Chapter 10 Azazel

Chapter 10

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Kurt stretches out and smiles seeing Bella was curled up against him. He kissed her forehead. He rolled over looking to the time. He knew he’d have to get her to her room soon. Kurt breathed her in and wrapped his tail around her waist. He gently lifted her up on his chest. She softly whimpered out.


“Yes, Meine liebe?”

She lifts her head and looks upon him with a smile.

“Just checking.”

He softly chuckles.

“I suppose I had better get you back to your room Ember.”

Before she can even blink they’re already laying in her bed. They both look over to see Rogue wasn’t in the room. Kurt turned back with a smirk. Her eyes widen as he starts to run his tail along her panties. She squirms around on the bed. Her hand flies over her mouth firmly. She watches Kurt in sheer amazement. He ran his tail along her private as he had her panties pulled to the side. What threw her for a loop was the way he wiggled his brows and licked the area of his tail clean that had her juices on it. Kurt closed his eyes for a moment. He bent down and seemed to be breathing her in.

“Mein Gott, sie riechen und schmecken so gut!” He says with a soft growl.

Before Bella could think she felt a new sensation. She fought desperately not to scream out in pleasure. Kurt’s hands were about her hips as he ran his tongue along her mound. He moaned off and at one point he moved his hands upon her thighs. He spread her more apart. Even Kurt couldn’t believe what he was doing. The moment he tasted and smelled her he couldn’t help himself. Now that he’d started he found it hard to stop. Her fingers ran through his hair as he continued. Bella screamed out into her hand as she orgasm. A grin came about his face as he licked her clean. Her jaw dropped yet again as he licked his lips and wiggled his brows.

“I can’t believe you just did that…” She says in a blushing whisper.

He shrugs. She looks around her face still rosy red.

“Would you like me to…?” She hints.

His eyes widen in thought. But he wasn’t too sure about that.

“It’s ok Ember you don’t have to… I know it’s different.”

She looks to him oddly.


“I’m not like others…” He hints.

She shakes her head.

“I don’t want you to be.”

She pushes him up against the corner of her bed. He chuckles a bit in thought.


“We’re in big, big trouble if we ever get caught.”

She bites her lower in thought. She shrugs with a bit of a sultry smile. Kurt cocked a brow. They looked to the door once more. Bella clasped one hand over his mouth as she began to return the favor. Kurt was even more vocal than she was. She had learned that last night. She knew he’d give them away. He fidgeted a bit and he gritted his teeth. He watched with full on curiously. He couldn’t believe how turned on he was. Nor could he believe the amount of pleasure he was feeling. This felt just as good as sex in general. Both in which were new experiences to him; Bella as well. They seemed to be learning everything through each other. For some reason that made it all the more exciting to him. Kurt felt more comfortable in the fact that she too was new to all this.

Bella got so into what she was doing to Kurt; that she had moved her hand away from his mouth. She actually seemed to enjoy it. However, Kurt felt the urge to come and he knew it was going to be massive. He grew a bit fearful on the idea not sure what to do.

“Ember…” He went to warn her, but it was too late. The warmth escaped him and shot into her mouth. He felt her tongue lapping it up.

He relaxed once he saw her wiping her mouth clean with a smile. He took in a breath of relief. He feared he’d just screwed up and would have offended her. Possibly leading to him getting slapped.

“Mein Gott, das war ein gutes Gefühl!”

During class they looked to one another off and on. Neither could believe what they’d done. Still both were rather riled up in thought. Kurt had a hard time focusing as he felt himself growing aroused just thinking about this morning. He chuckled to himself as Bella looked to be having the same issue. She squirmed in her seat off and on and was chewing on the string to her hoodie. Bella looked over to Kurt at one point he wiggled his brows and leaned back in his seat. A small giggle left her mouth. She cleared her throat and quickly turned back around. Kurt kept finding himself taken back by her. It seemed Bella amazed him more and more each day.

It wasn’t just the sex either. Sure that was a bonus. It was just how she was with Kurt in general. She made him feel somewhat normal. He tossed a waded up piece of paper at her during class. Bella discreetly unfolded it.

Entschlüsseln Sie diese, ich bin unsterblich in dich verliebt. Sie wissen, dass?

She grinned and leaned back.

Ubergeben Sie den Käse? She writes and tosses it back

Kurt dies in laughter and the entire class and Xavier look upon him. He clears his throat and goes back to their assignment. Once class was over Kurt walked with her down the hall. He put his arm around her and leaned into her ear.

“So I tell you I’m madly in love with you and you tell me to pass the cheese?”

Bella covers her mouth in laughter.

“I so did not.”
“Yes you did.”

“Ugh, I’m still learning now to write it.”

He grins ear to ear laughing.

“Let’s try… Ich liebe dich auch.”

He pins Bella the side of the building before the head to Logan’s class. He’s kissing her and running his hands slightly up her shirt. Bella gasps out as he’s suddenly yanked off her.

“Knock it off elf!”

“Logan!” Bella scolds and helps Kurt up.

“Don’t be a jerk!”

“Watch your mouth kid. He’s becoming a horn dog around yah!”

Bella starts laughing.

“And I thought you were all about abiding by God’s will and all that hogwash kid!” He points to Kurt.

“LOGAN!” Bella reproaches.

“How often do you pray Wolverine?”

“What the hell does that have to do with anything elf?!”

“How often do I pray?”

“Hell damn near everytime I look at you!”

Kurt nods and pats Logan on the back.
“And that is why I will go to Heaven.” He says winking at Bella.

Bella dies in laughter at the look Logan cuts Kurt. Kurt walks on towards the training area.

“And your into that?”

“He’s like weird.”

“Sure is…” She says with stars in her eyes.

“Crazy ass kids…” Logan grumbles under his breath.

The other students are already at the area. Logan and Bella were a few feet back heading that way. Bell however, froze and immediately latched on to Logan’s arm. Something she never does. He didn’t even have to ask he could smell it.


He nods and looks around. He put his arm protectively.

“Go with the others…”


“NOW KID!” He shoves her that direction and Bella shrieks out as the massive werewolf leaps down from the roof of the school.

“Ya’ll get on out of here. Get back inside.”

Deadpool leaps off another building. The were sniffs the air and darts his eyes directly upon Bella. “Now don’t ya be looking at my future baby mama!” Deadpool smarts and takes out one of his guns aiming for the creature. The were snarls back as if shaking something off. He seemed to be looking for someone else. He looked around and stopped once he gazed upon Kurt. He sniffed the air again and let out a bellowing growl.

He takes off heading right for Kurt. Kurt braces himself and grabs the beast as it comes for him. They both vanish.

“NO!” Bella looks around.


Everyone else looks around as well.

“Where’d they go!” Bella looks to Logan in a panic.

“We have to find him!”

Bella starts towards the woods about to fully transform. Logan apprehends her and pinches the nerves to her neck; putting her to sleep. He hands her off to Deadpool.

“Get her inside! Don’t let her out of your sight!”

“I’m taking her inside because I want to! You’re not my daddy! Wait… are you?! I never knew my daddy. Why’d ya leave me daddy?! No one tells me what to do daddy!” He pops Bella on the butt as he struts inside.

“The rest of you follow Bobby inside. Go straight to Xavier Bobby and let him know there’s trouble. Lockdown time.”

Bobby nods and he rushes the students back into the building. Logan breathes in the air once more and takes off running.

Deadpool takes Bella into her room and lays her down.

“Huh…” He scratches the back of his neck.

“Just you and I…”


“How ya doin?”

He lays down next to her. He props her up against him.

“So I was wondering. Are you an eggshell kind of girl or more mother of pearl?”

“Oh well… black? Never thought of that… sounds perfect!

He starts humming and runs his fingers along her hair. He starts to rig some sort of rope around her wrist. So when he moves the rope she’s stroking his chest. He continues to hum and kick his feet about happily.

“Did I ever tell you about how I lost my virginity? Crazy story really…” He moves the rope and her hand pats him on the stomach.

“Oh ok well I’d love to tell you about it baby…”

Kurt grits his teeth together as he and the werewolf circle one another. Kurt locks eyes with the beast. He couldn’t help, but to find the brute familiar. It snarled back and snapped at the air in frenzy.

“Bring it on mutt!”

The were dives right for him. Kurt teleports and it slams into a tree head first. Kurt smiles and waves as he’s a few feet up from the were. He drops down spinning around the tree he flings himself towards the were knocking it to the ground. He dodges it’s bites. Kurt however, ground his teeth together as the beast’s claws dug into his back. Kurt sent the sharp end of his tail right into the were’s gut. It whimpered out and sent Kurt soaring through the woods with its hind legs. Kurt quickly grabbed a nearby branch and swung back around at full force. The were and they smash into one another in the air. As they both came crashing down Kurt wraps his tail around the were’s throat. His feet slam down on the were’s gut as they land. The were’s eyes start to glow crimson red. It sends Kurt sailing through the woods yet again.

Kurt barely manages to teleport in time to miss a tree. He leaps around a few trees coming back towards the were. It sends its massive fists out and Kurt doesn’t teleport in time. The wind is knocked out of Kurt and he stumbles back bowing over. The were rushes Kurt slamming him against a tree. It wraps his immense hands around Kurt’s throat. Kurt tries to teleport out of the hold, but can’t. He wraps his hands around the creature’s wrists. He goes to bring up his knees in hopes of breaking free. The were presses his entire weight against Kurt. Kurt’s eyes begin to water as he’s being choked to death. He does the only other thing he can think of as it’s claws are beginning to dig into his throat he knows he’ll die if he doesn’t do something quick.

He jabs his tail right into the creature’s heart. Just as he does this he sees Wolverine’s claw’s going through its stomach. Kurt’s hold is finally released. He comes to his knees. He crosses himself and says a silent prayer of forgiveness.

“Easy now…” Logan helps Kurt back to his feet.

He checks him over.

“Damn kid yah took a beating!”
“Ember?” He questions desperately.

“She’s alright…”

He nods and starts coughing a bit as he tries to catch his breath.

“Ah, shit.” Kurt turns back to see what Logan’s mouthing off about.

Kurt’s eyes widen.

“I didn’t know!” Kurt pronounces in panic.

“Hell neither did I. He sure didn’t smell the same.” Logan narrows his eyes as he crouches over.

“What the hell happened to this kid?” He questions rolling Jake’s body over.

Kurt shakes his head pacing the area.

“Now don’t yah go freaking out on me! Neither of us knew! You were just defending yourself kid!”

“But he was her friend.”
“Was… The kid wasn’t exactly firing on all cylinders that and he was jacked up in the head. We both know that. He tried to kidnap your girl remember?!”

“But I took a life…”

We took a life. Dammit elf don’t yah even do that to yourself yah hear me!”

Kurt shakes his head. There were only two things that concerned him God… and Bella.

“She may hate me!”

“Dammit kid knock that shit off! She ain’t gonna hate you. I have your back ok.”

Kurt pinches the bridge of his nose and takes in a breath.

“And I vowed to never use a chainsaw again after that. All I can say is I’m glad I didn’t have to pay for it after all. I mean could you imagine? I just love our little talks.”

He moves the string again and her hand caresses his stomach again. He kisses her forehead.

He rises up and gently lowers her back into the bed. He undoes the rope to her wrist and tosses it onto Rogue’s bed.

“How about a nice candle light dinner?! Whattaya say for old time sake? Future baby mama?”

He hums again as he starts setting up.

About half an hour later Bella comes too. She blinks her eyes seeing the room was dark, but covered in candles. Bella rises up in the bed to see Deadpool with white lingerie over his suit. He’s sitting in a chair crying.

“What the hell?”

Bella says looking around.

“Dinner’s ruined! Everything! Ruined!” He cries.
“I work and slave away all day. All you do is lay there!” He sobs and goes to run out of the room.

But he darts back grabbing the Chinese food.

“This is mine! You don’t deserve it! I bought this with my own money!”
“Thought you said you were slaving away all day.”

“Don’t you mock me you vicious cruel woman!”

He heads for the door again.
“You complete me! But no seriously, are you ragging or something because… really all you did was lay there!”


“Love you! Call me!”

Bella jumps as she turns around.


She narrows her eyes upon him.

“Oh my God!” She quickly turns on the lights.

“Are you alright?!”
She checks his entire body over seeing all the claw marks on his neck, stomach, and back.

He nods solemnly.

“I am fine Miene liebe. Are you?”

She nods.

“Logan!” She hisses realizing what took place now.
“I’m gonna kill him.”

Kurt flinches at her words.

“Ember… I’ve done something you may not forgive.”

Bella sits him down in a chair and starts caring for his wounds. He shakes his head stopping her.

“I do not deserve your caretaking Ember.”

He places her hands back down to her sides.

“I rid of the creature.”
“That’s a good thing though… right?”

He shakes his head.

“No Ember… No it isn’t.”

“I don’t understand that thing was trying to kill you.”

He looks to the ground in shame.

“He was no thing… He was your friend.”
“Friend? What friend?”

“When I took his life; I realized it was Jacob.”

Bella’s jaw drops.


Kurt felt ill.

“I’m so sorry Ember. I… I’d never actually intentionally kill. I might feel the urge when someone means you harm, but that wasn’t my intention. I…”

“Kurt please… don’t do this to yourself.”

He looks to her confused as she puts her hands upon his cheeks. Tears streamed down her eyes, but only for the loss of the boy she knew; not the one whose life Kurt took. Kurt turns away from her feeling undeserving.

“We both know if you took his life you had no other choice. Despite the fact that the Jake I knew had already died before you even took his life Kurt. The boy I knew was already long gone.”

She takes in a breath and starts to doctor him up. Kurt covered his face still he felt he didn’t merit her kindness or love for that matter. Bella continued to cleanse out his wounds.

“I think you need to see Dr. McCoy.”

“I will be fine.”
Bella sighs shaking her head.

“I don’t understand. That’s not Jake’s true form it didn’t even look like him. He looked more like a child of the moon.”
“A what?”

“A child of the moon is a werewolf.”

Kurt nods.

“You have seen these children of the moon before?”

“No, but I’ve heard of them. If that was Jake then something must’ve happened. None of this makes sense.”

She grabs the alcohol and some cotton swabs.

“This is going to sting.”

His jaw clenches tightly as she gently rubs the alcohol in.

“You still doing ok?”

“Yes Ember.”
They turn to a knock at the door. Bella answers seeing it was Logan.

“Is your elf here?”
Bella nods.

“Tell him to come out. Xavier wishes to see him.”

Kurt comes to his feet.

“I’ll be back.” He says pecking her on the lips.


Logan pulls the door shut once Kurt comes out. Bella sighs in thought. She makes her way to her bed and lays down. She shuts her eyes for a few minutes. Bella takes in a breath though as she feels someone on top of her.


She giggles a bit.
“I told you to quit doing that. So what did Xavier want?”

He doesn’t answer. He starts kissing along her neck and shoulders. Kurt rubs himself roughly against her.

“Kurt…?” She felt startled for some reason.

He didn’t feel the same. That and her head was killing her. She reached to her temples as Kurt started to lift her skirt. He starts kissing her. She narrowed her eyes as he started to flicker on her like a bad TV connection. She shook her head as he flashed between a red man back to Kurt. He took himself out and was pulling her panties to the side. Her heart raced and Bella screamed on top of her lungs as her entire body lit up in transformation. The man cries out in pain.

Logan, Kurt, and Xavier turned the direction of the scream. Kurt teleported into her room. Just in time to see the red man back hand Bella.

“NO!” Kurt grabs the man and tries to teleport with him, but he cannot.

The man laughs.

“Well if it isn’t my pathetic excuse for a son. He does a slight bow.

“We’ve not been formally introduced, but I’ve watched you grow up. My name is Azazel. To your home though I am known as none other than Satan.

Kurt narrows his eyes as he looks upon the man in his grasp.

“You do not stand a chance. I’m more powerful than you will ever be!”

He looks to Bella with a smile.

“I was told you’re a girl that likes power. At least that’s what that idiot wolf said. I see he didn’t complete his mission. Such a waste. Hard to find good help these days.” He says slamming his own son up against a wall.

“The only reason my son was created was to put an END to this miserable world. As you can see he is WEAK and a FOOL! A woman of your capabilities deserves more don’t you think?!” He rips the cross necklace from his son’s neck.

He laughs. “Where is your God now my son? It is me you serve! Me you’re to bow before!”

“You my dear will make me another son; a stronger one. One that’s worthy! You my son were simply not strong enough to have claims to her. Therefore, she is mine. No hard feelings of course. I can give her what she needs and visa versa. If you even attempt to stand in my way. I will end you myself. Do not test this theory. You’re disposable and will be easily replaced!”

“EMBER!” Kurt yells as the man and Bella vanish leaving nothing behind, but a red element about he air.

Mein Gott, das war ein gutes Gefühl! My God, that felt good!

“Mein Gott, sie riechen und schmecken so gut!” My God, you smell and taste so good!”

Entschlüsseln Sie diese, ich bin unsterblich in dich verliebt. Sie wissen, dass?Decipher this, I am madly in love with you. You know that?

übergeben Sie den Käse. Pass the cheese please.

Ich liebe dich auch. I love you too

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  1. Wow what a chapter! They are so cute together. The end of Jake, Deadpool is just hilarious & we find out who our mystery guy is. Can’t wait to see how they rescue Bella.

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