You’re too young and hadn’t near enough time to adapt to all this! What he’s doing is beyond cruel. And with all due respect Miss. I won’t stand for it. So I got no place to be. It just so happens I got some business to take care of around here. I’ll take over from here and teach you the proper way.”

“But…” She starts to argue rather wide eyed.

Jasper smirks reminding her of someone else. She swallows back with guilt. She shouldn’t find that attractive! What was wrong with her? How could she do this to Stefan? Where was he anyhow?!

“You want to learn or not, darlin’?”

Damon grits his teeth and staggers back.

“You can stop that now!”
“You first!”

“No you!”

Their attention darts towards the doorway of the bedroom. Someone was banging on the front door and ringing the doorbell relentlessly. Damon rolls his eyes, once he hears the front door open. He rushes down the stairs and freezes once he sees the vampire standing at the doorway. The vampire merely nods and smirks his way.

“Long time no see, Salvatore.”
Damon swallowed back rather hard. His pace slowed down as he made his way down the stairs.

“Whitlock…” He uttered as if in a state of shock.

Jasper nodded.

Meanwhile, Caroline was looking throughout the house for Stefan. Damon made his way over and shook his head.

“I’ll be damned.”

Jasper chuckled.

“So, I suppose it’s my turn to invite you in.” Damon says with a cocky grin.

Jasper shrugs and motions towards Caroline in her short skirt.

“I don’t know the view isn’t so bad from here.”
Damon reared back and looked her way. She kept calling to Stefan. Damon got this shit ass grin to his face. The gears started to turn in that head of his. He turned back to Jasper.

“By all means brother, do come in.”

He stepped aside and motioned for Jasper to step on in. Jasper nodded and stepped over the threshold. He looked around and chuckled to himself.

“My things have certainly changed around here.”

“Well this isn’t exactly the 18th century anymore.”
“You don’t say! Has it been that long?” Jasper smarts.

“Hmmm, there were the few little adventures off and on since. Do those not count?”

Damon shrugs and pours them both a drink. He slants his eyes towards Caroline as she was heading up the stairs now. Damon nodded to himself and downed his drink. He counted to himself and sure enough.

“Oh my God, Bella!”
Jasper looked to Damon bewildered. Damon pours himself another drink as Jasper sips at his.

Caroline and Bonnie make their way down the stairs.

“I see you haven’t changed a bit. You still have women hanging around everywhere you go.” Jasper comments, but felt rather odd, the longer he was inside the house. He couldn’t quite pinpoint what it was.

“Eh, I only claim Sleeping Beauty.” Damon declares signaling towards the stairs.

“You’re more than welcome to help yourself to ebony and ivory though.”

Both women cut Damon a go to hell look. Damon merely winks upon them and takes a seat in his recliner. Jasper welcomes himself to the couch. That feeling however continued to taunt Jasper. He looked around, in thought.

“Where’s Stefan?” Caroline inquires rather demandingly.

Damon sighs as if bored.

“Can’t you see I have a guest?”


Bonnie cuts him a certain glance as well.

“Yeah, where is Stefan?” She asked as if it just dawned on her.

“I believe he mentioned something about taking a little vacation. You know one of those places with the whole spa treatment and all, the works! He really should relax!”

Jasper raised his brows on this, sensing Damon. He always knew when his friend was up to something.

“Spa you say?”

Damon nods confidently.

“It’s been a rough couple of months for my little bro! It’s a much “needed” and “earned” vacation. I was more than happy to send him on his way. You know, while I look after things around here!”

“Funny you should say that…” Jasper says and downs the rest of his drink.

Damon cocks a brow his way.

“Just how long do you suspect your brother will be on this “vacation”.”

Damon shrugs.

“Could be weeks, months, a year?! You know, it really depends on the weather.”
“That’s a shame.”

Jasper and Damon eye one another in skepticism.

“WHAT?!” Caroline shouts and rises to her feet.

“You?” Jasper added with a playful grin.

She looked upon him scornfully. This only made Jasper laugh.

“Oh darlin’, I do believe it’s safe to say. That your little boyfriend is a real piece of work.”

“He wouldn’t just leave! What did you do to him?!”
“Nothing he wouldn’t deserve… I’m sure…” Bonnie utters under her breath.

This gets both men’s curiosity. Bonnie sighs.

“I really should be heading back.”

“And just how do you expect to get home?” Damon hints.

Bonnie rolls her eyes.

“I’ll walk.”

“Nah… and you’re not going anywhere until my girl is up and going comprende?

“There’s nothing I can do!”
“I’m not buying it! You say she’s your friend then get your ass up there! Do whatever it takes to help her!”
“It doesn’t work like that!”
“Sure it does!”

“No, it doesn’t! What would you know?!”
“I know plenty of things. Like for starters. All you little witchy bitches are the same. You get on this power kick and think yourselves above all others. At times even your own kind. Well guess what!”

Damon appears before her and gets right in her face.

“I can’t stand you! ANY OF YOU! I lost everything thanks to you bitches.”

“AND YOU VAMPIRES AREN’T!” She fires back.

“Damon…” Jasper says in his warning voice sensing Bonnie. He was beginning to realize other things he was sensing as well. It wasn’t necessarily the ones in the room at the moment either. Something about this house…

Damon meanwhile, was pushing a thin line.

“You might want to take a breather.”

In fact everyone in the room was riled up, in one way or another. Jasper closed his eyes and focused. Damon shot him a look.

“No, no… none of that! You know how I feel about…” Jasper grins and leans back.

Damon shakes his head as the girls take a seat beside him.

“You haven’t changed either, you slut.”


Jasper however reaches to his temples and looks towards the stairs.

“Who’s up there again?” He questions looking slightly ill.

Damon gazed upon Jasper with interest.

“You remember how I told you I had a wife?”

Jasper nods.

“And I thought you were full of shit. Cause what woman in her right mind, would willingly spend the rest of her life with you?” He cruelly taunts.

“Hmmm… I vaguely remember that. Any who… I finally found her!”

“Are you alright?” Caroline asks, looking to Jasper with concern.

Jasper comes to his feet, looking that direction. He starts up the stairs and Damon shrugs and starts to follow. The closer Jasper came to the bedroom, the worse he felt.

“Whoa…” Damon quickly braced Jasper against him halfway up.

“What’s with you?”

“It’s not me…”

Damon swallowed back hard on this. He helps Jasper into the room, and literally has to sit Jasper down the moment they enter. Jasper looked as though he’d vomit. He closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. It wasn’t just her he was sensing. He could feel Stefan as well. But at the moment Stefan was so weak, it were as if he were drugged. There was weakness and pain but even that felt rather vague. At the moment, Bella’s emotions were even more heightened than that of Stefan’s.

“He’s here isn’t he?” Jasper forces out behind the pain.

“You know I really hate you sometimes.”

Jasper forces a laugh, but reaches to his gut. He finally glances towards the bed and makes out her face. Jasper got this odd look about his face.

“I know her…”

“I doubt that.”
“No. I do. That’s Bella Swan from Forks. We went to school with her briefly.” He breathed in the air around them.

“There’s no masking that. I thought I smelled something familiar. And that face isn’t one you’d forget.”

“Wait, did I hear you correctly? Did you just say you went to school?! YOU?!”

“Long story… but I gotta get out of this house…”

Damon zips over and grabs him by the collar of his shirt. They appear at the door and he tosses Jasper out on his ass. Jasper hops back up and dusts himself off.

“Thanks you, dick!” Damon laughs.

“Nothing you wouldn’t do for me.” He retorts with a smirk.

“Yeah well… You got some serious shit going on around here. Whatever you’ve done with Stefan… Just know he’s not off my list. I don’t care what brotherly spat you two got going on. I came here to take care of business. But this… That girl. Whatever that is… I’ve had anything hit me that hard before. Her emotions are all over the fucking place. And you want to talk about some confusion, agony, and fear! It’s like she’s trapped and can’t get out. It’s like knowing you’re dreaming, but can’t wake up.”

Jasper sighs, knowing Damon was going to be pissed at what he had to warn him about next.

“You should know that someone else is looking the little gal as well.”

Damon raises his brows at this and folds his arms about his chest, as he leans against the doorframe.

Jasper nods.

“He’s from that coven in Washington. The one I was staying with when I went to school with Bella Swan. His name is Edward Cullen. He swears up and down that Bella Swan is his. And he truly believes that as well.”

Damon scoffs at this bitterly.

“Of course he does! He should get in line!”

“It seems they had some sort of history.”

“Naturally, and what of this Edward?”

Jasper half laughs.

“He’s a telepath. He’s fast, one of the fastest I’ve ever known. But he’s younger reborn around the 1900s. He’s a spoiled rotten little shit as well. This coven seems to live around serving his needs. As Daddy Carlisle demands.”

“Is that so?”

“Let’s just put it this way. If Edward was a god, they’d all be kneeling down before him, taking turns licking his ass crack.”
“Hmmmm, fascinating.”
“Isn’t it? It’s not so much him I’d concern myself with. It’s the fact that he’s got an entire coven, ready to serve his needs. NO matter how ridiculous they are. They are known as Rosalie, Emmett, Esme, and Carlisle. Carlisle being the leader of this coven. Though often enough, it seems as though his so called “son” has more reign than he does.”

“Wait until they get a load of me!” Damon says with a certain flare.

Jasper grins in thought.

“Now that my friend might prove to be somewhat interesting.”
Damon sighs with annoyance as Caroline screams out on top of her lungs.
“No Caroline!” Bonnie calls out not long after.

Both men take off that direction. Caroline was peeking into the cellar. She’d overheard Jasper and Damon’s conversation and knew Stefan was within the house somewhere.

“Get him out of there!” She shouted in a panic.

“Um, no can do. Little bro stays put.”

Jasper hurriedly forces Caroline back, just as she was about to jump on inside.

“LET ME GO!” She yelled and hit against Jasper’s shoulders.

“Please, get Stefan out of there!” Caroline hollered with tears streaming down her face.
“He’s right where he belongs!” Damon snaps back, shutting the door to the area.

“Guess I’ll have to cement that down. You weren’t supposed to find that Barbie.”
“He’s your brother how could you do this?! YOU’RE SICK! YOU’RE A MONSTER! Stefan doesn’t deserve this!”

Jasper groaned out in agony. Stefan and Bella’s emotions were taken a toll on Jasper. Still he continued to pin her back, for her own safety.

“We have to get him out of there!”

“No!” Jasper, Damon, and to her surprise Bonnie chorus.

Her jaw drops.

“You too? I thought you were his friend!”
Bonnie gets this look of guilt about her.

“Caroline you haven’t seen what I have.” Bonnie says looking rather pale herself.

“Are you all mad?!” Caroline points to Damon.

“Things were fin,e until you came into town! This is all your fault!”

Damon nods and makes his way over. Jasper sighs sensing the pull Stefan had on Caroline. He certainly had her fooled. She was so blind when it came to him. She truly thought Stefan hung the moon. Jasper rolled his eyes on this and exited the house. Once Jasper left, Damon pinned Caroline back against the wall.
“What are you doing?!” Bonnie hissed.
Damon turned back around facing Bonnie.
“Do you honestly believe we can convince her otherwise?”

Even Bonnie had that look of apprehension about her.
“That’s about what I thought. So we do this my way, Sabrina!”

Damon directs his attention back over to Caroline.

“You will remember dumping Stefan Salvatore. Due to the realization of how much he gets under your skin. The longer you were around him the more you despised him. And most of all he hurt the one person he should have NEVER hurt. Your best friend! Who is your best friend Caroline?”
“Bella Swan.”

He nods.

“That’s right! And what happens when someone messes with your best friend?”
“I get even!”

Damon smirks at this.
“That’s right. Now you’re going to go on home. And remember you’re a free woman now!”

She nods and heads on out.

“Was that really necessary?” Bonnie inquires.

“Do you really think we had any other options?”

Bonnie sighed knowing damn well he was right. When it came to Stefan, Caroline was blind.

Jasper was kicked back against Damon’s car, as Caroline stepped out of the house. He cocked a brow as she strutted right up to him. She smiled and batted her eyes a bit. He tilted his head sensing her sudden mood change.

“I wanted to thank you.”
“No need, mam.”
“No… if it wasn’t for you… I mean if there’s any way I could ever repay you.”

“Darlin’, if you’d just…” He stops himself and half laughs.

“Just?” She inquires curiously.

“Look, you don’t owe me squat. Glad I could help.”
“What were you going to say?”

“Something that’s damn sure none of my business, that’s what.”

She narrows her eyes and gets on her tippy toes. To Jasper’s surprise she kisses his cheek.

“Thank you.”
Caroline starts to walk away.


She stops and turns back around.

“I’m a man of my word, you know.”

She gets a confused look about her.

“When I said I was sticking around and would help you. That’s what I damn well meant. So I guess I’ll be seeing you at school tomorrow, lil darlin’.”

He nods.

“Now go on home and do try not to kill anyone along the way. I’m rather worn out.”

She does a slight curtesy and Jasper watches as she walks away.

“Damn…” He utters to himself.

“Look I really need to get home. I got school in the morning. But I’ll come by after school and check on her. There’s really nothing else I can do.”

Bonnie heads on out and Damon grits his teeth. She gasps out as Damon grabs ahold of her. Jasper catches wind of this and rushes over.

“YOU WILL HELP HER!” Damon barks demandingly.

“I already told you. There is nothing more I can do! Trust me, if I could I would!”
Jasper yanked Damon off her. He held Damon back and nodded towards Bonnie.

“Go on home.” Jasper said. Bonnie nodded rather wide eyed.


She took off running as fast as she could. Damon jerks out of Jasper’s hold and slugs him in the face. Jasper punches him in return.

“Don’t be such a dick! The lady meant what she said.”

“Let me guess, you’re doing that empathy bullshit again? RIGHT?!”

“That always did piss you the fuck off didn’t it?!”
“It sure as hell did and it still does. It’s fucking annoying, is what it is.”

“Not as annoying as you, Salvatore!”

Damon smirks at this.

“So what brings you here brother?”
“That hurts you know. What’s not to say I didn’t come here to see an old friend?”

“I don’t buy that, not one bit. For one thing how the hell would you even know where I am? Another… You’re always too busy chasing down tail, rather than concerning yourself with old war buds.”

“What’s not to say I’m not chasing tail around these parts?”

“What you mean, Goldilocks?”

Jasper chuckles.

“Now that’s a thought.”
“Hmmm… Truth now. Why the fuck are you in Mystic Falls of all the places in the world?”

Jasper smiles and pats Damon on the shoulder.

“I’m here to kill your little brother!” He says rather chipper like.

“It seems we’ll have plenty of time to catch up. Seeing as how you’re currently torturing him, something I do not wish to interrupt. But once you’re done, he’s mine. Do have a good evening.”

Damon tossed his keys down and took off his jacket. He’d just returned from feeding after his awkward conversation with Jasper. He headed upstairs, jacket still in hand. Once he opened the door and stepped inside, he froze. Damn near everything in the room had been destroyed. There was debris everywhere. Damon quickly darted towards the bed to find it empty. The glass to the patio door was smashed through. His chair was outside amongst evidence of glass. Proving as well that this was no break in… No this was more of a break out. “Oh come the fuck on!” He growled and dashed on out, in search of Bella.

He picked up a trail leading to the woods. Damon picked up the pace seeing drops of blood the further he went. Damon forced himself to stop. He closed his eyes and thought about Bella. Things such as her scent, heartbeat, the way she breathed even. He nodded to himself as her scent suddenly floored him. The rapid thumping of her heart rate filled his ears, along with her unsteady breaths. At this he opened his eyes knowing where she was.

“NO!” Damon shouted, knowing where she was heading.

It was dark and her human eyes couldn’t pick up what his could. He could make out the cliffs straight ahead. Bella however in her state of shock and frenzy couldn’t make out anything. She just kept running. She hadn’t even heard him calling to her.


Damon gritted his teeth and used everything he had within him. He managed to yank her back. Just before she was to take a deathly plunge, off some nearby cliffs. Bella swung at him with everything she had. He flinched a couple of times but found himself impressed, as she got a couple good blows in. She squirmed out from underneath him and was crawling back towards the woods.

He scurried over and grabbed her by the ankle pulling her back towards him.

“Lizzy, it’s me sweetheart. There’s no need to be afraid.”

She was hyperventilating and pulling at her hair.

“Don’t! Stop that!” He pinned down her wrists.

“I won’t let anyone hurt you, not even yourself! So knock that off!”

Her eyes watered as she fought for a breath. She sucked back wheezing and her back arched off the ground.

“Shhhhh… easy now. Breathe gorgeous…”

She violently shook and squirmed beneath him, trying to break free. He continued to hold her down.

“You’re not going anywhere. Now, I need you to calm down and breathe.” He said softly and pressed his forehead against hers.

“Just breathe…”

She nodded and shut her eyes. Tears ran along her cheeks and down the crevice of her neck.

“I can’t do this. It’s too much. It hurts!”

Damon swallowed back rather hard at her words.

“Yes you can, Lizzy. If there’s anyone on this god forsaken planet that can, it’d be you! And you’re not alone in this! I’m right here! I will always be right here!”

“Four different lifetimes, Damon! Four sets of parents! Four different periods and bodies! Four different fiancés! And…”

“One husband! One true love! Tell me I’m wrong. Tell me you felt even an ounce of what you felt for me for that fucking pastor. That original peace of shit! Or my backstabbing dipshit brother!”

She closes her eyes.
“You knew something was missing! Didn’t you?! In each lifetime! Something never felt quite right! That’s because the only lifetime that was truly REAL WAS WITH ME! Everything after that was just the curse! It wasn’t real Sweetheart. What we had was real! Isabella Mia De Fleur, that’s who you are. That’s who you will always be!”

“But there’s so much! It’s TOO MUCH!”

Damon shakes his head.

“I know it may seem like that now. But if there’s anyone that can do this, it’d be you. And deep down you know that too. You’re one of the strongest women that have ever lived! And I’m not just blowing smoke up your ass. It’s the motherfucking truth! You can do this, Lizzy! There’s not a doubt in my mind.”

“There’s so much pain. So much has happened.” She says in a broken voice.

“Then don’t focus on the pain. Focus on anything but…”

“Damon…” She cries, wrapping her arms around him as if for dear life.

“I’m right here…” He reassures.

As soon as Damon gets her home, he lays her on the couch. He grimaces seeing as how she was covered in thorns, her feet especially. He began plucking them out as swiftly as possible. She’d squirm a bit and grunts out in pain, every once in a while as he continued. He then bit down on his wrist. He then put it to her lips. Damon couldn’t help the moan that escaped him, as she drank from him. He caressed her cheek as her hands wrapped around his wrist.

“That’s right, Kitten. Drink up.” He uttered behind another moan. He could feel her tongue lapping along his wrist as she suckled.

Bella licked him clean once she was done.

“Fuck.” He uttered as he observed.

He’d other ideas about that tongue of hers. What uses he had for it. Apparently, he wasn’t the only one. He looked down just as Bella let out a moan of her own. Her hand was rubbing along his pants. He shut his eyes for a moment at the sensitivity. He felt like he’d rip though his jeans. When he opened them once again he damn near blew his load. She had this sexy look on her face. She was begging to be fucked!

“Holy…” He mumbled under his breath.

Bella was licking the outside of black jeans. He throbbed against her tongue.

“Good God, Kitten. You want me to plow you through a fucking wall?!” He growled losing his mind.

She lifted her eyes towards him with a sultry smile about her.


She giggled as he hurriedly scooped her up off the couch. He had her pressed up against the wall. Damon feverishly kissed her. Whilst doing this, he literally began shredding any remains of clothes she had on. During this his eyes widen, finding himself rather stunned. Bella heatedly threw out erotic expletives in not only English and French, but Spanish as well?! She ripped his shirt open leaving trails of kisses along his chest and neck. Damon was in full on lust and every kind there was. The familiar black veins spread across and his fangs made their appearance. Bella cooed out as he sank his fangs into the crevice of her neck. He tore through his jeans freeing himself. His entire length drove its way in. She screamed out his name and more French profanities. Damon smirked and thrust about her even harder now. She was soaking his cock with each stroke he gave. He forced himself to stop feeding from her. But it was never easy. Her taste was like no one else’s. He never could get enough. He licked her clean as he continued to fuck her up against the wall.

Her teeth teasingly scrapped against his neck and earlobe. Even as he fucked her his dick ached in response. He knew he wouldn’t last much longer if she kept that up. She’d go from kisses to little nips here and there. Knowing damn well, it drove Damon past the brink of lust and over the edge.

“I’m about to leave one hell of a mess, Kitten.” He warned.

At this she bit down on his neck. Damon grunted out as he released.

Neither of them budged. They merely held and kissed one another. Bella’s emotions continued to skyrocket. There was so much to take in. It would take some time to adapt to everything she’d recently learned.

“Je t’ aime, Damon.”

He shut his eyes on this, and a lump actually formed in his the back of Damon’s throat. This brought back memories, ones he never wanted to forget.

“I love you too, Lizzy.”






18 thoughts on “Chapter 11 Je t’ aime, Damon.”

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    1. Yes, as stated in the notes. I have changed the rules a bit ;). Everything will be explained throughout… I don’t like to copy things verbatim gets old and I tend to do things my way 😉 Thank you!

  7. Goid job Harley. Those FFnet idiots are crazy. They’ve gotten too big for their britches. Have you tried archive of our own yet? Its a great website for fanfiction and they have a better quality of stories being written on it i think you’d fit in perfectly.

    1. No will look into it. But I got three as it is going as it is and it takes forever to get stuff moved over. It took me nearly two days after what happened lol ugh. Thank you though. It doesn’t hurt to look into it.

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