Chapter 13 Logan’s Way

Chapter 13

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Bella’s eyes fly open. She automatically scoots back in alarm. Kurt rises up from his chair.

“Dr. McCoy…” Kurt calls out as he hurriedly makes his way over.

Bella looked around completely startled. Dr. McCoy approached the hospital bed. Her heart monitor picked up a bit. She ripped the oxygen mask from her face.


He nodded.

“Lay back down meine liebe…” He spoke tenderly.

She reached out to him; as if in disbelief he was real. His heart sank and he instantly wrapped his arms around her. Bella lost all control as she began to cry. Dr. McCoy checked on her IV’s and vital signs. He gave her something for her nerves and pain. She’d been running a fever that had both alarmed. With Ember’s gift it was normal; for her to run about 105 or so. Which meant brain damage for any regular human; at the moment though Bella’s body ran a good 116. She sweats profusely and stayed dehydrated. Her lips were beyond chapped. Dr. McCoy was doing everything he could; to keep her gift at bay for the moment. It was actually killing her. Dr. McCoy and Kurt constantly found themselves; having to place her in a tub or shower. It was the only way to keep her from lighting up on them. This was during her sleep. She never even woke. She’d merely whimper out off and on.

He ran his tail soothingly along her back. His arms stayed locked onto her. He’d grown fearful she wouldn’t even want him touching her. That she would hate him. Kurt didn’t want to let her go. He continued to hold her until her body gave into the meds.

Dr. McCoy sighed in relief.

“Her temp has gone down somewhat. Therefore, the med’s are no longer burning out of her system. I believe she will be alright now. We just need to keep her grounded.” He hinted meaning no lighting up.

Kurt nodded and shut his eyes relieved as well. Kurt no longer cared what anyone thought. He got in the bed and lay beside her. He constantly held her whether it’d be his tail or hands. He didn’t let go. Kurt heard the door swing open to the hospital wing.

“How’s she holdin’ up?” He heard Logan question gruffly.

“She’s doing better now.”

Logan nodded and looked to all the machines.

“Yah should know I handled her old man. He thinks she’s on a school trip. I bullshit my way through for now. He’s coming next weekend though. So we better get her up to par.”

“Thank you.”

“No prob.”

“Logan…”They both freeze.

Logan swallows back to the tiny voice. Her eyes bat open a bit.

“Is that you?”

“Yeah, lil darlin’ it’s me.”

She nods, but closes her eyes again. Logan takes in a breath and takes her hand. He gently pats it before he leaves. Rogue, Kitty, Remy, Bobby, and Warren had also come to see her while she was out. Rogue naturally lost it. Bobby had to drag her out of the room. Kurt had also told his sister what their mother had done. Rogue was in just as much shock as he was. Yet, it messed with him something fierce. Through everything that woman had ever done to him; he still felt guilt about her being stuck there. He pondered what might be happening to her. He never dreamed she’d take Bella’s place. Thus, made one of the first unselfish acts; he’d ever seen his mother pull. Had she been discovered yet? Part of him wanted to go back to break her out. He knew deep down though; that’d only put Ember back in harm’s way. When it came down to it; Kurt chose Ember over his mother. He would see about getting his mother out; once he knew for sure Ember was safe.

A couple more hours had passed. Her temp finally came down to 104. She’d managed to keep three bags of IV fluids in; without sweating them out. Her lips were already looking better as well. Bella rolled over. She’d curled up against his chest. He couldn’t help, but to purr. He breathed her in; nuzzling his nose against her every once in a while. Once she fully woke; her hands ran along his chest.


He moved the strands of hair away from her face. His eyes burned into hers.

“You came for me…” She utters softly.

“I thought I’d never see you or anyone else again.”

“I will always come for you Ember. Never alone, meine liebe.”

A few tears stream down her face; he wipes them away with his tail.

“There are no words; for what mine father has done. He will pay, Ember. You’ve mine word.”
She shoots up spontaneously.

“No Kurt, you mustn’t go back there!”

He shakes his head in full disagreement.

“Ember, if I do not take care of the matter. He will only return for you. It is clear that mine father will not leave you be. I fear the next time, we may not be so lucky. He almost killed you. Therefore, he will pay and with his life! I will accept no less. Mine father will die. The moment he laid a harmful hand upon you; he committed suicide. He should have known I’d come for him!”

“Kurt please, you can’t do this! He already wants you dead as well. Now, he’ll only want it even more!”

“Then so be it. I’ve no problem taking care of the matter.”

Her bottom lip quivers a bit.

“Please don’t.” She starts crying again.

He swallows back and shut his eyes for a few seconds.

“I have to. I’m sorry Ember. I’ve no choice.”

“Yes you do!”

He opens his eyes again and cups her chin with the end of his tail.

“If I do not he will surely come for you! Never again! Mine father IS NOT TO TOUCH YOU EVER AND I MEAN EVER AGAIN EMBER! You are mine to love and care for. Not his! Mine. He hurt you. For that, I cannot and will not allow him to live. I do not mean any disrespect towards you or your wishes. But on this, I have put my foot down. There is no argument to be won. So it is best to let it go. Even you cannot change mine mind.”

“And if he kills you! Then what?!”

“I do not plan to die.”


“Then I’ve died an honorable death; in your name Ember.”

She growls out and slaps him across the face. He shakes his head and gently grabs her hand. Once she realizes what she’s done her jaw drops.

“Kurt!” She covers her face.

He sighs. He didn’t even care. She could slap him all day. He wouldn’t ever hit back. After what his father had done to her. Kurt felt he deserved it! Part of him wished Ember would beat the hell out of him.
“I’m so sorry. I don’t know what came over me.”

“You’ve every right to strike me. Everything you went through is because of me. I cannot ever make up for it. You should be mad at me Ember. To be perfectly honest you should HATE ME!”

“I could never hate you. And you haven’t any control over your father’s actions. None of this is your fault or doing Kurt.”

“Mine own father beat and raped you! How can you stand to even look at me?!”

He snaps and hops off the bed. Bella flinches at his words.

“Kurt…” She says softly.

Kurt was bowled over as though he were about to hurl.

“He never raped me.” She whispered.

Kurt lifted his head back up.

“He almost… but your brother. He prevented it.”


Bella nods.

“You have a half-brother by the name of Kiwi Black. He intervened just in time. If he had not…”She grimaces in recollection. Her skin crawled all over.

“Half-brother…” Kurt says as if in thought.

Kurt looks her in the eyes.

“So you do not carry mine father’s child?”


He takes in the deepest of breaths. Kurt staggers back a bit and leans against the wall. Kurt comes crashing down on his knees. Bella takes out her IV and rushes over.


He shakes his head and covers his face.

“I thought…” He squeezes his eyes shut tightly.

“I thought you carried his child now. That he had his way with you.” His entire body shook now.

“I would’ve helped. I would’ve taken care of it. I’d prepared for the worst.”

“You’d have done that?” She whispers in astonishment.

He nods.

“Anything for you Ember…”

He uncovers his face and leans back against the wall. Bella crouches over and puts a hand to his cheek.

“I love you. So much I thought I’d die; when I couldn’t find you.” He spoke softly.

“I never want to see you hurt. NO one should ever harm you.” He declares with folded hands.

“I love you too Kurt.”

He grabs hold of her and pulls her into his lap. He cradles her against him.

“You’re mine everything. That is why I must do this. Ember, please try to understand why. You can be mad at me that is fine. But this is something I cannot ignore. When it comes to you; I will always fight in your corner. I only hope, you will respect mine wishes and still love me.”

She takes in a breath.

“I will always love you. I just really wish you wouldn’t do this. I can’t bear the thought of losing you.”

“What if I make vow to not die?”

“And how do you manage such a vow?”

He slightly grins.

“By doing just that; I do not die Ember. I come back to you as promised.”


He looks to her oddly.
“We go together.”
“No… I go alone.”

“How are you going to face the Neyaphem and your father? On your own?!”

“Have you such little faith in me meine liebe?”

“Faith? You think that’s what this is about? I’m here right now because of you! There’s no question whether you can hold your own. I’ve seen you fight Kurt. I know what you’re capable of. Shouldn’t we go about this as though a team? I mean we’re to be X-Men after all. Isn’t that what we’re taught? To go about these things as a team?”

“Ember…” He says hesitantly.

“Dammit Kurt!”

He lowers his head shaking it.

“I do not wish to have mine father; in the same room as you!”

“I’m going with you Kurt!”

A soft growl escapes his lips; as he snarls back his upper lip.

“Must you be so… So…” He continues to growl.

She lovingly leans into his chest.


He narrows his eyes.

“That’s hardly fair, Ember.”

“Neither is you making decisions without me.”

He sighs.

“Ember…” He hisses as she continues to snuggle against him sucking up.

“I’ve half the mind to have Wolverine and Deadpool place you in lockdown.”

He twirls her around. He has her face him. Kurt runs his hands along her face.

“Very well… we shall go about this together.”

She wraps her arms around his neck.

“However… “He cups her chin and looks directly into her eyes.

“I will be dealing with mine father. Do we have an understanding? That is the only way I will allow this.”

“Bossy aren’t we?!” She snips bitterly.
“Ember…” He utters in sheer misery.

She sighs.

“Fine… you have a deal.”

He nods and kisses her forehead.

“What all did he do to you meine liebe?”

“Kurt…” She says shaking her head.

“Please don’t…”

“I want to know.”
“Trust me you don’t. I don’t want it rehashed either, so please let it be.”

Kurt gives a simple nod. He wanted to know, but agreed it wasn’t fair to make her relive it. He wanted desperately to kiss her. Yet he feared to. After everything his father had done. Kurt feared it’d only trudge up bad memories. It was bad enough he looked like his father and had some of the same aptitudes. He still found himself amazed that she wanted anything to do with him. He teleported her back to the bed.

“You still need your rest. You were very ill Ember.”

Bella nodded and buried her face into her pillow.

“Will you stay?” She asked feeling silly, but she didn’t want to be alone.
He half smiles.

“Ember, I’m not going anywhere. So please rest.”

Dr. McCoy sets her up again, before long Bella’s out. It’s lights out for the rest of the academy as well. Still, Kurt doesn’t leave the room. He lies beside her; not able to truly sleep. Kurt feared if he even looked away for a second, she’d be gone.

She’d whimper or even cry out off and on in her sleep. Often she’d toss and turn, dig her nails into the pillow, claw at the sheets. What broke his heart the most? Was when he’d hear his name coming from her lips… It sounded as though a cry for help. At these times he’d pull her in closer. He’d whisper to her off and on; letting her know he was still there.

Bella didn’t wake again until about four am. She was looking better and better as time progressed.


“Yes meine liebe?’
“I have to pee.”

He softly chuckles.

“Ok Ember.”

He helps her out of the bed and leads her to the bathroom. He waits outside. Honestly, he’d half the mind to go in behind her. Leaving her alone for even a second; had him on edge. He listened carefully; not wanting to take any chances. Once she came out, she rubbed her eyes and looked around. He dragged her IV machine along as she went back to bed. Dr. McCoy had left a few hours ago. He told Kurt to call him; if he needed anything.

“I’m going to run to the bathroom to real quick.”

She nodded. Brimstone filled the air as he vanished.

“Hey sweetie!”

Bella nearly screamed as he clasped a hand over her mouth. She took in a breath of relief.

“None of that now… Why do women always insist on screaming?”


He nods.

“Good knowing you’re not dead!”

“Careful, people might begin to think you have a heart.” Bella taunts.

He shrugs.

“So what is all this crap?”

He jabs his finger at all the machines around her. Kurt curiously watches from the corner of the room.

“They tell me if I’m dead or not.”

“Huh… well this one’s not even hooked up! Oh my god you’re dead! NOO!”

Bella softly laughs; as he holds the plug in his hand. He scratches the back of his head; as if trying to figure out where it went.


He continued to look around. Kurt shook his head. He made his way over and took the plug from Deadpool’s hand. He put it into the wall socket.

“Woooo! That was close!” Deadpool wipes his brow.

“Now do you mind? We were having a moment.” Deadpool states shoeing Kurt away.

Deadpool plops down in the bed beside her. He pulls out a pink rose and chimichanga from his sleeve.

“Um what’s with the burrito?”

“I thought we could share it. You know like the meatball on that Disney flick.” He covers his mouth so Kurt can’t read his lips. He then leans into her.

“I wasn’t aware your boyfriend would be here. But I got some Trojans up the other sleeve.”

Bella shakes her head.

“From what year?”

“Eh… Dunno let me check!”

He pulls out this never ending roll of condoms. Kurt raises an irritated brow. He folds his arms about his chest.

“That’s enough…” Kurt warns.

“Cock blocker…” Deadpool utters.

Kurt teleports and grabs Deadpool. He takes him to the middle of the woods.

“But my baby mama! BELLA!” He cries as Kurt waves and appears back into the room.

When he returned Bella was looking into the mirror. She ran her fingers along the fingerprints around her throat. Kurt knew she was going to be sore. When he and Dr. McCoy were trying to keep her cooled off; they both took notice of the beating her body had taken. Kurt walked up behind her. He ran his hands soothingly along her shoulders.

Bella was trying to keep it together. She hurt all over now that the med’s were wearing off. Still the images haunted her. The things he’d say to her. The way he touched her. The way he pressed himself up against her. How she’d wake up and he’d be right there! Her hands balled up into fists. She suddenly felt as though she couldn’t breathe. She sucked back a desperate breath and leaned against the wall where the lengthwise mirror was.

“I can’t breathe…” She gasped and reached to her heart.

Her body began to shake all over.

“Kurt!” She turned to him in a panic.

Her entire face grew red. Her body began to light up. He quickly grabbed hold of her and they appeared in the men’s shower room. He rapidly turned on the water. Her entire body ignited and she dropped to her knees.

Kurt came down and wrapped his arms around her. The water continued to hit. She was having a full an anxiety attack.

“I got you…” He said softly.

“Look at me now, Ember.” She lifted her eyes upon his.

“He will never touch you again. Understand?”

She nods.

“Never again…” He repeats and places his forehead against hers.
“Mine Ember…” He says lovingly.

Bella starts to breathe again. He uses his tail to switch the water to a warmer setting. She had chill bumps all over her entire body. She reached up hugging his neck. Kurt felt her lips brush up against his. Without another thought they eagerly kissed. Tears streamed down her face as she continued to kiss him. All she could think about now; was how she thought she’d never see Kurt again. How she’d never feel his touch or hear his voice again.

“Kurt…” She said with a hint of desperation.

He pulled back looking upon her. He wiped the tears from her eyes. She sucked back a breath.

“Make me forget.”


“I just want to forget it all. Everything!”

“Tell me how…” He pleads desperately wanting to help.

“Make love to me and don’t stop.”

He swallows back on this.

“Ember…” He whispers unsure.
“Please…” His heart sank as she cried even harder now.

He nodded without another word he started kissing her again. He noticed how Bella kept her focus on him the entire time. She didn’t look away for a moment. She clung to him as though for dear life. He did something he’d never done. He literally licked the tears of her face. He stripped her down. Kurt gave her just what she wanted. Their eyes never left one another’s. Their bodies intertwined as though one. He lay her down on the floor of the shower. The water continued to hit along them. Kurt unbuttoned his white dress shirt and he slide off his black pants. He was extremely gentle. He kissed along her thighs, tummy, arms, shoulders, and neck. Her scent became even more pronounced. He shut his eyes just for a split instant. He breathed her in deeply. She smelled so good. He opened her eyes to her beauty.

Their lips locked again as he placed himself inside her. Kurt took his time. He kissed her off and on. He’d gaze upon her eyes. The only time he picked up the pace was when her body spurred it on.


He looked upon her as he kept his stride.

“I love you.”

“I love you too Ember.”

Her arms wrap around him again. He felt her climax and before long he followed. As requested he didn’t stop. He kept going.

“Just keep hydrated. If you have any other issues; you’re to come straight to me. Just spend the next week or so relaxing. Doctor’s orders.”

Bella nods. Dr. McCoy takes her hand and pats it. Kurt walks her out of the room. Rogue and Remy were already outside. Rogue rushed up and hugged the hell out of her. Remy nodded towards her.

“Glad to have you back.” Remy says earnestly.

“Thank you.”

Warren also made his way over.

“Not the same without you.”

Bella half smiled. Warren kissed her forehead.

“Ms. Swan.”

Bella turned to see Logan and Xavier entering the building.


“Follow me.”

Bella nodded.

“I’ll be right here Ember.” Kurt assured as she followed Xavier and Logan to the office.

Once they were behind doors. Logan pulled out a seat for Bella. Only if Logan had any clue what this meeting was truly about. He’d have never allowed it. He thought this was to be a way; of Xavier showing sympathy or support; for everything she’d gone through.

“How are you feeling?” He questions, once he’s behind his desk.

“Better…” She says with a shrug.

Logan could see it all over her face. She was fucking traumatized. It was going to take some major healing; to overcome whatever took place. If that were even possible… No one truly had a clue what happened. But everyone damn well had a few hints. Considering, it was no secret; what Azazel wanted.

“What you did; could have destabilized our entire mansion. I’m very disappointed in you.”

Logan looks to Xavier in full on incredulity. The look on Bella’s face; like Xavier hauled off and slapped her.

“Excuse me?”
“You were taught not to place yourself in such…”


Logan interrupts.
“You’re the mind reader are yah not?!” Logan snaps.

Xavier tilts his head a certain way.

“Are yah telling me, you didn’t see this guy coming? You didn’t see his intentions with Ember?”

“Perhaps, this should be between Ms. Swan and I.”

“You honestly believe, I’m walking out of here now? The hell with ya Chuckles.”

Logan takes Bella’s hand and escorts her out of Xavier’s office. Once he pulls the door shut. He turns back to him.

“What the hell was that about?!”

“She needs to know the potential danger…”

“NOOOOO!” Logan slams his hands down on Xavier’s desk.

“NO! NO! NO!” He says slamming his hands back down with each demand.


Logan exits the office.

He makes his way down the hall. He sees the students; trying to calm Bella down. Logan shakes his head on this. He takes her from Kurt’s hold and he walks her outside.

“Yah should know I’m leaving.”


He nods.

“I’m sorry darlin’, but I no longer wish to teach for that man. I do things my own way. If I don’t agree with something then I ain’t gonna follow. What he did Ember… that was really shitty and I’m sorry! You didn’t deserve that. I hope you realize that.”

“You can’t leave please!”

Logan flinches.
“Besides Kurt, you’re the only one that gets me Logan! Please just…”

He shakes his head and pinches his eyes shut.
“Hell kid, don’t do that! I’ve made up my mind.”

She lowers her head.

“I don’t want to be here without you.”

“Ah, dammit kid.”

Logan takes back a breath.

“Look… whattya say to coming with me?”

She looks to him oddly.

“You got 30 minutes kid. Only pack what yah need. Only invite who you trust. I’ll work it out from there.

“Yeah… now hurry up before I change my damn mind.”

Bella nods and takes off.

“Dammit, what the hell did you just get yourself into?” He utters.

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