Chapter 4 A Place To Call Home

Chapter 4

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Bella grimaces as she looks upon the mirror. She runs her fingers along the mark. John had popped her pretty good. She shakes her head on this. Decidedly, she leaves her hair down hoping to mask it best she could. Bella grabs her bag and heads out of the room. Rogue and Kurt were already waiting for her. Kurt reaches out and gently runs his fingers along her face. He shakes his head with gritted teeth.

“Mein Gott, es gibt nie einen Grund für sowas.”

“I’ve had worse. I’ll be fine.”

Kurt sighs, but takes her hand. Once they enter class though he promptly drops it. Rogue and Bella noticed this. Rogue shakes her head on this knowing why. She also knew he couldn’t keep doing that or Bella would get the wrong idea. Rogue knew her brother’s reasoning. However, Bella would not. Once Bella’s facing the front. Rogue taps her brother’s shoulder.

“You’ve got to stop that.”

“You want her to think it’s you; that’s ashamed of her…” She hisses.

He looks to his sister confused.

“That’s not true.”

“Exactly, keep it up bubba. You’re going to run her off. Now knock it off.”

He looks to Bella then back to Rogue.

“But she’s beautiful and I’m…”
“Her boyfriend that she chose sug, so don’t be a douche!”

He sighs and rubs his face in thought.

Professor Xavier begins class. Kurt eyes Bella off and in during class. He wasn’t sure how to act or what to do. Truth of the matter was he’d never even kissed a girl before. Bella was his first. He still couldn’t believe he’d done it. Something had washed over him though. It was so strong that’s all he could think about. All Kurt knew was he wanted to kiss her so he did it. The closest thing to a girlfriend he ever had been in the circus years ago. Even that never truly went very far. This was new territory for him. Bella turns towards him during class and smiles. His heart skips a beat at this. He returns the smile and she turns back around.

After class is over Xavier ask Bella to stay after class. Everyone heads on to their next class.

“I’d like to see you after Dr. McCoy’s class today. There is something I’d like to show you Ms. Swan.”

“Yes sir.”

“Just come to my office, directly after.”

He smiles.

“Until then, have a good day.”

“You too.”

Bella heads on to Logan’s class. Bobby and Kitty were sparing. Bella watched in amazement. Kitty was just as fast as Kurt. The only difference was she could simply walk through things. She also learned that Bobby could freeze things. At one point he was flirting with Kitty. He bent down and froze a flower. Then picked it up and handed it to her. Bella smiled at the blush that formed on Kitty’s face.


Bella feels an arm wrap around her shoulder.

“Now what girls really dig are guns. BIG ONES! Like mine!”

Kurt looks to Deadpool with a brutal stare down. Bella step out of his hold.

“Ah, don’t be like that.” He tilts his head though as he walks past Rogue.

He pops her on the rear. Rogue lets out a surprised yap.

Bella narrows her eyes and smiles. Kurt grinned already seeing it coming. She sent a wave of flames right for his feet.

“Whoa!” He danced around the flames as they sprung around him.

He turns back and Bella waves. He takes out one of his guns and aims. Bella shakes her head and folds her arms about her chest.

“I thought you said you had big guns.”

He rears back and looks to his gun then back to Bella.

“That’s rather disappointing.” She boos.

The class looks to Bella like she’s lost her mind.

“Ember what are you doing?” Kitty hisses.

“The guy’s insane.”

She and Kurt take Bella’s arms leading her away. Logan watches curiously.

Deadpool sighs and turns as though he’s about to walk away.

“It’s not the size, but how you use it.” He utters and quickly turns back with his finger on the trigger.

Bella quickly sends out her hand and blast the gun out of his hand.

“Holy shit!” Deadpool looks to his empty hand and back to the gun that now lay on the ground.

“Marry me!”

Logan shakes his head and grumbles under his breath.

“About your gun…” Bella says picking it up off the ground.

“If it’s about how you use it. You need more practice.”

She hands it back, after turning on the safety.

“Maybe you could volunteer?”

Bella softly laughs.

“You’d have better luck playing five knuckle shuffle with ole Betsy and the five avengers.”

Deadpool puts his hand to his heart.

“I’m in love!”

Logan picks him up yet again and tosses him back out of his class.

“Kid you’re clinically insane you know that?!” Logan shouts pointing to her.

However, he breaks into a smile.

“Class dismissed.” He says his eyes locked onto hers and his arms folded about his chest.

Bella takes Kurt’s hand as they head to lunch. Rogue smiles on this as she walks behind them. She just prayed her brother would get over his fears and be himself.

After they sat down, Remy raised from his seat. He made his way over and locked lips with Rogue before she took her seat. Bella softly giggled at the look on Kurt’s face.

Once lunch was over Kurt bravely took her hand. He led her to a more private area. Kurt grazed her lips with his own, but refrained looking to the ground.

She put her hand to his chest.

“What is it?”

“I’m not used to this.”

She looked to him with confusion.
“To what Kurt?”

“Beautiful girls…” He hints.

“Kurt, I’m hardly beautiful.”

He shakes his head in full disagreement. Kurt then looks her in the eyes.

“Du bist das Schönste, was meine Augen je erblickt haben.”

“And what did you say?”

He just smiles and kisses her. Her heart races and her body began to react to the kiss as it becomes more intense. Bella gasps out and immediately staggers back away from him. She looks upon her fiery body then back to Kurt.

“Kurt! I’m so sorry!”

She shakes her head and takes off with full humiliation.

“STOP IT!” She yells at herself as she hides off into a corner.

“Go away please!” She panics as she closes her hands.

Bella slides her body down against the wall. She brings her knees to her chest and buries her face.

“Ember…” He says softly approaching her.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

He crouches down before her.

“There is nothing to find shame in. Please look at me.”

She lifts her head up. He leans over kissing her lips once more.

“See… I am fine.”

She nods.

“Perhaps the heat?” He hints with a grin.

Bella finds herself blushing in thought.

“You mean…”

He shrugs.


“Oh no…” She shakes her head in thought.

He offers a hand and helps her up. Bella rests back against the wall and closes her eyes. Kurt softly chuckles to himself.

“It’s not funny.” She says, but is laughing herself as well.

“Ugh, I can’t believe this.”

She finally gets herself to calm down. Once she opens her eyes Kurt nods.

“Mine lady?” He offers a hand.

She takes in a breath and takes his hand. The two of them laugh off and on about the situation as they head to class.

At the end of the day Bella heads on to Xavier’s office. She knocks on the door.

“Come on in Ms. Swan.”

Bella enters the office. It was brightly lit to her surprise. She looked around to see many pictures about the walls, a few plants, certificates and trophies. It was very tidy and roomy for an office.

“Have a seat Ms. Swan. I’m just about through here.”

She nods and takes a seat on the brown leather chair.

“Tell me Ms. Swan how are you adjusting?”

“How do you mean sir?”

He smiles.

“A bit of a loaded question, I do apologize.”

“No need.” She says with a shrug.

“Allow me to start over. How was your first week at the academy?”

“Umm… Interesting? If that’s even the correct word.”

He chuckles on this.

“Interesting… well I’ll take it. Perhaps within time it will grow on you.”

“It already is to be honest.”

However, even Xavier took notice of the gloom in her eyes.

“You miss your family and friends back in Forks.”

She nods.

“We’re all ears around here Ms. Swan. Always remember that. You may very well find others with similar stories to yours. Know that you’re never alone.”

“Thank you sir.”

“How are you handling your gift?”



“You mean my curse?”

He shakes his head on this.

“I do not believe it is a curse. What you can do is a gift. That is why you’re here. It is your decision however. Only you can decide whether to treat it as though a gift or a curse.”

He wheels out from the desk.

“Now follow me Ms. Swan.”

Bella comes to her feet and follows him into the hall.

“About John…” She says still feeling guilty on what took place.

Xavier stops and turns facing her.

“I’ve told you already my dear. John made his choice. The only thing you need to concern yourself is your choices. What does Isabella Swan want? Where do you see your future?”

“John left because of me sir.”

“He left because he wanted to leave. You might’ve had a small impact on his decision. Nevertheless, what’s done is done. It’s only when we lose faith in our darkest hours that we’ve truly lost. Have faith in yourself Ms. Swan.”

Bella thinks about his words as she continues to follow him. He leads her into a lab area.

“When we first had you brought to the academy. We had some test ran on you.”


“It is procedure. This is something that is done with all our students. It helps us to better understand our students and their needs.”

“Was that why I was doped up and dragged away like an animal?”
He presses his lips together and places a film into a microscope.

“That was done in order to protect your father. Yes when it comes to humans we must take whatever means necessary in order to protect them.”

She swallows back on this. Her heart sinking in thought of her hurting Charlie.

“Please take a look at this and tell me what it is you see Ms. Swan.”

Bella looks into the scope. She quickly lifts her head back up and looks to Xavier. She takes in a breath and looks yet again.

“That’s not possible.”

He smiles.

“Ah, but it is.”

“If this is indeed a DNA sample; the person would have to be boiling alive.”

“You would think wouldn’t you?”

“This doesn’t make sense.” She zooms in.

“I’ve never seen anything like it. It just keeps bubbling.”

“This is the blood of a mutant. A very special one.”

“Who if you don’t mind me asking.”

“Yours Ms. Swan.”

She freezes and looks upon him.

“That’s not possible. I should either be in the ER or DEAD!”

He softly chuckles.

“This is what your DNA is doing when you’ve activated your gift. However…”

She gasps out as he quickly sneaks another blood sample from her.

“Um ow!” She scorns bitterly.

He grins and hands her an antiseptic wipe. It was for the area on her arm where he tagged her.

“Warn me next time.”

“I seem to have better response when I do it my way.”

“Um sure…”

He places her sample into another slide. He hands it to her.

“Now look.”

She takes in a breath and looks.


“Precisely, quite extraordinary… I’d like to run some more…”

Bella staggers back as the wall to the lab caves in. A huge 9 ft tall man covered in armor steps inside.

“No Cain!”

She looks to the man then to Xavier.

“Run Ms. Swan.”

She reaches for Xavier’s chair. The man slams both his fists into the ground beneath them. Bella falls back and Xavier’s chair flies back against the room.

“NO!” Bella yells.

“Go!” Xavier pleads.

Bella shakes her head. She looks back to the massive man before her. She grits her teeth and becomes Ember. The man laughs and stomps into the room.
“Move! I just want him!”

“You can’t have him!”

She fires right in the man’s face going for whatever opening she could find.

“HE’S MINE!” He snaps and shoves her out of his way.

“NOOOOOOOOO!” Bella screams as loud as she can. He picks Xavier up from his wheelchair.

Her entire body becomes engrossed in flames. Her body hovers even higher off the ground. Without another thought on what she’s even doing. She rushes into the man slamming her entire body against him. He drops Xavier on the impact. Bella falls to the ground and fires back with all she’s got. She holds it for as long as she can as the man bellows in pain. Still the man won’t go down. He continues to come towards them as she keeps up the fight.

A shriek escapes her mouth and she sends out something else within the flames. Something she wasn’t even aware she had. The man finally stumbles back as he’s being pushed away amongst the flames. Ember comes to her knees and continues to hold her ground. Sweat pours from her face into her eyes.


Storm rushes inside with Logan.


Ember’s eyes roll back.

“Ember?!” Logan turns to see Kurt and Remy.

“Get her out of here! NOW!”

Kurt hurriedly picks her up. He quickly transports her to the clinical wing. Rogue sees Remy rushing that direction.

“Now where you going sug?”

He sighs.

“You might want to come with me.”

He takes her hand and they dart that direction.

“Come on now wake up.” Kurt gently slaps at her cheeks.

“Ember… please… don’t do this.”

Dr. McCoy enters the room. He starts setting up immediately. Kurt takes her hand. Dr. McCoy hands him a bag of ice.

“Get her cool down asap.”

Kurt nods and rips the bag open as he starts pouring it over her. Dr. McCoy gets her on oxygen. “If she even begins to look as though she’s about to flare up you get this oxygen far away from her.”

“NO!” Kurt turns back as his sister runs into the room.

“What happened?!”


“What?! HERE?!”

Kurt nods with disgust.

“Why would he come after her?”

“He wasn’t… She was trying to protect Xavier.”

Rogue and Remy do their best to help spread the ice around.

“It’s already melting.”

Dr. McCoy nods.

“That’s about what I figured.”

He makes his way over and picks her up. He carries her over to a metal tub of ice. Kurt carries the oxygen tank as he follows. I’m going to need all three of you on this. She’s going to be very unhappy.”

He places her into the tub. Bella’s eyes fly open and she screams out. Kurt immediately grabs ahold of her.

“No Ember…” He says softly.

“You must stay.”

She shakes her head as her entire body begins to shiver.

“It’s cold!” She tries to get out and Remy and Rogue hold down her shoulders.

Kurt pushes against her chest making her lean back. He then fixes the oxygen mask back onto her face. She rips the mask back off.

“Professor Xavier!”

Kurt shakes his head and grabs the mask again.

“He’s alright Fräulein, but you are not. You must rest. Now please…”

“You promise?!”

He nods.

“Yes. I promise.”

She takes in a breath. Kurt takes her hand and sits upon the ground next to the tub.

“Who was that?”

Logan burst into the room.


Bella jumps.

Kurt grits his teeth and shoves Logan away from her. Logan extracts his claws.

“You wanna go bub?! Let’s go!”

“NO!” Bella panics and tumbles out of the tub.

“Dammit kid!” Logan thunders.

He picks her up by the collar and lifts her into the air.

“I don’t ever want to see you; pulling something so god damned stupid again.”

“Logan!” Rogue shouts in disbelief.

“Put her down Logan!” Dr. McCoy demands.

Logan growls as he glares upon her.

“Next time you come get help. Do we have an understanding?!”

She swallows back nervously.
“DO WE?!” He says shaking her in his hold.

She grips her hands around his wrists and kicks him in the balls. Logan groans out and bows over.

“You little cuss!”

Kurt lifts her up with his tail and places her behind him. He stares Logan down.
“Relax elf I’m not going to hurt your precious girlfriend! Though she needs a good ass whoopin!”

“Fass sie noch einmal an und ich mache Wolverine suppe aus dir.”

“What the hell you blabbin’ on about now boy?!”

“Leave her alone!” Kurt hisses pointing directly at Logan.

Logan sneers at this and storms out of the room.

Kurt keeps his tail bound around her as he brings her into his chest. His arms wrap around her. He found himself acting in ways he’d never had before. All these strange urges coursed through him. The strongest desire was the need to protect her; the other not wanting to let her go. He kissed the top of her head. Dr. McCoy pats him on the shoulder.

“Let’s lay her back down. I want to run an IV. Get you good and hydrated Ember.”

Kurt picks her up and places her on the bed; Dr. McCoy had just set up for her. She lifts back up as Professor Xavier and Storm enters the room.

“Lay back down Ms. Swan.”

She swallows back and does as told. Dr. McCoy gets her set up.

“How are you feeling?”


Xavier nods and takes her hand.

“I suppose I have you to thank for saving my life. However, you didn’t listen to me as well. Did I not tell you to run?”

She takes in a breath before answering.

“I don’t turn my back to family or friends.”

They all smile on this.

“Then you’re already on the right path to becoming something magnificent.”

“Professor Xavier?”


“Who was that?”

He presses his lips together.

“My brother.”

Her eyes widen.


He manages to smile.

“You’ve much to learn about your new family Ms. Swan. He cuts Kurt a certain look as well. It seems we all have our dark corners.”

“So what happened?”

“He took off not long after he realized he was outnumbered.”

Kurt nods in understanding. Still he wasn’t quite sure how to tell his new girlfriend about his mother. He didn’t even want to. He had no desire to frighten Bella off. Yet, if there was one thing he knew secrets can only kill a relationship.

Storm and Xavier visit for a bit longer before heading out. Dr. McCoy goes over a few precautions to look out for. Even he knew there wasn’t a chance that he’d leave Bella’s side. After he leaves Kurt pulls up a chair and takes Bella’s hand.

She rolls over facing him. She breaks into a smile and shakes her head.

“I remember a time I wished I was more special.”

Kurt reaches over and moves her hair away from her eyes.
“I was this nothing human… Everyone around me had something. Something extraordinary about them. I was weak, plain, undeserving of such a world. Everything around me fascinated me. I supposed I should have had the sense enough to be afraid. To run from the world I wrapped myself upon. All these secrets stacked up on me. I found myself damn near lying to everyone around me. I was lying to my father, my boyfriend, my best friend, my friends.”

“Boyfriend?” Kurt questions.

“Ex…” She states firmly.

“But I was never afraid. I was amazed. I constantly found myself taken back by the things I’d learn. Sure there were moment’s my life hung in the balance I suppose during those times yes I was fearful. Even with that knowledge. I wouldn’t have given the one I’d grown to love. All I had was Charlie my father. I’ve always felt I didn’t belong. Like there was something wrong with me. I often would wonder. Where is my I place in this world. Because even though I hated to admit it. I never belonged in their world, or his, or Jake’s. There was nowhere for me to call home, to call my own, to make me feel as though I could be myself.”

She raises up a bit wiping her eyes. I always knew there was something in me. I just never knew what it was. But I could feel it Kurt. It was so deep so engrained into me. I just never knew what it was.

When Xavier sent for me… I was full of hatred. I blamed everyone around me. Especially my father, in fact I still feel resentment. Even though I understand it now. I still feel betrayed. I still feel as though my heart was ripped out of my chest and I merely watched as everyone took a bite of it. When they brought me here; I honestly thought there was nothing left.

You see Kurt. None of this is new to me. I mean, I suppose in some aspects it is. Only difference is at least this time. I’m part of the world, I’ve been thrown into. For once I belong. I tried so hard to force myself into his world.

His name was Edward, a vampire.”

Kurt looks to her completely floored. He swallows back on this.

“You dated a vampire?”

She half smiles.

“Yes even thought about becoming one myself once.”


She takes in a breath and nods.

“A vampire…” He says again not believing the very words that came from his own mouth.

“Oh it gets better. My best friend was a shifter… A wolf nonetheless, a massive one. As for Edward he and his entire family all were vampires.”

“A family of vampires?”

She nods and tells her story up to the point where James had bit her. Where she first discovered her true self. Kurt grew furious however, when she told him about the part where Edward turned his back to her. Kurt understood the fear. Yet he knew without a shadow of a doubt. He’d never turn his back to her. Even if he knew that meant he’d die in the process. He couldn’t think of a more honorable death. This vampire had no honor to him. Kurt wished he could meet him and have a few moments alone with this vampire. Kurt now knew they were more alike than he ever realized. Her loved ones had also turned their back to her. She also felt alone in this world. She too had felt as though something was wrong with her. But he knew that not to be true. Everything about her was beyond beautiful; whether she was Bella or Ember. All it took for Kurt was one look. She walked into that classroom and it hit him right in the face. He knew she was the one.

Kurt appeared next to her and lay down.

“Mein Freund, meine Familie, meine Dame.” He whispered and kissed her.

Mein Gott, es gibt nie einen Grund für sowas. My God, there’s never a reason for this!*

*Fass sie noch einmal an und ich mache Wolverine suppe aus dir. Touch her again and I’ll make Wolverine soup out of you!*

*Du bist das Schönste, was meine Augen je erblickt haben.. You’re the most beautiful being. I’ve ever laid eyes on.*

Mein Freund, meine Familie, meine Dame. My friend, My family, My lady.”

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