Chapter 2 Gamblin’ Man

Chapter 2

I do not own Marvel or Twilight. I’m sticking to the Cajun part of Gambit’s talking. But have a couple people helping me with the French parts. Now I’ve been told that Mon is for males and Ma is female. But there is a difference between Cajun French and French. By no means does Gambit speak like a proper Frenchman. He doesn’t say Ma Chere. He says Mon Chere. So I am keeping that part. I don’t wish to upset or offend anyone but I know my characters. Gambit for certain… 😉 Thank you, to those amazing women that are helping me with the French parts. Can’t thank you enough!

Bella observed from afar as Storm was teaching her students outside today. She smiled realizing Amora was one of them. Even though what she saw brought a smile to her face, it didn’t stop the feelings was confusion, a hint of anger, and the betrayal she felt in her heart. How could a man she’d never met before know more about her than she had?

The young woman truly felt as though her entire childhood was a lie. She always believed Charlie and Renee were her parents and she never knew she was a mutant. Now she understood why Edward couldn’t get a read on her. She shook her head in memory of that restaurant. It seemed she was right all along. There was something wrong with her…

Edward could read the minds of humans; something she apparently wasn’t. And what is a mutant, exactly? she thought to herself.

What category did that fall under?

And I’m not even from this time period, but the… future?

She reached to her temples as all those thoughts were causing her to get one hell of a migraine.

She snapped her head a certain direction, hearing Rogue’s raspy voice. Bella narrowed her eyes as a man with long white hair kissed along her shoulders. The man was certainly attractive, but he was no Remy LeBeau.

“Dere you are!”

Bella turned to see Remy making his way over. He then sat beside her on the stone wall. He took a cigarette out from his pocket and lit it up. Rogue and Joseph were walking past now. Bella couldn’t help but to notice how Rogue glanced Remy’s direction while she kissed on her boyfriend. Joseph however, glanced upon him oddly.

“You didn’t tell me he was back…” Bella heard Joseph mutter.

“Must’ve slipped my mind, sug…”

Bella couldn’t control the snort that escaped her.

Remy raised his brows on this, but had a smirk about him.

Joseph heard the snort, as well and Bella quickly cleared her throat as he gazed upon her.

He made his way over and offered a hand, “Joseph. Who might you be?”

“Bella…” she simply stated. He nodded in a silent reply and glanced upon the card shark sitting with her.

“Remy…” he greeted sincerely.

“How’s it goin’, Joe?”
“Not so bad. Yourself?”

Rogue had this uncomfortable look about her.

“Well it was nice meeting you, Bella.”

She nodded, not sure what to say. Rogue and Joseph headed on inside.

“And I thought I was bad, chère.”
Bella shrugged with a million things she could say to that running through her mind. But she wasn’t about to start mouthing off about Rogue to Gambit, of all people. That’s something even she found to be in bad taste.

“I just wanted to let you know dat I’m here, if you want ta talk.”

She drew back a breath on this, “Remy, honestly… I haven’t a clue what to say or how to feel about any of this.”

Remy nodded and came to his feet. He then gently caressed her cheek as he spoke, “How a’bout we go on our own little road trip, Mon Amour?”

She looked at him in wonder.

“Perhaps what de lady needs is some closure, no?”


“You said you haven’t been in your hometown since dat horrific day…”
Remy noticed the way she cringed. He drew back a breath, “Maybe de answers you’re looking for are back dere…”
“I’m not so sure I can go back!”
“Of course you can!”

“Remy…” She swallowed back and her skin actually went pale at the thought of even going to Forks.

“I’d be dere every step of de way. Besides, I’d like to see where you grew up. Have some one on one time.” he stated with a wink.

Bella hopped down at this. “What’s there to go back to? Everyone’s dead…it’s a practical ghost town.”
“And what a’bout de wolf? Wouldn’t you like to see him again?”
“I seriously doubt he or the pack want to see my ass anywhere near there.”

“But you say he was your best friend.”

“He was…”

“But you think he won’t see you the same, no?”

“Why would he? I wasn’t the only one that lost friends and family that day.”

“Now you listen ta me! If he was ever a ‘real’ friend of yours, den he would understand dat you hadn’t any control over the actions of them vampires. How were you ta know, chère?”

She lowered her head, but he then lifted her chin with his index finger.

“If not for him… then at least go ta pay your respects. Mon Belle, I truly believe you need dis.”

She met his eyes as a lump formed within the back of her throat.

“Just think on it and let me know. Whatever your decision… I’ll support it.”

Bella gazed upon Remy, utterly taken back. “You’re unreal! You know that?”
He reared back on her words, “Now, why do you say dat?”

She blushed realizing how it sounded, but it was quite the opposite.

“I mean… Men like you…” she stammered out.
“Like me?” he curiously probed.

She nodded and bit down on her lower lip. “Just the things you say and do. It’s rare.”
“Dis good or bad, chère?”

He cocked a brow as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Her lips locked with his in answer to his question.

Rogue and Joseph had then stepped back out. As they were walking back to his car, Joseph stopped, realizing Rogue wasn’t walking alongside of him. He twirled back around and shook his head in disbelief. He caught Rogue staring as Bella and Remy were having their intimate moment. Her jaw dropped as she heard Remy tell Bella he loved her. Joseph rolled his eyes and started back to his car.

“Hey…” he heard Rogue call out.

He kept walking and opened the driver side door.

“Wait up, will ya!?”

The man drew back a breath, “What for? You seem to be enjoying the show.”


He nodded with a gesture towards Remy and Bella’s way. She forced a smile and ran a hand along his chest. “I just want to make sure she’s legit sugah, that’s all.” she murmured.

“And why would it matter either way?”

“Remy and I were friends before we were ever…” she trailed off seeing the disappointed look on his face.

“And what if she isn’t? Then what?”
“What’s got your goat?”

“You’re really going to ask me that? I just caught my lady staring a hole through her ex. They seem happy.” he said with a shrug. “Like us, right?”

“Well, of course…” she replied with a kiss.

Bella shot up with a gasp. Beads of sweat had formed along her forehead and she somehow ended up on the floor in the middle of the night. She crawled towards the bed and used the edge of it to come to her feet. Bella reached over and turned on her lamp. That old urge returned, like always when she had her terrors. She swallowed back as she got up and went to her closet. She dug through it and hurriedly put on a pair of jeans, a blouse, and stepped into her shoes. She then headed to her nightstand drawer. Bella pocketed some of the money she’d won off Logan and Remy during their road trip.

Not wanting to run the risk of running into anyone, she decidedly leaped out the window. Bella headed to the nearest bar on foot. As usual, she made no eye contact when she walked in. Just picked a seat at the bar. She plopped on the stool while ordering a shot of whiskey and a beer. When the bartender slid the order over, she merely stared down at them. She swallowed back, reaching over to run a finger along the rim of the shot glass.

“You going to drink that, sweetheart?”

Bella drew back a breath at the bartender’s words.

She thought back to Marty back in New Orleans. The way he reacted when he learned the truth. Your kind… echoed in her head. She shook it off before answering the guy.

“Can I drink in peace?”

The bartender raised his hands in the air and took a couple steps back.


Bella took her shot and chased it with the beer. A buzz hit her after a few more shots and a couple more beers. She hurriedly paid her tab and rushed out of the bar. Bella darted to the side of the building and leaned back against the wall. Tears ran along her face as she gasped back, reaching to her heart.

“Ya alright darlin’?”

Bella jumped, startled. She nodded but sucked back a painful breath. Logan swallowed thickly as he made his way over.

“Them terrors back?”
“They never truly go away.”

“But there’s something else, isn’t there?” He could read it all over her face.

She looked to the stars in the sky, “You mean like finding out your adopted? And that your father is a mutant from another realm? That your mother was killed by another mutant? Oh, and I’m not from this dimension…” she laughed at the last part while shaking her head.

Logan cocked a brow at this, “Is that so?”
“Yep! Sounds like a bad science fiction movie.”

He nodded in agreement. “So these parents of yers ; what’s their names?”

“Nathaniel Grey and Melody Jacobs.”

“Never heard of ’em.” he stated with a shrug. “What about the mutant that took yer mother’s life?”

Logan reared back with widened eyes. “Sinister?!”

“Yeah. That’s about the same look Remy had…”

“Well I’ll be damned! I bet yer kin to Jeanie!”

“Is that even possible? I mean, what would she be to me?”

“Hell if I know, but the Summers and the Greys got a lot of history when it comes to Sinister.”

“So Jean’s maiden name is Grey?”

Logan nodded with a curled lip. Bella tilted her head on this, “Am I missing something?”

He half laughed with a hint of misery behind it. “Nah… Ya ain’t missing a damn thing.”

“Um ok…”

“Why don’t ya come play a couple rounds of pool with me? Get yer mind off things…”

She drew back a breath and shrugged. He wrapped an arm around her and led her back into the bar.

“So this Sinister…” Bella uttered as she chalked her cue stick while Logan set up the table.

Logan peered over.

“Who is he exactly?”

“Well darlin’-” he let out a huff, “That’s a bit of loaded question.”
“Not going anywhere.”

He nodded and motioned for her to break. She walked over and knocked a couple of them in. So, she went again.

“He’s a telepath that can manipulate the minds of others. And like Gambit, he uses telekinesis. Sinister can shape shift, too… amongst other annoying abilities –mostly of the mental state. Ya see, Bella… He’s a master mind as they say. He’s managed a way to preserve his powers and his obsession is more power. And I don’t mean so much as for himself, just in general. His obsession with the Summers was more about creating progenies in which he had hoped of corrupting and joining his cause. This guy plans ahead and he’s very strategic. So much so… he makes it virtually impossible to apprehend him. Believe me, we’ve been trying for years. It’s been an on and off again ordeal between us X-Men and Sinister. It all started with Scott and it grew worse from there. When Scott became engaged to Jean, Sinister’s target of interest became her. And that’s where the history begun. Now, I don’t know much else behind it all. Scott or Jean could tell ya more, I suppose.”

“And what is his cause…?”

Logan half laughs. “Ya know, I’m not quite sure. But most of these mutants like Sinister are about control. So, I imagine it has something to do with something as simple as taking over the world or some bullshit like that.”

“So this really is a bad science fiction movie.”
She got this odd frown about her face.

“I just realized I’m an alien!”

Logan died in laughter.

“Yeh?! Well… ya gotta be one of the hottest I’ve ever seen!”

Bella blushed on this.

Bella hadn’t taken notice of Gambit at the bar. He was drinking a beer and observing from afar off and on. He hadn’t any idea either of them were here until he walked in. A slight wave of jealousy hit when he spotted them together. A group of men sitting at the bar beside him were scoping Bella out and going on about how ‘lucky’ Logan was. Assuming that she was dating him. The more Gambit had to overhear this, the more annoyed he felt. He downed his beer and twirled about in his seat. He nodded upon the men and motioned towards Bella.

“You think de lady’s with him?”

“Little obvious, isn’t it?” One of them remarked.

Gambit narrowed his eyes on this and looked over to see Logan and Bella were laughing about something.

“Hmmm, you know I’m a gamblin’ man. I bet I could steal her right out from under him.”

They have a good laugh at this. “Yeah, good luck with that, buddy.”

“You don’t think I can do it?”

“Dude, that’s pretty cold…” one of the guys said behind laughter.

“Yeah man! Picking up some guy’s date? There is no way in hell she’d leave with you!”

Gambit nodded and took out a hundred dollar bill. He put it on the table.

“Is this guy for real?”

“Yeah, clearly you’ve had one too many. No way a hot girl like that is just gonna up and leave with some guy she don’t even know.”

He nodded and took out another fifty. “Okay… your loss then.”

The other three took out their bets as well and laid them on the table.

“If you get the girl to go home with you, the money is all yours.”

The card shark nodded. He ordered one more beer and downed it before hopping down. They curiously watched as he ran his fingers through his hair. He straightened out his collar as casually made his way to the pool table. Bella didn’t see him as she was watching Logan take his turn. Remy made his way behind her and leaned into her ear.

“You know if you wanted ta slam some balls around, I’ve a much better way chère.”

She started to spin around.

“Now, hold on darling… I thought we’d play a little game of our own…” Remy whispered.

A wave of heat flushed over her as Remy ran a hand along her ass. Logan already knew what Gambit was pulling. He had heard the entire conversation through his incredible senses. So he decided to play along, as well.

Logan rushed over and grabbed Remy by the collar of his shirt. “What’s your deal, bub?”

Bella reared back and looked upon them oddly.

“Hands off my girl, jackass!”

Remy got this smirk about him and raised his hands in the air.

“Just wanted to show de lady somethin’s dat’s all.”

Logan gritted his teeth and socked Gambit in the gut. Bella’s jaw dropped.

“What are you doing Logan?” she hissed in utter disbelief.

She rushed over and was checking Gambit over.

“What do ya mean?! He had it coming!”

The tone in his voice and the way Logan and Remy were eying one another… Bella was beginning to see there was more behind this and decided to go along with it.

“I can’t believe you hit him!” she shouted and slapped Logan, just enough to slightly sting. “You’re such an ass!” She then took Remy by the hand.

“Yah’ve got to be kidding me!” Logan called out, sounding pissed as she was heading towards the door with Remy.

“I warned you about that fucking temper!”
“So yer just gonna go fuck some random ass grabber?!”

She flipped him off and Remy swiftly grabbed the money off the counter. He cut the guys a wink. “Now, if you’ll excuse me…”

Each of them shared a look of absolute shock. They had no words… Remy chuckled amongst himself as he headed on out. The moment they were outside, he backed her up against the wall and heatedly kissed her.

“You’re crazy you know that?”

He smirked at this and inconspicuously stuffed the four hundred and fifty dollars he’d made into her back pocket.

“Dat I am, Mon Amour.”

She gasped back as he flipped her over his shoulder. He placed her down on a black Harley.

“This is yours?”
He nodded and hopped on. He started the bike and revved the engine. “Now you be sure ta hold on real good.”

She shook her head with a grin as wrapped her arms around him. Remy found a secluded area and parked the bike. He got himself situated so he was facing her.

“So you go and run off with de Wolverine… Is dat how we play dis?” he taunted as he ran his hands along her thighs.

“Second husband, remember?”
“Ma Chere!” he scolded and she giggled.

“You continue ta break my heart. Such a vile, cruel…”

He paused as she was rubbing her hand along him suggestively. “You were saying?”

Remy swallowed back and slightly bucked off the bike. He looked around before undoing his pants and freeing himself.

“If de lady wants to play… by all means…”

Once again, she caught him by surprise. He hadn’t expected her to start going down on him.

“Damn…” He murmured as he pulled her hair back and observed.

“Hmmmm… keep goin’…” Remy encouraged as her mouth literally felt like silk.

Bella was grinding herself against his bike during this. That only added to the sheer about of lust he was in.

“Now if you want somethin’ ta ride, Mon Amour…” he hinted and gently pulled out of her mouth.

The card shark had to in order to keep from blowing a load in that sexy mouth of hers. He wasn’t quite sure how she’d feel about that. He leaned back and stroked himself as she stripped down. She had this rather shy look about her as she made her way back over. Something he found incredibly sexy.

“Just us…” he assured and got her positioned.

Bella moaned out and he couldn’t help but grin. “Dat’s right… ride dat cock.”

Her body reacted to his words.

“Baise! Cum like dat again, chère!”

He had a firm hold on her hips and was egging her on.

“Remy…” She cried out and picked up her stride.

Another thing that drove him crazy…

“Call to me again, ma Belle!” he eagerly demanded.


“Fuck J’aime quand tu cries mon nom.” (I love when you call to me.) he called out as he released.

He drew back a breath as she lay against his chest. Remy swallowed thickly and gazed upon the stars. His fingers grazed along the slope of her back.

“I’ll go…”

He narrowed his eyes on this, “Chere…?”

She nodded against his chest. “To Forks, I mean…”

He smiled on this and kissed the top of her head. “Den we leave tomorrow.”
“Tomorrow?!” she questioned not realizing he’d wanna leave that soon.

“Dat’s right. Tomorrow.”

“Oh c’mon… if not for me, for Mon Belle!”

Logan cocked a brow at this and blew a perfect ring of smoke into Gambit’s face. “Why the hell do ya need my jeep?!”

Remy took out the keys to his Harley and dangled them in front of Logan. “So I can take de lady back to her hometown.”

The Wolverine reared back at this, “Now, why’d ya wanna go and do that?”
“So she can get de closure she needs.”

Logan tilted his head in thought, “Ya do realize how hard this will be on the little gal don’t ya? All those bad memories? Are you truly prepared for that?”

Gambit nodded with utmost assurance, “Dat I do. But dis… it’s what she needs.”

Logan drew back a breath on this. “I hope you’re right. For yer sake, Cajun.” He took the keys to the Harley and handed Gambit the keys to his jeep.

“Ya better not wreck it! If ya do… I’m keeping the bike! Got it?”

“It’s not the jeep I be wreckin’.” Remy cued with a smirk.

“Dammit Gumbo, ya’d better not even be thinkin’ about fucking in my jeep!”

“Now Logan, what makes you think de lady would want ta smell dat wet dog smell durin’ de love makin’?!”

Logan rolled his eyes as Gambit strutted off.

Bella bit into her cinnamon roll as someone plopped down beside her, followed by two other women. She wiped her face with a napkin and gazed upon Rogue in wonder. Rogue had this more than ostensible phony smile about her.

“Didn’t mean to alarm ya, sug. Just thought we’d get to know you.”

Bella nodded, but kept up her guard, while watching their every move; mainly Rogue’s.

“So… Bella, do you plan on joining our team?”

She sipped at her coffee before answering, “That’s the plan…”
“That’s great! Welcome aboard! Oh… how rude of me. Bella, this is Kitty and Jubilee.”

She half laughed, taking notice of the why they were eyeing her down. She wondered if they even knew the full story behind Gambit and Rogue, or if it even truly mattered. Maybe it was one of those ‘we have our bitch’s back no matter the situation’ type of thing. Hoes before bros? Bella giggled to herself in thought as she rose from the table.

“A pleasure ladies… but I see an intervention coming and I’ve got other places to be.”
“Intervention?” Rogue inquired, putting on her best front.

“Come on now, Rogue. We’re all women here and I speak your language just fine.”
“I wasn’t meaning to…”

“To what? This isn’t high school! So let’s just be straight up with one another!”

You can never take Rogue’s place. He’ll see that soon enough. Gambit and Rogue forever! Sorry Joseph, but you’re just the rebound. And so are you! He’ll never love you the way he loves Rogue!

Bella reared back and snapped a look in Jubilee’s direction. Did she honestly just say that or was she imagining it? Her mouth hadn’t moved once, but Bella heard the words nevertheless. She cleared her throat. It had to be her imagination…

“Look if this isn’t an intervention, then what is it?”

You’re just using MY Remy! Just as you are MY Wolvie! I bet she’s slept with them both…with the way you got them wrapped around your little finger! I don’t care who you are. You can’t just waltz in here like you own the place. You never even went to school here. Yet, Xavier’s going to let you become part of the team! You don’t belong here! And you certainly don’t belong with Remy! Why can’t he see it? He’ll only wind up getting hurt!

Bella shot up at this and instantly jerked Rogue out of her seat by the collar of her shirt.


Gambit’s eyes widened as he’d just entered the cafeteria. Rogue’s eyes were as big as saucers. The girls each noticed the golden glimmer her eye gave off.

“You what?” Bella hissed.

Is she crazy?! Rogue said nothing along those lines. She’d never…
Bella cranked her head Kitty’s direction now and dropped her hold on Rogue. She reached to her temples and staggered back with confusion. And that’s when she spotted him through the corner of her eye. She had this guilty mien about her as she momentarily met his gaze. Bella pinched her eyes shut and started laughing. Remy drew back a breath as she swiftly exited the cafeteria. He nodded towards the girls.

“What’s going on here?” They all shrugged with innocent expressions about them.

He shook his head on this and pulled up a chair. “Try again, ladies…”

“We were just getting to know her, that’s all.” Jubilee said.

“Yeah, and she totally ripped into us. Over nothing!” Kitty added.

Gambit nodded and turned towards Rogue, “Is dat true?

Rogue nodded, but he could see right past it.

“How bout de truth now?” Gambit said as he patted the empty seat beside him.

Rogue reluctantly took a seat. “We really were just trying to get to know her.”

His teeth ground together and he drew back the deepest of breaths.

“We’ve all known each other for some time and you’re all good friends of mine, no?”

They each nodded.

“Den I need for you ALL to understand somethin’. Dat woman… I happen to care a’bout and deeply. And it’s been sometime since I felt dis way a’bout anyone. And I know she loves me. If you care at all a’bout my happiness, den you will stop dis. When you hurt dat woman, you’re hurting me as well. And dat’s somethin’ else. She’s right… Not a one of you know Bella. She’s been through hell and back. De Wolverine and I brought her here so dat she could build a new life. Now isn’t dat the very reason we all ended up here as well? It shouldn’t matter whether she went to school with us or not.”

He then turned to Rogue, “Can you ladies give us a moment alone?”

Kitty and Rogue nodded and hurriedly came to their feet.

“You know de irony…”
“What’s that?”
“I’m taking Bella to her old town in hopes of getting some sort of closure. Because dat is the advice I gave her. I think it is best. But you and I… I thought we had dat closure already when I left for de bayou. So let’s get dis over with shall we?”

She swallowed back.

“We’ve both moved on. You found someone you love, just as did I. For once, I got my life situated and goin’ right where I want it. I see dis woman in my future. And yes, it once was you. But it was always fuzzy and we were on again and off again. I look back and it was always you doing the dumping and me crawling right back to you… just thankful you had taken me back for de dozenth time. I don’t think you ever truly loved me.”

He shook his head. “C’mon now, Rogue. Can you honestly look me in de eyes and truly say you love me and mean it?”

“I do love you! I never stopped loving you, ever!”
“Den what about Joseph? De moment opportunity arose, you yet again, ripped my heart out. We were fucking engaged when you decidedly left me for him. So fast in fact, dat back in the bayou I found myself wonderin’ if you were screwing around on me de entire time. I mean you didn’t even give yourself time ta air out!”

Her jaw dropped and she slapped him. He nodded, coming to his feet. She clamped a hand over her mouth.
“Remy! I..”


She swallowed back and a few tears trickled down her face.

“You know, I feel for Joe. You’re as fickle as they come. You don’t know what you want, do you Rogue? You never have! De only reason you even look my way is because I’m with someone else now. If I had come back empty handed you…”

“WHAT IN THE HELL?!” Logan shouted as he walked in and saw Rogue’s lips planted on Gambit’s.

Rogue gasped back as Logan shoved her up against the wall.

“HAVE YOU LOST YER EVER LOVIN’ MIND?!” he hollered as he eyed her down.
Logan rushed over and picked Remy up off the floor.

“NO!” Rogue screamed out, realizing what she’d done.

“But it never hurt to him before…”

“What? I knew he used his energy, but he never once told me it hurt!”

“Cause he loved you, dammit! Why would he?! But ya done went and screwed it all up! I never knew ya had it in you, darlin’!”

Logan curled his lip as he rushed out of the room with Gambit in his hold.

On the way to Dr. McCoy’s lab, Logan passed by Bella. She jumped once she spotted Gambit.


Logan sighed but kept walking. “Ya might wanna follow me.”

Bella took notice of bluish veins spread across Remy’s body and he groaned out as if in agony.

“Logan…” Bella said with fear to her voice.

“What’s wrong with him?”
“He just got the kiss of death, that’s what!”

He flung the doors to the lab open and rushed Remy over to one of the examination tables.


Bella’s heart was racing ninety to nothing. Logan took off in search of Dr. McCoy. Bella was about to take Remy’s hand and tears were forming in her eyes. She hadn’t a clue what was going on.

“I’m so sorry!”

She narrowed her eyes upon Rogue as she rushed into the lab, “What do you mean?”
“I wasn’t thinking I just reacted… I couldn’t help myself I…”
“What did you do?!”

Rogue took a couple steps back.


“SHIT!” Logan shouted as he re-entered the room.

Bella had Rogue by the throat. He rushed over and pried Bella off her. But was in shock realizing they were skin to skin and Bella wasn’t even affected.

“I didn’t mean to hurt him. I love him…I…”
“FUCK!” Logan groaned out as Bella broke out of his hold.

Dr. McCoy rushed over and was checking on Gambit. Jean and Scott were right outside the door, talking when the door was busted down, and out flew Rogue and Bella.

Bella went to sock Rogue in the face when Jean put a stop to it. Bella’s body hovered about the air and was forced Jean’s direction.

“What are you doing?!”

“Easy Jeanie…” Logan said as he stepped out amongst the debris.

“For once, Marie had it coming. Ya might wanna put the lil darlin’ down and go in there and see if you can help Dr. McCoy.”

Jean looked upon Logan in wonder. Logan turned to Scott.

“Ya might wanna keep this one…” he motioned towards Bella, “Away from that one…” he gestured back to Rogue.

“Stay away from Remy or I’ll become your reaper!” Bella then rushed back into the lab.

Rogue started to follow. Scott gently took her by the arm.

“I’d listen if I were you.”

Bella covered her mouth with a gasp as blue veins had spread amongst Remy’s body. Logan cringed wishing he knew what to do. Dr. McCoy was doing whatever he could to wake Remy up. He was setting up IV’s and monitors. Jean was checking over his vitals.

Bella took Remy’s hand and closed her eyes.

“Well speak of Le Diable Blanc (The White Devil)!”

The boy, no older than ten, nodded as he made his way to a wooden poker table.

“What’d you bring us today boy?”

With a quivery hand, the boy set down a couple of coins and a five dollar bill. The man at the table sneered at this, slamming the cards he had been holding in his hand. He then back handed the boy. The boy reached to his jaw and backed away from the man. The man flipped the table and took his belt off.

Please! I promise to bring more tomorrow. It was a slow day.”
“You were lazy, boy! Admit it! How hard is it to pick a few pockets? Honestly boy! You’d be NOTHING without the guild and you know it.”

The boy backed into a corner and the man took his leather belt to the boy over and over. The boy begged him to stop. Another man rushed into the room and jerked the belt out of the man’s hold.

What are you doing?! He’s the one!”


You want the cutthroats off our backs or not?! Don’t touch the boy!”
“Very well… You’re not to eat or drink anything today or tomorrow. We earn our way around here, boy. Understood?”

The boy nodded and lowered his head. “But I haven’t eaten since yesterday, sir.”

Not my problem. You wanna eat, you gotta earn it! We give you a place to sleep at night, clothes, and a roof over your head. In order to do that, we need everyone to chip in. This… a lousy five dollars and fifty cents, doesn’t pay the bills! Nor does it put food on the table! Now off to bed with ya!”



Bella’s eyes fluttered about as she came too. She saw Logan and Dr. McCoy standing over her. She could feel the cold tile of the floor behind her. The young woman grunted and sat up.

“Are ya alright?”

“Remy…” she hoarsely stated as she shot to her feet.

Gambit nodded upon her as he was sitting up now. Remy was removing the IV from his arm.

“Remarkable!” Dr. McCoy exclaimed.

“Umm doc…” Logan traced the blue veins going along Bella’s body.

Dr. McCoy narrowed his eyes on this. Bella gritted her teeth and shut her eyes. She suddenly reached to her heart and came to her knees.


She cried out as this intense sharp pain coursed through her heart.

Remy cupped her chin, “What is it? Please Mon Amour, tell us so we can help!”

Bella raised a hand as it finished running its course. The pain eventually disappeared and so did the blue tinted veins.

“I could feel it…” She closed her eyes remembering the way it felt, “Remy… you were dying…”
Jesus…” Logan uttered.

“So in order to save him, she took his pain and put it upon herself. That’s the sacrifice of this ability! In order to save another, she must endure their pain.”

“Le Diable Blanc… you were just a boy. That man!”

Remy’s eyes widened and his heart sank to the pit of his stomach. He hadn’t been called that in years.

“What’d you just say?” he whispered.

“I saw you. That horrible man!” Her hands balled up into fists.

“Dat was a long time ago, chere. But how the hell would you know a’bout dat?”

Bella thought back to Amora. She thought it was her doing. But it wasn’t… it was her!

(Be a sport leave your comment/review. Thank you! A Crow In Search of a Swan, About Italy, Chasing Images up next. And thank you Mommy4Thomas for beta’ing this! Loves ya!)

18 thoughts on “Chapter 2 Gamblin’ Man”

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