Chapter 9 Going Public

Chapter 9

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“I got you baby…” Jake assures as he continues to carry her.

He pats her on the butt as she’s flipped over his shoulder.

Suddenly, Jake’s brought down to his knees. Bella’s swiped from his hold. He reaches to his temples. The cloaked man stands before him and he circles Jacob.

“You wish for the girl to be yours?”

Jacob screams out in pain as his finger nails dig into the tarmac.

“Answer the question!”

“Yes…” He cries.

The man smiles beneath the cloak.

“What would you give for this opportunity?”

He cups Jake’s chin roughly.


“What if I could make it happen. What if I made you an offer you couldn’t refuse?”

He forces Jake to his feet.

“I don’t even know who you are!”

The man lowers his cloak. Jake looks upon the man before him; his face was crimson red; he’d a scar beneath his right eye, light blue eyes, a goatee, and midnight hair.

“It does not matter who I am. I can give you what you want.”


They both look back to Bella as she’s propped up against the tree. The man makes his way over and cups her chin. He looks to be checking her over.

“What is it you think she desires? Money? Fame? Power? What does the lady want in a lover?”

Jacob looks to be in thought. He thinks back to Nightcrawler. He sighs.

“Bella likes power…”

The man smiles.

“Is that so?”

Jacob nods.

“How intriguing.” He caresses her check.

“Quit touching her!”

The man cocks a brow his way.

“I’d watch what I say. I am trying to help you after all. If it is power you wish for I can grant you such. I can make you a god!”

Jacob looks back to Bella in thought.

“No one would be able to stand against you. You could finally be with the one you’ve pined for. She’d have no choice…”

“She’d really be mine?”

The man doesn’t answer. He kisses Bella’s forehead and comes to a stand.

“Do you want the deal or not?”

Jake sighs.

“What do I have to do?”

The man smiles.

“Please allow me to take care of the rest…”

He grabs Jake and they vanish.

Jake rolls about the ground as he’s dropped. He looks around.

“Where am I?”

“Welcome to my world. Here I am king…” The man smiles demonically.

He raises his hands in the air as he drops his cloak. His red tail flickers back and forth. His stares Jake down.

Jake looks around in phenomenon. They looked to be in some sort of mansion. Darkness surrounded the place. Everything was black and decaying. He looked out the mansion windows to see the sky was red with black clouds. The sun was literally like a blazing ball of fire a black ring encircled it. Even the atmosphere and gravity felt different to Jake. He felt it was harder to breath there seemed to be more weight upon him. It was sweltering. He truly felt as though he were in Hell.

“Where are we?”

The man doesn’t answer. Instead he eyes Jake.

“Bow before me and I shall give you the power you’ve requested.”


The man nods.

“Do you wish to be a god or not? You wish to win her affections?”

Jake nods.

“Then BOW!”

Jake swallows back nervously and comes to a bow.

“Very well…”

The man slowly raises one hand into the air. He lifts Jake off the ground. He clenches his hand tightly. Jake hollers out in pain. He continues to rise; bolts of lightning flash through Jake’s entire body. Jake continues to cry out. His arms and legs are forced apart. Jake shifts… The man nods with approval. He closes his eyes and sends Jake flying back into a cage. The door snaps shut and locks. Jake’s wolf form begins to transform into something much darker… his eyes begin to glow fiery red. His bones begin to break and reshape. Jacob’s fur becomes black. He growls out in torment. Jake becomes a full-fledged child of the moon. The man smirks.

“You now belong to me! Let this be a lesson! The girl will be mine wolf! I will take down anyone that stands in my way…Even my own son if I must!” He growls angrily.


Bella tiredly rolls over. She sees they’re in his room. He caresses her cheek.

“Storm will kill us.”

“Let her. I’m not about to leave you alone. Not when I know you’re in danger.”

“Kurt don’t…”

“Don’t what?”

“I can take care of myself. I’m tired of everyone acting like I can’t!”

Kurt sighs.

“I know you can, it doesn’t mean I’m not scared too. I want us to be here for each other.”

He pecks her on the lips.

“Sorry Kurt I’m just used to everyone acting as if I can’t take care of myself.”

“I understand, Meine liebe, but we both know that isn’t true. I just prefer to be a team.”

She smiles.

“I like that actually.”

He chuckles softly.

“What time is it?”

He rolls over looking to the time.



“You should get some sleep Ember.”

She runs her fingers along his chest.

“I don’t want to sleep.”

Kurt’s eyes widen. He was at immediate attention. They appear in the woods by the lake.

“Kurt!” She giggles and hits him in the arm.

“You’ve got to start warning me!”

He chuckles.

“Sorry, Meine liebe…” He kisses along her neck and shoulders.

Kurt lifts off her tank top and tosses it to the ground. His tail twitches a bit. Bella giggles as she takes notice. He raises a brow.


“Did you know when you get aroused your tail reacts as well?”

He grins.

“It does?”

“Yep every time.”

He puts his tail to her lips quieting her as he yanks down her panties. He takes his boxers off. Bella watched curiously as Kurt’s dick bobbed as it pulsated.

“I wish to try something.”

“And what would that be?”

He picks her up then lays her down on the ground.

“Kurt…” She says rather alarmed.

“We never know unless we try.” He hints.

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You won’t.”

He crawls over her placing himself inside. Bella gasps back.

“Does it hurt?”

“No far from it.”

He smiles and drives himself deeper within her. Bella’s breathing begins to quicken. She couldn’t get over how good it felt. Her arms wrapped around his neck. She was able to fully enjoy herself now. Bella brought her knees up. Kurt closed his eyes for a moment at the sensation. When she did this he was able to go even deeper. He drove himself at a harder and faster pace this time. Her back arched off the ground.

“Kurt!” She literally cried out as she began to drench Kurt. He looked with curiously as it ran down her legs. He found himself even more aroused. She felt so warm and wet he loved the way it felt. He went even harder about her now. Her nails dug into his back at the intense pleasure he was giving her.

“Fuck that feels so good…” She quickly covered her mouth realizing what she said.

He grinned on this.

“Very foul mouth.” He said in a playful scolding matter. Yet, he was kissing her lips.

She giggles a bit.

“Sorry…” She whispers knowing how religious he is.

“Don’t be…” He says breathlessly and pins down her wrists. He looked over again watching himself going in and out of her mound. Kurt couldn’t get over how stimulating it was just to watch.

He could see the worried expression on her face.

“Do not be afraid to express yourself Ember. You do not offend me.”

Truth of the matter was he knew they were being sinful as it was. However, deep down he knew there would never be any other sexual partners for him. Bella he knew was in his future. He didn’t question it not even for a second.

“Even more so when you say my name.” He says his accent thick and highly seductive.

She blushes, but quickly gasps yet again. Kurt grits his teeth. He felt the urge to come already. He tried to fight it and last longer. Still, at just one profound lunge he came tremendously. He found himself having to stroke himself within her a few more times even after he thought he was done.

Bella looked to him in a bit of shock.

“I was able to control it.”

He smiled warmly.

“I noticed.”

She giggled a bit looking to her hands in disbelief.


He raises up and brings her into his chest and they sit amongst the ground. His arms wrap around her as he kisses along her neck.

‘Yes Meine liebe?”

“What happens after we graduate?”

“We get married and join the X-Men team.” He says with a shrug.

She laughs.

“Married?” She says with widened eyes.

He chuckles at her reaction.

“One day yes… I hope to marry you.”

She blushes in thought.

“Did I frighten you?”

“No… I mean you threw me off, but no.”
“I apologize. I do not mean to sound as though I am rushing our relationship. I’m not proposing…” However, a grin comes about his face.

He clears his throat.

“Unless you want me too… I mean you don’t you want to marry me?”

“Well yeah… one day but…”
“But what?! I thought you loved me…”

“Kurt? I…”
She turns and sees the grin on his face. Her jaw drops. He chuckles.

“You’re too funny Ember.”

“Ugh… So not cool Kurt!”

He rests his head on his shoulder.

“I mean we can always run away right now and…”

“Yes Meine liebe?”

“Shut it…” She says with a giggle.

“Shuttin’ it!” He says with a smirk.

She takes his hand and runs her fingers along it. She’s the one with the smirk now.

“Besides, where would you wear your ring?” She taunts.

He cocks a brow on this.

“Hmm… around my neck?”

“Like a collar?”

“If that’s what you wish… I’ll gladly be your slave, Mistress Ember. As you said I was already.”

They both laugh in thought.

“It’s so peaceful out here.”

Kurt nods and lies back looking to the stars. He pulls her into his chest. He waits until she falls asleep; before they return to his room.

Bella wakes to the sound of her alarm. She tiredly rolls over. She hits the snooze button.

“What the…” She sees the picture of Deadpool on her nightstand with a pink lipstick mark on the corner of the frame.

“Ugh, I’m going to kill him!”

“Isn’t it a bit early to be plotting deaths sug?”

“Not when it’s Deadpool’s.”
She says and chunks the picture into the trash.

“You’re breaking my heart!”

They both turn wide eyed. Deadpool was kicked back on the corner of Bella’s bed. He was holding a red tulip. He wiped the area of his eyes as though he’d been crying.

“I’m going to kill you!” Bella yells.

“YES! Please do baby! Daddy like!”


Rogue starts laughing as Bella drags Deadpool out of their room.

“Aw baby, don’t be like that!”

Everyone in the hall stares upon them. Bella’s in her pink tank pajama set chewing Deadpool out in the hallway.



She yanks one of his guns out from his holster.


He raises his hands in the air.

“Now let’s talk about this…”

However, he quickly ankle swipes her knocking her to the ground. He pins her down.

“Now daddy like…”
“Oh my God!” She punches him in the sternum.

She rolls him back over.

“Hmmm, even better. I like a girl that wants to take control.”

She grins as she holds his gun to his neck. Yet, he’s got his blade to hers.

“Hasn’t anyone ever told you not to bring a knife to a gun show?” She taunts.

“Damn! PLEASE MARRY ME! I’m BEGGIN YA! I’ll grovel! I’ll be your slave!”

Bella comes to her feet.

“I’ll sing to ya! Crazy.. crazy for feeling so… Eh I forgot the words…” He scratches the top of his head.

“Sorry I like blue men not ones with blue balls.”

She lights up her hand and sends a wave directly for his package.
“OUCH! Kind of bitchy… I like it!”

He sighs as if disappointed.

“Look could I at least have my gun back?”
“You snooze you lose it’s mine now.”

“Actually it’s mine now…”

Bella sighs hearing Logan directly behind her.

“Woops when the claws come out it’s time to go. Farewell, my love. CALL ME!”

Bella laughs as Deadpool runs into the glass door on the way out.

“Son of a bitch!” He utters rubbing his face and he opens the door heading out.

Logan takes the gun from her hand.

“Guns aren’t allowed on premises.”
“Tell that to your loverboy.”

She says and heads back into her room slamming the door.

“Oh wow…”

Rogue and Kitty look Bella over as she finishes her hair.

“My brother’s going to drop dead Ember.”

Bella blushes a bit.

“I highly doubt that.”

“You look really hot.” Kitty agrees.

“Thanks guys.”

Bella glances in the mirror once more. Rogue takes her hand.

Bella looks to her confused.

“You’re the first girl that’s ever willingly dated my brother in public eye. He loves going out…it’s just he fears he’ll cause you embarrassment.”

“I figured that much and no offense Rogue, but I preferred not to be thanked. I love your brother.” She says with a shrug.

“So why wouldn’t I want to be seen with him. That’s just ridiculous.”

Rogue nods.

“You’d think huh? Still even with the law on our side Bella… We still have to deal with others that do not agree. In some ways it’s like segregation all over again. That’s his fear you know. That once you see how others react to him and the drama it can bring that you’ll run.”

“Not a chance.”

Bella hugs the girls on the way out. Kurt’s already waiting by the cab rose in hand. Bella was taken by surprise to see him in a pair of Vans, black jeans, and a white dress shirt. She couldn’t help, but to find him sexy. However, Kurt was struck stupid. Bella wore a charcoal gray dress with one strap and it stopped just above the knees. She had on flats to match and she wore a white sweater over her dress. Her hair was pinned back as the rest rather draped down loosely.

Kurt handed her the rose then opened the door for her.

“Thank you.”

He grinned ear to ear. Once he got inside they both looked one another over again.

“Ich möchte Sie binden und Gottlosen tun Dinge für Sie.”

Bella blushed finally able to depict some of what he was saying thanks to Beast. She bit her lower lip in thought. She clears her throat praying she said it right.

“Nicht, wenn ich zum ersten Mal nicht”

His jaw drops for a moment. She swore he was blushing under that azure fur of his. He chuckles a bit shaking his head.

“Dr. McCoy?”

She nods.

“Ah… Betrayer!”

She laughs.

“How much do you know?”

“Not much yet.”
“Not fair…” He pretends to pout.

“Was, wenn ich dir gesagt habe. Dass du die schönste Frau, die ich je gesehen habe? Verstehst du das?”

“Dang it, I only made out the… do you understand…”

He grins and takes her hand.

“I said… What if I told you? That you were the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on? Do you understand that?”

Her entire face glows. He leans in and kisses her. She runs her hands along his chest.

“You look pretty hot yourself Kurt.”
He shakes his head. She hits him on the arm.

“Stop that.”

He grins and kisses her again. Bella crawls into his lap as they continue to kiss. Kurt ran his hands up along her dress. He ran his hands along the seam of her panties. The cab comes to a stop and they both turn to hear the cab driver clearing his throat. Bella gets out of his lap and fixes her dress. Kurt gets out. He pays the fare and opens Bella’s door.

His nerves however, were starting to get to him. Last thing Kurt would ever want was to humiliate Bella. He took in a breath noticing all eyes were on them. Bella wrapped her hands around his arms. She then leaned against him as they stood in line for tickets. In fact he noticed she had a genuine smile about her face. She didn’t even seem to notice the looks they were getting. He remembered a few tips that Rogue and Kitty had given him. He tried to keep them in mind. He took in a breath and put his arm around her. They’d never been in public eye together. What came naturally to him when it came to Bella; he now felt on edge about.

They got their tickets and had an hour to spare. They looked at some of the movie posters for upcoming shows. Bella even seemed to point out a few she took interest in. Kurt liked the fact that they had the same taste in movies. At one point they were talking about a certain movie coming out in a couple weeks. They made plans to come see it. She took his hands and wrapped them around her waist. Bella leaned back against him. Kurt couldn’t believe it. They were surrounded by people and still Bella acted as though she could care less. He was floored beyond belief.

Something within him came alive. Kurt found himself kissing along her shoulder and neck. Bella turned facing him. They begin to kiss as though they were back in their dorm rooms. Her arms locked around his neck; Bella’s entire body was pressed up against him. After they kissed she rested her head against his chest. Kurt couldn’t help the smile that formed along his face.

Once it came time for the movie. They got their drinks and snacks. Yet again, Bella wrapped her hands around his arm and snuggled up to him. After the lights were out they made out during the previews. Something else new to him; he’d never had a girlfriend to take to the movies before. He liked the idea of having someone else to go with.

During parts of the movie they’d playfully throw popcorn at one another. But mostly Bella stayed snuggled up against him often enough she had her hand along his chest or arm. Kurt wrapped his tail around her shoulders or waist. What really through him for a loop; was when Bella would grin and pet his tail off and on. That strangely aroused him. He’d squirm in his seat off and on at the sensation. After the movie was over they went out to eat.

Bella sat in the booth beside him. Kurt became more and more comfortable and he too began to forget they had watchful eyes about them. One couple actually left the restaurant when he and Bella started kissing. Neither even took notice of them they were too wrapped up in one another.

When they were done eating they went for a walk at one of the parks. They sat on one of the park benches. Bella lay in his lap she giggled as he ran his tail along her tummy.

“Kurt that tickles.”

He chuckled and ran it down her leg next.


She rolled over and grabbed his tail. She placed it between her legs holding it in place.

“That’s just turning me on you know…” He admits.

She blushes in thought, but shrugs keeping it where it is. Kurt looks down and caresses her face.

“Ember… This was easily one of the best days ever.”

She smiles.

“Same here, I had a lot of fun Kurt.”

She straddles his lap and kisses him with her arms around his neck.

“You’re unbelievable you know that?” He says heartfelt.
“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Bella however, takes in a breath as they appear in his room.

“KURT!” He dies in laughter.

“Sorry Ember.”

“No you’re not!”

“Actually, you’re right. I’m not.”

He says as he sits down at his desk chair with her in his lap. Kurt lowered the one strap of her dress. He kissed along her bare shoulder. He couldn’t hold back anymore. He’d wanted her all night. He kisses her lips passionately as he unfastens his pants freeing himself. He uses his tail to pull her panties to the side. Without another thought Kurt guides her on top of him. She arches back immediately. He lowers the top of her dress exposing her gorgeous breasts to him. Bella unbuttons his shirt and runs her hands along his washboard abs. Kurt sucks on her breast as he rocks her against him. He then leans back and watches her in sheer lust and amazement as she rides on top of him. Both struggle to keep quiet, but it was a very hard battle.

He closed his eyes as she kissed along his neck.

“I’m about to come Ember…” He whispered as he firmly grabbed her hips and worked her against him even harder and faster.

Bella grinned and quickly covered his mouth as he moaned out. His eyes widened and they looked to the door staying still for a moment.

“Kurt…” She whispers in a playful scolding matter.

“Sorry…” He says wiggling his brows.

“Stay with me tonight Ember…” He says in a begging matter.

“Let’s break the rules…” He hints.

He wasn’t meaning sleeping. No Bella knew exactly what he meant. He wanted a marathon. He was growing hard again inside her.

“I want to make love to you all night and pass out in each other’s arms.” Yet again he takes her breath away with that accent.

“Kurt Wagner breaking the rules?”

He grins and leans into her ear. He seductively hints.

“Not tonight Ember… Tonight, it’s Nightcrawler…”

*Ich möchte Sie binden und Gottlosen tun Dinge für Sie. I want to tie you up and do ungodly things to you.*

*Nicht, wenn ich zum ersten Mal nicht. Not if I don’t first

Was, wenn ich dir gesagt habe. Dass du die schönste Frau, die ich je gesehen habe? Verstehst du das? *What if I told you. That you were the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on? Do you understand that?*

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