Chapter 17 Am I Forgiven?

Chapter 17

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Nightcrawler comes to a stand from a kneeling position as he appears in Hell. Kiwi Black lowers his brows towards his brother. Mystique sat upon Kiwi Black’s lap. Nightcrawler looks to the scene before him muddled.

“Who are you?”

Nightcrawler questions pointing his sword Kiwi’s direction. Kiwi tilts his head ever so slightly. He keeps his hands along Mystique lovingly. He kisses along her shoulders. Nightcrawler resisted the urge to grimace.

“Where is mine father?” Nightcrawler demanded.

“Do you know who I am brother?”

Nightcrawler remembered Ember telling him of his step brother by the name of Kiwi Black.

“Only by word of mouth.” He admits whilst keeping caution.

Nightcrawler looks to his mother.

“You are alright?” He inquires feeling completely lost.

She nods with that mischievous smile to her face.

“Where is father, mother?”

“He is somewhere he can never escape. He is in another realm.” Kiwi answers.

“Another realm?”

Kiwi nods as he gently puts a hand upon Mystique’s back. He has her raise up. Kiwi makes his way over to Nightcrawler. He circles him completely.

“The fire girl must belong to you.”

Nightcrawler nods.

“She tells me you aided her during her time here?”

Kiwi nods again. He makes his way back to his throne and places Mystique back into his lap.

“What is going on mother?”

“Took your time getting back to me son, I suppose I should be thankful though.” She says with a shrug.

Kiwi smiles and rests his head along her shoulder. Nightcrawler sighs.

“Your mother is in good hands. I assure you. She is here of her own will.”

“I couldn’t leave Ember mother. I had to make certain that she were safe. From the looks of things you seem to be adjusting quite well. Now will someone please explain to me what is going on? Why does it look as though you two are reining the underworld? And together as it perceives?” Nightcrawler inquired with a wrinkled nose.

“That is because we are. Our father no longer has the means to rule. He resides in a place, he can no longer leave. He can only travel with that of his spawn. There is only solitude in this place and ever ending nothingness.

Kiwi smiles. Miles and miles of desert now surrounds our father.

“And how did you get away with such an act?”

“Trickery… I’ve been gaining our father’s trust for years now, working in his stead. He never saw it coming. He told me to take him to Earth. Instead, I took him into his own prison. If I had not he would have come after the fire girl. Your lover rather put a damper on my plans. It wasn’t quite how it was supposed to go. However, it is what it is now. He awaits you. However, there are two things I must make clear brother. One is you’re to not let him out of that realm, if you shall I will not be inclined to remain allied with you as we are at the moment. Doing that would erase years of hard strategy and gaining his trust. That would make me quite angry. You do not want me as your enemy. Secondly, I will not aide you in this. From here out it is your battle not mine. If you so happen to meet your demise. Then your body will be left to rot in this realm as well, as I will not be returning. My only mission from here is to get you to this there. Everything else is on your own.”

“You already knew I’d wish him death?”

“Truthfully no, it is what I tell you next that will determine that. It seems he has done more unto you personally than myself. For that I shall show you enough respect to let you take the matter into your own hands. He has tormented both your mother and the fire girl. Even I am not so cruel to accept the ways of our father. But know this, before I tell you the story behind the fire girl and your mother. I rule this kingdom. This is now my realm. I have spent many years in achieving just this one goal. In a way I feel as though I owe the fire girl for giving me that boost into kicking up the pace. I will allow no one even you to stand in my way. Nor will I be stepping down anytime soon.”

Nightcrawler felt the urge to vomit. Kiwi’s hands were all along his mother’s body. He couldn’t believe they were lovers!

“You do realize that mine mother is your step mother?”

Kiwi smiles.

“That I do. Then again it is merely a title and there is nothing of blood between your mother and I.”

Nightcrawler sighs with disgust.

“Your mother is a wondrous creature. Very lovely, spirited, and deserves far more than our father ever offered her. She’s one of a kind and should be treated as though she is. Around here your mother will be treated like the goddess she is. She belongs to me now. As does the fire girl to you. She too is very rare. You must feel honored.”

Nightcrawler nods in agreement.


Kiwi beams at this and leans back in his seat. He begins to tell him everything that had taken place, whilst Bella was here. Nightcrawler felt himself boiling over. His body began to ache and he trembled. He couldn’t fathom how many close calls there were to his Ember getting rapped. He told him of every beating she had taken and how strong she was during these times. Ember had been literally treated as though a disobedient pet. Nightcrawler reached to his heart at one point. It was skyrocketing so much it was damn near painful. He did his best to not go into a full on anxiety attack. Nightcrawler staggered back once Kiwi was done giving him the rundown, when she almost took the letter opener to her wrist. His Ember was to end it all at her own hands.

Only a few of the Neyaphem remained for those that chose not to serve Kiwi Black. He and Mystique took down and promptly. Azazel had severely beaten his mother and chained her up. She received the same treatment as Bella. Only once Azazel learned of the betrayal there was no sexual desires. Pure rage had filled him. His plans were to let Mystique suffer and prolong her death. Kiwi had witnessed this abuse that’s when he decided to step it up with his plans and take over.

Nightcrawler looks to his mother.

“This is what you wish? To remain here?”

She nods.

“She is free to come and go as she wishes.” Kiwi assures.

“How do I get to this realm in which Azazel now dwells?”

Kiwi grins.

“I shall take you there myself. Like I said though from there we part ways.”

“A word with my son first?”

“But of course. Take your time my dear.”

Kiwi kisses her cheek as she rises from his lap. Mystique makes her way down.

“You’re certain she’s worth this?”

“I would not be here if I thought otherwise.”

“You do realize you will not walk away from this. Your father will take you down. You will be buried amongst the sand. No one will ever see or hear from you again. Not even your treasured Ember.”

Nightcrawler takes in a breath.

“I see you’ve great faith in me. Is this your choice of words before we part mother?”

“You must face the facts. Your father is much older, wiser, and stronger than you. I wish you would come into terms with that and let this go. He cannot escape where he is. You’re precious Ember is safe. That is what matters is it not?”

“I have made an oath. One I do not intend to break.”
“And why must it be you?”

“The moment father laid a harmful hand upon mine Ember, he chose death. I do not expect you to understand. You wouldn’t know of love. I don’t believe you ever have. I will not rest until I know he no longer exists. That mine Ember’s honor has been restored. He may be stuck in the realm for now, but you and I both know of the possibilities. That is a risk I am not willing to take. Ember is now mine fiancé! AZAZEL WILL FUCKING MEET HIS EXODUS AND AT MINE HANDS! EVEN IF I’M TAKING OUT AS WELL IN THE EQUATION. I WILL NOT ALLOW HIM A CHANCE TO EVER HURT HER AGAIN! I’M SORRY MOTHER, BUT UNLIKE OTHERS I DO NOT WALK OUT ON FAMILY! She is mine family!”
“And what am I?”

Nightcrawler laughs and shakes his head.

“Mine mother that turned her back to me as an infant. The only time I hear from you again is when you wish for me to join the Botherhood. Was it not enough that you corrupted mine sister? Now you wish to give me guilt? What is it you wish of me?”

“You belong here Kurt. You are Neyaphem.”

He nods and places his hands upon his hips.

“See there you go again. You wish for me to turn mine back to mine family and friends. To the one girl that truly loves me for who I am. To ignore mine vow and reside here? To watch you suck face with mine brother?! Do you have any idea just how unsettling it is to watch you two together? Have you no morals whatsoever?!”

“I took her place did I not?”

He shuts his eyes for a moment.

“Yes… Yes you did mother and I will be forever grateful. For once you acted as though a mother should. Thank you and I do mean that sincerely. However, I’ve a mind of mine own. I will not ever follow the Brotherhood nor will I reside here in Hell. I was born Neyaphem. That doesn’t mean I have follow the lives of my fellow Neyaphem. I have a choice and I choose what I have now.”

“You will die.”

“Then so be it. I will die of mine own morals! Mine own beliefs! I will die knowing for once in mine existence I WAS LOVED! NOW I AM DONE WITH THIS! You cannot talk me out of this! Not even mine Ember could! NO ONE CAN! This is me at mine must pushed over state! At mine upmost angriest moment. What he did to her…”
Nightcrawler ground his teeth together. His veins began to pulsate significantly. His eyes began to glow. His fangs protruded as his hands had balled up into fists.

“MINE OWN FATHER!” He bellows on top of his lungs.

“Kurt…” Mystique puts a gentle hand along his shoulder.

Nightcrawler lift his eyes towards Kiwi.

“I wish to go now.”


He locks eyes with his mother. Kiwi steps down from his throne he begins walking towards them.

“I’m sorry…”

He looks to his mother baffled. Mystique staggers back somewhat. He simply nods for the first time ever he witnessed tears in his mother’s eyes. He places a hand along her cheek. Nightcrawler kisses her forehead.

“Goodbye mother, I wish you well.” Nightcrawler sheaths his sword.

Kiwi places his hands along Nightcrawler’s shoulders.


He gives one last nod and brimstone fills the air.

They appear in the middle of a sandstorm. Sand filled the air nothing, but sand beneath their feet.

“Do be haste! This place does things to you!”

“How did you know of this place?” Nightcrawler calls out over the massive gusts of wind.

Kiwi smiles.

“A drunken night of visions sent me here. I’m not even sure how. I just dreamt it up and I ended up here.” He says with a shrug.

“Good luck brother…”
Kiwi vanishes. Nightcrawler looks around as he places a hand over his brow. He did his best to avoid getting sand in his eyes. He ripped off his shirt and made some sort of protectant to place over his head and to help keep the sand out of his face. The sand stung as it hit against his body. The wind was so heavy it felt as though tiny needles were stabbing along Nightcrawler’s body. He pushed back the slight irritation. From there he began his search…

Bella shot up in her bed. Her heart was racing and she was covered in sweat.

“Kurt…” She whispered and looked around the darkened room.

She brought her legs over and placed her feet down. Bella cut on her lamp and she threw on her robe. She then made her way to Kurt’s room. Brimstone was still heavy in the air. She closed her eyes and breathed him in. From there she lay on his bed. Bella cuddled up to his pillow and said a silent prayer for his return.

Kiwi was right. There was nothing just never ending desert. Nightcrawler had grown thirsty. His lips were chapped the place he was in was sweltering. There was no night about this place. He’d been here now for a full 24 hours never once did darkness fall. Something for once he wished for. If anything to have a break from the blistering heat. Ember never once left his mind. This was his only drive for not resting, for trudging on.

After a couple more torturous hours, he came to a stop. He froze wondering if the image several feet away was real. It looked to be his father. He wasn’t sure if the heat had been playing tricks with his mind. He wondered if it was merely a mirage. At one point he’d have sworn he saw Ember. He even took off running that direction only to run right through her. He continued that direction.

The man before him came to a halt. He tilted his head somewhat. He begins to laugh.

“If you’re real son. You’re either quite foolish, have a death wish, or have finally decided to let your balls drop.”

“Hello to you as well father.”

“Hmm, enough of this nonsense now, time to go back. We will handle these affairs back home.”

“No father. It ends right here, right now. There is no going back for you. Your ashes will soon fill the air along with the sand. No one will even be able to tell them apart. It will be as if you never existed, even now father someone else sits upon your throne. You are being erased as we speak.”

Azazel has a good laugh at this. His body too had taken toll from the climate and constant sand storm. Azazel appears behind him. Nightcrawler had to take care not to let his father get ahold of him. He’d travel with him in teleportation to escape. Nightcrawler swiftly turned around he withdrew his blade and his father blocked it with his own.

“Are you as good as me?”
“I suppose you’re about to find out.” He declared as they circled one another.

Nightcrawler ignored the harsh environment and began to focus on his vow to his fiancé. Along with the wrath that resided within his heart, love was what filled it as well. This urge to survive… To be able to see and hold her that’s what he craved more than anything, even through his hydration he’d choose her lips over the nourishment of water.

“Do tell me son… Does she scream out my name when you’re making love to her?” He utters with a snide grin.


Nighcrawler teleports directly in front of him. He takes his blade and pierces through his shoulder. Azazel grunts out in pain as his shoulder begins to sizzle.

“What the fuck?!” He growls as he takes his blade to his son.

Nightcrawler smiles as he dodges just in time to miss his father’s attempt. Azazel looks to his boiling shoulder. He sneers and dives right after Nightcrawler. Their blades cling together as they block each other’s efforts. Azazel’s blade slices across the right side of his son’s stomach as he gets in a hit. Nightcrawler snarls back as he hunches over a bit at the pain. He does his best to ignore it. He keeps his eyes on his father. He couldn’t let his guard down no matter what. Azazel disappears and Nightcrawler cautiously looks around. He listens closely. Immediately he swings back his blade as his father appears to the side of him. He knocks the blade out of his son’s hand. He then swipes his blade. He stabs through nothing, but brimstone. The sand had become thicker throughout the air.

Azazel picked up his son’s sword. He curiously ran it along his arm. Sure enough smoke rose within the air. His arm had a nice burn going across the area he ran it. He dies in laughter. He twirls the blade about.

“Once again you’ve proved what a fool you truly are my son.”

Suddenly Azazel felt jabs here and there as soon as he’d turn he’d see nothing, but brimstone mixed within the sand. He growled and ground his teeth together as the jabs along his back, face, and chest continued.

Nightcrawler screamed out as he stopped the blade from being driven into his face. His hands took the blistering burns as he fought to keep the piercing blade from ending him where he stood. He thought quick as the agonizing pain shot through his entire body. Nightcrawler literally dropped down where he stood. He ankle swiped his father. He quickly appeared hovering over him. He had his hands clamped around his father’s around the handle of the blade. He stared him down without so much as blinking. Nightcrawler pushed through the pain. His jaw clenched tightly as he wanted nothing more than to give in to make the pain stop. His hands were raw and covered in massive blisters. His father brought up his knee he dug it into the area within Nightcrawler’s stomach. He gasped back as he drove it right into the wound. He began to feel faint from the amount of blood he was losing. The area around him spun.


A yell of utter desperation left the lips of Nightcrawler. His body had become black as midnight. His eyes glowed even more than ever before. His veins became alive with a new surge of energy. The fur along his body became pitch black as well. He continued to holler out as he drove the blade even deeper into his father’s heart. Once he felt it go through his back. He twisted the blade. His father’s heart began to boil. He continued to stare him down. Nightcrawler however, felt another course of pain deriving from his body. He looked down to see his father’s blade ran through his stomach where he’d originally cut him. Fear washed over him. His eyes widened. He hopped up and gasped out as he pulled himself off the blade. Nightcrawler fell to his knees.

“Ember…” He whimpered out softly.

His breathing became heavy. He placed his hands over the area doing his best to control the bleeding.

“EMBER!” He shrieked out.

His body began to scrabble in and out as though that of a television with bad reception. He was doing his best to get to her. He tried repeatedly, but he was stuck. He dropped his hands his nails dug into the sand beneath him.


He crawled towards his father’s body. He grabbed his father by the collar. Nightcrawler snapped. He began to punch his father’s lifeless body over and over repeatedly. He then took the blade he’d poisoned with Angel’s blood. He took his father’s head and tossed it across the desert.

“YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU!” He shouted at the headless body.


He pulled at his hair. He began to see swerving lights. Darkness began to take over.

“Please…” Was the last thing that left his mouth as he hit the ground.

The sand began to bury him. It covered his legs, then his torso, it began to creep up his neck. Before long his entire body lay beneath the sand.

Kurt you’re the most real thing; I’ve felt in a long time.”

So you would not hit me for telling you I’m in love with you?”

No Kurt…”


Because I’m committedly in love with you Ember; if we’re to do this…”

Kurt… there is no one else for me. I love you too.”

You love me?”

I honestly never thought…”

That someone like you could ever love me.”

I hate when you talk like that.”

I know and I apologize. It’s just… You’re so different. You’re just…”

“Ember, Meine liebe…”

A hand of charcoal black pops out of the sand.

Nightcrawler appears back in the throne room of Hell. Both his mother and Kiwi hopped up from the throne. Kiwi narrowed his eyes upon the new transformation that had taken over his brother’s body. He was even more defined in muscle than before. Kurt was taller and far more threatening looking. Just one look told Kiwi Black that his brother was now stronger than he. That if he truly wanted he could take over the kingdom for himself. Only that’s not what Kurt desired. He never wanted a part of any of this life. Mystique covered her mouth in shock. This was Nightcrawler’s true self. It had been held back by his father after all these years.

“Kurt…?” His mother whispered.

He nodded with a smirk and vanished.

Kurt appears in Ember’s room, only to see she wasn’t there. He narrowed his eyes in wonder. He decidedly appeared in his room. There she lay on his bed. She had her head buried into his pillow. She was facing away from him.

He swallowed back as her scent floored him. He very quietly approached the bed. Kurt crouched down and softly whispered.

“Am I Forgiven, Ember Meine Leibe?”

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