Chapter 9 Kevin?

Chapter 9

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“So… Why are we searching for mutants when you got The Brotherhood and we’ve got the X-Men?”

“I’ve been given reason to believe that I can no longer trust certain members of The Brotherhood. Meaning I must put everything back in order. As for the X-Men… that’s the very reason I wanted you and Wanda to come along. Now the choice is clearly up to you. I will not force you in any direction, but I am offering you both a place in The Brotherhood.

Quicksilver shook his head on this.

“You have concerns?”

“Well yeah… Considering it’s The Brotherhood that fought against mankind for so long. Do you know what they call you behind your back?”

“And what might that be?”

“The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.”

“Well that’s just nonsense.”

His son cocked a brow on this.

“Is it, pops? Is it really?”

Erik sighed and regarded his daughter in thought.

“And how do you feel about it?”

“I’m not sure I know what to think. Is this you trying to bring us together as a family? Or is this another one of your hidden agendas?”

“The first one seems more legit, wouldn’t you agree?”

“If it’s what you’re truly going for, then yes.”

“I suppose I have no other way of proving that, other than showing you.”

“That could take a while…”

“Then I will do my best.”

“This is because of her, isn’t it?”

“Her?” Erik questioned and his son wiggled his brows.

“You know who she’s referring to… Dark mocha eyes, long shimmery hair to match, all legs, and…”

Erik and Wanda cut him a ‘look’ and Pietro sighed.

“What?! It’s not my fault you’re dating someone closer to MY AGE! She’s smokin’… lucky bastard.”

“You’ve got issues, both of you!” Wanda uttered with disgust.

“So…” Pietro further taunted.

“So?” Erik responded.

“Is she going to become our naughty little stepmom?”

Erik sighed then smacked him in the back of the head.

“Actually, I was rather curious about that myself.” Wanda added.

“I think we’re getting off topic here.”

“Another words, you don’t wish to answer that.” Wanda said.

“This is going to be an awfully long drive…” Erik uttered in misery.

“And how are we doing today?”

Bella peered over her shoulder and smiled upon Charles.

“Alright. Yourself?”

“Can’t complain.”

Bella nodded and closed the book she was reading.

“Am I interrupting?” He questioned as he made his way around.

“Not at all… Just killing time.”

Charles nodded in response.

“And where is Erik on this fine day?”

“On some sort of secret mission.”

Charles raised his brows inquisitively.

“Is that so?”

“Yep. Apparently, so secret even I’m not in the need to know.”

“He tends to do that from time to time. Did he say when he would be back?”

“Nope. Just did his usual ‘I’ll explain everything later’ bit.”

“I see.”

“Do you?”

Charles rather chuckled on this.

“Are you challenging me, Isabelle?”

She drew back a hesitant breath.

“Would it be wrong to ask you to spy on him?” She meant it teasingly, yet part of her was somewhat tempted.

“You mean as in Cerebro?”


“Have I not introduced the two of you?”

“Wait… is this another mutant?”

“Not exactly… Why don’t you follow me and I shall get you acquainted.”

Once the doors to Cerebro opened Bella’s jaw dropped.

“What happens if you fall?”

“Well I suppose you die.” He said with a dismissive shrug.


“You asked the question. I merely answered it.”

“You know you’re different, in the future. I mean based on the media alone. You’re a little more…”


“Well I don’t wanna say uptight but…”

“Now who’s being funny?”

Charles grabbed the Cerebro headset and got everything set up. Bella narrowed her eyes in question but didn’t comment. The young woman jumped as the area around them seemed to light up. Only it wasn’t quite that. Thousands of images were appearing all over. To Bella they looked almost like souls. But it was merely Charles tracking down humans and mutants all around the world. As he did this he quietly explained how Cerebro worked and what it was he was doing. The human images were soon to fade as he began to focus solely on mutants.

“Amazing…” Bella uttered in absolute awe.

“Now, I could find Erik if you so desire…” He offered and as tempting as that was, it felt wrong.

“I believe I’ll give him that chance he asked for.”

Charles smiled and gave a simple nod.

“I was hoping you’d say that. Still… I felt the need to offer.”

“Thank you. But I think he deserves a little more faith.”


Bella drew back a breath however and looked to be in thought.

“Something on your mind?”

“Is there a way you could check on something else for me?”

“That depends on what it is.”

“My father…”

“I’m afraid that’s a little out of my realm.”

Bella nodded but had this disappointed look about her.

“I would see about finding him in the present. But these are things that could prove to be somewhat risky. There’s no telling what we’d find… or how’ll you’ll react to whatever you see.”

“So I’ll never see him again?”

“I’m very sorry…” He genuinely stated.

“And if there’s no longer a future with me… Then what becomes of my father?”

“I wish I had an answer for that. These things are somewhat complicated. All I know is that you never truly belonged in that time.”

“So when my mother and father…”

“Ah, yes… With you no longer in the picture, things are sure to change. And that goes with everyone else’s life you managed to touch, including that of the vampire and shifter families you once knew. Everything will take a bit of a spin. There are so many possibilities. For instance, another child could enter the picture…”

“And take my place…”


“Do you have any idea just how disturbing that is? It’s rather selfish, I know. But still, even if they haven’t any knowledge in my existence. I do and always will. It’s bad enough I barely remember my original family. Erik himself is a bit of a blur. In fact, everything about this is one big dreamlike state. I don’t know the truth from my dreams. And that freaks me the FUCK out!”

“Understandably so, I wish I could help. But I haven’t a clue on where to begin. I know you had a life outside of this one. I suppose it was somewhat selfish on my part as well, playing a part in bringing you back. I know you don’t have much recollection. It’s as I’ve stated once before. There is so much history.

History in which you yourself must discover. If I force it too much it could prove to be somewhat dangerous. All I can do is give you that little push in the right direction and hope that it will all click, sooner than later.”

“Did you know my parents?”

“No. I didn’t have the honor. Erik was the only one to know that part of your life. Raven and I entered the picture later on.”

“Raven…” Bella sadly uttered.

Charles tilted his head on this.

“Has something managed to seep through?” He curiously probed.

“When I came into contact with her the other day, I’d this vision of an orphanage. I got the feeling that we grew up together and were good friends.”

Charles smiled.

“That you were.”

“But we can’t stand each other.”

“I believe Erik plays a factor in that. And if memory serves… he’s what came between the two of you in the first place. But that was much later. By then you were young women venturing out into the world.”

“Charles, are you somehow responsible for me seeing other’s memories as well?”

He tilted his head in wonder.

“It’s strange. At first it was just my own. But now I’m seeing others…”

“I’m afraid I cannot take the credit on that one.”

“Then how is it even feasible?”

“It could be something within you… perhaps something latent? But if that is the case I’m not picking up on anything. You’re not homosuperior is what I am trying to say, at least not according to Cerebro. Then again, you are with child and it could be him and not you…”

Bella nodded but looked to be in thought.

“So Erik and I knew each other as children but met up again later on?”

He nodded in response.

“And you and I?”

“It’s like I said… too much information could prove to be more hazardous than beneficial. These are things you must disclose on your own.”

“And what if I never do?”

“You will. Just give it time. It’ll all come to you, eventually.” But as he said this, Charles had this rather melancholy look about him.

“Charles…?” Bella questioned with concern.

“Just promise me that when it finally hits you; that you’re not too hard on yourself and others involved. We were different people then and there was so much happening at once.”

Bella studied his mannerisms and paid closer attention as he put away the headset.

“You said we were best friends…”

“That we were…”

“But your eyes say differently.”

“I believe it might be best if we let this one go.”

Bella staggered back in realization. And even though she had no memory of it, it was written all over his face.

“Charles… did you and I… you know….”

That? No. That’s not to say we didn’t come close. But at the time I hadn’t a clue that you even knew Erik Lehnsherr and vice versa. When he came back into the picture you and I were a bit of an item. But it hadn’t been for very long.”


“Don’t. Please. I mean it Isabelle. After all, I’m the one that convinced you to do the right thing and go back to him. I knew you and I had something. But what you and Erik shared… well no one would ever come close. You should’ve seen the look on his face when he saw us together. And the fact that you were his Ella only added to his misery. If I’m to be honest, I dread the day memory comes to serve. I suppose that’s my reason for not diving in so deep, just yet. I know it will be a challenging time for us all.”

“I hurt you… both of you.”

“Now Isabelle… I told you not to do that. If I had known about Erik, I’d have never made a move. And I know that to be true on your side as well. I know how you feel about Erik and I would never come between you two. Now that doesn’t mean there isn’t some envy there. On that, I cannot lie. But I will support you and Erik, always. You are family, both of you. No matter how messed up our lives get from time to time. We’ve always found a way back to each other and know we can count on one another. That will never change. On that, I give you my word.”

Bella took Charles by the hand and gave it a slight squeeze. She kissed his cheek afterward.

“Still… I’m sorry I hurt you.”

“In all fairness, you turned me down the first couple times, but I was persistent. I was going to get that date.”

Bella managed to giggle and Charles cut her a wink.

“You should know that even though I didn’t know the truth, ultimately I hurt myself. I suppose if there is one thing Erik and I have in common it would be our impeccable taste in women.”

“How do you think he will act when memory does come to serve?”

“Oh, I’m sure he’ll find a way to put another bullet in my back.”

“Rather dark, don’t you think?”

“You don’t seem to grasp just how in depth Erik is when it comes to you. That hasn’t changed and it never will. If anything, he’s in even deeper than before. All the more reason we need to prevent whatever takes place in the near future. This will destroy everything about the man you know now. And there will be nothing left… nothing but Magneto standing in his place. And believe me when I say that no one will survive his wrath. You haven’t seen him at his worse.”

“Can’t I just request that he not go all villainous if something happens to me or our son?” Bella said in a teasing, yet half serious manner.

“I only wish it were that easy.”

“I remember yah alright and I stand by what I told yah and yer friend the last time.”

This had Pietro cocking a brow upon his father.

“Yes well, you haven’t any recollection but we’ve worked together before. Not long ago, in fact.”

The man downed the rest of his beer and cranked his head Erik’s direction.

“I think I’d remember somethin’ like that, don’t yah? Now if yah wouldn’t mind yer crampin’ up my drinkin’ space.”

Erik drew back a hesitant breath. He gestured for Wanda and Pietro to step on out, considering they were underage and getting strange looks from the barkeep. Once they were outside, Erik sat beside the mutant and ordered him another drink. He did this while thinking up another game plan. Just as something came to mind, an all too familiar face popped onto the screen of the bar TV. The frustrated man placed his cigar into a nearby ashtray and hopped up. Erik watched with full on curiosity as the channel was scrabbling off and on and the mutant was cursing under his breath. He adjusted the rabbit ears and turned up the volume. He nodded amongst himself then went back to his seat. Erik couldn’t help but to get that cocky grin about him. And that’s when he knew he had him…

“Remarkable woman, isn’t she?”

The mutant didn’t comment but gave a mere nod as he picked up that cigar and took a long drag.

“From my understanding she’s dating someone and with child now.” Erik added with a shrug and slid the mutant’s drink on over.

“When yah hear that shit?”

“Not too long ago.”

“Hm. Well I wouldn’t have ta worry about getting her pregnant then…” The mutant said with a certain beam and Erik rolled his eyes.

“Like I said once before… Just imagine if those bones of yours were metal…”

This had the mutant snapping his head that direction and Erik sent him a menacing wink.

“Shall we try this again?” Erik asked as he had a few ‘objects’ floating about.

The mutant slammed his drink down.

“Magneto…” He uttered with a curled lip.

“And the great Wolverine…”

“Aren’t yah supposed ta be doin’ time?”

“Like I said… You and I have history. But I suppose we’re to start over. Pity you don’t remember.”

“Yah call it a pity. Sounds like a blessin’ ta me. Either way I think yer full of shit. So what’d ya do, escape?”

“For someone so in touch with the news, you’d think you’d know…”

Logan leaned back and gestured towards the young woman on the screen.

“She’s about all the news I keep up with nowadays. Obviously, I’m behind on that as well.”

“Hmmm. That intriguing?”

The man nodded.

“Well what if I said you had a chance of meeting her face to face?”

Logan had a good laugh at this.


Erik nodded but deep down he was struggling to keep “Magneto” at bay. How dare this mutant gawk upon HIS Ella like that?

“The face of mutant rights?”


“And what would yah know about her?”

“Well you know that child she’s carrying?”

“Yah, what about it?”

“It just so happens to be mine.”

The man choked back on his beer and Erik shook his head.

“Surely, the news isn’t THAT shocking.”

“Yer full of shit is what yah are. Yah think a woman like that would give yah the time of day?!”

“Hmmm. I tell you what… If I can prove this to be a fact… Then you join my cause. If not you then you can tell me to go fuck myself and I’ll be more than happy to oblige.”

“Tell yah what if yah prove this ta be a fact, I’ll join yer cause. But I’ll still tell yah ta go fuck yerself and every god damn day. So how about another drink, Maggie?”

Erik reared back and curled that lip of his.

“Are you certain you haven’t met my Ella yet?!”

“Yah wanna get taday’s out of the way, bub?”

“Kurt?” Bella called as they were in the middle of the woods playing a game of hide-and-seek.

She smiled as she heard him giggling.

“Hmmm, I wonder.” She whispered and started the direction in which the laughter was coming from.

As she walked past one of the trees, a warm breeze hit. That headache returned, much like that night of that horrific dream involving Erik. She put her fingers to her temples. Kurt let out another giggle and swished that tail of his about, in a mocking matter. Like usual, he’d plans of vanishing just as she found him. This was just his way of playing the game. She thought it rather adorable as he scurried up another tree. Bella took another step but stopped dead in her tracks.

“Kurt…” She called with apprehension as there was a man standing just a few feet away.

Something about him seemed menacing. He said nothing and simply stood there. Bella narrowed her eyes on this.

“Can I help you?”

Kurt hopped on down from one of the trees. He’d this pouty presence about him.

“Why’d you stop?”

“Kurt, I want you to head back to the mansion. I’ll be there shortly.”

“But you promised!”

Bella sighed as the man tilted his head and listened in on their conversation.

“I know I did. But we can play, at the manor.”

“But it’s not as fun!”


The man took a few steps towards them and Bella shot out a hand then placed Kurt behind her.

“That’s close enough. Who are you?”

The man smiled but continued towards them. The closer he came the more she took notice of his purplish hue.

“Do as she says and head on back.” The strange man demanded.

Bella swallowed and took a couple steps back.

“Is something the matter?”

“It’s you…” She murmured as if in a trance.

He nodded and took a few more steps. Once she was within reach, he caressed her cheek but looked the boy’s direction.

“It seems as if Miss. Bella has a new playmate. So run along and find you a new one.”

“But I don’t want a new one! I want Miss. Bella!” Kurt snapped in return and the man gritted his teeth.

“Pardon me, love.” He murmured and hunkered down to the boy’s level.

Bella slapped his hand away and shoved him away from Kurt.

“Don’t you touch him!”

“You haven’t changed a bit. Why must you be so difficult?!”

He rose and stood before her once again. He leaned into her ear.

“Tell the boy to go on home, that you’re tired of him following you around like a lost pup. It’s time he made friends his own age.”

Bella blinked a couple times and the man sighed.

“Don’t. If you fight this I will have the boy head on back but right to the kitchen, where he’ll slit his own throat open. Do I mean myself clear?”

Bella’s head swayed about as she was fighting against the man’s influence.

“Bella.” He warned.

“Do as I say and NOW!”

The young woman nodded and turned her attention back to Kurt.

“Go home. I don’t need you following me around like a lost pup. It’s time you made friends your own age.”

The boy’s jaw dropped and the man smiled.

“Well you heard her. So be a good lad and run along. She’s got a new friend now.”

“Come now… tell me what is wrong?”

Kurt stepped out from the curtain and wiped his eyes with his tail.

“Miss. Bella doesn’t want to play with me anymore.”

Charles narrowed his eyes in question.

“Now, why would you think such a thing?”

“We were playing a game and she told me to go home, that didn’t want me around. Nobody wants me around…” he uttered sadly.

“Now if there’s one thing I know is that Miss. Bella would never leave you alone, not without reason. Perhaps if we were to look for her she will have a good excuse as to why.”

“But she’s not here.”

“We’ll find her.”

“No, because she left with her new friend, the tall purple man. I think he wanted to play too because she went bye-bye with him.”

“How peculiar…” Charles uttered but with a touch of alarm.

He couldn’t figure out for the life of him who she would’ve left with. Not by that description. It had to of been one of Erik’s men. Still, he wished she would’ve said something beforehand.

“Did you enjoy your little outing?”

Bella regarded Charles in question.


He nodded.

“I do wish you would’ve told me. You had Kurt awfully upset.”

“What are you talking about? I’ve been here the entire time. In fact, I was playing with Kurt not long ago. So I don’t see why he’d be upset.”

Charles sort of reared back as she went about her way.

“What on earth…” he whispered in wonder.

“And how did your trip go?” Charles questioned as Erik was passing by his office.

Erik came to a pause and poked his head in.

“It was just fine…”


Just as Erik went to walk away, Charles called to him once again.

“I almost forgot. This package came for you.”

“For me?”

Charles nodded and had the yellow envelope in hand.

“Here?” Erik muttered under his breath.

“My thoughts exactly… It was sent by messenger. I hope that you do not mind, I signed for you.”

“So you forged my signature?”


“Did you open it too?”

“The thought never even occurred to me. But now that you mention it…”

Erik rolled his eyes and yanked the package out of his hand. Charles regarded Erik with concern as he opened the envelope and peeked inside.

“Did Ella happen to leave the manor while I was away?”

“Why yes actually. I believe she met up with a friend or perhaps one of your men.”

He’d this rather disturbed presence about him. He was quick to exit the office and Charles heard a couple doors slam along the way.


Bella came to her feet and welcomed him with a hug and kiss. He gave a simple nod.

“Did your trip go as planned?”

“Not quite but it’ll suffice.”

“Um… okay.”

“And what about you?”

She cut him an odd glance.

“Did you venture out while I was away?”

“Nope. Stayed put as requested.”

Erik raised his brows and had this rather peculiar look about him.

“Did you now?”

“Yep. Spent most of my time reading. So you going to tell me what it is you’re up to now?”

“Perhaps, I’m not the one we should be concerning ourselves with.”

“And what’s that supposed to mean?”

“I’m going to give you one more chance… Did you or did you not leave the mansion?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Just answer the question.”

“I already did! Where are you going with this exactly?”

Erik gathered the pictures from the envelope and handed them over. Bella’s jaw dropped and she staggered back as she was flipping through them. They were pictures of her and the senator. They were in a restaurant and she was in his lap and they were kissing.

“This isn’t real… I mean you can’t honestly believe…” She was about to mention something about them being photo shopped but then she remembered what year they were in.

“Is this what you want?!” Erik shouted as he shoved one of the pictures in her face.

“Did you sleep with him?!”

She couldn’t believe this was happening.

“Jesus, Erik! I can’t believe you’re buying into this shit! This has Raven written all over it and you know it!”

Erik tilted his head looking as if the thought never occurred to him.

“But why would she go this far?” He uttered feeling rather foolish.

“Because THIS! This right here is what she hoped for.”

“I’d come closer to believing that if you hadn’t lied to me already.”

“Lied to you?! About what?”

“Leaving in the first place!”

“Dammit Erik, I’ve been here the whole time!”

“Not according to Charles…”


“He said you went to visit a friend.”

“Now where in the hell did he get that from?”

“I haven’t the faintest but if there’s one thing I know, it’s that Charles doesn’t have it in him to lie.”

Bella gave a mere nod and grabbed her purse.

“And where do you think you’re going?”

“Why does it matter? I slept with the senator, right?!”

Erik went to stop her as she was heading out, but he discovered something else and recoiled.

“Bella?” The senator awkwardly stated as he opened the door.

She gave a mere nod and welcomed herself inside. He looked to her in question as she paced the area of his living room. Mr. Johnson pulled the door to and cleared his throat.

“Is everything alright?”

“No. No, it isn’t.”

“Is this about last night?”

Bella stopped in her tracks and the senator sighed.

“I’m not sure what came over you. But I do hope you’re not drinking or partaking in drugs during your pregnancy.”

“You’re kidding me, right?”

The man had this uncomfortable look about him and he rubbed the back of his neck.

“You’ve to forgive me. I’m still trying to piece it all together. You weren’t quite yourself.”

“Oh, I’m sure, considering it wasn’t me.”

“Oh, it was you alright.”

“No believe me, it wasn’t.”

“I beg to differ.”

“Well trust me when I say it wasn’t. I know damn well who it was.”

The man raised his brows on this.

“With all due respect… I haven’t a clue as to what you’re referring to. But make no mistake… last night happened and now we have to answer for it.”

Bella staggered back.

“Are you saying…”

“No… that’s not to say I wasn’t tempted. But I knew you weren’t quite yourself. Something was clearly wrong. However… it was YOU, no doubt.”

“And how do you know that?”

The senator lifted her hair and ran his finger along a particular area. Bella’s jaw dropped once she realized what it was Erik was gawking at before she left the mansion. The senator had left a little love bite aka hickey on her neck.

“My apologies… You had me in overdrive. But I put a stop to it…”


Bella murmured and she turned awfully pale.

“WHOA!” He reached out and was quick to brace her against him.

“It wasn’t me! I…”

“I’m not sure what’s going on. But I knew something wasn’t right. I’m only sorry I let it go as far as it did.”

“But we didn’t sleep together?”

“No. I had one of my men take you back to the mansion.”

“This can’t be happening! I never left the mansion!”

“On the contrary… You called me and asked me to meet you at this particular restaurant.”

Once he said the name, Bella leaned against the wall looking as if she wanted to vomit.


“That’s Erik’s favorite place and where he took me on our first date.”

“… oh my…”

“Bradley, I haven’t a clue as to what’s going on! Please tell me what all happened!”

He nodded and seated her down on the couch.

“I’d offer you a drink…”

“Believe me. I’d knock a few back at this point. I can’t believe this! ANY OF THIS! This isn’t who I am! I would never cheat on Erik, I wouldn’t cheat period!”

He nodded and sat beside her.

“I know you wouldn’t. As to why I put a stop to whatever it was. At first I thought that maybe the two of you got into a fight and you really wanted to stick it to him. I mean the moment I entered that restaurant you were all over me. I barely had the chance to sit down.”

“And you just let me sit in your lap and…”

“If you have no recollection…” He started to say.

“Someone sent him pictures… Lots of them.” She said looking ill.

“Well that’s not good…”

“Gee, you think?!”

“So this looks really bad…”

“You haven’t the faintest. You should’ve seen his face! He really thinks I…” She covered her mouth and swallowed back the urge to toss her cookies.

She listened as the senator went on about everything that happened and what all was said. When he’d mention Erik she wouldn’t so much as react. That’s how he knew something was up. But temptation was eating away at him and he found himself giving into her. He admitted to wanting to take her home, but he couldn’t bring himself to do so. And when he sent Bella about her way with one of his drivers she literally cussed him out and went as far as to call him a fucking bastard for turning her down.

“This is crazy!”

He nodded in agreement.

“I love Erik. I wouldn’t hurt him like this. I…”

“I know…” he said and reached over wiping a tear away.

“Look, I’ll handle it. I can talk to Erik myself and…”

“Don’t. Please. He’s liable to kill you.”

“That’s a risk I’m willing to take. And it’s no more than I deserve.” He said tapping his finger long the love bite.

“I could’ve stopped it a lot sooner, but didn’t. And I deeply apologize.”

Bella moved his hand away.

“Please don’t… this is bad enough as it is.”

Bella came to her feet and looked as if she were in a daze as she headed out of his apartment.

“Bella…” The senator called as she couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

Erik sneered upon the senator and Mr. Johnson adjusted his tie. He cleared his throat and signaled for the other two men to step on out of his office. They looked to him with concern as Erik had that menacing look about him.

“Go on now and hold all my calls.”

They nodded and went about their way.

“Have a seat, Mr. Lehnserr but keep in mind that you cannot afford to lose your temper.”

The senator waved his hands about the office.

“This could be yours one day, if you play your cards right. Something happens to me and those men will call the authorities and you’ll be back in that glass cell of yours.”

“They can try…” Erik uttered.

“So what have you called me here for? To give you my blessing?”

The senator raised his brows on this.

“Would you?” He asked with full on curiosity.

Erik sent the senator a rather demonic smile.

“Over YOUR dead body…”

Mr. Johnson nodded.

“I figured this much. I suppose it’s a good thing I’m not asking.”

This had Erik lunging right over the senator’s desk. He grabbed the senator by the collar of his shirt and yanked him right out of his seat. He slammed him up against the 40 story window and forced him to look down.

“I could make it look like a suicide. Do not test me, insect. You haven’t any idea… the things I’m capable of.”

The senator swallowed back and gave a simple nod. Erik spun him back around and kept him pinned between him and the window. He tilted his head as he stared him down.

“First thing’s first, you should know that none of this was Bella’s doing. In fact, she’s pretty distraught over the whole ordeal.”

“So distraught that she let you FUCK HER?!”

The senator’s eyes widened as glass shattered and Erik had him hanging out the window. He had him by the throat and was squeezing the life out of him. The senator wrapped his hands around Erik’s wrists and hung on for dear life.

“I had one of my men drive her home!” The senator shouted in a panic.


“She wasn’t herself and I knew that! So I put a stop to it and sent her about her way!”

Erik drew back the deepest of breaths and brought the senator back inside. He flung him up against the desk.

“Word for word… Leave NOTHING out!”

The senator nodded and gestured for his men to go on as they’d come to check on him. They sent him bewildered glances and he shook his head in utter frustration.

“LEAVE US!” He ordered and they took off.

“Have a seat Mr. Lehnsherr and I’ll explain everything.”

“I’d hurry. My patience is wearing thin…”

“You hide it so well…” The senator witted but with a touch of nerves.

“Oh believe me… This is me at my most restrained. You made it abundantly clear that Ella wasn’t herself. Yet you left proof that you couldn’t keep your hands OFF! You haven’t the faintest, Mr. Johnson. I’ve already killed you in a million different ways and I’ve got a million more to go.” Erik said as he tapped his finger along his temple.

“Want me to wait?”

“No, thank you.” Bella said as she paid her fare.

“Are you sure? I don’t mind.” The cab driver offered with concern as he’d seen her break down earlier.

The young woman forced a smile.

“I’ll be fine. Thank you.” She said whilst adjusting her beige floppy hat and sunglasses.

She was doing her best to not draw any attention. The last thing she wanted was to be swept away with the paparazzi. The man sighed as she exited the cab and shut the door behind her. She headed into the library, where she decided on looking her father up in the public records. It took her a bit. But when she finally found him she was surprised to see that he was residing in Seattle which wasn’t far from Forks. But unfortunately, it was quite a ways for her. Like across the country and one hell of a road trip. Something she knew she couldn’t get away with. Unless, she was to fly… Bella dug into her purse in thought. She shook her head knowing it would take everything she had in order to achieve this. But she wasn’t ready to face Erik, or anyone, for that matter. She placed her hand over the mark the senator had left behind and recoiled once again.

She thought it best if she left town for a bit. Considering how she’d become a target and Erik was beyond peeved. And even though it hurt, she understood his reasoning. Bella wrote down the information she needed and exited the library. She was heading towards a nearby payphone when someone bumped into her. She locked eyes with the purple hued man. He tilted his head and Bella started to feel a little lightheaded. That headache of hers returned.

“Now what did I tell you about that? Such a naughty girl.”

Bella narrowed her eyes and reached to her temples. “My sweet little swan. How I missed you…” The man practically purred and went on to caress her cheek.

“There we go… You just need a heavier dose than usual. Seems to be a thing with you, intriguing. Now be a dear and follow me.”

Bella nodded and followed the strange man.

“He opened a limo door and motioned for her to enter.”

The young woman reached to her head. The man rolled his eyes and let out a sigh of downright annoyance.

“You’re making my job quite difficult. Stop that and get inside.”

Bella gritted her teeth and struggled against his influence. This had the man getting right in her face.

“Obey me and get in the fucking car!”

And even though she was doing everything to fight this, her body just wouldn’t allow it. It wanted to submit to this man’s every word. Once she was inside, he shut the door. Then he walked around and joined her on the other side.

“Hmm… Beautiful as always. So much so I rather envied that bastard senator.”

Her eyes widened in acknowledgement and the man sent her a wink.

“Ah yes, it’s all coming together now, isn’t it? I figured it was about time I did things MY way. Yours… Well it’s so dreadfully boring. So many rules.”

He poured himself a glass of champagne and toasted it her direction.

“You and I… Together again. I’m your biggest fan!” He said with a smirk.

“Now… I apologize ahead of time, but before we get to your punishment. I might as well get some sort of cheap thrill. After all you’ve spent years giving me nothing but HELL. And to think… I once loved you.”

The young woman reared back in bewilderment.

“Okay… You got me. I still love you, even if you’re underserving of my affections. You’re not easy to please you know. Time and time again… I go out my way to give you whatever you want and you…”

The man closed his eyes and Bella jumped as the glass shattered in his hold. He drew back a breath and looked to be shaking something off. He grabbed another glass and poured himself another drink. He crossed his legs waved a hand her direction.

“Be a dear and show me those delightful breasts of yours.”

Bella was doing everything within her power to fight it. But her body wouldn’t listen and she went on to unbutton her shirt. Twin tracks of tears trickled down her face.

“I said breasts not bra. And yes, I know I’m breaking the rules. But like I said… I’ve grown tired of being the gentleman and playing by your pathetic rules! No Kevin, you can’t use your ‘gift’ on me, it isn’t right and you know it. Kevin, how do you expect me to ever love you of my own free will if you keep going about it this way?!” The man mocked in memory and shook his head. He tilted his head and gawked upon her breasts.

“Lovely…” He said and closed his eyes for a brief moment.


“It doesn’t matter now. All that matters is we’re together again. But let’s not rush into it this time round. For one thing… I’m not quite done. You’ve to pay my sweet swan. And maybe just maybe… I’ll consider taking you into my arms once again. If… I break you and manage to bring back the woman I once knew. We can start over… IF you behave this time round. But we’ll have to figure out what to do with the little bastard you’re carrying.”

The limo pulled up to the gentlemen’s club; the one in which she once worked at.

“Now I want you to go in there and beg for a job.”

She went to button fix her bra and he stopped her.

“As you are…” he made clear.

“And if they deny you. I want you to get on your hands and knees and beg.”

Her entire face flushed over.

“Why are you doing this…?” She managed to force out even though his influence.

“You’ve been a very naughty girl. I’d consider it foreplay if it wasn’t so ANNOYING! You’re not to question me, about anything. Do we have an understanding?”

She nodded.

“Good. Now do as you’re told. I won’t let any harm come to you. I promise. I’ll come for you when the time is right. For now… I’ll be on standby.”

Bella exited the limo and walked towards the club. Her hand shook as she opened the door. The moment she entered all eyes were on her. Bella walked on through the building and was heading right for her old boss’s office. Before she even had the chance to knock, he opened the door as he was to exit the room. He froze and took in the scene before him. He died of laughter the moment she asked for a job.

“You’re kidding me, right? A mutie lover? And a noticeably knocked up one at that.” The man swallowed back though as he thought back to Erik’s threat.

“Out… Or I’ll have my men forcibly remove you.”

The young woman came to her hands and knees and started begging. The man reared back and shook his head.

“What the fuck are you on? And the hell with you… How many times did I ask you about stripping and you just thought you were too good to join my girls? And now you come up here all knocked up and you want to flaunt that body of yours?! Hell, I’ll let you suck my dick and I’ll even bend you over my desk and fuck the shit out of you. But a job? That’s out of the question.”

The man motioned his bouncers over.

“Get her out of here.”

They grabbed ahold of her and dragged her on out of the bar. But the moment she was outside flashes of light shined right in her face and that’s when she snapped out of whatever it was. She was quick to cover herself as the entire place was surrounded by not only media, but police.

“I called Charles…” Bella made clear as she saw Erik standing at her cell door.

“I’m well aware…” He murmured.

“So I take it you saw…”

“Indeed.” He uttered as the police officer unlocked her cell.

“You’re free to go, Miss. Swan.” The officer made clear as Bella remained on the cot.

“I might be safer here…”

Erik rolled his eyes on this. Bella sighed and exited the cell. She gathered her belongings and Erik signed whatever paperwork they had for him.

“I’ll repay the bail…” Bella said on the way out.

“Don’t bother.”


He said nothing as he headed towards the taxi and opened the door. He motioned for her to get in.

“You’re mad…”

He took her by the arm and placed her inside. The door slammed shut directly after. Bella jumped as the other door slammed as well.

“Mad doesn’t even cover what I am feeling.”

“And you still believe this is all my doing?”

“And what am I to believe?!”


He shook his head.

“GOD DAMMMITT!” Bella roared and went to exit the vehicle.

When the door wouldn’t open, she snapped a look Erik’s direction.

“Open the fucking door.”

“Not until you explain what is going on!”

“That’s what I was going to do but you’ve already made up your mind about me.”



Bella gave a simple nod and gazed out the window. Erik kept quiet as she told him about the man. She left nothing out. Once she finished, Erik had this rather ghostly appearance.

“Kevin… As in Kevin Thompson?!”

Bella tilted her head on this. “Ella, is the man you’re referring to of violet shading?!”

She swallowed back on this and nodded. Erik pinched the bridge of his nose. His body grew stiff and his words were rather monotone as he spoke.

“I’m sorry, Mein Liebe…” but the way he said this had her cringing.

It wasn’t Erik but Magneto talking.

The driver snapped a look their direction as the cab came to a stop. Erik made it known that he was to take Bella straight to the mansion, right away. He went ahead and paid the man ahead of time.

“ERIK!” Bella shouted in a panic as he opened the door and was on a mission.

Bella exited the cab and stood before the mansion. She shook her head and went and sat at the curb instead.

“Looks like I missed one hell of a party…”

Bella cranked her head the man’s direction. He was short, all brawn, but screamed trouble.

“Party?” She questioned as the man took a drag off his cigar.

He nodded.

“I’ve seen yah on the news. I suppose I’m a bit of a fan. Though I gotta admit, yah didn’t strike me as the stripper type.”

“I’m sorry… who are you?”

“The name’s Logan.”

“Are you a teacher here or…”

The man had a good laugh at this.

“Fraid not…”


“I suppose I’m here because of yah.”


“Are yah or are yah not with that Magnethead?”

“I’m not sure at the moment.”

“Whattya mean by that?”

“Let’s just say our relationship is on the fritz as of late.”

“Yah mean as in the last 24 hours?”

She rather shrugged.

“Well that was short lived.” The man uttered but in a teasing manner.

She cut him an odd glance.

“It was just yesterday he was plastered as fuck and goin’ on and on about yah.”

Bella reared back and with a look that read he was full of shit. The man picked up on this and laughed.

“Hell, that’s how I found out he knew yah. And like I said… that’s why I’m here. If I had known aboutcha, I wouldn’t have told him to fuck off the first time round.”

“Huh… Well you’ll have to forgive me. I’m a little confused at the moment. I don’t quite grasp what you’re here for exactly.”

“Well are yah or are yah not the face of mutant and human rights?”

“Well I suppose…”

“And that man of yours says that he’s rebuilding this so called Brotherhood of his.”


Logan nodded and put his cigar out.

“Sorry, I forgot yah were carryin’…” he motioned towards her belly respectfully.

“Yah should’ve said something. I’d have put that out earlier.”

“So this brotherhood… What did he say about it exactly?”

Logan cleared his throat and scratched at his chops.

“Why do I get the feeling yer in the dark?”

“Maybe because I am?”

“Hm. I tell yah what. It might be best if yah let yer man answer those questions for yah, darlin’. I don’t wanna add fire to the flame and say something I shouldn’t.”

Bella turned off the water to the tub and stood before the mirror. She ran her hands along her stomach. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t shake that pitfall feeling.

“Kevin…” She whispered whilst doing her best to remember.

“Who are you?” She questioned as everything about him seemed so familiar, yet nothing seemed to trigger as to why.

She thought back to everything he’d said and shook her head.



                 This continued like that of a broken record – over and over in her head. She entered the tub and dunked herself beneath the surface. She closed her eyes and thought back to when she and Erik were children.

                That’s what happens when you ignore the law and help a Jew.

There was something about the man’s voice and his mannerisms… they brought her back to that particular time. She remembered how he caressed her cheek and his scent alone drew her in, much like that of Edward’s. And like Edward she felt this odd pull towards this frightening man.

Such a pretty little thing, too pretty to be a Jew lover. Perhaps when you’re older I’ll pay you another visit.

 That man… The one that said he’d come back for you when you were older, did he?

                 Her body jerked in response and she gasped back. Her eyes widened as she’d forgotten where she was and was drowning. She flung her arms about and reached for the edge of the tub. The young woman pulled herself up and crawled on out. She hit at her chest and was choking up whatever water she’d inhaled.

“Don’t even start with me, Charles! I was looking for a stalker and it just so happened that I ran into another. So I took care of business!”

“Took care of business? Is that wish you call it? I saw it in your mind, Erik!”

“Stay out of my head, Charles! And out of my private affairs. This is none of your business. In fact, anything pertaining to Ella isn’t!”

“I beg to differ.”

“Well you can beg all you want. But she will never be yours!”

Charles reared back on this.

“That’s right. I remember. You just couldn’t stand it, could you? And even now I can see it in your eyes. You’re overcome with envy, always have been. Stay out of my way or you’ll end up like that of the teenage vampire!”

“And just how do you think she’ll take it once she’s learned what you’ve done.”

“I did what had to be done and I will continue to do so. No one is taking her away from me, NO ONE!”

“And that’ll be the end of it. You’re going to push her away!”

“And you’d love that, wouldn’t you? My Ella running straight into your arms and crying on behalf of something I’ve done. Talk about déjà vu… You always wanted to play the hero in her eyes. But even you have your secrets, Charles. And she’s soon to find out about those as well.”

Charles cringed in thought.

“That’s right. You always were the smuggest little bastard! You put on this act and I’m the only one to truly see past it. Even your students hold you in high regards. But I know the real Charles Xavier. And he wasn’t always so…”

“So…?” Charles challenged.

“Pacifist…” Erik uttered with a shrug.

“Pacifist?!” Charles repeated looking somewhat offended.

“That’s right. You’re always so willing to please but those idiotic morals of yours, get in the way. You think we can get through this by saving the lives of others, even those of our enemies. And that’s not how this works. You have to be willing to get your hands dirty. You used to understand things like that. But now you just sit in that chair of yours and teach yours students what it means to live. But have you ever taught them what it means to die?!”

Charles recoiled and Erik shook his head.

“Don’t you think that’s something they should know? Don’t you think filling their heads with such ignorant standards is dangerous? Start with the truth! Let them know that they could very well die and that in order to have peace nine times out of ten we have to take lives in return! Everything comes at a price!”

“Last I checked I ran this school and not you.”

“You’re going to get your students killed!”

“I’m not training students to kill, Erik!”

“Then you and your students are severely fucked! You can look at me like that all you want. You will always see me as the villain. But with all due respect, I’m not the one lining up a bunch of young mutants with false expectations. I tell my men how it is from the very beginning. I don’t sugar coat anything about what we stand for and what we do! So at least if they die under my wing, they already knew the risks and I can sleep a little better at night knowing I didn’t falsify anything about the man I am and what I fight for! So yes, I took Mr. Cullen and that landlord out of the picture and PERMANENTLY! And I’ll do the same when it comes to Kilgrave. And after EVERYTHING he’s done… I won’t lose an ounce of sleep over it! I keep peace the way I see fit. And when it comes to Ella… You had your chance, TWICE! Twice… and you know damn well whom I’m referring to. I won’t let you get away with that again, not to her. You see Charles… I’m not walking away and I never will.”

“Kilgrave…” Charles murmured in bewilderment.

“That’s right, he’s back.”

“That’s not possible.”

“You of all people should know that ANYTHING is possible. Ella might not have any recollection when it comes to Kilgrave. But you and I…”

Charles gathered this rather grave mien. Erik closed his eyes and shook his head.

“He has to die… and in the most gruesome of ways. At this point… I doubt even you’d argue against this, considering…”

“Are you certain she hasn’t any recollection?!” Charles asked with apprehension.

“Believe me if she did… We’d know.”

“And when that day comes…?”

“Then may God have mercy.”

When Erik entered the room, he saw that Bella was sneaking on out the window. She was dressed all in black and had a duffle bag in hand. He raised his brows but kept quiet. He gave it a few seconds before following her out. Erik followed her into the woods and watched as she stopped beneath one of the trees. She hunkered down and opened the duffle bag. He reared back as she took out a gun and knife. She hid them amongst her and slipped a black hoodie over her clothes.

“What are you up to now?” He whispered amongst himself.

Bella went on to hide the duffle bag and started walking. Erik kept his distance but followed. He followed her out to the highway. But what he witnessed next was enough to strike even someone like him stupid. Bella waved someone down and asked for a ride. When they asked where she was headed they apologized and said they weren’t heading the same direction. Just as they were about to drive away, Bella took out that gun and opened the car. She aimed it at the driver.

“OUT!” She ordered.

The man just sat there and looked to in shock. Bella unfastened his seatbelt and forced him out of the car. Just as she was to get inside, the door slammed shut and locked.

“And where do you think you’re going?” Erik called making his presence known.

The young woman snapped her head that direction. “Erik… Let me go.” She demanded and he shook his head.

“I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

“I’m not giving you a choice. I got something I need to take care of. And NO ONE’S standing in my way, not even you!”

Erik couldn’t believe what he was witnessing. This was his Ella pushed past her brink. A rarity, considering this was a woman known for keeping her cool, no matter the situation. That’s what made her so great at her job. Despite what she thought, she did wonders under pressure but not this time. She grabbed the driver and forced him up against her. She put the gun to his head and stared Erik down.

“I’m doing this. So stand back and let me!”

“And what is it you’re going to do exactly?!”

“Put an end to this, once and for all!”

Her hand was shaking and tears streamed on down her face.

“Ella, think about what you’re doing! This isn’t you!”

“And what would you know about WHO I am? You made it abundantly clear that you don’t know shit about me!”

The man she was holding hostage jumped as she pressed the gun even deeper against his skull.

“I’m done, Erik. But look at this way… Magneto would be proud.”

This had Erik staggering back in disbelief.

“Ella…” He called with a heavy heart.


Erik narrowed his eyes in question.


Erik placed a hand over his heart and gawked upon her in utter surprise. He hadn’t known THAT part.


“You ended up with Charles…” Erik finished and she recoiled.

“Once I started building up a resistance to his control over me, yes. I never meant to hurt you or Charles!”

“I know you didn’t…” Erik said and took a step towards her.

“Don’t. I have to do this.”

Erik shook his head and took another step.

“No you don’t.” “THE HELL I DON’T! HE HAS TO PAY!”

Bella screamed out as she lost her footing and the gun went off. Erik was quick to react and prevented the bullet from escaping the chamber. The gun flew out of her hand and landed on the ground. Once Bella realized just how far she’d taken things, she let go of the man and came to her knees. Erik walked on over and cupped her chin.

“And he will… I assure you. But not like this.”

“Erik…” She pleaded and he brought her against him.

He gestured towards the man.

“My apologies, as you can see she’s been through quite a bit.”

The man nodded.

“Go on and speak nothing of this. Word of this gets out and I will have no choice but to hunt you down.”

The man couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Just as soon as he left, Erik scooped her up off the ground and carried her back to the manor.

“Is everything alright?” Charles questioned as he wheeled on past.

“Not now, Charles.” Erik uttered and kept walking.

“Don’t.” Erik warned as he felt Charles getting into his head.

“And stay out of hers as well!” He made clear before slamming the door shut.

He laid Bella on the bed and covered her up as she was shaking all over. Erik lay beside her and held her. He focused on getting her nice and warm. As he did this he thought back to Kevin Thompson and that horrific marriage. At first he thought it your typical abuse case. He never understood why a woman such as HIS Ella would put up with such a dreadful man. But as time progressed… He started paying more attention and before long, he learned Kevin’s secret. It was enough to make Erik sick to his stomach. He’d seen firsthand how ‘controlling’ he could be. And at the time she wasn’t aware. He thought it strange that she’d drop whatever she was doing and answer this man’s every beck and call. But when he wasn’t around she was another woman, completely – a confident and brilliant one that didn’t put up with such things. But around her husband… She was nothing more than a slave. She’d talk about leaving him so they could be together, at last. But for whatever reason she’d change her mind and they were back to fucking and nothing seemed to move on from there. Erik remembered how frustrated he became. He’d plans of killing this husband of hers, so he could take HIS rightful place. And he’d done just that – or so he thought. Everything was set up so perfectly. He made it look like an ‘accident’. But he was back… the very next day, like nothing happened. Erik couldn’t explain it. He knew he wasn’t a mutant, but he most obviously wasn’t human either. It wasn’t long after that his Ella disappeared from his life, yet again. Two years had gone by before he found her again. By then she was dating Charles and hadn’t any recollection of Erik Lehnsherr, not until they came into physical contact. Then everything seemed to hit at once. The poor woman acted is if she’d cheated on Erik and was beside herself, even more so considering she was dating HIS best friend. But there was something that always stuck with Erik. Even now it was there… And that was the way she looked at him in comparison to any other man, even that of Charles. That’s how he knew that what they had was real. He saw it in her eyes even at her maddest of moments, she loved Erik and no one could take his place. And it had been this way since they were children, even if SHE hadn’t the recollection, he did.

“I got you… and I’m not letting go. Nothing and no one’s standing in our way, mein liebe.”

“You don’t understand. I just FUCKED Erik over! Even if I don’t help him in the running his association with me alone ruined his chances! I mean look at this!”

Toad used the end of his tongue to pick up the newspaper she’d tossed his direction. He shrugged then balled it up and threw it away.

“Dammit Morti… You could at least act as if you give a shit!”

“Politics bore me… Let’s talk about something else.”

“Oh, I’m sorry… Would you feel better if I was to talk about my breasts?!”

“Yes as a matter of fact. Let’s do that!”

“Grrrr! You are such a dick!”

“No. No. We were talking about breasts…”

Bella rolled her eyes and was heading on out of the room.

“I thought we were going to grab a bite to eat!”

“You can take that bite and shove it right on up your ass, Morti.”

“Someone’s awfully hormonal.”

Bella grabbed a nearby potted plant and chucked it right at his face.

“YOU BITCH!” He called out in a rather feminine, yet mocking matter.

“No Morti… you’re the bitch!”

“You’re the one that didn’t want to talk about breasts!”

“Am I interrupting what seems to be a riveting conversation?”

“Thank god. Finally, she has someone else to bitch to. I’m going to go watch the girls play some volleyball.”

“Volleyball? Do they even play volleyball here?!” Bella questioned his randomness.

Erik however gathered the meaning and rolled his eyes.

“Go…” Erik uttered with this unamused look about him.

Toad wiggled his brows and skipped off.

Erik took a seat and patted his leg, hintingly. Bella accepted the invitation and Erik wrapped his arms around her.

“I missed you this morning…”

“Once you see the headline in today’s paper, I’m sure you’ll feel differently.”

“Already have.” He murmured with a shrug.

“I’m sorry, Erik.”

He shook his head and kissed the top of her head.

“You haven’t anything to be sorry for.”

“Erik, I just fucked us BOTH over. Hell, our child even! How do we even begin to push past this one?”

“I haven’t an answer for that at the moment. But we will. We always do.”

The Brotherhood:






(Scarlet Witch)





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  1. Kilgrave, that son of a bitch! In my head I just kept hearing him yell, “JESSICA!” in David Tenant’s voice, lol. Such an awesome chapter and so glad we have Logan now! So bad ass and can’t wait for more… Just adore it!

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