Chapter 5 Drunk And Disorderly

Chapter 5

I do not own Marvel or Twilight Characters. Please read and then review. Thanks! (Note: Someone mentioned there not being much personality to my story. I’m not quite certain what you mean. As to the plot there is one I’m merely building up the characters and their history first.

Thanks for the support and reviews… On to the story!

Flashback Logan aka Wolverine:

You call that a shot?!” Logan irritatingly shoves the glass towards the bartender.

Try again bub. I’m not paying for tap water!”

The bartender rolls his eyes and fills it to the brim.

That’s more like it. Quit trying to screw the customers!”

Logan takes his shot and leans back. Next to him is a man in flannel jacket. His eyes were sunken in, his hair a mess; he had a silly ass mustache. Logan thought that died back in the 70s at least. The man was also wasted all to hell. That’s not what caught Logan’s attention the most though. It was the picture in his hand. Logan recognized the girl to be one of his new students.

The man looked to the picture often. He’d put it in his wallet. Then take it back out run his thumb along it. Then he’d take a shot or swig of beer and place it back. He’d take out his cell phone and dial, but no one ever seemed to answer. Logan shook his head in thought. The man tried for a fourth time and he finally decided to leave a message.

Look kid…” He sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose.

Logan tilts his head with curiosity.

I’m sorry. Bells… please. Just call me. I get that you’re pissed with me. Hell I deserve it. Just don’t throw me out of your life. That’s never what I wanted. I miss you kiddo. I suppose I suck at this whole father thing. But I’m trying Bells. I don’t want to lose you like I did your mother. I love you…” The man hangs up the phone.

What’ve you gotten yourself into?” Logan whispers.

What got to Logan was how the guy talked. It was like listening to himself. The man orders another drink.

Sorry bro… time to cut you off tonight.”

The man shakes his head.

I’m not your BRO. And you’re going to pour me that drink or I’ll have your ass; for serving that underage girl over there.”

Logan watches as he flashes a badge. Oh this just gets better and better Logan thinks shaking his head. He folds his arms as though merely entertained now.

You’re a cop?”

The bartender looks to him in shock.

That’s right and that girl over there can’t be more than 17 or 18. Now am I getting that drink or not?”

Yes sir.”

The man slides over another shot. He shakes his head and points to the bottle. The bartender’s eyes widen. The man grits his teeth. He reaches for the bottle himself. He downs the shot and takes the bottle outside.

Don’t make it your business Logan. If the guy wants to lose his job, get himself killed, and … ah dammit the kid. That was one thing Logan couldn’t do. That’s where his weakness was. The thought of this girl losing her father. It was bad enough he humiliated her in class today. Last thing she needed was to hear her father’s been scrapped up on the highway somewhere close to the academy.

Logan growls under his breath. He takes one more shot and heads out. The man fumbles with his keys. He drops them at least three times during his attempt to get into his truck. Logan takes in a breath and makes his way over.


The man looks to him oddly as he raises from picking up his keys.


Yep, just wanted to state, you’re looking a bit hammered.”

The man rolls his eyes and places the key into his door.

Hmm, you won’t even make it past the city limits bub. You’ll become road kill. Not to mention if you get behind that wheel right now. You’re going to ruin your entire future.”

Already ruined, but thanks. Nothing like advice from some asshole that thinks he knows everything.”

He opens his door and gets inside.

So we have met before?” Logan taunts back.

The man looks to him.

Look jokester I don’t know how the fuck you are. But I’m not in the mood. Go on about your business.”

Neither am I… and right now you are my business.”

Logan knocks him out and grabs the keys.

Yeah you’re going to feel that in the morning. Sorry bout that.”

Logan flips the guy over his shoulder and stuffs him into his truck.

Time to sleep it off officer.”

He takes him back to his cabin. Logan felt a bit strange about all this. He just wasn’t sure how else to go about it. He felt like he owed the kid. If he could at least keep her father from killing himself. He figured that was a step in towards that direction. If it was one thing Logan knew. There wasn’t a kid up there whose life wasn’t full of trials. Each had traumatic histories because they were mutants. Logan could associate with each and every one of them. He too had a past from living hell. One he didn’t ever wish to rehash. He might not have the grace and patience of Storm, Xavier and Dr. McCoy. But there was one thing about Logan… He didn’t bullshit you. He said things how they were. That and anyone of his students that truly got him; they always knew he was an open door if they needed. He’d never turn his back to you. He only wished he’d had himself that years ago. Along that tough exterior and adamantium interior Logan had a heart of gold. He just did things his way and wasn’t about to be told any different. Even Xavier knew better than to ever try and change Logan.

After Logan pulled up to the cabin he got out and lifted the man back over his shoulder. He then took him inside. He knew to anyone else it probably looked as though he just kidnapped some drunken fool. Logan lays the man down on his couch. He covers him up and kicks back on a nearby recliner. Logan could sleep anywhere. It came from all his days at war. He’d gone without a warm bed more times than he could even begin to count.

Before long Logan shut his eyes and he too drifted off.

Logan awoke to the sound of a gun being cocked. He cocked open one eye. He saw the man standing before him.

Good morning to you too bub.”

The man narrows his eyes.

Who are you and where the hell am I?”

Such wonderful hospitality.”

Logan stretches out his arms and comes to his feet.

The names Logan and you’re in my home. So, don’t be an idiot. Put the gun away.”

The man sighs and puts the gun back into his jeans.

Some drunken fool made an ass of himself last night. He was going to attempt drinking and driving. Possibly cost him his job. Ring a bell?”

The man winces and scratches the top of his head.


That’s about what I thought.”

The man runs his hand along a bump on the back of his head.

Um yeah sorry bout that. You might experience some soreness and headaches the next few days… Coffee?”

You knocked me out?”

It was better than the alternative. I could have let you go… Personally though I believe your daughter’s been through enough. I hate being the bearer of bad news. So yeah I knocked your ass out. By the way you’re welcome.” Logan says pouring himself a cup of coffee.

How do you know my daughter?”

It just so happens I’m your daughter’s Phys Ed teacher.”


Yeah that’d be the one.”

He shuts his eyes for a moment and sits back down. He looked downright pale.

How is she?”

She’s fairing.” Logan wasn’t about to go into detail.

Fairing huh?”

It’s the most we can expect when they’re new. It’s not easy being the newcomer. Even harder when daddy’s a deadbeat drunk.”

The man snaps to attention.

Excuse me?”

OH come on I know your type. Hell I am your type. I’ve pulled this same shit. Getting drunk blaming the world for my problems. Crying a fucking river… Time to get over it!”

You don’t know shit about me.”

Oh come on. I’m you 20 years ago. Pathetic, weak, lonely… Ring a bell?”

You’re a teacher?! My daughter’s nonetheless.”

Now don’t you go get all judgmental on me. With all due respect I’m not the one with a badge. Take a long look in the mirror before you even begin to point the finger.”

This is bullshit.”
“It sure is… isn’t it?”

I’ll be late for class because of this. My whole day thrown off and possibly RUINED! Thanks!”

The man half laughs.

Not so sure how I feel about you teaching MY DAUGHTER!”

Not so sure how I feel about you being HER FATHER!”

Both men stare one another down. Logan sighs and hands the man a cup of coffee.

What’s your name cop?”

Charlie Swan.”

Charlie huh?”

He nods and sips from the coffee. Charlie clears his throat.

Um thank you.”

Yeah don’t mention it.”

I came all this way to see her…” Charlie says shaking his head.

But instead you got yourself wasted at a bar?”

Charlie nods shamefully.

She hates my guts.”

Logan raises a brow at the irony.

Not sure I can blame her. I sat there and watched as they dragged her away and forced her upon that school. The look on her face… I never dreamed my Bells would look at me that way. I knew I had no choice. Still it doesn’t change the fact that I feel like the worst father ever.”

That’s not what makes you a bad father. Last night though that’s different, pretty dead on if you ask me.”

Charlie sighs and sips at his coffee again.

I don’t have much tolerance for stupidity. You say you feel bad about sending her away. Imagine what it would have been like if she had to bury your ass not long after.”

Charlie flinches.

That’s right bub. Time to wake the fuck up. Your daughter will adjust. She’ll be fine. She’s a bright kid.”

Charlie lifts his head up on this.

Tough one too.” Logan says in thought.

That’d be Bells. That kid’s something else. She never seizes to amaze me.”

Logan nods.

You should come to visit her. These kids… they need to know that there’s someone in their corner. There ain’t a one of them that haven’t had someone turn their backs to them.”

Charlie swallows back.

Yeah I’ve already witnessed this behavior myself. Damn near everyone turned their back to my daughter. Even her own worthless excuse of a mother.”

Logan gritted his teeth on this.

Nothing new.” He says gruffly and downs the rest of his coffee.

Kid lost her boyfriend, friends and mother all in one day. One day that’s all it took.”

All the more reason you need to get your shit together Charlie. She needs to know she’s not going through this alone. That someone out there still gives a damn.”

Charlie takes in a breath.

When’s the next visitation day.”

It’s every other weekend.”

Charlie nods.

Maybe I can convince the damn wolf to come along.”

Logan narrows his eyes on this.


Long story… I just learned it all myself. I was never truly aware just how many things my daughter kept hidden. That girl’s something else. I swear to god she follows death everywhere she goes! I’m just glad she got rid of that punk ass boyfriend of hers. I always hated the little shit!”

Logan chuckles. He wondered what Charlie would think of her new love interest. Logan already saw it coming. That girl had it bad for that furry elf.

Look…” Charlie clears his throat.

I suppose I owe you one.”

Don’t mention it like I said. Just try to keep your head straight and think about what your daughter’s going through. If she doesn’t answer your calls. Don’t take it so personally. These kids, they have it pretty rough. It’s not your typical high school drama. This shit’s insane and it’s not for the weak of heart. Your daughter however, she’s got what it takes. I think she’s gonna be just fine.”

I truly hope so.”

Logan grabs his keys.

I’ll take you back to your truck.”


Once Logan pulls up to his truck, Charlie turns to him.

Please just look after her. She’s all I got.”

I’ll see what I can do. I’m a busy man.”

I’m sure you are.” Charlie says with a slight grin.

Logan watches as Charlie gets into his truck and peels out of the parking lot. He shakes his head and turns on the radio as he heads on to the institute.


“Thanks for the pizza!”

“Yeah bubba, this beats the cafeteria any day.”

Kurt grins and steals slice out of Bella’s hand with his tail. She reaches up for it as he raises his tail.

“Be nice, before she sets your tail ablaze.”

He wiggles his brows at this. Bella was in her normal clothes today. Kurt was taking advantage of the fact; that he could see her bare tummy as she reached for her slice of pizza. He ran a hand along her belly. Bella blushed a bit and grabbed her slice. She took a bite and bent over to grab her soda. Kurt’s eyes widened. Rogue tossed a pillow at him.

“I’m right here!”

He shrugs and goes back to staring.

“Perv…” Rogue whispers.

The three of them turn to a knock at the door.

“Enter.” Rogue calls out.

Remy steps inside and looks around.
“And I wasn’t invited because?”

Rogue shrugs and flips through a magazine.

Bella lies back against Kurt’s chest as she finishes eating.

“Grab yourself some pizza sug.”

“I’d rather grab me something else.” Remy hints looking to Rogue’s ass.

Kurt nearly chokes on his pizza.

Remy looks back at this and starts laughing.

“Actually I was wondering if you’d like to hit a movie with me mon cheri?”

Rogue looks up from her magazine.

“Well hell sug. Anything to get out of here.” Rogue looks to Bella and Kurt.

“You two wanna join us?”

Kurt makes a certain face and avidly shakes his head. Rogue sighs looking upon him in a scolding matter.

“What if Ember wants to go out?” Rogue hints.

“She’s free to do whatever she wishes.” He says with a shrug.

“I’m good.”

“Well ok then see you two later.”

Remy takes her hand as they head out.

“If you wanted to go…” Kurt starts to say.

“I wasn’t going if you weren’t.”

“But did you want to?”

“Kurt I didn’t care if we went or not. I’m just having fun being around you. It doesn’t matter where.”

“You would be seen with me in public?” He questions curiously.

Bella rises up.

“Why would you ask me that?!”

He swallows back and takes in a breath.

“I do not wish to cause you shame.”

“Shame? You mean like I’d be ashamed of you?”

He nods.

Bella rises up looking to him bitterly.

“You honestly think that of me?”

Kurt lowers his head realizing he’d hurt her feelings.

“Do you not see that you’re…” She sighs shaking her head.

“Well there’s just something about you… its rather erotic” She says with a blush and sits on Rogue’s bed.

Kurt looks to her in disbelief.


She nods.

“There is nothing erotic about me Ember.”

“You’re wrong.”

“Now you yes. That makes sense. Me not so much.”

“Don’t you say that!” She snaps up furiously and he jumps.

“Why do you even listen to those assholes Kurt?! Shouldn’t my opinion matter?!”

“I’ve upset you.”

“You’re damn right!”

Kurt comes to his feet.

“Do you wish me to leave?”

He sighs with full on confusion. He hadn’t a clue how to go about this.

“Yes this is your room.”
“Why in the world; would I want you to leave?”

“Because we are in argument.” He answers his accent thicker than ever.

Bella covers her mouth as a slight giggle escapes. Kurt looks to her strangely.
“I’m sorry.” She says clearing her throat.

“Kurt it’s what couples do sometimes. We’re going to disagree. Eventually, you’ll find out that I’m always correct.” She says with a teasing smile.

She makes her way over. Bella wraps her arms around his neck.

“I’d never find shame in you. You need to realize that Kurt. There is nothing wrong with you. I take pride in the fact that we’re dating.”

His tail waves back and forth a bit. She takes notice and grins. Kurt kisses her and picks her. He places her on the bed. He starts that purring like sound again and starts to make out with her feverishly. Kurt however, quickly yanks her off the bed.

Bella’s eyes widen and she covers her mouth as he starts to put out the flames. The fire alarm sounds and the sprinklers go off. Bella closes her eyes for a moment as the entire room, she and Kurt are now soaked. She opens her eyes again and looks around.

“You’re sister’s going to kill me!”

To make matters worse. Logan bursts into the room.

“You are aware the fire alarms going off?”

Bella shamefully raises her hand.

“Um yeah that’d be me.”

Logan shakes his head on this and turns his attention to Kurt. Who’s quickly covering Bella with a blanket and gathering her some more clothes.

“Are you supposed to be in here?”

“He was helping me…”

Logan takes in a breath looking to Kurt shamefully.

“Sure kid whatever you say.”

Logan shuts off the fire alarm.

“Then you two had better get busy cleaning this up.”

Bella looks around and groans.

“I’ll bring you some mops and clean linen.” He says with a chuckle and exits the room.

Bella looks back to Kurt.

“I’m so sorry…”

Kurt grins.

“I’m not…”

Bella shakes her head and hurriedly gets dressed.

“This is so humiliating.”

Kurt grabs her and pins her against the wall. He starts kissing her again.

“Oh no ya don’t bub. OUT!’

Logan grabs Kurt and shoves him out of the room. He then slams the door.

“I knew you weren’t all that innocent!” He barks at Bella.

“So you wanna explain how this happened.”

Her eyes widened and she felt her entire face brighten up.

“Yeah, that’s about what I thought. You should know that boys are not allowed in your room. It’s against the rules.”


“Yeah shortcake they’re rules.”

“For a places that allows the teacher to drop the F bomb every few minutes?”

Logan says a slur of profanities under his breath.

“Indeed, now get to work.”
He says and leans back against the wall as though a bouncer at a bar.

Bella bashfully knocks on Storm’s door. She paces the area until Storm answers. Bella was surprised to see her in regular clothes. Storm was known for her high fashion. Today she was in blue jeans and a regular white shirt. Still she was flawlessly gorgeous.


Bella looks up. Storm smiles.

“Well come on in.”

“Um thanks.”

Bella steps inside, but Storm notices how fidgety she is.

“Something wrong?”

Bella nods.

“Um… I’m having some issues.”

“Yeah. Um is it normal?”
“Well I won’t know until you tell me what it is.”

Storm sits her down on her black leather sofa.

Bella’s face becomes rosy red.

“I can’t believe I’m telling you this.”

“Actually you haven’t told me anything yet.” Storm teases.

Bella lets out a nervous laugh. She then looks around the room.

“Storm is it normal to… well…” Bella bites her lip and shakes her head.

“I guess what I’m trying to ask is…”

Bella takes in a deep breath.

“I can’t make out with my boyfriend without setting myself off… Literally speaking…”

“OH!” Storm says, but softly laughs.

Bella lowers her head again.

“I can sympathize tremendously.”

Bella raises back up.

“I’ve been there… I can help.”

“You can?!”

Storm smiles.

“Most certainly, together we can get this under control.”

“Ugh thank God.”

Storm softly laughs again.

“Trust me I’ve been there many times. The trick is to make your body understand the difference between the need to protect itself and well… arousal.”

Bella feels herself full on blushing. Storm takes her hand.

“Nothing to be ashamed of ok. It’s just us girls. No one else even has to know. We’ll get this nailed down in no time.”
“I sure hope so.”

“You need to teach your body; that when you’re being intimate with someone that there is no threat. That and well you need to neutralize those hormones.”

Storm takes in a deep breath.

“The best way to teach yourself this… is practice.”

Bella’s entire face glows yet again.

“You mean…”

Storm warmly smiles and pats Bella’s knee.

“Well you know your body more than anyone. If you can find out what triggers it and learn to tame it from there that’s a start. Trust me it’s far better you; than someone else.”

“Ugh, I think I’ve already made that mistake…”

“Oh no…”


Storm looks to her in thought.

“You were the one that set of the fire alarms today weren’t you?”

Bella sighs and raises a hand.


Storm giggles a bit and crosses her legs.

“Take my advice. There’s no shame in discovering yourself Ember. Once you’ve come in touch with your own body. Then you will feel more self-control when it comes to your relationship.”

Bella sits in the visitors lounge. There was a flat screen TV in there and a couple other recliners. Her and Rogue’s room was still drying. She feels someone plop down on the couch beside her. She turns with widened eyes. He grabs the remote and starts flipping through the channels.

“How did you even get in here?”
“Are you in a romantic/comedy mood or action/drama?” He says.

Bella laughs as she looks down and he’s dressed like Nightcrawler over his own costume.

“What’s your deal Deadpool?”


He jumps up like he’s hysterical.

“I KNEW IT! IT WAS HIM ALL ALONG WASN’T IT!” He covers his face as if humiliated. “I might as well face it! I knew I’d lose you to him! Das teuflische Bastard!” He says and takes off in a hissy fit.

Bella sighs and lies back on the couch. She closes her eyes for a moment. After she opens them she jumps at first. She looks around; seeing she’s in a tree in the woods.

“What the?”

She comes to her feet and gasp out seeing how high she is. She turns hearing a noise. Bella covers her mouth as Kurt’s hanging from a branch above. He’s got a red rose in his mouth. Bella laughs as he drops down.

“Kurt… What if I fell?!”

“I’d have caught you.”

“Hm…” He hands her the rose.

“Thank you.”

“You’re quite welcome, Meine liebe.”

Bella smiles.

“I ought to hit you though.”

“For the rose?”

“No for scaring me!”

He chuckles.

“If that is what you wish.”

Kurt tapers his eyes a bit. He reaches over and pulls her necklace out from her shirt. He runs his fingers along the golden cross. A genuine smile crosses his face.

“That’s very pretty.”
“My dad got it for me a few years ago. I used to wear it more. I just hope I don’t melt it.” She hints.

He nods and kisses the cross. He tucks it back into the collar of her shirt.

“What religion are you? If you don’t mind me asking Fräulein,?” Bella couldn’t help, but to get chills at times with the way his accent sounded. Something about it was rather exotic.

Bella shrugs.

“Don’t really claim one to be honest. I more or less follow my own beliefs.”

“And they are?” He inquires with full interest.

“Let’s just say I’ve seen too many things in my lifetime; not to believe there is something even bigger out there. That and I’ve faced death more times than I can count. My faith tells me there’s someone watching over us.”

“God?” He questions and points to the sky.


She nods. She couldn’t’ believe he found interest in talking about something like this.

“What about you?”

He grins.

“I’m Catholic.”

He watches her reaction. He’s pleased to see her smiling in response. This seemed to be another thing that often drove others away, funnily enough women. Though it hurt often enough he wouldn’t back down from his belief’s. He too had witnessed far too much in his lifetime to push God away. There was a time that was all he had. When he found himself caged like an animal with everyone’s back turned to him. That was the only thing that often enough kept him going. His conviction was his drive for survival. Many criticized Kurt for this. He never understood why. It was nice to know that Bella was a believer as well.


He nods.

This overwhelming feeling came over Bella. She took in a breath and her heart raced. From the corner of her eye, she saw that they were being watched.

“Kurt…” She whispered startled.

The man was in a solid black cloak he was peering over from a distance. Slowly, Bella turned that direction. He gave a nod directly towards them. Kurt turns that direction as well however, there’s nothing left but a red element in the air where the man was. Kurt narrowed his eyes in wonder.

“I think we better head back.” He says softly, yet cautiously he looked around the area.

Kurt gets hold of her and they appear back into the building.

“Are you alright?” He cups her chin.

“Yeah… you did see him right?”

“No, but I too know someone was there. I only made out the red haze. What did he look like?”
“I couldn’t see his face. He was in some sort of black cloak. He was just staring right at us.”

Rogue and Remy enter the building at that point. Bella looks to Kurt in misery.

“Oh no…” She groans.

Bella waits for it as Remy walks Rogue to her room.

“What in tarnation?!”

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