Chapter 6 Light’s Out!

Chapter 6

I do not own Twilight or Marvel.

A few days later…

Bella and Remy looked to one another dumbfounded. She had the dummy Gambit had brought with him today hovering about the danger room.

“Dat’s… I mean… wow!”

She nodded and brought it back down.

“And it doesn’t hurt!”

He chuckled.

“Dat’s great, chere!”

The door opened and they froze as Professor Xavier entered. Bella swallowed back nervously as he wheeled himself over.

“Remarkable, Ms. Swan!”

“Thank you, s… I mean, Charles.”

Remy cocked a brow on this.

“Now have you tried that with an actual person yet?”

Bella swallowed back on this.

“I suppose it depends on what you consider a person,” she admitted thinking back to Alice Cullen.

Xavier nodded and made his way across the room. Bella cut Remy an apprehensive look. He merely shrugged.

“I’d like for you to try lifting me now.”

She half laughed.


He nodded once again.

“Go on now.”

“I can’t do that sir. It’s too dangerous. If I lose focus or if…”

“If I didn’t trust that you could do this. I wouldn’t have suggested it. Now Gambit, please assure Ms. Swan that I am indeed serious.”

Gambit shrugged. “You heard him.”

“Remy please, I can’t…”

Remy held up a finger.

“Give us a moment.”

The professor nodded. Gambit took her off to a corner of the room.

“Dere’s not a doubt in my mind dat you got dis and if the professor thinks so as well, then he knows what he’s doing.”

“Remy … I could hurt him…”

“Then that is a risk I’m willing to take,” Xavier called out.

“And everyone will know that. So if anything were to happen. It would be on my conscious and not your own. So please proceed.”

“You got dis, mon Belle… And you know it.”

She drew back a breath and turned back towards the professor. He nodded upon her once more. Bella went back to her original post.

“Whenever you’re ready,” the professor called out.

Bella nodded. She swallowed back and locked eyes with Xavier. His chair began to rise off the ground. Once she had him a good 10 feet up she was about to lower him back down. Gambit took notice of the way her hand shook.

“Now Miss. Swan, I want you to pull me your direction.”

She narrowed her eyes on this. He nodded upon her.

“Go on now.”

“I don’t know how.”

“Think of yourself holding a rope and pulling it towards you.”

She nodded once she had the visual. He was about halfway there when Bella dropped to her knees.

“What did I tell you bout strainin’ yourself!” Gambit warned.

Bella managed to pull him towards her and lowered him back down but once she got him lowered and safely. Her eyes rolled back.

“GAMBIT!” Xavier hollered out.

He swiftly caught her. Xavier sighed with a guilty mien about him. He hurriedly wheeled himself over.

“She’s out…” Gambit uttered.

“Take her over to Dr. McCoy. He’ll get her squared away.”

He nodded and started out the door.

“My apologies… It wasn’t my intention to cause her stress or harm of any kind.”

“One thing I’ve learned over de last couple of years, de road to hell is paved with good intentions,” Gambit replies as he walks out the door.


He winked upon her as she came to.

“How you feelin’, mon Belle?”

She reached to her head and frowned.

“Dat’s bout what I figured.”

“It’s like the worst hangover ever.”

Gambit laughed.

“It’s not funny!”

“You’re right it isn’t…” he said with a smirk and kissed her forehead.

“Well your vitals are looking spectacular but I do want you to kick back a bit longer until this bag is finished. I also took it upon myself to remove your stitches and I hope you do not mind, but I added a little something that’ll have you healed up in no time,” Dr McCoy said as he pointed towards the IV bag.

“I must admit, your DNA has me on a bit of a high right now! I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Gambit mumbles. “That’s not what gets me excited…”

Bella snorted and elbowed the shit out of Remy.

“What? I’m just being honest, chere.”

She blinks her eyes in recollection.

“The professor! IS HE?”

“He’s quite fine…”

“That I am…”

She sighed in relief at the sound of his voice. He wheeled his way over and took her hand.

“You on the other hand, I owe you an apology. I must admit when I was observing I got a bit carried away. I wanted to see what else you could do. I will say this much, however; you did exceptionally well… And you’ve a great future ahead of you. You will only grow from here. You showed incredible strength in making sure I was safe when your body started to give on you. That’s what being an X-Men is about Ms. Swan. Looking out for one another as a whole, a team, and protecting man and mutant kind. There’s not a doubt in my mind that you will go far.” Xavier glanced upon Gambit as if he knew the greatest secret in the world.

“Both of you…” he said with a nod before exiting the room.

“I hope to go far…” Remy smarted looking to Bella a certain way.

“You never quit do you?”

“Of course not. Why would I start now?”

Bella whipped around and shot her hands out. Gambit gritted his teeth and used his energy to shield himself from the attack. She growled under his breath, causing him to laugh.

“Oh shut it!” That only had him laughing harder.

He tilted his head about and sent a few cards her way. Bella stopped them and had them spinning about. She’d a playful smile about her as she sent them flying back. His eyes widened. “MERDE!” he hollered out as he quickly ducked. The cards discharged one by one.

“I thought you wanted to play…” she taunted.

Gambit wiggled his brows and twirled his staff about. He slammed it down and Bella lost her footing and was sent on her ass.

“You and that fucking stick.”

“Staff, mon Belle,” he called out as he held out a hand for her.

She slapped it away and ankle swiped him. He fell back and she swiftly pinned him down.


He shook his head and reversed the hold.

“It’s no stick. This is a stick…”

Her jaw dropped as he hintingly rubbed himself against her.



She went to scold him but started laughing.

“You’re such a perv.”

“Only for you…”

She sighs.

“Ok fine but you really go around referring to your cock as a stick?”


Bella snorted.

“Oh please, like you haven’t said worse.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever said cock in the presence of a woman, unless it was in throws of passion. Now are you trying to tell me somethin’, mon Belle? By all means…do proceed.”

“You wish.”

“Dat’s no lie.”

Remy eagerly kissed her and they found themselves in yet another heated moment. They both gasped out, however.

“WHAT THE HELL?!” they chorused as they turned to seeing Logan.

He had an empty bucket in hand now as the contents of ice cold water were on the two of them.

“Oh good, yer done!”

Remy tossed her a towel once they entered his room.


He nodded and grabbed one for himself as well.

They eyed one another as they dried off. Remy cleared his throat.

“You’re doin’ great, by de way.”

“Yeah that’s why you keep handing me my ass.”

He half laughed. “I’ve been doing dis for years. I was trained as a boy, mon Chere. You cannot let that decipher how far you’ve come. If I say you’re doing great, then dat’s exactly what I mean.”

Bella froze for a moment as she was drying her hair and noticed he hadn’t a shirt on. He nodded towards her as he eyed the area she’d been shot.

“It seems to be healin’ quite nicely.”

He reached out and ran a finger along it. Bella swallowed back as he kissed it.

“Does it hurt?”

“No actually…”

“So I didn’t hurt you today?” he said looking guilt-ridden. He’d honestly forgotten about her arm but had her doing one on one combat. Remy felt like a royal dick now.

“I’m fine really…” she said seeing it written all over his face.

“Whatever Dr. McCoy did really worked. I don’t feel a thing. Like it never happened.”

He drew back a breath of relief. He sat down at his the desk in his room and pulled her into his lap.

“Can I take you out tonight?”

She smiled.

“I’ll have to cancel my date with Logan…”

He grinned and shook his head.

“Dat’s not nice Belle…”

“I know… He’s going to be awfully mad.”

“Chere!” he scolded as he tickled her waistline.

She giggled against his chest and he rolled his eyes but was smiling.

“You love makin’ me sweat… don’t you?”

She raised her brows on this and ran her hand along his bare chest. Thinking something along the lines of how sexy he was during their sessions when he was pouring with it. They turned to a knock at the door. Bella hopped out of his lap. He sighed and finished toweling off as he answered.

“We’re getting the team together and heading out tomorrow night.”

Gambit nodded and glanced back Bella’s direction.

“We might be a few days… depending…” Scott indicated.


Scott nodded in return and walked away. Gambit shut his door and made his way back over.

“Well, we better make de best of tonight, no?”

Bella smiled.

“I suppose so.”

“Are you goin’ to be okay here all on your lonesome?” he questioned teasingly with a wink.

“Is this the part where I beg you not go?”

“Dat would be nice… yes.”

She nodded and came to a stand.

“Please, don’t go!”

“Ah, now mon Belle, you know I have to!”

“But Remy… screw everyone else what about me?”

He caressed her cheek but was dying in laughter.

“You’re something else you know that, chere?”

“All joking aside… just be careful. I haven’t a clue what you’ll be facing. But I would appreciate you coming back in one piece and all.”

He nodded.

“I give you my word… I’ll come back in one piece! And hope to get a piece…” he uttered popping her on the rear.

“I don’t dance…”

“You don’t dance?”

She nodded.

“But you also said you don’t date but here you are… this is a date, no?”

She sighed as he dragged her onto the face floor.

“Remy, seriously I have two left feet and I haven’t danced since…”

He narrowed his eyes on this.

“Since de loser of an ex, eh?”

Bella drew in a breath.

“I tell you what, chere… Why don’t we leave the past in de past? Let’s focus on one another now. We leave those two behind…” he hinted about Rogue as well.

She smiled on this as he pulled her in for a slow dance.

“I never thanked you for the roses.”

He nodded.

“Dere was no need to thank me. Beautiful women such as yourself deserve roses at deir door everyday.”

“Well I should have thanked you.”

“You already have by being mon amour.”

Bella found herself in awe at his words.

“So you talk to all women this way?”

“Dere is only one woman, mon Belle.”

Gambit shot up and jumped out of bed. Her door was locked so he had to force it open. Bella back was arched as she continued to scream. He brought his body over hers afraid that she’d fall out of the bed or hurt herself. She was fighting someone in her sleep. He reached over cutting on the lamp. There were tears going down her face as she struggled in her nightmare.

“C’mon. Wake up, mon amour…”

Bella sucked back a breath as her eyes flew open. Remy narrowed his eyes.

“Remy…” she said with this innocent expression that tore at his heartstrings.

He nodded.

“Dat’s right. I got you, chere…”

Her bottom lip quivered and he swallowed back as she latched onto him.


He lifted up with his eyes glued upon hers.

“If dat is what you want…”

She nodded and Remy joined her under the covers. He wrapped his arms around her but his eyes widened in revelation. He could feel the bareness of her breast pressed up against his chest. He wore boxers and nothing else. Bella on the other hand hadn’t a stitch of clothes on. His hands traveled along the curvatures of her body. Her lips had found his and Remy planted himself on top of her.

“Remy…” she called out behind a gasping moan.

He already knew by the hints her body was giving him. He nodded and started to kiss along her neck and shoulders. Remy didn’t hold back. Bella felt the warmth of his cock rubbing against her sex. She had him so worked up he’d popped out of his boxers.

“Dieu, je te veux tellement!” (God, I want you so fucking much.)

“Dit moi que je peux te prendre!” (Say I can have you!) he growled with eagerness.

He throbbed against her and he gritted his teeth on how wet she was becoming.

“Remy… Please…”

At this, he eased his way in, keeping in mind this was her first; something he wasn’t about to take lightly. Her arms were wrapped around him and her face was buried into his shoulder. He’d never felt anything so incredible. She was so inviting and so perfect. Everything about this had him feeling more alive. There was a certain honor about him being her first. She softly whimpered as he plunged his way through. He stopped for a moment and showered her with kisses. Once her body wasn’t so tense, he began again.

With the pleasure came the pain. Nevertheless, Bella didn’t want it to stop. She’d never felt anything like this. She not only felt safe within Remy’s arms but Bella found herself more at peace. With Remy LeBeau she was truly herself for once. That girl from Arizona… The one that existed long before she even heard the name Edward Cullen. It was through Gambit she found that girl once again. She knew what it meant to be happy. Something she hadn’t truly felt in a little over three years now.

Remy picked up the stride as he was closer to his peak. He hurriedly pulled out and threw his head back as he released along her tummy. Bella’s looked on rather stunned and even more turned on. He’d wanted so badly to cum in that welcoming pussy of hers but they hadn’t even discussed birth control and nor did he bother to get the condoms from his bedroom. He was too lost in the moment. He kissed her lips before rolling off her. He reached over and grabbed a few tissues off her nightstand. Remy took it upon himself to clean her off. As he did this, he shook his head, fully taking her in.

Bella was admiring him as well as her hand ran along his chest and she looked down wondering how the hell that fit in her. Remy was rock hard all over again as he gawked upon her in admiration. He tossed the tissues into the bin beside her bed. Still, he couldn’t help but to run his hand along her breasts, tummy, even her sex. He found his hands exploring every part of her he could reach.

“I’ve met my share of women but I can honestly say I’ve never laid eyes on anyone quite like you, mon amour.”

She blushed and shook her head. Remy cupped her chin.

“I mean what I say and now dat I have you, I’m not letting go. I hope you feel de same about me.”

Bella smiled and swallowed back with bit of a knot within the back of her throat.

“I’m not going anywhere,” she assured.

“Good, cause den I’d have to hunt you down,” he said with a smirk.

“When I found you, I’d cuff you to my bed and have you submit.”


His eyes widened and he rolled back over facing her. She giggled at his reaction.

“I’ve a feeling we most certainly need ta discuss protection.”

“Got it covered.”

He looked to her rather surprised.

“Did you think I wouldn’t? Considering the way we’ve…” she hinted with a blush

He laughed.

“Right… Well, at least one of us is thinkin’ clearly.”

“So that’s a no to becoming my baby’s daddy?”

Bella died in laughter as he reared back.

“Woman, I do believe you are the devil.”

“Woman?!” she scoffed with a curled lip.

He died in laughter and wrapped his arms around her. He kissed the top of her head.

“Just admit it… Mon amour… You love me…”

Bella nodded in thought. “I do love you Remy…”

He hadn’t truly expected that but suddenly felt as though he were on cloud nine. He closed his eyes at that odd feeling that came over him. Neither had expected this. He’d truly prepared himself for a lifetime of misery after what Rogue had done.

“And I love you, mon Belle.”

Bella giggled upon what she woke to the next morning.

“Remy… What are you doing?”

“Having breakfast….” he replied with a shrug and went back to licking and sucking on her breasts.

He and Bella looked towards the door as there was a knock. She rolled on out of bed and grabbed her robe. She placed it on then tied it before answering the door. Bella reared back in disbelief.

“Is Remy here? He wasn’t in his room and…”

“And….” Bella probed, wondering what the hell she was doing here.

Rogue was actually peering into the bedroom. Bella half laughed and quickly stepped out, pulling the door to behind her.

“What is it you want, Rogue?”

“I can’t believe you’re already sleeping with him,” Rogue throws out there.

“He doesn’t need some easy lay. Remy needs someone that truly gets him and loves…”

Bella gritted her teeth.

“Who the fuck are you to come knocking on my door and telling me what Remy needs!”

“I know him better than anyone!”

“The fuck you do, sister.”

Logan was heading into his room as he caught wind of this. Gambit grimaced, hearing everything that was being said as well.

“If you had you damn sure wouldn’t have called off your engagement and you’d be in my place right now. But you’re not because let’s face it, you screwed up. Now you’re having regrets. Well your loss, my gain. Now if you were smart you’d tuck in that tail of yours and back the fuck up. Don’t you ever come knocking on my door again.”

“How dare you talk to me like that!”

“When you come knocking on my door looking for your ex I’ll talk to you however the fuck I want.” Bella’s eye pulsed and it shimmered with that golden hue.

Bella saw Logan through the corner of her eye. He nodded her way and was quietly clapping on her behalf. Rogue strutted off towards her room.

“This isn’t over…” she muttered under her breath.


Rogue’s jaw dropped as she heard Gambit’s words. Bella snorted and swayed her hips about as she reentered the room. Logan chuckled to himself and shook his head.

“Lucky bastard….”

Remy sighed and opened his arms, suggestively. Bella accepted the embrace as she lay against his chest.

“I’m sorry chere… and she had no right…” Gambit starts to say.

Bella shook her head.

“Don’t apologize on her behalf.”

He nodded and kissed her forehead.

“Someone should…”

The other’s loaded onto the Blackbird.

“Hurry yer ass up, Gumbo! We haven’t all day!”

He nodded and swiftly grabbed a hold of Bella. He dipped her back and kissed her. At this, he took off and hopped on. Bella smiled and waved him off.

“You’ll be joining us soon, mon amour!” he called out.

Bella laughed, however, as Logan grabbed Remy the ear, forcing him to have a seat as they were taking off in flight. On the way to their destination though, Gambit nodded towards Rogue. She lowered her head with a guilty mien about her.

“I’m just putting this out dere. Don’t you go and ruin what I got goin’ for me.”

“R.. ” she stopped herself and corrected.


“Dat’s right… I’m not your Remy… You do good to remember dat. I wouldn’t mess with her Rogue. Because if she doesn’t rip you a new one. I just might…”

Couple days later…

“Are you ready for your first run?”

“Run….?” Bella called out as Jean walked past and motioned her over.

She followed Jean to the danger room.

“Whenever you’re ready we’ll begin.”

Bella turned back to see Xavier entering the console room as well. The door to the danger room opened.

“Good luck!” Jean said with a genuine smile.

“Um. Okay…” Bella muttered under her breath as she entered the room. The door shut behind her. She cocked her head about as she heard some sort of mechanism starting.

“What in the hell is that?”

Jean softly laughed.

“Cute, isn’t he?”

“Okay… so, we obviously have totally different taste in men and I don’t wanna hear how he has pretty eyes either.”

Xavier raised his brows on this.

“Fair enough… Before we begin you should know that during these sessions your body can take damage. We’ve got you set on a moderate setting for now. We’ll amp it up or lower it considering how well you do.”

“So no pressure, right?”

“Right…” Jean replied with a playful tone.

“You got this, Bella.”

Xavier and Jean watched as Bella had her very first full on danger room session. They nodded upon one another off and on. Jean looked to Xavier in shock.

“How’d she know to take the helmet off?!”

Xavier had a certain beam about him.

“For the same reason her father would’ve.”

Jean reared back at his words.

“Extraordinary…” Xavier whispered amongst himself.

“Oh Jean, if you only knew…” he said behind a chuckle of amusement.

“Her father? But he’s human. Both of her parents were…”

“Not her biological parents.”

“Wait… what?!”

“A conversation for another day…”

Once Bella finishes and steps out. Xavier applauds her.

“Well done!”

“Thank you.”

“Oh I almost forgot…” he took an envelope out from his blazer.

“This came for you today.”

She narrowed her eyes as he handed her the envelope. It only had her name and the address of the manor.


Now that I’ve finally pinpointed your whereabouts you should know that your actions against my coven will be reported to the Volturi. You not only stood against your word to Aro on our marriage and other arrangements that were made but you also took the life of my sister. Furthermore, it seems you’ve been harboring some secrets of your own. I never dreamed I’d see the day where you became the enemy and now here we are… We shall meet again, in Italy.


“Are you alright my dear?” Xavier questioned with concern as he noticed how pale she suddenly seemed.

She nodded and rushed out of the room.

“That was odd…” Jean commented.

“Yes, it was…”

Bella paced her room in thought. She glanced towards the letter on her desk off and on. She always knew her past would come back to bite her and it would be the one time she’s genuinely content. All she could think about is the Volturi and the Olympic coven making their way here. She thought about all the young children that attended this school, amongst others, that would be put in potential danger.

She shook her head and hurriedly packed her things. Bella was doing a once over of the room, making sure she had all she needed. She froze as she heard a knock. Bella swallowed back and looked towards the window. As quickly as possible she lifted the window and leaped, using her telekinesis to lower herself down. Something she wasn’t even aware she could do but once she brought herself down she took off.

Gambit opened the door and reared back seeing everything of hers was damn near gone. He saw something on her desk and picked it up. His teeth were gritted by the time he finished reading the letter. His eyes darted towards the window and he saw Bella with a backpack strapped to her back and she was hauling ass.

“And where do you think you’re going, chere?!”

Bella froze with a grimace. She slowly turned. He tilted his head upon her.

“You’re back…” She said looking ill.

“Dat’s right. I’m back…But it looks like you’re leaving…”

She nodded with a broken expression about her.

“You told me you weren’t goin’ anywhere…”

“You don’t understand. It’s not like that. There’s just something I have to take care of.”

“And what might dat be?”

She drew back a quivery breath.

“I should’ve never got you or Logan involved. Remy… I’m so sorry…”

He takes the letter out from his trench coat. Her eyes widened.

“I think you forgot something, no?”

She staggered back wishing to God he hadn’t seen that.

“Who are they? Dis Volturi?”

She yanks the letter out of his hand.

“Someone I’ll be dealing with, personally.” Bella started to walk off and Gambit nodded. He snatched her and flipped her over his shoulder and pivoted about heading back.

“What are you doing?!”

“Did I not say I’d hunt you down?”



She squirmed about and his hold got more constricting. He took off and bounded up the wall and back through the window. He walked right through her room and straight to his. He flung her on the bed and did, indeed, cuff her just as he’d promised.


She growled out and jerked her hands about.


Remy swallowed back as her eye began to glow.

“Mon amour…” he softly called out with alarm.

Bella broke out of the cuffs and tumbled off the bed. Her body began to hover and she snapped Remy a look of terror. Her body arched back and a golden flare shot from her eye.

“REMY!” she shouted as he dodged it.

“NO!” she hollered in a panic.

Gambit quickly grabbed his staff and slammed it down. She flew back on the bed and he darted over.

“BELLE!” he called out and tried stirring her.

“C’mon, chere!”

He checked her pulse and it was there but faint. He scooped her up and Logan entered the room with Scott.

“What’s going on?!” Logan demanded as they’d heard the commotion from down the hall.

“I don’t fucking know!” Remy uttered with a look of fear and rushed on out of the room.

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  1. Sure the jerk off doesn’t want her Happy the bastard. On another note completely can I be cuffed to a bed by Remy or Logan? So my guess is Nathan’s her father? I can’t wait to find out.

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