Chapter 5 Dangerous Mood

Chapter 5

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Bella narrowed her eyes as she opened her door the next morning. She bent down and picked up the dozen red roses. There was a card beside it that read For mon Belle. She smiled and breathed them in. Irony have it, Rogue was walking by with a friend of hers. Bella took notice of the envious look on her face. They gave a simple nod towards one another as Bella took the roses inside and placed them in a vase. When she was done she decided to do some exploring of her own. Bella wanted to learn more about this place.

She continued to mix the clothes Logan and Remy had bought. They were starting to grow on her and she rather liked the edgy look it gave her. The leather wristlet Remy gave her was something she wore with damn near everything.

Bella made her way down the hall, taking everything in. She couldn’t get over the size of this place. Bella smiled, however, as a group of children walked past her. She’d almost forgotten this was a school as well. The young woman froze though as she heard what sounded to be crying. With narrowed eyes she followed the sound. There was a little girl off to a corner of a doorway. She had her face buried within her knees as they were up against her chest. Bella brought herself the girl’s level.

“I’m sorry to bother you… but I’m new here and was wondering if you could show me where the cafeteria was…”

The girl lifted her head upon Bella. The first thing Bella noticed was the girl’s beautiful green eyes.

“You need my help?” she asked looking rather stunned.

“Yes please. I’m sorry to bother you.”

The girl hurriedly wiped her face with the back of her hands.

“I can show you.”

“Thank you!”

The girl took Bella by the hand and went to led her that direction. Bella was brought to her knees, however, and she gritted her teeth.

I’m telling you there’s something wrong with her!

You can’t be serious! You want our daughter locked away in some ward?!

That’s where they belong! ALL OF THEM!

She’s our daughter Michael!

Not anymore she isn’t!

…daddy… the little girl cried out… reaching to the man….

He curled his lip at her.

Don’t call me that! And don’t come any closer.


Bella sucked back a breath as she snapped out of whatever it was.

“DID I HURT YOU?!” the little girl shrieked out in a panic.

Bella swallowed back.

“Not at all, sweetheart…”

The little girl’s bottom lip quivered. Bella found herself hugging the child.

“You are perfect the way you are. Don’t ever let anyone tell you any different,” she whispered in the girl’s ear.

“That’s what he says…”


The girl smiled.

“Professor Xavier!” she exclaimed happily.

“I’m Amora.”


“Cool! Would you like to see what I can do?”

“I’d like that very much.”

Bella’s jaw dropped as the area around them suddenly looked as though a rainforest. She looked around in awe. She even heard birds and the shuffling of leaves as the wind blew against the trees. Bella smiled.


“This is one of my favorites. It’s so pretty.”

“That it is…”

“Would you like to see one more?”

Bella nodded and the scenery around them gradually changed. The crashing of waves was heard and seagulls. Bella softly laughed.

“I do believe this is my favorite.”

It soon faded and the hallway reappeared.

“Now that was very cool.”

“I can do other things too but I gotta get to class. I’ll show you where the cafeteria is first.”

“I’ve a confession to make.”

The girl looked to Bella confused.

“I just wanted someone to talk to. I don’t really need you to show me where the cafeteria is so you can go on to class.”

“You wanted to talk to ME?!”

Bella nodded.

“No one ever wants to talk to me. They think I’m a freak.”

“Well, their loss…”

Amora smiled. “I better go.”

Bella nodded once more as the girl took off.

“Ah, Ms. Swan! Do you have a minute?”

Bella turned to see Xavier poking his head out of his office.


He smiled and motioned her over. Once she entered his office he had her sign a few things and went over certain criteria. Afterwards, he questioned Bella about her parents and how she discovered her powers. Bella answered the questions the best to her knowledge. The professor nodded to himself, looking to be in thought.

“I’ve been told that Gambit volunteered to be your mentor?”

“Yes sir.”

He nodded on this.

“Well, then it seems it’s all settled. Good luck to you. If you need anything, you know where to find me.”

Bella smiled in return.

“Thank you, sir.”

“Please, call me Charles.”

She looked upon him rather oddly on this but nodded. Once she exited, Xavier drew back a breath and looked out the window.

“She hasn’t any idea…” he whispered amongst himself.

“Dere you are!” Remy called out he was walking towards her.

“You ready?”

“Ready?” she questioned, gawking upon him in disbelief.

He was wearing his X-Men suit, with his trench coat over it. The top part of the suit was a reddish-fuchsia color. It revealed his well-defined abs it was so snug and the pants were just as tight and were black with reddish-fuchsia horizontal-stripes. The boots he wore with it looked to be some sort of silver metal and he had on black fingerless gloves. He was carrying a fighting stick in one hand he reached out and took her hand with the other.

“C’ mon!”

Bella looked around as they entered a particular room. Remy reached over and flipped a switch. They were in some sort of console room overlooking another room. The other room was massive. He turned on the monitors and began setting up.

“We won’t need all dat fancy stuff today. Today it is just us,” he said with a shrug.

A door opened leading to the other room.

“Are you alright, mon Belle?”

She nodded. Bella couldn’t form words if she wanted to. Gambit was a sexy man to begin with. But in his X-Men getup? He was the literal definition of steaming hot sex.

“…damn…” Bella muttered under her breath as she watched him enter the other room.

“Are you coming, chere?”

She half laughed at the irony of that question.

“Damn near…” she whispered to herself.

The door shut behind her once she entered. This caused her to jump at first. She snapped back with alarm.

“It’s supposed to do dat. It won’t open again til our session is done.”

“Um… okay.”

He waves her over and propped his collapsible bo staff against the wall.

“First off… you need ta know dat what you feel in dese…” he shows her his hands.

“Has a lot to do with dis…” he pointed to his head.

“If you do not use dis… You lose control of dese. So let’s start with dat!”

Gambit takes out his deck of cards with missing ace.

“We’ll start with dese,” he stated with a shrug.

Bella raised her brows as he began to shuffle them about. Only now he was using his kinetic energy to do so. He spread his arms further out and continued. The cards began this insane display of shuffling. Not only that, but his eyes were glowing like they had when he first revealed himself to her. The more energy he put behind it that same color spread throughout as he moved the cards about. Her jaw dropped as he suddenly sent them flying across the room each card began to detonate one by one as he threw them. It started out small and as he continued the blast became that much powerful.

“Now you try…” he said handing her the rest of the deck.

She looked upon him as if lost on what to do.

“Just do what you did the other day, when you took my Ace of Spades.”

She half laughed on the way he sounded damn near pouty about it. He cut her a wink and she drew back a breath. Bella held the cards flat in the palm of her hand. She looked to the deck and started to focus. This was something she used to do during her own time in the bookstore. That was how she gained what little control she had.

Remy nodded and folded his arms about his chest as one of the cards began to hover.

“Dere you go… now do your thing, chere.”

She nodded and had it floating across the room. Nowhere near the speed he had with his kinetic energy but she was using telekinesis. He observed closely and could already see the painful countenance in her eyes. She snapped her fingers and the card did as it had in the jeep the other day. He nodded on this.

“Good… but now we focus on not using so much energy. You do not need so much. Just a little… you only add on dependin’ how heavy de object is. Now I know we use different abilities, but when it comes to how we go bout it, it’s not dat different.”

Bella nodded and tried once again. The card drifted about as it did before. Once again, she snapped her fingers and the card burst.

“Whoa…” Remy called out and hurriedly brace her against him.

“Too much…” he declared tenderly as she reached to her eye.

“Easy, chere…”

He ran a soothing hand along her back as she bowled over.

“…fuck…” she grunted out in pain.

Remy narrowed his eyes on this. He made his way around and cupped her chin.

“Lemme see…”

He cocked his head about as she removed her hand. Her eye had golden hue going around it.

“Do you feel dat every time?” he hints.

Bella nodded.

“What’d dat like?”

“Like my eye is about to fucking burst out of the socket.”

He grimaced.

“What do you think about when you do dis?”

She sort of shrugs. “Just having control.”

He nodded in revelation.

“When did dese powers manifest?”

“My wedding day.”

He reared back, in thought.

“When the groom-to-be slaughtered your guests…” he said as it was all coming together.

“You thought it a dream… You wanted to control that dream only to find it wasn’t a dream.”

Bella snapped him a look.

“How’d you…?”

He sighed.

“Let’s just say I understand more than you’d think. But you need a new way of thinkin’. You see… we haven’t any real control. So we shouldn’t make it bout dat. You need to focus on what’s in here…” He pointed to her heart.

“But put it in here,” he points to his head once again. “Then you send it dere…” He shows her his hands.

“And what is it you think about?” She curiously questioned.

He drew back a breath on this.

“It depends. Sometimes I think about how hungry I am or how badly I want a smoke.”

She laughs as if he were joking.

“Tis no joke… De trick is not to take it so seriously. To loosen up and have fun with it. Now I know dere are times we can’t always do dat. Like when protecting another or fightin’ for your life for instance. But if anything dat’s when it’s most crucial to conserve what energy you have. De more you focus and push yourself de more energy you use, de faster you’re goin’ to wipe yourself out. Dat’s when your enemy will gain the upper hand and excuse my French my dear, chere… but you’re FUCKED! And de only way you should be fucked is through me one day… I hope…” he said with a smirk.

“I should totally hit you for that.” (I know you want to hit dat)

“But you won’t….”

“Oh, really?”

He nodded with that egotistical smile of his.

“And why not?”

“Because you secretly adore me, admit it, chere…”

“Ugh, you’re so…”

“Soooo?” he challenged and kissed the scar along her eye.

She went to say something on this, only to find his lips on hers. Once he parted from her lips he nodded towards her.

“Try again, chere… now dat I gave you somethin’ to think a’ bout.”

She swallowed back on this as he stepped aside.

“Remember, have fun with it. No more strainin’ yourself. Let it flow naturally. Just as your abilities are. They were always dere, Bella. They are a part of you… They do not need forcin’.”

Remy grinned ear to ear as three cards rose this time round. Bella sent them out and he chuckled as she snapped her fingers and one by one and the cards ruptured. She cut him a look of disbelief. He nodded.

“See…” He pointed to his head. “All in dere… It’s not about controlling the situation. It’s de way you think. And does dis hurt now?” He inquired running a single finger along her scar.

She narrowed her eyes in awareness.

“Only a little but from earlier…”

“Den we’re gettin’ somewhere.”

They practiced a few more rounds before the door opened. She looked to him in wonder.

“I had it set on a timer…”

“How long?” she asked curiously.

“Two hours.”

“We were in there for two hours?!”

He laughed.

“It flies don’t it? And you owe me a date now! So… I’ll see you in a bit.”

“Wait… you mean tonight?”

He nodded and rushed off.


She sighed as she heard him chuckle but he kept walking.

Bella was looking in the mirror as she heard a knock at the door. She straightened the leather skirt Remy had gotten her out and fixed the top that came from Logan. She stole one more glance upon the mirror, before answering the door.

“Merde! Je ne peux pas en croire mes yeux.” (Fuck! I can’t believe my eyes.)

Meanwhile, she was thinking the exact words even if she hadn’t a clue what he just said. Remy was in black slacks, and a deep blue dress shirt. He offered his arm like a gentleman. She reached back and grabbed her jacket. Then took his arm as he escorted her out to the cab he had waiting for them.

Bella laughed as Remy told one of his stories about growing up in the bayou.

“So you really did wrestle alligators.”

“Dat I did…”

She shook her head in disbelief.

“And what about you, chere… Were you born and raised in Washington?”

“Try Arizona…”

“Oh really?” he said looking rather stunned.

The live music in the background changed and I’m In a Dangerous Mood by BB King and Joe Crocker was playing. He’d taken Bella to a blues bar and grill. Gambit raised his brows on this.

“Good song…” he called out as he took a swig of his beer.

“Who knows dis could be our song no?”

She blushed in thought as she listened to the lyrics.

Look out baby

I’m in a dangerous mood

I done called up the bossman

Told him where to go

And just what to do

Call me crazy

But I did what I had to do

You can call me stupid

I just did what I had to do

I had to steal a little time baby

So I could spend it all on you

I parked the car down the street

And I unplugged the phone

So it would look just like

Ain’t nobody home

I put a rose on your pillow

Where you lay your pretty head

I’m gonna rub your tired shoulders

Bring your dinner to your bed

Look out baby

I’m in a dangerous mood

I had to steal a little time baby

So I could spend it all on you

I’m gonna light a candle

Put the champagne on ice

And if one ain’t enough

Well we’ll just have to do it twice

I done made myself a will

And I’ve called my next of kin

‘Cause I’m gonna love you over

And over and over

Again and again

Look out baby

I’m in a dangerous mood

I had to steal a little time baby

So I could spend it all on you

Look out baby

I’m in a dangerous mood

Look out baby

I’m in a dangerous mood

I just this one last paycheck baby

And I’m gonna spend every dime on you

“I love dat…”


“How you get all rosy when I say certain things.”

She shook her head with another blush.

“Dat right dere… Damn chere, you haven’t a clue what you do ta me.”

He nodded towards the waitress as she brought Remy the check.

After he paid he peered over. “Are you ready?”

Bella nodded. He came to his feet and made his way over offering a hand. Once they were in the cab, Remy pulled her into his lap. His hands traveled along her legs and up her skirt. He slightly bucked off his seat once he felt the seam of her panties. This caused Bella to gasp out, but was quickly followed by a moan as he rocked her about him. They were so into their little session, neither had realized the cab driver had already pulled up to the mansion. He rolled his eyes.

“Ya wanna take that to a damn room now?”

Bella blushed and Remy raised his brows on this.

“I don’t know, chere, do we?” he taunted as he handed over the fare.

Remy opened the door and Belle adjusted her skirt as she crawled out. When he stepped out, he took her by the hand. He led Bella back to her room. But before he left he kissed her hand.

“So do I earn another date?”

Bella smiled.


“Ah now… What did I say about being cruel, mon Belle?!”

Gambit entered his room he’d a smile about him. But that smile was soon to fade.

“How’d your date go?”

He narrowed his eyes and turned towards his bed. He cocked his head about seeing as how Rogue was sitting on it.

“It went great actually,” he said but with caution as he took of his trench coat. “We went to…”

“I remember our first date…”

Gambit cringed and drew back a breath. “Do you now? Well, I try not to.”

She nodded with a smile and rose from the bed. She made her way over and straightened his collar.

“What are you doing, Rogue?”

“Rogue?” She asked looking offended.

“Dat’s right..”

“Come now, sugah…”

He lowered her hands as they were running along his chest. “So, how’s Joseph dese days?”

“He’s good, but tell me more about this girl of yours.”

“What is it you want to hear?”

“Well how did you two meet? And are you two … you know…”


Rogue half laughs.

“Well of course you are… I mean you are Remy Lebeau…”

“And what’s dat supposed to mean?”

“I think we both know… Does she…? I mean, does she know about us?”

He winced feeling her hand along his ass. He just knew Bella was about to walk in any moment and shit would hit the fan. He couldn’t believe that Rogue of all women would stoop this low. It made matters worse in the sense that she dumped HIM!

“Yeah… I told her dat we were engaged… And I told her what you pulled. NOW GET OUT!”

Rogue’s jaw dropped.


“And dat’s another thing. It’s Gambit… Now goodnight.”

Gambit opened his door and gestured for her exit his room.

“I…” she started to say and he slams his door shut.

He leaned against the door and pinched his eyes shut for a moment. He gritted his teeth as there was a knock at the door.


He froze once he opened the door and saw it was Bella.

“Just wanted to make sure you were alright…” she hinted.

Remy sighed realizing she’d heard them arguing. He felt slightly embarrassed she was the last person he’d want overhearing that.

“I’m fine, mon Belle.”

She nodded and kissed his cheek.

“If you need to talk… you know where to find me. Goodnight Remy.”

He smiled and watched as she headed back to her room.

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  1. Happy he showed her some control and to make things easier on her. Xavier is keeping a secret I take it. Sounds like they had a fun date. Really not liking this Rouge. Great chapter.

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