Chapter 2 Road Trip

Chapter 2

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“So what now, Logan?”

The more feral looking man shrugged as he finished wrapping her arm up.

“Guess we just wait till she wakes and go from there.”

“Thinkin’ she one of us?”

“She’s certainly something alright.”

“Dats for sure! Girl can fight,” the Cajun uttered looking to be in awe.

“Ah no ya don’t! Ya leave the poor girl alone! I know that look.”

“C’ mon now, I ain’t done nothin’.”


“So where do you think she’s from?” The other questioned as he brushed her hair back.

He gently ran his finger along her scar.

“And how’d she get dat?”

“Hell, if I know, Gumbo. Now would ya leave her be!”

He tilted his head and continued to run his finger along her cheek.

“Knock it off, Gambit!” Logan snapped, slapping his hand away.

“She got the looks, dat’s for sure.”

“I’m not about to save yer sorry ass when she wakes to find yer grimy hands all over her. Ya deserve whatever the little gal dishes out.”

“Maybe it’s worth it, no?”

“Ya really are an idiot!”

Logan sat back on Gambit’s recliner.

“By the way, ya owe me 108 bucks! So ya better fork it over!”

Gambit shrugged and grabbed a blanket. He placed it over the girl.

“I’m good for it,” he alleged, taking the young ladies shoes off.

“Good for it? Nah! Yer gonna hand it over and now, bub!”

“Shhh… keep it down. She’s sleepin’…” he whispered with a cocky grin.

Logan hopped of the recliner and seized Gambit by his russet trench coat. He slammed him up against the wall. His claws made their appearance. Gambit laughed and raised his hands in the air.

“A’ right… I’ll give it to you now.”

“That’s what I thought.”

“You and that temper, mon ami,” he said, as he reached into his pocket and took out a hundred dollar bill.

“The eight is back at the bar.”

He groaned out as Logan socked him in the gut.

“There, we’re even now.”

Gambit held his thumb up and nodded as he tried to catch his breath. Logan plopped back down and lit a cigar.

“I got it from here…”

The older man cocked a brow the younger one’s way.

“Nah… I think I’ll stick around. Besides you and I gotta hit the road soon. It’s a long ways to New York.”

He chuckled as Gambit looked all pouty and lit a cigarette, taking a long drag off it.

“What makes ya think she’s gonna want some Coonass?”

“And you Canucks are so much better, ya?”

The young woman yawned and stretched her arms about. This was followed by her grunting out in pain and tumbling right off the couch.


She crawled towards the coffee table and used it to get back to her feet. Bella groaned out in agony as her arm ached all to hell. It didn’t help that she was severely hungover. Once she got to her feet she looked around.

“Where the f…”

“Hey, she’s awake!”

She reared back at the man with the thick Cajun accent. He entered the room and was drying his hair off with a towel. He had on a pair of black slacks and white tank top.

“How you feeling, chere?”

Her eyes widened and she speedily rushed over to the kitchen sink and upchucked. Gambit wrinkled his nose on this. Logan was dying in laughter.

“Must’ve been yer face.”

“How do we know it ain’t dat wet dog scent you give off!”

“Eh… I’m lovable,” he replied, whilst lighting a cigar and rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

Bella turned on the sink and hurriedly cleaned up her mess. She looked up with utter embarrassment. On the other hand, she didn’t trust these guys by no means. How did she end up here anyhow? She reached to her temples, trying to recall. Gambit opened a nearby pantry and handed her some Tylenol. He also grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge. He winked upon her as he handed over.

“Quite a night…”

She nodded with skepticism. Bella took a couple steps back. The man was quite tall and damn near all muscle. She hadn’t a clue where she was or who these men were.

“Tone it down…” Logan warned regarding the look of uneasiness on her face.

“That idiot there is Gambit and I’m Logan. We were at the bar and witnessed what took place…”

Bella swallowed back and reached to her head once again. This man had a more feral appearance. He was shorter but just as built. He wore wranglers and brown leather boots and a leather Harley Davidson jacket. If anything, he appeared more menacing. In fact, if it weren’t for the awkward situation, these were men Bella would normally steal a second glance at. She found them quite handsome but in their own ways.

“Look, ya don’t know us from a stick in the mud but we understand yer situation more than ya think. Like I said, we saw what took place. So we got ya here and took the bullet out and got ya squared away. Just keep an eye on it. Ya don’t want it getting infected and ya don’t wanna go bustin’ those stitches now.”

Bella raised the sleeve to her shirt and looked to her arm in surprise.

“You put the stitches in?”

“Well ya… I didn’t think yah’d wanna deal with any hospitals after all that mess.”

She nodded, not sure what to day.

“Well at least my kidneys are still intact… amongst other things,” she muttered looking ill.

Both men chuckled on this. Bella drew back a breath and opened the bottle of Tylenol and popped a couple pills with the bottle of water.

“Thank you. Both of you…” she said rather coy like.

“Ah now, chere, no need to thank us.”

“He’s right. Glad we could help.”

She looked to the time.

“Oh no…”

“What is it?”

“I was supposed to open the shop an hour ago.”

She quickly downs her water and flinched as she searched for her jacket and shoes.

“We could give ya a ride back. But personally I think ya should take it easy.”

“Can’t really afford to do that…” she half laughed in thought.

Not that it matters I’ll be run out of town now. Back to fucking square one. But what am I going to do with the shop? It was Lydia’s wish for me to run it…

“Would you mind terribly?” she hated asking but knew she hadn’t the money for a cab.

“Not at all, darlin’,” Logan replied and grabbed his keys.

“Won’t you stay for breakfast? I’ll make us some Calas!”

“Yer gonna cook?”

“Well not for you…”

Logan rolls his eyes. Bella softly laughed.

“I really should be going.”

“Ah now what’s the rush we don’t even know your name?” The Cajun probed, wishing she’d stick around so he could learn more about her.

She swallowed back uncomfortably and looked around the one bedroom apartment. “Bethany…” Gambit narrowed his eyes on this.

Logan raised his. She didn’t look like no ‘Bethany,’ he found himself thinking.

“Bethany…” the younger man repeated.

She nodded.

“Well let’s get you home, Bethany.”

Bella followed the men out the door and to Logan’s black jeep. Gambit rushed over and opened the door for her. He allowed her in the front and he took the back. Logan rolled his eyes on this. He climbed on in and had Bella give him directions.

None of them expected what they’d drive up on. Before the jeep was even fully parked, Bella hoped out.

“Whoa…” Gambit called out as Logan hurriedly slammed on the brakes.

“What the hell is she…” Logan grumbled.

However, both men recoiled at the sight. The bookshop had been burned to the ground and in the remains was neon orange spray paint that read DIE MUTIE!

“SON OF A BITCH!” Logan growled as he swiftly parked the Jeep.

They ran out as they saw Bella come to her knees. She covered her face and was sobbing uncontrollably. Everything was gone, her apartment, clothes, shoes, what little jewelry she had, her groceries, all the books, but more importantly, Lydia Thompson’s bookstore. Guilt came over her as she thought about the pride that woman had in that store. Bella only had control of it for a few months and it literally burned to the ground. All she had on her was her fake driver’s license showing that her name was Bethany Thompson and she was 22. But she was 20 going on 21 now. But the social security card, birth certificate, everything Lydia worked so hard to get her. It was all gone.

Bella got on all fours and crawled towards the ashes. It was still hot to the touch but she was desperate to find something, anything. Gambit saw the smoke rising still and swiftly wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her back to safety.

“C’ mere…” he softly said and pulled her into his chest.

Logan cleared his throat and walked through it for her. He grabbed whatever he thought he could salvage, which wasn’t much. Gambit looked to the blisters on her hands.

“It’s all gone…” she said going into hysterics.

“She trusted me and EVERYTHING’S GONE!”

The Cajun sat her down and turned on a nearby water hose. He sprayed her hands down. She flinched as the pain finally hit her.

“Were you livin’ in dat little shop?” Gambit asked curiously.

She nodded and his heart actually sank at this. Logan overheard this as well. The men nodded upon one another as Gambit tended to the blisters on her hands. Logan drew back a breath.

“Why don’t ya come with us?” Logan offered.

Gambit raised his brows in surprise. Bella peered over as Gambit took some black fingerless gloves out of his pocket. He placed them on Bella.

“Go with you?” she asked looking lost.

Gambit wiped her tears with his thumbs.

“Yeah why not, Belle?”

“Belle?” she questioned with slight alarm.

He smiled and helped her to her feet.

“Well you are beautiful, no?”

“Just what she needs, Gumbo! The girl just lost everything! Ya think she’s gonna wanna listen to that sappy shit all the way back to New York?!”

“New York?” Bella questioned in revelation.

“This city will always be my home, chere. But it’s time to see what else de world has to offer.”

“Would ya stop with the rambling? Look, it just so happens that we’re heading to a place that’s right up yer alley. Let’s just say – yer one of us.”

She gets this look of confusion. Logan sighed and looked around the area. He nodded towards her and popped his claws out. He pointed towards the DIE MUTIE.

“That pertains to us just as much as you, lil darlin’.”

Bella turned back with a gasp as Gambit nodded her way. His pupil and the sclera was solid black but his Iris was glowing that of a fuchsia-red color.

“Heard of mutants?”

Bella nodded at Gambit as he pulled a cigarette out from his trench coat.

“Well there ya go,” Logan uttered.

He placed what he could save, which were a few books, pictures, and a necklace, in the jeep.

“So whattaya say? Wanna see what New York has to offer or ya wanna stick around and visit the swamps?”

“Hey now… I’ve wrestled myself a few gators in those swamps!”

“And I’m sure she’d love to hear about it.”

“She might…” the Cajun replied with a smirk.

“Just get in the damn jeep, Gumbo!”

Logan eyes met Bella’s.

“Is there anywhere ya need to go before we hit the road?”

She looked back towards the remnants of the shop and drew back a heartbreaking breath.

“I suppose not.”

“So she goin’?!” They heard Gambit call out as though an excitable child.

Logan grinned on this.

“Ya she’s going. So get yer ass in the back.”

He gently took Bella by the arm and led her to the jeep.

“Why don’t you join me back here? We could learn more about one another!”

Logan cut him a look of hell. He opened the front door for Bella.

“She’s ridin’ up front with me, Cajun. Now shut yer trap.”

Gambit sighed rather childlike and folded his arms about his chest. He kept sighing off and on during the drive. He took out his cards and began flicking the deck. It made a ruffling sound and every time Logan would start to say something, he’d flick that deck. Bella glanced back, pondering what the sound was coming from. He sent her a wink and started to show off his shuffling skills. Logan, however, reached back and knocked the cards out of his hand.

“Ya like 52 pickup, right? Now get to it and enjoy you some solitaire.”

“Now Logan… Why would I play a game of solitaire when dere’s a lady involved? You’ve heard the term luck be a lady, no?”

Bella looked out the window with a sigh. So here she was with two strange men or mutants, as they referred. She’d heard of mutants but had never met one that she knew of. Never did she dream she’d wind up as one. But why now? She looked to her hands in thought. From what little she knew about mutants they were born with these abilities. They didn’t just sporadically happen. Did they?

“Aren’t you born as a mutant?”

She questioned out loud. Both men glanced upon one another in the rear-view mirror.

“That’s right, Belle.”

She drew back a breath.

“Then maybe I’m not one, after all.”

“How do ya mean?”

Bella swallowed back before answering.

“This just started about eight months ago.”

Logan shrugged.

“Eh… so you’re latent. It happens. There’s no doubt yer a mutant though.”


He nodded.

“You probably needed some sort of trigger.”

She looked to him confused.

“He means somethin’ must’ve got you mighty upset and… loto!”

Logan sighed. “Something like that. It was always there; it just needed a wakening.”

They took notice of the remorseful expression she had. Both were curious as to her story but even Gambit knew she needed some time to get to know them first. It was like mutant code, damn near. You don’t ever push another, you earn that trust first. They’d quite a trip ahead of them. There would be plenty of time to earn that trust and get to know one another.

About an hour into the drive, Gambit reached over between the two of them and turned on the radio. Light ‘Em Up by Fall Out Boy was playing. Bella thought of the irony considering that’s what she wanted to do with the Cullens.

“My jeep… I’m driving… I pick the music. We ain’t listening to this shit.”

Logan muttered and reached over switching the station to country.

“C’ MON!” Gambit bitched.

“No one wants to listen to dat the entire way dere! Do you, chere?”

He reached back over and turned it to a blues/jazz station. Born Under A Bad Sign by Albert King played. “Dere!” Gambit announced as he leaned back looking mighty proud of himself.

Logan cocks a brow upon Gambit through the rear-view mirror. Then looks over to Bella. “He’s just a big dumb idiot, isn’t he? Tell ya what… Why don’t we let the lady decide?”

Gambit shrugs.

“This is actually okay…” She says with a shrug in return.

The Cajun grinned ear to ear and patted Logan on the shoulder.

“She gonna love the Ragin’ Cajun!”

“Would ya stop insulting the lady? She’s got better taste!”

“Does she now? Are you implying dat she dig wet dog instead? Cause dat’s what you are. Wet dog! No woman wants dat in her bed. Not even at the foot of it.”

“You two do realize I’m right here and can perfectly understand the little innuendos…”

Both men get this guilty expression about them and clear their throats.

Bella giggled on their reactions and shook her head. “Are you two always like this?”

They shrugged.

“Ugh, you’re like a couple of kids…” she groaned.

Gambit raised his brows on this.

“Well he started it…” he taunted in return.

“I did not,” Logan fire back but with a playful grin towards Bella.

After a few more hours Logan pulled up to a diner. Gambit dashed on out and hurriedly opened the door for her. He then personally escorted her inside.

“Table for two?” the hostess asked.

“Why sure!” Gambit said, placing his arm around Bella.

“Don’t even think about it, bub…” Logan chimed in behind them.

Gambit sighed and leaned into Bella’s ear.

“Such the third wheel.”

The hostess cut them an odd look, but led them to a booth. Bella headed on to the bathroom to do her business and freshen up a bit. When she returned both men were sitting at the booth but in different seats. This was another pissing match to see who she’d sit with.

Bella shook her head at this and simply picked the one closest to her. Gambit wiggled his brows Logan’s direction.

Logan grumbled something under his breath and motioned the waitress over. They ordered their drinks then tilted their heads Bella’s direction.

“I’ll take water…”

“Nah… I got dis… you get whatever you want now, chere.”

Bella frowned in realization. She suddenly realized she was totally freeloading off these guys. Her face flushed over. She couldn’t help with gas, hotels, or food. She didn’t even have clothes or a freaking toothbrush.

“What was I thinking?” she whispered and lowered her head.

“Give us a minute, darlin'” Logan told the waitress.

She smiled and stuffed her pen and pad back into her apron.

“I’m sorry… I didn’t think this through. You guys should go on from here.”

“What are ya talking about?”

“I don’t have a dime to my name yet I agreed to go with you.”

“Well hell, we already knew that. So what’s the issue?”

“I can’t do that. It’s not right… I…”

“We wouldn’t have offered if we didn’t want to.”

“Dat’s right, we got you covered.”

Bella looked beyond humiliated as she pinched the bridge of her nose.

“Excuse me…”

The guys sighed.

“Damn…” Logan muttered eying the bathroom door.

Gambit came to his feet and headed that way as well. He knocked on the door before, entering. Bella had the sink going full force so she hadn’t even heard him. She leaned over the sink with one hand and was running water along her face with the other.

“…fuck…” he heard her grunt as if in pain.

She put a hand to her arm and staggered back. Bella took her jacket off and looked to see she’d ripped the stitches open. Twin tracks of tears ran down her face.

“Ah, ne pleure pas, ma mignonne.” (Ah, don’t cry, beautiful)

Her eyes flew open as he’d startled her. Gambit held his hands up and gradually made his way over. “May I?”

She narrowed her eyes and as he brushed her hair back. Bella started to recoil as he exposed her scarred eye. Gambit, however, stopped her. She swallowed back as he ran a finger along the scar.

“Why do you hide it, chere?” he questioned, whilst pulling her hair away from her face.

“Vous ne devriez jamais cacher votre magnifique visage.” (You should never hide your beautiful face)

Bella gently lowers his hand back down.

“You find no shame… It is our pleasure to help a lady such as yourself. If I’m to be honest… Dis little road trip would be quite mind-numbing if you hadn’t tagged along. And I’d be stuck listenin’ to dat honky-tonk merde!”

She couldn’t explain it not even to herself, but Bella managed to smile and shake her head.

“Now listen here… It’s not every day I get to spoil lovely women such as yourself and I know dat for sure in his case…” he says with a look of disgust.

“He’s not that bad…” Bella defends.

“Oh you like him do you, no?”

She shrugged thinking Logan had a certain sex appeal to him. Gambit, however, reached to his heart.

“Oh chere… Say dat isn’t so… You breakin’ my heart,” he declared with exaggeration.

Bella stifled a giggle.

“Such a beautiful smile. You would make dis world a better place by doin’ it more often.”

“No offense, but you hardly know me.”

He nodded.

“Dat’s very true, but I hope to change dat. Now would you allow me to offer my services and pay for your food or whatever else you may need on dis trip?”

“Gambit… I…”

“Ah, she speaks my name!”

He says reaching to his heart once again. She half laughed and wiped her face with the back of her hand.

“You on the other hand can call me Remy…”

Bella looks upon him puzzled.

“Remy’s my given name. Gambit’s just somethin’ I picked up a’ long de way. Now I don’t just let anyone call me dat,” he looks towards the door in hint.

Bella drew back a breath.


He reared back with the tilting of the head.

“My real name… Long story… But I go by Bethany now.”

“Bella… Lemme guess… short for Isabella which does indeed mean beauty! I knew it! You look nothin’ like a Bethany! So my name for you fits, no?!”

She shrugged rather shyly.

“I shall keep callin’ you Bella. See, your given name much more fittin’. I like dis…”

“I suppose we better get back out there before your friend thinks…”

Gambit grinned.

“Now what would he be thinkin’, chere?” he teased as they walked towards the door.

He leaned into her ear once more before they exited.

“But I hardly know you…” he taunted with a smirk.

Bella grinned on this.

“But you’re buying me lunch…” Bella mocked in return.

Gambit wiggled his brows on this.

“Dat I am!”

Gambit cut Logan a hinting wink before they sat back down. Logan nodded, already knowing. He could see the relief in her eyes. The Cajun had a certain “charm” about him. His friend knew that’s how he got her to calm down a bit and wash away some of that guilt.

“So ya ready to eat now, darlin’?”

She nodded and once again they waved the waitress over.

“Ya wreck my jeep and I’m gonna wreck you…” Logan muttered as he climbed into the back with Bella.

“Now Logan let’s save that sort of talk for de ladies!” Remy smarted.

Bella rolled her eyes but was grinning. Logan reached back and pulled out a first aid kit from the sleeve of the seat. He got her set up and tended to her wound.

“I don’t have anything to deaden this so just to warn ya, this isn’t gonna feel so great.”

“Ya ready?”

She nodded and braced herself.

“Sorry…” he said once he drove the needle and thread in.

Bella leaned back and bit her lower lip. She closed her eyes and just let him do whatever he needed. She knew not to look. It’d just make her queasy. Her eyes were still closed once Logan finished. He put everything away afterword. Once he leaned back, however, he froze, wide eyed.

“What’s with you?” Gambit questioned looking through the rear-view mirror.

Logan cleared his throat and carefully moved about situating himself. Bella had fallen asleep but ended up with her head in his lap. Gambit whipped around taking notice as well now.

“C’ mon!”

This had Logan chuckling.

“What can I say she must’ve gotten comfy?!”

Gambit flipped him off and turned back around, cursing in French the entire time. Logan took advantage of the moment and regarded the scar along her face. He reared back in thought. His friend Nathan Summers, aka Cable, came to mind. He drew back a breath as he found himself admiring other parts of her as well. He had a thing for women that could fill out a pair of jeans and this one most certainly did.

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 2 Road Trip”

  1. I swear Gambit and Logan have always been my favorites but the chemistry and everything else in between with these characters is spot on and hilarious all at once. They have the x-men cartoon on Hulu the ones from the 90’s and pretty much any 90’s comic cartoon so I just love to watch them it brings back so many memories from when I was a kid. Plus its commercial free for cartoons which makes it a plus.

  2. this is turning out to be a cute story so far. i love the humor thrown in here and there. the whole deal with the cullens and the tragic end of the almost wedding is so damn sad.

  3. Something about the byplay of these two guys I just love. I somehow how wonder what a poly story would look like with them. Noticed I’ve never seen one here yet. Is it something you’d ever consider writing.

    1. A poly would def be interesting. I tend to write about more alpha like males though and it’s hard for me to picture them willing to share. Though it would be hot lol. I just don’t see someone like Logan especially willing to share his woman. But that’s just me. I’m sure someone else could write it beautifully and it make sense. I tend to stay away from things I just can’t truly picture. Logan’s too much of an alpha for me to see this being possible.

      1. Yeah I see what you mean they are the alpha type and they tend to surprise me when I come across a story where they actually work well enough. I agree with them I can’t see it not being drama filled lol. Hope to see more with them though love how you write them.

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