Chapter 3 Fight Fire With Fire

Chapter 3

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“Ok enough of this crap. Let’s pair off and do some sparing.”

“Sparing?” Bella looks to Rogue in question.

“Oh yeah. Time for some fun.”

Bella gets a nervous look on her face. Logan fixates directly onto Bella.

“Come on over here shortcake.”

Bella looks around.


“Well I don’t see any other mouthy brunette behind you.”

Bella’s jaw drops and she timidly comes towards him.

“You want me to fight you?!”

“Um no… Not today anyway.”

He tilts his head scanning over the other students. A sheer grin comes about his face.

“Come on over here John.”

John grins smugly. Logan leans into Bella’s ear.

“Do me proud. Kick the fucker’s ass.”

She stands there in utter disbelief as Logan walks away.

“Gib ihm einen Denkzettel, schönheit!” Kurt mouths.

John turns to him

“Speak English you ass. This is America. Not Russia.”

Bella turns at this and sends a small wave of flames at his ass.

“He’s from Germany idiot.”

“FUCK Crazy ass…” He starts to utter.

She was in the suit. Dr. McCoy made her. She smiled and waved as she transformed.

“Wait can she do that?”

“Do what?” Logan says pretending not to notice.

Kurt and Rogue high five one another.

“Very well, let’s get this party started babe.”

He fires out and Bella dodges. Logan watches curiously. John grits his teeth and sends out another balling blaze. Bella grits her teeth as it hits her in the chest. Logan perks up ready to stop it. However, John sends a couple more promptly her way. Bella however catches the flames amongst the ones around her hands. She twirls it about and sends it flying back.

“SHIT!” John says and tucks and rolls onto the ground.

“Go ahead and turn it off lil darlin’.”

Bella looks down to see she was a good 2 feet off the ground.

“Oh no not again…” She mutters.

“Come on now before you get me in trouble.”

She takes in a breath. She closes her eyes and comes down in a crouching stance. Logan puts a hand to her shoulder.

“Much better, now we spar. Keep it under control. Understood?”

She nods.

“Try again.”

She comes to her feet. She and John eye one another walking in a complete circle.

“It’s too bad they found a flame resistant suit for you. This could have been a lot more interesting.”

Kurt grits his teeth and Rogue puts a hand upon his shoulder.

“She’s got this.”

“He’s a disrespectful !Scheißkerl!”

The entire group looks to John in disbelief. He rushes over and grabs Bella by the collar he goes to kiss her. Bella’s knee comes up to his crotch and she grabs him by the lock of his hair.

“You want be bald?!”

John takes a flamed fist to Bella’s gut. She bows over and laughs. Bobby, Rogue and Kitty hold Kurt back. She leaps over and shoves him to the ground. She puts her boot to his throat. Logan chuckles and makes his way over.

“Ok you two. I think we know who the victor is.”

“Bullshit she cheated.”

“Nah, you’re just a whiny little pussy.”

He helps John to his feet and shoves him towards the other students.

“How about one more… Only this time you go all out.”

She looks to him in fear.

“Um what?”

“Yeah I wanna see what you got kid.”

“But you told me…”

“I know what I said but now I’m telling ya to show me what ya got kid.”
Logan motions Kurt over.

“WHAT?!” Bella says with full on panic.

“That’s right…”


“Light up princess. Let’s see what happens…”

Kurt and Bella lock eyes. She shakes her head. She cuts Logan one more glance. She turns back hearing Kurt chuckling. He winks and motions her over. She puts her hands upon her waist and a smile forms about her face.

“Ok then…” She says and flares out her hands.

They nod towards one another. Bella sends out shooting a small flicker of her powers. Kurt appears behind her and taps her on the shoulder. She gasps out and quickly turns around. He vanishes again. Bella turns and quickly fires a streaming flame his way. Kurt grins and leaps up just in time to miss it’s hit. Bella couldn’t believe how fast he was. She grits her teeth and turns on her full power. She hovers off the ground and sends another one only this time it bounces off the ground and makes a crackling sound as it come shooting back up he goes to jump and it hits him in the arm. His eyes widen as he quickly shakes it off. He vanishes again and ankle swipes her. She falls back and she kicks up her legs taking him down with her. Logan shakes his head.

“Are ya two fighting or flirting!”

They both jump back up. Bella’s been knocked out of her powers. So Kurt takes advantage of the situation he picks her up with his tail. He tosses her up into the air. Bella yelps out as she comes tumbling back down. He appears beneath her.

However, as she comes back down her powers are full on lit. Logan shouts out trying to warn Kurt. The entire class scream out. Bella covers her mouth in shock. Kurt’s eyes are widened as he’s holding her and the flames arent’ even scorching him. Curiously and slowly he places her down. He narrows his eyes and puts his hand upon hers. They both look to Logan in shock.

“Well I’ll be damned.”

Logan cautiously makes his way over. He brings out his fingers and touches her other hand.

“SON OF A BITCH!” He snaps his hand back.

“How can you stand it?” He asks Kurt.

“It doesn’t hurt…” Kurt continues to look upon her astonished.

“Wait…” Bella says in thought.

She drops her hand from Kurt’s.

“Ah, nah ya don’t that fucking hurts.” Logan hisses.

She smiles.

“Don’t be a pussy.”

Rogue’s jaw drops at Bella’s words. Bobby starts laughing. Kurt’s grinning ear to ear.

“I’m not a pussy shortcake. I’m just not an glutton for pain. No matter what healing factors I have.”

She ignores him and reaches out grabbing Logan’s hand. She beams at this.
“How the hell are you doing that kid?”


She turns back to Kurt. She cuts him a mischievous grin and fires once more. He teleports and grabs her. They both vanish from the practice area. Logan looks around.

“Ah, shit did Ember just get kidnapped?”
Rogue laughs.

“Go bubba!”

Logan sneers at this.

“Ya’ll keep going if I’m getting fired. I’m gonna do it right.”

He pops himself open a beer and kicks back as the other’s spar.

Bella giggles as they appear in the woods. Kurt places his hands upon her cheeks. He kisses her eagerly. Bella looks to be in shock as he drops his hold. Fear courses through Kurt. He instantly drops his hold realizing what he’d just done. He flinches as though expecting to get hit. He then takes a few steps back. He shakes his head looking to the ground. Kurt looked as though a child that had been caught doing something wrong.

Es tut mir leid. Du bist so Schön. Ich verdiene dich nicht!”

He paces a bit continuing to scold himself.

“Bitte nicht auf mich.”

Bella takes notice of the way he seems to be beating himself up. She swallows back. Bella reaches out and tugs at his tail. He turns and she’s smiling. She feels herself blushing as she leans into him and returns the kiss. His tail twitches as he feels her tongue parting his lips. This odd almost purring like sound comes from Kurt as they continue to kiss. After they break apart they timidly look upon one another.

Kurt caresses her cheek and wraps one arm around her. The appear back in class. However, they look over to see a tall man in black and red standing before Logan. He had kitana swords strapped onto his back. Holsters with guns strapped to his thighs. He turns back towards Bella and Kurt.

“Hot mama! NO literally! She’s on fire!”

Logan rolls his eyes as if merely bored. He grabs the man by the throat and starts to drag off with him.

“Oh come on I just want a touch.”

He reaches out to Bella.

“I just wanna bang, bang!”

Bella covers her mouth at this.

“BANG! Get it! Please I’ll buy you beer. Hey by the way can I borrow five bucks.”

Bella looks to Kurt.

“Who is that?”


“Friend or foe?”

“Who knows they have an odd relationship.”


Kurt shrugs.

“Yes the two of them seem to have a love, hate relationship. You can never tell if they’re trying to kill one another or make love.” He spouts off.

She looks back to Logan and the other man.

“Logan? Gay?”

Kurt’s eyes widen on this. It wasn’t exactly what he meant. But he grinned on this and cleared his throat.

“He hides it so well doesn’t he?”

Bella nods still floored.

“Um yeah actually. I’d have never known. Come to think about it though he does seem to have a bit of a flare to him.”

Kurt tries not to laugh. Logan was sure to kill him if he found out. But it was totally worth it.

“Ah, now come on wolfie I was just bored.”

“You need to leave. Can’t you see I’m having class?!”

“Want me to take care of a few of them? Shorten the attendance list a bit. Hey actually why don’t ya let me take hotty over there home. I can teach her thing or to.”

Kurt growls out and gets a protective hold on her.

“Aw, look the guy from Blue Man Group! He’s so cute when he’s angry!”

“Knock it off Wade!”

Logan raises him in the air and sends Wade sailing into the woods.

“I didn’t even get to play!” They hear him shout as he’s flying across the sky.

“Idiot.” Logan grumbles.

He looks back to Kurt.

“Hope you wore a rubber son!”

Kurt pinches the bridge of his nose. Bella smiles and fires back.

“Well we know you don’t have any use for one.”

Logan rears his head back on this. Kurt chuckles at the strange look Logan’s giving Bella.

“Watch yourself lil darlin’…” He says gruffly.

He sighs.

“You all head on to lunch.”

They all turn to hear blasting sound coming from the woods, laughter following it.

“I think I pressed the wrong button!” They hear from the woods.

A cloud of smoke descends from the area. Logan growls under his breath and takes off that direction.

All eyes are on Kurt and Bella as they enter the cafeteria, hand in hand. John shoots up from his seat. He’d left class early. He was feeling sorry for himself that Bella had showed him up.

“WHAT?!” He snaps and points directly at them.

Bella rolls her eyes. John starts laughing and shaking his head.

“Unbelievable! You and him! NO fucking way! You’re going to regret this Bella!”

“Ember!” She snaps back.
“Whatever! This doesn’t even make sense! HIM?! I thought you weren’t dating!”

Warren peeks over from his and Remy’s table.

“That’s enough John.” Warren says.

“You really are a freak aren’t you Bella? You into bestiality is that it? Crazy bitch!”

“JESUS JOHN!” Bobby shouts in disbelief on how his friend was acting.

Kurt appears in front of John and knocks him back against the cafeteria wall. John socks him in the face. Warren and Remy come to their feet. Remy grabs Kurt and Warren grabs John. They pull them off one another. Bella approaches John as Warren has a hold of him.

“The only beast I see is the one standing before me. You make me sick. Stay away from me. Stay away from Kurt.”

John grabs Bella as she goes to walk away. He slaps her across the face.

Kurt seizes John and teleports them both out of cafeteria. They appear in the hallway of the school. He shoves John up against the wall. He punches him in the gut. He then takes him again and they appear on the ceiling where he drops him down. John lands on his face and rolls over firing orbs of fire. Kurt hisses out dodging them. He comes back down crouching over John.

“BOYS!” Kurt looks up as Storm’s rushing down the hall.

John shoves Kurt off him and he takes off.

“What’s going on here?”

Kurt shakes his head trying to calm down.

“Come on now. Tell me what’s going on.”

Kurt tells her the story.

John however, he begins to pack his things. He slams the door shut and starts to hurry out of the building.

“And where are you going?” Professor Xavier questions.

“This is no longer my home. I do not wish to be a part of such a disgrace.”

“If that is how you feel. Then you’d be correct. You should go.”

John flinches at his words.

“I hope you find whatever it is you’re looking for. Good luck Pyro.”

Storm dismisses Kurt once he’s done. Xavier and she glance upon one another.

“You saw this coming didn’t you?”

Xavier sighs.

“Something like that.”

“Where is he going?”

“To find his place in this world.” He says with disappointment.

“Another one bites the dusts.”

“Yes well I suppose we can’t save them all.”

“I’m sorry… I…” They turn to see Bella behind them.

“I didn’t mean to make him leave.”

Storm shakes her head on this. Xavier pats Storms hand. He turns to face Bella.

“I can assure you Ms. Swan it was his choice, and his alone. After all it is we that are responsible for our own paths. Are we not?”
Bella nods, but keeps her head down. Storm makes her way over. She lifts Bella’s chin and winces. Xavier shakes his head. Storm leads her to the lounge and grabs an ice pack. She puts it to Bella’s face. Bella sighs as it melts within the span of a minute.

“Tough luck huh?” Storm says with a smile grabbing another one.

Bella smiles a bit.

“So you and Nightcrawler huh?”

Bella nods. Storm genuinely smiles. She pats Bella on the leg.

“He always was one of my favorites, just between us girls.”

*I’m so sorry. You’re beautiful. I’m undeserving.*Es tut mir leid. Du bist so Schön. Ich verdiene dich nicht.*

*Teach him a lesson beautiful ihm einen Denkzettel, schönheit.*

2 thoughts on “Chapter 3 Fight Fire With Fire”

  1. John is a piece of work. Through a tantrum if I don’t get my way. He must be taking lessons from Eddie lol.
    Love the name Ember that he gave her. And they really are cute together. Logan is a riot.

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