Chapter 12 Major History

Chapter 12

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Damon rolled over feeling around an empty side of the bed. He raised a brow at this and stretched his arms about. He rose, looking to the time. It was four in the morning. At this he trolled on out of bed and threw on a pair of jeans. He made his way down the stairs. Once he entered the living area; he took notice of the patio door, it was open. He narrowed his eyes and stepped on out. Bella was kicked back with her legs crossed about the table. She was looking to the stars and huddled up in one of Damon’s shirts, nothing else. He nodded in approval and took a moment to enjoy the view.

“Couldn’t sleep?”

She jumped at first, snapping her attention back towards him. He raised his hands and slowly approached.

“Just me.”

She nods and he could hear her sucking back a breath. Damon grabbed a chair and set it beside her. Bella went back to star gazing.

“Care to tell me what’s going on in the mind of yours?”

She swallowed back and leaned further back. Bella tiredly rubbed her face.

“I wouldn’t even know where to begin.”

“Not going anywhere.”

“I’m not so sure I wish to discuss it.” She softly replies, with a broken expression.

“It’s me, Lizzy.”

“Damon…” She utters painfully.

He rears back in wonder as she comes to a stand.

“You don’t understand.”

“Then enlighten me!”

She sighs and shakes her head. Her head was pounding with the whirlwind of information she had.

“I don’t know how.”

He half laughs with slight irritation.

“Sure you do. It’s easy. Just start talking.”

Bella looks to the ring on her finger.

“Trust me, it’s not.”

“Dammit… Don’t… just don’t start pulling that. Look at me!”

She faces him with that look of guilt.

“You once said you felt as though you could tell me anything. Now as far as I’m concerned that still stands. I’m right here, sweetheart… let me in.”

“I don’t know how…” She repeats with a quivery lip.

Damon grits his teeth and shoots on out of his chair. He points her direction.




“It’ll only hurt you…” She whimpers looking as though she’d been stabbed herself.

Bella staggered back.

“So you got history… We knew this was to come.”

She shakes her head.

“I lied to you Damon…”

He cocks a brow at this.

“Lied to me?”

She nods looking ill.

“How so?”

She takes in a deep breath.

“First there was you… my husband. Isaac… Then there was Kol my fiancée who left me at the alter. Stefan became my fiancée not long after. But in another life there was one more. Only he was my husband.”

Damon froze, with wild eyes. Bella recoiled upon the look on his face.

“Who…?” Damon questioned with a dark mien to him.

“His name was Edward Cullen. He died of the Spanish influenza.”

She grimaced remembering the boy from Forks. The one that had a striking resemblance to her late husband. Edward had always looked young for his age. He could easily pass for 17 or 18. She remembered her odd pull towards him, but didn’t understand why, until now. But he died… She found herself thinking. There’s no way it was the same person. Then again, she remembered Jessica referring to his family as the Cullens. Damon nods and starts pacing around.

“I didn’t mean to lie… I just…”

Damon thought back to what Jasper had said. He mentioned this Edward guy. He half laughed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“How long, Lizzy?”


“Just tell me…”

“Two years, but he died at the age of 20, along with his mother. This was after my engagement to Isaac the pastor and then Kol, who became my fiancée he then killed my ex and left me at the alter the day of our wedding.”

“Two years is NOTHING!”

She makes a certain face that concerns Damon.

“Do you love him?”

Bella looks to the ring once more.

“I did…”

“But do you now?” He asked with ill intentions.

“There was only one man that had my all.”

“That being me, right? If not then it’s time for me to take out the competition.”

“Is that your answer for everything?!”

Damon shrugs.

“I’ll take on anyone that stands in my way, when it comes to you, Kitten. You might as well get used to it.”

She freezes, studying him for a moment.

“Wait…” She backtracks on what he’d said.

“I told you he was dead.”

He makes an oops face, realizing his mistake.

“You know something don’t you?! About Edward?!

He shrugs and she follows him inside as he pours them both a drink.

“By word of mouth really.”

She looked to him blankly. Damon sighs with annoyance and downs his.

“Does the name Jasper ring a bell?”

Bella looked to Damon rather stunned. He nods and makes a tsking sound.

“Hmmmm.” He hums with amusement.

“You know Jasper?”

He smirks at this.

“Quite well actually.”

She looked baffled.

“So you’ve talked to Jasper? I mean… Recently?”

He nods. This look comes over her as everything starts to truly dawn on her.

“Wait… The Cullens… They’re all vampires. Aren’t they?!”

“Small world it seems. Not only that but you are nothing more than vampire bait. So what is it about you, sweetheart? What makes you soooo irresistible? I mean besides those big gorgeous brown eyes, pouty pink lips, and killer body?”

She blushes a bit and looks the floor.

“And as to your question… Yes, you heard me right. I wonder how he feels about dying all over again.”


He sighs and pours himself another drink.

“So, from what I hear hubby from another era is looking for you.”

He observes her body language on this. She lifted her head back up and her eyes met his.


He nods.

“Seems you triggered something during your last encounter, he remembered you alright.”

“Then why did he act the way he did?”

Damon gazes upon her confused.

“He acted as if he was appalled by my very existence. He had this dreadful look to his face. He even covered his mouth as though I hadn’t showered in weeks! He was rude and he…” Bella stopped herself seeing the content look on Damon’s face.

“Do go on!” He said rather chipper like.

“Well now that I think about it our meeting didn’t go over so well either. After all, you were going to drain me dry!”

Damon rolls his eyes, but looked as if bored now.

“It’s not my fault you’re so appetizing.” He utters, whilst wiggling his brows.

“Ugh, Damon.”

She downs her drink, slamming down the empty glass.

“What is it with me?” She slides her glass back over.

Damon fills it back up and cuts her a glance.

“I’ve the worst taste in men! And what are the odds? Every one of them fucking vampires? Well, expect for Isaac.”

“Correction, I wasn’t a vampire. And I don’t particularly care to be put in the same category as your underdog ex’s.”

He narrowed his eyes in thought.

“When you really think about it, the only vampires you were truly “with” were Kol- the original piece of shit and my backstabbing brother!”

However it was just beginning to truly hit Damon. He thought back to Edward. His eyes grew dark and those veins of his appeared.


“Two years you said?” She nodded and he nodded in return.

“Did you have children?” He questioned with a painful expression to him.

Bella flinched as though Damon had hit her. He tilted his head upon her reaction. Bella shook her head and took a few steps back. Her hand clamped over her mouth. She wondered why the memory hadn’t hit until now. She thought of Edward but didn’t think of “him”. A wave of guilt hit her.

“Damon…” She said in such a way.

He nodded but looked puzzled on how she said this.

“His name was Damon…” She said as if going into a state of shock.

Damon froze as well and Bella’s skin was snowy white. Even then it’s like she knew, that name stuck with her. Bella rushed off, heading to the bathroom. She locked herself inside and the room spun. The vision of an infant lying in a basinet hit her.

“No…” She said feeling as though she were dying all over again.

Bella sunk to the floor and covered her face. How could she forget losing her own son? She wondered why the name stuck with her. Damon… She wanted that name so bad. Edward didn’t really care for it. But Bella insisted, Damon Alexander Mason. He too died from the influenza. He was first to go. Then Ms. Mason (Edward’s mother) and Edward followed not long after. Bella remembered how alone she was. It wasn’t long after, she’d fled town. She was a nurse at the time. She remembered how many patients she and Dr. Cullen lost, her own family being part of that cruel number. Bella crawled amongst the floor her body felt as though it were caving into itself. Their son wasn’t even a year old. In fact they were going to celebrate his first birthday a month after the epidemic hit.

She remembered holding the infant. Dr. Cullen had to literally pry his lifeless body from her grip. His wife Esme who was also a nurse had to hold her back. Dr. Cullen apologized profusely. Bella reached to her heart as the memories played out, she’d lost both her children. The unborn one and the one that was just a month shy of being one year old.

Damon knocked on the door. But even he wasn’t sure how to approach the subject. He too felt somewhat emotional. Part of him was even envious. Yet, very smug feeling about the fact that she named her child “Damon”. That to him was all the proof he needed. When she wouldn’t open the door he pried it open, keeping in mind they’d need a new door handle now.

Bella was huddled into the corner. Her legs were up against her chest and had her arms wrapped around them. She rocked back and forth with her face buried into her knees. Damon swallowed back and sat down beside her. Damon wrapped his arm around her shoulder, pulling her up against him.

“So what happened, Lizzy?” He questioned softly.

He listened to her story, but for once had no words. All he could do was hold her.

Damon yawned and tiredly stretched about.

“Where you off to?” He questioned as Bella was getting dressed.

“I have to get back home sometime.”

He frowns and looks to the time.


Damon appears before her and pins her up against the wall, jerking a pair of pants from her hold. He tosses them back on the bed.



“What’s the rush?” He mutters against her neck as he leaves trails of kisses.

Bella broke into a grin and shook her head.

“Oh no you don’t, you’re not pulling that this time Damon!”

“And what might that be, gorgeous?”


He chuckles with amusement and continues on with his kisses. Damon hikes her leg up.

“I haven’t the faintest idea what you’re talking about.” He replies with a sexy tenor.


“Admit it. You like the idea of being my sex slave, Kitten.”

An involuntarily moan escaped her lips as Damon pulsated against her. His fangs gently scrapped along the nap of her neck. She sucked back a breath feeling the warmth of his against her.

“Damon…” She goes to argue.

He put a single finger to her lips. With one slick move he ripped her panties off. Damon carefully tossed her on the bed. She gasped out as appeared over her at vampiric speed. He’d managed to slide on in. His lips intensely met hers as he thrust about. A soft growl left his lips as she ran her nails along his back. Damon pinned her hands back, his fingers interlocking with hers, as he continued.

“I could spend eternity just like this.” He whispered huskily in her ear, giving a more powerful thrust.

Bella arched back, crying out in pleasure. Damon licked along her erect nipples. He took turns worshiping both breasts. Every once in a while he’d teasingly run his teeth along her nubs, something he could tell she enjoyed. His cock was saturated in the evidence of him rocking her world. He cued that egotistical smirk of his. Everyone once in a while, flashes of their past hit them both as they continued to make love.

Damon gritted his teeth at the unbelievable sensation. This was an insatiable hunger that only she could cure. And he’d gone without it too long. He wanted more and more. Part of Damon truly wanted to kidnap her and greedily keep her to himself. He wasn’t too thrilled on the thought of her going back but knew it was unavoidable. Unless, he becomes a massive dick, well more than what he was already, and took matters into his own hands. But that was just the thing; he wanted his Lizzy to be happy. Just as he always had. Therefore, he’d do whatever he must. But on that same note, he was no one’s bitch or welcome mat. He’d have to learn to balance it all out somehow. Adjust a bit to her needs and wants. While keeping true to himself. True to himself? He thought with sarcasm… Just wait until Bella truly got a load of how her vampire hubby/boyfriend. Husband in his mind… Boyfriend in hers and he was doing his best to remind himself that, but loathed the very notion.

Bella grasped a handful of his hair and licked along the crevice of his neck. Damon grunted out as he felt her teeth along his flesh. At the mere tease alone Damon released. He gave a few more thrusts before pulling out. Once he rolled over, Bella lay against his chest. Damon kissed the top of her head. His fingers grazed along her back.

“I still have to go home…”

He rolls his eyes and groans as though he were a child. This had her giggling.

“Sorry, but I still have other responsibilities.”

“Eh, responsibilities? Who needs them?”

“Says the man with no ties other than me and his psychopath brother.”

Damon shrugs.

“And as far that’s concerned; you’re my only claim, sweetheart. My brother can go to hell, where he belongs.”

“I’ll agree with you about Stefan. I’d gladly put him there myself. But I do have other people that I care about in my life. For once, I have a decent father who truly gives a damn. And Jer… he’s like a cross between best friend and brother to me. Then there’s Jenna…”

Bella sighs.

“The closest thing I’ll ever have to a real mother probably.” Bella thinks back on her parents from other lifetimes and half laughs.

“Man… all of this is insane.” Damon hears her whisper as she rolls on out of bed.

“Round two?”

She laughed at this and shook her head.

“As tempting as that is, I really need to get home now. Please understand that.”


She laughed again at his grumpy demeanor as he shot up and quickly got dressed.

“You’re such a baby!”

He came to a pause and reared back.

“Did you seriously just call a lethal vampire a baby?”

“No, I called Damon Salvatore a baby!” She fires back with a grin and finishes getting dressed.


Damon frowned the entire time she got ready and packed her things. He narrowed his eyes as she took off the wedding band. Just as he was about to raise hell about it, she grabbed her locket and slipped the ring on to the chain. He shrugged on this as she placed the locket on. He reluctantly grabbed his keys.

“So back to the protective nest it is!”

“Damon…” She hissed in warning.

He sighed and grabbed her things, disappeared. Then reappeared, flipping her over his shoulder as he carried her fireman style to the car.

“You have them believing I was gone all that time checking out a certain college?!” Bella says in disbelief as Damon drove her home.

“They do that you know?”

“Not until senior year!”

He shrugs dismissively.

“It’s fascinating what we’re capable of, you know!”

“And by we… you mean vampires? Or being a dicks?!”

“Maybe I should’ve drained the attitude right out from those gooey insides.”

“Such the romantic, do tell me more.”

He smirks at this and pulls up to the curb of Jenna’s house.

“Really? I thought it more tragic to be honest? I mean finding out I killed my wife and all. But that’s just me. You’re kind of dark, you know.”

She rolls her eyes.

“I’m not even about to entertain that concept!”

He cues that smirk and runs his hands along the steering wheel.

“Guess I’ll see you around.”

“Maybe…” She says in a taunting matter.

It was all over her face however, Bella wasn’t 100 percent alright. To her it seemed as though everything had just taken place recently. That’s how powerful the memories were. Everything was coming back and she would never be the same again. If anything she fused together all her old personas with the current one, which only felt more confusing to Bella. At times she wasn’t sure how to act or respond. Other’s she was perhaps too blunt and yes there was that hint of darkness within her now. The main one that stuck out was that need for revenge. Something that wasn’t even like her. But the more she thought back to everything. The more resentful she felt. Bella felt robbed. She felt as though she and Damon had their entire lives ripped away from them.

There would never be a child in her and Damon’s future. Vampires can’t procreate. And she wasn’t about to turn her back to Damon. No, it wasn’t just the history they shared. She truly loved Damon and throughout each lifetime the proof was always there. He always seemed to stay within the back of her mind somehow. Sure he pressed her buttons even worse than before. But all those feelings were back full throttle and she felt like that young girl that feel in love with her best friend’s older brother all over again. A lump formed within the back of her throat.

“Je t’ aime, toujours, Damon”

At this she exited the baby blue Camaro. Damon took in a breath as she grabbed her things from the backseat. He watched as she headed on in. He nodded to himself.

“Always…” He whispered with a painful expression.



“So…” Bella uttered as she opened the fridge.

“What’d you think of the campus?” Her father asks.

She groaned internally. Thanks Damon, you ass. Jeremy darted into the kitchen, grabbing a granola bar. He rushed back out.

“Well?” Charlie presses as he lowers the paper.

Jenna gazes upon Bella curiously.

“It wasn’t bad…” Bella replies with a dismissive shrug.

“Wasn’t bad, huh?”

She nods.

“Sorry dad. Already running late as it is.”

He narrows his eyes looking to the time.

“Late?” He grumbles as Bella dashes out the door.

Charlie sighs once they’re gone. Jenna softly laughs.

“Fun being the authority figure, isn’t it!”

He shakes his head and sips at his coffee.

“YOU ASS!” Bella called out as Jer pulled out in front of her.

He was showing off and wanted to prove he could beat her to the parking lot. She barely kept from clipping his tailgate. He chuckled, whilst he found a parking spot. Once again he cut her off to the one she was about to use. She growled under her breath, parking a car down from him instead. She could hear him laughing as he got out of the car. Bella marched right over and dead armed him.

“What the hell?!”

She smiled in satisfaction. However, that smile soon faded in bewilderment.

“What’s with you?” Jeremy asked as he rubbed his arm sorely.


He nodded and was walking over. Bella tilted her head ever so slightly. Automatically, she began looking for the others. Jasper sighed as he sensed her.

“It’s just me…”

“Oh…” She replies with a sigh of relief.


He shrugs.

“Why not?” He retorts playfully.

“No, I mean… why are you here?”

“Well haven’t you heard?”

She shakes her head.

“I’m Mystic Falls newest student! Go Timberwolves.”

She raised her brows on this.

“I still don’t understand. Why are you here?!”

“You assume my presence has to do with you?”

She made a “well duh” like face.

“I hadn’t a clue you were so vain, darlin’.”

“Vain?!” Bella scoffed.


Jasper grins and winks upon her.

“Easy now…” Once he takes notice of Caroline, he motions her direction.

“Sorry… I’m here for someone else.”

Bella blushed and Jeremy died in laughter.


“You should have seen your face.”

She rolls her eyes. Caroline greets them with a smile. One Bella hadn’t seen in quite sometime. She hugged the hell out of Jasper and hugged them directly after.

“Ummm, whatever you’re smoking I want some.” Bella whispered in her ear.

Caroline giggled.

“Oh I’m not sharing…” She utters in a territorial manner.

Bella raised her brows on this and watched cluelessy as Caroline and Jasper headed on inside.

“So that just happened.”

Jeremy noted. Bella nodded in return, but was without words at the moment.


Bella turned, seeing Bonnie. They smiled upon one another.

“How is everything…?” Bonnie hints.

Bella looks around and waits until Jeremy’s inside.

“Been better… Been worse…”

“I’m here if you need me.” Bonnie earnestly puts out there.

“Thank you.”

“How’s things with you?”

“About the same, actually.”

“What’s it like?”

Bonnie pauses before they enter the building.


Bella nods.

“Frightening as hell, at times I fear I’ll lose control.”

Bella and Bonnie turned back with that same feeling, like they were being watched. Bonnie opened the door at this, whilst taking once last glance, but they saw no one.

“So where’s Stef?” Tyler asked as he leaned over.

Bella leaned back in her chair and gave a simple shrug.

“He’s been missing for days.”

“He mentioned something about needing sometime to himself.” She says off handedly.

Caroline naturally over heard this, She gave Bella a rot in hell look.

“He’s right where he belongs.” Bella stated but softly enough that only Caroline and Jasper could detect the words.

“From the looks of things, you got a new boy toy.” Bella teased temporarily forgetting that Jasper could hear her as well.

She turned back with an wide eyed, yet apologetic expression. Jasper chuckled.

“You haven’t changed that much Bella Swan.”

She groans and swiftly turns back around.

“How would you know? You barely know me.” She mutters under her breath.

He raises his brows on this and folds his arms about his chest. If only she knew how much he picked up during his brief time in Forks. He paid extra attention to her out of mere curiosity. That and the fact that Edward couldn’t “read” her. That too had him somewhat intrigued. He wanted to laugh as he thought back to his time with the Olympic coven. They were terrible vampires. He’d never heard of such ones in existence. Apparently Carlisle, (the one that ran the coven) thought he could make amends for all his wrong doings, by creating this coven. He had set rules in which they were to follow. One of them being “absolutely no feeding from humans”. They weren’t vampire’s they were the true definition of leeches. Literal parasites that fed from animals. Pathetic really… Jasper wasn’t about to let himself succumb to such a weak coven. That and he couldn’t stand Edward Cullen. He was a spoiled little shit.

It only got worse once Edward laid eyes on Bella. Something about the way she smelled, talked, and carried herself. She’d reminded him of his wife from his human days. But Jasper swore there was something off about him. Jasper at times through his own ability could sense a certain darkness within Edward and by darkness. And by darkness? Jasper thought homicidal-blood-thirsty-lunatic. That was partially Carlisle’s fault, forcing all his progenies on this so called “diet”. Jasper felt it was cruel and a disaster just waiting to happen.

Jasper respected Emmett Cullen however. Emmett had the utmost respect for everyone. And he was truly just thankful to be alive. However he was very naïve. But with that naiveness was a heart of gold.

Now when it came to Rosalie… Emmett’s companion. High maintenance was the first thing that came to mind. Jasper couldn’t stand the woman. She was always bitching about something. And the blonde preppy hunted in six inch heels. Who does that? He thought with a roll of the eyes.

Esme… When it came to this one. Pity… She held Carlisle in high regard and followed him around like a lost pup. But she truly was. Without Carlisle, Esme wouldn’t last. She was too soft. To depending when it came to him. And that “he hangs the moon” attitude was sure to get her killed one day.

And last but not least Carlisle Cullen, one of the worst leaders in vampire history. He more or less let his “son” Edward have the reins, when it came to the coven. He would do anything within his power to make this little shit happy. And that’s exactly what he did. He’d never admit it now. But it was clear as day. Don’t need the gift of empathy to see that Carlisle loved Edward more than anyone on this god forsaken planet. Even more so than that his own wife! Then again, Edward was his first progeny.

Jasper leaned back taking notice of Bella running her fingers along the ring on her necklace. He thought back to his and Damon’s war days. He’d always wondered what Damon’s wife was like. He’d served with Damon during that joke of a war, once again over territory. Story of Jasper’s life everything he’d ever fought for seemed to be behind greed, only not that of his own. It was whoever he was serving at the time. At first it was his country, later on Maria. Now Maria… Part of the reason he was here. There were some issues he’d never truly put to a close, Stefan Salvatore being one of those. Jasper’s lip curled as he reminisced.

A cloud of smoke filled the entire area they were in. Bullets were being fired from all directions. Jasper gritted his teeth as one zipped right past his ear, nearly clipping it. His ear instantly began to ring and he thought his eardrum had burst. He was amazed that it hadn’t at the frequency of the bullet’s speed alone. Everything now sounded is if he were underwater. He could barely make out his men hollering from across the way. He nodded towards one of them as he took cover behind a tree. He swallowed back his throat was so dry it hurt to swallow. His feet were covered in blisters. He was fatigued and starving. There was the urge to give up, to be in final enteral rest. That sounded very appealing at this point.

But that wasn’t the Whitlock way of doing things. No. No matter how much agony his body was in physically, mentally, and emotionally. He’d trudge on through hell and back doing whatever it took to lead his men and keep them safe. He inched his way towards his men, firing at any surrounding enemies.

What took place next were the longest seconds in Jasper Whitlock’s life. There was nothing he could do. He was too far away. A sneak attack hit, one that no one, not even the major saw coming. Jasper was just about to call out a warning. But he knew the moment he gave away his position, they’d fire. So as he ducked away, his heart sank to the pit of his stomach. He was desperate to do whatever he could to save whatever he could of his men. He knew no matter what a majority were about to die. So he ground those teeth of his together. He sucked back a breath and quickly yet discreetly as possible made his way towards them. He shook his head as he rushed on word. Hearing the cries of his men as they were being slaughtered. By the time he got within close enough range to fire. There were only three of his men left and eight of the opposing side. Jasper fired off a couple rounds and hurriedly tuck and rolled taking cover. The two shots were good ones leaving six. One of his men fired managing to take down another leaving five. Jasper swiftly moved his foot out of the way as rounds were fired his direction now as well. He leaned against a tree, doing his best to focus.

Jasper waited until their rivals had to reload. He took the opportunity to see what he was dealing with now. He nodded towards one of his men. Just as he was about to signal in return, Jasper grimaced. The man fell with a bullet to the head. “No Wilson…” Jasper groaned to himself in misery. One of his men were about to run over and help. Jasper saw it coming and could no longer hide. He stepped out, something coming over him. He fired and kept walking. Reloaded, fired again. Kept walking. Reloaded, fired again. This continued even as bullet flew right past him. Fear no longer resided within him. No, he was angry. They were sent here to die. They hadn’t near the ammunition or supplies that was needed. That and they were lucky to have made it this far. They were outnumbered from the beginning. It was thanks to the Major’s skills. They’d even managed to make it this far. But even through that there were just too many. Jasper was using whatever he had left of his ammunition. He was prepared to die, along with his men. He stood his ground and continued this until he realized he was the last man standing. The enemy had taken his out, but in return he’d taken out every last one of them.

Jasper stood there for a few moment’s taking it all in. Some of these men were more than just companions of war. They were his friends, his brothers… most of them had wives and children waiting for them back home. Some had mothers and father’s waiting for their return. Jasper began to desperately check for any survivors. He’d feel for pulses, check for breathing, but there wasn’t a single survivor. He pinched the bridge of his nose as he hunkered over a 17 year old boy. He was just a couple years older than him. He was about his age when he first joined. Only a couple years shy of that even. Jasper had lied in order to serve. Jasper had done his time and was ready to come home. However he shortly returned. Mainly, so he could get away from his engagement to a dreadful woman known as Alice Brandon. A woman he’d never met but heard plenty about. Mainly, from a buddy of his, Damon Salvatore. That and it was always in Jasper. He wanted to serve his country. The mere idea gave him a sense of pride. One he’d never felt before. As for the love of a woman? He’d never really experienced that. He’d received a letter from his parents one day about his sick uncle from Mystic Falls. They mentioned how it was urgent that he visit him, instead of coming home during his leave. 

Jasper wasn’t certain what to make of this. He’d only met the man a few times. Yet he was expected to drop everything and go to Virginia? Of all places?! He’d been dying to see Texas again. He was homesick as it was. But he obeyed his parent’s wishes. He’d gone to Mystic Falls. Only to learn that his uncle had him in an arranged marriage. 

All he truly knew when it came to this woman, was by word of mouth. She was considered an old maid now. She was 19 about to turn 20. Her looks had nothing to do with driving men away. It was that attitude of hers. She was spoiled rotten. “Daddy” always gave her everything she wanted. The Brandons came from money. Alice was all about the latest fashion and the best things money could buy. Whereas, Jasper could give a rat’s ass. He didn’t come from money. He worked hard for every penny he earned, hence his confusion. Why this woman would desire his company? It was known all across town that she couldn’t wait to become his wife. This alone had Jasper uneasy. They’d never even met. His uncle let him know she’d seen his picture in one of the local papers and knew he served. She went on about how handsome he was in his uniform and all. His uncle couldn’t be happier that she’d accepted his offer. 

Jasper always was easy on the eyes. His southern drawl with him being Texan, added to the appeal. Women often enough flocked to him. It sure as hell hadn’t anything to do with money. He barely managed in caring for his own needs, much less a woman’s. It wasn’t because he was lazy. No, he hadn’t a lazy bone in his body. Jasper was working by the time he turned 9, he knew nothing else. Blood, sweat, and tears that’s how you make a living. An honest day’s work puts bread on the table. Something his father had taught him. Something Jasper took pride in. 

As to the ultimate shame he’d felt, when finding out his parents were also behind his uncle’s plans for him. Alice Brandon was some sort of distant cousin of his. The uncle wished to keep his estate in the family. And from the sounds of things he had a soft spot for Miss. Alice Brandon. He’d made it known once Jasper came to town, that he was to marry this woman. In return, he’d offer him his estate along means to support not only himself, Alice, and possible future children. But his family back in Texas as well. Most men would probably jump at the opportunity. Several acres of land, an entire estate, and the chance to never worry about going hungry again. To never worry about finding work again! But not Jasper. He was insulted and angered by this offer. How dare his father! The very man that taught him not to worry about such things. That this was the way of life. That you’d one day appreciate it! He was nothing more than a hypocrite!

Jasper sat before his uncle, in his estate, in his living room. They stared one another down. He’d set his foot down that day. He wasn’t about to marry someone he didn’t know. Nor was he to marry for money! In fact he was outraged that his uncle and parents would ever expect such a thing. His father was the one that had truly disappointed him the most. He and his uncle got into one hell of a verbal argument over it. His uncle had let him know that he was an ungrateful little shit. Went on about how he thought he’d seen something within his nephew, but he was clearly wrong.

That was the night he’d met Damon Salvatore for the first time. He’d left not long after their argument over the marriage and estate. He let his uncle know flat out he didn’t want a dime from him and he sure as hell wasn’t going to marry some woman he’d never met. And from the gossip in town, he didn’t care to ever meet her!

Jasper was traveling by horse, heading out of town. But he knew he’d quite a trip ahead of him. He would need some money and rations for his horse, canteens for water, etc. His uncle had made certain he took everything Jasper had on him, once he disagreed to his proposal. Jasper stopped at a ranch. The size and house alone read money to him. He’d hoped to convince the owners to let him work for them for a few days so he could earn whatever he needed for the trip back to Texas. He wanted to deal with his parents face to face.

He saw a man not much older than he working the ranch. He sighed to himself afraid they’d already a ranch hand hired. But Jasper never was one to give up. He cleared his throat letting the man know he was there. Jasper respectfully took off his hat. He was in uniform. The man stopped what he was doing and wiped his brow. He nodded upon Jasper.

“Can I help you?” 

“Actually, I was wondering if I might be of some assistance.” Jasper looks around. 

“A lot of land to cover.”

The blue eyed man took off his working gloves and offered a hand. Jasper nodded and accepted shaking his hand in return. 

“Major Jasper Whitlock.” 

The man smiled pleasantly. 

“Major huh?” He rather chuckled as if amused by this. 

“Damon Salvatore.”

And that’d made the first time they’d met. He’d never imagined that this man would soon become as though a brother to him. He hadn’t known until his first few days of work were up, that Damon had been paying him out of his own pocket. Not a dime came from his father. It was never spoken, but Jasper always knew Damon offered him work and shelter in the barn out of the kindness of his heart. That and he seemed to respect the fact that Jasper was serving their country.

Before their departure, he’d made an offhanded remark about the draft and how he’d probably see Damon again. Damon had a good laugh at this. But he wasn’t laughing so much they’re second time of meeting. Only Damon was thankful to have at least one friend alongside of him. He spoke of Isabella Mia De Fleur. But Jasper never had the pleasure of meeting her face to face. All he knew was Damon wasn’t too happy about leaving his newly wed wife off and in order to serve the needs of the country. It wasn’t that Damon hadn’t any respect. It just wasn’t what he’d wanted for his life. He was married, running the family ranch, and was ready to start a family. But even through this, Damon loyally served and went back home once his time was done. From there, they’d met again on numerous occasions. Jasper always thought it was rather ironic how their paths always seemed to cross.

The pork and beans war came to mind as Jasper looked about the area. The smoke from the guns was starting to rise throughout the air now. It made his eyes water as he stood there, feeling lost. A captain is meant to go down with his ship. Where did he belong now? Jasper was numb as he hopped on his horse. He knew he hadn’t much time. Others were soon to come, he could hear them from a distance. Jasper rode on out of the area. His mind was flashing to the faces of his friends. How he wished he could have given them a proper burial. The guilt on him being the only one to survive hit the further his horse carried him. He’d felt as though he let his men down. He was meant to lead them THROUGH battle. Not to towards Death’s gate! This continued to take it’s toll on Jasper. So much so he didn’t stop to eat, sleep or drink.

He came to a stop hours into his journey. He adjusted his hat keeping the sun from his eyes. He narrowed them as he stopped before three beauties. A brunette, blonde, and woman with midnight hair. He thought the one with the midnight hair to be the most beautiful. She was first to smile his direction. 

“Are you ladies in need of assistance?” Jasper asked as he tugged at the reins. 

“Easy boy…” He uttered patting the auburn horse down gently to calm him. 

He wondered why the horse was reacting the way he was. All Jasper saw was three beautiful women, ones that were in the wrong place at the wrong time. His first concern was THEIR safety. He knew these were war grounds.

Jasper’s hands balled up into fists. Caroline and Bella cut him a concerned look, taking notice. He cleared his throat and nodded towards them both.

Three beauties Maria, Nettie, and Lucy. That he’d thought to be angels, shortly became three demons. By this point, he knew all about vampires. After all, his best friend was a vampire. But he hadn’t a clue about these women until it was too late. They had him where they wanted, using their charm and beauty as a weapon. He’d never truly had the touch of a woman. And all three gave him exactly what he wanted. The god of war soon felt as though a sex god amongst these three women. They worked together, shared blood, and the three of them had sex, often.

Before he knew it, he’d been reborn as a vampire. He was helping this group of women create more newborns and he personally trained each of them. Helping to create an army of vampires. Jasper was in his own paradise. A very dark one but his nonetheless, these women had him so blinded. Even through his gift of empathy they managed to play him for a fool. He thought with his lust… Lust for blood. Lust for incredibly wild sex. But his paradise was soon interrupted as he was fucking Maria out in the woods one day.


Maria froze in his clutch. A look of absolute shock washed over her.


Jasper turned with his pecker still buried within her. The blond looked furious. He rushed over and yanked Jasper off her. He socked Jasper in the gut and Jasper gritted his teeth. They got into one hell of a brawl. It took Katherine and the newborn army to pry them off one another. They eyed each other down with menace.

“That’s my fiancée! YOU BASTARD!” 

Jasper raised his brows on this. He glanced towards “Katherine”. 

“So what’s the name darlin’ Maria or Katherine?”

She sighed and confessed that her real name was Katherine. Claimed that her reason for lying to him about her name was because she was in trouble and had others after her. Stefan and Katherine fought about her inability to stay faithful. Her defense? Jasper meant nothing to her. It was just sex. Long story short. Stefan swore that Jasper Whitlock would pay for sleeping with is fiancé. Jasper rather laughed and shrugged it off. He hadn’t truly believed him. And it’s not like he even knew the crazy bitch was engaged. She never even mentioned it. He felt rather bad for the guy but there was nothing he could do. He’d already fucked her, hell all three of them and numerously. 

It wasn’t until a fight broke out amongst the four of them. As there were now two roosters in the hen house, both not willing to share. There could only be one. Jasper could tell by Katherine’s reaction she’d choose Stefan. So he decided to end this all himself. He’d grown tired of this lifestyle as it was. The sex was no longer near as gratifying. Stefan was nothing more than an annoyance and always in his way. But he’d be damned if he let the men he trained continued to follow the demands of Katherine. He was the one that put in all the hard work. He’d the scars to prove it! He’d grown to care for each of them and he felt it’d be best to hold a secret meeting. One where he planned on setting them all free. He wished for them to go their own ways and create some sort of life. Only he made clear they stay away from their loved ones in order to keep from doing something they’d forever regret.

That meeting however got interrupted. Stefan entered the barn, Jasper had them all in. he was doing his best to course them his way. To continue on… So they could gain more territory. Stefan made promises he knew he couldn’t keep etc.. But through his empathy… He knew over half of his men were falling for it. He was truly disappointed but there wasn’t anything he could do other than have the ones that didn’t wish to continue this insane way of life follow him. 

Amongst that group were Peter and Charlotte. Peter was like a little brother to Jasper. He too had served in the infantry, automatically gaining Jasper’s respect. Charlotte was Peter’s lover and they had chosen to go along with Jasper and the others. It was no secret how Jasper favored these two. He even had Peter helping him in training. Charlotte was on her way there as well. They’d both earned Jasper’s admiration. They wanted the same thing he’d wanted. Freedom. And that’s just what he was to give them, each of them. No longer would they have orders to follow. Another thing he’d used his empathy for gaining their trust so they would follow him. Only today he wasn’t. Each newborn here was making a decision based on their wants. Jasper had no pull on them whatsoever. That’s how he wanted it. He wanted to be fair. That and he wanted to be able to tell Katherine that this is what they wanted. 

But all hell soon broke loose… and it was because of that very day. The vision came to mind of war amongst the newborns broke out. His vs the ones that chose Stefan. A war that ended with him being held down by the very demon’s he’d offered assistance to. He was forced to watch as Stefan and the betrayers tortured Peter by ripping his lover apart limb from limb right before him. Jasper could hear Charlotte’s cries to this very day. And he could still feel their love for one another, fear, and anguish. When they were done with her, they did the same to Peter only left him alive to suffer as he was burned to death. Jasper had sworn amongst Peter’s very ashes. He’d seek revenge on Peter and Charlotte’s behalf.











8 thoughts on “Chapter 12 Major History”

  1. Oh, what an amazing chapter, Kitten!! I loved the scenes with Damon and Bella when she regained more her memory. Her naming the baby Damon made me all misty eyed. I also enjoyed the juicy little lemon you tossed in there, too! 😉 WOW! Stefan was a total asshole! I hope Jasper and Damon both pay him his due for the crap he’s done!! I am looking forward to the next chapter already, as well as your other updates! Love you! Great job on the chapter!!!

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