Chapter 10 Memory Lane

Chapter 10

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Kurt smiled as he had his hand along Bella’s stomach and could feel the baby moving.

“How’d you get that baby in there?”

Bella let out a nervous giggle.

“Shouldn’t you be getting to class now?”

“But I want to know more about the baby! What are you going to name it?”


“I like that name. Think he can be my little brother? I always wanted a little brother!”

Bella swallowed back on this. She reached over and brushed a strand of hair from his eyes.

“I’d take care of him, always! Please?”

“I think Aiden would like that very much, Kurt.”

Kurt had a smile going from ear to ear and those fangs of his were more pronounced than ever. He hugged Bella and thanked her before brimstone filled the air. Bella closed her eyes and breathed it in.

“Guess you got yourself a big brother…” She whispered with a hand along her stomach.

The young woman started to rise but was quick to gasp out.

“Aiden…” She uttered in shock as she could not only feel his hand against hers but she could ‘see’ him.

Like that of one of her visions only it was present time. The feeling was so intense it brought Bella to her knees.

“So it is you… I knew it.”

She gave a tearful smile as this overwhelming sense of love and compassion hit her.

“I love you too…”

“Yah alright?”

Bella lifted her head to see Logan standing before her. She nodded as Logan offered a hand and helped her to her feet.

“Do yah need a doc or somethin’?”

“I believe I’m okay. Thank you.”

The man nodded and started about his way.

“Logan…” Bella called and he stopped in his tracks.

“What did you mean…? When you said you were here because of me?”

The mutant pivoted around and gestured for her to have a seat at the bench. He joined her and looked to be in thought.

“Let’s just say I believe in yer cause. Yer not willin’ ta bend one way or another. It’s all or nothing. And yah’ve gotten others ta open their minds a bit. Yer the whole package and that’s a rarity.”

Bella blushed in response. Logan drew back a breath and folded his arms about his chest.

“That man of yers… He says that’s what the Brotherhood will stand for. And no offense, darlin’ but he’d better be tellin’ the truth on that. Ta be honest, I’m surprised ta see yah with someone like Magneto. He doesn’t strike me as yer type. Yah seem a little too clever fer the likes of him.”

“Oh I am. Don’t let the helmet fool you.” She said with a smirk.

Logan chuckled on this.

“Magneto… Let’s just say he’s one of those that learns as he goes. And more often than not, he ends up hurting himself more than anyone else.” “I’m not so sure I agree with that last statement.”

Bella nodded in understanding.

“I can see where you’d disagree.”

“He’s affected many lives…”

“That he has. I don’t deny that. But I will say this much… He has to live with that day in and day out. He might not show it but it eats him alive. Magneto lets his emotions get the best of him, his fears mainly speaking. He tends to act first and deal with the outcome later. He doesn’t think the way we do.”

“That’s an understatement…” Logan scoffed.

“Ever done anything you regret?”

“Oh yeah. But I’d like to think that I learned from my mistakes and I’m doing my damnest ta make up fer it. Not that I ever will but I do my best ta sleep a little better at night.”

“Shouldn’t we give Magneto the benefit of the doubt? From my understanding, we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him and others like him.”

Logan narrowed his eyes on this.

“Something about the day of reckoning… Crazy shit like that.”

Logan gave a mere nod.

“He could’ve taken that to his advantage, you know. That would’ve been the perfect opportunity to rid of my kind and possibly the professor and his X-Men. But he chose to work alongside of them instead. And he’s been on the straight and narrow since. Well sort of, for Magneto anyhow.”

“I hope yer right, lil darlin’. I’d hate ta see yah caught up in somethin’ yah can’t wrap yer head around.”

“You know it’s ironic, really. I used to hate being human. I’d look at these mutants and think wow… What I wouldn’t give to be special like that. To make some sort of difference in this world. But here I am… Now I can’t lift a car, or vanish in thin air, or read minds – for that matter. But I have a voice and determination to go with that. Now it took me awhile to realize that, even after my following. For some reason it just wouldn’t click.” Bella drew back a breath and ran her hand along her belly.

“It took my son to wake me up. That’s not to say it wasn’t there before he came into the picture. But I never truly appreciated myself and the things I could do. Like I would hear all these wonderful things about what I stood for and the difference I was making. But it just wouldn’t register. To me… It was nothing more than getting my feelings out. I wanted a change and I was willing to do whatever it took.

Now it’s not perfect and we still got a ways to go.”

“But it’s a start.”


Logan nodded.

“So this thing yah got goin’ with the buckethead… It serious?” He uttered with a smirk.

Bella raised her brows and smiled upon him.

“Watch yourself, Logan…”

He chuckled and shook his head.

“And you should be ashamed of yourself. I’m with child.”

“Don’t bother me none, darlin’.”

Erik entered the courtyard and nodded their direction.

“Well that didn’t take long…” he uttered towards Logan.

Logan gave a mere shrug.

“Hm.” He hummed as if piecing a puzzle together.

“Would you give us a moment?”

Bella sent Erik a bitter glance but did as requested. Erik kissed her cheek and watched as she entered the manor. Logan popped a cigar into his mouth and Erik sat beside him.

“Lemme guess… Yer gonna ride my ass about stayin’ away her?” He uttered whilst lighting up.

“On the contrary, feel free to visit my Ella whenever you see fit.”

“Yah might be eatin’ those words later on.”

“You seem to believe you have a chance.” Erik taunted in return.

“I just might if yah go and fuck this up. Yah done broke her heart once since I’ve been here and that was just a couple days ago. But by all means… If she needs some pickin’ up.”

Erik frowned and Logan chuckled.

“Didn’t like that now did yah?”

Erik didn’t answer and stared straight ahead.

“Tell yah what… Yah go and put a ring on that woman and maybe yah wouldn’t have so much trouble keepin’ her grounded. She’s carryin’ yer child after all. So what’s stoppin’ yah from takin’ that final leap? Yah got somethin’ on the side or yah waitin’ ta see if a better option comes around? Because I’ll can tell yah this much… Woman like that… She’s got every man’s attention. Not only is she a hot mess but she makes us sacks of shit look like pussies. She’s one in a million. And if I can see that, others will as well. So yah go on and get yer feathers all ruffled up. But in the end… it’s YOUR decision on where the two of yah go from here and she’s gonna need more than fancy words, and a cheap proposal. She needs ta know yah mean business. Yah don’t deserve yer and yah know it. But if yah go back ta yer old ways and fuck everythin’ up, she’s gone. And I’m not about ta step aside and ignore the fact that she’s available. So if yah don’t want me or some other asshole swoopin’ in. Then do somethin’ about it, yah fuckin’ moron.”

“Are you done?”

Logan cocked a brow on this and Erik nodded.

“The others are waiting…” He hinted and Logan sighed.

Bella shook her head as she flipped through the channels. Nearly every station was covering what had taken place outside the strip club. She grimaced once she saw the actual footage of her coming out of the building. This was exactly what he wanted. When he mentioned punishment… This was only the beginning. He was going to knock that tower of hers down and make certain she could never rise again. Then he’d swoop on in and have complete control. That’s how he worked. He needed Bella at her most vulnerable or he wouldn’t have that. She gritted her teeth in thought.

“Not this time…” She muttered in memory.

“I’ll expose you for everything you are. I’ll make it impossible for you to make a single move.”

Bella picked up the phone and dialed the senator’s number.


“How do you feel about a press conference?”

“I thought you were taking a break…”

“So did I. But let’s face it. I don’t get breaks.”


“Bradley, just get me that fucking press conference and ASAP.”

He drew back a breath on this.

“Fine. But I’m going to need a few hours. You’re going to need all the protection you can get and I suggest you bring a couple of your mutant friends along. We got a mob of haters out there.”

“Haters, huh?” She laughed thinking that was more of a term from the future.

“And what do you wish to call them?”

“Oh no, haters is just what they are. We’re good.”

Bella hung up the phone and paced the area a bit. After coming up with some sort of plan on how she was going to address the public, she changed into something a little more professional. The young woman pinned her hair back and put on a touch of makeup. When she stepped out Charles was already at the door. He shook his head in disapproval and had this rather stern look about him.

“I cannot on any good conscience let you walk out those doors.”

Bella gritted her teeth in comprehension.

“And what did I say about staying out of my head?”

“You step up on that stage and you’re as good as dead!”

“Look around you, Charles! I’m already dead!”

“Isabella…” He pleaded as she headed towards the doors.

“At least let Erik in on what you’re about to do.”

“Why? He doesn’t tell me shit!”

Charles grimaced as she exited the manor.

“Bella…” He uttered in misery.

When the cab pulled up to the building, Bella swallowed back rather nervously. She paid her fare but took her hair down and put on her usual floppy hat and glasses. Just as soon as she exited the cab she made a mad dash inside.

“Jesus!” The senator said as he’d caught wind of her.

He rushed on over and was quick to get her into the elevator. Once they were inside he hit the emergency button.

“What in the hell are you thinking?! Where’s Mr. Lehnsherr?”

“He’s got his own affairs to deal with.”

“I’ve the feeling he’d argue that.”

“Pfft, he doesn’t even notice I’m gone. Let’s just get this over with. It’s a mere press conference, that’s all. Just get us a room set up and I’ll answer their ridiculous questions.”

“And you are aware of what will be waiting outside, after?”

“Not if you find a way to sneak me out.”

The senator raised his brows on this. “That’s right, Mr. Johnson. I might be young but I wasn’t born yesterday. So are we going to do this or not?”

The senator drew back a breath but went on and hit the floor they needed. Bella smiled in response. He led her to one of the other offices and gestured for her to have a seat.

“Just hold on and give me time…”

“You got it.”

He’d this hesitant look about him as he exited the room. Bella came to her feet and paced the area. She went over everything in that head of hers. The young woman looked out the window and shook her head. She was all nerves as she witnessed the angry mob below. Bella felt she hadn’t a choice. She, the senator, and Erik were being slandered all across the media.

“I’m sorry…” She whispered with a hand along her stomach.

“I’m going to fix this, Aiden. I promise. It won’t become your burden.”

Half an hour passed before the senator gathered her. He had a few security guards with him. She followed him into one of the rooms he’d set up. The moment she entered the room there were flashes of light and microphones right in her face. The guards rushed her to the podium. The senator was first to speak.

“There will be no questions until everyone is seated and has quieted down. You’re not to ask any questions, unless Miss. Swan personally addresses you. There will be no speaking out of turn. Go against my wishes and we will have no choice but to cancel the conference.”

Everyone looked to Mr. Johnson in disbelief. He gave a mere nod and waved Bella over. He leaned into her ear.

“Stay behind the podium. You’re to remain professional this time.”

Bella sent him a challenging look and he shook his head and covered the mic.

“Can you do that?”

“Fine…” She muttered under her breath and the senator removed his hand.

He stepped off the stage and Bella looked to the media sitting before her. Each of them had this look of impatience. Bella cleared her throat.

“Before I get to your questions there are a few things I’d like to clear up. First of all… You should know that eyes can be deceiving and whatever you think you saw…”

Bella snapped a look towards the doors as they swung open. Men decked out all in black entered the room, each of them with an automatic weapon. They aimed their guns at her and everyone else within the room. The guards and the senator started towards her only to have a warning shot fired.

Everyone screamed out and dropped to the ground, aside from the guards, Bella, and Mr. Johnson. The senator raised his hands and took a step towards them.

“I’m not sure what this is about. But we can talk this over…”

The main gun man gestured towards one of his guys. They walked on over and grabbed the senator then put a gun to his head. The guards went to withdrawal their guns only to have them shot out of their hands. Bella swallowed back as the man walked on over and grabbed her by the hair. He said nothing as he dragged her on out the door and the others followed. They forced her into the elevator and hit the bottom floor. Bella kept a protective hand along her stomach and fought the urge to cry and go into a full panic attack. She had to keep her head up and see what these guys wanted. Once they got to the bottom floor they dragged her outside, where more men waited. Bella grimaced as they’d guns on the crowd around them. These men formed a circle around her and the main one placed her into the middle. He forced her onto her knees then jerked her head back.

“LOOK AT HER!!!” The man demanded.


Every man within the circle had their guns aimed at her.

“Any last words?”

“Believe what you want but I’m not the one holding a gun to a woman with child.”

Bella looked to everyone else.


The man nodded then leaned into her ear.

“You will be forgotten and everyone here will move on. How does it feel knowing you did all of this for nothing? You died for nothing!”

He gave a simple nod and Bella closed her eyes. Within the matter of seconds she heard the guns firing but she felt someone lift her up off the ground. When she opened her eyes she saw the bodies of the men lying amongst her.

“Erik…” She uttered in disbelief.

She could see Wolverine, Toad, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver off to the distance taking care of whatever men was left and doing their best to protect the civilians around them.

“How’d you…”

“You wanted to know what I was doing… Well this is it. I knew you wouldn’t keep still for long, nor did I truly expect you to. But what I did expect is a little trust. Trust as in COMING TO ME before making such a foolish decision. Do you see the danger now?! LOOK AROUND YOU!”

She grimaced as she witnessed the Brotherhood doing everything within their power to keep her enemies and fans at bay.

“Erik I…”

He set her down and shook his head as he kept his magnetic field around them.

“Died once already! Were you so willing to make it twice? I get the cause in which you stand for and I back you up wholeheartedly, just as I always have. But what does it take?! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!”


He tilted his head on this.


Bella gasped out as he scooped her up and lifted into the air. She looked down to see the others spreading apart and taking care of the issue below. Magneto landed on top of the building and ripped his helmet off. She grimaced as it rolled off the rooftop.

“How can I give you my all when I’ve done nothing but fail you? Ella, I LET those things happen to you!”

She went to argue this and he put a finger to her lips.

“If I would’ve taken out those Nazis we’d have lived completely different lives. Our parents would’ve lived and you and I would’ve never parted ways. I was given a second chance and yet I failed you ALLLL over again! I let that bastard more or less rape and abuse my sweet Ella! I could’ve stopped him, but didn’t! Then I let him take you away from me, AGAIN! You would’ve been better off with Charles and we both know it. The moment I saw you with him… I should’ve done right by you and walked away. He would’ve given you EVERYTHING you ever hoped for and deserved. I can’t give you that. THIS IS WHO I AM! I AM MAGNETO!”

“You’re wrong…”

He tilted his head on this. Bella put a hand to his heart.

“You were Erik Lehnsherr, way before Magneto was ever in the picture.”

“But he was always there, lingering.”

“That maybe but it was Erik Lehnsherr I first kissed. It was he who stole my heart and I drove crazy with my constant I love yous.”


Erik drew back a breath.

“Charles tells me you have my mother’s ring?”

Bella nodded.

“Do happen to have it on you?”

The young woman blushed in response and Erik looked on rather stunned as she had it on a chain around her neck. She ripped the chain off and handed it over.

“Erik, you never failed me. You failed yourself when you let it eat you alive. You gotta balance the mutant with the man within and realize that I love you BOTH. You’re not one without the other. But you gotta respect the fact that Erik as here first and so does Magneto.”

“Forgive me. But I can no longer withstand. If you want me then I’m going to need all of you.”

With the ring in hand he placed his hands along her cheeks and with his eyes locked with hers…

“Ella, I want my wife back.”

Bella jumped as the visions hit and it was one after another.


Her body jerked in response but Erik kept his hold and was feeding her whatever came to mind.

Please…” Bella pleaded and he shook his head.

Even as she came to her knees he didn’t break that feed. He kept it going and dropped to his as well. Her eyes started to roll back and he gave her a slight shake.


“NO, ERIK!” Charles shouted as he exited the door to the rooftop and the senator followed.




Charles grimaced as Bella went limp in his hold.

“Come on… I know you’re in there, my sweet Ella. You can do this!”

Charles closed his eyes as her nose started bleeding and her body began to spasm.

“DON’T!” Erik shouted sensing what he was about to do.

He sent his wheelchair back into the area in which he and the senator came from. His helmet was sent flying back towards him and he put it on. The senator staggered back as Erik took off with Bella in his hold.

Four days later…  


He lifted his eyes and regarded her reflection in the mirror.

“You’re up early…”

Bella narrowed her eyes as he grabbed a towel and wiped the shaving cream off his face.

“Erik, when did you grow a beard?”

He reared back and looked upon her as if she’d lost her mind.

“Are you feeling alright?”

Bella reached to her temples and staggered back a bit.

“Ella…” He said whilst reaching out to her.

“This isn’t real.”

“What’s come over you?”

Bella snapped her head another direction as she heard what sounded to be a baby crying.

“Ah… sounds as if Aiden’s up as well.”

“Aiden?!” She murmured with a hand along her tummy.

She swallowed back and pivoted around. She followed his cries and opened the door.

Her heart skipped a beat as she inched her over. Once she was within reach, she ran her hand along the crib.

“Aiden…” She whispered as she looked into his deep blue eyes and his hair was snowy white.


Bella reached into the crib only to have her hands go right through the child. She snapped them back towards her and peered back to see Erik leaning against the doorway. He nodded upon her.

“Is something the matter?”

When Bella turned back around the crib was empty and she went to say something on this, only to see that Erik had vanished as well. Her heart galloped within her chest as she took a single finger and ran it along the dust that had collected along the crib over the years.

“No…” She uttered with a sinking heart.

Bella was taken back as everything else was wrapped in plastic. She lifted the plastic off the rocking chair and picked up the stuffed rabbit within. A vision of Aiden holding this particular toy hit her. She went through the bedroom and removed the rest of the plastic coverings. She slapped a hand over her mouth as there was a picture on the dresser. It was the three of them. Erik had Aiden in his hold and his arm wrapped around her. Aiden looked no older than one. She picked the picture up and sat in the rocking chair. She gawked upon it and held that rabbit like it were Aiden himself. She rocked back and forth as the memories played out. She could hear Erik talking to her and Aiden’s soft coos in the background. Bella came to her feet while clinging to that picture and the stuffed animal. She did a walkthrough of the house. It’s age certainly showed as everything within the house was set in the fifties to early sixties, at least. She entered the kitchen and froze as she’d another vision. Erik was sitting at the little dining table and feeding their son. He nodded upon her and asked what they were having for supper. Bella jumped however as a big dog came barreling into the kitchen. Erik chuckled and whistled.

“You know how she feels about you coming into the house at supper! Out, boy!”

“Ramsey…” She whispered utter amazement.


The phone rang and Erik hopped up with Aiden in his hold. He answered it and said something about coming in earlier than usual. Something about the mines… But like that of the bedroom, this image was soon to fade as well. She closed her eyes and leaned against the wall. She couldn’t help but to find these memories somewhat cruel and what was she doing in this cabin of her and Erik’s?! How’d she get here?! She took a deep breath and opened her eyes once again. She made her way to the fireplace. The young woman looked on in wonder as it was currently lit. Was this another vision? She thought with a frown. She walked on over and without another thought, she put her hand to the fire. She was quick to pull away and with a bit of gasp. She shook her head and took a few steps back. But when she did this another vision hit.

“A Christmas tree?!” She whispered as she saw Erik and Aiden sitting beside it.

But on the mantle to the fireplace was a Hanukkah Menorah. A tearful smile came over her as she remembered Erik doing this particularly for her. That was the one thing they always respected about one another – their beliefs. Neither went out their way to try to steer the other a certain way. And that’s how they raised their son. He was introduced to both and it was his decision in the end. But the more these visions played out, the harder it became. She started to feel as if she were suffocating. Bella inched her way towards the front door and without another thought, she ran. Bella ran throughout the woods and she didn’t stop until a rather familiar voice caught her flatfooted.


“I know you’re there!”



She turned and when she did this she lost her footing. She fell back and the picture and rabbit flew out of her hand.

“NO!” She cried whilst reaching for them.

The man hunkered down and offered his hand.

“GET AWAY FROM ME!” She shouted and hit at the man with everything she had.

“It’s me…”

“I WON’T LET YOU CONTROL ME, KEVIN! NEVER AGAIN!” She shouted then went on to head-butt him.

Bella braced herself against a nearby tree and used it to come to her feet. She started to take off yet again…

“Ella! It’s me. It’s Erik.”

She cranked her head that direction and saw Erik with a hand over his nose and he was coming to a stand. She took a step towards him but a crunching sound had her stopping in her tracks. Bella moved her foot and looked down to see what it was.

“NOOO!” She cried and dropped to her knees.

“ELLA!” Erik hollered as she was slicing her fingers, in attempts to put the glass back together.

She shoved him back then went on to desperately piece it back together.

“It’s all I got!”

She reached over and grabbed the rabbit.

“These are all I have!” She said whilst hugging them close and backing up against a tree.

Erik shook his head and crawled on over.

“That’s not true, miene Liebe.”

It wasn’t until she felt the warmth of his hands along her cheeks that she realized he was ‘real’.

“Erik…” She whimpered and he nodded.

“Erik, help me. Please.”

Erik was quick to wrap his arms around her.

“I’m here and I’m not going anywhere. I give you my word.”

“It hurts, so much.”

“I know. But look at me.”

Erik planted his hands along her face.

“We can have it back, at least for the most part. It’ll take some time and it’s going to be one hell of a fight. But we can do this. I just need you to believe in that. Do you believe in me, Ella?”

She nodded and he wiped her tears with his thumbs.

“You must be freezing. Let’s get you inside.”

He came to his feet then scooped her up. It wasn’t until they were inside that he realized she was barefoot and the bottom of her feet was covered in thorns. He grimaced and sat her by the fire. He draped a blanket over her and went and gathered a first aid kit and a bowl of warm water. He knew he needed to take care of her fingers but her feet at the moment were worse off.

“I’m sorry…” He murmured as she cried while cleansing her feet.

He shook his head on how embedded some of them were. He picked up a set of tweezers then reached over and grabbed a pillow off a nearby chair.

“You might want to bite down on that.”

She nodded.

“Deep breath.” He uttered as he went to pluck one out.

Bella let out a tearful scream. Erik recoiled as he still had a ways to go. He counted eleven he’d ten to go. If she wasn’t with child he’d have gotten her nice and liquored up. But he had no choice, she had to bear it and he hated every moment. By the time he’d finished, her feet looked like that of raw meat. Bella let out this agonizing cry as he doused them with alcohol. Erik cleared his throat and was doing his best to get her to be still. But he couldn’t blame her for squirming around the way she was. He knew she was in literal torment. Erik went on to wrap her feet then took care of her fingers.

“Aiden…” She whispered in such a way and placed her free hand along her stomach.

“He’s cold.” She said with slight alarm.

Erik narrowed his eyes wondering how she knew that. He stopped what he was doing and got her closer to the fireplace. He grabbed whatever blankets he could find and got her better situated. He stripped down knowing the quickest way to warm her up was skin to skin. He slipped into the covers, removed her gown then pulled her into his arms. During this, he focused on Aiden and giving him that charge he needed. Bella shook violently in his hold.

“Come now you two… Shhh… Just focus on the warmth, nothing else.”

He was outside chopping more wood for the fireplace, when he saw her running out of the cabin. He hoped to of been there when she woke, luck have it otherwise. He could only imagine what she thought or went through waking up in this cabin on her lonesome. That was never his intention. His sole purpose in bringing her here was to gain what they once lost. He’d grown desperate in getting her memories back. Sure, she’d regained a few here and there… but it was nowhere near enough. At this point, Erik pretty much remembered everything, all up to that particular day. That was still a bit of a blur – that being the day his wife and son were murdered and in cold blood, for the entire world to see. That particular memory or what little there was of it, had him holding her even tighter.

This was the cabin they ran off to once he found her again. They ran in attempts to get away from Kilgrave and build that life they’d always dreamed of. By then, Bella had already filed for divorce but naturally Kevin went out his way to never sign off on that. Erik did his homework and found a way of getting it taken care of and before long, he and Bella were married and with child. A child that was conceived in this very cabin and Erik took care of the delivery himself. That’s how desperate they were to stay off the grid. They even went by different names those being Max and Jolene Eisenhardt. And their son, Aiden Eisenhardt, which explained Bella’s infatuation with that specific name in the first place. Erik kept his powers hidden and worked was a coal miner at the time. He made just enough money to keep them afloat and he’d hunt off the land; while Bella aka ‘Jolene’ kept a garden with fresh vegetables.

They did their best to avoid going into town. When they did venture out, they’d disguise themselves, best they could and carried around fake identification. That’s how much of a threat this Kilgrave posed. It wasn’t just him they had to concern themselves with but his little minions aka puppets. And this man seemed to have them scattered about and with only one intention in mind, to find Isabella and bring her to him. When Kilgrave first entered their lives as a Nazi, he hadn’t the violet shading he had now. Of course he was ‘human’ around that time. From Erik’s understanding, Hitler himself wasn’t quite ‘human’ but he wasn’t a mutant either. No, like that of the Cullens… He was a cold one and he chose those he found worthy enough to join him in this life of immortality, one of those being Kilgrave himself. Thus, having to do with him being one of his most loyal followers. With this ‘gift’ came the purple man everyone grew to fear. Word had soon spread across Germany, to Poland, and to the states themselves. However, Americans thought it a mere myth. For whatever reason, Hitler’s particular gift was passed down to this man. And like he… Kilgrave had a way of convincing people to do things HIS way. Only no one knew that he was using literal mind control. It wasn’t long before Kilgrave discovered what all he could accomplish. He could make ANYONE do whatever he wanted. And he could bed whatever woman he so desired. However… he always had that one American girl in the back of his mind. Something about her always stood out and he kept his eye out. As promised… he eventually found her. His infatuation became more potent however as he realized he had a bit of a struggle on his hands; that struggle having to do with her not remembering who he was. He took that to his advantage. He put on his best ‘act’ and she became the first woman to ever fall for him, without the use of his ability. Kilgrave was head over heels for this woman and for the first time, he was in love. But her love wasn’t enough to keep him pacified. He bedded with other women and would use his controlling ways for selfish gain. Such as ridding of anyone that so much as got on his nerves, or those that posed a threat and might steal his precious Isabella away. Once his wife found out what he was doing she made it clear she was done and leaving him. She wanted a divorce. He denied her wishes and when she ignored this and went on to pack her things, that’s when his true colors showed. His own wife became another one of his puppets. But doing this weakened him. There was something about Bella. With her he found himself putting forth more focus. Kilgrave never understood why. Because of this… He had her working long hours so he could continue his affairs and not have her around the house, cramping up his style. The man was known for having multiple sex partners and often enough more than two or three at a time. He’d have himself little sex parties, while the wife was slaving away and handing her paychecks over. She never saw a dime. He controlled EVERYTHING. After a few months of this, Erik entered the picture as he went to work for the same company. The two met at a business meeting and really hit it off. He’d seen the wedding ring but at the time, Erik wasn’t one to care about such matters. That and he hadn’t a clue she was his Ella. All he remembered was how badly he wanted her, much like that night at the bar. She carried that same scent and those eyes… but it didn’t register even then. The two went out their way to run into one another and before long, they were sneaking off into various rooms and having an affair. She was a completely different person when her husband wasn’t around, much like the way she is now. But around her husband… she was spaced out and acted dead inside. They hid their affair so well that a year had gone by before Kilgrave found out. And like that of Erik, he’d gone out his way to rid of him. But there was something about Erik… He couldn’t control him the way he did others, something Erik, nor Charles understood, considering Charles could get into his head. But for whatever reason… Kilgrave had NO will over Erik Lehnsherr. This made them instant enemies as they were going out their way to outdo one another and swoop in on the girl.

Unfortunately… Kilgrave beat Erik to that punch and decidedly took off with her. It was during that year apart that he learned that she was his Ella. And it sickened him to no end that he didn’t take this woman as seriously as he should have. Sure, he wanted her to himself but it was more about sticking it to that dreadful husband of hers and being the one on top. He became so focused on ‘winning’ he hadn’t focused on what truly mattered. He was in love with this woman but in utter denial. For one thing… he never understood his infatuation with her, until it was too late. His sweet Ella… ripped right out from his arms, all over again. Only this time he hadn’t anyone to blame but himself. If he hadn’t been so involved with playing this ridiculous pissing match with her husband, he would’ve realized who she was and taken off with her, straightaway. But he didn’t. So it was another year before he saw her again. And that’s when he walked up on her and Charles. They were hand and hand and all smiles.

His Ella ended up with his best friend?! And even if Charles meant nothing by it and hadn’t a clue as to WHO she was to Erik. He took it personally. He caused quite a scene at that restaurant and when he looked back on it now, he felt shame. But he couldn’t help himself. She was his, always was, ever since they were children. He’d felt that way and it never died down. Even now, he looked upon her and he couldn’t shake it, no matter how hard he tried. This was the girl that went out and beyond to keep him safe. She kept his ‘gift’ (or what he thought a curse at the time) a secret and loved him for who he was. She never questioned the fact that he was a Jew or a mutant. She hadn’t a vile bone in her body. And now? It made perfect sense… His Ella being the face of mutant rights. She always had it in her. There was so much love. But with that love, came a touch of darkness. God have misery on anyone that hurt the ones she loved. Mutant or not, she’d find a way to make you pay. They were a lot alike in that sense. However, Erik took it to a whole other level and would let Magneto take care of that for him, often enough ending in bloodshed.

It was during his time in one of the mines that Kilgrave managed to find his wife and son. He’d brought forth an entire army. A fellow miner mentioned something about helicopters flying around the area of his cabin. Erik thought nothing of it at first. Not until he went out to take his lunch break and saw a slew of vehicles leaving that area as well. He remembered that heart sinking feeling. He dropped the lunch his wife had made him and took off like a bat out of hell. But it was too late. They were gone and all that remained was the body of their dog Ramsey, whose throat was slit. He remembered that empty feeling. At that very moment… he hated the world. He’d lost control and exposed himself to his fellow workers and they ratted him out. So Erik spent the rest of that time on the run but also on the hunt for his wife and son. And from there… Everything was a bit of a blur.

These memories haunted Erik and always had, as to his reason for giving into Magneto and kissing his days of Erik goodbye. Ella was the only one that could bring him back from that. Charles had his moments of succeeding but it never lasted. With his family, he felt the need to prove himself, to make their lives better. But without them, he was lost. And that’s where his hatred for humans lay. Why couldn’t they be more like his Ella? They were weak and pathetic in comparison. They didn’t deserve the very air they breathed. Yet they were so quick to point the finger and act as if they had the reins. If mutants band together as one, they would be no more! He wanted them gone, all of them! If his Ella hadn’t the right to be free, NEITHER DID THEY! They were no better than the Nazis that forced their beliefs down everyone’s throat and threw his kind into concentration camps. They were raped, tortured, starved, and gassed! And the very humans that stood against their rights were doing the same, if not worse. The government wanted to run experiments on them. While others wanted to “HEAL” them and put them through various forms of psychotherapy. But a majority… wanted them taken out of the equation, plain and simple. Mutants were a menace and a danger to society. He’d spent years hearing that nonsense and it was drilled into him sooo much that he wanted to give them that very thing. Why not? And this way he could prove that mutants could and would inherit the world.

That’s where Bella and Erik differed. She saw the beauty in all things, even that of vampires. She always told him that it wasn’t the whole but the few. It was about making a difference and getting others to open their eyes and recognizing the damage. Everyone needed to stand together for once and fight against this discrimination. There wasn’t one that was better than the other. Some were just more corrupt. THOSE were the ones she stood against and that’s the voice she wanted heard. She’d been this way since a child. She always had a strong conviction and she was never one to back down, even when facing death. Such as a few days ago… When she had an entire firing squad ready to take her out. Still, she made her voice heard and was ready to die for her beliefs. He wanted to be mad, but couldn’t. He’d never known anyone as magnificent as she.

It was because of Bella that her father took that chance. He knew how she was even at such a young age. Her father wanted to prove that she was right in the way she felt. The only way of doing that? Was to support her through and through, even if that meant risking their lives in order to do so. It was the right thing to do. Erik always thought more highly of her father than that of his own. Whereas her father stood up and fought. His father coward down and went into hiding. At least that’s the way he used to see it. He understood his father’s reasoning now. But even at that… He and his father never saw eye to eye. For one thing? He felt his father was a bit of a hypocrite. Here they were Jewish and running for their lives, yet he stood against mutants and their rights – ones like his own flesh and blood. And that right there… was his reason for being done with Raven. She reminded him of that very thing and it was enough to make him realize they weren’t meant to be and never were. Raven was never one to take pride in who she was. She proved this even more so by turning her back to her own flesh and blood.

And here he was… He had his arms around this remarkable human, whose bravery put most mutant and humans to shame. Now she couldn’t fight like that of Raven or the Brotherhood. But she didn’t let that stop her. Erik never dreamed he could love a human as much as he loved her. He wanted nothing more than to fight alongside of her. To show her she wasn’t alone in this and he too foresaw the same vision. Between their family and The Brotherhood things were sure to change, for the better. He’d die in order to make that vision come true. Not just for the sake of Bella and Aiden, but for Pietro and Wanda. For once, he truly had a cause in which to stand behind and he knew he was going down the right path. Now he would never do things the way Charles saw fit. He still believed that all was fair in love and war… Some will live, some will die. It was just the way things were and for Charles to teach his students otherwise, was beyond cruel and it wouldn’t end well. But that was Charles’s cross to bear. He’d have to answer for that later on. This was Erik’s burden and he’d see to it the way he saw fit.

He’d plans of getting into office and seeing this through and through. Like he said… It would take some time and they’d a long road ahead of him. But this was something he truly wanted. Like that of Bella’s father… He wanted to give her this; to give his family that peace of mind. The only way about it? Was to take that leap and see what came of it. He had to put his anger and vengeance aside for once and focus on what was more important – The Future. A future in which his family stayed intact and fought behind the right cause… If that meant getting their hands a little dirty, then so be it. This was war…

His train of thought was interrupted by Bella whimpering out in her sleep. He narrowed his eyes and brushed her hair back. A knot formed within the back of his throat as everything was catching up to him and he found himself shedding a few tears of his own. That vision however couldn’t be foreseen, not until he took care of Kilgrave, once and for all. Only then could his family be at peace enough to move on to bigger things.

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  1. Awesome update and it was so sweet with Kurt wanting to be a big brother. Logan forever the flirt but I’m glad he kind of kicked Erik into gear. Can’t wait for the next update! An Original Family Christmas update finally my prayers have been answered lol can’t wait!!!!

  2. This is amazing! Granted all of your stories I’ve read so far are, so I can’t wait for you to finish this! I’m super excited about it 🙂

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