Chapter 3 Home Sweet Home

Chapter 3

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“I’ll be right there, Mon Belle…”

Bella nodded as she waited in the jeep. Remy headed back inside and strutted right on up to Rogue’s door. He then knocked on it. She answered with tears streaming down her face.

“Oh, thank God…” she babbled, seeing that he was alright.

“Don’t talk ta me! Don’t come near me. I don’t want anything ta do with you ever again! You start trouble with Mon Belle, den you will become my enemy and dat isn’t somethin’ you want.” His voice as cold as the look in his eyes. He truly meant it. He was done.

Rogue knew it, too. Her heart sank to the pit of her stomach and it shattered into a million pieces. For once, she knew Remy LeBeau’s pain. That was the way he felt when he left for the bayou. The southern belle never realized just how badly she’d hurt him.

Remy smiled upon Bella once he entered the jeep. He leaned over and kissed her before they headed out.

“So how many days of a drive are we talking?”

He shrugged as he shifted gears, “Three, maybe four at de most.”

“And they’re okay with you just up and leaving?”

The Cajun smiled on this. “Oh Mon Chere, no one tells Remy LeBeau what he can or can’t do. I come and go as I please. You’d do good to remember dat, as well.” he taunted with a smirk.

“Oh, really?”

He nodded with utmost confidence. “Just in case…” he continued with that grin planted about that face of his.

“Well… two can play that game,” she countered.

“Nah, you gotta tell your man where you are at all times.”

“Really, now?”

He nodded once again.

“Well, you’ll already know where I’ll be…”
“Do I now?”

She smiled and gazed out the window, “I’ll be at my second husband’s place.”

“And who would dat be?”

“Logan, remember?! You signed the prenup!”

He drew back a breath of annoyance.

“Something wrong?”

Remy reached over and turned the radio on. Bella died in laughter as The Power of Love by Huey Lewis was playing.

“Dis is goin’ ta be a long trip!” he muttered under his breath.

“Awe, I love you too, Remy!”

He raised his brows and reached over clamping her mouth shut with his hand.


“Belle…” Remy softly called out as he gently shook her.

Bella yawned and stretched her arms about as she came to. Remy was parked outside a bar and grill.

“Thought you might be hungry… We can hit de hotel after…”

She nodded, but he chuckled as she went back to sleep. The card shark shrugged on this and decided to hit the hotel, instead.

“We can eat a big breakfast in de morning,” he muttered under his breath, not having the heart to wake her if she were that tired.

Once he got them a room, he carried her inside and laid her on the bed.

“Remy…?” she tiredly called out.

“Go back ta sleep, Mon Amour…”

He nodded to himself as she passed back out. The Cajun took her shoes and pants off, hoping to make her more comfortable. Afterward, he gathered their things and he too turned in for the night.

He shot up halfway through the night when Bella woke up screaming into her pillow and acting as if someone was attacking her. She having another one of her night terrors.

“Easy now…” he whispered and reached over doing his best to wake her without making matters worse.

Once Bella came to, she sat up, desperately trying to catch her breath. He ran a soothing hand along her back.

“Maybe I shouldn’t do this.” she stated in a shaky voice.

Remy shook his head, drawing back a breath. “None of dat now. Too late for de backing out.”


“Mon chere… you need dis and you know it. I will be right dere every step of de way!”

She covered her face and Remy thickly swallowed when he heard her crying. He pulled her into his lap and wrapped his arms around her.

“Dere is not a doubt in my mind dat you can do dis! You’re stronger den you think. Sometimes facing our fears is what makes us dat much stronger. And once we do, we can put some of dat behind us. It may never fully go away… but, it will become dat much easier as time progresses.”
The young woman nodded as she leaned into his chest. His fingers ran through her hair as he simply held her.



“Will you tell me more about your past?”

“My past?”

“Yes… I mean… What was that with the thieves guild and why did they call you the white devil?!”

He drew back a breath, remembering how Rogue first reacted when she learned the truth. She dumped his ass and acted like she was all high and mighty in comparison. Or at least, that’s the way it made him feel. And this was after her time with the Brotherhood.

He pecked Bella on the shoulder, “Are you sure you want to know dat side of me?”

“I could use the distraction, to be honest.”
“Mon Belle… I don’t think you quite understand what I’d be divin’ into.”

She shrugged, “We all have history Remy.”
He half laughed, “Not quite like mine…”

He then drew back a breath and reached over, grabbing one of his cigarettes off the nightstand. He lit it and took a nice long drag before beginning the cliff notes to his story.

“I never knew my mother or father. I was taken from the hospital right after my mother gave birth to me. I was raised by a man by the name of Fagan and his gang. It was he that taught me everything dere was to thievery. It was also he that believed I was Le Diable Blanc. Dat is what they called me. A fortune teller had foreseen something in me. I was to bring together the rival guilds… The Thieves and de Assassins; dat didn’t quite go as de fortune told. I eventually had enough and ran away, decidin’ I’d rather chance fate on my own than to follow Faban. Dat must be de man you saw… I found myself livin’ on de streets, pickin’ pockets in order to make a livin’.”

“How old were you?”
“I was ten.”

“Remy…” she whispered in disbelief.

He shrugged and took another puff of his cigarette, “The name LeBeau actually comes from a man I pick-pocketed from; his name was Jean Luc LeBeau. He led de Guild of Thieves. He took me in as his own and it was then I knew what it meant ta have a family. That man became a father ta me. No matter how morbid it might seem ta others, Mon Chere – the guild was de only family I knew. I kept my abilities hidden. I’d heard of mutants and what happened to them when discovered. Society feared them back den, even more so than they do now.”

He took another drag of his cigarette, “Dat was not a fate I wished ta face. A few years later, I was sent on a mission. One dat would change my life forever. Somethin’ went wrong… I’m not quite sure what happened, ta be honest. All I know is dat I was sold off ta another mutant. He was known as Le Pig. He wanted to make soldiers out of us and sell us off to somethin’ known as HYDRA. But, the guild… they rescued me, but not before I took Le Pig’s eye, of course. Dis was when I first used dese…” he tapped his fingers along the deck of cards on the nightstand.

“The guild sent me on another mission once I returned. Only at de time I hadn’t a clue, Mon Belle. You must believe me! If I had, I’d have never…”

She narrowed her eyes in wonder.

“Dis man the guild had me working for called himself Dr. Nathaniel Essex. He claimed dat he needed some documents stolen from dis place… Dis is where I first met de Wolverine.”

He shook his head, stubbed out his cigarette and lit another one. He took a long drag from it as Bella noticed the miserable look in his eyes.
“I’d never seen anyone do de things they did to dat man, Mon Amour. They had dis man in some sort of tank running some kind of experiment on him. You should’ve heard de way he cried! Dat man doesn’t cry, but he did on dat day!” Remy shook his head at the memory.

“They called it de Weapon X Program. I saw dis man, Wolverine escape. I couldn’t believe my eyes! De claws… Somethin’ didn’t set right with me, Mon Belle. De more I learned and de more I did my own homework on de matter…. dere was somethin’… call it a gut feeling. But – I didn’t trust dis doctor. And later on… I learned dis man dat I was ta retrieve dese documents for was none other than Sinister. He lied about everything. Den again, I also lied. When I found dese documents, or journals as you would say; I burned them all! Each and everyone of them! I couldn’t allow dis mutant to get ahold of them. De information in them… The things I witnessed in dat place! I went home empty handed. Making de first I didn’t complete one of the guild’s missions. I hated disappointin’ my adoptive father and de guild after everything they’d done for me. But, I didn’t have it in me. I had ta go with my own intuitions on dis matter. I never knew about your mother or father, though, I swear.”

“How would you?” she stated taking his hand.

He drew back breath with this guilty mien about him, “I suppose it is a small world, as they say, after all. I’m sorry, Mon Belle…”
“That certainly explains the look on your face when you found out.”

He shook his head and finished off his cigarette. “Well it’s not every day you learn you once worked alongside the murderer of your girlfriend’s mother…”


He shook his head once again and pried his hand out of hers. Bella swallowed thickly as he came to his feet. He paced about, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Honestly Remy, you’re being too hard on yourself.”

“Those are only de cliff notes to my time with Sinister. You haven’t a clue! When I returned, de guild banished me from my home in de bayou! I spent my days stealin’… it was all I knew. Soon, it became a livin’. I had enemies EVERYWHERE I WENT! And it only grew worse from dere! De more time progressed, de more my energy did. So much so dat it became too much. I’d spent all those years trying to hide who I was and keeping it at bay. But dere was something in me… something dark. I was so angry and alone. It ran through my very core and it became unbearable. Out of desperation… I went back ta Sinister; even after I knew what devil of a man he was. I had him preform dis surgery on me, to make me less powerful. I didn’t want to hurt anymore. But even after de surgery, I could feel it.”

Remy tapped the back of his skull in memory. “It only took de edge off. In return, I carried out missions for Sinister. The very last being de most…” he paused and staggered back against the wall.

“On his orders – I gathered a group of mercs. They were known as the Marauders. I lead them through the underground tunnels of New York. Alongside of me were enemies of the X-Men. A group I never knew I’d one day be a part of. I didn’t even know who they were den. Our mission? To clean house of de ones known as de Morlocks. By de time I knew what was going on, it was too late. De only life I could save was dat of a little girl. To dis day, I do not know what became of her. But I made it my personal mission to get her out of dere. When I told Rogue and de others the truth behind dis…”

He sighed and half laughed, “They never quite saw me de same way a’gain. It took me sometime to gain deir trust. But even ta this day, I don’t believe I fully have it. Maybe de Wolverine trusts me. But you may not, no?”

Bella came to her feet and made her way over. She placed her hand along his cheek.

“Remy… you’re not that same man. You learned from your past. Not many can honestly say that. And the fact that you were scared to let me know this, but told me the truth anyhow… that only earns my trust even more.”

“Oh, Mon Chere, Remy don’t be fraid’ of nothin’.”

“Of course not,” she said in a voice of mockery and pecked him on the lips.
Meanwhile, Remy was utterly taken aback. He truly expected one hell of a fight. That she’d storm out on him and dump his sorry ass – just as Rogue had. But, that wasn’t the case. If anything, she was understanding. She didn’t yell at him and go on about what a fuck up he was. No, here she was loving on him and teasing him like usual. He narrowed his eyes in thought.

“Definitely out of dis world! Women like you – they do not exist. Not in dis world.”

“Remy, your past doesn’t define who you are.”
He nodded. “Perhaps de lady should take her own advice as well, no?”
She sighed on this while Remy kissed along her neck. Bella giggled as she felt his hand traveling down her panties. He grabbed a handful of her ass and nipped along her shoulder.

“I know somethin’ dat would keep us both distracted, no?”

He picked her up and pivoted about. A small gasp escaped her as he brought her up against the wall. He’d ‘sprung’ out of his boxers and tore through her panties. The Cajun had her legs suspended over his arms.

“Merde…” Remy grunted the moment he entered.

Bella wrapped her arms around his neck as he fucked her up against the wall.

“Hmm… si humide…” (so wet)

His name fled from those sexy lips of hers. He had her cumming so much it was running down her legs.

“Harder!” She cried and that smirk of his came about. “Whatever de lady wants…”

“Oh God! Remy!”

She could feel the warmth of his tongue along her nipples as he licked along her breasts. The Cajun moaned the entire time and she felt his cock swell as it filled her even more.

“Fuck…” Remy heard her declare behind a moan of her own as he had her cumming endlessly.

“Dat’s right, Mon Amour. You just keep soakin’ dat cock. Let Remy take care of you.”

His lover damn near screamed out his name and there was no more holding back. With gritted teeth the Cajun released, filling her to the brim.

“What’s this?” Bella questioned the next morning as Remy set a tray of food beside her.


“You brought me breakfast?”

He nodded and cut her a wink as he popped a grape into his mouth. The tray had waffles with syrup, bacon, coffee, and a fruit cup.

“Thank you,” she softly said picking up the single red rose that was on the tray as well.

Remy kissed her on the cheek, then headed into the bathroom so he could get ready. Bella ate her breakfast whilst thinking of what’s to come. She hadn’t a clue how the pack would react to her presence.

Before long, Remy stepped out in just a towel. He was combing his damp hair and Bella found herself in a trance as she gawked. No matter how many times she’d see him with his shirt off, it still got to her. The man had the literal definition of washboard abs.

“Somethin’ de matter?”

She shook her head rather wide-eyed but continued to watch off and on as he got dressed.

“See somethin’ you like, Mon Amour?”

Her entire face flushed over as he’d caught her staring through a nearby mirror. She quickly hopped up and dashed off. Remy died in laughter as he heard the door slam shut to the bathroom.


He chuckled.

“You’re cheating…” she hissed as he threw another dart – hitting the bull’s-eye dead on.

“Now, Mon Belle… I’d never…”

Her jaw dropped as she caught him using his kinetic energy. He chuckled as she punched him in the arm.

“Stop that!”

The card shark took a plunge off his beer, as it was her turn. He raised his brows in awareness.


She grinned and continued in throwing her darts.

“Now who’s cheatin’?”

She shrugged as she got her third bulls-eye. He shook his head and grabbed her by the waist yanking her back. Bella giggled, but quickly threw another dart, yet again hitting the target dead on. Gambit playfully popped her on the rear.

“Stop dat now.”

“Make me…” she challenged.

He cocked a brow at this, “Oh darling, you better watch de context of dat dare. I just might and I won’t care ’bout de audience none.”

His arms wrapped around her waist as he heatedly locked lips with hers. Within a beat he leaned into her ear, “I’d fuck you right a’gainst dat pool table, dis booth, and up a’gainst the wall, no?”

Remy downed the rest of his beer before kissing her again, whilst heading on out of the bar they were in. He opened the door for her once they got to the jeep. “We’ll get a hotel and we should be in Forks by evening tomorrow.” She frowned at this and Remy chuckled.

“None of dat now.”

Remy took Bella’s hand as they passed The City of Forks Welcomes You sign. Bella’s stomach churned as she looked around. It truly seemed to be a ghost town now. In fact, everything seemed even darker than before. Like usual, the sky was overcast, only adding to that cold and dark feeling. He kissed her hand.

“So where to, Mon Belle?”

She swallowed back in thought. The young woman wasn’t even sure where to begin. Should she have him drive on to La Push, the cemetery, or the house? Each option had her recoiling. And soon, she found it hard to breathe.

“Whoa…” Remy murmured under his breath and pulled over. “Easy dere…”

Her hand shook as she pinched her eyes shut. “Just gave me a moment.”

He nodded, “Take all de time you need…”

Bella stepped out of the jeep, needing fresh air. Gambit killed the engine and stepped out as well.


She had her hand over her heart as she desperately tried to catch her breath. He made his way over and gently cupped her chin as he lifted it, “I’m right here. Just remember dat.”

She nodded and closed her eyes for a moment, doing her best to gather herself. He brushed her hair back and kissed her forehead. Once she opened her eyes he, caressed her cheek.

“Where to?”

She drew back the deepest of breaths, “I suppose the house….”
He nodded, then opened the door for her. Bella hesitantly gave him directions to the old Swan home. They merely sat in the jeep for a few moments after he parked at the curb. Remy was first to get out, hoping to encourage her as he made his way around and opened the door for her. He took her hand and like that of a gentleman, he wrapped it around his arm and escorted her up to the door.

Bella felt around for her old hidden key but it wasn’t there. She sighed.

“Let me guess you don’t have de key?”

She shook her head and Gambit smirked.

“Allow me…”

She cut him an odd glance as he took a credit card and used it to jimmy the door open. She raised her brows at the name on the card, however.

“William Stryker?”

Remy smiled and shrugged.

“Do I even want to know?”

“Probably not…” he answered honestly.

He carefully opened the door and the smell of lemons and various other cleaning agents hit them. She tilted her head about, seeing how someone obviously had been taking care of the house. It was spic and span. Yet, everything was left just as it was. Bella picked up a picture of her father. Her heart did that dropping thing as she ran her thumb along it.

“This was my father…”

Remy nodded as he regarded the picture as well.

“His name was Charlie. And that over there…” she pointed to another picture.

“That was my mother, Renee. Well, adoptive parents I suppose, anyhow.” she added, which felt incredibly awkward when she thought about the truth now.

“I don’t understand…” she softly stated as she set the picture back down.

“How’s everything so clean? Seriously, it’s like someone was just here.”

“I think dat maybe you’re right.” the Cajun said as he breathed in the fresh lemon scent.

Bella ran her fingers along her father’s old recliner. The image of him sitting there with his beer and watching one of the games came to mind. Her gaze went to the dining room when she’d first introduced her father to Edward. She remembered how he was polishing one of his guns.

Isn’t he a bit old for you…”

Bella looked to Remy in thought. She could picture her father now.

Too old. He looks like trouble. What the hell are you thinking Bells?

She found herself wondering what he’d think on her being a mutant.

“Mon Dieu!”

Bella turned to see Remy holding up her picture from prom.

“Dis is you?!”

She nodded.

“You’ve not changed dat much. But dat dress…” he wiggled his brows in admiration. “Wow!”

Bella’s blushed as he pocketed the picture.

“Dis is mine, now.”

“And what are you going to do with my prom picture?”

He reared back, “What do you think I would do with it, Mon Chere?”

“See dere you go a’gain. Dat mind of yours!”

She shook her head on this and headed on up the stairs. Remy glanced at the picture once more with a smirk about him. Bella entered her room and just like the rest of the house – it too – clean.

“I didn’t know you like purple.”

She shrugged, “My father picked it out.”
“So what is your favorite color, den?”

“Don’t really have one.” “You?”

“I think we both know…”

She softly laughed, “Right…”

He sent her a wink. “So dis is where de love of my life grew up. Did you do de naughty things in here, as well?”

He chuckled and kicked back on her bed. “I bet you did! I bet you put on dat sweet girl act. But, when it was alone time you were…”
Bella quickly grabbed a pillow and hit him with it. That only had him laughing harder.

“Oh Mon Amour just admit it!”

“Shut up!”

He grabbed ahold of her and flung her onto the bed beside him. Remy kissed her lips but grew serious for a moment.

“Looks like you had a nice home and family.”
She nodded, “I did. Unfortunately, I didn’t really realize that until it was too late.”

“Dat is how dese things usually go.”

He looked around the room and nodded as if to himself. “I like dis. Your childhood home. It’s peaceful. A lot different from de way I grew up. If I’m ta be honest, I rather envy dis part of your life. I don’t mean dat to be disrespectful.”

“No. Trust me, I get it. I can only imagine.”

“I’m sorry you had it ripped away from you…”

She nodded and swallowed back the lump within her throat, “Me too…”

Bella however, noticed something she hadn’t before. She rolled on out of the bed and made her way to the desk. There was an envelope with her name on it. Her fingers grazed it delicately. She didn’t recognize the handwriting. With slight a hesitance, she opened it.


If you’re reading this, it means you’ve finally come home. I’m not sure what happened to you. But I need to see you ASAP. At least let us know you’re alright. There is much to discuss. That means you cannot leave until you’ve come to visit me, first. I mean it Bella…


A few tears trickled down Bella’s face as she pocketed the letter.

“Everythin’ a’ right, Mon Chere?”

She nodded. “We should go. There is someone else I need to see.”

“Whatever de lady needs…”
Bella locked up before they headed for La Push.

When they got to Billy’s place, Bella noticed that the boys were already outside discussing something. Each of them glanced towards the jeep. Bella swallowed back uncomfortably. Jake narrowed his eyes and started towards them.

“Just keep your guard…” Bella warned, remembering Paul and his anger all too well.

Remy merely shrugged as they got out of the jeep.

The Quileute boy froze and this look of absolute shock came about him. “Bella!?”

She nodded and he instantly whipped around. The startled look on the boy’s face had Remy rushing over. He placed Bella behind him as he stood guard.


Remy raised his brows as Paul shifted and was charging right for Bella. Jake phased as well and stood before Bella and Remy protectively.

“Well whoopity shit…” he murmured under his breath as the two wolves stared one another down whilst growling.

“What are you doing here?!” the tallest one barked, pointing directly at Bella.

He started over and Remy blocked the path to her.

“Out of my way!”

“You’re not de first bitch I’ve seen on two legs! Now back de fuck up.” Remy firmly stated and gave a slight shove.

“You shouldn’t be here!” Paul declared.

“You watch how you talk to de lady…” Remy warned.

Paul charged right on through as he made his way past Jacob. Gambit sighed and took a couple cards out from his pocket. One was sent flying towards Paul, the other at Sam. Paul whimpered out as the card sliced right through his tail, chopping it off. Jared rushed to his aid.

“SHIT!” Embry and Quil chorused, looking to one another in shock.

The card grazed Sam’s face and ironically, it was on the same side of his wife’s scars.

“Does de puppy need a good ass kicking, no?”


They all stopped and turned towards the familiar voice. The man nodded upon Bella as he wheeled himself on over.

“Did I not make myself clear?”

Sam and Paul had phased back, but let out a growl on this.

“With all due respect, Billy. I am the alpha!”

“That may be… But, I’m the eldest of the reservation. You will show me some respect.” Billy rolled his eyes, “Oh, stop that ridiculous growling! Bella is always welcome in my home.”

“She’s not to set foot on this reservation! In fact, she shouldn’t be allowed within twenty miles of Forks!”

“This is her home, just as much as it ours.”


Bella staggered back on Sam’s words. Wait… Seth died? No… please. Not him… Her ears began to ring and she reached to her temples.

“I SAY WE TEACH THE LEECH LOVER A LESSON!” Paul added to his alpha’s words.

Everyone turned to the cocking of a gun.

“Come on in, Bella. The boys were just leaving…” Billy stated, aiming his gun at Sam and Paul.

They looked upon Billy in utter astonishment.

Remy pivoted around facing Bella. She glanced over Remy’s shoulder.

“Seth…?” she damn near whimpered

Jake grimaced at the look on her face and nodded. Bella clamped a hand over her mouth.


“Your bloodsucking lover, that’s who!”

“Shut it, Paul…” Jake muttered with annoyance.

It was then Bella looked around for Leah, wondering where she was. Remy took her hand and eyed Paul and Sam down as they headed towards Billy’s house. Jake, Quil, and Embry kept watch making certain they left. Once Paul and Sam bitterly took off, they headed in as well.

“Have a seat.” Billy then motioned towards the couch.

He wheeled his way over and offered his hand to Remy, “Billy Black.”
“Remy LeBeau.”

Billy nodded as he firmly shook his hand. Bella drew back a breath trying to sort through it all in that mind of hers. She hadn’t expected this at all. Little Seth… Her heart was utterly broken. He always was one of her favorites.

“I’m sorry…” she apologized for her rudeness by not making introductions herself.

Then again, nothing was going exactly great to begin with. Part of her wanted to haul ass and never look back.

“Remy, this is Jake, Quil, and Embry.”
“And Remy’s your…” Jake probed curiously.

“Friend?” Quil taunted and Jake rolled his eyes elbowing him.


Jake sort of laughed, “Well, of course he is…”

“Jake…” Bella practically pleaded she wasn’t in the mood for more drama or his old jealous ways.

Billy reared back and did a double take.

“You sure know how to pick them, Bella.” Jake threw out there, thinking this guy even looked like trouble.

“Don’t… just… if you’re any kind of friend to me. You won’t do this.”

Jake swallowed back with that twinge of guilt tugging at him. Embry and Quil nudged him as well, as if to scold him.

He sighed, “Fair enough… but you could at least give me a hug.”

Remy cocked a brow on the shifter’s words. Bella nodded and came to her feet. She hadn’t expected to breakdown once she hugged him. Jake wrapped his arms around her even tighter and didn’t utter a word on it. He couldn’t… he was fighting his own emotions at the moment. The young man cleared his throat and hurriedly wiped a few of his own tears away.

“I missed you, Loca.”

She nodded. “Missed you too.”

“I went back to the hospital… I was going to bring you home. Where the hell did you go?”

Bella took a step back. “I couldn’t stay. I had to go…”

“That’s not true, Bella! Dammit! I feared the worst!” Jake pinched the bridge of his nose.

“I thought they had found you.”

“Jake, we both know I couldn’t stay.”

“We had your back! All four of us! You didn’t even stick around long enough to give it a chance!”

“Oh come on, Jake! Think about it. Say I stayed… just how do you think that would’ve gone? Your alpha doesn’t even want me around.”

“He’s not my alpha…”
“He’s right…” Embry said with a nod.

“Yeah… Jake’s our alpha…” Quil added.

Bella narrowed her eyes in wonder, “How’s that possible?”

“I broke away from Sam’s authority not long after the wedding.” He sighed as if annoyed, “It wasn’t my intention, however… to become alpha to anyone. These two idiots don’t know how to take no for an answer. I swear they’re like two thorns in my side!”

Embry and Quil smiled as if proud of this fact. Quil patted Jake on the back, “Where would you be without us?”

Jake rolled his eyes yet again.

“And the others?” she inquired curiously.

“Jared, Paul, Brady, and Collin follow Sam.”


All three wolves shook their heads on this.

“She became somewhat of a loner. ”

“Yeah, Leah follows no one. She runs wild,” Quil added.


“Yeah, as in she’s become one with the forest or some bullshit like that. After everything that happened with Sam and now losing Seth… she snapped, Bella. No one can bring her back. In fact, I’m not even sure she phases back to her human side anymore.”

“Jesus…” Bella whispered, even though she and Leah never saw eye to eye, she still felt for her. “Is there anything I can do?”

The guys let out a half-hearted laugh.

“Just steer clear of her, Bella. Trust me, you don’t’ need to be anywhere near Leah.”

“But there has to be something! We can’t just let this go…”

Billy reached over and took Bella’s hand. He gently patted it.

“And that is why you’re always welcome into my home, Bella. Heart of gold like always… I’m glad to see that hasn’t changed. Now sit… Time for some catching up and other matters.”

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    I’m also wondering what your plans are for Leah….Either way, I know it will be one hell of a ride and a great story!!

    Well done on the chapter, Kitten! I loves ya! *taps butt with whip and winks*

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    Sad to see Seth gone..hope Leah can be helped..I just know Sam’s pack is going to do something stupid.

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  4. my heart breaks for Remy. like Bella, he’s been through so much. the more proof that they belong together. i guess in a way the wolves do have an excuse to act the way they did. but then again, Paul will always be Paul. and Leah, i actually feel sorry for her. i wonder why Billy wants to see her. i am guessing that he knows Bella’s real parentage. or the very least, he knows she’s adopted. just assuming, 🙂

  5. Love Bella and Remy together. Damn if that wasn’t a welcome. Sam’s pack really need to learn where to actually put the blame on, and not on Bella. Love the chapter 🙂 Thanks for updating.

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