Chapter 16 Broken Promises

Chapter 16

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“So what’s with yah lately kid? Have you lost your ever loving mind?” Logan questions once he gets Bella alone.

“Huh?” She pretends to not have a clue what he’s referring to.

He grabs her by the arm and pulls her towards him.

“Ah, nah you’re not getting out of this that fast.”

She bites her lower lip a bit. A blush drapes over her entire face. He narrows his eyes and tilts his head.

“Spit it out squirt!”

She giggles and clears her throat.

“It was a little misunderstanding that’s all.”

She goes to walk away.

“Little misunderstanding?”

She nods.

“What sort of misunderstanding?”

She starts to nervously laugh. She takes in a breath. She pulls out one of his cigars from his pocket. Bella uses her ability to light it up for him. Then she places it in his mouth. He takes in a drag not taking his eyes off her.

“I thought you were gay!” She says exuberantly and pats him on the shoulder.

She takes off at this. Logan literally starts choking on his cigar. He hits his chest as tears form in his eyes from the smoke inhalation. He hears her laughing as she exits the room. She joins the others in painting the hallways.

“What in the living fuck?” Logan finally mutters once he’s caught his breath.

“Me?!” He whispers in complete surprise.

“What’s wrong with that girl?!” He scoffs with bitterness.

Bella grabs a brush and turns to see Kurt. He was painting with his tail and reading a book with his hands.

“That’s cheating…” She mouths off.

He grins and raises a brow her way. He merely shrugs and turns the page to his book. She also noticed he was painting the same area over and over. She giggled a bit and shook her head.

“You’re something else Kurt Wagner!”

He nods and finishes his page then turns to another. Bella grabs a bucket of paint and picks the area across from him. Bobby was painting the area next to Kurt. Remy and Rogue were having some sort of paint war going on. Bella grinned as she noticed Rogue was covered from head to toe in paint.

Bella started from the bottom of the wall and worked her way up. As she continued about she tiptoed trying to reach the rest of the way. She suddenly felt herself being lifted. She gasped out and looked down to see Kurt’s tail wrapped around her. Bella laughs and finishes the area. He lowers her back down once she’s done. Kurt pecks her on the lips.

“None of that shit now. Back to work all of yah!” Logan barks as he makes his way down the hall.

“How come you don’t have to paint?” Bella retorts.

“Because I’m your mentor, I teach I don’t paint. I also don’t go around tasting the rainbow.”

Kurt raises his brows and covers his mouth in laughter.

“Huh?” Bobby questions in wonder.

Logan shakes his head upon Bella. She shrugs and paints a smiley face on the wall. Logan pops out his claws and turns it into a sad face.

“Aw, now why’d you go and do that.”

He grunts under his breath and walks away.

“Grouch!” She fires back.

He stops and slowly turns facing her. He flips her off with his claw. She covers her mouth.

“Logan! Why I never!”

“And you’re a dirty little liar.”

He nods towards Kurt in a hinting matter. Her jaw drops and Logan chuckles as he exits the building.

The students and Logan spend the first week getting the place ready. Logan had already taken care of all of the legal terms. He also keeps with the circulim best he could with their math, English, history, science, and he’d begun training them a bit harder than usual as well. They were a smaller group now. Meaning they had to fight even harder now in order to survive some sort of attack. Such as the Neyaphem if they so desired to attack under Azazel’s orders. What had Logan and Kurt floored is that he hadn’t come to gather Bella yet. Both were awaiting one hell of a battle approaching. They kept their eyes and ears open for anything. Logan even had taken it upon himself to put his room right next to Bella’s. Each student now had their own room. That left room for 6 classrooms and 17 more students. He figured if they ever got more students he could continue to build on.

He also knew this wasn’t something that would happen overnight. He’d spend this time teaching this group of students. He’d then hire a couple of professors. His goal? To get Rogue, Remy, Kurt, Bella, and Bobby prepared to help him run the school. They just weren’t aware of the actual plan. They would become the future of his new school. This would take his time, but he figured it was worth the patience and work. Anything to keep out of Xavier’s wing… That was the last thing these students needed. He’d never admit it of course, but Bella was easily becoming his favorite. He liked her spirit, humor, and drive. Thus, why he gave her the hardest time. He found it a challenge to see how far she could be pushed. He wanted to know her weaknesses and strengths. He was glad to see her strengths overshadowed her weaknesses by a long shot. However, when it came to pure agile, wits, and strength? Kurt Wagner was his strongest. He thought it irony that the two were a couple in fact. Together they made one hell of a team. He’d been paying even closer attention as of late. It’s like they read each other without using words, especially in sparing. They just knew each other well enough to know what to expect and how to help each other out. He’d never seen such fluentness. It wasn’t just the chemistry in their relationship, but as combatants.

Logan couldn’t think of a better group to begin a fresh new start with. Making it ironic that Bella had chosen who he would’ve chosen. Logan whole heartedly approved. Eventually, Charlie came to visit. Logan pulled him to the side and explained a few things, just not to great detail. It was only enough to get Charlie to understand a bit about the situation of the “new school”. They finished getting the building up to par before long. He had Bella and Rogue go with him to get a few twin beds and dressers mere essentials needed for the rooms. He figured he could use a woman’s touch in decisions for putting the final pieces together. It still was nowhere near as nice as what Xavier had for his students. Still, none of them complained. If anything Logan took pride in the fact that each of them was very helpful and often enough had their own opinions to add on how to go about everything. He now could solely focus on teaching and training. He focused more of his attention on Kurt knowing he’d need it the most. He knew Kurt’s plans to take down his father. He wasn’t about to hold him back or talk him out of it either. He knew if it were he… He’d want the fucking son of a bitch dead as well. He also knew it took a lot to push Kurt to that point. The way Logan saw it? The fucking asshole had it coming and he hoped Kurt ripped him limb from limb and pissed all over his ashes once he was done.

Bella and Kurt had begun to practice at night, just the two of them. Logan would often watch from a distance.

“Come on Ember…” He heard Kurt encouraging.

She was in her full transformation. She was hovering off the ground.

“Fly…” Kurt said with a nod.

Logan nodded to himself at this. He wasn’t the only one that saw it. Kurt knew the potential as well. It was the same thing Storm had. Bella could pull it off as well if she’d only believe in herself.

“I can’t fly…” She says with annoyance.

Kurt shakes his head.

“Yes you can Ember.”

“What like some sort of superhero?”

Kurt softly laughs.

“I don’t mean like that, but you have something. Just try it!”

“Seriously Kurt…”

He appears behind her.

“Fliegen wie die Engel Sie Sind, meine liebe.”

She takes in a breath. Kurt nods as she hovers higher into the air now. A smile forms along Kurt’s face. Logan cocks a brow as he continues to discreetly watch from a distance.

“SOAR!” Kurt shouts with a nod.

Bella looks down and sees how far up she is. She was a good ten feet in the air now.

She shrieks out and went tumbling down. Logan nearly rushed over, but stopped himself once he saw Kurt appear below. He caught her just in time.

“SHIT!” Bella shouted.

Logan fought to keep from laughing out loud. Kurt was dying in laughter. Bella hit Kurt on the arm.

“I can’t believe you’re laughing!”

“Aw, now you were fine until you looked down. You need to have more faith in yourself Ember. Now let’s try again.”


Kurt sighs as she breaks out of his hold. Logan could hear the damn girl’s heart racing from here. He smirked in realization. Bella had a fear of heights. He cocked a brow and nodded. He’d fix that…

Page break

“Am I forgiven yet?” Kurt questions.

She buries her face into her pillow to hide her grin. He smirks and sits on her bed.

“Sie können mich nicht täuschen, Ember.” He whispers.

He uses his tail to move the pillow out from underneath her. Bella uses the sheets to cover her face. Kurt lies next to her. He takes a rose he had in his hand and runs it along her arm.

“Don’t be cruel Ember. You know I was just trying to help.”

She sighs and rolls over facing him.

“I told you I didn’t want to do it.”

“How are you to know what you’re capable of, if you fear your own abilities?”

“I’m not afraid.”

“Sure you aren’t!”


Kurt raises his brows on this.

“You are aware of what you just said right?”

She nods confidently.

“Hmm…” He pops her on the rear with his tail.

“That is an ass. I am no such thing.”

She tries not to laugh.

“The last thing you need is to learn how to cuss in German. You’ve a very foul mouth as it is.”

She shrugs and folds her arms about her chest. Kurt chuckles.

“You are very childish when you get mad.”

Her jaw drops. She yanks the rose from his hand.

“Thank you!”

“You’re welcome! And there are far better things you could be doing with that mouth. If you’re going be vulgar!”

“Oh really?”

He nods.

“I’ve a couple of ideas.” He utters with a shrug.

He grimaces though as he hears Logan entering his room. He leans into Bella’s ear.

“Perhaps we shall take this to my room?”

Kurt wraps his arms around her and they appear in his room. He wastes no time locking lips with her. His tail wraps around her ass as he pulls her even more against him. Bella unbuttons his shirt and runs her hands along his bare chest. He begins to purr as she kisses along his chest. He unfastens her jeans. He lifts her up against the wall with his tail. Kurt then takes her jeans off as he continues to hold her up. Bella swiftly clamps her hand over her mouth. He’d propped her legs over his shoulders. He then buried his tongue into her sex. He gave her a thorough pleasuring below as he lapped his tongue about her. Once he had her good and wet he lowered her back down.

Bella came to her knees and returned the favor. He petted the top of her head and enjoyed the show she was giving him.

“Ember…” He continued to purr and moan between breaths.

He lifts her chin with his tail.

“I need you.” He says in a begging matter.

Kurt pulls out of her mouth. He lays her down on the bed.

“I will Liebe, Sie machen, Ember.” He says softly.

The moment he enters he feels her saturating him.

“Kurt…” She whimpers in desire as he drives about her.

Bella felt him growing even stiffer and throbbing more inside her. Soon she feels his warmth escaping and filling within her. Kurt kisses her as he finishes. She buried her face into the crevice of his neck as he held her. Before long she’d fallen asleep. Kurt however, couldn’t sleep. He knew he needed to take care of his father and soon. If he wasted anymore time he’d only be putting Ember at risk. He knew it wouldn’t be long before he’d return for her. He figured he might’ve already tried, but couldn’t find her. Like Kurt he could only teleport with the visual of where to go. At the moment he hadn’t a clue where Bella was. Kurt held her tighter and kissed the top of her head. He’d never forgive himself if she ended up hurt again.

Logan had Bella grading some papers for him as he began to make lesson plans. Something Logan has NEVER EVER done, until now. He had no choice. He was all the students had at the moment to cover everything they needed in able to graduate. That was just around the corner in fact. He leaned back in thought. He felt rather bad about the students being robbed of what the academy would be doing. They’d have some sort of dance like what regular schools call prom and then they’d have a graduation party. Everything would be fancier and outlandish. That’s just how Xavier did things. That and well he had the money to get away with it. Logan not so much… He was dipping into everything he had to make this work.

He looked to Bella in thought. She continued to grade papers. The other students were getting their break and here he had her helping his sorry ass. She was smart though… He knew he needed her in order for everything to flow right. She didn’t complain either. Bella finished grading the stack he’d given her. She handed them over. Logan nodded and handed her an envelope.

“What’s this?”

He didn’t answer he simply shrugged. Bella opened the envelope and looked to him wide eyed.

“You signed me up for a scholarship?”

“Yer old man helped some on the information I needed, but yes.”

“Logan this is too much money I…”

“I don’t think you gather just how expensive college can be.”

Logan sighs and motions for her to take a seat.

“We need to talk.”

She nods and sits back down.

“Part of that there is out of selfishness. It’s gonna take some time for me to get this school up and running. That’s why after you all graduate this year. We won’t be accepting any students until some of yah get a degree. Now this…” He taps the check with his fingers.

“This is for you to work on getting your teacher degree. Ember I want you to come work for me. I want you and Kurt to help me run this school.”


He chuckles a bit.

“We also need to come up with a name.” He states with a shrug.

“You want me to use this to get my degree in teaching?”

He nods.

“You want me to work for you?”

He cocks a brow afraid that maybe she had other plans. Now he felt like an ass. He clears his throat, before he has time to utter a word. Bella hugs the daylights out of him.

“I’d love to. This is so awesome thank you!”

Logan freezes in his chair. He lowers his brows a bit and pats her on the back.

“Um sure kid, just keep this between the three of us. You and Kurt were the only ones with the gpa’s needed for this scholarship. The others will get one as well only not in such nice bundle as you and Kurt. I have his here. Thought you might want to do the honors.”

“Don’t you want to do that?” She questions oddly.

“I think it’d be better coming from you.”

Bella notices the look on Logan’s face.

“What is it?”

“The only school for mutants around here at the moment is this one.” He hints.

Bella takes in a breath gathering where he was going with this.

“You and Kurt will have to attend a regular college. I say that because I need all the help I can get over here. So I need you both to stay in Cali. We’ve done a lot of work to this school. But nowhere near what we need to get it fully functional. It’s going to take you all to help get it there. We have a good 3 to 4 years let’s make it count.”

Bella sighed and looked to the floor.

“Yer afraid he won’t wanna go huh?”

She nods.

“Same here kid. That’s why I thought it’d be better if you were the one that handed him that. You have a way with Kurt. The laws have been passed. They have to accept you. We mutants have the same rights as humans. Always keep that in mind. Don’t ever let anyone fool you otherwise. I mean it shortcake. I want you, Kurt, Remy, Rogue and Bobby here in a few years from now helping me run this damn school. You’re the reason I chose to do this. It was very random and probably the stupidest fucking decision I’ve ever made. I can damn sure promise you this is NOT my cup of tea.”

Bella smiles warmly.

“I know… thank you. I won’t let you down Logan, I promise.”

He nods and folds his arms about his chest.

“I know yah won’t kid. Now go on even you need some sort of break. Get on out of here.”

She softly laughs and rushes out of the room. Logan takes in a breath.

“Good luck kid yer gonna need it with that elf.”

“Ah, and here come the teacher’s pet now.” Remy smarts as Bella joins them outside.

Bella simply tilts her head and sends a small fireball at his feet.

“DAMN!” He jumps back.

Kurt dies in laughter. Bella nervously takes Kurt’s hand and leads him away from the others.

“Where we going?” He asks looking around.

“First, I got something to show you then we need to talk.”

“Show me?” He taunts and pops her with his tail on the butt.

She softly laughs.

“Afraid not…”

Bella hands him the envelope with his name. He narrows his eyes looking bewildered. He opens the envelope and looks to it strangely.

“What is this?”

“It’s something Logan did for us, but this has to stay between the three of us. The others didn’t get as much and their gpa’s weren’t as high as ours.”

Kurt stumbles back at the amount on the check.

“I don’t understand…” He whispers looking around.
“This is for us to go to college. Kurt, Logan wants us to come teach here in a few years after we graduate from college.”

Kurt looks to her in question.

“Is that what you would like Ember?”

She swallows back afraid to answer that. What if he didn’t want the same future? She remembered how Kitty reacted to what Bobby had said. She looked to the ground. Her heart was racing. It’d kill her if she made a decision that would take Kurt out of her life. He lifts her chin with his hand.

“Ember, meine liebe?”

“Yes…” She whispers.

He tilts his head wondering why she looked so upset.

“What is wrong? This is a good thing right?”

She swallows back as her stomach churned and twisted.

“So you’d like that?”

He grins ear to ear.

“Of course, why would you think I wouldn’t?”

“I wasn’t sure what you had planned…” She hints.

“Ember, as long as you are in my future I am happy. That is all that truly matters. I would love to help Logan teach. It would be an honor. It is an honor that he wishes to have us.”

He soothingly runs a hand along her cheek.

“There’s just one problem…”

“And what is that?”

She explains the situation about how Logan still needs them while they attend college. She also makes clear about the fact that it’s not a college for mutants. At this it was just as she and Logan assumed. Kurt froze and looked rather ill. He turned away from her for a moment.

“Ember we both know that is impossible. You may be able to get away with this, but I cannot. This is how I look all the time. This is who I am. How do you think this would honestly go? Four years of hell?” He shakes his head.

“Then to drag you along for the ride? That hardly seems fair to either of us. I cannot accept this nor will I. I must find another way. Perhaps, I can teleport to another college and still be here for Logan when needed. But no this is not an option for me and even if it were. I would decline. I’m a mutant not human.”

“But the law…”


Her jaw drops as brimstone fills the air. Bella staggers back and covers her mouth. Her face becomes red and hot tears stream down her face. The others look to her oddly as she runs past them crying.

“What on earth?” Rogue whispers.

“Never thought I’d witness that one crying.” Remy utters.

“It’s very rare.” Rogue mentions.

Bobby looked around wondering where Kurt was. Rogue takes off after Bella. She sees Bella head into her room. She stops the door just before Bella’s about to close it. Bella turns back with blood shot eyes. Rogue shakes her head and grabs hold of her.

“Shh… it’s ok. I got you.”

“No, no it’s not ok.”

Rogue pulls the door shut.

“Talk to me Ember what’s wrong?”

She explains the situation best she can. Bella however, leaves out the scholarship part she only discusses the college part. Once she’s done Rogue sighs.

“He’d no right to take that out on you Ember. He’s just mad. He’s going to feel like an ass here soon if he doesn’t already. I can’t believe he blew up at you like that. He can be so darn sensitive sometimes. Ugh! He knows better! My brother he knows how you feel about him. He’s just being stubborn. I’m so sorry sug. But trust me once he realizes what he said. He’s going to feel nothing, but guilt and shame because he knows that wasn’t true. If anything you’re his rock. You’ve stood behind him this entire time and not turned your back to him once! I could kick his lily ass for this!”
“It’s my fault Rogue. I pushed him too far. I knew deep down he wouldn’t be accepting of this.”

“Ember, don’t you dare take the blame on this. This is all on my brother. He had no right to talk to you like that or to take out his own fears on you. You’ve been through enough as it is! This all has to do with him personally. The way he sees himself. You’ve done nothing wrong. Kurt needs to come into peace with himself. He’s got a lot on his plate as of late. I’m sure it just became overfilled.”

“No thanks to me.”
“Ember… don’t…”

“What if we end up like Kitty and Bobby now?!”

Rogue covers her mouth in laughter. Bella cuts her a glare of hell. Rogue clears her throat.

“That’s never going to happen. My brother is head over heels for you. All the more reason he’s going to kick himself in the ass for this later. Kind of hypocritical when you think about it.” Rogue mentions as she braids Bella’s hair.
“What is?”
“He said he’d be happy as long as you were in his future. Why should anything else matter then? Together you two could climb Mount Everest I believe. College, that’s a cakewalk for the both of you.”

Bella sighs she wasn’t so sure about anything anymore. They talk for a bit longer. After Rogue leaves Bella stays in her room. She wasn’t in the mood to see or deal with anyone else.

“Jesus, Kurt!” Warren jumped as he entered his room to see Kurt lying on his bed.

Kurt waves with his tail. Warren pulls his door to.

“What brings you here?”

“I need a favor.” Kurt says rising up on the bed.

“And what may that be?”

“I need a vial of your blood.”

Warren lowers his brows somewhat looking to Kurt as if he’s lost his mind.

“Um you do realize it would kill you?”

Kurt nods.

“Yes I’m well aware.”

“Then why do you want it?”

“Because your blood would also be the doom of my father, I need it in order to keep my promise to Ember.”

Warren sighs.

“Kurt if just a drop…”

“Please Warren I really need it. I would be forever in your debt.”

“Kurt I’d never forgive myself it something went down. You’d have to take extra precaution with it.”
“So you’ll do it?”

Warren shuts his eyes for a moment.

“I can’t believe I’m agreeing to this. I’m basically handing over your possible death sentence. How are you going to handle the vial? You must make certain it doesn’t come into contact with you Kurt!”

“I realize the potential danger. To me it is worth the risk. I will not allow my father a chance to harm Ember again. The only way to make certain of that is if he is no more.”
Warren nods in thought.

“Very well, let’s go see Dr. McCoy and see what we can do.”

“Thank you.”

“Just do me a favor and don’t die handling this is all I ask.”

“You’ve my word. I will be extremely careful.”

“I do not wish to meet the wrath of Ember.”

Kurt has a good laugh at this.

“Something we both agree on.”

He sighs with frustration though.

“Something wrong?”

Kurt half laughs.

“I might be rightfully receiving that wrath when I return.”

“Oh really? I thought you could do no wrong in her eyes.”

“Oh believe me I most certainly did this time. She might not forgive me. I don’t expect her to. I’m very much undeserving of her at the moment.”

“What’d you do?” Warren curiously asks.

“I took out my anger on something else onto her. I basically slapped her across the face without even touching her. I said something dreadful and I knew it wasn’t true the moment it left my mouth. Still my rage took over… The look on her face. I really hurt her Warren. She didn’t deserve what I said.”

“I’m sure you will find a way to make up for it. You two don’t see to realize, you’re the envy of all mutant couples. Most of us only dream of what you two share. It’s very unique. Honestly, I never knew you two fought.”

“That’s just it we don’t. I was a fool. I don’t even know where to begin on making up for it.”

“You can never go wrong with flowers.”

Kurt chuckles a bit.

“I think this calls for more than flowers.”
“Oh that bad huh.”

“You’ve no idea.”

Warren laughs as he pushes the door open to Hank’s office.

“You’ll find a way you always do.”

“Why do we need to be up here again?”

Logan smirks and discreetly jams the door to the rooftop of the new school.

“Bobby lost a ball or something.” He lies.

Bella shrugs and looks around.

“So you needed me to come hold your hand and look for it?”

Logan nods.

“Don’t be a smartass kid just help me look.”

He watches her curiously as he pretends to look for the ball. They were a good 50 to 60 feet in the air. Bella stays right in the center. She won’t even look anywhere else.

“Huh… Why don’t you go over there and see if it rolled off the roof after all.” He points to the edge.

She looks to him with the eyes of an owl.

“You look…” She says with a shrug.

“Nah, just take a gander and we’ll head back in.”

She sighs and walks over, but stays several feet away from the edge. She doesn’t even truly look over.

“It’s not there.”

“Are yah sure?”

“Yep now can we go in?”

He fights the urge to smirk. Her heart was racing again. Logan gets closer to the edge and peeks over.

“I wonder if that’s it.” He points as if trying to see.

“Wouldn’t know.”

Bella starts heading back to the door. He waves her over. She gets this pale complection to her skin.

“You seem to have it handled. I’m going inside.”

“Yer afraid of heights aren’t you?”

She rolls her eyes.

“I am not!”

“The hell you’re not. I can hear yer heart damn near beating out of your chest from here.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about!”

Bella tries to open the door.

“What the hell?”

He grins and tilts his head a bit.

“Face it darlin’ the only way we’re getting down is if yah get us down.”
“What the fuck?!”

“Watch yer damn mouth kid.”
“You watch yours FIRST!”

He chuckles a bit as she starts to sweat. Her heart races even more. She could barely muster a breath.

“Come on now. I got things to do and better places to be. So let’s go Ember get us down.”

“What part of I can’t fly do you and Kurt not get!”

“What part of you can do you NOT get? You might not be able to take off like a bird or Angel for that matter, but you bet your sweet ass you can fly now do it! Get me down Ember!”

“You’re like a damn Ox! What makes you think I can lift your ass?!”

“Gravity has a funny way about things. It’s like how you can lift someone underwater that’s twice your weight.”
“It’s so not the same. Once I land I’ll break my damn legs. We don’t all heal Logan!”

“Well we can’t all be perfect.” He mouths back.

“I can’t believe you’re a teacher.”

“I can’t believe you’re just 18!”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”
He shrugs.

“I’m gay remember what would I know?”

“Have an issue with homosexuals?”

“Not at all just you lil darlin’. Now come on I got a cigar and ice cold beer waiting for me.”

Bella shakes her head. Her entire body was shaking.

“Look let’s take it slow. Come sit with me.” Logan says as he sits on the edge with his feet dangling over.”

“I’m good right here.”

He shakes his head and pats the area next to him.

“We’ll stay here all night if we have to.”

Bella shrieks out as someone grabs her. They appear beside Logan. Logan rolls his eyes.

“Careful with her Wade.”

“Let go of me you ass!”

Deadpool shrugs as he had her in his lap. He drops her off the edge.

“FUCK!” Logan immediately leaps down.

He catches her and comes down in a crouching stance. He looks up furiously towards Deadpool. Deadpool chuckles and waves.

“You’re pretty fast! But she’s right she can’t fly!” He calls out.

Bella growls out as Logan places her down. She turns her direction towards Deadpool.


Logan’s eyes widen as she lights up. Without another coherent thought. Bella hovers up towards the roof. Logan grabs his gut in laughter.

“Yer so fucked Wade.”

“OH SHIT!” Deadpool hopped up as she fired at his crotch.

“Well I’m be damned she doesn’t even realize what she’s doing. It takes the idiot merc pissing her off.”

“I didn’t mean it babe!”

She fires at his ass as he takes off running. She was hovering even higher than the building now.

“Come on now baby mama…” He pleads.

Bella soars down and grabs him by the collar of his shirt. Logan laughs even harder as she takes off with Deadpool.

“You had it coming Wade!” He calls out.

“Well would you look at the time.”

Deadpool teleports out of her hold. That’s when Bella takes notice of how high up she is.

“Logan!” She screams out.
“DON’T EMBER!” He warns as she starts freaking out.

“Keep it intact!”

The others had also taken notice.

“Holy shit!” Remy utters as they see how high up Bella was.

“She looks frightened out of her mind.” Bobby whispers.

Rogue tugged at Logan’s shirt.

“She’s gonna fall!”

Sure enough Bella’s powers begin to fade in and out as she panics. Logan quickly prepares for one hell of an impacted fall.

“I don’t know who this is gonna hurt worse.” He admits as she starts to fall a good hundred feet at least.

Bella’s screaming the entire way down. Someone swiftly catches her and they appear on the rooftop. She had her face buried into his chest. The others below take in a breath of relief.

Logan nods in approval seeing it was Kurt that had caught her.

“Relax Ember…” He says softly.

He places her down gently. Bella literally crawls towards the center of the building. She leans against the jammed door. Her skin looked as though a ghost. She pulled her knees up to her chest and buried her face as she shut her eyes.

Kurt sits beside her and puts an arm around her.

“So you can fly…” He whispers.

“I thought you were mad at me.” She says bitterly.

“I was never mad at you. I apologize, Ember. I didn’t mean what I said. You’re the one person in this world that has always has my back. I was wrong, very, very wrong. I hurt you and that’s not acceptable. I’m meant to love and protect you not to be the one causing you harm.”

She sighs.

“It’s ok Kurt. I understand, we can go somewhere else.”

He looks to her oddly.

“Why? This is what you want.”

“You honestly think I want to go now?! You looked as though you hated me!”

“I could never hate you. That’s not even in my blood Ember. I’m so sorry.”
She nods, but comes to her feet. With her back to him she softly speaks.

“You know what I thought when I first met you?” She takes in a breath.

“I remember thinking you had the most gorgeous eyes I’d ever seen. You were so unique and mesmerizing. I kept catching myself staring at you.”

He softly chuckles.

“I thought it was because I was a freak.”

She blushes.

“So you noticed?” She asks as she turns around facing him.

He nods lifting his eyes towards her.

“Well you are a freak!” She taunts with a playful smirk.

“But so am I! I’ve never once taken shame in you. There is no reason to. It is you that takes shame in yourself. I thought you were over that by now. Apparently, you still need to do some soul searching. It’s time you realized it doesn’t matter what others think or what goes on around us. At the end of the day I still love you. I don’t want normal I want you. We can make this work I’ll talk to Logan and explain…”
“No Ember…” He shakes his head.

“I told you I’d be happy as long as you’re in my future and that’s what I stand by.”

“So you’re going to force it?!”

“No Ember, nothing is by force when it comes to you. I’ve had some time to think. We’d be doing this together. Knowing you’re going to be right there along with me. That’s all I need.”
“Kurt I don’t want you ever feeling obligated to do something just for me. That’s not how it should be. If you don’t want to go. Then we will figure something else out. Nothing is set in stone.”

“What if I wanted it to be?”

She looks to him oddly. He takes in a breath and runs his fingers through his hair.

“What if I told you I had two thing’s in my pocket. One that could bring me death and one that could bring me life?”

She swallows back wondering where this was going.

“Both things in which could very well be right around the corner. Before I face death I’d like to know I have a life to come back to. Something to further motivate me.”

“Werden du wear meine ring, Ember?”

Kurt questions he drops to one knee. Bella’s jaw drops and she covers her mouth in absolute shock. Kurt’s hand was shaking something fierce as he held the ring.

“I’d thought that once we graduate from college we could get married…?”

Bella stands there as if she were still in shock.


She sucks back a breath.

“You want to marry me?” She says in a whisper.
“I told you I did remember?”

She smiles in memory.

“Yes I remember.”


“Kurt, I’d love to marry you.”

He beams at this and places the ring on her finger. It was solid black gold with red rubies. She’d never seen such a ring.

“It’s beautiful Kurt.”

He wasn’t about to tell her how much it was or about the fact it took over half his savings to get it. He saw it though and he thought Ember.

“The red represents your beauty and the black is me. It is fireproof as well, everlasting.” He explains with a shrug.

“I love it Kurt.”

“I’m glad you do. I wasn’t sure if you would. I liked it because it stood out amongst the other rings. Like you do for me.”

Bella smiles as he brings himself back up. She wraps her arms around his neck.

“I love you Ember. I always will.”

“I love you too.”

Kurt grabs ahold of her. They end up in her room. He moves the strands of hair from her face. She became startled as she witnessed the tears in his eyes. He put his forehead against hers.

“Please, forgive me.”
“I already have Kurt…”
He shakes his head.

“No Ember. I’m about to break a promise I made to you.”
“What do you mean?”
He closes his eyes for a moment. He kisses the ring upon her finger.

“I have to go now.”
“Go? Go where? Kurt you’re scaring me what’s going on?!”

The tears come down his face even harder.

“Forgive me.” He says once more and brimstone fills the air.


Bella looked down to see a letter on her pillow.


If you’re reading this, it means I’ve already proposed. I hope you said yes, but if not I understand. Either way you are my inspiration to make it through this. Please understand my decision and why it is I will not allow you to go with me. I promised you my father would never harm you again. I’d much rather break a promise in which keeps you safe than one that would put you in harm’s way again. I wish to keep alive the one thing I live for and that Ember is you. If I lost you, I’d be nothing. That is why you cannot come with me. I lied to you and I know it. I will live every waking moment making it up to you. Just please be here when I return. I need you Ember. I hope that you need me.

The more I thought on this the more, I just couldn’t fathom mine father even so much looking upon you. He doesn’t deserve your grace, beauty, or the joy you bring to others. Therefore, I will deny him of any such things. I also do not feel it is right for you to have to relive such dreadful memories. You are at peace now and that is what I wish for you. I will do everything within my power to keep you safe. To let you know that you are loved. Even if something were to happen and you have denied my affections. That is how much you mean to me. Just knowing you exist somewhere out there brings me hope. That maybe the world isn’t so dark after all. I never knew it feasible for an angel to give a demon the time of day. You have given me bliss, love, and kindness that I will never ever forget.

Now comes the hard part. This kills me to write Ember, but even I have to be realistic as to what may come. I truly pray I keep my promise to return to you as I said I always would. However, if something shall happen and I do not return, know this, if I’ve met my demise. Then I have done so with great honor in your stead. I couldn’t think of a better way to die other than your sweet lips planted amongst mine. I want you to go on and be happy. If you shall meet another that one day catches your heart. Then please do not hold back on my account. I want you to love. I want you to experience all that life may have to offer you. Just do me one favor. Keep in touch with Rogue. She loves you like a sister. That’s all I ask if something shall happen.

I’ve never been happier in my entire life than this past year. You’ve managed to do something I never knew possible. You’ve made me feel loved. With you I feel like for once I belong. That there is hope…

Ember, I will do my dammest to return to you. Mine father will pay for what he has done. To you that is my dying vow! I love you, you are mine Ember, mine love, mine reason to live.

Yours eternally,


Bella runs out of the room. She suddenly felt suffocated. Her heart dropped to the pit of her stomach. She was in full transformation. She fell upon her knees along the pavement outside. Logan had seen her run past. He came to his feet and followed her out. He narrowed his eyes upon the scene before him. Bella was having a full on anxiety attack.

“Ember…?” He said softly as he came up behind her.

“He went without me! He left! He…” She sucked back a breath.

“He told me he wouldn’t do that! We were supposed to take that bastard on together! What if he doesn’t come back Logan! What if I lose him forever! What if Azazel still wins by taking the one thing that means the world to me! He told me he’d kill him Logan! He has no problem killing his own son!”

“Well that’s something they have in common.” Logan retorts.

“Logan please… I can’t lose him!”

Logan nods and cautiously reaches out to her. Her shield accepted his embrace. He held her not knowing what else to do. Bella continue to sob against him.

“Now you listen here. If it’s one thing I know, it’s that boy loves you unconditionally. At this very moment he’s not Kurt Wagner. He’s Nightcrawler. He doesn’t take his promises lightly, so if he broke one. It’s for a good damn reason. His heart is bigger than anyone else’s I know. I’d bet everything I own that that boy comes back. He can’t stand to be away from yah. The mere idea of losing you even through his own death? Is not an option. He will become desperate that desperation alone will be what pushes him over the edge. What I’m trying to say is. He will return only he will not be the same Kurt we all know. As I’m sure you’ve already seen he’s changed in looks alone somewhat and his outlook on life is different as well. You will have to accept that he maybe somewhat darker. Taking a life no matter whose it is and the reasoning, it does something to you. That’s where he’s going to need you the most. So when he returns and I know he will. Do not yell at him about how he broke his promise. Don’t break up with him or go off running away in some sort of rebellious hissy fit, not unless you truly wish to do that boy in. This killed him I’m sure. When he comes back. You need to support him and his decisions, show him you understand. You do not need to add more fire to the flame. Now honestly, I don’t see you pulling that shit anyway. Yer different than most girls, but I just thought I’d put it out there. He’s gonna need you kid and you’re gonna need him. So don’t go around turning on one another. If you let that happen Azazel still wins in the end, even if Nightcrawler kills the fucking bastard. And that he will!”

He pulls back and looks her in the eyes.

“Now I want yah to go grab Rogue. You to have some sort of girl’s night or something. Do whatever it is you two do. That boy would be beside himself, if he knew you spent the entire time sulking. So don’t do it. Have some faith… This is Kurt we’re talking about. So if nothing else kid… pray on it.”

Her fire dies down. Logan takes in a breath.

“Go on now. Get…”

She nods and heads back inside. Once she’s out of sight. He pinches his eyes shut.

“Dammit elf, you had better return you little shit.”

I will Liebe, Sie machen. I want to make love to you.

Sie konnen mich nict tauchen, Ember. You can’t fool me, Ember.

Fliegen wie die Engel Sie sind. (fly like the angel you are, my love)

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