Chapter 6 Ella

Chapter 6

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“Bella… I want you to think about your life before you arrived here in 1974.”

                The young woman nodded, but let out a surprised gasp as she found herself standing in the middle of the parking lot, at Forks High School. She looked to her clothes in shock and spun around remember this day all too well.

Don’t… I can feel you trying to pull away. There’s nothing to hide. Soon we will know everything about one another.”

                Bella swallowed back as she looked to the icy asphalt.

“Can you tell me where we are?”

“We’re back in Forks… at the high school.”

“And what is it about this day that holds particular meaning?”

                The young woman looked around and could see Erik and Charles looking on from a distance.

“Do you have idea just how incredibly trippy this is?!”

                Charles nodded and Bella sighed as she took a step forward.

“There was a van… and it was coming right for me. Kevin – a friend of mine was the driver. A patch of black ice caused him to lose control.”

                Erik’s eyes widened as the van she mentioned was barreling right for her. Charles flung his arm back stopping Erik.

“She is only of mind and not the body itself. These are events that have already taken place. We haven’t any control over them. We are mere observers, even she.”

                Charles and Erik reared back as the boy from across the way suddenly appeared in front of Bella. He shot out a hand and stopped the van from hitting her. He was quick to disappear after. Bella narrowed her eyes once she was able to project herself out of the body itself and was looking on as a mere spectator now. She glanced upon Erik and Charles once again.

“Vampire…” She reminded seeing the bewildered look on Erik’s face.

“A vampire that comes out during the day?” He mocked and Bella sort of laughed.

“Oh it gets better…” She mumbled.

“He sparkles in the sun.”

                Erik frowned on this.

“Doesn’t sound like much of a vampire.”

“He wasn’t…”

                Bella froze as the scenery around them changed. It went on to the day Edward confessed his feelings for her. There was mention of the masochistic lion and the lamb. This memory in particular had Bella blushing. Erik raised his brows and sort of chuckled.

“And what did you see in this vampire masquerading as a teenage boy?”

“I’ve been wondering that myself.” She muttered as Edward was showing off his abilities.

                Bella tilted her head however and observed the vampire’s mannerisms more closely. He had her pinned in and his eyes were locked onto hers. Bella keyed in on his every word.

“Wait!” She called out as the scenery changed once again.

                She let out a sigh of mere frustration. When she looked around she saw that they were in her old bedroom. Her jaw dropped and she snapped Erik and Charles a look as they were standing by the closet.

“Advert your eyes!” She scolded and Erik looked on in shock.

                Bella was trying her hardest to stop this particular memory from playing out. But the moans grew even louder and she arched off the bed.

“I didn’t bring us here!” She said with a blush and went on to block the little show.

“That will happen from time to time depending on where our subconscious takes us.” Charles explained.

                Bella stepped in front of the bed in attempts to block the little show, but it was too late. She could feel Erik’s presence as he stood directly behind her now. He leaned into her ear.

“And what were you dreaming about?” Erik taunted whilst wiggling his brows.

                The young woman sighed and shook her head.

“The man with no face…” She uttered.

“You were doing it again…” They heard someone call out and it was then that Erik and Charles took notice of the vampire sitting in the chair across the way.

                Erik curled that lip of his. Bella let out this miserable laugh as the memory showed the two of them fighting over these ‘dreams’ of hers.

“Man with no face?” Erik questioned.

“I believe she means you…” Charles replied and Erik regarded him in disbelief.

“You mean to tell me that was me she was dreaming about?”

                Charles nodded and Bella cut him a look of hell.

“You just can’t help yourself, can you?!”

“He’s in the need to know.”

“I somehow doubt he needed to know THAT!”

“Do tell me more… and in detail.” Erik uttered with a smirk.


“How many times must we have this conversation? I mean honestly, Bella! Can’t you control yourself?”

“And I’ve told you time and time again that I can’t! These are my dreams, Edward!”

“It’s disgusting… The way you act, during.” Edward cruelly hinted.

“Disgusting?!” The memory Bella chorused along with Erik.

“Well it’s not very lady like, Bella. You need to find a way to stop these dreams from happening!” 

“I have to disagree…” Erik murmured.

                They observed as Edward grew madder with Bella and it ended with him leaving for the night. Erik nudged Charles.

“Is it just me or does it seem as if the vampire has some sort of ability of his own? The way he speaks and carries himself, not only that but look at her. She was standing her ground and by the time he was done, she was begging for forgiveness, and for him to come back. That is not Isabelle.”

                Charles nodded in full agreement and looked to be in thought.

“No, it most certainly isn’t…”

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say he was ‘dazzling’ her…”

                But just as they were discussing this Bella, looked over.

“What the hell? What was wrong with me?!”

                Bella went to backhand herself, but it went through the image.

“Memory…” Charles reminded.

                Bella sighed and went to comment, but there was a knock at the door. The Bella in her memory was quick to crawl back into bed and cover herself.  

“Come in.” She called. 

“Dad…” Bella whispered as he entered the room.

                Erik and Charles took notice of the painful glimmer in her eyes. He walked over and sat at the edge of her bed. Bella leaned against the wall and kept silent as she observed Charlie checking in and telling her goodnight. Bella closed her eyes once he left the room.  

                More events played out between Bella, Edward, The Cullens, her mother and father, and the shifter known as Jacob Black. The more Erik observed, the more he was certain Edward had some sort of pull on her and had from the very beginning. After all, what century old vampire goes to high school and makes it his sole purpose to seduce a 17 year old girl? It was quite clever in a way he supposed, but what a waste of power. Edward could’ve been so much more, but he was too busy playing with this little fantasy of his. Erik found it lame and in poor taste. He didn’t blame Bella. No, he blamed the vampire that was old enough to be her great grandfather.

                These memories continued in playing out until her 18th birthday hit. But the moment Charles spotted the mirror, he muttered something about Siege Perilous. Erik looked over. “What did you say?”

“That mirror… it was placed there intentionally. It’s named after the legend of King Arthur’s chair at the round table. It is a doorway to other dimensions. Only in this case, it seems to have taken Bella back to her rightful era and I do believe it was YOU that did it!”


“The futuristic version, yes. I believe you must’ve known of the events to come and found a way to bring your wife back to the era in which she belonged. No one else knew about the mirror.”

“Did you say wife?! And are you saying that WE set up the attack?!”

“No… but I must’ve seen it coming and decided on taking advantage of the situation. You obviously played along.” “

Then why do I have no recollection?!”

“As I said, this was the futuristic version and not the present.”

                Erik and Charles snapped their heads another direction as they saw Bella making her way through the crowd of the Black Sabbath concert.

“And that certainly explains things…” Charles whispered as they followed her into the parking lot.

                There were flashes of other memories such as Bella having to steal, in order to survive. Erik grimaced as they observed her first few weeks. She spent them on the streets and went days without anything to eat or drink.

“I never knew that…” Erik murmured.

“Neither did I.” Charles admitted as they witnessed her getting mugged and jumped a couple times.

                It went from this to her first time in her apartment. Charles and Erik cut the young woman a look of disbelief. She was kicked back on the couch, in her bra and panties, smoking a joint, and heavily drinking.

“Does this have specific meaning to you?” Erik teased as he walked on over and got a better look.

                Bella glanced towards the door however and just as she did, there was a knock.

“You remember Mark, right?”

                Erik pulled a face on this. Bella put out her joint and took another swig off her bottle of vodka. She threw her robe on and walked on over to the door. This had made the first in Mark’s sexual advances.

“Music’s a bit loud, don’t you think?”

                The man said as welcomed himself inside, he walked on over, and turned off the music.

“Dig the look though…”

                Bella recoiled at this specific memory. The man approached her then ran his hand up along her robe.

“Really dig it…” He uttered as he pressed himself against her.

“I think you should go.” Bella said and went to shove him away from her.

                His frame towered over hers as he backed her up against the wall.

“Tell you what… You give me a piece of this…”  The young woman let out a gasp as he grabbed at her sex.

“And you can live here rent free for the next couple months or so.”

                Bella went to hit him but the man was quick to grab her wrist, stopping her. He laughed directly after.

“Nice try…” 

The laughter continued as Bella shoved him out of the apartment and locked the door directly after. Bella let out a scream and went on to destroy everything within her reach. They watched as she got shitfaced and lit up another joint.

“What purpose does this serve exactly?” She questioned Charles with a touch of resentment.

“I suppose it’s something within your subconscious… Something you feel the need to make yourself or us aware of.”

“I highly doubt that!”

                Bella remarked as she watched herself stumble about the apartment. This seemed to be a nightly routine of hers. She’d go to work, come home, get drunk, pass out, and start all over again. Charles tilted his head upon Erik.

“Remind you of anyone?”

                Erik rolled his eyes, but looked to the memory Bella with concern.

“Look, think we could move it along now?!” Bella snapped upon Charles as she was so drunk at one point she was crawling amongst the floor and singing along to The Doors. Erik narrowed his eyes as he recognized the song all too well – Love Me Two Times. For whatever reason that struck a chord within him and he’d this strange sense of Déjà vu.

“STOP!” Bella shouted and Erik gave a mere nod.

                The scene changed to that night in the bar. Charles narrowed his eyes realizing this to be Erik’s doing. He somehow managed to switch the memory to that of his own. Erik tilted his head as they observed the two making out in the back booth.

“And we know the outcome of that…” Charles witted with a smirk.

                Bella ran her hand along her tummy in thought. They watched as the two left the bar and the memory continued as they headed to Erik’s place. But she and Charles reared back as the memory continued even after she left. Erik patted the bed when he woke and let out a slew of German curse words, once he realized she was gone. She heard him mutter something about how he never got her name. Bella blushed as the man found her panties. He put them to his nose and was breathing them in. She looked to Erik in a stupor as he continued in breathing them in and Charles let out an uncomfortable sigh as Erik went on to pleasure himself beneath the bed sheets.

“As I was saying… no secrets.”

“Apparently…” Erik muttered but while observing Bella’s reaction.

                Bella walked over and was in attempts to lift the bed sheets, but her hand went right on through. Erik cocked a brow at this.

“What? I wanted to see.” She taunted with a smile.

“Well by all means if you want a show I can…”

“Perhaps there are some things even I don’t wish to know.” Charles was quick to interrupt.

                Erik chuckled and sent Bella a flirtatious wink.

                When Erik finished his little session he rolled over and it was then he spotted the blood. He looked as if he’d done something wrong at first. He ran a single finger over the blood stains. “A virgin?” She heard him whisper whilst shaking his head.

                The man started laughing.

“She was a virgin! I had sex with a virgin.” He announced amongst himself and looked to be on cloud nine.

“Really?!” Bella hissed and Erik shrugged.

“You were a virgin?” Charles said looking just as stunned as the Erik in this particular memory.

“Sure didn’t look like it… during.”

                This had Erik and Bella cutting him a ‘look’. The professor cleared his throat.

“Yes well… perhaps we should move on to something else.” He said as Erik looked to be getting worked up all over again.

“I don’t know this memory looks pretty good to me.” Bella said as she tilted her head and got a better view of the show.

“There’s something clearly wrong with the both of you, you know that?”

“Now Charles some of us actually feel something below the belt.” Erik fired back.

“Dude!” Bella scolded and Erik shrugged once again.

“Just stating the obvious and again with the dude.”

“The dude abides, always remember that.”

                The memory moved on to where Erik had seen her on TV. From there, it became an obsession of his. Every time he knew she’d be on it was like clockwork. He couldn’t bear to miss a show, which had Bella somewhat perplexed as to what happened next… It was AFTER she’d come to him about the pregnancy. Everything played out just as it had, but once those office doors closed, Erik grimaced knowing where this was leading.

“Isabelle…,” he called with alarm and Charles sent him an odd glance.

                Erik picked up the phone and it was then they learned of his ‘original’ plans. He was to rid of Bella, once she gave birth to the child. Bella cut him a look of downright hatred.

“You were going to kill me and take my child?!”

                Erik withdrew a breath on this.

“It’s reasons such as this as to why I didn’t wish to do this in the first place!”

                He let whoever it was know that he’d much rather DIE than to let another ‘human’ raise a child of his. Bella staggered back and shook her head.

“I can’t believe you! You had me believing that you truly gave a damn and wanted me to move in so you could protect us BOTH!”

“Please just keep watching.” Erik pleaded with sheer on desperation.


“So you can see that I was merely angry and confused. Why do you think I called for someone else to do the job? I knew I didn’t have it in me to do it myself!”

“But you wanted me dead all the same. You were going to take my child and raise it as if nothing even happened! Just how did you plan on explaining that one, once it came time? Sorry, your mother was a good for nothing human, so I had to rid of her?! Well newsflash, you willingly had your DICK in this ‘human’, you prick!”

“None of that matters now.”

“The hell it doesn’t. How can you look at me the way you do, then turn around and pull a complete 180?! I swear to GOD. Erik, you’re unstable as FUCK!”

“I didn’t want another one of THOSE situations.”


“Fine. You’re right. I didn’t want some WORTHLESS human raising my child! Does that make you feel better?”

“And what changed your mind, Erik, huh?!”

“If you’d shut that trap of yours and pay attention you’d fucking see!”

                It was just as he said…

                They appeared at her old apartment and Erik was standing outside as she and the landlord argued. Something about that particular moment struck a chord within him.

“Right there… You cannot hear what it is I’m thinking, but it’s there all the same. It was then I decided to call it off. I think part of me knew I would end up doing that anyhow. Even when I decided what I had, I…”


“Couldn’t help but to find you intriguing, from the very beginning! Whatever it was, I saw it when we first had sex. Like I always knew… Why do you think I watched the news each time you were on?! In fact, I went to a few of those rallies myself, just in order to get the full experience. You never disappointed, each was better than the last. And this was BEFORE you even came to me about the pregnancy. Part of me already knew, Isabelle. I knew I couldn’t hurt you or let anyone else for that matter. You haven’t any idea how conflicting that is. To be so mesmerized by someone that you struggle in everyday decisions. I kept telling myself that it was business and what was needed. But every time I looked into those eyes of yours, I…”

                The setting changed and Erik was quick to react. Bella gasped back as they stood before two children.

“Erik…?” She questioned with unease.

                They snapped a look Charles’s direction and he gave a simple nod.

“Who are they?” Bella asked and Erik tilted his head upon the boy.

“I believe that is me…” He looked to the girl then back to Bella.

“And those eyes… I’d know them from anywhere.”

I love you, Erik! 

                The boy smiled and pecked the younger girl on the cheek. The little girl hugged him in return.

“Ella…” Erik whispered at the same time as the boy.

“That was my Ella. You…” Erik staggered back in realization.

“You were my Ella?!”

                Charles smiled on this, but kept quiet as the two pieced it all together. Bella hunkered down before the girl and boy. Bella narrowed her eyes as she gazed into the boy’s. She reached out and went to brush the hair from his eyes but her hand went through the boy and she clamped a hand over her mouth.

“The Lehnsherrs…” Erik heard her whisper.

“No. It’s not possible. It was just a dream!” She said as she shot back up.

“It’s not…”

                Bella staggered back as it suddenly turned cold and everything went black for a instant.

“Erik? Charles?!” She called out as she wandered about the area.

                She was quick to gasp out as she heard a little girl screaming on top of her lungs.


                Bella turned and saw a group of Nazis. They were dragging the boy and his family out from the basement. The girl clung to the boy for dear life, as her parents and the Nazis pried them apart. When Bella turned back around and was forced to watch as they beat her mother and father to death. One of them grabbed Bella and ripped the back of her dress. She got 20 lashes all across her back and legs. One of the men spun her back around and they roughly cupped her chin.

“That’s what happens when you ignore the law and help a Jew.”

                The man caressed her cheek afterward.

“Such a pretty little thing, too pretty to be a Jew lover. Perhaps when you’re older I’ll pay you another visit.” The man said then went on to kiss her on the lips.

                Bella closed her eyes and came to her knees. She felt someone tap her on the shoulder. When she opened her eyes it was the boy. Only that boy transformed into the adult version and he offered his hand.

“I believe that’s enough for one day.” He made clear as he brought Bella to her feet and hugged her.

                Erik looked to Charles once the three of them came to.

“Isabelle and I need sometime…”

                Charles nodded in perfect understanding.

“Take all the time you need. We can try again tomorrow.”

                Erik nodded and escorted him out. Once Charles left, he turned and faced Bella.


“I haven’t the faintest. I thought those were dreams. I didn’t know that boy was real and the girl… I never knew that was me.”

“So you’ve dreamt of this?”

“I thought it came from reading too much… You know The Diary of Anne Frank and I wish I was joking. I really thought it was just something I picked up.”

                Erik made his way over and offered his hand. He helped her up off the couch and looked her in the eyes.

“Do you know how long I spent searching for that girl? I had nothing to go on other than the one name. For the sake of your family we never got your last names. Ella was all I had to go on.”

“This so confusing… So I had two sets of parents and two different lives?!”

                Erik placed a strand of hair behind her ear.

“So it would seem…”

“So we were Christian and you were Jewish and we were childhood what exactly?”

                Erik smiled on this.

“Friends. Ones that were often inclined to hold hands and kiss from time to time.”

                Bella blushed in response.

“So you remember.”

“I do now… You and I were very close. You were a couple years younger than me. You used to sneak into the basement and sleep beside me at night. It drove your father mad, but your mother insisted that there wasn’t any harm in it.”

“This is insane…”

“It most certainly is.” Erik agreed but couldn’t take his eyes off her.


“I never told anyone about the little American girl and her family.” He said with a sigh.

“I knew there was something familiar about you. I just never imagined… this entire time. I should’ve known…”

“Why’s that?”

“Your eyes and scent… I remembered how it hit me that night, but I thought it mere coincidence.”

“But Charles made it sound as if there was something beyond that…”

“I suppose we’ll find out soon enough, but right now I want you to rest.”

“How in the hell do I rest after something like that?!”

                Erik sighed, but with this guilt-ridden expression.

“I’m sorry.”


“What they did… I had no idea about your parents or you for that matter.”

                Another realization hit however and Erik looked to Bella with a touch of fright.

“That man… The one that said he’d come back for you when you were older, did he?”

“I haven’t a clue, Erik. Everything feels so out of place. More is coming through, but it’s like I’m floating on a cloud and when anything truly processes, it doesn’t seem real. It’s like everything is out of reach.”

“What do you remember?”

“Being left behind… I felt abandoned and I was so angry and scared.”

                Erik knew that feeling all too well.

“It seemed like forever before someone finally found me.”

“And who found you?”

“A man… I didn’t know his name, but he fed me and bought me a new dress. Then he dropped me off at the orphanage.”

                This him recoiling in thought. He just couldn’t fathom any of this and how dare those bastard Nazis lay a harmful hand on his Ella!


                He looked over seeing as how the color had left her face. “I don’t feel so good.”

                He was quick to brace her against him. Erik lifted her up then carried her into the bedroom. The moment she hit that pillow she was out.

“Greedy little thing, aren’t you?” Erik remarked as he gave the child a bit of a charge.

“Quit draining your mother… she needs her energy.”

                But as he said this he couldn’t help, but to see Bella in a different light now. There was something there and there had been since he first met her at that bar. Now that he knew the truth? Erik was in literal awe and just couldn’t believe that he’d finally found her. He thought the Nazis had killed her and like that of his mother he truly believed he’d never see his Ella again. But like she, he didn’t understand how there was history, other than that. She’d vanished from his life and he never saw her again… or so he thought. Erik found himself caressing her cheek and reminiscing. They started out as neighbors, once the Lehnsherr’s escaped Germany. Ella’s father was an American marine and had been sent to one of the bases in Poland. He’d gotten word of Germany’s invasion and he was quick to gather the Lehnsherrs and hide them. Erik remembered her father making the comment that he should’ve never brought his family along. That he should’ve left them back in the states. He never dreamed that the Nazis would take things THIS far. They lived in that basement for nearly a year, before they were discovered and it was then that Erik realized that he never told Ella he loved her in return. She said it all the time, but he was too embarrassed to say it. His father wasn’t one to express such feelings and Erik assumed that’s what it meant to be a man.

                Bella whimpered out off and on in her sleep. Erik pulled her into his chest, just as he used to when they were children. It was engrained into him. Even back then there was this overwhelming need to keep her safe. But like that of his mother, he failed Ella. She was the only one to know of Erik’s ability. She kept his secret and never told a living soul. He admitted that it scared him and he wasn’t sure how his parents would react. At the time, he hadn’t any control over it and he wasn’t sure how it even worked. He thought of the irony behind that, considering what she stood for now. She was the literal face of mutant rights.  


“Erik?” Bella whispered as she woke to him kissing along her neck.

                He raised her hands up above her head and had the metal to the bedpost wrap around her wrists. Erik was already in the buff as he stripped her down. He observed her body language as he eased his way on in. Even with Dr. McCoy giving Bella the go ahead on having intercourse, Erik wanted to take extra precaution. Bella let out a moan and arched off the bed a bit. Erik took this as a good sign and began to thrust. He loved the sight of his dick going in and out of that little slit. He lifted his eyes to see her biting that lower lip of hers.

“Mein Ella wuchs so unglaublich sexy..” (My Ella grew up to be so incredibly sexy) He murmured as he kept his thrusting nice and steady.

                He chuckled as she seemed to orgasm at damn near every stroke he gave.

“Hmmm.” He hummed as the visions returned.

                This time he was sitting in his recliner and Bella was sucking him off. Erik had a fistful of her hair and was practically fucking her face.

“Guter Gott!” (Good God)

“Harder, Erik!” She cried out and he let out a growl as he gave into her wishes.

                The vision showed him pulling out and shooting a massive load into her mouth. It was running down the sides and dripping off her tongue.

Erik was quick to pull out and he came across her breasts and along her tummy. He released her from the bedpost afterward. Bella took her finger and dipped it into the cum. Erik cocked a brow as she licked it clean after.

“Little minx is what you are.”

                Bella smiled as he grabbed a tissue and wiped her clean. He tossed it into a nearby waste basket.

“How are you feeling?” He questioned afterward.

“Good actually.”

                He nodded and kissed her tummy. Bella reached over and ran her fingers through his hair.

“So do I need to hire a team of mutant bodyguards or are we good now?”

                Erik raised his brows on this.

“I suppose you’ll find out say in about 6 months or so…”

                Bella frowned and hit him in the shoulder. He chuckled and skulked on over. Erik pecked her on the lips when the phone rang. He reached over and answered it.

“It’s for you.” He said with this odd look about him.

                Bella narrowed her eyes as he handed the phone over.

“Ugh cords…” she complained as it was wrapping around Erik’s wrist.


“Perhaps now would be the perfect time to watch the news.”


“Just stop what you’re doing and be quick about it.”

“Um, okay…”

                Bella handed the phone back over and hopped off the bed. She walked on over and turned on the TV. Her jaw dropped as she saw someone decked out in maroon leather and was wearing a helmet at the podium and of the stage – where she gave her usual speeches. It wasn’t until she turned up the volume and heard the man talking that she recognized the voice. She snapped Erik a bewildered look. He shrugged and Bella turned her attention back to the TV. She saw Toad out in the crowd, doing his best to keep everything under control. When he couldn’t manage this, the man standing at the podium shot out a hand, everything metal within the area was lifted up off the ground, and slammed back down.


                Everyone turned seeing the mutant known as Magneto standing at the podium. He cleared his throat.

“Now that I have your attention, there are something’s I’d like to make clear. Such as this little riot you have going. I find it in poor taste, considering the name in which some of you are fighting behind. Take a good look at yourselves. Do you truly believe this is what she wants? THIS… this is the very thing in which she stands AGAINST! You are dishonoring her very name and all the work she’s done. Was it not enough that she lost a dear friend and nearly lost OUR child along the way?”

                The crowd grew deathly silent and the mutant gave a mere nod.

“That’s right. I am the father of the child Miss. Swan carries. Though the relationship between Miss. Swan and I has proved to be somewhat ‘complicated’ as you would say; there is mutual respect and love for our unborn child. And though the feeling may never be reciprocated, through no fault other than my own, there is love for this remarkable woman as well, something I NEVER deemed possible.”

                Magneto pointed to the group of those protesting against Bella and waved upon their signs.

“I was like you once. Though I might not be homosapien, I shared the same point of view when it came to YOUR kind. Only whereas you despise us mutants as a whole, I despised YOU! But it’s through her that I learned the error of my ways. I once believed that war was the only answer. I wanted to put an end to what I deemed to be the problem; all of you ‘humans’ standing against OUR very rights and pointing the finger. But as I stand here now I see that it isn’t a problem with human or mutantkind. No. IT IS US AS A WHOLE! This, what you’re doing right now… this isn’t done with honor, love, or even respect! No, it’s done out of vengeance, hatred, and this need to prove something that was never there in the first place. Ironic if you think about it… We’re all here for one reason and one only. PEACE! BUT IT DOESN’T EXIST AND IT NEVER WILL. BECAUSE OUR ONLY TRUE DESIRE IS TO PUT AN END TO OUR OWN SUFFERING!”

                Magneto drew back a breath and softened his tone.

“When we do that we do not consider those we are blind to. Look to the ‘being’ standing beside you, right now. Ask yourself… do I know them on a personal level? Am I willing to look this person in the eyes and play GOD with their lives? Can I make that judgment call and based on their DNA alone? I’m looking amongst you all and find myself thinking… How do you raise a child in this?! A child that is of homosuperior and homosapien. Will you look my son in the eyes and tell him that he has no place in this world, because he isn’t one or the other? I cannot force you to think the way I do; just as I cannot towards someone else. But if someone like ME can change, then what does that say for the rest of humanity?!”

                Bella regarded Erik in utter amazement. He nodded and looked her in the eyes.

“No one’s going to harm my Ella. Not even that of ‘Magneto’.”

                Erik drew back a breath.

“There is something I should’ve told you back then and regretted that I never did, even as they pried us apart. But now that I’ve been given that opportunity…” Erik walked on over and put his forehead to hers.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” But the way she said this, had him slightly alarmed.

“Now THAT sounded almost hesitant…”

“You wanted me dead and you were going to take my child, Erik!”

“Yes well, only for a brief moment. That has most certainly passed.”

“I should hope so. I mean it really is night and day with you, isn’t it Maggie?”


                Bella smiled and ran a hand along his chest.

“Or would you prefer Mag’s.”

“How about neither?!”

“Maggie it is!”

“It’s Magneto!” He called out as she was heading into the bathroom.

“Yeah and I think Maggie is pretty Neato!” He heard as the shower started.

                On this he uttered a slew of German profanities.  

(Be a good sport by leaving your comment/review or a simple ‘like’, if you dug the chapter. There will be one more coming up (should be posted tonight) then will be working on a couple to The Highlander. BTW someone offered to help me with the German translating and for the life of me, I cannot find that review where the information on where to get ahold of you. I’m sure it’s here and I’m passing by it somehow. Feel free to leave your info here again. Sorry. My page has been glitching to where I can’t see certain reviews, like, or comment on certain ones. It’s been annoying to say the least.)

28 thoughts on “Chapter 6 Ella”

  1. 1. I love the chapter. How and what memories they saw about the other. I chuckled a few times at Bellas memories and was a little pissed at Eriks. I think they still need to view some memories, so they can work on their relationship, I’m thinking about the Baby here.
    2. I offered you to help. So… you can find me an and TWCS under: CrazyAndAlive.

    Keep up with the awesome writing 😀

  2. Awesome update I’ve been waiting and was so happy to read it. I loved the history the two share and can’t wait to see where you take things. Can’t wait for the next update.

  3. GAH gotta love the memories 🙂 now how in hades did she arrive where she did? Ugh still so many questions lol. But at least they admitted their love for one another. Good stuff as always loved

  4. Amazing completely amazing. I loved it and am dying to read more…I loved how they were childhood friends before he was ripped from her side…I also wonder how she got to the future to begin with and I guess we’ll learn soon enough…great update as always hon. Thanks, huggs.

  5. That was totally unexpected. Wow 😳 lol I loved their memories and how they knew each other while kids I think it was really brave of them to hide the lensherrs but While it was really sad to be caught also it had to happen 🤓 Looking forward for more 😉

  6. Awwwwe…. this chapter was very deep but also so sweet with Maggie! It’s be funny if he constantly ‘threatened’ to have her killed, lol. Maybe too soon??? 🙂

    Loved the interaction and even with Charles thrown into the mix, there was still an awesome dynamic between them! I’m so in love with this… and I love her calling him Maggie 😉 Awesome, awesome chapter!

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