Chapter 11 Welcome To Hell

Chapter 11

Read and review please. Thank you… I do not own Marvel or Twilight. Very dark times ahead… I just want to put the warning out there. Just keep in mind for those that do not know; Azazel is pretty much Satan of the X-Men universe… possible darker Nightcrawler as time progresses as well.

Bella’s eyes bat open. This drugged like feeling washed over her. She rolled over trying to gather where she was. All she could make out was some sort of mansion or something. The walls around her were black looked to be withered. She came to her feet the ground beneath her felt off balance as she struggled to stay on her feet. The atmosphere she found it hard to breathe in and it felt heavy. Each step she took felt forced. She swallowed back feeling parched. She leaned against one of the decaying walls. Bella used it to gain her equilibrium. She made her way to a window and she looked out to the fiery sun; with the black ring around it. The sky was crimson and black clouds scattered about it. From the distance there looked to be a storm. Lightening flashed every so often. The area around the mansion was desert like. Yet she saw other buildings around the area. Some even looked to be homes. Everything was so obscure. Bella slowly turned around.

“Come to me my dear…”

She froze and her heart sank to the pit of her stomach. He wiggled a finger her direction as he was kicked about a throne. She nervously looked around again. She looked down to see her clothes had been changed as well. She was in a long slick black ball gown it split at the leg. One sleeve was made of some sort of metal that looked like tiny chain links going around her arm. It looped around the collar of her neck and down the slope of her back.

“Don’t be shy now. Come to me.”

She shook her head and took a few steps back. He tilts his head to the side. Bella jumps as he’s suddenly behind her. His tail wraps around her waist. The end of it goes to her face. He uses it to twirl her around to facing him.

“Do not fear me. I will take care of you now. You belong to me and I take great pride in my possessions.”

He lifts her chin with his tail.

“Especially, ones as beautiful as yourself and such great power…” He shuts his eyes for a moment.

He leans in and breathes her in. He sneers.

“I can still smell him on you! He was never meant to have you! He’s not worthy of you! Why would you give yourself to my son?! He’s undeserving!”

Bella’s teeth grind together.

“He’s nothing, but a disappointment a disgrace!”

Bella’s entire body becomes engrossed in flames and she pops the shit out of Azazel.

“Shut the fuck up asshole!”

Azazel grits his teeth. He sends one of his paralyzing bolts her way. Only it does nothing. She just stands there furiously staring him down. He chuckles back with full on amusement. He even grew aroused by the mere idea.

“Amazing… How are you doing that?! Truly you are remarkable!”

He slowly approaches her. He reaches out his hand only to get burned.

“Now how is it; my son can touch you during this phase, but I cannot?”

He sighs.

“That could prove to be a problem…”
However a sly grin comes about his face.

“Hmm…Perhaps I should have gone with something more flame resistant?”

Bella looks down and suddenly covers herself.

“No please don’t… There is nothing to take shame in. It is your natural state. It is what your gift desires. It is what I desire as well. However, I do not need the distraction. I’ll only end up fucking you against your wishes. If you’re to be mine. I do wish to have some respect. That being said though I’m very impatient. I wouldn’t keep me waiting too long. I tend to take things I want. Jillian…” He waves over another creature that had the same azure skin as Kurt. Only she was clearly female. She had massive wings like that of a bat.

“Do retrieve my lover to be a flame resistant dress. Keep it elegant as she is.” He turns back to Bella and winks.

“As I was saying… Perhaps within time you will realize this is where you belong. I can offer you far more than the X-Men can or my son for that matter. I can give you power, wealth, strength, anything your heart desires. I have to offer.”

He circles her.

“You may stand with me and together we will raise the Neyaphem back to where they should be. Together we could rule the Earth. You my dear lover could be my Empress if you so desire. My equal…”

Bella nods.

“And what of love, honor, and faith such as your son?”

He laughs.

“Love? Love is just another word for power… Think about it. My son claims to love you… What does that make your mind do? It’s his way have having power over you my dear. How humans love to hear those three puny fucking meaningless words. I love you….” He rolls his eyes.

“It’s just another way of saying; I would like to fuck you. That’s exactly what my son wanted. He was thinking with his dick my dear. He’d have been done with you within a few months. Whereas, I wish for much more; such as children… powerful ones like their mother and father. And dare I say quite attractive. Think about it Satan and his lovely fire breathing dragon. Who needs love when you have respect and equality? Love is what makes you weak. You are not weak now are you my dear? You do not strike me as such a frail creature to be concerned about such things. There are far more things to worry about. Now sex I can see where some might confuse that with love. But even that is not an act of love. Think about it.”
Bella’s head sways about as she’s trying to keep her gift intact. However, she drops down to one knee. She fought to catch her breath as she felt as though she were suffocating. The environment here was harder on her body and gift. She felt weary. He grabs her arm lifting her back to her feet.

He uses his tail to press her back against his chest.

“Think about it… You’re acting out the most sinful of acts. Even the acts themselves; do not have names that reveal that of love.” He leans into her ear and whispers.

“Tell me what love is there in the words fuck and other’s for instance? Doggie style, sixty nine, blow job, then the parts themselves… Pussy, cock, dick, vagina, ass, tits, which I happen to adore yours by the way… That and your youth I must say is quite appealing. He says looking her over. Such as that tight little pussy of yours… I must say… now that I can’t wait for.” He makes it a point to show his enthusiasm against her.

“Just think about it my dear. Soon I will be giving you every sexual pleasure that ever existed. Things that my son wouldn’t even know about. You need a god not a foolish boy! One that can have you pleading and crawling on your hands and knees begging for more. Isn’t that what you truly desire? Shouldn’t you long to be treated like the goddess you are?”

He softly growls.

“JILLIAN!” He snaps.

She rushes into the room.

“Hurry it up! You’re going to make me break my word. And you know how I feel about that!”

The Neyaphem nods and hands the dress over. Azazel sits back on his throne. He leans back watching Bella as she dresses. He braces his head against his knuckles. He snarls back again as he watches her. He strongly fought the urge to take her right now. But he wanted her at her full transformation. He wanted her at her strongest. In order to do that; he needed to gain her trust. He wondered how his son was able to touch her. He’d seen it; so he knew it was possible. That’s what he was trying to do in the room. The idea was to warm her up to it then seductively suggest she light it up! He hadn’t a clue how she saw past it. He knew he hadn’t broken out of the image he was giving her of Kurt. That was the original plan. Now he realized he was going to have to work a lot harder; in which to win her over. He needed to impregnate her in her transformation. It’s the only way to make certain that this time the child wasn’t such a degradation. That pissed him the fuck off! He wanted her NOW! So young and beautiful he wanted to feel and taste her. He also wanted her as a damn virgin. He wasn’t too pleased to find out his son had already taken care of that. Something he truly hadn’t expected. He knew his was on this imprudent religious high. He always was disappointed in him. He’d never dreamt he and Mystique could make such a sorry excuse for an existence. He looks back upon Bella. The one they called Ember… But she was so much more. She was the real deal. This time he had it right. He could feel it. She was the one. This one wasn’t getting away. With her he could create what he’d always hoped to create. Someone in which to rule the world with! To him Nightcrawler was nothing, but a little bastard.

Bella looks back to him nervously as she’s dressed now. He nods and waves her over. She doesn’t budge.

“Now, now there is no need to be rude. I do not handle rudeness very well. Now come sit with me. We shall get to know one another.” He motions for Jillian to bring her over.

She grabs Bella’s arm and leads her over.

“Now leave us.”

Jillian nods and exits the room. Azazel picks Bella up with his tail and places her into his lap.

He leans her against his chest.

“Sleep now. You need your rest… You’re about to pass out is it is. Quit fighting it my dear. No harm will come of you. I will take care of you now.”

Kurt stares into space. A few hours have passed since the man that claimed he was his father took off with Bella. He’d looked everywhere he could think of. In fact he’d teleported so much. He was now weary. Kurt turns back to his desk; with the cross and bible about it. He thinks about what the man said. He didn’t want to believe that was his father. However, deep down Kurt knew it had to be true. The similarities were all there.

This man was calling himself Azazel aka Satan. He’d taken Bella in order to bear his child. Kurt’s entire body trembled. All he kept thinking about was what being done to her! Was she being raped?! Beaten? Was she even still alive?! What would he do if his own father impregnated the love of his life? Not only that, but if Bella even survived this… Would she even be able to look at Kurt the same way again? He honestly knew he couldn’t blame her if she hadn’t. All he knew was he wasn’t giving up. He was going to find her and get her back one way or another. And if something dreadful has happened something he and Bella cannot take back. He’d take full responsibility for his father’s actions. He grimaced in thought. It’s not something he wished. But he’d never turn his back to Bella. Whatever his father has done he will take full responsibility for. He wouldn’t let her go through it alone. Whether she wanted to be with Kurt or not; he’d find a way. He covers his face in shame and despair.

He wasn’t sure how to live with himself… If his father was having his way with Bella. Kurt felt complete nausea washing over him. Anger coursed through his veins. He bared his fangs as he grinded his teeth together. Kurt pulled at his hair.

The one girl! The one person in this entire world; that’s ever given their fullest to Kurt; gets ripped away from him just like that. He’s told he can’t have her. That he’s not worthy and by his own father! Bella was the only one he truly loved. Unlike the others students at the academy he didn’t have anyone to call his own. Other than his sister Rogue and she wasn’t even his full sister. Bella’s the one person in this world he trusted and loved most. The one who’s company he couldn’t get enough of. Everything about her… her scent, warmth, smile, laughter, her sultry ways, the way she made him feel in general. Around Bella Kurt felt like he finally belonged. Because of her he no longer looked over his shoulder to see who was judging him. That and he knew Bella meant it when she said she loved him. Kurt could see it in her eyes. It felt wonderful! He never dreamed he’d ever have someone like Bella in his life. All the more reason he wasn’t giving up! He wouldn’t go down without a fight! No one not even his own father was taking Bella away from him.

One look! Just one look was all it took for Kurt. The moment Bella Swan first entered that classroom he knew what he wanted. When he called dibs he meant it! It flowed out of his mouth so freely that day. He knew it was different he’d never done that with a girl before. Sure he plays around and can be a bit of a trickster. But when it came to women that was different. He had never flirted like that before. But then he looked back and realized he truly had made a claim. The moment he saw her Bella Swan was HIS! He’d never been that open about a woman before. Now that he knew what it felt like. He’d take his own father down if that’s what it took. Kurt Wagner would break his own vow… he’d vowed to never intentionally take a life. Azazel had disturbed whatever peace there was within Kurt’s heart. When his father left he took Kurt’s heart with him!

Kurt hissed out and shouted out in agony. He started destroying everything in his path. His eyes started to glow his body continued to tremble.

There was only one other person he could turn to! One! He punched through the wall in thought. His mother…

Bella wakes upon a royal purple silk pallet on the floor. Golden pillows surrounded it. She looked down to see she was now in a white silk gown. Her hair had been braided back. She rolls over and her skin crawls. He was looking down upon her.

“And how did you sleep beautiful one?”

Bella noticed the creature next to him. They had massive smoky colored wings and he wore an eye patch. There was a huge scar going down his chest. He too had pointed ears like Jillian, Kurt and Azazel. Bella guessed this was just how the way of Neyaphem’s appearances. The man stood still like that of a gargoyle. His wings twitched every now and then other than that nothing. He stared straight on ahead.

“I imagine you are famished.”

Azazel comes to his feet and offers a hand. Bella rolls her eyes and comes to her feet on her own. He cocks a brow and sighs with irritation.

“Do not roll your eyes. It’s a dirty filthy rude habit in which I tend to break.”

She shrugs and looks around. He yanks her toward him by the arm.

“You will answer me when I talk to you.”

She transforms scorching the entire front of his body.

“Go fuck yourself Azazel!”

Bella says sending a spiraling blast his way.

“You’re not keeping me here! I belong with Kurt NOT YOU! YOU SICK ASS SON OF A BITCH!”

Bella’s hovering off the ground at this point.


Bella’s eyes start to roll back. She shakes her head. A scream surpasses her lips and she shoots out her arms in legs in the air. Azazel sees it coming he quickly charges her taking the damage his body does to his own as he slams her back. He knocks her out of the transformation. He wraps his tail around her throat and raises her into the air. He constricts his tail slightly choking her.

“Apparently you and I have a misunderstanding…” Her hands wrap around his tail.

“I love NIGHTCRAWLER! There is no understanding. If you want me; the only way is through necrophilia because, I’ll never give myself to you! I belong to him NOT YOU! So you want to KILL ME THEN SO BE IT!”

“There is no SUCH THING AS LOVE! It is you that is misunderstanding! You belong to me and if this continues to be a disagreement amongst us! Then I will gladly take out the competition!” He threatens and shakes her in his grasp.

“You’d kill your own son?!”

He laughs.

“You and I have a lot to learn about one another. There will be plenty of time for that. As to your question!” He tosses back onto her pallet next to his throne.

“YES! I’d fucking rip him apart if I must! NO ONE WILL STAND IN MY WAY! YOU BELONG TO MEEEE!”

He appears over her and pins her wrists down.

“Dishonor me again and it will be his blood on your hands! There is to be no more talk of my son. It’s forbidden. As for as you and I are concerned he no longer exist! In fact nothing of that world does. This is your home now! The Neyaphem are your family now! If I were you I’d be more focused on making myself cozy. You’re not going anywhere! Now do you wish to be my equal or must you bow before me? Continue this game my dear. I will have you chained to my fucking throne and begging at my feet! I’ve offered you something much more! Don’t be a fool. You’re better than that! Better than all of them! They are beneath you! It is time you realize that. However, it is you that are beneath me!” He smirks.

“As you can see.” He pulsates against her.

“FUCK…” He hisses out in longing.

“You’ll be begging for it soon enough!”


He laughs.

“Oh you will…” He says assuredly.

He jerks her up off the floor.

“Jillian help her get into her dinner dress.”

“Now were yah off to?”

Logan pulls up alongside of Kurt in the truck. Kurt was walking down the highway with his backpack.

“Going to find my mother.”

Logan cocks a brow on this.

“Now why the hell would yah want anything to do with that woman?”

“I don’t, but for Ember… I will do whatever I must.”

Logan sighs and pulls over up ahead.

“Get in…”

Kurt looks to him confused. Logan leans over and opens the door for Kurt.

“Let’s go!”

“I’m afraid I do not understand.”

“Do you want my help or not?”

“It is not your battle, but my own.”

“Shut your ass up elf and get in the fucking truck.”

Kurt sighs and appears in the truck.

“Alright now a bitch huntin’ we go.”

Bella sat at the long mahogany dining room table as if in a daze. The entire Neyaphem group sat amongst them as well. Azazel sat at the front of the table. He and the others stuffed their faces like savage beasts.

She’d now met Ginniyeh – a soldier of Azazel’s, She looked almost human only her eyes had been sewn shut and she was bald. She was beyond creepy looking she dressed like a damn dominatrix.

Ophis – He was enormous and evidently the torturer as Azazel made the point to emphasize to her if she so got out of line again. She’d be visiting this one often. He’d fangs and brownish fur all along his body he too pointed ears. Kiwi Black – apparently Kurt’s half-brother and also son of Azazel. Here he was serving his father like some little bitch. Bella couldn’t fathom why he’d willingly serve his father. He had tribal markings along his face. His midnight hair pulled back in a ponytail. He seemed to keep to himself. Bella however, couldn’t help, but to notice the glances Kiwi Black gave her off and on.

“Eat now Isabella. You need your nourishment.”

Bella turns towards him as he sits down a turkey leg. Azazel folds his arms about his chest. That was another thing. Only he had blue eyes. The others had yellow eyes.

“I’m not hungry.”

“You’re to bear my children! Therefore, you will keep your body strong! NOW EAT!”

He raises a brow of warning. She remembers his threat. She sucks back a breath. The other’s staring upon her as if waiting to see if she will disobey again.

She bitterly picks up a leg and bites into it. He keeps his eyes locked onto her.

“Everything on your plate.” He demands as if she were a child.

He nods in approval as she eats what’s on her plate. She doesn’t even pay attention to what it is. She eats in a zombie like state. The urge to cry came over her. She didn’t want Azazel to have the satisfaction.

“When you’re finished Jillian will help you to get bathed. Then you’re to go to your bed by my throne and get some rest. Understood?”

She nods. Her entire body however, shook with humiliation and ire. She’d much rather die than for her fate to be with this man. Kurt was the future she wanted NOT HIS FUCKING FATHER.

“Can I be excused now?”
She motioned towards her empty plate. He looks to her and nods. He motions for Jillian to take her to the bathing room. A crimson antique bathtub was in the middle of the room. There was nothing else in the room other than one cabinet and some towels. The floor was black marble. Bella’s heart sank how this truly felt like literal hell. Jillian ran the bath water she even poured in some bubbles. She then sprinkled in some red rose petals. All it did for Bella was add to the creep factor to all this.

Bella stepped out of her gown and got into the tub. Jillian laid her out another gown. Bella was beginning to feel like a fucking Barbie the way they had her changing clothes. She sat down and once Jillian left the room. Bella brought her knees up to her chest. The fear within her heart was great. Even with her gift she felt powerless. She knew Azazel wasn’t lying. He truly would destroy his own son.

She buried her face; realizing she may never even see Kurt, her friends, or Charlie again. One thing was for sure. If Azazel indeed managed his way with her. Bella would end it all… She’d rather take her own life. She knew without a shadow of a doubt. Kurt would want nothing to do with her; if she carried the spawn of his own father. What man would want a woman that carried his technical half brother or sister. The urge to vomit hit. She couldn’t get over how entirely wrong and disgusting this all was. The fact that Azazel had no morals whatsoever! She was beginning to feel as though she were trapped in a nightmare. No matter how hard she tried she wouldn’t wake.

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