Chapter 4 The Truth

Chapter 4

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“No… no. Please! STOP! JUST STOP!”

Logan jumped at first but sighed as he glimpsed back. Gambit had a look of alarm about him. He reached over and was doing his best to stir her awake.

“Come now, Belle. Tis only a dream…”


Logan pulled over and Gambit was bent over Bella trying to get her to come too. Her hands had balled up into fist. Her face was flushed and her entire body jerked about. Logan turned back with concern.

With a gasp Bella shot awake. Gambit’s eyes were locked onto hers.

“Who haunts your dreams, mon Bella?” he questioned softly.

She swallowed back gathering her surroundings. He tilted his head about and caressed her cheek.

“My bloodsucking ex that destroyed my life.”

Gambit narrowed his eyes on this.

“And how did dis ‘bloodsucking’ ex of yours do dat?”

“By murdering our wedding guests…”

“You’re serious…” he stated, rearing back.

She nodded with tears in her eyes.

“He started with my father and went from there.”

Gambit’s eyes widened.

“Now why would a man do such a thing?”

“He’s no man, he’s a fucking monster!”

Logan nodded in agreement and turned back around.

“I say we find us a hotel, call it a night,” he muttered under his breath and put the car back in drive.

“So you were engaged, chere?” he questioned, whilst wiping her tears away.

Bella nodded once again as he handed her a tissue. Gambit leaned back looking to be in thought.

“So dat’s a no ta proposin’…”

“You idiot!”

Logan uttered and reached back smacking him in the head.

“The girl just told ya all her loved ones died and ya have to go and make a joke about it?”

“Who said I was jokin’?”

“Then you’re even dumber than I thought.”

They looked over as they heard Bella giggling. Gambit got this egotistical grin to him. Logan sighed and smacked him again on principle.

“Ow, would you stop dat now?!”

“I believe it’s safe to say marriage isn’t in my deck of cards.”

“Then it’s a good thing I’m card shark.”

She cut him a look of disbelief and he sent a wink her way.

“We’ll be in New York about this time tomorrow,” Logan stated, looking to the time.

Bella and Gambit nodded as the three of them were sitting at the table in Logan’s hotel room. Gambit shuffled a deck of cards and started dealing them out.

“Ever play?” Remy curiously probed glancing Bella’s direction.

“What you mean like Go Fish… Or Bullshit?” she mocked in return.

Logan had a good laugh at this as he clipped one of his cigars. Gambit raised his brows and placed a cigarette in his mouth.

“Hmmm… how about we up de stakes a bit?” he uttered with a shrug and lit his cigarette.

“She doesn’t have anything to place, Gumbo. Ya know that.”

“Sure she does,” he said his eyes never leaving hers, as he flicked the ashes from his cigarette in an ashtray.

“Ya better not be even thinking it, bub.”

“And what would I be thinkin’?”

“We ain’t doing none of that strip poker shit. She’s a lady not some two-bit whore. Show some damn respect Cajun!”

Remy placed a hand over his heart.

“I’d never disrespect mon Belle!”

“Then what are ya ramblin’ on about?”

“Well, it’s like you said. She hasn’t anything to place… So hear me out. If she wins, she gets both our earnings… However, if either of us win dat winner gets a kiss!”

Logan rolled his eyes.

“What makes ya think she’s gonna wanna kiss either of us pissants?”

“Okay…” she said with a shrug, surprising the shit out of them both.

Gambit wore a grin going ear to ear.

“Alright… so the lady’s in…”

Logan half laughed.

“Fair enough, let’s see how this goes and ya better not pull any of those stupid tricks of yers or you’ll be having my claws jammed up yer ass.”

Couple hours later…

Logan growled under his breath as he folded and pushed what he had left in the center of the table. He downed his beer and finished his cigar. Remy had a good laugh at this.

“So it looks like it’s just you and me, darling…” the card shark said with a wink.

Bella nodded. Gambit looked to his hand and pushed everything he had earned over. Bella made a certain face that had Gambit in full hopes. Logan cocked a brow at this. She sighed as if truly disappointed.

“Is somethin’ de matter?” Remy questioned with a hint of mockery.

He places down his cards revealing a full house. Another sigh escaped her and Logan followed with a sigh of his own. He patted her on the back.

“Ya don’t really have to kiss him, ya know.”

“Dat wasn’t de deal!” Gambit uttered, eying Logan down.

“I’m sorry Logan…”

He looked upon her perplexed.

“For what darlin’?!”

“I’m about to embarrass your friend.”

She placed her cards down and cut Gambit a mischievous grin.

“Mon Dieu!”

Gambit gets this destroyed look about him. Bella had a straight flush.

“Ya alright there, Gumbo?” Logan asked behind a chuckle.

Gambit holds up a hand and pinches the bridge of his nose with the other.

“Just don’t talk to me for a moment…”

Logan reached to his gut in laughter. Bella grabbed her winnings.

“Well darlin’, ya sure got one hell of a poker face.”

Bella smiled and came to her feet. She pocketed the $207 in winnings and a pair of Logan’s boots that were placed in one of the bets. She draped them over her shoulder on the way out.

“Goodnight boys!” she called out. Both men gave her the once over as she exited the room.

Gambit let out a sigh.

“I wanna be pissed but dat was sexy as hell.”

Logan nodded in full agreement and took a drag off his cigar.

Remy tiredly rubbed his face and came to a stand. He downed what was left of his beer and he too went about his way. On the way to his room, however, someone snatched him by the collar of his trench coat. He let out a moan once he realized whose lips were planted on his.

“Goodnight Remy…”

She called out and walked away, entering her room. He raised his brows on this and reached to his heart. “Ce qui une la femme.” (What a woman.)

“Logan!” he nodded upon the young woman as she ran up and hugged him.

“How ya doin’ Marie?”

“Where’d you go?”

“Eh… Just went on a little mission.”

She peered over his shoulder and her jaw dropped as Gambit entered the building as well.

“R..” The woman started to say but froze once she caught wind of the pretty girl attached to his arm.

They were laughing about something and awfully touchy feely. Logan drew back a breath seeing the look on her face.

“This place is insane…” Bella whispered.

Gambit laughed. “Ah, you haven’t even seen it all yet.”

“Gambit?” A stunning red head called out with surprise to her voice.

He smiled and the woman rushed over and hugged him.

“It’s good to have you back!”

The woman nodded upon Bella.

“And who do we have here?”

Gambit smiled.

“Well dis here is a girl dat likes me but doesn’t put up with my merde.”

Bella rolled her eyes, elbowing him.


The woman smiled.

“Good – you need someone that’ll keep you in line.”

Bella offered her hand.

“Bella Swan…” she introduced using her real name for the first time ever since that horrific day of events.

Logan and Gambit glanced upon one another with the same look of surprise.

“Well Bella, I’m Jean Summers and this is my husband Scott.”

She motions towards a man with shades on. He was making his way over. Bella shook his hand as well. He nodded at Gambit.

“Good to seeing you again.”

Logan placed his arms around Bella and Remy.

“We better visit Chuckles first and get you both set up.”

“Remy…” The young lady that hugged Logan called out, looking damn near heartbroken.

She stood before the three of them. Bella remembered what he said about hardly anyone calling him that. The girl had tears in her eyes as she hugged him. Gambit gave a slight pat the back, nothing more.

“Rogue…” he uttered in return.

Bella looked to Logan in question.

“How’ve you been?” Gambit asked respectfully.

She pulled back with a smile.


“Good to know.”

“And you?”

“Been real good…” he said with genuinely.

Rogue glanced Bella’s direction. “I see…”

Gambit reached over and took Bella by the hand. “Belle, this is Rogue.”

“So Bella… you’re…” Rogue asked hintingly.

Bella had a rather puzzled look.

“I’m sorry…?”

“Eh… Gumbo got himself a girl,” Logan chimed in as it was getting uncomfortable even for him.

“Oh… wow… I mean.. that’s great!”

“Isn’t it?” Gambit said with a hint of touchiness behind it.

One that had Bella rearing back in wonder. Logan sighed on this and led them on into Xavier’s office.

“Gambit! What a nice surprise!” Xavier called out the moment they entered the room.

“Likewise professor.”

“Does this mean you’re back?”

“I suppose it does.”

The older man in the wheelchair smiled on this.

“Such wonderful news… and you are?”

She smiled the man’s way.

“Bella Swan, sir.”

He tilted his head upon her as they shook hands. He was picking something up from her but found it hard to detect what it was exactly. Something seemed to be blocking him.

“Intriguing…” he said a certain way; one that had Gambit and Logan’s attention.

“You’ve to forgive me Ms. Swan… there’s something about you isn’t there?” he stated rhetorically.

Logan cleared his throat on this.

“We were thinking about getting her trained… Seeing how she feels about joining our team,” Logan put out there.

The professor nodded.

“Well I for one am quite curious… Welcome aboard Ms. Swan. I do hope to see you out in the field in the near future.”

Bella raised her brows on this.

“So that’s it…? Like isn’t there a test or…”

All three men softly laughed.

“I do believe your training sessions will tell us all we need to know and I would like to be present for your first few danger room sessions.”

“My what?!”

Logan motions towards a room.

“That’ll be your room, darlin’. And that…” He points the room across from hers.

“Yours Gumbo.”

“What about my old room?”

“If you don’t mind smelling brimstone all night then go ahead.”

“Ah man, really?!”

Logan shrugs.

“You were gone for two years. Whattaya expect?!”

He sighed but looked Bella’s direction.

“You could stay with me, mon Belle…” Remy hints with the wiggling of brows.

Bella grinned.

“You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

“Yes, very much!”

Logan rolls his eyes.

“Alright you two… I’m off before ya give me a damn cavity.”

Logan heads into a room a few doors down from Gambit’s. Bella and Remy gazed upon one another.

“Well you know where ta find me…”

Bella smiled on this and gave a slight wave as she entered her room and shut the door. Within the matter of seconds she heard a knock. She opened the door and Remy swiftly entered pulling the door to behind him. He lifted her up off the ground. Her legs wrapped around his waist and he pressed her up against the door. The kissing became more intense. Bella could feel him throbbing against her. Her entire body reacted. She truly felt like an animal going into heat. After all, she was a 20 year old virgin and Edward truly felt like the tease in their relationship. Every time things were about to become too heated, he’d put a stop to it.

Remy wasn’t by no means. He was kissing along her neck and shoulders. He reached back and locked the door. He carried her to the bed and kissed her once again. Bella wanted this in every way, but this was new territory. She also wasn’t sure how he’d react to what she was about to reveal.


He quickly removed his hand from under her shirt. He had this look of alarm as if he might’ve taken things too far. She drew back a rather nervous breath.

“I’ve never…”

“You’ve never…” he probed, brushing Bella’s hair away from her face.

She blushed with a hint of nerves about her.

“…had sex…”

Gambit narrowed his eyes on this.

“But you said had a fiance?”

Bella sort of laughed and ran a hand along his chest.

“Remy… let’s just say he was a bit old fashioned about things. Often enough, it was as if I was the one out to steal his virtue…”

“Dis… the same man dat went crazy?”

“Vampire…” she said with a sigh.

Gambit reared back with a soft chuckle.


She nodded.

“And believe me he totally sucked.”

He nodded and swallowed back in thought. Remy had never been with a virgin. Something about that had him even more roiled up. He’d wanted her since he first laid eyes on her at that bar. Sure he could just go right with it. He knew she wouldn’t stop him. The way she was grinding along with him. He had her right where he wanted.

But there was something different about this one as to why he felt so defensive when he thought Logan fucked her. Yes, part of that was envy but he also felt protective when it came to her. He wasn’t even sure why but it was strong. He swallowed back on these thoughts. Remy hadn’t even taken her on a real date yet but he was willing to steal her virginity? Even with Remy LeBeau that didn’t set right. She wasn’t just some easy lay. He’d be damned if he took advantage of that.

“How old are you, mon Bella? And how bout’ the truth dis time?”


His eyes widened a bit and he sort of laughed. She got this apprehensive look to her. He pecked her lips once more and rolled off her. He pulled her into his chest. Bella softly laughed, feeling his hand running along her ass.

“Do you know how old I am?”


“Hm… I’m 28 and it’s Remy Etienne LeBeau”

Now, she was the one with the wide eyed glare. He chuckled on this.

“So Isabella Swan and you’re just 20…. Fake ID I take it, no?”

She nodded.

“Bout’ what I thought. You’re a bad girl…”

“No I’m not.”

“Oh mon Belle. You cannot fool me. You’re just as much a con as I! And middle name?”


He frowned at this.

“Um, is something wrong with that?”

“We will have to change dat,” he stated with a shrug and kissed the top of her head.

“You want to change my middle name?”

“Don’t worry I will give you a good one. One dat is much more fitting!”

“Um okay but can you tell me what your beef with the name is?”

“My beef? Such a funny expression,” he repeats with a chuckle. “Well, chere… You remember Rogue?”

She nodded, as it dawned her that Logan had called her Marie.

“Dat is my ex… Her real name is Marie. But everyone calls her Rogue. Logan’s de only one dat calls her Marie.”

Bella half laughed.

“I KNEW IT! The way she was acting.”

“Yeah…. Sorry bout dat…”

“Don’t be… I thought you handled it pretty well.”

“Did you now?” he questioned and kissed along her neck.

“So what happened there?”

“We were also engaged… but a few days before de wedding de woman decided she want something different. Something I couldn’t give her. At least not de way she desired. She found someone dat could.”

Bella gave him a puzzled look.

“It is a long story. We had a rather… hmm, I’m not even sure how to put it. ‘Interestin’ is de word I suppose now when I look back on it.”

“How long were you together?”

“Bout’ three years or so off and on…. You and the vampire?”

“Ironically about the same. He dumped me during our first year of dating though. So not so sure it counts as a full three years.”

“He dumped you?!” Remy asked sounding truly baffled.

“Yeah… long story there too.”

He reared back doing the math.

“So you were 16 when you first dated de vampire?”

She nodded.

“Man… dat is young chere! How did you think it would work, being married to a vampire and all. I do not mean to offend… I’m merely curious.”

She swallowed back before answering.

“We had a deal…”


“If I married him… he’d turn me.”


She sighed at Gambit’s reaction.

“You’d let dis vampire take your life?”

She lowered her head and drew back a breath.

“Why would you do dat? Why would you want to become dat?!”

Bella’s face was flushed over and she trolled on out of the bed. Gambit sighed and sat up.

“I thought I loved him and all I could think about was how I’d keep aging. He would always be 17, in the physical standpoint at least. I didn’t want to become some old woman while the man I deemed to be the love of my life remained a teenage boy.”

“Dat has to be de most tragic thing I’ve ever heard,” he mutters, looking ill.

“But I can relate… more than you think. Dat is how I felt about Rogue.” He half laughed.

“But now I see her and…”

“You’re numb…” Bella said as she thought about her feelings for Edward.

“Yeah… dat’s de word…”

Bella nodded.

“With me there is the numbness. But the other part knows if I ever see him again, he won’t live to see another day. Him and his entire family… An eye for an eye… the way I see it,” Bella declared with a shrug. She leaned against the wall and folded her arms about her chest.

Gambit came to his feet, making his way over. He caressed her cheek and leaned into her ear. He wanted to get her mind off the pain.

“So tell me… do you sleep in the buff. Or something like…” Remy slowly lifted her shirt exposing her black bra.

“Like dis?!” he questioned, running his hands along the bareness of her tummy.

He took a moment to gawk in awe. She truly was breath taking, making this even more agonizing. But it would be well worth the wait. He lowered her shirt back down and cleared his throat.

“So where should I take you on our first date?”

“You haven’t earned that date yet.”

“But you let me do dis?” he hinted and eagerly rubbed himself against her and kissed along her neck.

“You’re right… We should stop.”

She laughed as Remy got all pouty looking.

“I can wait on de sex but come on, mon Belle, don’t be cruel!”

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