Chapter 14 Cali Here We Come

Chapter 14

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Bella pulled Nightcrawler, into her and Rogue’s room. She begins to pack and told him everything, Logan said. Once she was done, with the bare essentials needed. Bella turned to Kurt.

“You’re coming right?”
“I would follow you anywhere, Ember. I shall pack at once.”

She took in a breath of relief. Brimstone filled the air, as he vanished. Bella quickly, took off to find Rogue and Remy. They were in Bobby’s doorway talking. By the time, she was done explaining everything. Bobby had stated; he wanted to tag along. He just wanted to bring Kitty. However, Kitty wasn’t having it. She blew up. The moment Bobby got to the part, of her coming with him.

“After everything he’s done for us. You’d turn your back, to Professor Xavier?”

“That’s not exactly what this is about, Kitty. Besides, the matter of the fact is, he turned his back to Ember.”


“I just told you the story.”

“I happen to agree with Xavier, on this.”

Bobby rather reared back, in full on skepticism.

“Say what now?”

“She put us all at risk. First, it was the wolf friend of hers, then Azazel.”

Bobby shook his head. He looked upon Kitty, as though she were now a stranger.

“I can’t believe what is coming from your mouth. Ember, is our friend Kitty!”

“And we are here because of Xavier! We owe him everything! She’s acting like an ungrateful brat!”

Bella froze at the doorway. She’d heard the tail end. Bobby winced.

“Ember…” He said feeling terrible.

Bella simply nodded. Kitty covered her mouth, realizing what she’d truly done.

“Um, we’re about to leave… Logan’s getting impatient.”

Bobby nods.

“Ok, thank you.” Bobby turns back to Kitty.

“So this is it?”
Kitty looks to Bobby confused.

“Wait what? You’re really going?”

“Yeah Kitty, I stand behind my friends on this one. Ember, is one of them.”

“But, what am I?”

“Honestly, Kitty I’m not even sure anymore. Perhaps, it is best you stay behind. In fact, I’d even go as far as to say, we’re through.”

Kitty’s jaw drops.


He exits the room and hurriedly grabs his things. Bobby and Bella are heading out the door. Kitty appeared through a wall. She slammed Bella back against another..

“KITTY!” Bobby scolded. He couldn’t believe this!

Bella looks to Kitty in shock.

“What the hell, Kitty?”


Bella growls out and reverses the pin.

“What has come over you Kitty? I thought you were my friend. And I’m not stealing nothing from nobody. He’s a man of his own freewill. I doubt anyone tells Bobby, what to do. As for your golden child comment. I don’t have a clue, what you’re talking about!”


“Then perhaps, you didn’t know him. Not as well as you assumed. I gotta go Kitty! I don’t have time, for your insecurities. You can try to blame me, all you want. Bottom line, you clearly weren’t the friend, I thought you were.”

Kitty rolls her eyes. Bella drops her hold. Kitty grabs Bella as Bella had turned her back to her. She decks Bella in the face. Bella reaches to her jaw in disbelief.

“KITTY!” Bobby yelled frantically.

The others had caught, what had taken place as well. Kurt shook his head. Logan sighed. Rogue covered her mouth. Remy however, was laughing. He knew Ember, was about to KILL Kitty.

Sure enough, Bella grabs Kitty by the collar. Bella returns the punch. She was careful, not to set herself a blaze. It took a great amount of control. She was pissed the fuck off. She lifts her off the ground.

“I’ve been to hell and back. Do you really wish to FUCK WITH ME KITTY PRYDE?!”

Logan smirks. Kurt teleports out of the truck. He promptly grabs Bella, forcing her away from Kitty. Bobby grabbed Kitty. Both boys struggled to hold the girls back. They feared they’d kill one another.

“She’d hand you, your ass.” Bobby whispered in Kitty’s ear.

“Don’t be an idiot.” He added and dropped his hold.

Kurt dragged Bella towards the truck.

Kitty ran back inside in tears. Bella reached to her forehead. Her head was pounding away.

“Ya ready?” Logan called out.

“Yes, let’s just get out of here.” Bella barked.

She fought the urge to light up. Her body trembled all over. Kurt wrapped his arms and tail around her soothingly. He kissed the top of her head. He tried whatever, he could think of. Kurt needed to get her calmed down.

Logan looked back. He was checking to see, how she was holding up. He couldn’t see much on the account that, Kurt practically had the girl buried, within him. It also dawned on Logan. Bella was going to have to call, her old man. Last thing they needed was him showing up. There was too much drama to be unfolded. That and another realization, fully hit. He was now responsible for four mutants. This was their senior year. He’d have to finish teaching, four students. Not just in their abilities now. He’d be taking the place of Storm, Dr. McCoy, and Xavier. He frowned in thought. He rubbed his face miserably. They still had a ways to go. Another idea came to mind… A smirk formed about his face, in thought. He was curious to see, if it would work. And how it would all play out…

Jillian peeks into the room. She narrows her eyes upon Mystique. She was still, in the form of Bella. However, her eyes dart towards Ophis , lying on the ground.

“What is this?” Jillian questions.

Mystique doesn’t answer. Jillian enters the room. He walks up to Mystique. She breathes her in.

“You smell different.”

Mystique continues to act, as though weakened. Jillian gets even closer. She takes a bigger whiff. Mystique promptly brings up her legs. She snaps Jillian’s neck. Now that made two, lying on the floor. Mystique sighed in thought. She knew they’d both wake soon. Ophis would be first.

For another hour she hung there. Ophis gradually woke. He rolled over his eyes locking onto her. He furiously shot up. He rushed over to her. He grabbed the leather strap, off the wall. Mystique growled out as he began lashing her. He didn’t hold back on his hits. They were merciless.

“That is enough now, Ophis.” Azazel demands.

He peers into the room. He takes notice of Jillian.

“What happened here, my precious pet? You truly are a naughty thing, now aren’t you?”

Azazel sighs as he stays at the doorway.

“Get her washed up, dressed, and prepared…”

Ophis nodded.

Once Azazel stepped out of the room, Ophis set her free. He dragged her into the wash room. He ripped off her red dress and panties. He started her bath. Ophis looked around the room. Ophis then looked to Mystique, still she stayed in the form of Bella. Ophis went and locked the door.

“You remember what I said… you utter a word. I’ll kill you.”

Mystique raised a curious brow. Ophis made his way over. He undid his black pants. He never wore a shirt. His upper body, was too massive. The pants barely fit him. The man was simply a giant. He stepped out of his pants and picked Mystique up. He narrowed his eyes, though. He too picked up on the different smell. He was too riled up. For him to put much more thought into it. He carried her to the tub.

Mystique winced at the water hitting, the wounds on her back. She had taken such a beating. They hadn’t had time to heal. Ophis begins to roughly scrub her down. Touching her in certain areas making all too clear, his intentions.

Azazel had teleported, into the room. He saw Ophis in all his glory, washing Mystique down. He’d his hand right, on her crotch. Azazel sneered and immediately grabbed Ophis.

Ophis’s eyes widened. Azazel had teleported. But had his hand now, inside Ophis’s chest. His heart was in Azazel’s clutch.

“NO ONE BETRAYS ME! NOOOOOOO ONEEEEEEEEEE! SHE’S MINE!” Mystique witnesses, as he rips Ophis’s heart out.

Azazel drops his heart onto the ground. Ophis drops dead. Azazel stomps on his still beating heart.

He then turns towards Mystique. For once in a very long time. Mystique felt fearful. She knew, she was about to be discovered. She also knew she could very well, share the same fate as Ophis. Azazel swiftly stripped down. He appeared in the tub. He smiled and crawled over her. He wasted no more time. He placed himself inside her. Azazel greatly moaned out. He gripped the sides of the tub, as he pumped himself, within her.

It didn’t take long however, he was in mid-stroke. He went to suck on her breasts. The familiar scent hit. A significant growl escaped his mouth.

His hand clasped around Mystique’s throat.

“What are you doing HERE?! AND WHERE THE FUCK IS MY FIRE?!”

“Easy kid, it’s just me…” Logan softly said.

He’d come up behind Bella and put a hand upon her shoulder. She damn near leaped out of her chair. Logan had taken the kids to a diner, outside of town. He knew they’d all need to eat.

“Sorry…” She whispered.

He took notice of the way, her hands shook. Kurt did as well. Kurt shut his eyes for a moment. He truly wished, he knew what to do. He took one of her hands and kissed it. Kurt kept his tail wrapped, around her waist. It was no longer, just about her peace of mind. It was just as much about his. He didn’t want to let her go. The fear truly was great. He feared his father would return, that he’d yank her right back out, from his clutch. Only this time, Azazel would make certain, he never found her again. That or even worse… He’d merely kill Bella.

Bella’s burger shook violently, in her hand. She was still fighting ,to keep her ability at bay. Her emotions were hitting so significantly, she constantly, felt the surge rising within her. Truly, the only thing helping, to even relax her was, Kurt. She feared if he weren’t right there, she’d go insane. A few stray tears landed on her plate. She bit to her burger, the tears landed on that as well. Thus, added a nice salty taste to it. She frowned and put the burger down. Everything kept entering her mind now. The list seemed to be building up sky high. Kitty’s words replayed over and over in her head.

Suddenly, she felt herself being grabbed. She screamed out and started hitting. They appeared outside. She scooted back and continued to swing. Kurt winced as he took her hits.

“Ember meine liebe…” He uttered softly.

Her eyes opened. Bella realized she was in full transformation. Kurt stayed in place. He looked her in the eyes. His hands were braced along the asphalt, in the parking lot.

“Turn it off now, Ember…”

Tears came down, even harder. Her arms wrapped around his neck. She buried her face into his chest. He picked her up and held her. The both of them, held one another in tears.

“I’m sorry.” She cried.

“Sweet, Ember… you’ve nothing to be sorry about. Just breathe… I’m right here. I’m not letting go. Not ever.”

She nodded. Kurt took back surprised breath. Bella had fainted.

“Ember?!” He checked her over as he continued to hold her.


Logan put a hand upon his shoulder.

“I believe that was the only way. Her body knew how, to cut it off. Her body has simply, been through the ringer, Elf. She’s alright. I can hear her heart rate and its fine. Just let her sleep it off. I’ll get her food to go.”

Kurt hopped into the back of the truck, with Bella. He braced her into his lap. He wrapped his arms around her. Again his mother entered his mind. He felt torn on what to do. Before long the others loaded up, in the truck. Logan hit the road again. They didn’t stop for several hours.

Bella had finally awakened. To Kurt’s surprise, she had a smile on her face. He kissed her lips. This led to Bella kissing him, in return. It became passionate and fiery. The both of them rolled around a bit, in the back of Logan’s truck. Kurt had her lying down. He kissed along her neck. Her hands ran along his back. Kurt rubbed against her, in yearning.

Bella giggles. Kurt shakes his head, with slight irritation. He winks at Bella and pecks her on the lips once more. He rolls off her. Logan was eyeing him, through the rearview mirror. He shook his head.

“Damn kid… He can’t go an hour, without humping her.” He muttered.

Remy heard this and started laughing. Logan looked over and saw Remy’s hand on Rogue’s breast. He smacked Remy, in the back of the head.

“You too kid! Do I gotta hose ya all down? Fucking hormones!”

Remy clears his throat. He quickly moves his hand. Rogue pats Logan on the leg.

“Are ya like our dad now?” She taunts.

Logan’s eyes widen. Remy and Bobby die in laughter.

“Hey, he’s my daddy! Back off!”

The three of them turn to see Deadpool, lying in the very back. He was tossing a baseball into the air.

Logan growls under his breath.

“I need a cigar and stiff drink. This is horseshit.”
Bobby chuckles again.

“You thought you could leave me daddy?! Why would you leave me? All over again? Don’t ya love me?”

Logan reaches back, with his claws sent out.

“Shut your trap or lose an organ.”

“Why are we donating it?”

He rises up and looks back. He sees Kurt and Bella, in the cab of the truck. He waves at Bella and kisses the window, like Bugs Bunny.

“I LOVE YOU!” He calls out.

Bella looks to Kurt.

“If he and Logan have a thing going on… Why does he insist on flirting with me? And why does he and Logan act; as if they hate one another.”

“There not technically together, together…” Kurt hints.

“Oh… so it’s complicated?

Kurt grins.

“You could say that.” Kurt kisses her shoulder.


Deadpool appears in the back. He sits directly across from them. He takes out one of his guns. Deadpool starts cleaning it. He leans back eyeing Kurt. Kurt rolls his eyes as if merely bored. He continues to love on Bella.

“Really?! I’m right here!” Deadpool complains.

Bella tortures Deadpool, by bringing Kurt’s tail around her waist. Kurt purred as she petted it.

“KURT WENT TO A BOOBIE CLUB!” Deadpool tattle tales.

Kurt sighs.

“Boobie club?” Bella inquires in wonder.

“It was where mine mother was.”

Bella turns to Kurt.

“Um huh?”

Kurt sighs looking downright embarrassed.

“Yeah he watched, his own mama shake her tata’s. She’s HOT! Not as hot as you baby! But HOT!”

“So you went to this club to?” Bella taunts yet again.
Deadpool rubs the back of his neck.

“I tricked I tell ya! They told me, we were going to the zoo! I wanted to see the spider monkeys. But nooo there were noooo spider monkeys. It was terrible, horrendous, there were boobs everywhere! There was so much spanking! I still have wet dreams, I mean… nightmares!”

Logan pulls up to a hotel. He gets out of the truck. He points directly to the boys.

“Yer all staying with me! There will be no fornicating on this trip. We got a long ways to go. You girls, will have a hotel to yourselves. Kurt and Remy sigh with full disappointment.”
“Where are we going?” Bella questions as Kurt lifts her out of the cab.

“California, I know of a place.” He says with a shrug.

All four students, look to one another in shock.

“But that’s so far away.”
He nods.

“Yep, now I gotta get our rooms.” He looks to Deadpool.

“Ya had better behave Wade. I’m not in the mood. I’ll kick your little dead ass. If you cause any trouble whatsoever!”

“I guess we know who the butch, in the relationship was.” Logan hears Bella mouth.

He narrows his eyes. Kurt quickly covers his mouth and looks away.

“Something you gotta say lil darlin’?”
“Nope!” She declares with a smirk.

“Hmm… I’ll be back you all stay put. And remember stay on your toes.” He hints about Azazel.

Bobby sighs. Remy and Kurt had their girls pinned to Logan’s truck, making out. He tried not to think about Kitty. It got to him, nonetheless. He honestly, never dreamed she could be so cold. He wasn’t sure, what had come over her.

Logan comes back out, with a growl. He jerks Remy and Kurt off the girls. He drags them into their hotel. The guys look to the girls in dejectedly. Rogue and Bella softly giggle. Rogue takes Bella’s hand. They head to their hotel, next door.

Bella let Rogue shower first. She kicked back on the bed. She flipped through the TV channels. She turned to a knock on the door.

She got up and answered.

“Hey… thought you might, wanna call yer old man. It’s going to take some time, to get to Cali. At least, you’ll be closer to him now. Talk as long as ya need, I got it covered.”



“Why Cali?”

He shrugs. He starts to head back to his hotel.

He stops and turns back around.
“Thank you…” She says sincerely.

He nods and she watches as he enters his hotel.

Bella reenters the room and locks up. She looks towards the phone. She takes in a breath. Bravely, she picks up the phone and calls Charlie.

“Transfer? What transfer?”

“Um, yeah they’re sending a few of us to Cali dad! So I’ll be closer now!”

“That’s great news Bells! But when do I get to see you again, kiddo? It seems, there’s always some excuse now. Is everything alright?”

“Yeah dad, it’s just been a pretty busy year.”


“As soon as things are settled down. I’ll call and let you know.”

“Well ok then Bells. Just don’t be a stranger now. Don’t take too long.”

“I won’t dad. I love you.”
“Love you too kiddo.”

Bella swallowed back in thought. She ran her fingers gently, along the dials. She hung up the phone and dialed her mother.

“Hello?” It was Phil’s voice.

“Is Renee there?”

“Yes, may I ask whose calling?”

Bella sighs.

“It’s her daughter.”

She hears Phil in the background, calling to her mother. To Bella’s surprise, she answered.

“Bella, is that really you?”

Bella nodded as if she could see her. A lump formed in her throat.


Her mother sighs.

“What is it you want, Bella? Why are you calling?”
Her heart sank.

“I just wanted to hear your voice. That’s all.”

“Don’t call here again. We do not converse, with your kind.”

“Kind? What kind?! I’m your daughter!”

“You’re no daughter of mine. Mutants, have no place in this world. You’re a time bomb, waiting to go off. The world would be a better place, without mutants.”

Bella rips the phone from the wall. She tosses it across the room. Rogue had just come out, of the bathroom. She looked to Bella, in surprise. Bella hurriedly, made her way to the bathroom. She cut on the shower and rushed inside. Steam rose in the air; as the water put her out. Bella sat in the tub, as the water hit.

“Ya alright sug?”

Bella brings her knees, to her chest. She shakes her head. Rogue sits on the edge, of the tub. She starts playing with Bella’s hair.

“Well by all means ladies…” Deadpool smarts.

He’d managed his way between Bella and Rogue. In the middle of the night, somehow. He’d his arms, around the both of them. Both were still sound asleep. Both were humping and kissing on him. He had a huge grin, under that mask of his. Bella assumed he was Kurt. Rogue assumed he was Remy. They were too out of it, to know any different. Both girls finally come to. They shriek out. Bella hops out of the bed. She was in a black tank top and black bikini underwear. Rogue was in a pink set. Deadpool runs his hand along Bella’s ass; as he rolls over. Bella grab him by the collar. She punches him, in the face. She shoves him toward Rogue. Rogue punches him as well.

Bella opens the door and Rogue literally, kicks him out. Bella slams the door. Deadpool sighs and dust himself off. He comes to his feet and he half laughs.

“Um, hey guys. Funny story, you see I just prevented a lesbian scene, from taking place! Wait, I did?” He looks back to the hotel in wonder. Remy and Kurt were already waiting.

They had seen him, come out of the girls room. Kurt grabbed him and held him back. Remy socked him in the gut. Kurt shoved him back. Deadpool takes out one of his swords. Kurt nods and teleports behind him. He steals his other katana. Kurt gets in stance. Both were master swordsmen. Deadpool comes barreling for him.

Nightcrawler patiently waits. He blocks Deadpool’s strike. The both of them blocking each other’s attempts to get a hit in. A crowd formed around them. They continued to sword fight.

“Um Ember?” Rogue called her to the window.


“You might wanna see this.”
Bella made her way over and they both watched. Nightcrawler and Deadpool continued to swordfight. Both were fluent, swift, and unmatchable. Their swords clung together off and on as they continued, to block one another.

Bella and Rogue stepped out. Neither, thought about the fact they weren’t fully dressed. They were too distracted, by the fight. Remy took notice, hastily. He made his way, behind the girls. He ran a hand along, Rogue’s light pink panties.

“You two always streak my ladies?”

She and Bella looked to one another. They quickly covered themselves. Logan and Bobby stepped out of the hotel. Logan shook his head. He saw the crowed, the swordfight, Rogue and Bella in their underwear, and Remy’s hand along Rogue’s ass.

Deadpool ankle swiped Nightcrawler, to the ground. He dove right for him, with his blade. Nightcrawler teleported, Deadpool ended up on the ground. Nightcrawler grabbed him by the hood of his suit. He forced him back. He placed the blade to his throat, in a slicing position.

“It wouldn’t be the first time, I lost my head. I always come back, blueberry.”
Deadpool switches the hold, with his katana to Nightcrawlers throat now. Bella’s eyes widen. “KNOCK IT OFF DEADPOOL!” She shouted angrily. Nightcrawler however, had the sword in his tail now. The both of them had each other, in a cut throat motion.

“Are you two done?!” Bella fires bitterly.

Both men look to her.

“Ember…” Nightcrawler whispers.

“Aw, babe we were just having a bit, of a guy bonding moment. That’s all! No harm no foul!” Deadpool puts up his sword.

Nightcrawler tosses him, the other sword.

“See all done!” Deadpool assures.

“I swear, I’m going to KICK YOUR ASS!” Bella shouted at Deadpool.

Mystique screams out. Azazel punctures his tail, right through her sternum. He lifts her up into the air.


Mystique’s eyes roll back a little. Azazel shakes her in his hold.


His hand wraps around, Mystique’s throat. He rips his tail back out, from her chest. He yanks her back up, against him.

“I’ve already had you! Why would I want you again?!”

She winces at his words.

“Azazel…” She says softly.
“You’ve betrayed me! Out of all my lovers! I must say! I never figured you, could pull such a stupid, stupid stunt! Do you believe, that just because, you’re the mother of my son. I won’t end your very existence? If I have no issue taking the life of my pathetic excuse for a son! Then I’ve none whatsoever, in taking yours! Now tell me Raven! Where have they taken my Fire?!”

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