Chapter 2 Ember

Chapter 2

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“Hey now sug, wake up.”

Bella gasps out as she shoots up in the bed.

“Just a night terror now, you’re ok.”

Bella looks around the room disorientated.


“Now who’s Charlie hun?”

Rogue rose up and brought her a glass of water. Bella blinked a few times. She reached up to her temples.

“My dad.”

Rogue nods and moves Bella’s hair away from her face.


“I’m sorry kiddo.”

“Wait what?”

“You have to go. They’re here to help you. I can’t help you.”

“What’s going on?!” Bella shouts as the men grab her.

“They’re not going to hurt you Bells. They’re taking you somewhere safe. They can teach you how to control it.”

“No dad please!”

Charlie shuts his eyes and pinches the bridge of his nose.

“Dad please! You can’t do this to me! I don’t’ want to go! Please I want to stay!”

“Believe me I want you to stay. But you can’t sweetheart. I’m scared of the consequences if you do.”

He’s scared of me? My own father?! Everyone’s scared of me!

She sees the tears streaming from her father’s face. This angers her however.


That’s not true…” He says with a broken heart as they put a syringe to her neck.

They hadn’t a choice she was about to set off her ability.

Bella’s breathing becomes erratic. She reaches to her heart. She stumbles out of the bed. Bella hops into her jeans and puts on her shoes.

“Now where are you off to?”

Bella doesn’t answer. She grabs her jacket and backpack.

“Ember…” Rogue says gently.

Bella rushes out the door and runs down the hall out the doors of the academy.

“Oh dear…” Rogue says in a panic.

“I’m afraid we’re more alike than I realized.” Rogue says remembering all too well.

Rogue bangs on Logan’s door. Logan grumbles and rolls off the bed onto the floor.


“Um I need yer help.”



Logan shakes his head on this and grabs a shirt. He steps into a pair of jeans. He opens the door and looks to Rogue.

“This had better be good.”
“It’s not actually.”

He rolls his eyes.

“What is it Marie?”

“Well you remember… when I first came here?”

Logan nods.

“Yeah well funny thang!”

“What is it?” Logan hisses bitterly.

“My lil ole roommate has run away…”

“You’re fucking kidding me.”

“Not even a little.”

Logan grits his teeth and slams his door. Rogue looks to him bewildered as he bangs on her brothers door.

“Now why’s ya waking him up sug?”

“He’s the only one that can tame the gal.”

“Oh …”

Kurt opens his door and looks upon them oddly.

“Let’s go.” Logan says and takes off.

Kurt rubs the back of his neck confused.

“What’s going on?”

“Ember’s taken off.” Rogue explains.

Kurt’s stumbles back in wonder.


“She had some night terror. Was all kinds of upset and took off not long after.”

They pile up into Logan’s truck. Logan bangs his fists on the steering wheel as they drive down the highway.

“Now where the hell do we even begin?”

Kurt thinks back to his days in Romania. The way he felt. All he wanted was to be left alone.

“I think I know where to look.”

He has Logan drive towards the cemetery.

“Why would she want to come here?!” Logan snaps.

“I’m telling you elf, she’s not going to be hanging out in a dreary place like…” Logan however, chews back on his own words.

He sighs as they see her sitting on a bench her back to them. He immediately cuts off his lights and pulls over. He wasn’t taking the chance of her running again.

“Why a cemetery?”

“There is more peace around the dead.”

Rogue and Logan look to Kurt in question. Kurt teleports out of the truck. He wasn’t quite sure how to go about it from here. He could hear her crying the closer he came.

Kurt quietly sat next to her. From there he did the only thing that came to mind. That was to make her realize she wasn’t alone. He began to tell his story…

“My name is Kurt Wagner aka Nightcrawler. Nightcrawler was my given name when I worked for the circus.”

Bella turns to him with a bewildered look. He softly smiles, but continues on.

“I’ve never known mine real father as for mine mother… Let’s just say we’re on different teams?” He sighs on this. “Even longer story there, we don’t exactly see eye to eye. She too a mutant like me. I was born in Bavaria, Germany. Where mine mother and I were chased off by a mob. I was born a freak. A monster. I caused havoc and fear about the village. I was saved by a gypsy. She took me in. I was accepted for who I was. I’d begun to feel as though I finally had a family. I used mine gifts in order to preform and put on a show. Nightcrawler became the star acrobat and aerial performer. I was one of the top acts at one time. They used to shout out mine name. However, people merely assumed this was a costume. That underneath this was a man, a human. That I was normal… Though mine circus family accepted and loved me for who I was. My fans soon betrayed me. They learned of the truth. No longer did they shout my name. No longer did the shows sell out like usual. We’d begun to draw less of an audience. Making it hard to survive.

I’d wanted to run away. I even tried and they tranquilized me. The very one’s I assumed to be mine family betrayed me. They wanted to sell me. Once I learned of this and overcame the sedation. I ran. That was when I first discovered I could teleport. I was shot at. Something within me came to life. I appeared in the woods. At first was frightened beyond belief. I couldn’t believe what I’d done. But I kept running I heard them still about the area. That became mine life for some time. Running off and on occasionally, I’d build a life somewhere even make some friends. But I could never stay in one place very long. I was often enough forced out of certain villages. They began to spread rumors of the blue devil or demon. How I was to destroy their towns. That I would come after their children and take the men’s wives. None of it was true. I just wanted to live in peace. I wanted to be accepted for who I was. Everytime I found mineself running, caught in betrayal. Just as I was to decide to shut mineself away from the world forever. Professor Xavier came into my life. Ironically, I was being chased down by a mob. They’d plans to torture and end the blue devil once and for all. And they would have if it hadn’t been for him. He took over their minds. Because of him I lived. Because of him they all watched me die in the fire they’d set. When I was actually taken under the wing of the X-men. This is mine family. Mine friends. Mine home. Here I am free. I can be thine self.”

Bella turns to Kurt. He offers a hand. Bella takes it however, gives it a firm squeeze. This was her way of letting him know of her gratitude. He nods at this and says…

“Let’s go home.”

She takes his hand and he leads her to Logan’s truck. They hop into the back and Logan takes off. Once they get back to the school, Kurt lifts her out of the back. Logan makes his way over.

“There’s something’s you should know about me lil darlin’. I’m a man that likes to eat, sleep, and well something else that would be deemed unappropriated to talk about. These three things however, I prefer to have uninterrupted. Do we have an understanding shortcake?”

Kurt rolls his eyes.

“Now be nice…” Rogue warns.

“I am… by giving her a warning.” He says with a smirk.

“Yes, when I’m ready to have sex. I’ll let you know.” Bella says, but smacks Kurt on the butt.

His become that of an owl’s, his tail sticks straight up. Rogue’s dying with laughter and Logan’s completely baffled. All three stand there in utter disbelief and watch as she heads back inside.

The next morning the girls get ready for class. Bella looks to her cell as it rings. She sees its Charlie again. She hits ignore and grabs her bag heading out the door.

The day seems to go slightly better than before. Her only true nuisance besides her own nerves about being the new girl, was John. The guy wouldn’t stop staring at her. Bella tried her hardest to ignore it, but it was pissing her off. She knew the reason which hacked her off even more. At least Warren seemed to get the point. He cut her a couple of disappointed glances, but nothing she couldn’t handle. Logan had them merely running laps today while he slept during class. However, she couldn’t’ help, but to laugh when Kurt swiped Logan’s chair out from underneath him at one point. Logan’s ass landed on the ground. Logan shot up cursing under his breath. He dusts himself off eyeing the class ruefully trying to figure out who did it. Kurt teleported back and went back to running the track.

Come lunch time, John seats himself right next to Bella. Kurt notices the uncomfortable look on her face.

“So you feeling better now?” John questions.

Bella looks to him peculiarly.


“Yeah you know yesterday you were all moody and stuff.”

Kurt takes in a breath.

“Why don’t you try leaving her alone?”

Bella looks up from this. Kurt’s eyes are locked onto John’s.

“Why don’t you mind your own business?”

“Sie rotten little Bastard!” Kurt growls.

Bella covers her mouth trying not to laugh. She recognized least the last word. John rises to his feet staring Kurt down. Bella rolls her eyes.

“Sit down John.” She hisses and grabs his arm forcing him down.

However, Bella giggles to herself on what Kurt had said.

“Why are you laughing?”

“Leave her be.” Bobby defends as well.

“What you got the hots for her too?”

Bobby shakes his head on this. He cuts Bella an apologetic glance. John forms a ball of fire within his palm. He toast his bread with it. He then places it back onto his tray.

“You should let me teach you. It’s all about control.” He says with a shrug.

He brings the ball of fire up and shows her how he can spin it around.

“It’s not the same.”

“Sure it is. Try it.”

“Trust me it isn’t.”

“And just how so?”

“You can create and control fire right?”

He nods. She leans into his ear a bit.

“Well John. I am fire… the difference… you can’t control me.”

At this she raises she slams her untouched orange into his tray.

“That should give you something to think about Romeo.”

Kurt grins ear to ear his tail darting back and forth as she walks away.

“Ich bin verliebt.”

Bella puts on her headphones and walks around the campus. Her cell vibrates in her pocket again, Charlie again. She holds out the phone into her palm. She tilts her head slightly. She gasps out as the phone catches on fire. Bella drops it in shock.

She turns back hearing someone clearing their throat.

“I… I didn’t mean to.”

Professor Xavier nods.

“Come with me Ms. Swan.”

She lowers her head and follows him into the building. She then follows him into a solid white room. Dr. McCoy comes out of an area covered by glass. He hands her a black bodysuit with a yellow X-men symbol in the middle.

“We should test it out first.”

“What’ is this?”

Professor Xavier smiles.

“Let’s test it out first shall we?”

“Go try it on then return.”

Bella heads to her room and tries on the outfit. It was tight forming. However, Bella rather liked the way it looked. It even had black leather boots to go with it. She just wasn’t sure what the suit was for. None of the other students were wearing them. She returns to the room. Both men nod with approval.

“Quite fetching Ms. Swan.”

“Um thanks?” She says with a shrug.

Dr. McCoy smiles.

“Don’t thank us yet.” Xavier says.

“We shall step out of the room now. We need to put it to the test.”

Bella nods.

“On our cue Ember.” Dr. McCoy said on intercom that led to the room.

“Cue?” She questions.

“Yes Ms. Swan. On my count now I want you to unleash that amazing gift of yours.”


“You need to trust us my dear.”

Bella takes in a breath. They lock up the room tightly.

“Ok Ms. Swan on my count now, on three.”

She nods again. Once he gets to three she shuts her eyes. Turning it on was easy. Almost too easy. Turning it off however, was something entirely different.

“Turn it up now.”

She shakes her head on this. But does as told. She sends out her arms to the sides. For once Bella actually pushes her fullest of energy out. She too was curious just how far she could go. Fear coursed through her though as she realized she was hovering off the ground.

“PROFESSOR!” She yells out as she continues to rise.

Dr. McCoy and Professor Xavier look to one another.


“Relax Ms. Swan.”


“Precisely. And look down…”

Bella looks down to see the suit was still intact, and perfectly. The room begins to spin however, she felt like she was suffocating. She gasped for a breath.

“XAVIER!” Dr. McCoy said gathering his attention quickly.

Xavier quickly set off the fire alarm within the room. The water system went off soaking Bella. Her eyes rolled back and she fell to the ground. Dr. McCoy rushed into the room and picked her up. He rushes her outside and lays her down so she can gather some fresh air.

Kurt and Rogue are heading back and Kurt appears by her side.

“What happened?”

“She took her abilities to the fullest. Her body gave out. We didn’t consider the fact that with her ability she needs oxygen. Her lungs were trapped.” Dr. McCoy shakes his head on this.

“She was suffocating herself.”

Bella’s eyes bat open and she quickly rolls over. She starts coughing and catches her breath again.

“I’m sorry Ember. Xavier and I should have thought about the consequences.”

“But I’m not naked?”

Both Kurt and Dr. McCoy smile on this.

“No Fräulein.”

Bella nods and gives a thumbs up.

“Then perfect.”

Dr. McCoy shakes his head. They help her to her feet.

“Are you alright?” Bella swallows back as Kurt locks eyes with hers.

He moves her dampened hair away from her face. Dr. McCoy notices the way the two interact. He decides to head on giving them their privacy.

“Yeah just a bit dizzy that’s all.”

“You’re kidding me right?!” John mouths off as he passes by.


Kurt lowers his head and steps away from Bella. Bella snaps a bitter look towards John. He makes his way over and takes her hand. He drags her away from Kurt.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!”

“Uh oh.” Rogue says as she looks over that direction.

“Saving you from a social mishap. “

“What’s that supposed to mean?!”

John egotistically laughs. He leans over looking towards Kurt.

“Now come on. Look at him.”

Bella’s couldn’t believe what he’d just said.

“He’s a freak.”

Bella’s hand becomes a fist and she pops the shit out of John.

Logan rushes over trying not to laugh as he caught what happened. He wraps his arms around Bella and drags her away.

Logan can’t stop the grin on his face as he covers her mouth.

“Knock it off kid.”

John goes to mouth off again. Logan points directly at him.

“Shut it Dickless!”

Rogue, Kurt and the others start laughing. Logan however, continues to drag off with Bella. He shoves her into a chair in the cafeteria. She grinds her teeth together.


Logan continues to chuckle and folds his arms about his chest.

“Just between us. Me too.’

Her jaw drops.

“But you’re a teacher.”

“Eh… Something like that.”

“Well aren’t you?”

“I guess.”

Bella laughs at this.

“You’re weird.”

“So are you shortcake. By the way nice hook. The little shit had it coming.”

“You don’t act like a teacher.”

“I never said I was.”

“But you are.”‘
“Are we going to continue this little roundabout conversation?”

Bella grins. Logan takes in a breath.

“You did notice something though right?”


“You didn’t go all ablaze.”

She rears back as it truly dawns on her.

“You’re right I didn’t.”

“If you had you would have killed the little shit.”

“Too bad…” Bella utters.

“What’s his deal anyway?”

Logan shrugs.

“Kurt didn’t deserve that.” Her hands ball up again.

“Easy there kid. You’re starting to make me like you. Hmm, now head on to class.”

“Yes sir.”

Bella comes to her feet.

“You’re different than the other girls.”

Bella looks back to Logan strangely on this.

“That’s a good thing. It’s rare. Keep it up. Should be more of you around.”

She smiles and heads on to class.

As she enters class, Johns rubbing his face. She gives him a taunting wink and plops down in a chair slamming down her bag. Storm looks up from this.

“Everything alright?”


Bella reaches to her temples. Her head was pounding. Had been since she awoke from passing out. She felt tired and dehydrated. She reached to her throat as it ached in thirst. As soon as class was dismissed, she rushed over to the water fountain. Bella drank for a bit then took her hand and doused her face with some of the cold water. She leaned back against the wall and shut her eyes for a moment.

“Are you alright sug?”

Bella’s eyes flung open.

“I’m fine.”

“Hun you look like you’re about to pass out again.”

She takes in a breath. Rogue locks her arm around Bella. She leads her to their last class.

“Ich wünschte, ich hätte den Mut zu fragen.” Kurt says looking directly at Bella as she takes her seat.

“Um?” She questions with narrowed eyes.

Dr. McCoy picks up on this. He knew very well what Kurt had just said. Kurt sighs and leans back in his seat miserably.

“Today you will be working with partners. You will stay where you are and work with whoever’s beside you.”

Bella turns to Kurt with a smile.

“Guess you’re stuck with me.”

He smiles in return.

“But try to keep it all in English. I’m rusty on the German.”

He chuckles softly.

“As you wish, Fräulein.”

“What is Fraulein?”

“It means Miss. It’s meant with respect.”

“Ah… Ok well I know one word now. That’s something.”

Dr. McCoy hands out their lab assignments.

“Du solltest sie einfach fragen.” Dr. McCoy says as he comes to their desk.

Kurt chuckles.

“Ah, nein, mein Herr. Ein Biest fragt nicht so eine Schönheit!”

“Dann wirst du es irgendwann bereuen.”

Kurt sighs and sinks into his chair.

Bella tapered her eyes at both men as they carried a conversation.

“Um ok…” She says with a shrug.

Dr. McCoy takes his seat. He puts his glasses back on and nods towards Kurt. The class begins their labs. Bella and Kurt read over the material first. Kurt looks through the microscope then slides it over. Bella goes to slide in the other material. However, the memory hits. Bella reaches to her chest as her heart drops to the pit of her stomach.

“You didn’t want me.”

Kurt hears her whisper with a broken voice.

“Pardon?” He inquires softly.

She covers her mouth.

“Did I?”

He nods.

“Oh no…” She groans.

She swallows back.

“Sorry…” She says with a blush.

“What did you mean?”

She looks down to their paper and the glass slides on the table. Kurt notes the way her hand folds up into a fist on the table.

“Nobody wanted me either.”

A few teardrops land on the paper beneath her. She quickly wipes them with her sleeve. Kurt wraps his tail around her back.

She takes back a breath. She forces herself to get her act together.

“Anyone that wouldn’t want you Fraulein is a fool.”

“They’re right to run.” She says displaying the flame that courses around her hand.

She closes her hand again and it disappears. She narrows her eyes in thought.

“It’s becoming easier.”

“And it will.” He says putting a hand amongst hers.

Bella spreads her hands about his curiously. She smiles.

“It really is like velvet.”

“Velvet?” He questions.

“Yeah your hands are really soft.”

He wasn’t used to girls talking to him like this. Much less, allowing him to touch them; nor them touching him for that matter. She runs her fingers along his palm. She clears her throat and moves her hand from his.


“Don’t be.”

He writes down the observations they’re picking up through the microscope. Bella realizes he’s using his tail however.

“That’s like so cool.”

He beams at this. She kept catching him by surprise. Like when she defended him against John. That really threw him for a loop. Girls like Bella often looked right past him. He still couldn’t believe she turned Warren down. He’d never seen a girl do that before. Most girls would die for the chance to date him. He wasn’t sure what to make of her.

Once their done they demonstrate their work to Dr. McCoy. He smiles in satisfaction.

“Nicely done, you make a great team.” He hints looking to Kurt in a hinting matter.

After class Kurt walks with Bella back to her and Rogue’s room. Bella blushes as she looks across the way. Her and Remy were kissing. Kurt turns to see what she’s looking at. He wrinkles his nose.

“Ah… something I didn’t wish to see.”

Bella laughs.

“They’re a cute couple.”

“She’s also my sister.”

Bella’s stumbles back at the new revelation.


He nods.

“Adopted sister.”

“Oh wow.”

He chuckles on her reaction.
“Well I can see why you’d be revolted.”

Rogue comes up behind him and ruffles up his hair.

“Just ask her out already!”

Kurt and Bella’s eyes widen at this. Rogue giggles and heads into their room.

“You have to excuse my sister she’s…”

Rogue peers over through the doorway.


Bella giggles at this.

“A nosy brat.”

Rogue pretends to be mortified. Bella turns back to see a bluish black like substance in the air. Kurt was nowhere to be found. The smell of brimstone filled her nose.


“He does that. I must’ve made him nervous.” Rogue says with a shrug.

“So you like my brother?”


“Oh come on now sug it’s so obvious.”

Rogue drags her into the room. Bella sighs as Rogue sits her down on the bed. She starts messing with Bella’s hair.

“I highly doubt you want your brother dating someone that can turn him into ashes.”

Rogue laughs.

“Something tells me that he doesn’t’ care about the risk.”



“How were you able to kiss Remy?”

Rogue reveals the necklace around her neck.

“Dr. McCoy made it for me. It’s not a permanent fix. But it’s something.”
“So as long as you’re wearing that?”

“I’m free to kiss whatever boys I wish.”

“OH I’m sure Remy agrees.” Bella taunts.

Rogue dies in laughter.

“Oh well sure he does.”

Rogue puts a braid in Bella’s hair.

“I’ve never seen him react to any girl like this before.”

“Who Remy?”

“No hun my brother. He really likes you Ember.”

Bella sighs.

“I could hurt him Rogue. Honestly, I’m not good for anyone.”

“Um look at who you’re talking to. I’m literal poison. Yet I found a way. So can you.”

Bella shakes her head on this. She holds out her hand making the flame appear again.

Rogue watches curiously.

“See it’s about controlling it. Not letting your powers control you. That’s what you will learn within time.”

Bella tilts her head and the flames spread to her elbow. She closes her hand again and it vanishes. Rogue smiles.

“And to think you taught yourself that. Just imagine what all you’ll learn with some extra help.”

“Too bad I’d simply melt any jewelry on me.”

Rogue nods at this.

“That’s just it though. You don’t need to turn yours off. Yours isn’t 24/7.”

*Dann wirst du es irgendwann bereuen Then you may very well live to regret.*

*Ah, nein, mein Herr. Ein Biest fragt nicht so eine Schönheit.Ah, no sir. A beast does not ask out a beauty.*

*Sie sollten nur zu fragen.” You should just ask.*

*Du solltest sie einfach fragen.. I’m in love.*

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