Chapter 10 The Unexpected

Chapter 10

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Bella pinned her hair back as she gazed into the mirror. The song Animal by Maroon 5 was blaring. She was singing along and swaying her hips about to the beat. The bathroom door however slammed shut, in the middle of her getting ready. Bella narrowed her eyes and looked that direction. She cautiously peeked around the hotel room. Looking to the time, she saw it was nearly 2 pm now. Concern washed her over her as she thought about Damon.

She made her way back to the mirror. As she took in a breath, a chill crawled up her spine. She could have sworn she saw someone from the corner of her eye in the mirror. Only they weren’t there now. Her hair felt as though it lifted off her shoulders. A gush of air blow past during this as well. Bella swallowed back. She looked around the bathroom.

“Hello?” She called out, feeling rather foolish, yet slightly on edge.

There was no answer. She shut her eyes for a moment, doing her best to convince herself it was her imagination. Only she swore she felt someone running their hands along her ass. Due to this she quickly whipped around, seeing no one.

A nervous laugh escaped her lips. That was soon to fade however. Fog began to rise within the room. She shook her head as it covered the mirror.


Once her back was turned to him, he appeared directly behind her. She sighed with annoyance. Bella could feel him breathing along her neck.

“I know it’s you. You’re the only one I know of that does that stupid fog thing. Who do you think you are Dracula?!”

At this she turns back around. She gasps back with alarm and he quickly covers her mouth.

“Dracula?” He tilts his head as if offended.

He then backed her up against the counter. Damon’s hands along her skinny jeans, and white long sleeved blouse, that hung off one of her shoulders. He kissed along her bare shoulder and worked his way up to her neck. His fangs scrapped along her neck, sending her chills.

“Hmm, good enough to eat like always.” He mutters under his breath.

“And Dracula has nothing on me, Sweetheart.” He playfully nips at her causing her to moan.

He licks her neck and looks into the mirror. His hair was a mess and he looked worn out. Bella twirled back around and wrapped her arms around him. She nestled up against his chest, lovingly.

“Thank you…” She said, but rather coy like.

He reared back and moved a strand of hair from her eyes.

“For?” He inquired as he caressed her cheek.

“Whatever you did last night…” She hints.

A bit of a demonic smirk came about his face. He took her hand and twirled her about as if they were dancing. He brought her back up against his chest.

“I don’t need a thank you, Lizzy. We both know I owe you everything. And that’s just the beginning.”

“Damon…” She says shaking her head in disagreement.

He puts a single finger on her lips. He leads her out of the bathroom, to the table in the room.

“Shhhh… Now, I’m going to shower. And you’re going to sit there, looking good enough to eat as always. Read; watch TV, whatever you wish… Except… He zips over and grabs the journal from the nightstand.

“Just Damon Salvatore and Bella Swan today.” He waves the journal about, in the air.

“We can get back to this tomorrow. This little road trip, whatever you wish to call it. Isn’t just about getting your memories back, Lizzy. It’s about getting to know one another again. That’s just as important.” At this, he kisses her hand and heads on to the bathroom.

Bella never was one to watch a lot of TV. So she decided to read her book while Damon got ready. After a couple of pages though, guilt was settling in. She groaned to herself wondering if Damon even had a chance to sleep or feed?

Before long, Damon stepped out with a towel wrapped around his waist. The towel hit the floor as he got dressed. Bella admired from the table.

“Like what you see?” He taunts sensing her. Bella hadn’t a clue the amount of vibes he picked up from her.



“It just so happens I find you completely repulsive. All the more reason, I can’t believe I ever “settled” for you.” She cruelly taunts.

He unzips his pants again. And whips himself out.

“This perhaps?” That’s the last thing he needs… More of an ego boost… She thought to herself. But he had a very BIG point…

She grins shaking her head.

“Admit it…” He says and places himself back up.

He then appears before her and leans in with his hands on the armrests.

“I’m the only man that could ever make you come the way you do.” He whispers in her ear.

It was true. She hadn’t thought about it before. But no one else ever fully satisfied her needs. Bella found herself wondering why she ever slept with Kol AND IN TWO DIFFERENT ERAS! Hell, she was even engaged to him at one time. WHAT THE FUCK? She thought with a groan.

“Just as how no other woman ever measured up, every single one of them, was nothing more than a disappointment.” Damon utters meaning every word.
She replies back with a heated kiss. He lifts her off the chair and presses her up against a wall. It was this right here that proved to Damon. What they had was rare. Often enough, as “Damon and Isabel Salvatore” they had other couples jealous. They never could keep their hands of one another. Gossip soon spread that it was all just for show. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Even now, Damon could sense it. Nothing had truly changed in the way they felt about one another. He reached over and pocketed his keys. The kissing continued as he exited the hotel and got her into the car.

Once they hit the road, Bella laid her head in his lap again.

“Did you sleep at all?”

He shrugs as he stops at a red light.

“Funny thing about being a vampire.”
“Just one?” She taunts and he smirks.

“Hmmm…” He makes a tsking sound as if to scold her.

“I was going to say we don’t require as much sleep. We can go days without it.”

“Did you feed?”

He nods.

“She was about 5′ 7″, blonde, stacked and delicious.”

Bella rolls her eyes and goes to rise out of his lap.

“Why do you do that?” She snaps bitterly.

Damon dies in laughter and she hits him on the chest. That only makes him laugh more.

“You can be such a jerk!”

He shrugs and shifts gears.

“How would you like it if the tables were turned?!”

“You mean if my incredibly sexy girlfriend was a vampire, and fed off some hot blonde ditz?”

“Damon…” She growls under her breath.

He smirks.

“Now, that I’d like to see and quit being so melodramatic. I was in a hurry and just fed off whoever crossed my path.”

“Fine… just keep in mind, if I ever become a vampire as well. You can’t say shit when I feed of some hot guy.”

He shrugs.

“You already drink of me, but by all means… I’m an open bar, Kitten. Have your fill!”

She rolls her eyes and goes to hit him again. He blocks it and gently places her hand back down.

“Are you done being all green eyed now, Kitten?”

“Shut up.”

“So your first concern goes to wondering just how much I “enjoyed” myself, rather than if I allowed her to live or not.” He mentions with the fullest of interest.

Bella shrugs.

“You already stated that you only kill those that deserve it. Or annoy you…” She adds with a sigh.

“Someone’s been listening in class. Such a good little girl, keep it up my little pet!” He says, whilst groping one of her breasts.

“And I’m not saying I approve.”
“But you’re not saying that you disapprove either.” He says and looks down her blouse, white lace today. He grew aroused at the sight.

“This is just really confusing…” She confesses with a perplexed expression.

“Look, the way I see it is you have to eat and so do I.”
“So you’re not going to try and persuade me into becoming a bunny muncher, like my little bro?”

Bella wrinkles her nose. This causes Damon more curiosity.

“And what is that I detect?”

“It’s just weird. I mean even in fiction, you never read about vampires feeding off animals. And Caroline admitted to me how dreadful it taste and that it never keeps them satisfied. That seems more dangerous to me.”

“How so?”

“Well, think about it. Why do humans never truly last on their so called “diets”? It’s the same issue. No one wants the salad in comparison to the steak. You keep floating the two options in front of them; eventually they’re going to cave. What’s not to say Stefan and Caroline won’t? Only it’s ten times worse for Caroline! She’s new and hasn’t the amount of years Stefan has had to adapt to this “so called diet”. She’s around humans constantly. Who’s to say she won’t eventually snap, and give in to her true desires? It wouldn’t even be her fault if she did. It’s WHO she is. She’s a vampire. Caroline can’t simply go around pretending as if she’s something else, when she isn’t. If I were Caroline, I’d feel as though Stefan was condemning me for things I cannot control. I’m sorry Damon, but I do not agree with your brother. The way he’s training Caroline, on this survival from animal blood, there’s too much risk. She’s just too new and she cannot control her senses and what they tell her. It’s like telling Caroline she’s wrong for desiring human blood. But it’s WHO she is. That would be like me telling you the same thing. That doesn’t make sense. Why can’t he just teach her to compel and feed? That would be the best choice. That way she feels satisfied and no one’s really getting hurt. That to me seems like the less risky option. I truly don’t get what Stefan think he’s going to accomplish. You should see her Damon, she looks fucking miserable!”

He nods, looking to be in thought. He knew his Lizzy was smart, but damn. Damon found himself thoroughly impressed.

“Don’t ever apologize for not agreeing with my brother. Hell, Lizzy I’ve never agreed with him, not about to start, but you’re right. Stefan might think he’s doing her a favor by showing her the more “ethical” way of doing things. But in the long run or short even, if you will. It will only prove to be more dangerous. Your little blondie of a friend already had the taste of human blood. She had to in order to survive. Only now, she knows the taste of that, in comparison to animal. It’s only a matter of time, before it truly sinks in. I see it. You see it. My dear brother’s too senseless to see it. He’s on this kick of making the world a “better place”. He seems to forget that we’re already dead. And this sudden need to play the “hero”, it only makes him look like a jackass. He thinks he can make amends by doing a complete 180 on the vampire he once was? All he’s doing is pissing me the fuck off. Not a wise thing to do. Now is it gorgeous?” He says with a wink.

“If you didn’t kill him, then what did you do?”

“Something much worse…”
“And that is?”

“Having him surrounded in death, only to never meet its sweet embrace. No matter how much my little bro begs for it. He will continue to suffer just as he made you suffer.” Damon says with a certain glare to him, one that even had Bella’s skin crawling.

“So you can eat?” She whispers across the table looking confused as Damon picked at his plate of food.

He shrugs.

“And drink!” He says with a rather sarcastic tone.

“Damon…” She groans.

He stuffs a forkful of food in his mouth.

“We can eat and drink just fine. But we need blood in order to survive.”

“Does it still taste the same?”

“Something’s do. Something’s don’t.”
“Such as…?”


He nods and waves his fork about.

“It’s sour.”

Something about that had her laughing.

“Let’s just say, the stronger the flavor, the better the taste.”

“That would certainly explain your love for bourbon.”

“See, now you’re getting it!”

He sips at the champagne he ordered for the table.

“Are you going to drink yours?”

“Underage, remember?”

“Hitherto, you happily partook of my bourbon and damn near half of it! Which I’ve yet to punish you for…”

She nods and grabs her glass of wine. She downs it. Bella then reaches over and downs what’s left of his glass as well. She grins and leans back. “It’s not bad.”

Damon cocks a brow and folds his arms about his chest.

“You do realize, that’s double the punishment now?”
“Yep.” She states and pours them another glass.

“So you’re 17. You’re a senior.”

Damon rears back with a frown.


She nods. He takes her glass of champagne away and polishes it off and hands it back.

“You mean to tell me, you still have one more year of school after this one?”

“Well yes, generally that’s how it works.”

He frowns and makes a sour face.

“Um, no.”

She raises her brows on this.

“This year will be your last year.”

She laughs.

“Isn’t it?”

“I can’t just drop out of school.”

“Sure you can. You can do whatever you want, Kitten.”


“OK fine. I’ll compel whoever I need, and it’ll be like you already graduated!”
“What?!” He questions batting his eyes a bit.

She sighs and leans back in thought.

“Then you can move in, we’ll get married, and all will be right in the world.”

“Is that so?”

He nods confidently.

“Married, at 17?”
“You’ve done it before.”

“That was a different era. That’s rather frowned upon now.”

He shrugs.

“You seem to be mistaking me for someone that truly gives a damn.”

“Damon… please… just…”
“I’ve gone over 150 years, without my fucking wife. I just got her back. You bet your sweet ass, I want it all. Everything we had ripped away from us! I want it back, Lizzy!”

“You think I don’t?”
“You’re not acting as though you do.”
“Damon, you know that’s not true. I just can’t marry you, right this second. I have a life back in Mystic falls, my family and friends to think about. And it’s like you said, I still have a year of school left.”

He shakes his head, looking pissed.

“And what about the life we had? Doesn’t that count for something?! What is it you’re trying to tell me exactly?! That you don’t want me taking you away from your “precious” life? Is that it?!”

“Damon… You know that’s not it! It’s just things are different now and getting married? Like right now?!”

He nods and throws down his napkin. He throws down a couple of bills and waltzes out of the restaurant. Bella shuts her eyes, and that lump formed in her throat. She exited the restaurant to find Damon already in the car. His head was against the dashboard. His hands clenched around it tightly.

She swallowed back as she got in.

“I spent over a century looking for you. During this time, you were reborn, died, and reborn again. Each time, never knowing where you were. What you were going through. No matter what I faced, no matter how much time had passed. My heart belonged to you, Lizzy. Dead or not, it’s still yours. You’re it for me. I will never want anyone else. Obviously to you, it seems like one big fucking obligation. I don’t care that you’re in fucking school. I don’t give a damn about that town, your friends, or your family! What I care about is getting my wife back!

I’m not an idiot! I know I don’t deserve you! I never did! I never will! But I’m selfish! All I want is YOU! I will always want you. So for now… Fine! Have it your way! I’m going to HATE every moment of it. But I’ll wait. However long it takes. In the meantime, I’ll be more than happy to drive you crazy.”

“Do you still have my ring?”

He lifts his head and turns towards her. He nods and pats down his leather jacket.

“You keep it on you?”

He nods as he hands it over. It was a simple gold band with three tiny diamonds embedded into it. Bella slips it on her finger and holds it out, gazing upon it.

“Still a perfect fit.” She said with a hint of a smile.

Memory flashback:

And do you Miss Isabella Mia De Fleur, take Mr. Damon Salvatore to be your lawfully bided husband. To have and to hold, to honor and cherish, through sickness and in health till death do you part?”

I do.”
She lifted her eyes towards Damon. He had a massive grin on his face as she slipped his ring on.

Then, I now pronounce you husband, and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore. You may kiss your bride, Mr. Salvatore.”

Isabel giggled as Damon grabbed ahold of her. He twirled her about and passionately kissed her.

I love you.” He whispered in her ear.

I love you too.”

They began their way back down the aisle, a few of their friends, and family clapped their hands. Some patted Damon on the shoulder, a handful cut his newly wedded wife dirty go to hell looks. It was nothing new to Isabel. She simply learned to shrug it off. If anything she clung on to her husband even tighter and with pride. She was happy and no one was about to steal her thunder.

Her dress wasn’t of white. It was blue. The phrase “Wear blue and he’ll always be true”, Stuck through her mind. Something her mother used to say, before she passed away. It was a dress Isabel had made herself. Her hair was pinned up, with the golden leaf, Damon had given her. Damon wore his military suit, something that was tradition amongst the soldiers when they wed. Instead of cake, they had what was referred to as a “bridal pie”. Whichever guest got the glass ring baked inside was to be the lucky girl next to marry. Ironically, it was Alice Brandon. She shot up with a squeal of delight, just as Damon was feeding Isabel a piece of the cherry pie.

Damon leaned into her ear at this point.
“I feel for the future husband to be.” He smarted and she giggled.

He reached over and wiped off a bit of cherry from Isabel’s lip. He licked it off his finger.

I must say, you make the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen, Lizzy.”

Damon…” She blushed and shook her head.

I mean it.”

The memory flashed to them dancing. She remembered how warm and safe she felt. How “in love” she was. All was right in the world. Only she jumped at the sound of a rifle going off. All of the guests gasped back and Damon protectively placed her behind him.

Dad!” Damon scolded as Mr. Salvatore hopped off his horse, a drunken mess.

He staggered his way towards the area, the wedding guests were dancing. He aimed his rifle at Isabel.

Move son.”

What are you doing?!”

I’m saving you from a lifetime of embarrassment, and saving the Salvatore name.” Damon brought his gun out as well and aimed it at his father.

Isabel’s father and Stefan nodded towards one another, and began to inch their way towards their father.

Dad, you’re not doing this, not today. This is our day. Our wedding! I love Lizzy. That’s just something you’re going to have to deal with. Don’t even begin to think I won’t shoot you, if you mean my wife any harm.”

YOU’D SHOOT YOUR OWN FATHER? OVER A FRENCH WHORE?! SHE’S NOTHING. AND SO ARE YOU. YOU’RE NOTHING TO ME NOW. YOU’RE DEAD. I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU’D MARRY THAT, THAT…” Stefan and Mr. De Fleur hurriedly seized Mr. Salvatore. Stefan disarmed him, the sheriff, and his deputy took Mr. Salvatore into custody. He continued to rant and rave under his breath.

Isabel’s entire face flushed over, hot tears streamed down her face.

No, no… This is our day. None of that, beautiful.” Damon insisted, wiping her tears away.

He’d love nothing more, than to know he ruined this day for us. That’s just not happening. Now is it, Lizzy?” He said with a wink.

A timid smile formed along her face. Damon caressed her cheek. He cued in for the music to start once again. They went back to their dancing and so did the guests. Before long, Damon took her by the hand. They snuck away from the wedding party. He led her to an area he had secretly set up. There were candles, a picnic basket, a blanket set out with folded blankets to the side, and two bottles of wine and glasses. Damon sat her down on the red and white picnic blanket. He lit the candles and lay beside her. They didn’t even make it to the wine, or treats within the picnic basket.

They eagerly kissed and instantly began undressing one another. Only now, Damon took his time. He ran his hands along every crevice of her body. He worshipped it with kisses, wherever he could reach. Once he got to her sex, Damon carefully spread her about. He placed a finger inside, testing first making certain she wasn’t still tender. It had only been a couple days ago, Damon had taken her virginity. Isabel gathered what he was doing, and smiled, letting him know it didn’t hurt. At this Damon readily hovered over her. She giggled as he showered her with more kisses and rubbed himself against her. That giggle quickly turned into a moan. He’d already entered. She bit upon her lip, doing her best not to scream out. She wrapped herself around him as he thrust started off with gentle strokes. The wetter she became. The more she encouraged. The harder Damon thrust.

Bella snapped back to reality. Her eyes darted towards Damon. He narrowed his with concern. She began to grit her teeth and was reaching to her temples. EVERYTHING about her and Damon’s past was hitting, all at once.

“Damon…” She said with a panicked expression.

She sucked back a breath and reached to her heart.
“Lizzy?!” Damon reached out to her, in alarm.

Bella’s eyes rolled back, and she went flying out of the car. It was as if someone shoved her out of the car.

“FUUCCCCK!” Damon shouted and leaped out of the Camaro.

Her unconscious body floated above the parking lot, and then drifted up against the building of the restaurant, they’d just eat at.

“NO, DAMMIT!” Damon yelled as he was trying to get to her. But there was some sort of barrier blocking him, from doing so.

Other customers looked on in shock. Damon paced about in sheer panic.

“Not again! NO! NO HER!” He roared trying to think of something anything.

Bella’s eyes flew open. They had a golden hue to them. Her body came to a stop. She remained against the restaurant, a good 8 feet off the ground. Her hair wildly flowed about. She began speaking in French. Damon narrowed his eyes, as it sounded like a spell of some sort. It came from her lips, but the voice belonged to someone else. The chanting continued as Bella pointed upon Damon. His name was mentioned during the chant. She looked furious and tears were streaming down her rosy cheeks. There was desperation behind whatever she was saying. She looked to the sky above and the chanting grew more desperate and heart felt. Damon felt something overwhelming him. He was being pulled Bella’s direction now.

Bella reached out grabbing him by the collar of his shirt. Her lips locked with his. Damon looked upon her rather wide eyed. Whilst he wondered what the fuck was going on. Once Bella kissed Damon her eyes came to a close again. She dropped her hold. And Damon came down in a crouching stance. He hurriedly caught her as she came plummeting down. He gently slapped at her cheeks trying to get her to come to.

“Come on, Lizzy. Wake up, Sweetheart.”

Damon grew impatient and ground his teeth together.

“BACK OFF!” He demanded. People were getting to close for comfort.

He placed her in the car. Before he left, he destroyed a couple of cellphones, and compelled a few onlookers. Damon urgently tried everything he could think of to stir her, but nothing.

“Lizzy, you CANNOT do this to me! I just got you back. Ok, so you don’t want to get married? DONE! Fuck baby, I’ll take what I can get! I won’t pressure you for shit! Open those pretty eyes of yours. Slap me! Yell at me! Hell, I don’t care as long as you WAKE THE FUCK UP!”

Damon growled out with pure frustration and pulled over. He grabbed a hold of her and literally shouted in her face.


“Oh come the fuck on.” He bangs on the door again.

The vampire uttered as he bitterly paced the area.

“Well one of you has to come home sometime.” He murmured with that southern mien of his. The vampire wiped the mud from his brown leather worn out boots. .

The vampire turned to see a bombshell of a blonde, making her way over. She looked to have been crying. He narrowed his eyes as she approached the door. They nodded towards one another.

“Nobody’s home, already tried.”
“You’re kidding?!” She scoffed, looking damn near frantic.

She bangs on the door anyway and takes out her cellphone. The vampire cocks a brow.

“And you are?”

She sighs and leaves yet another voicemail.
“Stefan please, you’re supposed to be helping me. Why aren’t you returning my calls? I really need you… I’ve done something… Something, I can’t take back.” She starts to cry.

“Please just answer the phone! Come to the fucking door, something! You promised you’d help me through this!” An alert goes off in her ear letting her know Stefan’s messages were now full.

She growls out as it cuts her off. The hot little number bangs on the door again, with desperation.

“Ok fine! I’m coming inside!”

The vampire cocked a curious brow. The blonde twisted the doorknob, then pushed up against the door. Using a certain amount of strength, which no human acquired… Just as he’s about to comment on this. She turns and looks him in the eyes.

“You saw nothing. The door was already like this when we got here.” She says with a smile.

He smirks in return.

“Is that so lil darlin’? Well, whatever you say… I’ll play along.”

Her jaw drops.

“You’re a…”

He shrugs and chuckles with amusement. She covers her mouth, looking shocked.

“Jasper Whitlock…” He says and offers a hand.

“Caroline Forbes.” Jasper takes hand and kisses it.

“A pleasure…”

He took notice however of the blood on her blouse and some on her neck. Caroline was still in panic mode.

“Are you a friend of the Salvatore’s?”

“One, not so much the other? You?”

“Dating one, don’t particularly care for the other.”

“Dating huh?” He calls from the doorway, as she welcomes herself inside.

Jasper hears her calling to Stefan. He wrinkles his nose in thought.

“You don’t mean to say you’re dating the younger one, now do you?”

She stops and regards him from the living room.

“Yes, is there a problem with that?”

He chuckles and shakes his head, thinking on the irony.

“Oh yeah, lil darlin’, I’m afraid so.”

“And why’s that?”

Jasper shrugs and peeks inside. Caroline storms back out of the house, looking as though she’s about to lose it.

“Where the hell are you?”

“Maybe I could be of some assistance?”

“The only one that can help me, is the very one avoiding me.”

“Let me guess, your maker?”

She looks to him oddly but nods.

“Hmmm… try me.”

“I don’t even know you.”

“I don’t know you either. That doesn’t mean I’m not willing to help a lady out, if I can.”

“From the south, I take it?” She inquires hintingly about his accent.

Jasper nodded and kicked back against the house. Caroline glanced him over more carefully now. Even she couldn’t deny how eye-catching the guy was. His hair was dark brown and parted somewhat to the side, but unruly. He’d slight sideburns, a hint of a four o clock shadow along his chin, and upper lip.

“Yes, mam.”

She takes in a breath and nods.

“I’m afraid there is no helping me. I’m not even sure Stefan could, at this point.” She says as if all hope was lost.

“With all due respect darlin’… Stefan can barely take care of himself. He hasn’t any business raising a newborn so to speak. Much less dating a knockout, such as yourself.”

Caroline found herself rather blushing.


He nods.

“How old are you?”


“I mean… when did you die?” He hints.

“A few weeks or so maybe longer.” She replies with a grimace.

Jasper nods again, looking to be in thought.
“That’s about what I thought. Look, just let me in on what’s going on, and I’ll do my best to assist.”

“You don’t understand.”

“Darlin’, I’ve seen and heard just about everything there is. I can assure you whatever this is, there’s nothing in comparison.”

She starts to tear up again and lowers her head, looking absolutely destroyed. Jasper pondered what had her so upset.

“It’s not like I have anyone else.” She mutters with defeat. He begins to follow her throughout the woods, and into the cemetery.

Jasper continued to follow Caroline, into the Lockwood Catacombs. They went down a pathway that led to a certain hollow. Caroline turned back towards him and pointed to a pile of bodies. Her bottom lip quivered.

“I can’t stop.” She whimpered.

Jasper swallowed back rather hard. Now, he understood why she was so upset.

Damon cautiously entered, seeing how the door had been forced open. He held Bella closer to his chest, whilst he looked around. Once he saw that the coast was clear, he rushed her upstairs. He then laid her down, scanning her over once more. She had a steady heartbeat and was breathing just fine. So why wouldn’t she wake up?! Damon took off her shoes, deciding to make her as comfortable as possible. That’s when he realized, she still had her old wedding ring on. He brought it to his lips, kissing it.

“I’ll figure this out… whatever it is, Lizzy.” He says with determination.

“You just hang on.”

He starts to exit the room, once he has her set up. Before doing so, he glances back in thought.

“Don’t you and Stefan have a “crafty” little friend you go to school with?”

Damon smirked to himself in thought.

“How I do enjoy a good witch hunt!”





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