Chapter 18 All Good Things Must Come To An End

Chapter 18

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Bella slowly rolls over facing him.


She undertones with a hint of surprise to her voice. She reaches out with one hand. Her fingers graze along his face. He shut his eyes for a moment and kissed the palm of her hand. Her heart raced as she stared upon him. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

“Is that really you?”

He nods.

“Yes Ember, it is me.”

She moved his black strands of hair away from his face and took a better look. Her bottom lip quivered a bit as she looked into his eyes. She instantaneously wrapped her arms around his neck. Bella broke down in sobs. He held her close to him. He shut his eyes for a moment and let her cry it out.

“Is that a yes or a no?” He whispers in her ear as her cries began to calm down somewhat.

She sucks back a deep breath behind her tears.

“Yes just don’t ever pull that shit again Kurt Wagner!”

He wraps his arms around her even tighter.

“You’ve my word mine Ember.”

They both look to one another oddly. Neither had noticed that they were both in some sort of transformation. Black flames were ignited along Kurt’s body as Bella was also in her full transformation. Kurt quickly teleported them out of the room before they started a fire. They appeared by the beach. Kurt narrowed his eyes. He slightly stepped away from her, but kept one hand along her waist. His hand was still engrossed in the black flame. A smile forms along his face. He dropped his hand the black flame was gone. Once he put his hand back to her hand it returned. Her power was igniting something within his newfound transformation.

Once her fire died down. So did his.

“What was that?”

“I have no idea…” He says with a grin still about his face.

“Kurt, what happened to you? I mean wha…”

He shakes his head and begins to obsessively kiss her. A soft growl sneaks out of his lips. He looks around seeing they were alone and it was very dark. The only sound about them was the crashing of the waves. He also just took notice that she was in nothing, but a pair of black panties and a white tank top. His breathing sped up with lust. He didn’t want to think about anything else. All he could think about was how bad he wanted her. He continued to hold her with one hand. He used his free hand to undo his pants and free himself. He used his tail to pull her panties to the side.

Bella wrapped her arms and legs around him as he supported her. She felt him throbbing inside her as he drove his way in. A purr like growl left his mouth. His took her more firmly against him. Bella gasped out as she swore she felt him growing even bigger and harder.

“Sie fuhlen so gut! Ich nicht je zu stoppen, Ember!” He damn near shouted.

He felt her releasing. Another growl left his mouth he ripped her tank open and welcome himself to her breasts. He moaned out as he sucked upon them. Thus sent her heated vibrations causing her to climax yet again.

“Kurt…” She breathlessly moaned.

“Ich liebe dich so viel.” He hisses as he starts to come.

She smiles as she for once understood what he said.

“Ich liebe du zu, Kurt.”

He raised his brows on this and looked to her in awe. A small chuckle escaped him. He kisses her lips once again.

Five years later…

“Where’s Ember?!” Rogue questioned as Gambit fired his energy at the Sentinel.

Nightcrawler looks around and smiles as he sees his wife soaring over the Sentinel firing at it’s face. It waved it’s massive hand her direction. Nightcrawler hurriedly rushed that way. Ice Man froze its feet to the pavement so it couldn’t move. The Sentinel knocked Ice Man back. Nightcrawler caught his wife and quickly teleported them out of the way of the blow.

“About time…” She teases.

He grins and places her down.

“Ready to get this over with?” He asks.

Bella nods. He nods in return and takes her hand. His black flame ignites and so does her red. Together they send out the massive blast of blazing red and black fire.

“That never gets old.” Gambit says with laughter as he and Ice Man high five one another.

The Sentinel begins to malfunction and melt. Ice Man and Gambit join along with them sending their energy the Sentinel’s way as well. Wolverine appears lastly he bonds up and punctures his claws through the robot’s neck taking his head, electric sparks fly everywhere.

“Son of a bitch that’s HOT!” Wolverine complains as he hops back down.

He’d burnt his hands from the aftermath Nightcrawler and Ember left.

“A little late aren’t we?” Gambit mouthed.

“Hush your mouth Gumbo!”

Ember softly laughs. She looks to everyone in thought. They were all teachers now of the Wagner Institution. A name that Logan himself had picked out. He made his appearance every now and then however, he left the school to she and Kurt. They now ran the school. Bella, Kurt, Bobby, and Rogue taught at the school. College was never Remy’s cup of tea he remained as a trainer much like Logan. This was their second year of running the school. They had over 23 students so far and it was growing as time progressed. They continued to build and add on to the school. Bella taught Science. Kurt taught Math. Bobby had History. Rogue had English/Literature. Remy had become more like the phys ed trainer he helped the students adapt to their abilities.

They too had their own danger room. Only they called it the Hellrazor. They were known as the Razorbacks. They wore black like that of the X-Men. Only their symbols were two crossed rapiers in red. They kept in touch off and on with Xavier and his students. Only there wasn’t much love between Logan, Kurt, and Bella when it came to Xavier. They tolerated him and that was it. Kurt and Bella ran the school their way and hadn’t had any issues. Charlie was on cloud nine. He couldn’t believe the success of his daughter. He never dreamed she’d one day run her own school. Renee stayed estranged in Bella’s life. It was no loss to Bella though. She still had her father and husband. That and the Razorbacks were like family. They were all very close.

Mystique and Kiwi Black surprisingly still reined over hell together. They seemed to actually be madly in love. They both kept in touch ever so often with Kurt, nothing to sneeze at, but it was better than nothing.

As for Deadpool? Come to find out that was Logan’s little secret. He had wanted to keep his promise to Charlie that day in the bar. He personally had Deadpool watching after Bella when he couldn’t. To this day it’s stayed between Logan and Wade. Bella never quite knew the reason behind Deadpool always seemingly being around. The only part Logan hadn’t planned on? Wade truly had developed a crush on Bella. That part wasn’t a stretch of the imagination. He rather felt bad for the merc. Then again it would have never worked out. Deadpool and Ember?! Logan laughed to himself in thought. Yeah like that’d ever happen!

“Well I’m late…” Bella announces with a grin looking to her husband.

He lowers his brows somewhat.


“You heard me…”

“I don’t get it!” Kurt utters with a shrug.

Logan shakes his head and smacks his palm against his forehead.

“Stupid Elf… whattaya think she means?”

Bella softly laughs and pats her husband on the cheek.

“Thank God you’re pretty.”

“She means Christmas is coming early you fuzzy Elf!”

Rogue giggles and whispers into her brother’s ear. His jaw drops and he looks to his wife in utter disbelief.



Bella’s looking over Deadpool’s shoulder as he continues to type out his story. She raises her brows.

“Yeah that would NEVER happen!”

“Oh…. I know, but it’s fun screwing with people!”

“Hmm, wanna go watch some porn Wade baby?”

He throws down his laptop and takes off running.


Bangs furiously on the door of Deadpool.

“Where is it?!”

“Where’s what Harley baby?”

“Don’t you baby me you asshat! I saw what you wrote! You can’t get away with that shit you know!”

She stomps across the room and grabs her laptop!


Slams the door shut on her way out.

“Somebody needs a time out!” He fires back.

THE END (BOWS) Thank you to all my readers and reviewers! I loved doing this story!

“Sie fuhlen so gut! Ich nicht je zu stoppen, Ember!” You feel so good! I don’t ever want to stop!

“Ich liebe dich so viel!” I love you so much!

9 thoughts on “Chapter 18 All Good Things Must Come To An End”

  1. Love your stories! I’m glad to find you continuing them and reading ends to others! The PICTURES are AWESOME! By the way: Bella& MAYBE HAWKEYE or DeadPool?! After reading this I kind of feel sorry for the poor guy!

  2. I don’t think you can write something that isn’t good. Because, really, all your fics are awesome! Deadpool and Bella, huh? I think that did work out, she was just a tad bit insane though. I mean, really, who wouldn’t love Wade?

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