Chapter 7 Takin’ Care Of Business

Chapter 7

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Remy paced the area as Dr. McCoy got her set up and ran whatever test he could think of. The others were waiting outside of the room. Dr. McCoy drew back a breath and took off his glasses. He rubbed his eyes and placed them back on.

“She’s slipped into coma…. I’m sorry… There’s nothing more I can do from here. Something about her powers… They literally burned her out.”

“But she will wake up… right? She has ta.”

Dr. McCoy wasn’t sure how to answer that.

“Tell me she will wake!”

He swallowed back as Gambit grabbed him and forced him up against the wall.


“Come on, bub…” Gambit gritted his teeth as Logan had his hand upon his shoulder.

He swung around and decked Logan across the face.

“HELP HER, DAMMIT!” he demanded staring Dr. McCoy down.

Logan rubbed his jawline and drew back a breath.

“Fighting us isn’t going to help the little darlin’…”

Three days had passed, Gambit never left her side. For every agonizing minute that passed the more impatient he became. The more impatient he became the angrier he grew. He couldn’t stand the feeling of not being able to do anything for her. He pulled the letter from her ex fiancé out of his pocket once again. He must’ve read it a million times. Gambit thought about everything this vampire had put her through. He wondered who the hell the Volturi were. His lip curled as he stuffed the letter back into his trench coat. He came to his feet and checked over her monitors once again.

“I got you, mon amour. Always…” he said as he kissed her lips.

Gambit went throughout the manor and began tagging certain mutants. Ones he knew hadn’t any problem with what he’d planned on doing. He set up a secret meeting, making a first for him, in a bar not far off. Remy lit a cigarette as he stood before Logan, Colossus, Jean, and Banshee. He took a long drag before uttering a word. Logan already knew where this was going so he simply sat back with his cigar and beer in hand.

Remy let the others in on what took place between the Cullens and Bella. Jean had a look of absolute shock about her. Colossus and Banshee looked just as ill. He took the letter out from his trench coat and passed it around. Logan hadn’t seen it yet but when he did gritted his teeth and his claws made their appearance.

“Yah’ve gotta be kidding. The little shit murdered her entire family! ON THEIR GOD DAMN WEDDING NIGHT!” Logan barked as he slammed his fist down on a nearby table.

Gambit nodded and downed the rest of his beer and put out his cigarette.

“Bella’s not been here dat long but she’s one of us and as X- Men we look after our own and one of our own is lying in Dr. McCoy’s lab, in a coma. Dr. McCoy is doing all he can in order to help her. It’s time for us to step up and do something as well. Let’s show dese fuckers what happens when you mess with one of ours.”

“Going somewhere?”

Gambit calls out as he swung the palace gates open. Irony had it, the Cullens just arrived and they were in attempts to travel along with the Volturi and hunt Bella Swan down. He twirled his bo staff around and drove it into the marble floor. Every vampire within the vicinity went sailing back.

“Which of you is Edward Cullen?!”

A few eyes darted a certain direction and Remy followed those eyes. He smiled upon the rustic haired juvenile vampire. He bounded off a wall and sailed across the room. A few of the others were about to go jump to his defense and Banshee cried out. The cold ones dropped to their knees. Phoenix, however, cocked her head upon a particular blonde.

“That won’t work on us, sweetheart.”

The blondes eyes widened as Phoenix set it up to where every time Jane went to use her abilities on someone it ricocheted back onto her. Jane hollered out in agony and Phoenix smiled. Wolverine sent out his claws as the three kings gazed upon them in wonder. Colossus smiled upon Emmett and Felix, he gave a simple nod as he popped his knuckles. The X-Men kept their eye on the coven and the Voltuiri as Gambit dealt with Edward one on one.

Gambit had Edward pinned to the wall with his staff through his sternum.

“A century old vampire dat played with de life of a 16 year old girl. He swept her off her feet and had dese ridiculous fantasies playing through dat innocent mind of hers! This vampire willingly robbed her of everything by trying to force her into marriage and into a life she’d wind up regretting and it’s not something she could ever take back. When she finally realized HE wasn’t in her deck of cards, dis vampire lost his cool and killed her father. In order to cover up his mistake he then wiped out de rest of their wedding guests! DE GIRL’S ENTIRE FAMILY, FRIENDS, AND DAMN NEAR HALF DE TOWN. Then he had de balls to come and report dis same girl to a bunch of imbecilic vampire kings? Dis sound familiar, no?”

Edward tried to attack but couldn’t move. He also didn’t understand why he couldn’t read Gambit or Phoenix’s minds. Gambit used his kinetic energy to send Edward one hell of a punch to the gut. Hard enough to crack that marble like skin of his.

“Your sister got what she deserved and do not worry, my friend. You see, Edward, I’m here to do you a favor. I’m going to help each of you join your dearly beloved. You think de animals and humans are your prey? Well please allow me to introduce myself. De name is Gambit and I’M DE FUCKING SHARK! AND YOU ARE MINE!”

He curled his lip and ripped the staff out of the wall and flung Edward across the room. He then brought down his staff, using it to spin himself about. Gambit swiftly fetched a new deck of cards.

“Pick a card… any card,” the card shark taunted as he sent them flying about the room one by one.

Jasper and Marcus groaned out as they were hit in the face dead on. Both of them staggered back at the impact, covering their jacked up faces. Edward made an attempt to run for it and Gambit brought his staff down on his shoulder sending a nice charge of kinetic energy behind it.

“I’m saving you for last. Have a seat!”

Edward gasped back as Gambit grabbed ahold of him and hurled him up against one of the thrones.

“Now don’t go anywhere. I’ll be right dere!” Gambit said, rather chipper sounding.

Aro couldn’t believe his eyes as he fixated on Jean Grey-Summers aka Phoenix. To someone of his stature, it was as if watching a goddess in all her glory. He’d never seen such power, such finesse and beauty. She had the vampire king spellbound. She hovered about the room taking his guards out one by one but he was in two much awe to even care. He smiled as she landed before him.

“Lo son in amare!” (I am in love) he declared and put his hand over his heart.

Colossus drove Felix and Emmett through a few of the pillars of the palace. He laughed as they swung at him with everything they had but they were no match in comparison. Their blows were only irritating to someone such as Colossus. He felt as though he were merely being slapped around. Just little stings here and there.

Gambit groaned out as Jasper sent him flying back against a wall. He choked back knowing a few of his ribs were broken.

“Now why’d you go and do dat?”

He twirled his staff about and Jasper dodged the attempted hits. Remy sighed as if getting annoyed. “You can fight and are quite fast. I give you dat.”

Remy rolled his eyes as Edward went to dash past him once again. He sent a powerful wave his way so much so it caused the entire palace to crack right down the middle. Edward hollered out as his foot had been caught by the impact.

“Oops…” Remy called out with a shrug but quickly found himself blocking Jasper’s blows.

Wolverine dropped down from nowhere it seemed and drove his claws into Jasper’s neck.

“I hear ya were a soldier… A major at that,” Wolverine states behind a curled lip.

“What kind of a soldier aids his brother in the killing of an innocent girl’s family. Yah’d put yer life on the line for this country and at the time you were human. Yet, once you turn to be a vampire, you became this coven’s BITCH! What a fucking disgrace!” Wolverine said as he took Jasper’s head and tossed it at the coven leader’s feet.

“How about you doc? Do ya need a trim?” the Wolverine asked seeing the look of shock about his face.

Alec and Jane came to their knees as their bodies began to crumble. Pieces of their agate like skin were landing amongst the floor. Both pleaded for their lives but the Banshee continued to stare them down.

Wolverine grunted out as Caius grabbed ahold of him. He had his hand wrapped around his throat and he drove him through the floor.

“Yer really starting to piss me the fuck off” Wolverine called out as he did it once again.

The youngest king’s eyes widened as Wolverine yanked his claws out of the area of his precious jewels. The vampire dropped to his knees and cupped himself in suffering.

“Well if yer gonna lose one head…” Wolverine utters as he swiftly takes Caius’s head.

Wolverine took Caius’s head and tossed it in the center of the room next to Jasper’s. He nodded as Remy added one to the group.

“STOPPP!” Carlisle shouted seeing as how Jasper and Rosalie’s heads amongst the others.

“There is no need for this!”

“Says the leader of this shit fest ya call a family,” Wolverine grumbled.

Gambit chuckled to himself as he saw Phoenix ending the three kings through the corner of his eye. Parts of their bodies landed amongst the entire room. Wolverine nodded taking notice of this as well.

“I wonder who pissed off Red?!” he uttered with a smirk seeing Aro’s head amongst the others now.

“Not so fast, bub. Didn’t my friend tell ya to sit yer ass down?”

Wolverine dragged Edward back towards one of the thrones and stuffed him into a chair.

“Ya just sit there and look pretty.”

Gambit swept past and took Jane and Alec’s heads with a couple of powerful detonating cards. He gave Banshee a fist bump on the way. Colossus added to the pile and rolled his head about his shoulders as he dusted his hands off. Emmett and Felix’s joined the pile.

“Guess that just leaves good ole pops and the kid…” Wolverine states nodding towards Carlisle and Edward.

Gambit nodded and he used his staff to sit Carlisle down as well. Each of the X-Men stood behind Gambit now as he eyed Carlisle and Edward down. Gambit tossed his bo staff Wolverine’s direction and he swiftly caught it. He pointed upon Edward.

“By de way… did I mention that Bella and I really hit it off?”

Edward sneers at this. Gambit smiled.

“Dat’s right I took care of dat. I am a card shark… and I took care of that little v card of hers. And if I’m ever lucky enough to marry her, it’ll be because of the amazing person ma Belle is… Not because she’s just somethin’ I want, unlike you. You don’t go around claiming others as though they are property. She was never yours to claim and for dat you will suffer the most…”

Gambit shoves an energetic card into Edward’s mouth.

“Hold dat will you?”

Gambit reached over and tossed Carlisle Wolverine’s way.

“Teach him how real leader does things, mon ami…”

“With pleasure…. Come on Red let’s have some fun for old time’s sake.”

She nodded and followed Wolverine out of the Volturi palace. Once Carlisle was out of the building, Gambit cupped Edward’s chin.

“You see those heads over dere? All your friends and family… You know mon amour once said something along the lines of an ‘eye for an eye.’ Now you will die knowing the torment you put her through and I hope you continue to burn even after I’m done with you.”

Banshee and Colossus’s nodded as Gambit sent Edward one hell of an uppercut. The card ignited and blew his head off and just as Gambit had planned it landed amongst the others. But it had a few chunks missing from it.

Gambit, Banshee, and Colossus stepped out of the palace and they froze upon the scene. Wolverine was carrying Carlisle up the roots of his hair. He was nothing more than a torso with a head now. Phoenix tossed the other remains into the palace.

“Did ya bring any marshmallows?” Wolverine witted.

Gambit sighed.

“Dammit, I forgot.”

Wolverine shook his head looking disappointed. He and took out a cigar and Gambit took out a cigarette.

“Light em up…” Gambit said looking to Phoenix…

Phoenix hovered about the air and causes an electrical surge within the palace. Wolverine forced Carlisle to watch as it burned to the ground. Once he was done, he tossed the coven’s leader in as well.

“Dis stays between us…” Gambit makes clear, hinting about Xavier.

Each of them nodded in complete understanding, knowing Xavier would’ve never approved but this was something even Jean Grey knew needed to be handled and correctly. In order to do that, they couldn’t allow pity on a single one.

Gambit, Phoenix, Wolverine, Banshee aka Sean, and Colossus aka Peter entered the room. Each had hopes that Bella would’ve awakened by now.

Wolverine drew back a breath seeing the heartbroken look in Gambit’s eyes. He walked over and took Bella by the hand. Wolverine cleared his throat as Gambit brought her hand to his lips and kissed it. He hurriedly rushed everyone out of the room knowing Gambit was about to have a meltdown. He merely held Bella’s hand and drew back an agonizing breath. Wolverine brought a hand along his shoulder.

“I know what you’re thinkin’.”

Logan cocks a brow at this.

“And what’s that?”

“Dat I barely know her… We haven’t been together that long… But dat’s not how it feels.”

Tears streamed down Gambit’s face and he angrily wiped them away.

“I don’t even know how ta explain it.”

Wolverine nodded.

“That’s not what I was thinking. I was thinkin’ she’s gonna be mighty pissed when she wakes up to find we already took care of her light work.”

Gambit managed to get a laugh out of that.

“She’ll make it through this. We’ve seen how she fights. She’s no quitter and ya gotta remember. I was in a coma for damn near three weeks. The little darlin’s got this and you need to have faith in that.”

Remy nodded.

“I’d bet everything I own and hell, even my Cuban cigars, that she’s gonna pull through this. So ya better be thinking of how yer gonna kiss up.”

“I’ll find a way.” Gambit said with a slight grin.

Wolverine nodded and patted him on the shoulder once again before giving him his privacy.

Another two days past, a total of 7 days. The only times Remy left her side was to tend to his bathroom needs. Logan took it upon himself to bring Remy some food. The Cajun brought her a fresh batch of red roses, tossing out the withering ones he’d gotten a few days ago. Like usual, he’d talk to her as if carrying on conversation.

“Got you some more roses, mon Belle. Logan got you some sort of mixed flowers but dere not as pretty. I don’t think he cares bout’ you dat much, chere. De cheap bâtard. It’s a good thing you got with me instead.”

“I’ll be sure to tell him that when he’s my second husband.”

Gambit fell as he was kicked back in a chair beside her. He groaned out as he hit his head. He quickly came to his feet and rushed over. She smiled upon him and Gambit put a hand to his heart. But he reared back for a moment as he took her hand.

“Second husband? Who’s your first?”

Bella sighed.


“Yes, mon amour?”

“Remind me to hit you when I gather my strength.”

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19 thoughts on “Chapter 7 Takin’ Care Of Business”

  1. This one ‘ere was my favorite story in Bertie’s contest! I absolutely loved it! I loved the banter between the three of them and I just love, love, love Bella and Gambit together! When they all went to get revenge for Bella had me hootin’ and going “Hell yeah!” Awesome, awesome story, Kitten!!!

  2. I can’t wait to see this expanded.
    Loved this from the first word.
    Congratulations on your awards for Bertie’s competition, they were well deserved.
    Best wishes

  3. So sweet and they really did take of business and made me laugh while they killed them all. Great story and I really can’t wait for the sequel. I’m not surprised that I love this story just as much as all the rest of your work!

  4. Love this, don’t even get me started on rogue she’s a total bitch, hope bella knocks some sense into her and gets her to back of, now I’m of to read the sequel. ☺

  5. I started this on fanfiction & was so disappointed when it dropped off at 3 chapters. But then I looked at your profile…and realized that I had just finished two of your other stories.. (gamma love..Stealing Twilight’s Swan), and that I was still reading another (Restealing Twlight’s Swan)..I was SO happy to come back here…since I had your page bookmarked, to read the rest of the story. I LOVED how they handled the vamps. It was so freakin’ awesome. Lol.

  6. What is not to love about remy. His lines crack me the hell up. Loved the volturi getting their asses handed to them. The ending hilarious too. Loved your Wolverine one wonder if you have another or a long let gambit one in the works

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